bellshazes · 20 days ago
a list of bdubs-centric continuities that make me fucking wildly insane, in chronological-ish order:
boomers + vote scar posters in the moon base as a memento of the prior season
don't worry, it's not the clock (start of hcs8 with impulse, who has come to give bdubs presents and spots the accessory on his new skin)
this brings back memories (the very first seconds of partnering with etho in last life)
now it feels like home! (cleo arriving in what will become the snow fort for the first time, to lighthearted complaining from etho)
I heard you've been messing with my buddy (cleo bullying etho mostly for fun, but an opportunity she had solely because she'd already been doing pointless favors for bdubs (pretending to have found the enchanter randomly while both red, even though no one would fall for that bc she's red) solely because he asked and she's still fond of him)
that man has a hold on me, I guess (about his habit of making dumb deals with scar for no good logical reason)
I trust you because bdubs trusted you (not only is the crastle a running undercurrent in LL, it's also transitively extended to etho)
that was in another world (tango to bdubs, not long before escaping obliteration by moon in an extended bit where he chooses to take his horse instead of his business partner despite some asymmetrically heart-wrenching videos exchanged after it was too late)
Double Life #1: The Nick of Time (bdubs makes impulse, his government assigned soulmate, get him the thing he betrayed impulse for in an identically titled third life episode)
I have NEVER lied to you, Bdubs (cleo taking bdubs to task for not continuing to return the loyalty they've had to each other over the seasons)
he's just jealous (explaining that etho, who despite being the first person to call bdubs and impulse married can't stop asking if bdubs is really happy, is insulting impulse's honor because of missing their past partnership)
she scolded me so badly, one time (explaining above scolding to ren as a relevant criteria to cleo's hcs9 court audition tape)
and, in fact, the way that bdubs' reputation as the hermitcraft server's most dedicated sleeper led to his constant carrying of clocks as a done thing, to keeping clocks close in the life series where you can't one-person sleep the night away so they're much less useful, leading to I'd do anything for a clock because that service he provides in another world has become central to who he is as a character, to the keeping of time and history, and also bundled here associations with the moon, which recalls the passage of time and now also the ending of worlds, and you'd think it should have been planned from the start but he's just always taking every opportunity to say, "that world is over, but don't you remember what I did or didn't do? doesn't it still matter, here and now?"
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b00basn0t · 3 years ago
Let's Build A Tropical Houseboat!!!
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talkytikipresents · 3 years ago
Welcome to Minecraft Episode 30 or Minecraft Part 30! We are building a courtyard today! Something pretty for the village we've built and with a fountain too! This is a speedbuild! So come hang out and jam out with some Minecraft building! :-D
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cabruncodesign-blog · 3 years ago
Nós, Cabrunco Design, estamos desenvolvendo um projeto de uma luminária que esteja de acordo com o conceito do nosso artista escolhido - Beto Pezão -, ou seja, vamos construí-la do zero aos moldes da desproporção e da representatividade, que são os pontos chaves do artista sertanejo.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A representatividade é marcada pelo uso de características que denotem alguma ideia sobre aquilo que quer ser retratado. 
Curiosamente, a desproporção se tornou uma característica das artes de Beto Pezão não porque ele quis dar um ar de sertão, mas, para a sustentação dos bonecos, ele teve que dar uma esticada em seus pés.
Tumblr media
Através de uma certa experiência feita por nosso grupo, concluímos que faltava representatividade para nosso projeto. Então, concluímos que deveríamos colocar um chapéu de palha, pois ficaria evidente onde queremos chegar.
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E assim será o nosso projeto.
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sensationaldisplays-blog · 5 years ago
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Every year there is a national lego competition. We always create a window display to encourage kids to participate in the competition. This is a throwback to one we have done. We went with a summer theme and reused a tiki bar we had for a previous display, and a Lego person we made from boxes. It was basic and focused on the product and competition. 
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vadervanodin · 7 years ago
More Lego building with Odin, but this time Odin’s little sister joins in the fun.
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plumbobcupcake · 7 years ago
First youtube video going up in 204 minutes....holla <3
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achievement-h-lover · 8 years ago
So I was watching let's build dropping list on my iPad and I must have hit something and it made the video go black and I dreamed a dream start playing, but it was so seamless that I thought the video was still playing and they must have lost footage and it was a joke so I was sitting in math class cracking up over something that was my own fault but I didn't know it
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