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Jooheon: If you don’t kiss your cat on their tiny soft little forehead what the fuck are you even doing?
Kihyun, thinking he’s talking about Changkyun: Yelling at him for trying to eat plastic
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Just makin' pretty secrets tonight.
Tumblr media
➝ pairing: son hyunwoo x reader  
➝ words count: 2k+
➝ genre/warnings: suggestive, smut; 18+, nsfw; sexual content, description of sex, foreplay, teasing, grinding, dirty-talk (kind of) …
➝ summary: You cursed this business trip from the very beginning; this whole weekend consumed all your mental strength. One night you can no longer fight this longing for him, so you find yourself in front of his hotel room to finally give in.
Tumblr media
Ten steps. Only ten more steps to make you change your mind, to make you come to your senses before risking it all. Before descending your whole life into absolute madness. All these attempts to stay as far as possible from this place were doomed to fail before even trying. 
Six steps. Four steps. One last try to make yourself turn on your heels, faltering, not worth mentioning. Movement freezing in front of that one of many doors, your delusional mind aiming to fool you already. Persuading, you could already feel his proximity. Your skin's already flaming before getting touched.
Without even realizing what your body did, there was a knocking sound from your side of the door. Your heart thrashed inside your chest without even laying your eyes on him. Mouth dry, and pulse increased before hearing shuffling sounds from the other side. 
Once the door opened ever so slightly, shockwaves struck through your veins as you tentatively raised your eyes at him. Perceiving dark-brown leather shoes first, followed by cobalt-blue suit pants and − sun-kissed, ripped abs, barely hiding between white curtains of what seemed to be a dress shirt.  
Biting your lip without even noticing, you glanced into caramel-brown eyes, one of those perfect eyebrows raised at you. Your blood was pumping through your veins simply by looking into them, your heart throbbing furiously.
"Look who we have here." Mouth corner grew to a smirk, he stared directly into your soul. "What a pleasant surprise."
You tried to swallow that giant clump in your throat, your voice nothing more than a whisper. "Hello, Hyunwoo-ya."
Silently he stepped aside, opening the door invitingly, letting you enter his hotel room. On shaking legs, you tried your absolute best to play the tough one while walking inside. There was no turning back anymore. Never had been. 
Pulling the bowtie off his shoulders, he threw it onto his bed thoughtlessly, his eyes fixed on you nonetheless. Another smirk swept across his face as you hesitantly spun around to face him, desperately trying to only focus on his majestic face.
"What made you change your mind?" his voice sounded hoarse, intense. 
There was no answer to his question. You had no clue. All you knew was you'd been in Hyunwoo's room, despite all the attempts to stay away from here, to stay true to your words. That this would never happen. 
He was nearing you, every single one of his steps forcing your heart to skip a beat. The lump in your throat was back at its place again, making it unattainable for you to breathe accurately. 
"I don't even wanna know," he admits, lifting one hand to place it on his neck. His movement exposed even more of his bare skin, your preoccupied mind spinning circles at this point. 
Reaching for your hand, he carefully placed it onto his stripped chest. You held your breath, incapable of thinking straight anymore. His skin felt soft, although it almost appeared to set you on fire. 
"Can you feel what you're doing to me?" he asked, his eyes locking with yours. "I'm glad you're finally here. With me."
You let out a shaky breath once you realized you had lost all the good intentions you once had. "No one can ever find out about this."
Hyunwoo made another step, his hot breath tingling on the tip of your nose. Letting go of your hand, which wasn't moving anyway, long fingers went for your chin to gently pull it up. A thumb ghosted over your lower lip, his index finger still attached to your chin. 
"Relax. Just let me kiss you already." 
Soft, plush lips ghosting over yours, you, holding your breath, eyes already closed. A tingling sensation arose from the pit of your abdomen, spreading across your entire body, your skin turning into goose-flesh. 
He took his time, toying with you, taking in every little reaction of yours to his motions. After all this time, you were here, in reaching distance, capable of being touched by him. He had waited so long for this.
When his lips met yours eventually, your body was about to liquefy. Time was standing still. The world was muted. The flavor of his lips, their feeling, was everything you could sensate, and it was overwhelming. More than you could have ever imagined. Your world was about to collapse - everything hinged on this very moment. 
Your fingers carefully climbed up the seam of his shirt, clinging onto it for dear life to draw him even closer. Arms wrapped around your frame, one quick movement enough to force you flush against him. Mouths worked faster now, fiery capturing one another, almost merging. 
Fingertips gliding beneath his shirt, tenderly pushing it off his shoulders. The white fabric, not needed anymore, fell to the ground soundlessly, revealing his remarkable toned figure. This man was perfection in every imaginable way. His body's heavenly shaped, his gorgeous face admirable, his touches soft yet demanding, his kisses sweeter than honey yet imperious. 
Hyunwoo's walking you towards the bed mindfully, his lips now discovering your jawline and neck. Slender fingers brushed off the straps of your dress, one by one, only for him to leave a trail of delicate kisses on your now exposed skin. Your dress glided to the ground, joining the white dress shirt, revealing your amethyst-colored lingerie. 
Slowly but surely, he placed you on the bed, holding you close to his body. He kicked off his shoes, following your movement to settle between your legs. His lips met yours again as hips ground down on you, his erection being ever so present, causing you to moan fiery. 
Your hand strayed into his hair, the second one's fingernails ghosting over his exposed and defined back. The urge to touch every inch of his body grew bigger and bigger on you. You needed him so bad.
"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this," he mewled into the crook of your neck while nibbling on your skin. Hips ground against your core again, coaxing himself a deep groan this time. 
One hand moved down your body seductively, tracing your curves all the way down to your leg to wrap it around his waist. Once achieved, his hand moved back up to slip under your bra, pulling it down and cupping your breast. Thumb and index finger enclose your already hardened bud to twirl around. Every now and then, pinching it whenever he desired to hear another one of your delightful moans. 
"Hyunwoo," you breathed, "I want you inside me!"
A low growl thundered in his chest, the only reply you would get from him. You felt his pants growing tighter with every passing second; the urge to free his cock increased just as fast. Somehow your hands made their way to his waistband, fingertips ghosting over his heated skin and navel beforehand. Fingers worked quickly to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Hyunwoo was hovering over you while you tugged at the blue fabric to pull it down as far as you could. His motions allowed you to fully get rid of it in no time. 
"Oh, do you?" he asked, grinning mischievously. "Think you can handle that?"
Before you even realized, he ripped off your panties recklessly, throwing the torn fabric off the bed. Any complaints got stuck inside your throat as one of his digits dipped into you unexpectedly, making you yelp. Biting your lower lip, you closed your eyes as he added a second one. 
"Y-yes. I need you. N-now." 
His fingers worked you up skillfully, the idea of finally getting filled up by his cock already causing you to nearly lose your mind. Your moans turned louder with every thrust of his hand until he curled his digits inside you. 
"Look at how needy you are. Fought for too long, hm? Torturing yourself for such a long time now. And for what? I'm gonna make you mine, anyhow."
Hyunwoo pulled out of you, leaving you empty, causing you to whimper at the sudden feeling. Tugging his shorts down quickly, you took a sharp breath before licking your lips, impatiently moving on the sheets. You were so ready to take him all the way. 
Aligning himself with your entrance, one of his hands held you close, the other guided his full length to brush between your folds to collect your arousal. A shaky breath escaped your lips, head falling back into the soft pillows beneath you. 
And then, finally, he buried himself deep inside you, another deep groan fleeing his lips. Your core welcomed him effortlessly, walls clutching tight around his cock. Eyes locked, he eventually started moving, pulling all the way out to thrust back into you, much quicker now. Yelping, you spread your legs wider, desiring to take even more of him. 
"Fuck," he gritted, fingers intertwined so he could pin your hands above your head. His strokes were slow but deep, arm muscles twitching with every single motion. "You look so pretty pinned down, love." 
Your eyes rolled back, moaning at his words and actions, your legs enclosed around him. You wanted to touch him, feel every inch of his skin under your fingertips, yet you couldn't free yourself. 
His pace quickened, hips snapping into you mercilessly, him phishing for more of those delightful moans. "Shit. This feels so good. Don't stop," you mewled, raising your hips to meet his thrusts. 
Those words were music to his ears - he'd spent hours and hours imagining how you'd sound while pounding into you. Reality was so much better, though. More than he ever could've imagined. 
"Let me touch you, please." 
He grinned at you, the grip on your palms loosened, allowing you to slip them out. "Anything for you," he murmured, entangling you in another kiss. 
Your hands discovered every little detail of his body, fingertips trailing along his perfect velvety skin. It's an enigma how you managed to stay absent from him for such a long time. Now you felt like you wouldn't survive another day without touching him again. 
The feeling of his length twitching inside your core almost made you cum instantly. Your high's been already in reaching distance, your body trembling beneath him. 
"Fuck, Hyunwoo, I'm close," you moaned, breath shaky just as your frame itself. "Need you deeper." 
Feeling him grin against the crook of your neck, he left a few love bites before his hips made a smooth yet intense motion to allow him to hit all the right spots, causing you to cry out his name again.
"Yes, scream my name. Don't hold back." His fingers discovered your clit to run circles all over it, helping you to climb over the edge. "Cum with me, darling. I'll catch you."
And that was all it needed for you to detonate, fingernails digging deep into his back, inducing him to, once more, growl deeply. Thrusts getting sloppier, he was riding out your high while reaching for his own. You felt his arousal spilling deep inside of you; the twitches of his cock almost made you cum again. 
Eyes still locked, you both tried to catch your breath again while he pulled out of you carefully, letting himself sink into the sheets next to you. Hyunwoo's head turned to face you, biting his lower lip while sizing you up. You looked ravishing in this condition. 
"This was madness," he groaned before breathing out audibly. Wanting to say so much more, he waited for you to say something. Anything. 
"It was," you replied hesitantly, your foggy brain too fucked out to function accurately, so you wouldn't have to think about the consequences just yet. "Still, no one can ever find out about this."
Drawing you into his arms, he used this chance to be closer to you for a little longer. "Don't worry. This will be our dirty little secret if you want." 
You hummed in approval, thankful for him seemingly being thoughtful about it. 
"As long as you don't make me suffer like that ever again. Please don't let this be a one-time thing."
Grinning, you raised your head to glance at him. "We'll see." 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
shownuayo magazine vol. three
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Monsta X: Morning Sex (NSFW)
This contains NSFW content. Do not engage in my works if you are underage. Read to your own discretion.
No images yet! Let me know if you’re interested in making any! Otherwise, I’ll eventually get around to it! :)
Pairing: Monsta X x implied!fem!reader (can be gn) Warnings: implied!fem!reader, gn!reader, descriptions of sexual acts, descriptions of morning sex, explicit discussion (talks of: penetrative sex, sleepy sex, hickeys, oral sex, doggy style, shower sex, etc.), vulgar language, romantic imagery, Changkyun is a fiend Genre: Smut, fluff, headcanon WC: 1121
It’ll be the morning after a long night of romantic fun. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and find yourself curled up against him, Your head on his shoulder and arm across his chest. He’ll have one arm wrapped around you, sleeping soundly. Your stirring will in turn stir him awake. And the first thing Nunu registers is the feeling of your bare skin beneath his fingers. It tickles when he runs his hand up your side, so you sit up and give him a good morning kiss.
In short, you end up straddling him and he ends up inside you. Remnants of sleep is still making Shownu’s brain kind of fuzzy, but his morning voice just sounds that much sexier with every groan that leaves his lips. Your pace is slow and deep. He’ll take your hips in his hands and start thrusting up, going harder and deeper. His primal urges are gonna drive him at this point, leaving you satisfied and exhausted all over again.
Your sleeping habit together is him being the big spoon. So it’s no rare occurrence when you wake up in his arms, back pressed to his chest, and feeling his cock hard against the back of your leg. It starts with some lazy morning pillow talk, him asking if you’ve slept well and you asking if he needs help with his problem. This gets a shy laugh out of him. You’ll turn your head back to him and he’ll kiss you good morning. One kiss turns into several, and his hands start roaming.
Your clothes are pushed aside and Wonho presses himself into you. He’ll have lifted your leg so he can get a deeper angle, but his thrusts are slow. You’re tight around him and he’s muttering praises in your ear while all you can do is moan and mumble little curses. He feels so good, you’re begging him to cum inside you. But he has plans to clean you up afterwards.
He’ll wake up first and find that you just look so cute when you sleep. Min will play with your hair a little bit and wait for you to wake up. When you do, you snuggle into him and tell him you slept really well. Memories of the prior night will come back to both of you, and the hickeys all over your body are evidence of it. He suggests you two try something softer.
Then he’s hovering over you, rolling his hips against yours. You’re meeting each of his thrusts, your back arching off the bed. Min has a hard time holding himself back when he sees you biting your lip in pleasure, but he controls himself and just focuses everything on making you feel good. It feels heavenly when you start tightening around him, and his face drops into the crook of your neck. You guys spend a good portion of the morning beneath the sheets this way before you finally tell him it’s time to get up.
You woke up because you had to pee. Classic. But it wakes him up in turn, and he follows your bathroom trip with his own. After you’re both back in bed, you find it difficult to get back to sleep right away. So he comes up with a plan. The sun is barely up yet and he’s already sucking on your neck. Following a heavy makeout and the slow removal of your night clothes, Kiki’s got you on your side and easing himself into you. Being that you’re ridden with sleep still, your body is very relaxed and he slides in smoothly. Each stroke is lazy, but really, he’s just working both of you up. You can even feel him getting harder inside you.
Kihyun keeps you talking, and by the time you’re both fully awake, he’s getting a bit wilder. The soft, sleepy sex turns into quick, rough sex. Your leg is hanging off his shoulder, wet sounds are coming from below, and you’re losing any ability to think straight. We all know Kihyun’s not as soft as he seems. He knows all the tricks to wear you out so you can both sleep soundly again.
Well, we know he’s not the best at waking up. Man loves his sleep. And honestly, you’re probably not much of a morning person either. Only way to wake you guys up is with a shower. But here’s the thing, you’re already in the shower. Hyungwon is so out of it with sleep, he walks into the bathroom to take a shower himself without realizing the water’s already running. So when he climbs into the shower with you, you’re like “um hi” and he’s like “oh well” and you just silently agree to wash together.
He jumps in surprise when you start washing his back for him, and he practically melts under your touch. This just starts the back and forth of cleaning each other that ultimately leads to naughty touches. Then he’s got you pressed against the shower wall and your leg wrapped around his waist. He’s just hammering away inside you and you can’t do anything but cling to him. What a way to wake up.
You’re gonna wake up with Honey boy clinging to your waist. He’s needy and just needs some relief. You wake him up and he’s kind of embarrassed. He’ll actually tell you that he’ll take care of it and tries to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and relieve himself. But you wouldn’t leave your mans to suffer, right?
I believe Jooheon’s a very vocal person in bed, so he’s practically singing out moans while you’re sucking him off. Every swipe of your tongue and kiss of your lips makes his cock twitch in your mouth. You work him nice and fast, refusing to let go even as he tries to warn you. He cums in your mouth and you swallow every drop, giving him an innocent smile afterwards. So you ask him to return the favor.
This fiend will wake you up with nibbles on your legs. When you finally stir and ask him what he’s doing, he tells you good morning before softly biting your thigh in a very sensitive spot. He’s already got you moaning for him, and soon after he leaves his marks on you, he’s got you on all fours.
He’s fucking you hard, his hips smacking your ass with each stroke. He’s rough, but you love it. Soft and sweet morning sex? He’s never heard of it. Changkyun’s got your hair in his hand and you in his control. After your backside is covered in his seed, he’ll be all cute and offer to make you breakfast in bed.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
like or reblog if you save <3
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#HAPPYSHOWNUDAY  🐻 ━ 92.june.18  ˚ ༘✶
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just some shownu faces 🐻
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(920618) happy birthday shownu 🐻
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BFFL 2/∞      ↪ when your bestie is so cool(?) you drop character
+ the best take they got of this moment, apparently
Tumblr media
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mxrevival week 4: fav photoshoot
shownu & wonho for elle korea
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#monstaxrevival ↳ week one: bias
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사랑한다 몬베베!!!!!
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shownu × dazed
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Anyone: *mentions Next Level by Aespa*
Jooheon: *vibrating at a frequency that shatters glass* Yeah I love that song a normal amount
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shownuayo ♡ ep. 15; music visual film
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