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True-crime lovers, this one’s for you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I made my fantasy life more powerful than my real one.
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The reasons behind Nikita Lytkin's suicide
Tumblr media
Last year, 2021, Nikita Lytkin, one of the Academy Maniacs, was found with his wrists cut and bled out in his cell. He died.
But since my Russian isn't too great yet, I was not able to find the reason behind his death. And even the articles I did find, had a lot of misinformation.
Luckily, I stumbled upon a lovely Russian tcc girl who was willing to translate a shit ton for me. Also articles I don't even have access to. Bless her soul. Haha.
So I just found out why one of the Academy Maniacs killed himself in prison. First of all, he wanted to be moved to the same prison as Artyom. Second of all, he had a new caretaker who constantly raped him. And he tried to attack other prisoners with the logic that he hoped they would transfer him to another colony. But instead, he just got added more sentence years. 11 years to be exact. He killed himself last year by cutting his own wrists. The interesting part is that even though, of course, he murdered 6 people, and attempted to murder another 9 ones. Artyom does not take responsibility for his actions to this day. And Nikita has taken responsibility and has been honest about his actions from day 1. His sentence was even reduced from 24 years to 20 years. And professionals were hopeful he was on the right track.
My friend also explained to me that the guards and caretakers at Russian Prisons often abuse the prisoners.
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true crime girlies are the same type of people who would show up to beheadings and hangings during the medieval times and enjoy it
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Signs on the day of Ted Bundy's execution
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Can we post gore here?
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Rare photograph of Ted Bundy having fun with kids in his neighborhood
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Women Who Kill - Victoria Mendoza 
A loving family were repaid in the most brutal way after opening their home to their daughter’s girlfriend... with murder.
After being caught with drugs in June 2010, Tawnee was sent to a youth treatment facility for ninety days. At first, Tawnee was struggling, but that was until she met Victoria Mendoza. Unlike Tawnee, Victoria had a troubled background and had spent multiple times in juvenile centres, and during this period, she discovered her mum was diagnosed with cancer. As the weeks went past, the pair grew close and eventually embarked on a romantic relationship. When her mother came to visit, Tawnee came out, and introduced her to Victoria. In August 2010, Tawnee was released with Victoria being released in September. The Baird family opened their home and hearts to Victoria, who believed their daughter was happy. Tawnee was smitten, she spent most days with her new girlfriend, going out with friends, and always uploading cute pictures together, but behind closed doors, their relationship was anything but happy.
The relationship was tumultuous, Victoria was extremely jealous and paranoid over Tawnee cheating or going back to men. It was Victoria who was cheating and had the audacity to state it was a way to get back at Tawnee, who was left heartbroken. Victoria managed to worm her way back into Tawnee’s life with an apology video. Around this time, Victoria’s mum died, and she was allowed to move into the Baird family home. However, the couple’s relationship was still volatile, with Victoria punching Tawnee in the face, resulting in her losing a tooth. Despite this, Tawnee forgave her girlfriend. During the early hours of the 18th of October 2014, the couple were driving home from a party when a heated argument erupted. After pulling into a parking lot, Victoria launched a frenzied knife attack stabbing her girlfriend forty-six times. It is reported Victoria called a relative who informed the police. When the police arrived, Victoria was sitting calmly in the car, drenched in her girlfriends blood.
Victoria Mendoza was sentenced to sixteen years to life.
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Birth Chart Analysis: Karla Homolka
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Karla Homolka is a woman who helped her then boyfriend Paul Bernardo rape and kill women, one of them being her own sister. She later left him to potray herself as his victim to save herself. The authorities needed her to witness against him to put him in jail so they made a deal with her that was later called ”The deal with the devil”. She is a free woman today living with her new husband and children.
READ THIS: Im not saying that anyone with these aspects have anything in common with her. Im just showing how the aspects can play out in someone.
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, death
Mercury Trine Pluto
Very intelligent and cunning. She knew how to make a lot of people believe that Paul was abusing her even tho there are videos showing that she enjoyed what they did. She knew when it was time to go to the police and when she had to turn her back on Paul. She could feel that they would get caught and made sure to save herself and turn him in just in time. She had the gift of timing and that is one of the greatest gifts that usually comes with pluto/mercury aspects.
Eros 1st house
She was a very sexual person and sex was at the forefront of her life.
Lilith 8th house
People with Lilith in the 8th house usually have an obsession with sex. She was very very sexual so much so that she had a sexual relationship with a woman when she was in jail waiting for her trial. Most people would have other things on their mind being in jail and going trough a trial but her mind was still on sex. Also 8th house is the house of death and people with Lilith here have some experiences with death as she obviously had. Someone who knew her when she was younger told about how she killed a hamster when she was very young.
Pluto 8th house
She obviously went through a lot when it comes to sex and she was very fixated with it. She was very perverted and even roleplayed as her sister after her death.
Nessus conjunct Mars
Well the planet of sex and the asteroid of abuse conjunct eachother kind of explains itself. She liked to abuse during sex.
Jupiter conjunct MC
This shows how a lot of people saw her as happy, nice and popular. Even tho a few people did say that she was creepy and odd she was generelly well liked. This also shows the extreme luck she has he with authority. The deal she made was call ”the deal with the devil” not a lot of people would get away with such a horrible crime. She attracted people to her almost effortlessly and had a girlfriend inside prison and found a new husband as soon as she got out. She even volunteered at a school after her crimes.
8th house ruler in 4th house
A lot of darkness was going on inside the home that the rest of the family didnt know about. She brought 8th house matters into the family and home(4th house)
Venus Opposite Neptune
People with Venus in hard aspect to Neptune are known for doing ANYTHING for their romantic partner. They are the worst people pleasers. She felt that she needed to give Paul what he wanted at all times. She also got into a relationship with him knowing that he had already raped a woman before. He was even known as the ”Scarborough Rapist” People with Neptune/Venus hard aspects usually experience unrecruited love and she always knew that paul was more into her sister than her. She was willing to do anything to please him.
This aspect also shows how she is good at giving an illusion of innocence and playing the victim even tho there are videos of her showing the opposite. She is said to still be obsessed with Paul as she recently changed her last name to ”Teale” which is one of Pauls real last names which ofc is not a coincidence.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some insight regarding the 'relationship' of Nancy and Richard Ramirez.
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*not my edit
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The Mad Youtuber
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Randy Stair had a YouTube channel since 2007. In the beginning it was Let's Plays or silly things that he showed the viewers. Then in 2014, it got weirder and weirder. He talked about the cartoon Danny Phantom and Ember, who he could identify with and become one with.
Stair was addicted to Ember and said he had a good and bad part in him. He drew countless pictures of this and wrote in his journals. Stairs identified himself as a woman. He used a razor to remove his hair so he would be as white as Ember. As he stated in videos, his parents and teachers had never interest in him, although there were clear signs. He had no friends. Since high school he was plagued by suicidal thoughts. Once he had the idea of setting himself on fire. Stair was literally obsessed with death. He also revered the Columbine High School Massacre. In particular, he identified with Eric Harris. From all these sinister events, he created the fantasy of killing either his family or his work colleagues. The fantasy became bitter reality. In one video, Stairs is seen flipping a coin three times. It decides between life and death. Heads or tails? The decision was made for the supermarket he worked at. Before the crime, he narrated his plan in several videos, showed the weapons he had bought and tweeted about his plan. Why did no one stop him? On 8 June 2017, he murdered three of his co-workers. Fortunately, one colleague escaped. Before the crime, he filmed the shop and barricaded all exits. In the end, the 24-year-old committed suicide. He believed he would be reborn as a female ghost.
“You hear that, that’s how it’s gonna be: silent. I wonder how much they are gonna cry. How long are they gonna cry for. For all I know, this story will only be the headline for a day and then disappear. For all I know, this headline won’t make any mark. I can’t wait for that supermarket to close for a month or go out of business."- Randy Stair
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Tumblr media
"I just fucking killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them and now theyre dead. I dont know how too feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the ohmygawd I. cant do this feeling its pretty enjoyable. Im kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now... lol."
- Alyssa Bustamante (diary entry)
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cigarette break in my school : )
Tumblr media
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Meet Constance Kent. She was a young English girl who committed one of the most shocking murders during the Victorian Era. She could’ve gotten away with it for the rest of her life, but her conscience spoke to her. Did Constance commit this murder for no particular reason like she claimed? Or did she do it out of jealousy to regain her father's attention? Let’s begin with her story.
Tumblr media
Constance Kent was born in 1844, in Sidmouth, Devon. Constance was the ninth child of Mary Ann Windus and Samuel Saville Kent. The family had a beautiful home in the Wiltshire, big enough to fit their family of 11, along with three servants. However, the marriage between Mary and Samuel was not all peaceful and loving. In fact, Samuel was not very well liked by his neighbors or Mary’s family. He was a tyrant when he was home, spending lots of money on materialistic things and spending almost all of his time outside the home, leaving his wife alone to care for all of her children with only little help from the servants. She suffered more and more after each of her pregnancies, losing touch with reality slowly overtime. By the time Constance was born, Mary was very mentally ill and incapable of caring for the children properly. The couple had one last child together after Constance, a son named William. When William was born, Samuel had hired a young, beautiful woman, Mary Pratt,  to take care of the children, and removed himself from their bedroom, leaving his wife to suffer alone. Samuel and Mary would soon start an affair together. 
Constance was known to be the favorite of her father, and she was given so much attention and love up until 1852 when her mother passed away. Within that same year, Samuel had gotten married to Mary Pratt, and Constance along with her older sisters were bridesmaids in the wedding. It was on this day where her role as the favorite child would be eliminated. Her father and now step-mother got started on a new family right away, and her father started to neglect her and give her harsh punishments, leaving Constance to feel ignored, unloved, and highly jealous. She and her brother had even tried to run away after a harsh punishment given by her step-mother, but they were found and brought back home, where they were both beaten. By the time the year of 1860 came along, Constance now had three additional half siblings. Amelia, 5, Francis, 4, and their final child, baby Eveline. Francis would take the spot of his new favorite child. 
Constance decided that she had enough of watching the favorite child get such loving attention, and late into the night on June 29th, 1860, she put her plan in motion. She snuck into Francis’ room, quietly picked him up with his blanket and opened up his bedroom window and snuck the toddler outside. She walked him to an outhouse on their property, took out her knife, and slashed the toddler's throat. She cut his throat so deeply that it nearly decapitated him. She left him there and went back to bed like nothing had happened. The following morning, the nursemaid, Elizabeth Gough went to check on the toddler and quickly notified the parents that he was missing. Samuel rushed down to the police, and as he was gone, a neighbor found his body. Investigators assumed the killer had to have been a woman due to the fact that the boy was covered with his blanket, and women are more likely to care for a body in that way than men. Elizabeth Gough was the initial suspect, but was soon released due to the lack of evidence. The last two primary suspects were Samuel, and Constance. Investigators interviewed teachers, friends, and the servants about Constance. They were told that Constance was a difficult child, always getting into trouble, and she was resentful of her new family. Constance was also strong for her age, which was 16 at the time. They took her in for questioning and the police truly believed that she was the culprit. They held her for a week thinking that she would crack under pressure and confess to what she did. But Constance was a stubborn and strong-willed girl. She held her tongue the entire time, calmy stating that she was in her room on the night of his murder, and she had no knowledge of what happened to him. The public became outraged that they were holding a teenager for murder, especially one that came from such a wealthy and well-known family. They ultimately had to release her, since the only evidence they had was a nightgown that had gone missing, assuming it was the nightgown she had worn the night of his murder. The case ended up turning cold, thinking it was a stranger who had killed the toddler. 
When the case fell apart, Samuel moved his family to Wrexham, and sent Constance away to a convent school in France, so she could escape being recognized. She stayed at this school for three years. After she completed school, she moved back to England under an assumed name and began studying to become a nurse. Around a year and a half after she began her studies, she went on a religious retreat with her church, and it was there that her conscience truly spoke to her. Constance turned herself in and confessed to her crime on April 25th, 1864. She was arrested there and then, and was examined by a doctor, who had declared her sane enough to stand trial. She confessed to the doctor that she took Francis while he slept, brought him to the outhouse, lit a candle, and slashed his throat with a razor that she stole from her father. She also admitted to burning her nightgown after the blood stains on it wouldn’t wash off. Constance said that she had no hateful feelings towards her half-brother, and claimed that she had no problems with the way her father and step-mother treated her. Meanwhile, she gave no other motive as to why she killed Francis. 
The trial took place on July 21st, 1865. Constance pleaded guilty but wouldn’t answer any questions that the prosecutors asked her. She refused to speak of the murder outside of the fact that she did it. The entire court case took roughly 30 minutes to complete, and the judge became visibly upset, and began to cry as he sentenced this young 21 year old woman to death. However, Queen Victoria commuted her sentencing, mainly due to her age at the time of the murder, and the fact that she willingly confessed to her crime. Her sentence was then changed to 20 years, which she served in a few different prisons. 
After Constance was released from prison, she immigrated to Australia in 1886, and moved in with her brother William, who worked as a government adviser on fisheries. She began training as a nurse and soon got her dream job, and legally changed her name to Ruth Emillie Kaye. She retired in 1932, and died in 1944 at age 100.
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Algor Mortis
Tumblr media
Algor Mortis is the name given to the loss of a body's temperature after death. If the body is found within 24 hours following death it may be possible to use temperature to estimate the time of death provided the following conditions are met:
1. The body has been in a place that has remained at normal room temperature without extreme heat or cold
2. The victim's pre-death temperature was not elevated for example by illness
3. The victim was not wearing clothes that may have insulated the body for example a thermal winter coat
With a normal body temperature of 37° celsius before death, the body cools at a rate of 1-1.5°C per hour. Taking an internal temperature and subtracting it from 37°C provides an estimated time of death. For example, a dead body with a temperature of 34°C would suggest the person died between 3 to 4.5 hours ago.
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Tumblr media
“But I found Aileen very sweet, charming. Charismatic. I felt like I was in her living room rather than in a small room on death row. She was very excited to be able to talk freely and tell the truth. Her eyes had a light in them, which a couple of times clouded over with darkness.”
-Jasmine Hirst
DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way condoning what Aileen did nor do I agree with taking the life of another human being (unless it’s for self defense) but I found this woman’s encounter with her to be very  intriguing.
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