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Hello. It's me again. This is my second request to you omg. Thank you for granting my first one, last time. Can you make a scenario how NCT 127 would react when you cook for them but it's an epic fail like it tastes bad, it's burnt or just terrible in general lol thank you :)
โ€ข~๐๐œ๐ญ ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ• ๐–๐ก๐ž๐ง ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐œ๐จ๐จ๐ค ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž๐ฆ ๐›๐ฎ๐ญ ๐ข๐ญ ๐ญ๐š๐ฌ๐ญ๐ž๐ฌ ๐›๐š๐
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Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐“๐š๐ž๐ข๐ฅ
- He examine his food carefully before eating it, it takes all his strength to swallow your food but his expression says it all but also offers you advice.
-Taeil: "You know as an idol I can tell you with certainty that the more you try the better you become and I'm sure Kun will be happy to teach you how to cook"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐“๐š๐ž๐ฒ๐จ๐ง๐ 
-He just looks at you, he does not want to hurt your feelings but he does not intend to lie he wants to be honest so he looks at you in the hope that you understand and let him help you next time.
-You: "Is it really so bad that you can't say anything?"
โ€ข ๐‰๐จ๐ก๐ง๐ง๐ฒ
Tumblr media
-Before he can even taste your food he comments on the appearance as if he were a Masterchef judge, taste it carefully and then give you his honest opinion lightly.
-Johnny: "I'm sorry to say honey but you are eliminated from the Masterchef program so you can go and order something else to eat thanks"
โ€ข ๐˜๐ฎ๐ญ๐š
Tumblr media
-He's excited that you cooked for him, but his happiness fades as soon as he tastes your food, he gets dramatic pretending he's choking but then comforts you in his own way.
-Yuta: "I had too high expectations it's not your fault but mine, don't worry luckily I love you even if you tried to kill me"
โ€ข ๐ƒ๐จ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ๐ง๐ 
Tumblr media
- He can't swallow the food you made and he has to spit it out, you look at him sad and he feels guilty
-Doyoung: "Oh sorry but I don't think it's for you maybe one day we'll try again together?"
โ€ข ๐‰๐š๐ž๐ก๐ฒ๐ฎ๐ง
Tumblr media
-He looks at you surprised for having cooked for him but also happy so he tastes your food with carefree, but his illusion breaks as soon as he eats your food.
-Jaehyun: "Is this food? .... Umh shall we order food now?"
โ€ข ๐‰๐ฎ๐ง๐ ๐ฐ๐จ๐จ
Tumblr media
-He compliments you for the appearance of the food, but appearances can be deceiving and he discovers it after tasting your food he wants to be kind so he lies but you find out after tasting it yourself.
-Jungwoo: "It's really good, thanks for this food"
-You: "It sucks"
-Jungwoo: "thank God you said it, I couldn't say it"
โ€ข ๐Œ๐š๐ซ๐ค
Tumblr media
-You immediately understand from his expression that he does not like your food even if his words say otherwise
-Mark: "Mmh it's not bad ... The more I chew it, the better it is, you know- I think I like it- you definitely- you cook better than me for sure that's why I like it-"
โ€ข ๐‡๐š๐ž๐œ๐ก๐š๐ง
Tumblr media
-You immediately understand that he is not even going to taste your food as it is burnt and he makes fun of you, surely everyone will know about this failure
-Haechan: "I don't want to die of poisoning from eating a burnt cake, I think you and Mark should have a contest to see who cooks worst"
Tumblr media
I hope you like how it came โ˜บโค
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NCT 127 soulmate based on birth chart
WayV soulmate based on birth chart
NCT Dream soulmate based on birth chart
Reblog with your results if you try them ๐Ÿ’–
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not my biases being under 50% compatible ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
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So I decided to rename some of my stories lol
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Baby Bunbun's First Playground Experience
Tumblr media
Pairings: idol&secretdad!doyoung x femreader
Genre/s: fluff , sligh angst
Warning/s: stalking (do not do this). Mentions of food
Summary: A father's day special for Doyoung where he took the risk and spent time with you and his precious son outside for the very first time freely.
Note: This is part of my idol, secret dad doyoung au. You could read this by itself, it's up to you guys but just in case you want to get somehow the experience, click here. Don't worry, you don't have to follow the storyline as it is not arrange in chronological order. Again, I apologize for the grammatical and spelling errors. Last, do not take this plot seriously. This is pure fiction.
Busy schedules such as recording, filming, practicing and meetings behind the scenes has finally been accomplished by Doyoung. He could spend his day-off not thinking about those works and only focus on you and his precious child. All he had to do is enjoy the father's day.
Initially, he intended to make things up to his family by cooking delicious meals for them but he woke up late at 1 in the afternoon after a strenuous and packed schedules the day before. Instead he woke up with a sumptuous brunch and an angel's cake as well with a 'Happy Father's Day' written on it.
Doyoung was staring at the food on the table long enough he failed to notice you were right behind him with your son in your arm and a party popper in your other hand which actually made him yelp in surprise. His funny reaction and face earned a laugh from you but best of all, a loud giggle and clap from your son.
"You guys..." he chased both of you since you two escaped with a wide grin plastered on your faces. The child was laughing hard when Doyoung finally captured him, planting kisses all over his chubby cheeks and tickled his tummy, his only two teeth at the bottom in full display. You perfectly captured this moment as you record the scene with your camera.
"You think you've escaped me, miss pretty." It's your turn to be attacked by your boyfriend as he peppered you kisses all over your faces then neck. You tapped him, afraid he might get too giddy and bite your neck in front of your son's face.
You placed your eight-month old son on his designated high chair and served him the special menu made for him while you boyfriend, Doyoung, is indulging the food you prepared just for him. While he is eating, instead of doing the same, you are staring intently at his face, every detail of it, you are mesmerizing it. You can tell how tired he is by the bags under his eyes due to work and maybe other things he is thinking about.
Not long enough, he noticed you. "Hon, you still have a crush on me." He said jokingly which made you snapped back to earth. "You're the one who had a crush on me." You retorted and started digging in your own plate. Memories came back at the mention of the word crush, the very first time he laid his eyes on you, the exact moment where he felt that you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, the woman he wants to marry and have kids with. You both are too in love with each other, you ended up in this situation.
Everything happened too soon from what he initially planned. However God knows how thankful he is for having his little bundle of joy, fulfilling one of his dreams to become a father. In blessings, there is no such thing as being too early, God gave him this precious little child that looks exactly like him at his own time. Only the heaven knows about that.
Doyoung watched as you feed your little prince. A dream come true. There is no other woman he pictured in that very moment except you. He gave you a dreamy look, imagining someday, he would be able to marry you.
The little family spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the carpeted living room then currently watching tv. The baby is sitting at his father's lap, securing him with his arms while the other one is caging your figure as you lean on his shoulder, your hand holding his while the other one being played by your little prince. In a second, a tv commercial of a family happily playing at the playground caught the child's attention. His bunny eyes are sparkling as he enthusiastically point at the tv.
Seeing Doyoung frown, you quickly consoled your son. "Baby Bunbun." You called him with his nickname. "Papa can't. We can just play here inside if you want." You explained hopefully your son would be able understand despite being too young to even speak fluently.
The frown on the baby's face mirrored his father's. Doyoung's heart broke seeing the child change his mood in a snap, from excitement to sadness. His own son is only a child once and without he realizing it, he might be a grown up in a blink of an eye. Time flies too fast, he must cherish it.
Tears started to pool the child's eyes. You and your boyfriend looked at each other, panicking that your son might feel frustrated and cry. You rubbed your son's back, whispering other things that you can do and even giving him empty promises which you feel bad but that's the only thing you can do until Doyoung gave you a look which speaks 'trust me, I will handle it.' You let him.
"Baby Bunbun, we can play at the playground today." Doyoung announced happily.
You quickly panicked. "Doyoung, are you out of your mind? Your obsessed stalker might see you." You said, fully worried about your boyfriend's well-being especially his career. "I'm not letting you get hate for it, please. I will console our son to the best I can but I don't want you getting hurt."
"And what? Our son won't have a good memory of his father having fun with him? In return of not getting hate, our son's happiness will have to pay the price? Just this once Y/n, let me be the best father our son can ask for." He spoke as his eyes turned glassy. "I already made mistakes but I can't afford to be a failure for him, for you. He is only a child once, I don't want to have regrets in the future why I didn't spend too much time with my son when he was young. Just today... please."
His words hurts as it came from within. You are aware how many times Doyoung resisted. This was not the first time this happened where your son wanted to go outside with his beloved parents and have fun but all he got was promises that you will play soon. It's father's day, should Doyoung at least experience this moment even just for a short time?
There is no doubt Doyoung is a great father. No matter how busy he is, he always managed to spend his time with the family he built, called both of you regularly when he was away, bought everything, spoil both of you and most especially showered you love and protected you. You gave him all the assurance but you felt, deep inside Doyoung still felt like a failure for not being like other fathers out there who can freely play with their children outside, bring them to malls and parks and buy them ice cream.
You went to the bedroom to grab something. In your hands is a box beautifully wrapped in gold and green paper. You gave it to Doyoung and signalled him to open it. Doyoung held the hoodie inside of it, a baby blue one with a 'Papa Bunny' with a white bunny engraved at the chest area. "Wear it outside so both of you don't catch a cold." You reminded, implying you already allowed the father-son duo.
"Look at our baby bunbun wearing his." He quickly looked at the child wearing the exact hoodie but a smaller version. Instead of papa bunny, BABY BUNNY was written on it. Doyoung embraced you, sandwiching your son in between. "I love you both so much. Thank you hon, this means so much to me."
"Just be careful." You reminded.
Baby Bunbun's laughter echoed at the empty park near your apartment as he sat at his father's lap while at the swings. Then he first experienced his first ever seesaw with Doyoung supporting his back while you are at the other side, taking videos of the child. You then tried the slide, once again, baby bunbun in your lap then taking turns as Doyoung does it afterwards with your son. You also never forget to take a family photo at the playground, marking it as Baby bunbun's first playground experience. Right at that moment, you felt like you own the world, like the three of you are the only person to ever exist on Earth. This is the happiest moment for the three of youโ€”so far and you wish for it to never end. You crave for more.
Your little family are too happy to even give a damn about every single thing around you โ€” too comfortable at your bubble that you failed to notice a person watching the three of you as she snapped some shots.
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Tumblr media
Pairing/s: ex-boyfriend!doyoung x fem!reader
Warnings: contains adult content, nudity, alcohol, sexual contents, suggestive, touching, seducing, heavy angst, flashbacks, mentions of death, no happy ending if you will
Summary: Four Years since you hazy break-up, Doyoung encountered you once again in an unusual place doing something he least expected you to do.
Note: If you are uncomfortable with the subject, feel free to skip. Read at your own risk. I actually have no idea how to end this story so I leave it to your own interpretation. I'm sorry. Do not take this plot seriously. This is pure fiction with no relations with the mentioned idols personal life and character. Unedited so expect typographical errors. Sorry for the grammatical error as well.
Doyoung is not the type of person to go to a boisterous place, it is never his thing. He would rather drink his expensive wine at the confines of his penthouse. However, tonight is an exception.
Tonight, they are about to celebrate one his dearest friend's birthday, Taeil. He can't say no to him, no one can. All of his friends practically begged him to step out of his place and have fun with other people. How is smelling other people's disgusting smell of alcohol, smoke and sweat fun?
"Stop being a grandpa. Just for tonight." His other friend, Jaehyun, persuaded him.
As Doyoung, together with his friends, entered the said club, he glared at the person who chose this place which is Johnny. "Seriously Johnny? A strip club? I thought we will go a normal night club." Doyoung felt defeated and betrayed.
"C'mon Doyoung. This is Taeil's birthday plus he will tie the know next year, he has to experience this." Johnny tried to reasoned out. "And I never mentioned anything about a normal night club. I said we are going to a club, THIS IS A CLUB."
Not wanting to ruin the birthday celebration, Doyoung sighed in defeat and followed his friends at their designated table near the stage. While his friends are enjoying the show, some of them are giving tips to some women they have eyes on, all Doyoung do is sip at his drink and wanders his eyes around the suffocating place, too awkward to look at these female entertainers, dancing seductively. He is silently praying that this celebration will soon be over.
Loud cheers and applause, interrupted his little space. His attention is right now at the stage as Johnny nudged him and asked him to pay attention. A gorgeous woman appeared on stage, wearing the most beautiful lingerie compared to other women who previously performed. Also the way the crowd go wild when this performer popped out on stage is outrageous, seems like she is everyone's favorite, the star of the show.
The way she swayed her hips and do the splits made everyone lose their minds, not to mention how she worked with the pole. All of the audience are desperate for her to come to their tables and dance right in front of them but that woman is a tease. Doyoung found himself being strike by her charisma regardless of having a dangling mask cover the upper portion of her face. The way she seductively lipsync to the sensual song playing, those lips are to die for. He is hypnotized is an understatement.
If it isn't wild enough, everyone went crazy and ecstatic when the woman removed the mask, revealing her enchanting beauty, as well as removing some materials of his already scantily clad outfit, showing more of her skin. His friends are loud beside him and the rest of the people inside, everything in Doyoung's ears are muted. He is too shocked to even process everything around him. Mouth hung low, emotions overflowing, heart racing. A mixture of surprised, sadness, anger and somehow hopeful overflowed his emotions. "Y/n..." he whispered.
Fortunately, no one heard him. He was too overwhelmed at the shocking event that just happened that he didn't notice that he has been stoned for a minute. "Hey Doyoung, are you alright?" Jaehyun patted his back. "You've been staring at Briar. I thought you are not interested in this place." He teased Doyoung. "I mean I can't blame you, Briar is perfect."
"Briar?" Doyoung was puzzled.
"Oh right, it's your first time here." Jaehyun explained. "It's her stage name. All of the performers here use stage names to avoid being followed by creeps. No one knows their real names and their personal lives."
"What? I thought it'sโ€”"
"Bro, this is a strip club not an orgy party. No one's having sex with anyone here. That's not allowed. This is just pure show." Jaehyun added. "I thought you know the difference."
"Look Briar is coming to our table, how lucky our birthday boy is." Johnny excitedly announced as you walked towards their table.
You strutted towards the table of your chosen customer with a bottle of whiskey and a glass with you, still wearing the revealing outfit that covered almost nothing as everything that is intended to be covered has been almost out. Your seductive eyes looking straight at the certain birthday boy your boss was talking about. "Happy birthday." You spoke in an alluring voice as you pour a drink on the glass, letting the birthday boy, Taeil, drink on it. You then had a special ravishing number in front of him and his friends.
Unexpectedly, as you turned your head on the right, a familiar face appeared that caught you off guard, tripping but luckily smoothly as if it's part of your routine. The man's face is screaming in confusion, worry and shock but you never allowed it to faze you. Instead, you quickly finished your dance and said your parting ways to his friends, acting normal as possible before retreating to the backstage, grabbing your coat, wrapping to your almost naked body as you sat in front of the beauty mirror, processing what you just saw. 'Why is Doyoung here?' You thought.
A fellow dancer approached you and asked you if you are alright as she sensed that you are tensed. You assured with a nod and smile that convinced her enough to leave after she said some compliments about your performance recently.
Both Doyoung and you can't stop thinking about your short encounter as you both reached at your respective places โ€” in your small but decent and clean apartment in your case. Four years ago since you ended things between the two of you โ€” a painful breakup without a proper closure. Many thins has been left unsaid.
4 years ago...
Instead of using your time for another review session, you allotted this day for your boyfriend that you haven't seen for a while due to busy schedules. You have been preparing for an entrance exam to your dream medical school and this meant so much for you for it will make your beloved grandmother proud, the person who loved and cared for you after your parents abandoned you for both of their separate newly built families, leaving you alone.
Only five minutes left before your scheduled date for your 4th anniversary but you are too excited so you went to the restaurant earlier than the meeting time. As you wait, you fixed your eyeglasses and the dress you recently bought at a thrift store. It is a beautiful above the knee dress but not sultry as you are very conservative about your body. You hate showing skin and you are lucky enough to have someone who loves you the way you are. Doyoung is the nicest and most gentleman person you've ever met in your life.
Hours had passed and Doyoung was nowhere to be seen. The waiter has been coming back and forth at you asking if you are ready to order for the nth time. You kept calling his phone but your boyfriend was not even answering. Your messages were left unseen either. Did he forgot your anniversary? Is he busy? Is he sleeping? You are aware that as busy as you are in your entrance exam preparation, he as well was busy in studying for he is an heir of his family billion-worth of businesses. He is a part of a conglomerate family so you understand him.
However, this is your anniversary. As his girlfriend, is it wrong to demand even a minute to spend time with your partner? Is that too much to ask? With a heavy heart, you left the restaurant and decided to visit his apartment instead. Despite feeling neglected, you still care for him so here you are pressing his access code in hopes for seeking a reasonable answer why he can't come or even respond to your calls.
What you are seeing in front of you is the least thing you expect him to do. This is the opposite of a reasonable excuse that you might let him pass for not coming to your date. Tears formed in your eyes as you stare at your boyfriend being topped by a woman you recognized as the beautiful, rich girl Doyoung's parents wanted for their son. She was sporting her lace underwear, kissing the man under her roughly.
"D-doyoung?" Your voice cracked as tears streamed on your face.
Doyoung, on the other hand, managed to free himself from the woman on top of him and looked at the source which is you, completely broken. You swiftly ran away not caring when your eyeglasses fell. All you wanna do is ran away, ignoring Doyoung's scream.
"Y/N wait." He called you as he fixed his belt which that woman unbuckled unsuccessfully. He disregarded his unbuttoned top though since he still cared about that he might lose you more. Doyoung ran as fast as he could to reach you but was stopped when he stepped on your eyeglasses that fell on you a while ago, crushing its lens. Within the millisecond distraction, you are no longer in front him. He lost you completely. Doyoung cried in the middle of the road, picking the only thing he had of you.
Four years has been wasted already and there is no way Doyoung can turn back time to fix everything and be happy with you. 3 days straight of struggling to sleep because of you, he decided to search for you where you work at. He called his secretary that he would be leaving the office immediately because of an important business which the secretary politely responded and accompanied her boss until he left.
Doyoung only agreed to his friends to came in this place so they don't have to bother him for going here again. Now he is right in front of the club's entrance tonight still wearing his dashing work attire. He ignored the eyes of the people looking at him and simply entered the venue. He looked around in hopes to see you as soon as possible.
Roaming his eyes around for minutes already until a woman wearing a party clothes approached him with a smile in a friendly manner. "Hello sir, are you looking for someone?" She asked accurately. Maybe it's normal for them to encounter people like him who is looking for someone.
"Oh Thank you." He replied politely. "I was looking for y/โ€”"
'Fuck.' He cursed under his breath. He forgot your screen name. Doyoung almost forgot that entertainers like you don't use their given name. Thinking hard to remember, the female smiled at him and said.
"Are you perhaps looking for Briar?"
"Oh yes yes. That's the name." He was relieved.
The woman ushered one of the bouncer and asked them to fetch you on the backstage which the male complied. "She will be here for a moment." She assured the male customer before eyeing him from head to toe with that wide smile. "I knew you were looking for her. You are not the only one actually, she's in demand."
Doyoung gave her an awkward smile before looking settling himself and have a seat as he waits for you. Not that long, you came, wearing your tonight's outfit. As usual, a daring latex with a hint of lace lingerie, your hair is perfectly curled, your red lips caught his attention the most.
Your eyes met Doyoung's beautiful one even from a far. Your boss motioned you to go to him, a customer which you refused. "Miss, I'm preparing for my performance. I can't." You were about to leave when she stopped you. "Look at him. He is wearing authentic designer items from head to toe. That man is extremely rich. So you better cater him and give him a good time." She said. "I never handed you to some creepy old men who look like they want to eat you. This man is an exception, he looks no harm."
Yes Doyoung is no harm but he is... to your heart. You really can't face him after what happened in your past but for the sake of work, you walk on his direction andnd leaned towards him, using his thighs as support, not caring if some people out there would have a clear view of your ass as you bend. "Why are you here? Leave immediately." You whispered but with sharpness in your tone.
Your cleavage is the most distracting part on his perspective but he is more mesmerized with your lips, the urge to kiss you right now but he has to stop himself. He has some serious business to do. "I wanted to talk to you." He replied.
You rolled your eyes before turning your back, later on swaying your hips as you slowly sit on his lap, as you sexily rolled your hips, brush your ass on his clothed manhood. You can feel how tensed Doyoung is but you shrugged it off and continued dancing seductively while speaking. "We have nothing to talk about. Just leave." Your boss is watching you so you have to do your job while talking or else it would suspicious to just talk casually.
"I'm not leaving." Doyoung was stubborn but you have to show him that he is in your territory. "Leave or I will scream that you are trying to kiss me." You threatened him seriously, pinching his thigh and you stood up.
Being a pervert is probably one of the accusations he doesn't want to face so he ended up giving up and left the place. Desperate to clear things with you, he thought of something. He is not giving up.
After a tiring show, you bid goodbye to your fellow performersย  then made your way to the exit backstage. Putting your earphones on and listening to mellow song relaxes you in contrast to the loud music at the bar.
Hug me more. Tell me more.
Donโ€™t push me away now.
Iโ€™ll watch a bit more and cry a bit more.
So that I can let you go.
Just a little bit more. Just a little bit more.
You stopped your pace the moment the familiar tall figure stood in front of you. You looked up to look at his tired, sad eyes. Doyoung waited for you outside the bar. "So can we talk now?" He said softly, almost begging. There's no harm, right? After all, it's been four years, you should be ready to face him again.
You two decided to have your talk at a peaceful place which is the children's playground. You both sat in the swing with a moment of silent at first until Doyoung collected himself and finally talked. "What happened to you?" The first thing he asked.
You avoided his gaze and looked down at your heels. "None of your business." You coldly spoke which he fully understand. The last time he saw you, you were crying and running away from him. He did something hurtful, even too late, you deserve an explanation even without you asking. On the other hand, you are just waiting. You had a feeling earlier that he was going to tackle about your break up. Maybe, you actually needed the closure that you both didn't get.
4 years ago...
Doyoung's parents were furious about their son being hard-headed and not wanting to follow their orders. Right after the painful break up ,which he can even call it like that since there's no announcement from you saying 'we should break up,' his parents were extremely mad for rejecting and dumping the woman they chose to be married with their son. How come they are more concerned about that woman over him? They were enraged enough to confiscate all his phone and computer then worst, sent him abroad.
It pains him to not even had a chance to explain the truth even on phone. She went to his apartment and delivered the message of his parents threatening to reject you once the entrance examination for medical school occurs. Doyoung knows what his parents are capable of. They have many connections and they can do it in just one call. Feeling weak, she took advantage of it and just pounce, the same time frame you caught them making out.
When he was overseas all he thinks about is you even after so many years. Once he had the access to his phone, the first thing he did was contact you but you are out of reach, probably you changed your number. He tried searching you in all social media platform, still can't find you.
"I'm sorry for everything y/n... for not giving the explanation you deserve, for leaving you with unanswered questions." Doyoung started shedding tears. "I am the biggest jerk ever for that but Y/N, I never cheated on you, never in a million years but I'm guilty of hurting you and not fighting enough for us. I should have fought harder." He began bawling and crying out loud.
You looked up to the sky, trying to contain the tears threatening to fall. Everything is clear now and you can't blame him for that. Doyoung tried his best, you knew him very well, you regretted not holding into that. If only you listened to him and not ran away. You stood up, stood in front of him and patted his head like a puppy. "Stop crying now." You tried your very best to sound unaffected and composed with your authoritative voice. "It's all in the past now. We can't go back in time. It happened for a reason." You told him which made him look up to you. Your face has no emotion at all, you are actually good at hiding it though.
"You should've let them..." you admitted, looking away from him. Your statement made Doyoung confused. "I never went to the medical school obviously... that's why I'm here." Your words tasted bitter while you think about everything that happened prior to that.
Doyoung panicked he asked you continuously if his parents harmed your chance but you shook your head. "I didn't even get the entrance examination." You confessed. "I was on my way at the school when our neighbors called me, announcing the most heartbreaking news I have received..." This event was so emotional, it became your breaking point, you can no longer hold back your tears. "She passed away... I have to mourn while dealing my heartbreak with you and at the same time failed what I prepared for, my dreams. Worst is you were never there beside me. Honestly, I was mad at you that time. I questioned your love for me. That time I was thinking, "did you even love me?" As well as my grandma treated you like her own grandson but you didn't even show up." That's the cue, you covered your face with your palm, crying your eyes out.
The only thing Doyoung can do is stand in guilt, as he watched you at your lowest point. It made him feel useless. He lost his connection with you at the time when you needed him the most. If only he fought tougher and harder, he might at least ease the pain by being there for you. As he embraced you, all he can say is numerous apologies and you let him for a couple of minutes.
As you asked him to let you go, you wiped your tears quickly and met his eyes again. "It's painful but it made me feel better." You said. "Maybe this is all we need... closure."
Hearing the word closure, Doyoung's heart crushed as it is not what he wanted. "Y/n..." he started. "I'm no longer weak... maybe this is the right time to continue what we had four years ago... I still love you. I never stopped." He held your hand which you quickly retreated.
"We can't." You simply answered, going back to your tough and restrained self. Doyoung asked a soft 'why' which was answered by a soft yet bitter chuckle. "Things are different now, Doyoung. I'm no longer the same Y/n four years ago. You don't know me."
"Then I'm willing to know you once again like how people do when they meet someone for the first time." He desperately replied.
"No." You told. "I don't deserve someone like you and you deserve someone better. Can you even fathom why I do now? People like me don't get normal. We don't love people, we don't have attachment. We don't deserve love and respectโ€”"
"I don't care. No matter how you insist how different you are, you are still there. I don't give a fuck what you do now, what you wear... I love you." He looked and caressed your face, his favorite. "You are still the most beautiful woman I've seen, with or without your eyeglasses, no matter how long or short your dress looks... fuck those things. All I want is to be with you." He said with all his heart that made you melt. He never changed.
The same thing he does, you also touched his cheeks, wiping his tears with your thumb. Within a second, your lips are planted on his soft lips, giving him a long, loving kiss, both your eyes closed and tears streaming down your faces as if showing how much you longed for each other in that way. As you separated yours to his, you caressed his face one last time. "I am glad to see you again." You confessed. "I truly am... but may I ask you this?"
Doyoung listened attentively with full of hope that you will still let him in your heart as he felt it with the kiss you shared minutes ago but he is wrong with the words you spoke. "Please do not come back to that place again. Don't look for me, never ever come back. Forget about me."
All he can say is why. "Maybe it's time for us to accept that maybe we are not meant for each other." You said. "As I said earlier, we are on our own ways now. I can't be with you. We should be lucky enough to even spoke and fix things together." You continued. "For both of us, please let us not see each other again." You gave him a one last hug before walking away. Once again, you slowly faded in Doyoung's eyes. But this time should he do what you said or should he fulfill his promise to fight harder?
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 3 months ago
Aww, thank you soooo much!! This means the world to me ๐Ÿ’— I really appreciate when someone tells me they like my writings, they're entertaining or make them feel better when they have a bad day or something (even if it's just pure filth ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™Š) cuz it encourages me to keep writing knowing it all has a purpose. โœจ Specially with TMYDLM, it's very special and meaningful to me.
Yep, I've read some of your fics and they're sooo good, keep going cuz you're doing great!! ๐Ÿ‡
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 3 months ago
Omgggg a doyoung blog! Im so happy i found your account. Iโ€™ll read ur works when im free ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ thank you for writing ๐Ÿฅฐ
This is actually the very first message that I received since I started writing fanfics here on this platform. To anon, you have no idea how this meant for me, as a fanfic writer who stopped for a very long time (the last time I wrote fanfics properly was back in 2018 but kind of struggling compared to years before that). I will do my very best to learn more and cater you some of my ideas and hopefully I will be able to share it to you soon. Thank you very much. I actually started writing Doyoung fanfics because I believe he needs to have more. I think I have read almost all his fanfics and I wanted more. Hahaha
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Tumblr media
Pairing/s: bff!doyoung x fem!reader
Genre/warning/s: senior year au, best friend!doyoung, kinda boyish y/n, suggestive,minor swearing, mentions of porn, cock blocking (sorry mama kim)
Summary: When you are too comfortable with your boy best friend, Doyoung, it made him feel uncomfortable or... something else.
The hell week aka final exam has finally been done. After the sleepless nights, overloading your brains with loads of information or just brain rotting in general, high school students finally can relax and do whatever they please, at least for now because results are still underway. Would you all graduate smoothly or not?
That matter didn't bother you and your best friend since diaper, Kim Doyoung, at all. The two of you are confident with the results that you are expecting to get. Not to toot your own horn but your dynamic duo is academically gifted.
"Final exam is easier than I thought it would be." As Doyoung said which made the whole class gasp. He made it sound like exam is comparable to breathing when in reality the rest of the class, excluding you of course, are having mental gymnastics.
The school dismissed you way earlier than usual since the students and teachers almost did nothing today, no lectures, no classes at all maybe clean and chat with your classmates. You and Doyoung are currently at Doyoung's room watching movie as his mom told you to while she prepares the afternoon snacks.
It's nothing new to her as she treats you like her own daughter. Your mother and her are best friends since high school, the reason why you and Doyoung are the same, also the reason why both your parents trust you both enough to leave the two of you alone in a room.
Doyoung who was too focused and invested in the movie diverted his attention to you as you complain how hot the weather today is. Regardless of the fan on its max speed, you are sweating a bucket not to mention your uniform being uncomfortable. "You should have brought an extra shirt. You know that according to the weather forecast, we would experience a scorching weather today." He commented while looking at you fanning yourself miserably. "Stop fanning your armpits, it stinks." He gave you a disgusted loom.
"I didn't bring one because we're only spending half day in school today." You replied. "And fuck you my armpits smell good and fresh even drenched in sweat. Maybe it's your breathe since mouth is just under your nose." He showed him the finger which he responded in a same manner.
You stood up and rummaged at his closet to get some comfortable t-shirt. This isn't something new to him. It is normal for him that you casually touch his belongings, wear his clothes. But something that is NOT NORMAL is you comfortably unbuttoning your uniform and taking off your blouse, not giving a fuck if Doyoung sees you only wearing your bra.
It is too late for Doyoung to look way because of how fast and unexpected your move. He is frozen, the movie left running but abandoned. His ears are all red, his face are burning and his pants tightening. Embarrassment rises as you looked at him after you successfully changed into his t-shirt. Doyoung looked away abruptly and hid the tent forming at his pants.
"Why?" You asked innocently as you sat beside your best friend.
"Y/n... why did you do that?" He asked nervously.
"What?" You gave him a confused look before getting what he meant. "You mean me changing clothes?" You chuckled as you spotted him looking embarrassed. "C'mon Doyoung, we're bestfriends." You started confidently. "We even used to take a shower together when we were kids. That's completely naked." You added.
"But we were kids that time. We're grown-ups now, it's different from before..." He reasoned out shyly. "Even if we are friends and there should be no malice, you're still a woman... and I'm still a man... and when two grownups are alone in a room... something might happen..."
You slapped his arm as you crack up. "That's what you get for watching too much raunchy movies." Your tummy hurts now for laughing too much "Doyoung, don't watch too much porn."
Doyoung blinked his eyes at your reaction. He remained unfazed. "Y/n, I'm serious." His stared at you intently. You felt the tension and it made you stop from laughing. "And don't act innocent, you watch porn too." You started getting nervous when he moved his face closer to you, his hot breathe brushing your skin. "Don't do that again or I might not be able to stop myself... remember y/n, I'm still a man... with needs."
You swallowed a lump as Doyoung stared at your lips, licking his own before closing his eyes as he moved closer and closer to yours. Unable to control your own body especially your beating heart, you shut your eyes as well and waited for something magical to happen.
Before Doyoung can even brush his lips to yours, the door suddenly banged loudly as his mother burst into the doorway. "Snacks are ready. Let's it!" She announced with a smile. She didn't see anything as Doyoung was fast enough to act like nothing was about to happen. "Yes mom." He said while you smile awkwardly at his mom. Maybe you need to sort something out after snacks.
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: neighbor!doyoung x fem!reader
Genre/warning/s: heavy fluff, heavy angst, divorced doyoung, strangers to lovers kind of au, single female reader, mentions of deep sadness, mentions of cheating (PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT), mentions of food and alcohol, contains green jokes, flirting, cringey humor, lame story, slight makeout.
Summary: You fell in love with your neighbor, Doyoung, who is still on the stage of sadness and denial of his divorce/broken marriage.
Note: This is a two-part fanfic. Posted this for you to access both easier.
Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: neighbor!doyoung x fem!reader
Genre/warning/s: heavy fluff, heavy angst, divorced doyoung, strangers to lovers kind of au, single female reader, mentions of deep sadness, mentions of cheating (PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT), mentions of food and alcohol, contains green jokes, flirting, cringey humor, lame story, slight makeout.
Summary: You fell in love with your neighbor, Doyoung, who is still on the stage of sadness and denial of his divorce/broken marriage.
Note: This is the part 2. I was intended to post it as one but text doesn't fit so I have to divide it. I apologize for the grammatical and spelling errors. Unedit. Do not take this plot seriously. Thank you.
Part 1 โ€ข Part 2
The next day came and it's time for Doyoung to fake his emotion once he stepped out of his apartment. He has to pretend that he didn't bawl in tears the previous night. Here he is now at the elevator together with you who greeted him like the usual friendly you, also faking as if you are unbothered by your discovery last night.
Doyoung fished something from his pocket, a familiar hello kitty sticky note. "Is the number written yours? He opened the topic which earned a mental slap from yourself. Shit. You almost forgot that you wrote your number on that sticky note and inserted that to the carton handle of the donut. You wished he never brought that issue up. 'Oh no! Did he get in trouble with his wife because of that?' you nervously thought. 'Did I ruin their marriage?'
You gave a nervous laugh and replied. "Don't take that seriously. Just forget that, will you? I was just trolling." He simply nodded and ignored you after. You assumed he bought your excuse.
Your annoying staff in your cafe is not helping your case because of their constant teasing about you trying to flirt with the bank manager guy yesterday. These kids will never let you live in peace.
"The bank manager guy." Haechan yelled that caused you to panic and fix yourself. The boys giggled that made you confused until you realize that they were pranking you.
"Ha ha funny. Let's see if you can laugh if I don't give you your salary." You sarcastically replied.
The cafe is full of people and all of you are busy catering your customers until your phone buzzed. You find a right time to check your phone and boy you are surprised as hell at who messaged you.
"Hey. Can I order 6 iced americano, 5 glazed donuts and one cream cheese bread? I will pick it up later. This is Kim Doyoung by the way."
Doyoung texted you. He saved your phone number. You slapped yourself. "Get together y/n. He is married. He is not flirting with you. He texted you for the food. This is business." After scolding yourself, you prepared his order that made one of your staff, Jeno, confused. "We didn't receive that order. To whom it is for?" He asked.
"Oh, Doyoung ordered it. He texted me." You replied which earned a nod from Jeno who is making the coffee. "Maybe he doesn't want to fall in line. There are lots of people."
People inside the cafe has slowly left, the place became less busy and more quiet. All of you are on stand by and waiting for customers until the bell chimed. Six men arrived including Doyoung. You quickly served the food that Doyoung ordered in advance. "Enjoy your meals." You said politely before leaving them alone to eat and do your job but eyes not leaving to the man you admire.
On the other hand, you have no idea that you are the topic of these men, specifically teasing Doyoung. "So she is the one hitting on you?" One of his colleagues and good friend named Kun asked Doyoung while looking at your direction.
"She is cute not gonna lie. She looks like a doll." Johnny commented.
"Because she is short?" Taeil gave a remark at Johnny's statement.
"She looks like the opposite of Joโ€”" Jungwoo was cut off by Taeyong, scolding him not to mention Doyoung's ex-wife as their friend is trying to move on. Jungwoo uttered an apology.
"Seriously Doyoung, you should start dating again and not give a damn about your ex." Johnny advised seriously. "Don't waste the opportunity. The fish is already swimming towards you, you don't even need to wait to catch some." He added pertaining to you.
"I'm not ready to let her go..." Doyoung replied honestly, sadness is evident.
"Bro... we are truly worried about you. You have lowered yourself too much for her when she clearly doesn't care about your feelings. She never treated you right, always acting as if you are just her personal assistant, her servant." Taeyong lectured. "I get the treat your wife like a queen but what you are doing is too much. You did everything for her but what did you get in return?" He didn't mention it but everyone knew what happened next. "Have some pity with yourself, you deserve someone who will reciprocate the love and kindness that you are giving."
"Just drink your sadness away and forget your stupid ex-wife. You are single now, don't be afraid to flirt. Celebrate your freedom." Jungwoo excited screamed which earned a slap to his hand from Kun this time.
"What drink are you talking about? Remember, you get wasted easily and you pass out. We're struggling to go home because of you." Kun scolded him.
Doyoung is thankful of his friends and their concern towards him. However, he isn't sure if he is ready to enter a new relationship at this point. His divorce is still fresh at least in his part. Besides, he always feel guilty whenever he looks at his wedding portrait. They are no longer together but why does he feel like cheating on his ex-wife whenever he smiles because of other women, especially you.
Your staff and you are cleaning the cafe, preparing to go home when one of your employee, Chenle, started to gossip. "Hey have you heard the conversation between bank manager guy and his friends? I heard something about divorce."
"Chenle, you're so nosy." Jisung remarked.
"I can't help it. They are too loud." Chenle rebutted.
"Yeah I heard it. Bank manager guy is divorced." Jaemin added, joining the gossip.
"Y/n, you said he is married, right?" Renjun asked you.
You are completely shocked at the information you heard recently. Doyoung's friends are too loud, you also unintentionally listened to their conversation. You are sure he is married as you saw their wedding portrait in his living room. Since when did they separated? Is that the reason why his wife is nowhere to be seen?
Two months since you moved in, your friendship with your neighbor, Doyoung has pretty much improved. You two had developed a habit of drinking your morning coffee at your respective balconies, having short conversation. You are careful enough not to bring up his divorce as you pictured Doyoung's voice talking about it with his friends at the cafe. He looked miserable and you respect his personal space and his feelings. You also habitually bringing him your cream cheese bread which became his favorite the moment he first tasted it.
One day when you are having your usual morning coffee, you confessed your feelings to him, early in the morning. You are actually brave in doing this maybe because you are not expecting any answer in return. You genuinely just want him to know that there is someone who love him and care for him, that he deserved to be important in someone's life, that he is not an option, that someone is loyal and faithful to him. "I like you...no I love you since I saw you. I'll be loyal to you, I promise."
"Thank you." Doyoung simply replied out of politeness.
Doyoung is currently watching his favorite series when he received a call from an unknown number. He accepted the call and few minutes later he is stumbling at his front door, wearing his shoes. He doesn't even bother changing his jogging pants and hoodie and just proceeded to the parking lot, drove to the place where you are currently in. The time he arrived, he quickly asked the reception which they guide you to where you are.
There you are on the emergency, your big scrap on your knees being treated by the nurse. Your eyes spotted Doyoung's tall figure so you waved at him with a smile on his face as if you hadn't been into a minor accident. "Hi Doyoung!"
The moment he saw you, he ran towards you and he started scolding you. "What happened to you? Are you alright? Is there any major injury aside from this scrap?" You didn't reply, instead you are grinning from ear to ear. Doyoung is worried of you, he sounds like a boyfriend to you, a husband to be exact. When he received no answer from you, he looked at you, rolling his eyes as he saw you smiling like a fool. "Stop smiling. You look stupid."
Doyoung fixed everything before the doctor let you go home. Your scooter was brought to the mechanic for repair. A car bumped into you at the parking space near the cafe that caused you to fall. Fortunately, you didn't get any major operations that needed surgery but you had this bruise on your knee that made it difficult for you to walk. Doyoung drove you home and guided you in walking but saw you struggling and in pain, he squatted in front of you and motioned you to ride his back which you happily accepted.
While walking, you sniffed his laundry fresh hoodie. "You smell good." He commented.
"Stop sniffing me." He protested.
"Finally you spoke to me. You were silent the whole car ride. Why?" You said but he remained silent so you decided to tease him. "Ohhh. I know why. You were jealous of that male nurse who treated my wound." You started while wiggling your eyebrows. Doyoung rolled his eyes. "Keep dreaming."
"Awww. Don't be jealous. He is cute but you are the most handsome man in the world. You look like a model and you are cute too. I will never replace you." You pinched his cheeks. "You are my one and only." You sing sang the last sentence.
Doyoung groaned. "Stop it. I'm not jealous. Why would I?"
"I'm just kidding. You look so adorable, like a baby... my baby."
Your jokes are annoying and corny as hell but he is stupidly smiling at it but trying not to show it to you. You both arrived in front of your door, pressing the code, Doyoung carried you to your bedroom as your request. He laid you down and bid goodbye but you talked your last tease on him. "Where's my good night kiss?"
Doyoung walked towards you again but instead of a kiss, he gave you a light tap on your forehead. "Rest now. You're full of nonsense. Good night. See you tomorrow." Then left your apartment with a grin on his face.
Because of the minor accident, you are unable to use your scooter for it's on the repair shop. Although you have a wound in your knee, you need to be present in the shop because no one will guide your staff there so you insisted of going to work despite Doyoung protesting that you should rest for a day. Maybe putting him as your guardian and his phone number as the emergency number to call in the hospital is kind of a wrong idea because now Doyoung really acted as your parent rather than a husband of your dreams.
Being your stubborn self, you still insisted so he gave up. Instead, he offered to drive you to work then back at home since your work place are next to each other. Both your respective co-workers are teasing you and keep asking what's the real score.
"She loves you truly. I can see the way she looks at you." Out of nowhere, Taeyong talked.
"I know. She confessed months ago." Doyoung replied, eyes still glued at his computer, continuing his work.
"What did you do?" Taeyong was curious.
"Nothing. I didn't accept it but not reject it either. We're okay. No awkwardness." He answered.
Taeyong nodded and respected his choice. "I'm proud of you." He remarked. Which made Doyoung stopped what he was doing. "You are becoming lively since you started spending time with y/n. And didn't notice yourself, did you? You stopped your bad habit of stalking your ex-wife on Instagram."
It hit Doyoung hard just know. He never paid attention to his own self since the divorce even the most obvious one, he failed to see it. Is he improving at this point? He is unsure until now but he sure is improving because he found himself enjoying your company. Doyoung shut everything out at the process of his separation but this time, he is doing so. During his marriage with his ex-wife, he has no female friends for she doesn't let him and Doyoung doesn't want to give his wife a reason to lose her trust on him. Now, he is spending time with you.
Ever since the accident, Doyoung became your personal driver. He even accompanied you in grocery shopping. In return, he will have his dinner with you at your apartment, you will cook for him which he let you do since you love doing so and this serves as your appreciation to the kindness he is showing to you.
"You should sit down and let me cook the dinner." He commanded but you are stubborn and refused to listen to him.
"No. I'm in charge. Sit there and watch tv. I'm fine." You said in authority. "This is a wife duty." You added then chuckled at your own words.
Doyoung shook his head at your silliness. He knows you are making it seem like a joke but deep inside he feels like you mean it. But he is not ready, he doesn't even know if he could reciprocate the feelings. All he knows is he feels important when he is with you. Something he never felt before.
You took pictures of Doyoung while he is eating because he looks adorable when his cheeks are full. At first, Doyoung is being resistant but later gave up when he saw you squealing over the pictures plus he looks really cute. So he ended up giving you permission to post it and tag him.
"Let's take a selfie." You asked, your eyes twinkling.
"No. The pictures that you have taken is enough." He replied firmly but you keep poking his cheeks while whispering 'please' nonstop. "Okay fine but just one. If you didn't get it right, no more do-overs." He firmly requested which you agreed happily.
You aimed the camera in front of your faces. Doyoung prepared his smile and you counted from one to three but the moment you click the shutter button, you kissed him on his cheek, capturing the moment.
Doyoung has grown to be used to your antics like the blatant flirting and you casually clinging on him. He let you do that to him but this actually surprised him, the kiss. You are an element of surprise, never lack any tricks on your sleeves. You are something else, one of a kind. Are you really that in love with him?
"Don't worry. I'm not going to post it on social media if it makes you uncomfortable. I'm fine with keeping this to myself." You said in a calm manner, far from your hyper self. "I just get too excited. You are the first man I did this with. You are actually my first love." You confessed. "Don't judge me for being a late bloomer."
He nodded as a response and shortly after, he thanked you for the food before leaving. "Sleep rightaway and don't stay up late to play games." He warned you which you responded with a nod and smile, cheeks flushed in pink shade.
Two weeks have a passed and your knees are perfectly fine now so you can roam around your house freely and this is the right time for you to develop your new recipe that you might add in the menu if you perfected it.
You texted Doyoung rapidly after you finished baking which the man didn't replied, instead, he swiftly went to your apartment thinking some emergency happened to you but he was totally wrong. You were on your apron, looking like a mess because of flour, grinning at him widely. He panicked for no reason. "What?" Doyoung asked.
"I developed a new recipe. I want you to taste it first and give me an honest feedback and opinion about it." You explained.
Doyoung agreed to do it and took a bite of the bread, savor it while thinking what does he think. You waited for a response, hoping he will like it. Although you are open for the possibility that he might not like it, you are praying he would say something positive because you dedicated your work for him. "This is good. It is sweet but it is not something that people might get tired after eating it once. This is perfect, well-balanced. The cream cheese is sweet but the hint of mango jam made it less tiresome to eat."
You clapped your hand and thanked heavens Doyoung liked it. "Actually, it was inspired by you." You said honestly. "You are sweet and sour at the same time. You always scold me and tap my forehead but you are very kind to me and gentleman despite me being annoying." You poured your heart as you explained the reason behind the flavor. "And it is shaped like a bunny."
Doyoung was touched at your words. Never in a million years he would thought that someone would dedicate something for him. He never heard words from people he used to love that they were thinking of him when they work, he inspires them or something. This truly means a lot to him especially from someone who always think about themselves not being enough and not worthy of being loved. "Thank you. I appreciate it so much." He is truly grateful. It made his heart full.
While waiting for you to change clothes, he wandered his eyes around your apartment. It's very youthful, full of cartoon figurine as designs in the shelves but one thing stood out the most โ€” the photo that you took during the dinner where you kissed him for the first time on the cheek, your first picture together, you actually printed and framed it.
"Should we watch movies now?" You suddenly appeared from your bedroom, wearing your pajamas and hoodie, similar to Doyoung's. You intended to buy one so you will look like a couple. You sat beside him and started the movie.
Thirty minutes in the movie and you are no longer paying attention on screen. Your eyes are glued at the face of the man beside you. Your eyes trailed from his eyes to nose then lips. You can't take it anymore so you tapped his shoulder that made him face and before he knew it, you moved closer to him gave a long peck on his lips. Your eyes are closed but it's the opposite of Doyoung's. His eyes are as wide as the owl's huge eyes.
Doyoung is having a battle inside his head whether to respond to the kiss or not. He doesn't to give you false hope by kissing you back if he is still contemplating who really are you to his life, what's your role in his life? Is he really in love or he just want to be spoiled by you because he never felt that with his ex-wife? With a heavy heard, he pushed you away from him and retreated to his apartment immediately, holding his chest as he closed the door.
You felt ashamed about what you did earlier. Here you are, screaming but suppressing it with your pillow, kicking the air. "This is so embarrassing. What am I thinking?" You are going crazy now but decided to sleep and hope for tomorrow not to be awkward between the two of you.
The next morning, you went to your balcony with a cup of coffee and the exact same time, Doyoung appeared. You greeted him like the usual which he does the same thankfully. Silence filled the air before you cleared your throat and spoke. "I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. I was carried away."
Doyoung, like he always do, nodded as a sign he understood. "Let's just forget about it." He responded which you agreed.
Deep inside, Doyoung was the one who can't forget about it. He doesn't get enough sleep because of it, his mind is floating somewhere while he was at work, your face is only what he sees whenever someone enter the bank, all of the employees' face are all you. This is madness.
After work, he decided not to go straight home. Doyoung went to the mall to unwind since you are already okay and your scooter has been repaired, he no longer needed to drive for you. He is currently at the department store looking for some new outfits to buy, spoiling himself again. Last time he does is, when he was still single in high school. He won a singing contest and he bought some clothes and a meal from McDonald's with the cash prize to pamper himself โ€” it's been a long time.
Out of all places where he thought he can enjoy his me time, why now? Right in front of him, his ex-wife together with the guy she fooled around behind your back, his ex-friend. He just want to buy some new necktie but all he saw is these two wicked human being sweet while trying some necktie. "Oh hey Doyoung, how are you?" He asked in a mocking tone. "Looking... like a loser huh?"
The woman tapped her partner on the arm before speaking to her ex-husband. "You're still single I can tell. Why don't you just move on and accept that I can't be with you. I don't love you anymore." She paused for a while before continuing. "Marrying you is the thing I regretted the most. Just move on and find someone else who would fulfill your dream playhouse fantasy movie thingy."
"If... someone would want to be with you." His ex-friend added an insult to the injury. "Look at you, standing like a loser." The guy was even laughing the moment he saw a tear escaping from Doyoung's eyes. Joy, the ex-wife, is trying to stop her boyfriend by pulling him away from the situation but they suddenly stopped as someone appeared beside Doyoung.
You happened to be in the department to look for shoes when you spotted Doyoung at the necktie section being confronted by two people โ€” a man and a woman to be specific. His head hang low, fist balled, cheeks all red, stoned where he stand while the other man looked like a bully with his smug ugly face while the woman was uneasy. You walked closely and heard the whole conversation. 'That's cruel. Why do they have to say that after purposely hurting Doyoung in the past?'
Yes, Doyoung told you the story. The next day when you had the accident while he was cleaning your wound. "The last time I had the same woundย  was when I scrapped my knee while I plead her not to leave me. I'm on my knees, hugging her knees tightly โ€” one of the lowest days of my life." His bitter last words in his full book length story hit you hard. The day you promised to love him even more.
Thinking fast, you grabbed two boots and appeared beside Doyoung. "Love,ย  I've been looking for you for a minute." You acted exhausted pretending you are looking for him. "I needed your help but you disapโ€” oh hello." You greeted in a fake but buyable way that you just noticed them. The two were actually shocked, can't even speak. "I'm sorry but we have to go, my boyfriend and I are on a rush." You said as you caress your tummy, leaving them what they would think about it. You just want to tease them. "Let's go love." You pulled him out of the situation.
You two are currently at the mall's outdoor garden as you are trying your best to calm Doyoung down who is still in emotional wreck. He is feeling weak and small as he let all his emotions out through a bucket of tears. You sat beside him, tapped his back and slightly embraced him.
"It's okay Doyoung, let it out." You comforted him. "They are heartless. How could they do that you?" You remarked in anger. "They think they looked cool there? They look more like the loser one. That guy is not even that handsome. You are miles better than him. The girl..." you paused. "Well she is beautiful... and tall BUT all of that are nothing with a rotten core."
Doyoung is still not responding, his hands covering his whole face. You continued soothing him until you spoke again. "Lucky I was there to save you. Do I look cool?" You tried to ease the tension by leaving some jokes here and there. "That's the first time I did that. I only acted once in a play in elementary, my role is a tree in the background." The broken humor that used to earn a chuckle from Doyoung, this time, it didn't. You heaved a sigh before going back to serious mode once again.
You put your hand on his shoulder and told him. "Don't be listen to what they are saying, there is someone who will love you and would want to be with you. Me. You have me. I feel your pain. I'm here to help you just tell me whenever it hurts." You embraced but this time Doyoung had enough and stood up, his bloodshot eyes looking at you directly in furious.
At the very moment, you wished that you couldn't understand every single word that came from his mouth. Doyoung blurted out, vented out every single thing in one blow. Each words went through your ears, shove down to your throat then pierced straight to your already broken heart. Your vision is blurry as tears formed in your eyes. You couldn't process everything and all you can do is whisper an apology and ran away from the scene.
Know here you are in your cold room, bawling in tears not caring that much if some neighbors would hear you. Pillow drenched in tears, nose clogged, heavy breathing. Your feelings not being reciprocated is perfectly fine with you in all honesty. You are not afraid of that, not even waiting for a response, all you want is to simply express your feelings. You are contented and happy as long as you are with him. Does Doyoung really have to go that far? The words that he doesn't even want to be friends with you kept replaying inside your head. Why does he have to be mean? He should have ignored you in the first place, maybe you are not in this current state of being a lost puppy being kicked out of home.
The next morning, Doyoung woke up with a heavy heart. It took him hours to calm down last night, also took the same hour to process everything he said to you as well as the sight of you in tears before you flew out the place. He went too hard, offensive, rude, mean and hurtful kind of mirroring of his ex-wife the day she called it quits. Doyoung turned out to be that monster.
He made his coffee and went straight to the balcony with full of hope you are there, gathering his courage to apologize to you although he thinks it wouldn't be enough compared to all the distasteful words that came out from his disgusting mouth that night.
As expected, your balcony would be empty, no sight of you. What even is he expected? Did Doyoung honestly think you would act like nothing happened, that he wasn't a jerk last night and will casually greet you and crack a joke on you? Now, jokes on him. He no longer have the appetite to finish his coffee and decided to just go to work.
Both of you always walk out of your apartment at the same exact time, riding the elevator next to each other and leaving the building together. Today is different. You are nowhere to be seen. No one's going out from your place. Did you leave early or are you still inside? His journey to the parking lot is quiet and lonely. There is no you who would crack a joke, shamelessly flirt and will spill some tea.
Driving past dream cafe, he saw you sweeping the leaves in front of the shop. His question has been answered. You left for work earlier so you don't have to leave at the same time as him, you decided to avoid him, not wanting to piss him off by your annoying antics. That is the last thing that he would want to do, hurting Doyoung's feelings. Maybe he is right, you are being selfish for doing your own thing without asking him if it makes him comfortable. You are too carried away with your feelings because that's the first time you fell in love.
Your co-workers are worried about you. How can you be this good at faking your enthusiasm and smile in front of other people? You are always in the verge of crying but when someone will pass by you, you will paint a smile automatically as hard as you could then speak in the most cheerful way that you can get. "Good day, please have some free taste of our new menu." You tried to give them a portion of the bread happily, hopefully they won't notice how you struggle holding your tears back.
On the other hand, Doyoung is struggling to focus on his work. He saw you outside when he opted to get some fresh air. Instead, he spotted you struggle giving free taste outside your cafe, he saw you crying when no one's passing by. It crushed him, he is guilty. His words deeply affected you. The once y/n who is very positive and smiley is nowhere to be found. Doyoung is the culprit of the missing part of you.
Doyoung and his friends are currently in the lounge at their office. They noticed his silence and his bloodshot eyes. "What happened?" Taeyong asked worriedly.
"Did you see Joy somewhere that's why you are all sulky today?" Kun guessed but it didn't affect him, the mention of the ex-wife's name but he simply replied. "I suppose."
But the moment Johnny mentioned your name, emotions flooded. "I saw y/n at the cafe. She seems different today, she looks sad. That's weird and unusual of her. Doyoung do you have an idea what happened?"
That's the cue. His tears are having a raise who will fall the fastest, Doyoung quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom. His friends looked at each other and all of them picked up and pieced everything together. "I knew it." Jungwoo commented as he opened his palm. "Give me your money. You are all wrong."
Two months have passed since you decided to avoid Doyoung at all cost because of that incident. Whenever you happened to leave your apartment at the same time, you will opt to take the stairs instead of joining him inside the elevator. When your scooter broke, Doyoung offered to drive you to work but you ignored him and walked towards the bus stop as fast as you could. One time when Doyoung went to your cafe, ordered a bread then complimented you about how cute you are with the hello kitty clip, you brushed it off as it pissed you off a little bit. Did he honestly think that you are that easy to get? Doing the smoothest thing to get in your life just by being a flirt? Is he mocking you since you used to do that to him before? Annoyed, you slammed his order at his table and walked inside the kitchen without greeting him.
"Did you even apologize?" Kun started after Doyoung told everything that happened since your fight. He shook his head and said. "I can't find the right timing. I will gather my courage but then she will ignore me as if I'm not even existing, I'm invisible, I'm a thin air."
"Well, y/n can flirt with you even with your lack of response. You have no excuse. Man up and apologize even how many times she ignores you." Taeyong added. "We know you like her."
Doyoung was quick to deny. "No. I don't. It's just... I miss her jokes... and flirting... and her annoying antics... her food. That's all."
"Just say you missed HER. You talk too much and said less at the same time. You are already in love with y/n." Johnny teased him.
"No, I'm not."
"Then why are you not wearing the wedding ring anymore?" Taeil pointed at Doyoung's ring finger, noticing the subtle detail. The boys were surprised and it's true. Doyoung has eliminated officially one of his bad habits of wearing the wedding ring.
Jungwoo suddenly appeared and surprised everyone with his loud presence. "Look, Joy posted on Instagram that she is engage with pug-face." He announced as he showed everyone his phone, letting them see the post. Doyoung peaked and surprisingly it has no effect on him. "Okay. Then what are we going to do with that?" He replied.
"You're not going to cry?" Jungwoo asked in confusion.
"Why would I? It's her life." He simply replied, showing no hint of jealousy and sadness.
"See? You are in love with y/n. You already moved on with Joy." Taeyong pointed at him, looking proud.
After the long day of teasing, Doyoung has finally in his safe space earlier than usual. He has nothing to do and decided to clean his apartment, maybe give it a makeover. Sweeping the floor, wiping the furniture, changing carpets, bed sheets, pillowcases and curtains, decluttering his closet and lastly removing all the remnants from the pass โ€“ he finally had the guts to remove the wedding picture without the feeling of being hurt and sad, instead with a smile and light heart. He hid it at the box where he can no longer see it. Everything is fine now as he relaxed at his couch drinking beer. His eyes caught the attention of a hello kitty envelope, grabbed it pulled out the content. He remembered now, you gave him a copy of the first selfie you had at dinner, the one you placed in your living room. Doyoung smiled lovingly as he caressed your face in the picture with his thumb, his hear is beating fast.
It's already late at night, Doyoung can't close his eyes. Why is sleepiness ignoring him as well? Opening another canned beer, he sat on his balcony under the moonlight while looking at your empty ones. God knows how much he longed for you. Call him crazy but he found himself talking to the empty chair where you usually sit, the alchohol is slowly putting an effect on his system.
"Hey y/n! I know you can't hear me and probably you are sleeping, you should be! BUT I... I miss you so much I hope you are still up and playing video games at your living room so you can hear what I'm saying." Doyoung gulped another drink and continued. "You're annoying, a flirt, noisy, corny and... you are short and you are... the one I want. I want to be with you, I want to listen to your jokes everyday, cook for you, put you to sleep, hug you, kiss you and... love you. I'm deeply in love with you. I fell for you without me even realizing it. Your short ass managed to slip into my heart. I love you. I sincerely do. I'm very sorry for being a jerk, an asshole... I'm sorry if I'm stupid for saying all those things to you. You are annoying but I want you to stay in my life. You are not Joy and that's the reason why I love you. You are you." After he let out al his hidden feelings finally after trying to deny and resist it, he felt relieved even though there's a zero chance you heard it. He deeply sighed before falling asleep on his couch.
The next morning, Doyoung woke up, all sweaty and smelling like beer. Even difficult for him, he stood up to drink some water, take a shower and brush his teeth. Lucky for him, he has no work for today. He decided to take a jog today to make his a day a productive way. As soon as he stepped outside his dorm, he spotted you, carrying a luggage. Doyoung panicked mentally. Are you moving out? Are you leaving him?
You were about to enter the elevator when Doyoung called your name and ran towards you, holding your hand which rests on the handle of the luggage. "I know you are mad at me and avoiding me but do you really have to leave and move out?" His tone is pure sadness. "Okay, I'm sorry for everything that I've said and done. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry for venting out my frustration on you. You don't have to forgive me but don't leave. If you want, I will no longer bother you but please stay... I still want to see you every morning. You can treat me like a complete stranger if you want to, all I want is to see you. Please don't move out." He said in all honesty.
You blinked your eyes a couple of times, confused until you realized why. You wanted to laugh but decided to play along with him and looked at him in poker face. "Doyoung, I'm offended... you called me..."
He didn't let you finish, cut you off and replied. "Yes I know, I called you an idiot, selfish, annoying..."
"Short" you cut him off as well. "You called me short, that's what I'm going to say. You're being noisy last night just to call me short."
Now it's time for Doyoung to look puzzled and he looked funny to you. If only Doyoung can see himself. "You were actually right last night, I wasn't sleeping and I stayed up late night playing video games." You spoke. "I heard everything. I lost the game because of you... I was distracted by what you said." You added. "Did you mโ€”"
"Yes i mean it, cross my heart, hope to die. I love you." He looked straight to your eyes, confessing his feelings, you can see his emotions. "So stay here. Don't leave." Doyoung embraced you tightly, not wanting to let you go.
"Doyoung, let go." You commanded. "I have to go." Then you broke to his hold. "Or else I won't be able to sell these garments."
"What?" Doyoung, at this point, has no idea what's actually going on. "What sell?"
"I'm not leaving." You told him the truth because you can no longer hold this prank anymore. "I'm on my way to my friend's boutique to deliver these clothes. I'm sewing clothes too..." you then broke into laughter. "If only you can see how puzzled you look. You look like you are holding your poop. You are nervous as hell."
His hand is aiming at you ready to tap your forehead like how he usually do it whenever you are being annoying but this time instead of his hand, his lips touched your forehead, giving you a loving, gentle and long kiss. "Annoying." Doyoung said after letting your forehead go.
"You are annoying too. I thought you are going to kiss me on the lips."
You huffed as you two rode the elevator. Doyoung is lame, you thought inside your head but the moment the elevator door closed, he gave what you wanted, kissing you the whole elevator ride, fortunately no one interrupted, it's only the two of you. He didn't let you gasp for air and just sealed your plump lips with the sweetest yet hottest kiss you've received, only letting you go when the door opened. Your cheeks are flushed, still catching air while Doyoung smiled like a fool. "I love you so much."
"I love you too..." You replied after you recovered from the kiss. "Can we do that again?" You requested that earned a big laugh from him.
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: neighbor!doyoung x fem!reader
Genre/warning/s: heavy fluff, heavy angst, divorced doyoung, strangers to lovers kind of au, single female reader, mentions of deep sadness, mentions of cheating (PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT), mentions of food and alcohol, contains green jokes, flirting, cringey humor, lame story, slight makeout.
Summary: You fell in love with your neighbor, Doyoung, who is still on the stage of sadness and denial of his divorce/broken marriage.
Note: This is my second fanfic on tumblr. It's not perfect and kind of poorly written but still I hope you enjoy it. I apologize for the grammatical and spelling errors. Unedit. Do not take this plot seriously. Thank you.
Part 1 โ€ข Part 2
Being cheated on is a nightmare to someone who is in a relationshipย  especially in a long term one โ€” where it never crossed your mind that the person you used to love for a very long time, devoted your affection, attention, time and money was able or even have the guts to do such immoral action.
But it happened to him, out of all people, it unfortunately come across to him. Doyoung is never a bad guy, not a horrible boyfriend and by-no-means a godawful husband. In fact, he is the opposite โ€” gentleman, well-mannered, respectful, loving, caring, sweet, loyal and faithful. He has all the qualities of a perfect man a woman wants to have. Only a person who is not on the right state of mind would even dare to let this man go. Well, he happened to be married to her โ€” at least now, they are officially divorced.
Doyoung has been staring at the picture neatly hanged on the wall of his living room for the longest time he had forgotten to count. It used to be perfect, his ex-wife and him smiling in pure happiness โ€” their picture perfect wedding photograph. If he ever had the chance to go back in time and inform the past Doyoung that his then girlfriend will cheat on him and give him pain, his past self will only laugh at him as it was impossible. They were the perfect high school sweethearts turned into lovers at the graduation, relationship goals at their whole college days, engaged at their college graduation, married after 2 years.
Who would have thought that she will cheat on him with his bestfriend since elementary? He fought really hard to save their marriage, forgave her endless times until the day, his ex-wife and former bestfriend just blatantly cheat on him, hurt him on purpose until he called it quits and filed a divorce. Some of his colleagues suggested that he should file a case against these two people but Doyoung, no matter how badly bruised he was, never did. Call him an idiot, he is still in love with his ex-wife until today. Maybe that's the reason why he filed the divorce, he wanted her to be happy even it cost him grief.
His melancholic moment was interrupted by an atrocious singing voice coming from the balcony. Curiosity hit him, Doyoung walked his way to the balcony and there he spotted a woman singing awfully but happily. A new face, maybe a newly moved neighbor. He is annoyed to be frankly honest but he is polite enough to call out the person.
"Hey." Doyoung yelled to get her attention.
You are singing loudly, letting out your excitement to your newly purchased apartment โ€” your dream place.
"GOOD FOR YOU YOU LOOK HAPPY AND HEALTHYโ€”" You were interrupted from your singing by someone yelling at you. You turned to his direction and saw a handsome and tall man. Your heart pounding in your chest loudly, wanting to escape. You are left astonished and speechless by the man who lives next to you. Love at first sight? Maybe just crush.
"Hey." He looked serious, brows knitted. "Are you listening to me?"
It snapped you back to reality and addressed him. "Uhmmm... yeah." You nervously replied but being new in the neighborhood you have to hide it and be friendly so you introduced yourself enthusiastically. "By the way, I'm new here. My name is y/n, nice to see you. What's your naโ€”" you were about to ask his name when he cut you off with a blunt statement.
"If you are considerate enough, can you stop singing? It's obnoxious." The man simply walked inside his apartment after saying something without waiting for you to respond.
Doyoung is a polite man, however, he can't stand people who is simply annoying to the point they are being disrespectful to other people's personal space. That is the time his bluntness shows up. He is straightforward and doesn't want sugarcoat what he says. If you are offended, it's none of his business. All he wants is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood especially during this time where everything is difficult for him.
Few hours after the commotion in the balcony, a ring from his buzzer was heard. Doyoung is currently catching up with his sleepless days during the divorce process so his rest being interrupted is pure miserable. Nonetheless, he went to the door and looked at the monitor to see who the hell is lurking in his place. "Seriously?" He uttered in annoyance.
You were overthinking that you might give your neighbor a poor first impressions. Did he found you weird, a creep, irritating? Here you are buzzing at his door, tapping your shoes, humming a random tune with a box of brownies in your hand as you wait for him to open the door.
After a couple of minutes, the door opened revealing the handsome man from the balcony recently. He looks pissed and unamused which you assumed from the encounter a while ago which is not the case actually. "What do you want?" He asked monotonously.
"Uhmm... I just want to apologize for the thing that happened..ย  in the balcony." You replied. "Just want to give you this brownies that I made as a piece offering and a gift as your new neighbor. I hope we get along." You finished with full of hope to build a friendship to your neighbor.
He nodded and took the box from you and uttered a plain 'thank you.' You were about to ask his name when he shut his door swiftly, uninterested to waste his time on you. Being a positive and jolly person you are, you didn't take it to heart and simply smiled. 'At least he accepted my brownies.' It is a progress for you. Maybe he will give in soon.
Two weeks since you moved from your apartment and nothing much happened. Your male neighbor is constantly avoiding you, giving you cold shoulder. He is always chilling at his balcony, sipping coffee in the morning but will abruptly leave when you appear at your own balcony, ignoring all your good morning greetings.
Months since the divorce, Doyoung's leave is unfortunately over. As much as he needs his rest and moment to process everything, he needs to go back to his job and earn money. His earnings is more than what he needs to survive but he doesn't want to be complacent and spend his earnings without making money.
Back to his regular self but with extra baggage of grief and deep sadness, he does his routine lifeless, taking a shower, dressing up, eating his cereal, brushing his teeth and preparing his things. When everything is all set, he grabbed his car keys and brief case and left his apartment. It still feels weird for him to go outside as it has been a month since he went outside but for his court hearing, the rest of the month was spent inside his cave, relying on food deliveries to fill his tummy for cereal is the only food he had at home plus the brownies his annoying neighbor gave. He took a mental note to do grocery shopping after work.
You never spotted the man on his balcony so it made you worried but swiftly erased when you walked outside your apartment and saw him standing inside the elevator donning a navy blue slacks paired with a coat, white buttoned shirt and a red, navy blue with a little bit of gold stripe-patterened tie. You flashed a wide smile and yelled at him to wait for you as he was about to press the button and close the door. Thank heavens he is kind enough to grant your request but ignored you the entire time inside the elevator.
"Hello neighbor!" You greeted him in full energy but no sign of acknowledgment. He let you exit first before him, what a gentleman! You walked in the same direction and figured out that his car is parked beside your pastel blue scooter, your baby. "Wow Charlie and your car are neighbors as well." You commented in excitement.
Doyoung looked at you weirdly. "Who the hell is Charlie?" He questioned. The first conversation you had of him since the encounter in the balcony.
"My scooter." You replied with a grin. "I named him scooter. He is my baby. I love riding Charlie." Realizing your words are off the wall when Doyoung's eyes widened, his face screams full of absurd thoughts, questioning your choice of words then being weirded by you again.
"I didn't mean it that way." You explained but no longer necessary as he is already inside his car and drives away.
You pulled your own hair as you made another bad impression to your handsome neighbor. Now he thinks you are completely a wacko. 'Good job y/n.' You said sarcastically. You wanted to bury yourself alive for this embarrassing scene you made.
The humiliating event that happened at your apartment building parking lot didn't actually ruin your day in work as you believe it will drive the customer away. That is the rule you implemented at your coffee shop, no negative vibes and you are totally right. Because of the positivity you are showing, a handsome man has entered your shop. You slightly pushed one of your employees, Jaemin, who is assigned in the cashier because you want to take over it just to engage with the handsome man. The young boy just made a face jokingly as you are the boss and he knows you are trying to impress the customer.
"Good day, sir. Welcome to Dream Cafe. What do you like to order?" You spoke in your most cheerful song. Your employees just looking at you weirdly. "Oh dude, she's flirting." One of your employees, Mark, whispered to his co-workers.
'God, her again?' Doyoung thought as he mantally rolled his eyes. This wouldn't happened if his co-workers didn't put a drama of how they missed him and he should treat them withย  donuts and coffee from the shop next to their workplace. "I would like to order two boxes of donuts and 6 large cups of cappuccino frappe." He ordered in straight tone.
You punched his order and asked him to wait as you prepared all his order, the boys are teasing you ate the kitchen as you look like a tomato in the counter.
After finishing his order, you walked towards his table and gave all his orders. He checked everything and noticed that there is an additional and separate cream cheese bread in a small paper bag. He furrowed his eyes, full of confusion. "Excuse me? I didn't order this one." He said pointing at the bread.
You smiled at him, looking straight at him and said. "I'll give it to you for free, my treat."
He simply nodded, bowed slightly and proceeded to leave but was fully surprised at last words you yelled. "Thank you, sir. Please come again, Kim Doyoung."
After work, as he planned, Doyoung went to the grocery to the grocery to buy some house supplies and food to fill his refrigerator and pantry like meats, vegetable, canned food, snacks and liquor. He bought too much, he looked like opening his own grocery store. Despite being a big man, everything is difficult to carry and now something terrible happened again. His grocery bag simply gave up and now some of his stuff are scattered all over the floor. Great! He tried to collect everything but ended up spilling the contents of other bags. The only luck of him is that he is already in the parking lot of his apartment building.
Right at the moment, you arrived. You parked your scooter on its designated place, removed your helmet and rant towards the struggling man. "Hey, are you alright?" You asked but didn't wait for him to respond and simply helped him with his stuff. Good thing you always have your grocery bags with you and put all of Doyoung's grocery items inside the durable bag. "I'll help you carry some of these bags." You presented yourself.
Doyoung panicked and lifted the bags before you can even pick it up. "I'll do it. Your bags are enough help for me." He replied. "These are heavy."
You watched him walk slowly with those heavy bags.He tried to carry all of them but it is still a struggle for a big man like him. Seeing him have a hard time, you ran towards him and took some of the bags from his hand. Doyoung gave you a look and said. "That's heavy."
"Come on, it's not a big deal. At least let me carryย  some of the bags. You are struggling and you might be home by tomorrow evening." You insisted with a reassuring smile.
Doyoung rolled his eyes and gave up on you being persistent. "Fine. At least carry the lightest ones. The bag with chips and and the one with vegetables." You happily complied.
You, giving your hand to him, also means letting you inside his apartment. You placed his grocery items at his kitchen counter. His apartment looks exactly like yours but his is more simplistic, few decoration but lots of books. "Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it." He politely said that interrupted you from wandering your eyes around his apartment.
"It's my pleasure to help you, Kim Doyoung." You replied as Doyoung guide you to his door so you can leave. While walking, you passed by the living room and spotted a big framed photograph hanged on the wall โ€” a wedding photo.
'So he is already married... maybe that's the reason why he ignore me He doesn't want to do something that will make his wife jealous. Wow he is loyal and faithful.' In your defense, although you have a huge crush on him, wanting to be close to him is genuinely for friendship. You really want to be friends with him, maybe being a relationship with him is a bonus but you will never flirt to a married man and you hate to be a mistress.
"Hey, I'm talking to you." He caught your attention. Your mind is floating somewhere, you look weird in his eyes again.
"Oh sorry, What were you saying again?"
"I said I don't have something to offer as a thank you gift yet so maybe this canned beer will do?" He reiterated while showing the item.
"S-sure. This is enough... i love beer." You accepted the gift. "Thank you Kim Doyoung."
Before you leave, he asked confusingly. "How did you know my name?"
You laughed at his naive question. "Duh, your ID." You answered, pointing at the ID he is wearing. "And wow you are working at WayBank. How did I know? Your ID lace." You added in humor. "And oh, you are a bank manager. Nice. Your id says."
After you left, he slightly smiled. Doyoung finds you annoying but you have a sense of humor. He actually laughed a little bit but it faded in a split second as he saw his wedding portrait. He is lonely and miserable again.
Preparing to sleep, you laid in your bed but the thought of the neighbor you had a crush on named Kim Doyoung being married bombarded your head. Why are you feeling upset that he is married? And now you feel guilty for actually trying to flirt with him at the cafe this afternoon. It's not like you want to be a homewrecker, you simply have no idea until few hours ago. "Oh dear Lord, I'm so sorry. I don't have any plans to be the other woman. Please forgive me."
Doyoung is lying on his bed unable to sleep despite being tired physically, emotionally and mentally. He decided to scroll through his Instagram account which he later regretted as the post that he first saw is from his ex-wife being sweet her new man, his ex-friend, with a caption "my true love." One thing he knew, tears are pooling his eyes as it drops slowly. "How cruel they can get?" He whispered, tears falling nonstop. Falling asleep because of crying and having a heavy heart is one miserable sight to see and an experience no one should endure. Doyoung is one of the unfortunate people.
Part 2 ใ€‹ใ€‹
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nowdoyoungknows ยท 4 months ago
Hello. This is the VERY FIRST TIME I will request something. I love your " Nct127 You surprising them for your anniversary but they forgot it" so if you don't mind if you can make a "sequel" out of it like how would they make it up to you? Thank you very much. I love your posts.
Hey, glad to be your first request, (Glad if you Make a second request it you Want ahah)
I got a lot of requests for this second part, I'm shocked , but I hope you like it ๐Ÿฅฐ
Anyway, who knows what gift Taeyong refers to aren't you curious? ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
โ€ข~๐™‰๐™˜๐™ฉ 127 ๐™”๐™ค๐™ช ๐™จ๐™ช๐™ง๐™ฅ๐™ง๐™ž๐™จ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™ฉ๐™๐™š๐™ข ๐™›๐™ค๐™ง ๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช๐™ง ๐™–๐™ฃ๐™ฃ๐™ž๐™ซ๐™š๐™ง๐™จ๐™–๐™ง๐™ฎ ๐™—๐™ช๐™ฉ ๐™ฉ๐™๐™š๐™ฎ ๐™›๐™ค๐™ง๐™œ๐™ค๐™ฉ ๐™ž๐™ฉ 2ยฐ๐™‹๐™–๐™ง๐™ฉ
1ยฐ Part
Tumblr media
๐™ˆ๐™–๐™จ๐™ฉ๐™š๐™ง๐™ก๐™ž๐™จ๐™ฉ ๐™‰๐™–๐™ซ๐™ž๐™œ๐™–๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™ค๐™ฃ
โ€ข ๐™๐™–๐™š๐™ž๐™ก:
-You: "Something wrong? Are you okay"
-Taeil: "I- I forgot that today was our anniversary I'm sorry"
-You look at him sad as you move away from him.
-You: "Evidently it's not important to you"
-Taeil hurries to approach you taking your hands in his.
-Taeil: "You are the most important person in my life and ... And what you've done for me, it's wonderful for us and I'm an idiot but I swear I love you"
-You look at him his eyes tell the truth.
-Taeil: "It's an important day let's celebrate it now together, tomorrow you can get mad at me again but not today please"
-You smile nodding to his final statement.
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™๐™–๐™š๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ฃ๐™œ:
-You: "yes I should it's our anniversary"
-From the shocked reaction of Taeyong the atmosphere becomes cold.
-You: "You forgot that, right?"
-Taeyong nods looking you in the eye.
-Taeyong: "I lost track of time I was convinced it was the week after, I'm mortified Y / n"
-You: "I understand it happens to forget certain things"
-Taeyong knows you're just trying to hide the disappointment you feel because you don't want to ruin the rest of this special day.
-Taeyong moves the tray and the gift on the bedside table and then approaches you by hugging you gently.
-Taeyong: "I'm sorry I screwed everything up but I can assure you that after you find out what your gift is you will understand why it slipped of my mind"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™…๐™ค๐™๐™ฃ๐™ฃ๐™ฎ:
-Johnny points to the writing on the balloons.
-Johnny: "I forgot it"
-You look at him in shock you did not expect this from Johnny.
-You: "Oh"
-You can't say anything else and even if you want you don't know what to say.
-Johnny: "Please don't cry"
-You did not even notice the tears, Johnny approaches his hand to dry them and then slowly brings his face closer, giving life to a kiss full of passion and apologies.
-Johnny: "Let me show you how much I love you"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™”๐™ช๐™ฉ๐™–:
-Yuta: "Wait why are you taking off your heels?"
-You: "Because we had to go out for our anniversary but not anymore"
-Yuta realizes he really messed up.
-Yuta runs after you.
-Yuta: "Wait Y / n don't get changed, I know we had to go to the restaurant for our anniversary but I forgot it was today I'm sorry"
-You: "I do not care about your excuses disappear now I want to be alone"
-Yuta is fast enough to take you in his arms leaving you no way out.
-Yuta: "I won't leave you alone on our anniversary, please it's our day let me save what I can still save let's not ruin the evening at least for today"
-You: "You have 10 minutes to get ready"
-Yuta smiles letting you go.
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐˜ฟ๐™ค๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช๐™ฃ๐™œ:
-You immediately understand that he forgot your anniversary and you smile sarcastically to hide your sadness.
-You: "Let's not waste food ... Let's eat"
-Doyoung looks at you sad, aware of having hurt your feelings.
-Doyoung: "Please forgive me-"
-You: "Okay Doyoung okay"
-Doyoung: "No it's not okay don't pretend it's okay. You did all this for me and I didn't do anything for you"
-Doyoung: "Yell at me, get mad at me but don't tell me it's okay when it's not"
-You: "I don't want to ruin our anniversary even more so let's celebrate anyway"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™…๐™–๐™š๐™๐™ฎ๐™ช๐™ฃ:
- Suddenly silence falls you move away from Jaehyun while he looks for help from his members.
-You leave the room.
-Jungwoo: "Hyung is your anniversary"
-Jaehyun starts chasing you until he reaches you hugging you from behind.
-You: "Please let me go"
-Jaehyun: "No never. I'm a fool a real fool but I swear I love you. I love you every day I hope you know. I apologize."
-You keep listening to him and feel his tears fall on your shoulder.
-Jaehyun: "I love you I'm sorry if especially today I couldn't prove it but I don't need to celebrate our anniversary to know what I already know ... I know I want you with me for the rest of my life and I want to show you my love every day "
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™…๐™ช๐™ฃ๐™œ๐™ฌ๐™ค๐™ค:
Jungwoo: "Oh my God Y / n I'm sorry, I was busy with work I forgot please forgive me"
-Jungwoo hugs you tightly but you do not return the hug you let yourself be held while your tears slowly fall.
-You: "It's like you forgot to you love me"
-Your words hit Jungwoo straight to the heart and despite doing everything to hold back the tears he slowly gives in.
-You realize that he is crying feeling guilty you did not want to hurt his feelings.
-You: "Jungwoo I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry"
-To comfort him you return the hug by stroking his back.
-Jungwoo: "No it's not you who have to apologize, you're right, I deserve it"
-You: "No, neither of us deserves it"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™ˆ๐™–๐™ง๐™ :
-You are about to leave but Mark grabs you by the arm making you stop.
-Mark: "Listen I'm really sorry okay? You have every reason to be angry but please give me a chance to fix it"
-Although Mark has hurt you his mortified gaze is honest, you know he works hard and how stressful it is for him so you give him a chance to fix it.
-Mark: "Please Y / n"
-You: "okay Mark"
-Mark takes your face in his hands, approaching slowly and then giving you a gentle kiss.
-Mark: "Let's get out of here"
Tumblr media
โ€ข ๐™ƒ๐™–๐™š๐™˜๐™๐™–๐™ฃ:
-Haechan: "Anniversary ??"
-You think he is joking but his silence tells the sad truth.
-You: "Yes ... anniversary"
-Not wanting to listen to his apology, you run to your room
-Haechan know that you are angry and decides to give you your space.
-It's time for dinner so go out of the room to get yourself some food.
-In the kitchen you find Haechan busy making the dough while on the table there is already food for dinner, your favorite dish.
-Haechan looks up at you but says nothing.
-You: "I wasn't expecting it you know."
-Haechan: "I'm sorry-"
-You: "Give me here you're mixing bad"
Tumblr media
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Baby Bunbun's Late night talk with Papa Bunny
Tumblr media
Pairing/s: idol!doyoung x fem!reader
Genre/warning/s: fluff, slight angst, temporary long distance relationship, dad!doyoung, secret dad doyoung (public doesn't know he is already a father lol), slight mention of pregnancy, mentions of alcohol and food, cringe alert
Summary: Doyoung is on tour with NCT 127, specifically in Japan. Despite hectic schedule, he promised to have a video chat with you and your precious toddler.
Note: This was inspired by Doyoung's baby picture that he posted on Children's day. He looks so adorable and his smile is so cute. I want to pinch his cheeks. Omg Also wrote this because of nct's ongoing neo city: the link. I hope you enjoy this. I apologize for the grammatical error. The last time I write a fanfic was back in 2017 lol. Lastly, DON'T TAKE THIS PLOT TOO SERIOUSLY. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Unedited.
After a tiring but amazing and full of excitement day, the first day of NCT 127's concert has finished. It went by smoothly and perfectly. The fans were delighted with the outstanding and powerful performances of each members. Doyoung himself was fully satisfied of what he had showcased in front of the audience. He is an amazing singer, no doubt to that but he did even better than the previous concert. Everyone was moved to tears in his solo song.
9 pm when the members called it a day and decided to retreat to their respective hotel rooms to take a rest. After concert, they went to a sushi house near their hotel in tokyo to eat their tiredness away and celebrate by drinking maybe a little alcohol.
Doyoung isn't drunk at all thanks to his high alchohol tolerance. He is able to shower, do his skincare routine and the most important thing, to call his precious love back home in Korea. Pressing the call in your name, he waited shortly before you answered it immediately. 'She really waited for me.' He thought with a stupid smile printed on his face.
Tiredness is evident in Doyoung's face but faded as he sees your beautiful face when your videocall starts.
"Hello Hon~!" You greet him in joyful way.
Doyoung's heart skipped a beat seeing your face. That's how in love he is to you. Like him, you are also bed ready as he noticed that you are wearing your sleep pajamas and you are laying on your shared bed at home. He didn't notice how long he was admiring your face when you spoke again.
"Is there something wrong? You're spacing out? Are you tired? You can end the call ifโ€”"
Hearing how worried you are, he immediately cut you off by assuring you with a smile. "No hon, I'm perfectly fine. Just admiring you. Missed you so much. Only been in Japan for 2 weeks but I already miss you." He admitted. "Besides I promised that I will call you when I came back from the concert."
Your cheeks warmed up, cheeks flushed at Doyoung's sudden confession. You missed him too, so much. You changed your position and laid sideways from your previous where you were lying at your back. "How's the concert?" You asked him.
Doyoung told you everything from the rehearsal to what they eat after. He told you they drank some beer after which you warned him not to drink too much but eat healthy food and drink milk which earned a chuckle from him because of how adorable you look like when nagging him. NCT's resident nagger was being nagged by his girlfriend.
Both your eyes looked tired and dreamy but your desire to keep up with each other is enough motivation to wake yourselves up. You two are in the middle of talking about random stuff and other things when you stopped listening to your boyfriend for a while to look out for something โ€” someone to be specific, whispering 'be careful' as you slightly raised your body just in case something bad happened. You sighed in relief when nothing happened and no one's hurt. You smiled warmly and tapped the empty space in front of you.
Doyoung's heart pounded loudly as the mattress rises, shuffling noise of the blanket and a familiar giggle was heard. "Hi appa~" The boy, his son, greeted him cheerfully and full of energy then flashed his gummy smile, duplicated from his signature gummy smile but lesser teeth as the boy only has few of them.
"Hi babyyyy!" Doyoung felt re-energized. Seeing his son's adorable face and cute gestures made him want to pack his things and fly to korea at the same moment. He felt sorry for not being there for him because of work which you fully understand and support.
"He climbed to our bed on his own." You reported your son's new achievement. The bed is not that high to climb for a toddler but it is a big deal for a child who is in the stage of learning. Doyoung is proud of course but at the same time, wished he was there to witness it himself, personally.
"Wow, our little prince is so strong. Good job." He complimented him with a proud grin. Your son didn't understand what his father is telling him but he knows it made him happy so the baby gave him a bigger smile. "But baby, you should be sleeping at this hour." Doyoung turned to his protective father mode. It's 10:30 in the evening yet his son is still awake.
"Well... you promised earlier this morning that you will call us after work. I swear I already told him all the excuses why he should sleep already and not wait for you but you know... he is quite stubborn when he wants to do something." You explained. "He misses you so much."
Your words earned a pang in his heart. He dearly feels bad for you especially his son. He wants to be there for him, if only he is allowed to bring him to his work. Sensing that Doyoung is down for not being present physically, you tried to cheer him up. "Hey. Don't worry, hon. We understand. We support you. Don't ever think about giving up your career because of us."
This is not the first time Doyoung brought up that issue of giving up his idol career just to be full-time with your little family and of course marry you. However, you refused several times. You know how much he loves his craft even before he met you and you can't afford to see him give that up just for you. You don't hold it against that and supported everything he does, watching his performances, musical and drama, even teasing him with his kissing scenes. Someday, you will figure things out.
"Always remember, we are always here for you. Do not worry." You assured him sincerely.
Doyoung got emotional. "What did I do to deserve the two of you. I love you so much." Doyoung replied.
"Well, you deserve all the love because you are an amazing man." You smiled at him. Doyoung really looked shy and cute whenever you compliment him and kind of boost his pride. You want to pepper him with kisses.
You gave the father-son moment for a minute. Listening to your son tell random stories to his father to the best he can. It's unclear and honestly doesn't make sense at all in an adult's perspective but your child is enthusiastic and talkative, he is learning as you noticed he adapted some new words. Doyoung replies to his stories as if he fully understands it, trying to have a conversation with his son while you just laugh and scream internally because your boyfriend and son is the duo everyone should see because of how entertaining they look. They actually deserve to appear in a show but their situation is different.
The conversation between your boys ended and Doyoung decided that the precious child should sleep now so he sang him a lullaby, a children's song but the baby shook his head. Doyoung frowned. "Why baby? You don't want appa to sing to you anymore?" He asked.
Your son look at you hoping you will explain it better to his father as he doesn't know how and you get his message. You chuckled a bit and spoke. "Hon. He doesn't want nursery rhymes." You explained as he listens. "He watched you sing your solo song in the concert from a fancam and he likes it so much. I use that to put him to sleep." It earned an inaudible "ohh" from Doyoung.
Doyoung was touched how his song not only touches the fans' heart, not only you but his beloved son as well. He doesn't understand any single words from the lyrics but maybe he felt the emotion plus it was sung by his father, the soothing voice your son loves the most. For his son, exclusively for him, he sang his piece "The Reason Why It's Favorite."
Singing it to him while in his hotel room, lying down made him realize how his son was robbed of the moment of seeing it being performed while his father is on stage. The boy is still too young to attend the concert and lastly, the public doesn't know he already had a child of his own. Surely, the fans know that he is in a relationship to a non-celebrity, they are fully aware of his relationship with you but they have no idea that he got his girlfriend pregnant. The reactions are divided the moment the dating news sparked. Seeing you being harassed by some of the so-called fans already made him guilty, how much more if they knew about his child. Doyoung can't afford to see the child being hated. His son is the most precious child in the world and he doesn't deserve the hate that he might receive from the heartless people who refuse to understand other people's feelings. That is why he come to a decision to conceal his son's existence.
I love you, I love you
Maybe you won't be sad anymore
I love you, I lovะต you
Always be my favorite
As he finished his son, that's the time he heard his son softly snoring, eyes shut, sleeping peacefully, drifting to his dreamland. The little prince looks so innocent and quiet as if he is not the most talkative kid in the world.
"He is sleeping already, maybe you should be too." You said in your most quiet yet audible tone. Doyoung nodded. "Good night Hon. Kiss our prince for me." He asked which you complied by planting two loving kiss in your son's chubby cheeks but careful enough not to interrupt his deep sleep.
"I love you y/n." He confessed like it was the first time he tells you that.
"I love you too, Doyoung." You replied before Doyoung ended the call.
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โ€ข Bloom Masterlist โ€ข
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing : kim doyoung x fem!reader
started : 28.10.20
finished : 18.12.20
summary : y/n's dull yet ordinary way of life come to a halt when her parents decide that maybe...it's time to ring the wedding bells. Along with her "friend" to chew her brain out, she meets an irritating yet unbearably attractive man in the hallway whom she's now living with. Unknown to her, she's capable of not just blooming flowers in gardens, but also in fiery hearts.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 : Important Conversations
Chapter 2 : What's in it for me?
Chapter 3 : Nice to meet you
Chapter 4 : Clueless but Confident
Chapter 5 : A Cookie a day Keeps the Monster Away
Chapter 6 : Bitter Coffee tastes better with Sweet People
Chapter 7 : Brace Yourself, Buddy
Chapter 8 : A Fool Next to You
Chapter 9 : Waste Time with Me
Chapter 10 : Take It or Leave It
Chapter 11 : Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 12 : Child's Play
Chapter 13 : Cold Smiles
Chapter 14 : Two of Us, One Umbrella
Chapter 15 : Two of Us. No Umbrellas
Chapter 16 : Tea Time
Chapter 17 : Fragile Heartstrings
Chapter 18 : Better Days
Chapter 19 : What are We?
Chapter 20 : No Way Out
Chapter 21 : Sweet Nothings
Chapter 22 : Broken Mirrors Bring Bad Luck
Chapter 23 : Spring has Sprung
Epilogue ; Bloom
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
KDY Fic Recs
main acc: @bxtchjane
Masterlist for fic recs: here
- The Wait of Youth @pastelsicheng
| genre: bestfriends to lovers au, fake dating au, high school au, fluff, slight angst |
In hindsight, maybe agreeing to fake dating your best friends was a good idea after all.
- Smartass @deedeekpop
| genre: angst, fluff, colleagues to lovers, kinda enemies to lovers, teacher au |
Doyoung, the Korean teacher, seems to have it out for everyone. Intrigued, you attempt to break down his walls.
- Jokes @danishmiilk
| genre: fluff, humour, Hogwarts au, friends to lovers au |
What the fuck does kim doyoung mean flirting with you all these years wasnโ€™t a joke?
- One Day (PM 01:27) @byunbaekby
| genre: angst |
Youโ€™ve never been able to let Doyoung go. He remains in your heart though you canโ€™t erase him, your memories that you canโ€™t let go of. He lives in your books, though you try to ignore his presence. And now, he stands before you to remind you of that time youโ€™ve lost.
- Listening To You Is My Favorite One @sun96moon
| genre: one-shot, fluff, romance, angst |
- Atlas @wincore
| genre: college au, fwb au, angst, fluff |
Kim doyoung has a lot of titles. student body president, music club president, favourite student of every professor whoโ€™s blessed enough to have him. in other words, heโ€™s not your type and never will be. at least heโ€™s a good kisser.
- Don't Call Me @soliverse
| genre: major angst, slight fluff |
Doyoung missed an important milestone in your life. Now, itโ€™s your turn to miss his calls.
- Magic, Cake And You @chipsandwaffles
| genre: fluff, Hogwarts au |
Youโ€™re invited to Hogwarts, the most prestigious magic school in the world, and immediately gain zero friends but one rival.
- Strawberries & Cigarettes @byunbaekby
| genre: angst, crime/mafia au, mystery, romance, series |
Kim Doyoung was supposedly for you, the one who got away. Quite literally. After professing his feelings to you and kissing the air from your lungs one night, Doyoung disappears off the face of the Earth. Four years later, youโ€™ve met him again, but heโ€™s not the person you remember; heโ€™s darkened, heโ€™s crude, and heโ€™s got blood on his hands. Soon, you might too.
- Peppermint & Honey @cafejaem
| genre: fluff, hogwarts au |
Completing potions homework is a dreadful and long process, but Doyoung knows how to make it a bit better.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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