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yeow6n · 21 hours
Tumblr media
late night video calls
pairings. haechan x (f) reader
genre. just pure fluff, established relationship
warnings. descriptions of a roach lmao not too graphic tho
note. haechan went live on ig bare faced looking handsome as hell and yall thought i wasnt gonna write about it??? also writing this bc 1.5k of yall follow me :D 
“wah, really yesterday was the scariest day of my life. i for real considered sleeping outside on my patio.” you recalled the events of yesterday evening, telling the story to your boyfriend at two in the morning, when you saw something big and black moving across your floor in your room. haechan hates bugs as well, but he’ll get rid of them for you because you’re terrified of them. and you love him for that. even remembering the one time you screamed for haechan while he was in the midst of a game, he still left to come and help your little problem.
haechan chuckles, just imagining the scenario in his head. he can see you standing on your bed with your slipper in your hand as you try to talk to the roach and try to compromise with it. 
and roaches can’t talk. so you were left with no choice but to kill the gross little thing, it finally crawling out the space behind your desk out in the open. you were beyond thankful when you actually hit the bug. you’re not sure what you would have done if you missed. 
yn body count: 1
while you were too engrossed on telling the story of your traumatic evening, you didn’t realize haechan taking screenshots of you actively expressing your story with your hands and facial expressions. taking multiple screen captures of you and smiling when he can see on your camera the white flashes from him doing so. and you don’t even notice.
“at least you had perfect aim.”
“i know right!” you exclaim, a triumphant smile plays on your lips.
a few seconds of comforting silence falls between you two, your eyes stay on haechan as he’s now focused on his ipad. you take the moment to appraise your boyfriend’s bare faced look. he looked breath taking. his moles were more vivid since he didn’t have make up on and it almost makes you frown that you’re not there to kiss them. 
“you’re really beautiful.” you blurt out, catching haechan off guard as he shyly chuckles and quickly glances at you through the camera. 
“all of a sudden?” 
“you just look so handsome like this, i love seeing you like this.” you tell him as you rest your chin on the palm of your hand and admire your boyfriend who’s miles away from you right now.
“lee donghyuck pretty boy!” you shout into the air, throwing your hands up as if you’re announcing to the world.
haechan smiles, and you can see a tint of pink painting his cheeks. “thank you baby. you’re beautiful too. i miss your face.” he takes his eyes off the ipad and takes a moment to look at you. you start randomly posing in front of your camera, holding up a peace sign to your face, holding out a finger heart with your lips puckered and haechan is relishing in this moment.
laughing out loud while taking screenshots of you posing differently.
“there. now you have some photos to last you til you come home to me in two weeks.” 
grinning, “so generous, baby.” he snickers, but really he is already adding these screenshots to his favorites album.
you shrug, “i know.” 
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suhnshinehaos · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧  treacherous
...a spin-off to crush culture ! synopsis : after a couple of instances of accidental matching clothing, yangyang finds himself in a dating rumor with possibly the most famous person on campus : yn, the bassist of an up and coming band. yangyang doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. unfortunately yn, who has also built up a reputation for being cold as winter, does. pairing : liu yangyang x gn!reader genre/s : university au, student council + band au, fluff, angst, humor
act two, part eleven : short circuit
previous  ➤  act two, part ten next  ➤  act two, part twelve treacherous  ➤  masterlist 
Tumblr media
from reese, with love <3 just realized the rj/hc/st/yy friend group from cc hasn’t made much of an appearance over here on tr which is sad bec i absolutely loved writing them in cc waaaah anyw- nearing the end of act two hehe thank u sm for reading !! as always, id love to know what you think :)) hope you’re all doing well and taking care :))
Tumblr media
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Truth or Dare
Scenario: playing truth or dare with the dreamies and Haechan kissing you on a dare
Pairing: Haechan x gender neutral reader
Requested: no
Genre: fluff
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, (friendly) teasing?, kissing
Word Count: 1200+
A/N: lmk if there'are mistakes or I forgot anything
"Uhhh... Truth", you stated confidently after a quick thought and tapped the display to get a random question suggested.
"When is the person to your left most beautiful?", Mark read out loud, making a face.
You took a deep breath as you turned to give Donghyuck a strange look, leaning away a bit to muster him properly. Your expression was displeased when he grinned at you stupidly from under the disheveled hair.
Your gaze wandered around to the group again. "Wouldn't that be based on the assumption that I generally find him somewhat beautiful or attractive or something?"
The guys groaned in unison when you were stalling not for the first time this evening. "Just give any answer."
You sighed in defeat. "Maybe, when he's laughing? Just casually chilling and having a good time?"
"So, right now?" Jaemin wiggled his brows at you from his spot across where you were sitting and you rolled your eyes, automatically glancing at Donghyuck for a check nonetheless.
"That's so sweet", that one made and bend his upper body towards you as he made a very expressive kissy face.
You gave him a grossed out look that matched the throaty sound leaving your mouth at the sight.
A rather similar reaction showed on Jisung's and Renjun's faces. Mark's expression was probably even worse, while Jeno, Chenle and Jaemin seemed quite giddy.
"No, actually, I meant it rather like... This doesn't hide how much of a mess he is. It's his truest form, really. And therefore almost charming", you elaborated on your previous statement to stop them from any more teasing. Sadly, you ruined it for yourself with the quietly mumbled addition. "His laughter is very bright."
"Aww, thanks, and you are my sunshine, too", Donghyuck announced enthusiastically and wrapped his arms around you.
Caught in a tight hug, you let the squeezing happen without resisting too much and just waited for him to back off again. But he didn't and instead stayed closely snuggled to your side much to your displeasure.
"He's so drunk", Jeno snickered, shaking his head with his characteristic eye smile.
"Shut up, I only had two glasses", the one clinging on to you muttered and huffed dramatically.
You grumbled lowly. "I'm suddenly very uncomfortable. Can we move on?"
Unfortunately, going around the clock, it was Donghyuck's turn next and of course he had to pick a dare.
Once again, Mark announced the generated task. "Kiss a person of your choice for two whole minutes." And immediately he groaned and shuffled further away. "Oh dear lord."
But as soon as the dare was heard, you already knew who was going to be that person. You. Donghyuck had you in victim hold and although he enjoyed to tease the other guys with random smooches, an actual kiss was still different.
You were physically closest to him and after the strange flattery he had gotten from your comment before, also perhaps the most logical choice.
Donghyuck smirked at you from the side when he untangled his arms from your figure.
"No", you exclaimed in sharper tone and a slightly shocked gaze. "Two minutes?"
"It says so for the game", Jaemin reminded you cunningly, watching your expression go blank.
"Oh come on. I'm good at this", Donghyuck nudged you in obvious amusement.
"Can we at least leave the room or something?", you whined about what was upon to happen. "Not... That... In front of everyone."
Your look of misery didn't turn anybody soft just yet. "It's just a game. Just a kiss. Get over it. Plus how would we know if he actually did it", Chenle pointed out unapologetically. Although he wouldn't trade positions with you for all the money in the world.
"Funny for you to say", you grumbled.
"Oh but we would know. Mister kissy face over here would never let that slide."
"We all know I'm very determined with games", Donghyuck agreed proudly with consistent nodding.
Why he commented on that in the first place, he couldn't tell either, this didn't really matter to him. He would do it anyway. There wasn't any circumstance for a dare to ever stop him from going through with it.
"To be fair, do we really want to watch that?", Jisung gave the others to think rather timidly, wanting to avoid the scene probably more than anybody else.
"Good point." Mark looked the part disgusted. "You both get out."
"We'll tell you start and yell when the two minutes are over, so you know when to come back in. And stop the gross face sucking", Jeno adviced.
Accompanied by evil sounding laughter, you were dragged outside by the man having to take on the dare.
Unwillingly you stared up at him when he pushed the door shut beside you.
He sighed. "Is it really that bad? Would you rather do it with one of the others?"
Your expression formed a mask of pure horror. "Oh God, no", you voiced out convincingly. Then you scratched your head and took a deep breath, preparing yourself. He was right, though.
Although, truthfully, it was more beneficial like that for him than you anyway, since it was his dare to begin with.
"Better me, right?" He snickered.
"Ready?", you both heard the shouting through the door. "Two minutes! Start!"
Within the next second, Donghyuck closed the distance between you two, his hands finding your body and his mouth pressing against yours.
Even with the warning, you were caught off guard by his kiss. Your friend's lips moved against yours firmly and yet with a softness that easily took your breath away.
Donghyuck held you gently by your waist, not forcing too much on you but keeping you close and steady when he deepens the kiss further.
His opened mouth moved against yours and his tongue entered and nudged yours as you automatically responded with the same motion.
Your fingers lightly grabbed on to the sleeves of his big sweatshirt the more you sunk into the passionate kiss.
His mouth was moving slowly, taking his time, tasting you and playing with your senses.
Your face felt hot when you parted, your heart racing from the kiss and you swallowed hard. "Yeah, better you...", you breathed out a bit irritated by the rush that had taken over your body.
"Look who's flustered and finds me even more beautiful now", he whispered teasingly.
Then he opened the door again, satisfied with himself and a winning grin on his face as he walked towards the others again.
You moved after brief hesitation, slowly mouthing a "fuck" to yourself at the realisation before you followed your friend and took your old spot.
Your entire body felt tingly and wrong as you sat down, getting eyed by the group of guys so closely now.
Jeno and Jaemin were the first ones to react, clapping their hands and making expressive faces. "Wow they really did it. Look at that!" They laughed, loudly cheering for Donghyuck.
Meanwhile the other men were rather stunned at your sight, the quiet frame leaving room for all sorts of assumptions.
Donghyuck's bronzed skin seemed to glow even more than before when you stole a glance at him, biting your lip as the guys had thankfully cooled down without too much of a circus since your friend had so nonchalantly claimed that it was simply just a dare in the end.
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saeyoungchips · 3 days
[10:41 p.m]
Tumblr media
today was the day you were supposed to have your first date with johnny. but how can a date go on if it's only one of you?
the climate was not the best, and the crowd in the center of the city was making you uncomfortable.
you wondered if you appeared stupid to them after standing for more than an hour on the spot where you two were supposed to meet.
you took your phone from your pocket and stared at the blank screen, unsure whether you should call him, leave a message, or just accept that you'd been planted.
but when you were ready to accept your reality, your phone started to ring, thanks to the one you should've been with.
"hello?" was the only thing that you could say over the phone, a little disappointed and ready for the excuses that he would voice.
"turn around."
confused, you followed his instructions only to find him standing in front of you, agitated and gasping for air, holding a bouquet of pink camellias with a big smile on his face.
with the phone now forgotten in your pocket again, you gasped at the sight in front of you, only to run next to him.
"you idiot!" you lightly punched him on the chest. "i thought you stood me up!"
"i'm sorry," he chuckled innocently. "i just saw a flower shop along the way, and I couldn't help but think of you," johnny explained as he handed you your favorite flowers.
Tumblr media
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nctsplug02 · 7 hours
can you do mark praise kink PLEASEEE i'm literally drooling thinking abt it
GENRE: fluff and smut
WARNINGS: riding, sleepy reader, lazy sex, kissing, protected sex, slight butt play, and of course praising!
Tumblr media
mark presses a kiss on your shoulder while you slowly rock your hips. “that’s it, baby. you’re doing so well.” you flinch up as mark circles the time of your ass.
“keep going, baby.” mark holds you hip and helps guide them in a certain pace that has you mumbling moans. “i’m sorry, markie.” mark presses another kiss on your shoulder. “for what, baby?” he rubs your hips and you sigh. “for going so slow.”
that makes a lazy grin grow on marks face. “no, baby. that’s okay. this is nice— i like it.” you snuggle your face more into the crook of his neck, feeling his lightly shaved beard graze on your forehead.
“you sure it doesn’t bother you?” mark shakes his head and rubs your ass cheeks. “not at all, baby.” he grabs your hips and begins to rock them but in a harsher way.
“does that feel good, baby?” you nod, your clit rubbing against his base and his lips pressing soft kisses on your shoulder. “feels really good, markie.” you mumble.
your hands fist tightly around his white fitted t-shirt as your orgasm hits you slowly yet harshly. “that’s it, baby. let it go.” mark brushes your hair. “good job,” mark wraps his arms around your hips. “you did so good for me, baby. but, now it’s my turn, okay?”
mark slowly thrusts his hips up while groaning and moaning under his breath. “i’m close, baby.” mark grunts and plows his hips upward. mark cums into the condom with a low groan and with his arms wrapped tightly around you.
“good job, baby. you did so good for me tonight.” mark presses a kiss on your shoulder once again before laying his head back on the headboard and shutting his eyes.
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suhglow · 1 day
[9:48 PM]
Jaehyun could hear the music from the other side of the wall, so he knew you were in there. He looked back at his text message and sighed. It’s not like he was in a rush to go home and work on his assignment, but he was getting a bit antsy. About to knock one more time, the door swings open.
“My favorite customer,” you beam before taking a hit from the joint in your hand. “Hey, ___.” “Sorry about the wait, I was caught up with something. But, come in,” you step to the side letting him by. “Just give me a moment,” you rush into the kitchen, leaving him by himself.
Jaehyun stood there awkwardly, looking around the neat living room. He’s never been to his plug’s place. Usually, you two would meet somewhere on campus, but he was already walking home from the library so he figured why not now. 
You walk out and cross the living room to the hallway when Jaehyun speaks up, “Do you always smoke alone?” “Depends,” you call from the other room. Finally, you come out holding a little bag of flower for him. “Why? Wanna keep me company?” you playfully ask, handing him the baggy. “Oh, I didn’t mean t-”  “I was joking, Jae. But if you really want, it’s on the house,” you offer him the joint. He smirks at you and graciously accepts it. “Thanks, classes are whooping my ass right now,” he exhales “Don’t mention it. Anything for my fave customer,” you say, excusing yourself to the kitchen again.
He decides to relax a little and take a seat. Jaehyun doesn’t usually make himself comfortable like this in a stranger’s home. Could you really call each other strangers? Acquaintances. “Favorite customer,” he whispers to himself. Next thing he knows you’re joining him on the couch taking back your joint for your turn of a hit. He watches intently how you inhale and let the smoke escape your lips. 
Suddenly, he asks “Were you baking something?” noting the lingering smell. “Oh yeah, brownies,” you pass to him. “I didn’t know you sold edibles,” Jaehyun says making you scoff. “I don’t. They’re for a friend’s birthday. But if I get better at baking, maybe one day.” “Oh, well the day it happens let me know,” he smiles. “For sure. I can send one home with you if you wanna try it,” you offer. Jaehyun nods and takes another hit. “Why do you call me your favorite customer? Or do you call everyone that?”
You want to laugh at him because you think he’s being flirty. But he looks at you searching for a genuine answer.
“You're asking a lot of questions. But uh–I definitely don’t call everyone that. I like you, Jae, you’re cool.” Jaehyun smiles to himself when you call him cool, he doesn’t know why. But he just never thought of himself like that. You two finish off the joint while talking. You’ve never heard him talk this much. You were used to Jaehyun being quiet, you two rarely talked during your exchanges. Even when you had a class with him you remember him staying to himself in the back of the class.
You hop to your feet, “C’mon,” you wave for him to follow. When Jaehyun sees you’ve led him to your room his face heats up. He watches as you go through a box under your desk before pulling out a small projector.
“I do this from time to time,” you smile at him. You set it up and point it to the ceiling. “Can you close the door and get the lights?”
Caught off guard, he scrambles to do so. When he turns around he finds you putting down a comfy blanket to cover the floor.  It takes him a moment to realize the room is illuminated by the projector with moving patterns.
“Don’t be shy Jae,” you pat the spot next to you on the ground. He’s a bit giggly and moves next to you. “I like to just lay here, listen to music, and watch these lights. It’s calming,” you explain when lying on your back.
Jaehyun follows your lead, “It’s really pretty.” “Yeah, like you,” you say casually. “Pretty?”  You turn to see that he’s now staring at you, “Jae, don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who don’t know how attractive they are.” “Wouldn’t that be conceited?” “It’s called being self-aware, angel face,” you turn back to the ceiling.
“No one’s ever called me pretty before,” his voice is barely a whisper. “Well…you must know how pretty you are, right?” he prompts. You blush, “Wel- I mean I know I’m not ugly,” you turn to meet his eyes. “That’s not good enough. You’re so fucking pretty, ___.”
You weren’t sure how to respond to that. You just focus on the dreamy boy in front of you and let the music fill the cracks of silence. His eyes are low and he wets his lips before speaking again.
“___, I really want to kiss you right now.” “Definitely not shy anymore,” you laugh softly and turn to lie on your stomach with your face hovering over his, “You should do it.”
He smirks and comes up to meet your lips with his. He’s gentle with you, which you figured was because of the weed in his system. You don’t waste time and part your lips, wanting to taste his tongue. Kissing Jaehyun is something you could get used to.
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ohdudehesflirting · 22 hours
천러<3 8:17 am
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
slow mornings w zhong chenle sign me up pls
weird mix of 1st and 3rd pov
0.3k words
sweet by cigarettes after sex
The feeling of your boyfriend's lips tickles your whole face “morning sleepyhead” Chenle mutters brushing baby hairs out of your face. His heart swelled in adoration at your disvelished state swollen cheeks, messy hair, pouty lips, and your limbs searching for his warmth under the covers on that crisp fall morning “Have I ever told you I love you” he wondered out loud “Maybe but I can't really recall” you teased nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck breathing in his scent. Chenle softly grabbed her chin forcing her to direct all her attention to him “I love you so much it scares me”.
He admitted a bit shy, she answered with a soft kiss that was deposited on the Chinese's lips, to what he could get enough (he never seemed to) so he put a hand at her nape bringing her closer, if it was even possible, gently biting down her lips a habit of his she could grow addicted, they pulled away as their lungs were begging for air.
“I love you” she muttered against his lips making him melt in the process, kissing her again something he grew addicted to. Nipping at her lips that somehow always managed to taste sweet. His tongue slightly teased her as he softly licked her lips while his hands freely roamed all over her body finally settling on her waist and bringing her even closer.
They pulled away since their lungs were screaming for oxygen, and their bed shifted at the feeling of someone's weight, when they realized it was their bichon puppy, daegal, the whole room erupted in smiles. As the puppy climbed up to where their faces were Chenle cooed “hi Daegal hi baby did you sleep well?” when he noticed Daegal was trying to find her mom he helped her and lifted de duvet where you were hiding for warmth
“Look Daegal, it's the prettiest girl ever” a blush made its way to your cheeks before hiding on Chenle’s chest while Daegal yapped almost begging for attention and pets, you pulled away from your lover, and the puppy nestled between the both of you making herself comfortable before chenle started “we should get up” to what you slowly muttered “5 more minutes” and went back to cuddling daegal so he just enjoyed the moment and let you have your 5 more minutes.
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jae-air · 3 days
hii its a bit late for this but can i request a nct and your matching halloween outfits together? 😁
(i literally just died for a while so sry abt that- I'll try my best to fit writing into my schedule but school is just a lot rn)
OFC tysm for sending in the ask ^^
NCT and matching halloween costumes
Tumblr media
taeyong: he'd probably do spongebob... he'd be patrick and make you go as spongebob
taeil: he'd either do something really endearing or something really dumb, there's no in-between. It's either sun and moon or the rat and chef from ratatouille...
johnny: omg the amount of ideas i had for this man. I can literally hear him saying "you know ronald mcdonald?? okay now hear me out... him and the kfc guy"
yuta: that one corny costume where one person is the outlet and the other person is the plug... he'd think it was so funny and tell everyone about how it was his idea.
kun: curious george and the man with the yellow hat. he'd make you be george
doyoung: the powerpuff girls (except he'd get mad if he can't be blossom)
ten: an inflatable eggplant and an inflatable peach (like yuta, he'd think it was the funniest thing ever)
jaehyun: you'd be a bag of weed and he'd be the blunt
winwin: ghosts... the tacky ones with that's just a bedsheet with holes in it-
jungwoo: princess peach and daisy... he'd be peach ofc and it would suit him a little too well
lucas: OKAY HEAR ME OUT. bob ross and a tree. like bob painting the tree ykwim? he'd be the tree ofc (bcs he's tall)
mark: justin beiber. that's it, just both of you as justin beiber
hendery: one of those horse costumes where you're connected and one person is behind the other.... yeah pretty self explanatory
renjun: silverware, so like he'd be a knife and youd be a spoon or fork or smth
haechan: A BRA, he's one boob and you're the other one and you're connected by a huge bra. I can totally see it.
jaemin: fairly odd parents :)) he'd let you choose between cosmo and wanda.
yang x2: gru and vector... he'd be gru and know all his lines from the movie by heart-
jisung: fireboy and watergirl, idk it just suits him a lot
shotaro: two traffic cones... that's pretty much it
sungchan: he'd be a deer and you'd be a hunter, he really just wanted an excuse to dress as a deer.
Tumblr media
a/n: i apologize for my late timing and lack of humor- I hope you enjoyed tho and if you did maybe like this so I can write more like it :)) /nf
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renhy6ck · 3 days
jaehyun me apertando sob o colo dele, soltando a fumaça do baseado no meu rosto e depois sorrindo. perguntando “quer?” bem sonso ao me oferecer o baseado, colocando nos meus lábios e sussurrando no meu ouvido como eu tenho que tragar – mesmo que ele saiba que eu sei, só pela graça de me fazer parecer estúpida.
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tyonfs · 4 months
and they were roommates
Tumblr media
❝ come on, y/n, i don’t bite. ❞
PAIRING ▸ lee donghyuck x fem!reader
GENRES ▸ smut, fluff, some angst, crack, college au, strangers to friends to lovers au, slowburn
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, alcohol and weed consumption, “opposites attract” trope, mentions of anxiety, nahyuck are extra stupid in this fic, hyuck has his euphoria moment, momentary fwb, unprotected sex (wrap before u tap), slight corruption kink, high sex, fingering, oral (fem. receiving), and lots of fluff !! 
SUMMARY ▸ lee donghyuck’s competitive spirit to find the best girlfriend results with him setting his sights on yoo jimin, the hottest girl on campus. however, trying to get close to her ends up with him being pushed in her roommate’s direction. donghyuck has never considered dating someone as quiet as you, but, for whatever reason, he’s infatuated.
PLAYLIST ▸ adada adada by chitharth • partners in crime by finneas • i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys • garden song by phoebe bridgers • kal ho naa ho by shankar-ehsaan-loy, sonu nigam • heartbeat by bts
WORD COUNT ▸ 17,017 words
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ hihi !! i’ve been so so excited to share this fic so i hope u guys enjoy !! lmk what you think and i hope you enjoy the playlist :’) third installment of the bitch hunters series ♡ 
Tumblr media
When he and his friends were finding prom dates in high school, Donghyuck was determined to find the best date with the best proposal he could plan. This ended with him on the rooftop of the science wing with a large sign that read "Will You Light Up My Night At Prom?" with neon lights taped to the sides, a megaphone, and his poor friends standing to the side with bouquets of flowers. Perhaps it was rather over-the-top, but Donghyuck's charm came from how much effort he put into everything he set his mind to.
One would think Donghyuck's fire would die down once he hit adulthood, but it was quite the opposite. College offered many opportunities for competing against his peers. Even if it was something simple as getting the last pizza roll from the microwave, Donghyuck would shove Na Jaemin against the wall any day to be victorious.
Bitch hunting season brought the challenge of a lifetime for Donghyuck. At first, he was determined to be the first one to get a girlfriend, but that fell apart once Renjun and Jeno beat him to it. Then, Donghyuck came to realize that it didn’t matter when he finished as long as the others saw him as the winner.
That meant Donghyuck would have to cuff the hottest girl in their year: Yoo Jimin.
(He still didn’t want to be last, though; Donghyuck just knew that Jaemin was probably the least competitive person, so it would be a piece of cake beating him.)
He had been interested in Jimin for a while now, and they were on good terms with each other, so if Donghyuck put his mind to it, winning her over would be a piece of cake. The problem was that pretty much everyone had a thing for Jimin, so he had to do something that would make her feel special.
Donghyuck wound up devising an extensive plan as to how he would woo Yoo Jimin. He made an entire powerpoint presentation detailing his every move, complete with graphs and a timeline. When he presented this to his housemates, they were convinced he would fail, but Donghyuck was feeling rather lucky about this bitch hunting season.
The golden opportunity to get closer to Jimin arose when she invited Donghyuck and his friends to a party at her house.
Unfortunately, Donghyuck found himself occupied in the kitchen, trying to talk over the music to a group of freshmen from a cultural club he was in. He found himself screaming, actually, because everyone was singing along to Mo Bamba at the top of their lungs. It was only when Renjun grabbed his shirt by the nape that he realized he had been messing around for too long.
“You’re so dumb,” Renjun reprimanded his friend at said party. “If you wanna get closer to her, then you should actually go over there and talk to her.”
“Oh,” he replied stupidly. “Right.”
“You should take notes from Jaemin. He’s…” Renjun turned to point out their housemate, immediately trailing off when he saw the guy passed out in the corner, hugging a potted plant. “I take it back; Jaemin sucks.”
Donghyuck managed a smile and patted his best friend’s back. “Don’t worry, Renjun. I got this.”
He walked over to where Jimin was standing, whispering to some other girl who she had to hold onto for leverage. This was the perfect opportunity for Donghyuck, so he carefully placed his hand on the small of Jimin’s back when he approached her.
“Hey, Jimin,” he greeted with a grin. “Thanks for inviting me.”
Jimin turned around to beam up at him. “Hyuck! You made it!” she exclaimed. “How are you liking the party?”
He could tell she was tipsy by the way she swayed when she talked to him. Donghyuck himself was bordering on the edge of sobriety, and he was a little nervous about how things were going to turn out since Jimin was filling up cups with beer on one of the tables.
“It’s great, it’s great,” he replied. “You, uh… you okay? Should I get you some water or juice? Like, something non-alcoholic.”
“No, it’s okay. We’re gonna play rage cage soon, anyway.” Jimin grinned. She paused and moved to the side, gesturing at the quiet girl that stood next to her. “Have you met my roommate, by the way? This is Y/N.”
“Oh, hey.” Donghyuck flashed you a smile, holding his hand out for you to shake. “I’m Donghyuck, but everyone calls me Hyuck.”
“Nice to meet you.” Unsure, you took Donghyuck’s hand and shook it. “I’m… just Y/N.”
“Just Y/N,” Donghyuck repeated with a snicker. “You should drink some more. If you’re sober then you’re gonna end up like that guy.” He pointed to Jeno in the corner, who had one hand tugging at his hair in frustration as he tried to turn in his paper before the due date. “Dude’s crazy.”
“Don’t worry, she’s gonna get wasted during rage cage,” Jimin said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Isn’t that right, Y/N?”
You whined a little. “You know I can’t handle my alcohol.”
“That’s why we’re playing.” Jimin winked and moved away from the two, walking to the edge of the table where she called out for everyone to join the game. “We’re playing rage cage, everyone!”
Donghyuck grumbled a curse under his breath. Jimin was too popular of a party host, so it was going to be hard getting to be around her all night. Having this little conversation with her was probably the best he could do for tonight, so it wouldn’t hurt getting to talk to her roommate, at least. Maybe you could help him score Jimin.
However, he wasn’t sure if you were the kind of girl who would be willing to help him out. You seemed sort of quiet, like you faded into the background. Nevertheless, Donghyuck nudged your shoulder, trying to keep things light and friendly.
“Have you ever played rage cage?” he asked.
You nodded in response, sparing Donghyuck a glance before you moved to the table.
Maybe this wouldn’t work out.
Donghyuck stood beside you, eyeing Jimin on the other side of the table. She was swarmed by her other friends; Ryujin and Chaewon were on either side of her while Yunjin and Chaeryeong were watching from the back. Next to Chaewon was Jaemin, who had somehow regained consciousness and thought it would be a brilliant idea to play a drinking game. 
Jaemin was always full of intelligent thoughts.
“What is that idiot doing?” Donghyuck muttered under his breath. He cupped his hands over his mouth and called out, “Jaemin! Get your ass over here!”
“Hyuck!” Jaemin exclaimed, stumbling around the table to get to his friend. “Dude, I got Olivia Rodrigo’s number,” he said, pointing to a girl who looked absolutely nothing like Olivia Rodrigo.
“He is fucked, dude,” Choi Beomgyu informed Donghyuck, chuckling at the miserable state of Jaemin when he squeezed in between them.
“I know,” he muttered. “Please don’t slide the cup back and fuck him over.”
Beomgyu gave him a lopsided grin and patted Jaemin’s back. “I’ll try.”
Donghyuck looked over at you and leaned down to say, “Hey, my buddy’s wasted, so don’t hold back and just stack me. I’ll probably take his shots, anyway.”
You looked taken aback for a moment, but then you smiled a little. “I wasn’t planning on holding back.”
Donghyuck raised his brows, amused by your sudden burst of confidence. You turned your attention back to the table, watching Jimin and another guy, Kim Sunwoo, play rock paper scissors to see who went first. Donghyuck was hardly paying attention at first, getting distracted by Jeno cursing at his laptop screen and begging his file to upload, but then he heard a chorus of laughter when your cup got stacked next to him.
This happened a few more times because Heeseung was just too quick. Donghyuck almost felt bad because he kept passing it back to the guy who kept getting you more and more drunk, but he had to make sure Jaemin was conscious and breathing by the end of the night.
“Drink, drink, drink!” Ryujin urged, gesturing for you to down your cup quickly so that you wouldn’t be stacked again.
You swiftly managed to slide it to Donghyuck in time just before Lee Heeseung could stack you. Donghyuck grumbled when it was his turn, praying he could get the ball in his cup quickly so that he could pass it back to Heeseung.
He noticed Jimin’s eyes on him, making the corner of his lips tug into a smirk. She’s so into me, Donghyuck thought.
“Go, Y/N!” she exclaimed. “Stack him! Stack his ass!”
Okay, maybe not.
No one seemed to be on his side tonight. The table just wasn’t doing Donghyuck any favors. Either his aim was off or the wood was not providing the bounce he needed. While he was fumbling with the ping pong ball, you managed to stack your cup on top of his.
“Finally!” Jaemin cried, grabbing the stack of cups. “I thought it’d never be my turn.”
Donghyuck glanced at you while he grabbed one of the red solo cups and downed the beer inside. It was like you had become a new person under the influence—giggling and losing your balance as the alcohol clouded your senses. Jaemin made it in his cup in one go, sliding it back to you, who looked up at Donghyuck with glossy eyes.
“Want me to go easy on you?” you asked in a sweet and sugary voice.
Donghyuck grinned. “Don’t bother. I got this in the bag.” Before he could aim his next shot, though, you stacked your cup on his.
Okay, so maybe he didn’t have it in the bag. In fact, it was nowhere near the bag.
Donghyuck grimaced as he drank another cup of beer, and as soon as he did, he felt it all hit him at once. An explosion of heat in his chest spread to his limbs, making him feel unstable and off-kilter. A laugh bubbled from his lips at the very thought of being beaten by you.
He set his cup down and started bouncing the ball against the table to get it in his cup. After a few attempts, he groaned and repositioned himself, as if standing at a different angle would benefit him. You seemed to notice his pathetic attempts, so you cupped your hand around the rim of the cup, allowing Donghyuck to bounce it and let it hit your palm before falling into the cup.
He slid it to Jaemin and sighed.
“Are you feeling it, too?” you asked, and Donghyuck was pleasantly surprised with your attempt to start a conversation with him. (It was probably because you were drunk, though.)
“Feel it?” He scoffed. “I’m a cup away from blacking out.”
“Well, you’re standing on two feet, so you should be fine.”
He didn’t exactly feel fine, though. Donghyuck closed his eyes and blew out a long-winded sigh. He wasn’t sure if it was just the crowded area or him simply feeling overwhelmed, but he was starting to feel like he could use some air. He placed two hands on the table and bent his head down.
“Whoa,” you mumbled. “Are you okay?”
“Wanna get outta here?” he slurred, running a hand through his hair. You hesitated, looking a little suspicious about the offer. He looked at you, waiting for your answer. “I need drunchies.”
You seemed to be sold as soon as he mentioned food.
“I’m down,” you agreed, backing away from the table.
“Hold on.” Donghyuck placed a hand on Jaemin’s shoulder as he moved past him. He found Renjun in the hallway and dragged him over, situating him next to Jaemin. “Make sure he doesn’t get alcohol poisoning or something.”
“Where are you going?” Renjun asked.
“There’s a wings place down the street,” he answered. “Want anything?”
“Cheesy fries. And don’t get run over.”
“Got it,” Donghyuck said, and then added under his breath, “if I remember.”
He nodded in your direction, making sure you were ready to go before he walked out the door. It was convenient that Jimin lived so close to his favorite place for drunchies, but Donghyuck wasn’t sure how the mood would be because he was accompanying you. It wasn’t that he felt awkward, but he had no idea how to interact with you.
“So,” he started, “how do you know Jimin?”
You shrugged. “I guess we just became friends naturally, but I thought she didn’t like me at first. We had a class together in freshman year, and she was really reserved because she didn’t know anyone.”
Donghyuck raised a brow. Jimin was shy around strangers? He was starting to realize that he really didn’t know anything about her outside of the image she presented.
“What about you?” you asked, and Donghyuck’s eyes widened at your sudden question. You clarified, “How did you meet Jimin?”
“Oh, we met at a club,” he answered. “Us and a few others were in a friend group, but we don’t really hang out much anymore.” Donghyuck feared that this would segway into him pining over Jimin, so he swiftly changed the topic. “I don’t think I caught your major.”
“Film,” you answered. “You?”
Donghyuck whistled lowly, impressed. “Film? Damn. I’m a business admin major.”
Since he was so self-assured and confident in all of his decisions, Donghyuck was often expected to have his entire life planned out. The reality was that he picked a random major and still had no idea what he wanted to do. He chose the Business Information Management pathway on a whim, hoping it was broad enough for him to be satisfied with his future career.
When people asked him what he wanted to do, though, he was always stumped. Donghyuck hated the question for obvious reasons, but, thankfully, you didn’t dwell on it. It was refreshing to talk to someone who didn’t grill him on his future plans unnecessarily.
“I took one business class for a GE,” you said, “and it reminded me why I didn’t go for business.”
Donghyuck laughed. “You’re chatty when you’re drunk, huh?”
You smiled a little, shaking your head. “I’m chatty when I’m close to someone.”
“Oh? So we’re close now?”
“No, I’m drunk,” you replied flatly, “which is why it feels like we’re close.”
He scoffed, rubbing the back of his neck. Maybe the alcohol was making him feel loopy, too, but Donghyuck thought you were somewhat interesting to be around.
He sort of wanted to get to know you more, as a friend. If he was going to be with Jimin in the future, it wouldn’t hurt to befriend her roommate.
“Give me your number,” Donghyuck insisted, handing you his phone.
“So I can bother you later.”
You shrugged, complying by entering your phone number in the empty contact field. You texted yourself an emoji from his phone so that you would receive his number, and handed the phone back to the business major.
Donghyuck, on the other hand, was plotting his next moves now that he had you on his side. He could easily get closer to Jimin by spending time with you. The thing was, he didn’t want to necessarily use you as some tool to get what he wanted, so Donghyuck figured he would make his intentions clear soon.
For now, though, he was starving.
Tumblr media
Donghyuck wasn’t quite sure how the night ended.
He distinctly recalled scarfing down wings and cheesy fries with you, rather impressed by your appetite. He remembered laughing hysterically when you accidentally ordered a 24-piece meal instead of a 10-piece one. Being the gentleman he was, Donghyuck paid you for half of it and split the wings with you instead of buying his own. After that, you two walked back to Jimin’s house and then walked back when Donghyuck realized he forgot to buy extra cheesy fries for Renjun.
After he got back to Jimin’s place the second time, Donghyuck’s memory was patchy, like parchment with blots of ink staining the paper. He had no idea how he woke up in his own bed until Jeno teased him at breakfast.
“Sleep well?” he asked, unable to hide his mocking smile. “My phone’s been blowing up with people asking if you were still alive.”
“People?” Donghyuck asked, hopeful. “Like who?”
“Mostly just Beomgyu and Heeseung.”
“How about Jimin?”
Jeno shook his head. “No check-ins, but she was helping you out when you blacked out at the party, if that makes you feel any better.”
“You should’ve stayed around her instead of leaving with her roommate,” Renjun chimed in. “What if she thinks you’re going for her instead?”
“Her name is Y/N, not ‘roommate,’” he reminded in a snarky tone, “and if you wanna get close to someone, you need to be on good terms with their friends, too.”
Jaemin snickered. “Sounds like bitch bouncing.”
“I’m not bitch bouncing!”
Renjun’s face soured. “Can you two just use the term ‘homie hopping’ like normal people?”
Donghyuck was no longer interested, so he changed the topic. “What happened to me, anyway?”
“When you came back from the wings place, Jimin asked you to play another round of rage cage with her,” Jaemin said. “Y/N kept stacking your ass until you blacked out. We had to call an Uber to take you home.”
(“How does it feel?” Jeno taunted. “The guy who passed out in the corner with a ficus called an Uber for you.”
Jaemin paled. “That was a ficus?”)
Donghyuck’s eyes widened at the mention of you, immediately pulling out his phone to check if you had contacted him since then. Just as he thought, he had dozens of texts from his friends and club members, asking if he got alcohol poisoning. Among those notifications were a few texts from you.
y/n: hey are you feeling okay? y/n: i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to stack you that many times :( i didn’t think you’d get that wasted, especially after we got food right before
Anyone in their right mind would feel touched by such a message. Donghyuck, who was a manipulative and conniving bastard, saw this as an opportunity. He truly was a business major at heart sometimes.
hyuck: wanna make it up to me? hyuck: tell me where you are rn hyuck: i’ll bring cheesy fries
“Guys,” Donghyuck announced, “Operation: Cuff Yoo Jimin is underway.”
Tumblr media
The library was good for two things: getting Peet’s coffee (because no one knew about the vendor on the fourth floor, so Donghyuck never had to wait in line) and studying (sometimes).
To his delight, you were working on the fourth floor, too. After getting his coffee, he walked over to your table, chuckling at how you didn’t even see him coming until he was right in front of you. Donghyuck sat across from you, pushing your laptop to the side so he could set the cheesy fries between you two. When you raised a brow at his actions, he got up and walked over to sit next to you instead.
Perhaps it was embarrassment from recalling the events of the past night, or you no longer had liquid confidence keeping your chin up, but you sort of shrank back when Donghyuck slid into the chair to your right.
“You got here fast.”
“What’re you working on?” Donghyuck asked.
“It’s the final project for my degree, actually,” you answered with a light laugh. “I’m writing a script.”
“For a movie? What’s it about?”
“I’m still playing around with ideas right now,” you said. “It’s about a girl who sees ghosts, but the ghosts are just manifestations of her fears, and they keep provoking her throughout the film.”
Donghyuck nodded along, impressed. “Oh, so like microwaves or something.”
You laughed, shaking your head. “I was thinking more along the lines of social anxiety.” You thumbed at the chipped wood on the edge of the table. “Everyone thinks she keeps to herself because that’s who she is, but it’s really the ghosts holding her back.”
Donghyuck wasn’t stupid. He clued in that your story was reflective of yourself, and it was rather amazing for him to see it in that way. He assumed you were just shy, but he never expected that you felt like that. It wasn’t that it was a part of you; it just stuck around, lingering beside you for so long that you wished you were alone.
This must have been the beauty of filmmaking. He was never all that interested in it, considering he only ever watched movies for entertainment purposes, not with an eye for constructive criticism. Listening to you pour your heart into your character was starting to help him understand a little better.
“That actually sounds really good,” he said. “Can I read it when you’re done?”
You popped one of the cheesy fries in your mouth, shrugging. “If you want,” you said after swallowing the mouthful. “By the way, this is just me asking because I was picking up on hints last night, but are you… interested in Jimin?”
Donghyuck balked. He didn’t think you would bring up what he was going to propose, and he didn’t think he was so obvious about it either. The act of bitch hunting was meant to be graceful; being desperate was downright embarrassing, and Donghyuck wouldn’t let himself live it down if he came off that way.
He laughed, emotionless at first, and then it turned dismal. “What hints were you picking up on exactly?”
“I’m good at reading these sorts of cues,” you said. “I saw the way you were looking at her last night. I was just suspicious at first, but then you looked kind of frustrated when she stood at the other side of the table during rage cage.”
Donghyuck tried to play it off with a grin. “So, if you’re paying that much attention, does that mean you’re interested in me?”
“Alright, yeah, I figured,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his head. Donghyuck sucked in a sharp breath and turned his body so that he was facing you. “Y/N, I’m gonna tell you something that’s gonna sound really fucking weird.”
“Shoot,” you replied, a hint of worry in your tone.
“There’s a tradition that’s been passed down called bitch hunting—”
“Wow, you’re right,” you interjected, “that did sound really fucking weird.”
“Okay, bear with me here,” he pleaded. “It sounds offensive, but I swear I didn’t come up with it. It’s a tradition passed down where those who reside in the Bitch Hunters residence can fuck around during their first few years of college, get their shit together for their third, but their fourth year is cuffing season.”
You frowned. “What if your major requires five years of school?”
Of all the questions that could have arisen from what he just said, of course that was the one you asked.
In mock exasperation, Donghyuck hung his head. “That’s besides the point.” He lifted his head once again. “What I’m trying to get at is that I’m trying to get closer to Jimin.”
“I’m not sure how I feel about you ‘hunting’ my friend, whom you’re referring to as a bitch.”
“It’s just the name,” he tried to explain. “I think of her in a very respectable way—a very respectful and cordial way.”
“Well… as long as no one’s getting hurt, I guess,” you replied with a snicker, turning back to your laptop screen. You were stuck on a certain part, fingers ghosting over the keyboard. “Isn’t dating supposed to be meaningful, though? I feel like this so-called tradition waters it down.”
“It is meaningful,” he replied in a softer tone, this time. “We all really wanna find the one, you know?”
“The one?” you asked.
“You know, like… that one person who’s perfect for you,” he explained. “I don’t believe in soulmates or anything, but you know how there’s people that just click instantly? I wanna find someone who I feel that way with.”
Maybe Donghyuck was just seeing things, but he caught your eyes soften upon hearing his words. He wasn’t sure what impression he was leaving you with, and he hadn’t even gotten to asking you for help, but he impulsively decided that he didn’t want to take advantage of you or use you to get to Jimin. It was something he would rather do on his own. In a sense, he wanted to show you how serious he was.
He just hoped he knew what he was doing.
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that almost three weeks had gone by, and Donghyuck had made zero progress with cuffing Jimin. His housemates were starting to get on his ass about it, and it put him on edge because he was nearing a month and accomplishing absolutely nothing. He swore he would strangle Jaemin if the guy asked why he was off his game one more time.
Part of the problem was you.
Donghyuck felt weird trying to get to Jimin through you, but he supposed you had no issue with him doing so because of your conversation about it. At the same time, he felt strange because he did want to keep talking to you, but he always felt so guilty whenever he thought of using you for his own pursuits. Thus, he ended up hanging out with you several times a week without mentioning Jimin once. It wasn’t productive in the slightest, but he did enjoy the time he spent getting to know you (and getting on your nerves).
Most of his nagging was to just get you out of your shell, and it always encouraged him when he saw hints of a laugh that you were trying to suppress or a flicker of mischief across your face. Donghyuck often felt like he was so close to finally getting you to crack.
Sometimes, though, he felt like he already had.
One night, he didn��t realize he was dialing your number until he registered the series of rings. Donghyuck knew he was feeling a little lonely that Friday, with all his housemates hanging out with other friends, but he didn’t think you would be the first person to come to mind.
When you picked up, he blurted out, “How do I make ramen?”
“What?” you asked, incredulous. “You don’t know how to make ramen? I thought you were good at cooking!”
“Everyone has their flaws, Y/N.”
“It’s instant ramen—the instructions are on the package!”
Donghyuck exaggerated a sigh into the speaker. “I’ve never made ramen by myself, so help me.”
“Lee Donghyuck, I should not have to talk you through the process of making instant noodles.” You tutted lightly. “I’m hanging up. You can just watch a YouTube video or something.”
“I’m hungry!” he complained. After hearing your groan, he came up with a plan. Grinning, he asked, “Isn’t there anything you don’t know how to make?”
“Uh, I don’t know,” you said. “Maybe, like, steak?”
“I’ll come over to your place in an hour,” he decided. “I’ll make instant ramen and you make steak. You know, food always tastes better when someone else makes it for you.”
“Wait, but Jimin’s not—”
“See you soon, Y/N,” Donghyuck cut you off before hanging up.
Maybe he should have waited for your confirmation, but he was just allowing you to get used to his lifestyle.
Steak was definitely trickier than instant noodles, but, ironically, Donghyuck was much better at handling steak than ramen. He took your advice and started watching a YouTube video to see how people normally prepare it, and he found out that it was much easier than he had been anticipating. Realizing that he gave himself a large timeframe, Donghyuck decided to kill time by watching part of Napoleon Dynamite while he was waiting.
When he had around twenty minutes left until he had to leave, he decided to start making the ramen, following the instructions until the noodles were boiling. He finished them up in his own way afterward, and then put a lid on the pot so that he could take it to your place.
Donghyuck wasn’t sure what the best method for transport was, so he placed it in the passenger’s seat and made sure the seat belt straps secured the ramen. This was probably the most ridiculous he felt in his life.
When he reached your place, he chuckled to himself when he heard you scrambling to get the door. You opened it with a frazzled look on your face, your hair a mess and your apron coming undone.
“Cute apron,” he greeted with a snicker. The strawberries and hearts all over the cloth were somewhat endearing.
“Jimin’s not here,” you said, “was what I tried to tell you on the phone.”
“I didn’t come here for Jimin,” Donghyuck replied, holding up the pot of noodles he made. “I came here to eat with you. Did you make the steak?”
“Um… I tried.” You let him inside and gestured to the dining table, which had two plates of sirloin that looked like it was bleeding. Donghyuck wouldn’t have been surprised if it came back to life on the table. “It’s medium rare.”
“Medium rare?” He picked up a fork to poke at the red meat. “This shit is mythical.”
You scoffed and took a seat at the table, watching as Donghyuck picked up two chopsticks to distribute even amounts of noodles on your plates. “I heard sirloin was best served rare, so I did my best.”
Donghyuck set the chopsticks back down and ruffled your hair a little when he took his seat. “Good job.”
“You just told me it looks mythical.”
“Hey, and mythical pokémon are the coolest,” he defended. “You know Arceus? That fucker shaped the world.”
You giggled. “This isn’t exactly helping your bitch hunting agenda.”
He snorted, shaking his head as he cut into his sirloin. “What do you know about bitch hunting?”
“I know I’m in bitch debt,” you replied. “Paying off my federal bitch loans.”
Donghyuck laughed, pleasantly surprised with your response. “See? You catch on fast.” He chewed on another piece of the sirloin he cut up (which was shockingly good), and then his eyes narrowed while he was deep in thought. “Hey… you really thought I was only coming here for Jimin?”
You looked at him, alarmed. “Kinda? I mean, it’s normal to want to see the person you like, right?”
“Yeah, but I came here to see you.” When you didn’t respond, just biting your lip and looking down at your plate, Donghyuck cleared his throat. “You know, I keep thinking about the script you’re writing—the one with the girl who sees ghosts or something. Does it have a happy ending?”
You smiled. “Why do you ask?”
“It’s more like I wanna know if you think you deserve a happy ending yourself,” he replied, and, at this point, Donghyuck was sure that you pieced together how much he knew about the film. “I’m not dense, Y/N. I know artists put so much of themselves in their work.”
You let out a shaky laugh this time. “Yeah, I guess I’m not sure yet,” you said, then mustered up the courage to look up at him. “All I have right now is the main character finding a friend that doesn’t mind the ghosts she sees.”
“That’s… kind of like Napoleon Dynamite—well, at least the friendship part,” Donghyuck mumbled, deep in thought. He scoffed. “You haven’t written anything for people who have no idea what to do with their lives, have you?”
Your face brightened and you leaned in closer. “Lee Donghyuck doesn’t know what to do with his life?”
He grimaced. “Why do you sound so happy about that?”
To be fair, he found it rather cute when your eyes lit up so happily. There was something about your tone, too, that made him feel like he wasn’t completely far gone for the way he felt. Donghyuck had always felt like admitting how lost he felt was going to make his image crumble down. He was always the self-assured one—the one who knew what he was doing.
In reality, he felt like he was floundering under the water.
“Everything about you just seems so perfect,” you said, “so it’s nice to be reminded that you’re like the rest of us.”
“I don’t even know what to do with my major,” he went on with a frown. “I didn’t even have any career in mind when I went for business.”
“It’s all trial and error, you know,” you said. “I was a kinesiology major my first year and then I switched to film, but now I love it.”
“Thing is, I don’t even know what other major I’d like to do.”
“You don’t have to.” You smiled. “You’re already so close to getting your bachelor’s degree. You can figure out what you wanna do career-wise after college.”
He hesitated. “Isn’t it too late?”
“It’s never too late!” you exclaimed, and then you simmered down when the corner of Donghyuck’s lip tugged into an amused smile. “I wanna write scripts for movies, Hyuck. Do you think they’re gonna take me because I’m a film major? No, they’re gonna take me because they’ll look at my portfolio and hear about the experience I got from my internships.”
You continued, “The real world is all about experience and connections. You’re gonna be fine.”
It was a little comical that the girl that liked to be more of a wallflower was comforting Donghyuck right now. He wasn’t sure if you just had a way with words or something, but it was surprising that you made him feel relieved so easily. The hopeful feeling bubbling in his chest was one that he longed to feel for four years.
“You know,” he started, “I’m gonna riot if I don’t see you get an Academy Award in the future.”
You laughed, and when Donghyuck saw the glimmer in your eyes, he knew that you were definitely hoping for that. “You’ll be the first one I tell when I get nominated.”
“You better.” He grinned. “I’ll be waiting for that call.”
“Also, you said something about Napoleon Dynamite?” you recalled. “I love that movie.”
“I didn’t finish it, but—”
“Do you wanna finish it?” you offered with an expectant grin growing on your face. Donghyuck just couldn’t say no to you when you were looking at him like that, so he caved. You stood up and grabbed his shoulders. “Yes, yes, yes! I promise you’ll like it.”
“Wait, let’s bring the ramen,” he grumbled, carrying the pot to the coffee table in front of the couch. “I didn’t cook all this for nothing.”
You grabbed two sets of chopsticks so you two could just eat directly from the pot. Donghyuck watched you turn on Napoleon Dynamite, excitement drawn all over your face. He smiled fondly at how thrilled you were. Your side commentary during the scenes made watching the movie even better, and he was starting to understand why you loved movies a little more.
Donghyuck discovered that getting close to you didn’t mean you would suddenly show him an unexpected side that he couldn’t have predicted. Being close to you didn’t mean you would suddenly change the person you were. It was the little moments like these—you two eating dinner on the floor and laughing at anything and everything—that made him figure out you two were already close.
Tumblr media
Donghyuck could admit to himself that he had made many stupid mistakes in his life, but he would never allow anyone to see him in such a vulnerable position. However, despite his wishes, his housemates almost always saw him in the most compromising states when he was completely sloshed.
Once, he was passed out on the dining table in a pool of his own vomit. It was absolutely disgusting, and he had to relive the moment whenever he saw the picture Jeno took of him and set as his contact photo. On another occasion, Donghyuck was sleeping with an inflatable pool flamingo completely naked. He had no idea how he ended up like that, but he decided he didn’t want to find out.
This time around, however, Jaemin was equally as fucked up as he was, so it was slightly better.
It was a Friday night and Donghyuck was stranded at this random party with Jaemin. They were both clearly incapable of driving despite wanting to go home and crash, so they sat on the couch and contemplated life for a while.
They contemplated on calling Renjun or Jeno, but the two of them were going on a double date, and they specifically requested not to be bothered. Apparently, double dates didn’t entail foursomes, as Donghyuck discovered after a conversation that resulted in Renjun chasing him around the house.
“Should we walk home?” Jaemin suggested, and then he cracked up over his own words right after. “Wait, that’s such a stupid idea.”
Donghyuck leaned back and then rested his head on his housemate’s shoulder. “Yeah, stupid ideas from you isn’t anything new.” He pondered over his friend’s words for a minute before he pulled his phone out, screen tilted so that Jaemin could see what he was doing. “Hold on. I have a stupid idea, too.”
“You’re calling Y/N?”
“Yeah, I’m gonna ask her to pick us up.”
“Why don’t you ask Jimin then?” Jaemin asked. “Aren’t you trying to get close to her?”
“I can’t let her see me like this!” he exclaimed. “Y/N… she’s fine because she’s Y/N.”
After a few rings, the call went through. Donghyuck tried to cup his hand over the speaker so that his voice was more clear over the booming music.
“Hyuck?” you asked groggily. “What’s up? It’s midnight.”
“Can you pick Jaemin and I up?”
“And Jaemin,” his friend unhelpfully added.
“I already said your name, dumbass.”
You groaned on the other side of the line. “Don’t you have other friends who can drive you?”
“If I did, I wouldn't be asking you,” Donghyuck replied, though that was sort of a white lie. “And you live close! I’ll send you the address; it’s literally just a few blocks away. Not a far drive from my place either.”
“Then walk home.”
“No! Pick us up!” Jaemin whined. “I can’t walk ‘cause my legs feel like jelly.”
Donghyuck heard you shuffling on the other side of the line before you complied. “Fine. I’ll be there in five,” you said and hung up.
He snorted and texted you the address before returning to his tradition of zoning out with Jaemin. The dizziness was wearing off slowly, so Donghyuck was just starting to feel more and more tired.
Five minutes passed by faster than he thought, and it was probably because Donghyuck’s perception of time was faulty whenever he was drunk. Once, he played the chopsticks game with Renjun for over an hour when they were wasted.
Donghyuck expected you to just text him when you arrived, so he was surprised to see you right in front of the couch, eyeing the two boys with exasperation all over your face. There was something about this situation that made his pride deflate a little, but at least it wasn’t Jimin seeing him at his lowest. Donghyuck shot you a lazy grin, nudging Jaemin to get up before you decided to abandon them.
Donghyuck felt like he was sobering up a little when he saw you. He felt a little bad when he saw that you looked like you had just rolled out of bed, but when Jaemin giggled beside him, Donghyuck felt his childish antics creep up again. This was why he and Jaemin weren’t allowed to drink together; they brought out the worst in each other.
“You got here fast,” he observed. His eyes flitted down to the sweatpants you were wearing. “Cute.”
If Donghyuck wasn’t seeing double of you right now, he might have noticed the way you shied away at his compliment.
“Get up, you two,” you ordered. “My car’s parked outside.”
Jaemin stood up just fine, but Donghyuck was feeling rather immature. He let his body go limp and slumped back against the couch.
“I need you to carry me.”
You balked. “There’s absolutely no fucking way I can do that, Hyuck.”
“Why not?”
You groaned and tugged at his arm. “Stand up. Come on.” You stood back and sighed. “Lee Donghyuck, I will do something unforgivable if you don’t stand up right now.”
He smirked. “And what is that?”
“I’ll delete your Minecraft world.” To deliver the final blow, you added, “The ‘catgirl’ world.”
A few days ago, Donghyuck showed you his Minecraft world while you two were studying in the library. (Well, you were studying and he was bothering you.) It was apparently an honor that Donghyuck was showing you his fabled ‘catgirl’ world, complete with a castle and a large statue of a catgirl. He even had a catgirl skin—it was madness. When you made a jab at it in the library, Donghyuck took it personally. Even now, his face fell in seconds.
He stood up immediately, every hint of humor disappearing from his features. Donghyuck pointed a finger at you, tonguing the inside of his cheek in a disapproving manner.
“That’s absolutely evil,” he spat. “You went too far this time.”
“Just get in the car,” you deadpanned.
Sulking, Donghyuck finally obeyed you and stomped to your car like a child. You were parked right at the front, so it was no problem for him and Jaemin to get to it. Unfortunately, they ended up bickering over who got to take shotgun, and you weren’t too keen on either of them sitting there. (Donghyuck won, as usual.)
“Address?” you asked, raising your eyebrows at the two intoxicated men.
“Wait,” Jaemin interrupted before Donghyuck was about to blurt it out, “I have an idea.”
“Oh no,” you muttered under your breath.
Donghyuck egged on Jaemin to continue, so his housemate suggested, “Y/N has to guess how to get to our house.”
“Jaemin, you’re a genius,” Donghyuck breathed out.
You swiveled around in your seat and glared at the both of them. “Are you kidding me? Have you guys even seen the gas prices these days?”
“Relax,” Donghyuck reassured with a twisted grin. “You don’t need the GPS! We’ll tell you where to go.”
After realizing they were too drunk to reason with, you let out a resigned sigh and started the car. Truthfully, Donghyuck wouldn’t inconvenience you for no reason, but he figured the night would be more fun if he was able to spend some more time with you. This probably wouldn’t put him in Yoo Jimin’s good books, but he was having too much fun to think about it too deeply.
“Go right, go right!” Jaemin yelled, throwing his head back to laugh when you screamed and swerved to the right. “Come on! You don’t know the road to our place?”
“Road to your place? I don’t even know where you guys live!” you defended, sliding your hands up higher on the steering wheel and sucking in a sharp breath. “And give me the directions earlier please!”
“What are you doing? Go left!” Donghyuck cried, placing a hand on the back of your seat as he pointed in the correct direction with his free hand. He could only chuckle as you yelped and turned as fast as you could, nearly hitting the curb.
When you stopped at the red light that was near Donghyuck and Jaemin’s house, you firmly gripped the steering wheel and turned to glare at them, a deadly glint in your eyes. It was clear that they were on your last nerve, but neither of them were sober enough to realize that they needed to cut it out.
However, Donghyuck was a bit startled to see you express yourself like this. You were on the more reserved side, so he hadn’t expected you to blow up on Jaemin as well. It bothered him a little, for some reason; only he was supposed to see this side of you. Although, it was nice to see you come out of your shell and interact with Donghyuck’s friends. This was the loudest and most agitated you had ever been in front of him, and he was enjoying it a little too much.
When you turned into their street, parking in front of their house, Donghyuck and Jaemin sat back and started clapping for you. Although you looked embarrassed at first, your tense shoulders dropped and you started laughing along with them. Donghyuck eyed you, the corner of his mouth picking up in a smile as he watched you and Jaemin exchange a few words.
“Thanks for driving, Y/N,” Jaemin slurred as he removed his seatbelt hastily. “Y’know, you’re so quiet sometimes, but you’re so loud.”
“Jaemin, I have no idea what that means,” you replied, “but thanks… I think.”
“You’re welcome.” Jaemin grinned before he got out of the car and stumbled toward the door, digging through his pockets for his keys.
“I think you should probably help him,” you pointed out, craning your neck to make sure the poor man hadn’t collapsed on the lawn or started puking.
“I’ll let him fight his own demons for a little,” Donghyuck replied before turning to you. “By the way, thanks for dropping us off. I know I was being obnoxious, I just—”
“It’s fine, Hyuck,” you interjected. “Really.”
“I ruined your night.”
It must have been the alcohol talking. Donghyuck wasn’t one to speak in such a pathetic way, and the fact that he felt so vulnerable right now was scaring him. It was like he had no control over his words and actions, and as loud as his head was screaming at him to get out of the car, he felt like he was glued to his seat.
“You didn’t ruin my night at all,” you said softly. “You know, I have no problem being here for you if you need anything. Well, maybe next time it would help if you actually gave me directions properly, but all this is understandable, okay? You’re drunk; you’re having fun. It’s all good.”
You continued, “Plus, I had a lot of fun, even if it was a weird experience. At least I didn’t waste gas!”
Donghyuck just stared at you.
Stared at you until he leaned over and kissed your cheek.
You pulled back, shell-shocked. Your hand flew up to graze the skin where Donghyuck’s lips ghosted, and he felt like he had committed a war crime with the way you were looking at him. He was consumed with guilt immediately, especially since he had spent all this time getting close to you, and he had just shattered everything by making you recoil.
Maybe Donghyuck was being dramatic. Maybe it was the alcohol running through his system. Whatever it was, he felt like everything had changed between you two, like the atmosphere had completely shifted.
“You just…”
“Did I just do that? I’m sorry,” he apologized quickly. “It’s, um… a habit.”
You raised a brow at this, though your eyes were still wide as saucers. “A habit of kissing people on the cheek?”
“Yeah, I’ve kissed Jaemin once while I was drunk, too.”
Donghyuck had never, in fact, kissed Jaemin.
You just looked Donghyuck in the eye for a moment before you broke into a fit of giggles. You hid your mouth with your hand, and Donghyuck just leaned back in his seat, flustered.
“You kissed Jaemin?”
“I’m gonna go.”
“Aw, are you shy now?”
Donghyuck turned around, unbuckling his seatbelt and opening the door. If his face really was as red as it felt, he sure didn’t want you seeing it. It was a new low for Donghyuck to be teased by one of the quietest girls he knew.
And it wasn’t just being teased; he was blushing.
“I’ll see you later,” he replied, all clipped and blunt. “Thanks for driving.”
“Alright, alright,” you caved. “I’ll see you later, but you gotta tell me more about you kissing Jaemin later.”
You drove off, leaving Donghyuck standing on the sidewalk in front of his house. He must have been out of his mind to react that way. It must have been the alcohol—no, it was definitely the alcohol. That explained why he was acting stupid and saying the dumbest shit.
Although, it didn’t exactly explain why his heart was hammering in his chest.
Tumblr media
When Donghyuck woke up the next morning, he was on the couch with Na Jaemin’s head in his lap.
He figured that he and Jaemin gave up on trying to make it upstairs to their rooms, so they just crashed on the couch. Although it wasn’t surprising that they ended up sleeping next to each other (as this was not the first time something like this had happened), Donghyuck was still revolted at the sight of his housemate’s peaceful sleeping face. Out of all the nights Donghyuck had lived here, he was sure that he and Jaemin wound up sleeping on the couch for at least a quarter of those times.
He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and then his vision was focusing and unfocusing until he was able to make out Lee Jeno making pancakes in the kitchen. The boy was reading off a cookbook, and before Donghyuck could ask why he needed a cookbook to make something as simple as pancakes, someone else caught his eye.
“Renjun,” Donghyuck started groggily, “why are you taking pictures of me?”
“I’m taking pictures of you and Jaemin,” his friend answered from where he was sitting at the dining table. He was still hyperfocused on his phone even as Jeno walked over and set a plate of pancakes in front of him. “Now be quiet and don’t kill the vibe. I’m using this as potential blackmail.”
“You suck,” Donghyuck grumbled out.
Normally, he would get up right away with no care for Jaemin’s well-being, but Donghyuck’s hangover was killing him. He hadn’t been this hammered in a while, and the pain was making him feel queasy even if he shifted a little bit. It wasn’t ideal, but he had to put up with Jaemin until he woke up.
Renjun asked, “How’d you guys get home, anyway?”
“Y/N dropped us off,” Donghyuck answered. “I called her.”
He wondered how you were doing after last night. The best course of action would probably be to send you a text and check in, but Donghyuck was starting to recollect kissing your cheek and his motivation to reach out was depleting fast.
He was lucky if you weren’t creeped out by him by now.
“Why didn’t you call Jimin?” Jeno asked, frowning. “Aren’t you trying to cuff her? I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say no to dropping you off.”
He ran a hand through his tousled hair, groaning out loud.
“I’m in bitch debt,” Donghyuck answered when he recalled his dinner with you. “Paying off my federal bitch loans.”
“Well, your bitch credit score’s about to skyrocket if you don’t get your shit together,” Jaemin chimed in groggily, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he stirred.
“Shut up, Jaemin,” he fired back. “You owe the government bitches.”
Jaemin sat up just to laugh at Donghyuck’s last line, going on about how he needed to come up with better “no bitches” comebacks. Even their lighthearted banter couldn’t put Donghyuck in a good mood; he was still distressed over kissing your cheek, and his hangover wasn’t helping either. Renjun decided to add fuel to the fire by declaring something absurd.
“Hyuck, are you sure you aren’t just catching feelings for Y/N?” the aerospace engineer asked. “I mean, you talk about Y/N more than you talk about Jimin.”
No fucking way.
It wasn’t the most impossible thing in the world, but Donghyuck would have deemed himself the biggest scumbag if he dared to fall for you after pursuing Yoo Jimin for this long. However, when he found himself thinking about whether he’d rather date you or Jimin, the answer was too obvious in his head.
There was no way he could feel the same way he felt about you with another girl.
“Catching feelings?” Donghyuck asked, swallowing hard. His next words came out in a breath, “Oh man, I’m fucked.”
Tumblr media
Donghyuck was very stressed. He suspected it was because of his newly-discovered Y/N kink.
Renjun later smacked him upside the head and told him he just “had a thing” for you.
Donghyuck became even more stressed.
He spent all of Saturday getting feedback from his friends and self-reflecting, and this made Donghyuck note down what he really liked about Jimin compared to what he liked about you. The list for you was undeniably longer than the list for Jimin, and he started to realize that he really didn’t know Jimin all that well.
He couldn’t even name all the weird quirks he knew about Jimin. All he knew was that she loved green apple flavored soju, and he only knew that because of banter he overheard at the party. It wasn’t like he and Jimin ever hung out one-on-one, and they had nothing to bond over other than being in the same club.
Was he just trying to jump into a relationship for the sake of the tradition? Donghyuck called up Jaehyun to get his advice, but he spiraled into even more self-doubt over his distorted mindset over the past year. Being laughed at by Jeong Jaehyun over the phone was what ultimately led him to question whether he even liked Jimin.
It didn’t help that Jimin tried to contact him later. Donghyuck had no idea why she would call him when they weren’t that close, but he picked up the phone regardless.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asked casually, like he hadn’t spent the last ten hours trying to decipher if he truly had feelings for her.
“Hey, Hyuck,” she said. “Have you seen Y/N? She hasn’t been home all day and it’s getting kinda late.”
“Uh, no, I haven’t heard from her. Have you tried calling her or something?”
“She isn’t picking up.” Jimin let out a soft sigh. “Well, if you see her around, please tell her to check her phone.”
“Yeah, of course.”
“Thanks! See you around.”
For the first hour, Donghyuck paid it no attention. He sent you a text and tried to call, but when you didn’t respond, he figured you were just busy. He continued reflecting on his dilemma, trying to figure out when his feelings for you arose.
The next hour, he was starting to think about your whereabouts. It wasn’t like you two texted or called all day long, but Jimin’s words had him overthinking the situation. He was starting to fret over his unread texts to you, even though it hadn’t even been that long since he sent them.
A few hours after that, Donghyuck was really starting to panic. It was getting dark and you still hadn’t responded to his texts. He tried calling you a few more times, but nothing was going through. Maybe he was overreacting, but Donghyuck was really starting to freak out.
He supposed that going out for a while and looking for you wouldn’t hurt. He wasn’t trying to be pushy or overstep, but his phone call with Jimin earlier had him on edge.
As he was putting on his coat, though, a knock came at the door. He rushed to open it to find you standing there, holding a clean pot in your hands.
You smiled weakly. “Hey.”
“Where the hell have you been?” Donghyuck questioned, and he hated himself for making you flinch with his question, but he was still so tense from worrying. He shrugged off his coat, hanging it back on the hook fixed to the wall.
“I was studying at the library all day. I just wanted to get away from everything today,” you explained. “I got home thirty minutes ago and decided to return your pot. Don’t worry—Jimin knows I’m back.”
Donghyuck could only stare at you in disbelief, leading you to ask, “Hyuck, are you angry with me?”
“No, I’m not—sorry,” he mumbled, taking a step back. “Do you wanna come in?”
You nodded and walked inside, taking off your shoes at the entrance. There was a heavy silence lingering in the air, and Donghyuck hoped it wasn’t because you were feeling uncomfortable.
He closed the door behind him and didn’t budge from the foyer as you walked into the living room. Only when you looked back at Donghyuck quizzically, he asked, “Why didn’t you tell me how you were feeling? That you wanted to get away?”
“I wasn’t even gone for that long.”
“You weren’t picking up your calls or answering your texts!”
“You wanted to get away? I would’ve driven us somewhere far away, if that’s what you wanted.”
“That’s not what I wanted,” you said. “I wanted to get away from everything and everyone—including you.”
Donghyuck’s lips parted. It was like you stabbed him right in the gut, but he held his ground. He wanted to understand where you were coming from, and he wanted to know why he couldn’t offer you the solace you desired.
“I get that,” he started, “but I’m here now. Do you wanna talk about it?”
You lowered your head a little, and Donghyuck could see that you were turning down his offer before you even said anything. He didn’t want to push you, though, so he walked over to the dining table to take Jaemin’s house key laying on the wood. Then, he walked over to you and grabbed hold of your wrist, turning your hand so that he could place the key on your palm.
“We don’t have to talk,” he explained, “but if you need somewhere to get away from everything—even if you don’t want me here—then you can always just come here.” Your eyes widened at his proposal, so Donghyuck added, “You can ask me to leave, too, if you want. I don’t mind.”
“You’re giving me the keys to your house?” you asked, turning the silver key in your hands. “Whose is this?”
“It’s Jaemin’s key, but he never remembers to take it, anyway.” Donghyuck rolled his eyes at the memory of his friend ringing the doorbell at four in the morning until someone opened up. “You can just have it.”
Just then, Donghyuck heard clamoring from upstairs. He picked up a few shouts here and there, along with the opening and closing of several doors, and then Jaemin’s voice rang throughout the house.
“Which one of you dipshits took my keys?!”
(“No one took your keys, Jaemin!” Jeno yelled back from his room.
“Shut up, Jaemin!” Renjun chimed in. “You probably just lost them again!”)
Feeling awkward, Donghyuck plucked the key from your hands, grinning sheepishly. “Maybe you can just knock,” he suggested.
You returned the awkward smile. “Good idea.”
Donghyuck tossed Jaemin’s key back on the table and sighed. He wasn’t the best when it came to comforting people, and there was still so much that he couldn’t figure out about you. It felt like you always kept Donghyuck at an arm’s length, despite how many times he tried to get closer to you.
“Do you wanna smoke in my room?” he asked. This seemed to get your attention, causing you to raise a brow at him. “I don’t do it often, but I was thinking you need to unwind.”
He hadn’t expected you to agree, actually, and was pleasantly surprised when you two ended up sharing his pen while sitting on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Donghyuck hadn’t used it in a while, which was why he had to take a minute to find where he left his pen, so the buzz felt stronger than before this time around.
“You’re not mad, right?” you asked in a quiet voice after a while. You two had taken a few hits and Donghyuck was starting to feel hazy.
“Why would I be mad?”
“Because I could’ve told you that I didn’t want to see you in a nicer way.”
He laughed. “I can’t be mad at you for that. You know, sometimes I don’t wanna see Jeno, so I just tell him to fuck off. I think the way you put it was way nicer than that.”
Donghyuck felt a bit discouraged when you didn’t laugh at his joke. He was trying to ease the tension, but it seemed like it failed because you just looked down at your fiddling fingers and sighed softly.
“I’m sorry.”
He frowned. “What are you apologizing for?”
You smiled a little sadly. “Last night, I finished the rough draft of my script.” You were silent for a moment, taking in the feat with a deep breath before continuing, “I decided to give my main character a happy ending—or, at least, I started writing a happy ending without thinking. She still feels out of place and out of time sometimes, but there’s still someone who makes her feel at home”
Donghyuck was quiet, hanging onto your every word. He understood your hesitation to speak about something so personal, especially since he had been with you throughout your writing process.
You mustered up the courage to look at him, saying, “I wrote that because of you… because you make me feel like I have a home.”
“Y/N…” Donghyuck reached out and placed his hand over yours, his lips parting in surprise. He wasn’t sure if this was a confession, but it sounded far too intimate for him to brush off.
“I’m not expecting anything,” you added quickly, shaking your head. “I know you have a thing for Jimin, but I just wanted to tell you.”
“Being friends with you is like, the best thing that’s happened to me,” you mumbled. “I wouldn’t give that up just because I feel this way.”
“Y/N, I don’t have a thing for Jimin anymore.”
The words fell from his lips like melted butter. Donghyuck hadn’t even come to that conclusion in his head, but saying it out loud made it so much more real that he never felt anything real with Yoo Jimin. Of course, she was a great girl, but the connection he felt with you was far more tangible. He held your gaze before looking back down at his lap and swallowing thickly.
“Good… good to know,” you whispered.
To be perfectly transparent, Donghyuck had no idea what he was doing, but he couldn’t find it in himself to pull away. He liked how your hands connected like matching puzzle pieces, how your fingers fit perfectly in the gaps of his. He was already pushing far too many boundaries with you being on his bed, and now, he was far past a point of return. He could hardly think when you looked so comfortable cozied up next to him, eyes fluttering shut as Donghyuck rubbed small circles on your hand with his thumb.
He sucked in a shaky breath and you asked, “You’re not still thinking about me running off today, right?”
He snorted. “It was driving me insane for a while, but I’m calming down.”
“You didn’t have to be worried,” you told him, eyes suddenly filled with both worry and frustration. Donghyuck couldn’t understand why you wanted to push him away. “I wasn’t in any danger or anything.”
“But what if you were?” he asked. “Y/N, even Jimin was worried about you. I was losing my fucking mind thinking something had happened to you.”
“You…” you trailed off, looking from Donghyuck’s eyes to where your hands connected, “you really don’t have to do that.”
“Why?” he pressed. “Why are you pushing me away? Do you not want me around or something?”
“God, no,” you breathed out. “That was just while I was confused. How could I ever not want you in my life?”
Something curled in Donghyuck’s heart, though it felt more bittersweet than anything else. Maybe it was the fact that he realized he would do anything for you, or maybe it was the fact that his complete focus was on you while you couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eye—either way, Donghyuck was starting to feel like he was in too deep.
You two were quiet for a moment, but it stretched on into minutes. You just stared at the way your fingers interlaced with Donghyuck’s hands while he stared at how transfixed you were. Given the course of Donghyuck’s relationship with you, he never would have expected to be falling at the speed of light like this. It felt like he was free-falling with no safety net to cushion the blow.
Finally, you broke the silence.
“Thank you,” you finally said, looking up at him with a tender gaze. Donghyuck swallowed hard; in all of his experiences with women in the past, he never had someone look at him with such a soft gaze before. “For caring about me so much—thank you.”
When Donghyuck pulled his hand away, he could see the hurt flash behind your eyes. Then, you looked surprised when he raised his hand to brush your hair behind your ear.
The corner of his mouth picked up in a smile. “Anytime.”
He wasn’t sure how it happened, but Donghyuck found himself staring at your lips. When he tried to reign in his hormones to pull himself back, he realized that you were doing the same. Morals bouncing back and forth in his head, but not one rational thought could string itself together.
He must have been going crazy.
Donghyuck pulled you close immediately, guiding your chin forward and sealing his lips over yours as gently as he could. He was almost afraid that if he added any more pressure, you would change your mind and pull away. At the same time, however, he couldn’t keep his distance from you any longer.
His worries spiked when you didn’t kiss him back right away, but, slowly, you tilted your head and reciprocated. When you grabbed the front of his t-shirt and pulled him closer, Donghyuck was able to let go of some of that irrational fear. He cradled your face in his hand so that he could graze his tongue along your lip, testing the waters as carefully as possible. You parted your lips almost immediately, allowing Donghyuck to slide his tongue along yours.
Was he really doing this? Was he really kissing his best friend? It struck Donghyuck that he had never actually referred to you as a best friend until this very moment, so perhaps he never actually wanted the two of you to just be friends.
With you in his bed, pulling him closer every passing second, Donghyuck could tell you two were wading in dangerous waters. If he couldn’t hold himself back, this would be taking a turn that he wasn’t sure you were ready for.
So, Donghyuck pulled away for a moment to get the answer he wanted. Your breathing got heavier as you tried to catch your breath, and Donghyuck felt like he was going crazy when he saw the way you were looking at him. There was a hint of lust in your stare that made his heart soar. However, he could also pick up on how you shrank back, pressing your lips together shyly.
Donghyuck asked in a murmur, “Was that your first kiss?”
You nodded, looking down in embarrassment.
“You’re a good kisser,” he reassured, tilting your chin up with utmost gentleness. You looked like you were glowing at his words, which surged Donghyuck’s confidence a little more. “I just asked because you didn’t kiss me back at first.”
“It just took me a second to process it.”
“Yeah? Did you like it?”
You bit your lip. “I don’t know if this—whatever we just did—is a good idea,” you admitted. When Donghyuck raised a brow at you, looking expectant, you sighed. “Okay, yeah, I did like it.”
“Wanna try again?” he offered. When you nodded, Donghyuck reached for the back of your neck, holding it securely before sealing your lips with his.
He kissed you again—slower, this time. The way his lips moved against yours so meticulously was like he was trying to commit every inch of your mouth to memory. He sighed a little happily against your mouth, rolling over so that he was over you. Donghyuck pressed his body against yours, wanting to be nowhere but in your arms. His head was spinning and his heart was hammering in his chest—just because he was kissing you.
Confident, easygoing, self-assured Lee Donghyuck was flustered.
And he was scared.
Scared because he knew when he pulled away, he would be faced with a question he didn’t have an answer to. Scared because he knew he was feeling emotions that he was too scared to put a label on. Scared because he knew he was falling in love too hard.
Maybe it was the weed that helped him unwind and lay his feelings bare. He was starting to feel his worries slip away as his brain fogged over, letting you pull him along. That was enough to explain why Donghyuck felt his cock straining in his jeans.
He pulled away and asked, “You want more?”
Your eyes seemed to already be glazed over. Shyly, you nodded.
He wasn’t sure if your affirmation surged his confidence or if it was the weed hitting him, but Donghyuck ran his hand along your side to test the waters. You shuddered under his touch, but nothing about your body language seemed repulsed in the slightest. In fact, you pulled back to start stripping in front of him.
Donghyuck’s gaze was fixed on you as you undressed in front of him, peeling off your shirt and tossing it to the side carelessly. He helped you lift your hips so that you could remove your pants, leaving you in your lingerie. You looked like you wanted to shrink back for a second, and Donghyuck remembered that this was probably a huge step out of your comfort zone.
“You’re gorgeous,” he murmured, looking into your eyes to make you feel more at ease. “You’re so fucking gorgeous.”
He sighed happily and leaned forward to press a few kisses to the swell of your breast, rousing delightful whimpers from you. When your hand found its way into his hair, he pulled away and grabbed your wrist, guiding your hand to his chest.
“I want you to take my shirt off now.”
“W-what?” You looked visibly flustered, and that only made Donghyuck’s smirk grow.
“Come on, Y/N,” he urged, whispering the words against the shell of your ear. “I don’t bite.”
He held your thighs gently, situating himself between your legs so that his torso was right in front of you. Donghyuck held eye contact as you fumbled with his shirt buttons, undoing each one so torturously slow that he was getting impatient. You pushed it off his shoulders once you had unbuttoned it all the way, sweeping your eyes down his body once his shirt was strewn aside.
His head felt cloudy in the best possible way. Donghyuck felt like the rest of the world was a blur as he was hyperfocused on you, drinking in the way you were looking at his body. He was getting far too ahead of himself, wanting to just rip off your underwear and make love to you.
His breath got caught in his throat.
Donghyuck had never made love to someone.
He had never even wanted to make love to someone—never phrasing it that way because sex was sex. Sex felt good, and it was nothing more to wet his dick and make a girl feel great. He had never intended to make love to someone, to feel so connected to another human being by sharing his warmth. He had never wanted to make someone feel his love in such an intimate manner.
Before he even thought of voicing how he felt, Donghyuck moved forward and captured your lips in a long kiss. You placed your hands on your shoulder as you kissed him back, squirming the slightest bit when Donghyuck moved his hand to cup your apex.
You let out a sharp exhale when Donghyuck added more pressure to your clit, making his confidence dangerously spike.
“I’m surprised you knew where it was,” you said with a light laugh, your voice fragmenting off with a little whimper at the end.
“I’m good at what I do, Y/N,” he said. “I always pay extra attention to what I’m interested in.” He let out a chuckle against your neck, asking, “You want my tongue or fingers?” You looked frazzled for a second, floundering for an answer before Donghyuck remembered. “Oh, fuck. You’re a virgin.”
You quirked a brow at him. “You’re realizing that now? You think I’d have sex before my first kiss?”
“I mean, if you’re a freak, I won’t—”
“Hyuck!” you whined, pushing at his chest to get him to shut up. He figured it was wiser to listen to you before he ended up making you anxious. “I just want you to do what you think would make me feel good, okay?”
Then, you uttered the three words that Donghyuck never thought would bring his sky crashing down.
“I trust you.”
With the dozens of I love you’s that Donghyuck had heard in his life, the words “I trust you” seemed to carry much more weight. It hung heavy in his heart, spurring him to realize just how much space you took up in there.
He hardly even thought about properly responding to you before he guided your chin forward to seal his lips over yours once again. As you two found your rhythm, Donghyuck flipped you over so that he was on top of you, grinding his hips down against yours as if to order you to stay put.
Your fingers trailed down his body to fiddle with the zipper on his jeans. Donghyuck helped you out by tugging it down, holding himself up with one arm as he used the other to help him wriggle out of his pants.
He was gentle in the way he ran his finger along your clothed slit.
“Can I take these off?” he asked in a murmur. You nodded eagerly, allowing Donghyuck to slide your underwear down your legs. He sucked in a sharp breath when he saw your exposed cunt. “So pretty.”
He couldn’t get enough of your whimpers, especially when they were just over his filthy words. Of course, Donghyuck didn’t want to push you at all, but the thought of taking your virginity and being the first one to taint you was making him lose control.
He worked on your clit with expert fingers, circling his thumb in a way that made your eyes roll back. When you were wet enough, he tested the waters by sliding a finger inside you. Your walls clenched around his one digit tightly, but you started to ease up on him as he moved his finger in and out. The very sight before him was delightful, and he couldn’t get enough of it. The way you squirmed and moaned under him was making him lose all inclination to be with anyone else.
“Feel good?” he asked, even though he knew the answer already. He knew you were on Cloud 9 right now, but he just needed to hear you say it. He wanted to hear it right from your lips.
“So good,” you got out, whining a little. He started to pick up on your frustration with being probed to answer, but that only made Donghyuck want to tease you even more.
“Like it when I do this?” he asked, slipping another finger inside you. All you could do was cry out, biting your lip to suppress further moans. Donghyuck wanted to hear more, so he curled his fingers inside you. “How about this?”
When he sensed your facial expression shift, eyes clouding over from the preamble of an incoming orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of you and started licking off your juices. Donghyuck maintained eye contact with you the entire time, a hint of a smirk creeping at his lips.
“W-why?” you stammered.
“I don’t want you cumming yet, angel,” he replied, rubbing your bare thigh with his free hand. “I’m gonna eat you out first.”
He pressed kisses down your body as he situated himself between your legs. You let out a shallow breath, holding onto his hair as a way to ground yourself. Donghyuck pressed a few kisses to your thighs before he licked a strip along your soaked cunt. He groaned at the taste of you, and you were so intoxicating that all other noises were drowned out other than the sound of your moans.
He started by teasing you with kitten licks, slowly transitioning to longer, broader licks as your whines got louder. He grinned when your hips bucked against his mouth, and he forced your hips down into the mattress. He supposed he was a tease at heart because he couldn’t get enough of your neediness, going ahead and slipping his tongue into your cunt, moving it along your walls.
When Donghyuck felt your legs start to shake, your whimpers getting more desperate, he pulled back to suck on your clit harshly. The sensation left you shuddering, intensified by the weed and throwing you into your first orgasm unexpectedly. He helped you ride out the bliss you were experiencing, delighted by how long you were in the throes of pleasure for.
Your eyes were screwed shut as you came down from your high, panting and twitching in the aftermath.
“Oh my god,” you breathed out.
Donghyuck smirked. “You did so good, baby. Think you can handle some more?” He got on his knees, looking down at you as he slid his boxers off. You marveled at the way Donghyuck’s cock throbbed in his grip, and he groaned a little.
“Will it hurt?” you asked, eyes half-lidded and flitting between his face and his impressive size.
“I’ve prepped you, so it shouldn’t be anything more than some discomfort at first,” he assured, cupping your face with his hand as he lowered himself to hover over your frame. “We don’t have to do this.”
“No, I want to,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Please.”
He sighed happily, brushing your hair out of your face before positioning himself. Donghyuck kissed you as he slid his cock into you. The way he entered you was unbearably slow, much unlike his past experiences of rough handling. He knew he had to be gentle considering it was your first time and only kept going when he was certain you were ready.
As Donghyuck previously thought, sex was just for getting his dick wet. Now, however, it wasn’t just about getting off as quick as possible; he wanted to please you as best as he could. Shuddering under your searing touch, all Donghyuck could think about was how your nails left white-hot trails down his back and your legs wrapped around his hips so perfectly, allowing him to push himself deeper inside you.
“G-go,” you pleaded.
Donghyuck grunted. “Yeah, wait”—he jerked his hips forward some more until his cock was kissing your cervix, hitting that perfect spot right under it—“there.”
You cried out, but Donghyuck couldn’t let you be too loud. He clamped his hand over your mouth and gave you a knowing smile. He started to thrust into you with a gentle rocking motion, dipping his chin to press kisses down your neck. His sole reason for doing this was so that he could hear your delightful moans (though he tried to be as quiet as he could because of his housemates), and he was starting to get drunk on the sound.
You held onto him like he was your anchor, but it was of no use. You were drowning in a sea of pleasure as Donghyuck pumped into you, watching you fall apart under him with that dazed look on your face. He removed his hand from your mouth to see how your lips framed his name, chanting it like a mantra.
It was like you were all around him, eclipsing everything with your warmth. Donghyuck wanted to tell you just how perfect you were, but he could hardly formulate words while he was rapidly reaching his climax. Instead, he grabbed hold of your chin and made you look into his eyes.
“You’re mine, okay?” he rasped, punctuating his words with a particularly sharp thrust. “All mine.”
Well, that was definitely not what he meant to say, but he hoped you at least got an idea of how he felt.
Donghyuck sped up, and it wasn’t just because he heard you crying for more, begging him to keep going until you orgasmed. He pounded into you harder because everything was crystal clear for him in that moment.
I love you. Those were the words he wanted to say. Those were the words that threatened to spill from his lips. However, this wasn’t how he wanted to spring his feelings on you. He couldn’t play with your emotions so recklessly and leave you wondering what he meant by “love.”
“I need you,” he breathed out instead, resting his forehead against yours while he thrusted. Your grip on him got stronger, and he was so close that he could hear your breath catch in your throat. “I need you, Y/N.”
“Need you too,” you whimpered out.
He embraced you, groaning into the crook of your neck as he came. You let out a staggered moan yourself, throwing your head back as your walls pulsated around Donghyuck’s cock. Just as you were falling down from your second high, he pulled out fast enough to coat your stomach with his cum, stroking your side gently with his free hand.
“Post-nut clarity is amazing,” he muttered, eyes racking your figure for a moment. “I just remembered I forgot a condom.”
You choked, chest heaving as you laughed at his comment. “That was the hottest thing ever, but I also wanna kill you right now.”
Donghyuck shrugged. “I tend to have that effect on women.” He grabbed a tissue from his nightstand to help you clean up. “By the way, cuddling is required on the Donghyuck Express.”
You groaned, shaking your head. “Please never refer to this as the Donghyuck Express again.” Donghyuck snickered and smiled down at you fondly. You caught onto his lingering gaze and raised a brow. “What?”
“Nothing,” he dismissed.
He couldn’t bring himself to tell you right now, but the reality was that Donghyuck realized that his feelings ran a little too deep. Maybe even deeper than yours.
He didn’t think he could hide it any longer, either.
Tumblr media
Later that night, Donghyuck felt like he couldn’t breathe.
It felt like someone was stabbing into his chest with knives, digging the blade so deep that he swore he would die if the feeling persisted. He could hear the blood rushing in his ears. Heart violently beating against his rib cage.
He did the only thing he could think of and called Mark Lee.
“Hello?” Mark answered after a few rings. “Dude, it’s like way past midnight.”
“You’re not doing anything, anyway,” Donghyuck said in a breath.
“Okay, you got me there,” his friend grumbled, “but what’s up? You sound like you ran a marathon.”
“I might be panicking.”
“Don’t worry about me,” Donghyuck interjected. “It’s not that bad. I just called to ask how you felt the first time you realized you were in love with your girlfriend.”
Mark was silent for a moment before answering, “Probably the same way you’re reacting, I guess.”
Tumblr media
Donghyuck was an idiot, as Huang Renjun deemed time after time.
Because he was an idiot, he couldn’t bring himself to confess his feelings. Every time he came close to letting those three words slip, he found himself being consumed with guilt over how he viewed the whole bitch hunting tradition. He wasn’t in it for love; he was initially in it for the competition.
Now, though, things were different. Now, he had you, and he wanted you to be part of his life. Rather, it was more like he couldn’t imagine his day-to-day life without you.
How long had you been around to know exactly which light switch to turn on in the house? To know how to open the jammed bathroom door with Jeno’s special trick? To know Donghyuck’s schedule from morning to night? Sometimes, it was almost like your lack of presence was simply unfamiliar in the household.
Before, you and Donghyuck would see each other a couple of times a week, but now it was more like every other day. He still hadn’t told his housemates that he was hooking up with you on the down-low, but he figured they were catching on due to how often you came over and the two of you locked yourselves in Donghyuck’s room.
It was mostly slow makeout sessions where Donghyuck would stroke your hair afterward and listen to you talk about your day. You two would stay up into the late hours of the night to talk about anything and everything. He learned more about your love for film and screenwriting, and you listened to his long-winded rants about the future.
It felt like you two were dating without the formalities, so Donghyuck was just itching to work up the courage to seal the deal. He was tired of parading around like he didn’t want to show you off to the world and hold your hand everywhere he went. Every time he had his lips pressed to yours, he always fought back the urge to spill his feelings then and there.
Now, that was unfolding once again as he fingered you on his gaming chair.
You were sitting on his lap, hands gripping his shoulders as Donghyuck kissed you with fervor, relishing each muffled whimper every time he pumped his fingers inside you. His free hand held your hip, his thumb rubbing your skin in small circles.
Things were getting heated, so Donghyuck pulled his fingers out to lift you up, holding the underneath of your thighs to carry you to his bed. He laid you down gently, getting over you before you stopped him with a hand to his chest.
“Condom,” you reminded with a small smile.
He grinned sheepishly. “Right. Give me a minute.”
He swooped down to press a chaste kiss to your forehead before he rushed to the bathroom in the hallway. Him and his housemates always kept a supply of communal condoms in the drawers, so he pulled out the box to grab one.
He felt something. Angels were singing, clouds were parting, sunlight was streaming—
It was a piece of paper with sloppy handwriting. Donghyuck picked it up and unfolded it.
Sorry I used the last one - Jaemin
Donghyuck wondered how he could personally escort Na Jaemin to Hell.
He recollected Jaemin mentioning that he was going to try and use a condom as a water balloon the other day. Oh my god. The last condom wasn’t even used to get laid; it was used as a fucking water balloon.
It wasn’t like he could go out and ask the other boys for a condom. They had no idea what was going down between you and Donghyuck, and he didn’t want to get into the logistics right now. Plus, he was hoping to have that conversation while you weren’t home so that you wouldn’t be teased incessantly by three other men.
Then, he remembered watching Euphoria with you last week. Good show. Not very family-friendly. Lots of nudity. However, there was one particular scene that came to mind, especially with the knowledge that there was a drugstore down Donghyuck’s street.
While he was watching the scene, Donghyuck remembered thinking how stupid Rue Bennett was for sneaking out of her bathroom to get a piss sample from her friend. Now, however, he was seeing her in a new light. Rue was most definitely onto something.
This was probably the dumbest idea to exist, but Donghyuck found himself opening the bathroom window so that he could squeeze his body out of the frame. Once his feet landed on solid ground, he took off running to the drugstore.
If he timed this right, he could get there and back in about four and a half minutes. That would definitely raise suspicion with you, but Donghyuck was sure he could play it off by saying he couldn’t find the box.
He was panting by the time he reached the drugstore, sighing in relief when he saw the condoms stacked in one of the aisles. Donghyuck wondered if he would even have the stamina to fuck you once he got back. His side was already aching and his lungs were burning from running so fast.
When he picked up one of the condom packages, inspecting it, his phone went off. He blanched when he saw your caller ID, but picked it up anyway.
“Hey,” he drawled, a fake, sugary smile plastered on his face. “What’s up?”
“I saw your location while I was trying to check if Jimin was home yet,” you explained. “Weren’t you getting a condom? Why are you at the drugstore?”
“Well… I never told you where I was getting the condom.”
You didn’t respond for a moment. Donghyuck could only hear you stuttering, so he assumed you were just in disbelief.
“How about we just get something to eat for today?” you suggested. “I’ll meet you there.”
“Really?” Donghyuck raised a brow. “Alright, I’ll wait for you then. Cheesy fries?”
“Cheesy fries,” you confirmed before exchanging a goodbye and hanging up.
That was probably for the better. Donghyuck’s rage toward Jaemin and his tiring run definitely killed whatever hormones were bouncing around.
However, Donghyuck realized that he needed to get his feelings in check fast. He couldn’t keep acting like your boyfriend without telling you how he felt. It was only going to keep leading you on until you started to distance yourself. One way or another, your feelings would get hurt if Donghyuck kept putting this off.
It was time for him to consult the bitch hunters.
Tumblr media
It was later that night when Donghyuck approached his housemates. He thought he would lose his mind if he waited any longer, so he stood in front of the TV while they were watching a rerun of Adventure Time.
“Can a guy watch Adventure Time in peace?” Jeno grumbled, craning his neck to see the screen.
Donghyuck persisted. “I need advice.”
“Well, can you ask for advice from over there?” Renjun asked, pointing to a random area in the house where he wouldn’t be blocking the TV.
Donghyuck groaned and stood to the side before announcing, “I’m in love with Y/N.”
“What?!” his three friends exclaimed in unison, tearing their gaze from the TV screen entirely at his words.
“You’re—you’re what?” Jeno stammered. “You? In love?”
He scoffed. “Is it so hard to believe that I’m capable of feeling those emotions?”
Jaemin leaned closer to Jeno, whispering, “Was that a trick question?”
Donghyuck scowled. He was choosing to not chew out Jaemin, given he received good advice from his friend, but now he was considering strangling the guy over the whole condom box fiasco. He sighed and sat on the couch between Jeno and Renjun, laying his head back so that he could look up at the ceiling.
“Okay, it’s not that we didn’t think you’d fall in love or anything,” Renjun explained, “but we thought you were still going for Jimin this whole time.”
“Yeah, remember when you said you thought I was catching feelings for Y/N?” He sat up and looked at Renjun. “Turns out those feelings were caught a while ago.”
“So, what’s the problem?” Jeno asked, putting an arm around his friend’s shoulder. “Are you scared of asking her out?”
“I’m scared I’m not serious,” he admitted. “I’m scared she won’t feel fully comfortable around me because I liked her roommate before.”
The three were silent for a while, and Donghyuck wondered if he was beyond hope because of their lack of response. He glanced at them, waiting for someone to say something—anything.
Finally, Renjun spoke up, “Well, if it’s seriousness that you’re worried about, I think the fact that you’re thinking of these things already proves that you’re serious about getting into a relationship with Y/N.”
“Also, you’ve started referring to them as ‘feelings’ and not a ‘Y/N kink,’” Jaemin offered.
“As for her feeling comfortable,” Renjun continued, “I think that’s a discussion you need to have between you and Y/N.”
“You’re right,” Donghyuck grumbled. “I just don’t know the right way to ask her out.”
Jeno snorted. “Is there a right way? I think it’s special wherever you are.”
(Jaemin coughed. “Says the guy who set up a whole scavenger hunt and picnic to ask out his girlfriend.”
“Shut up, Jaemin.”)
Jeno had a point. Donghyuck had been worrying about all the logistics when it didn’t have to be so complicated. After all, you subtly confessed your feelings while you were just sitting next to him. It wasn’t a terrible confession in the slightest; in fact, Donghyuck thought that was the moment everything clicked for him.
Determined, he steeled his nerves and stood up. “Alright, I’m gonna do it.”
“Now?” Renjun asked. “It’s midnight.”
“Tomorrow,” Donghyuck decided. “Can’t get bitches without a good night’s sleep.”
Tumblr media
Tomorrow rolled by sooner than Donghyuck had expected.
He was a bundle of nerves all day, but he really had no reason to be. Asking you to be his girlfriend should have been as easy as breathing, but Donghyuck was overthinking every possible situation that could unfold. He normally wasn’t like this, but he felt like complete shit for pretending as if he wasn’t in love with you all this time. He spent so long making you think he was pining over Jimin, and his own indecisiveness was probably hurting you.
Of course, he was trying not to decide your feelings for himself. Renjun had repeated that to him several times, and he even texted it before his set of afternoon classes. The reminder was nice and all, but his stomach sank whenever he realized it was getting closer to the time he intended to ask you out.
It wasn’t anything elaborate. Donghyuck drove to the wings place after class to pick up an order of cheesy fries. He drove back to the school library, feeling relieved to see your car in the parking lot. He knew you would be on the fourth floor, sitting at the table you always claimed. There were hardly any people there since everyone liked to pack into the first two floors, so it was going to be easier to ask you out when there was no audience listening in.
You were always so immersed in your work whenever Donghyuck walked up to you. Seeing the shock across your face when he’d flick your forehead lightly was probably his new addiction.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming,” you said, eyeing the plastic bag that Donghyuck was holding.
“Cheesy fries,” he confirmed with a lopsided grin, setting it next to your laptop. He slid into the seat next to yours. “I figured you’d be hungry if you were here this late.”
“Thanks.” You smiled and looked up at him, a questioning glint in your eyes. “Are you here to bother me again?”
“I had a question, actually,” he started, a touch nervous. “You know I’m completely over Jimin, right? With… um, what we’ve been doing, I was hoping you don't feel uncomfortable because of how I was in the past.”
You blinked. “Uncomfortable? You said you weren’t into her anymore, right? Why would I be uncomfortable?”
“I just wanted to explain that my crush on her—if you can even call it a crush—was really shallow,” he said. “Not that she isn’t great, but I was chasing something that wasn’t real.”
“Hyuck, don’t worry. I get it.” You laughed a little. “Why are you telling me all this, anyway?”
The butterflies in the pit of Donghyuck’s stomach went from delicate fluttering to swarming like fucking crazy.
Donghyuck apparently didn’t know how to speak like a normal human being, so he started to word vomit right in front of you.
“I really like you, Y/N, and I know that I’ve been a huge dick in the beginning with the whole Jimin thing, but I really let go of her when I realized I had feelings for you. God, I’ve almost let it slip so many times, but I was fucking terrified that you would back out because I had such a shitty mindset about relationships.” He sucked in a sharp breath and exhaled slowly, trying to process what he had just dumped on you.
He was pretty sure he was losing control of his entire frontal lobe. He remembered Jaemin gave him a whole run-down about the frontal lobe and decision-making. On that note, Jaemin studying neuroscience was probably the worst thing that happened to Donghyuck.
Now, he was spiraling. He felt like he was processing millions of thoughts in milliseconds. Donghyuck’s tongue was doing somersaults, trying to function normally and formulate proper sentences that didn’t run on for eternity. He wondered if he could call for a crash cart. Did libraries have crash carts?
He continued, “Wow, I can’t believe I just said all of that at once. It’s totally cool, by the way, if you don’t wanna go out with me. Like, I might drop dead and wallow in self-pity forever, but… wow, I need to shut up before I—”
Before Donghyuck could finish that thought (or ramble into a hundred other tangents), you grabbed his face and pulled him in for a sweet, long kiss. His eyes were wide for a moment, trying to process how the fuck the shy girl had pulled him in for a kiss with no hesitation. Slowly, though, he closed his eyes and melted into it.
He slipped his hand into yours, lacing your fingers together gently. At first, none of Donghyuck’s thoughts were cohesive, but now they fizzled into something all too clear.
This felt right—no, this was right. Donghyuck had never felt so sure of the feeling that was hammering in his chest, threatening to burst. He had never felt like a moment, a place, a time, was so perfect.
Whatever it was that Jeno said about there not being a right way for a confession, he was absolutely correct. The seemingly insignificant library felt like the most magical place to ask you to be his girlfriend all of a sudden, and Donghyuck wasn’t sure it would feel the same anywhere else.
When you pulled away, he blurted out, “I love you.”
You were staring at him moon-eyed. “What?”
“I love you, Y/N.” He brought a hand up to cup your cheek. Maybe it was just the lighting, but Donghyuck smiled when he caught you tearing up. “I love you, I love your ghosts, and I wanna be the person to hold your hand through them.” He swallowed. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
At a loss for words, all you could do was nod at first. You started smiling, face beaming brighter than ever, and whispered, “I love you too, Hyuck.”
To love and be loved back—Donghyuck never fully understood the weight of those words, but he was truly feeling it sink in right now. It was dizzying, but it made him feel like he was on the top of the world.
Lee Donghyuck’s competitive nature ran in his blood, set deep within his very bones.
Bitch hunting season made him determined to be the first one to get a girlfriend. When that fell apart, he decided it was fine as long as the others saw him as the winner.
Right now, holding your hand and looking deep into your eyes, none of that mattered anymore because he knew he was the winner.
Tumblr media
hyuck: guess who’s not single
jaemin: jeno ?? jaemin: renjun ????
“Damn, he actually did it,” Jeno mused, impressed with his friend’s triumph. “Operation: Cuff Yoo Jimin was not underway at all.”
“Tell me about it.” Renjun snorted. “I’m not surprised, though. Hyuck literally never talked about her. It was kinda obvious he was head over heels for Y/N, if you think about it.” He turned his attention to Jaemin. “You gotta catch up now, dude.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Jaemin brushed it off. “I got time.”
Jeno snickered. “You’re not gonna make any progress if you just spend all your time hanging out with your middle school friend.”
Jaemin shrugged, getting up to his feet and slipping on a sweater. “I hang out with other people, too.”
“Yeah, but you sneak out at, like, midnight to see her,” Jeno said.
Renjun raised a brow. “Where are you going, by the way?” he asked as Jaemin headed to the front door.
“Uh… hanging out with a friend from high school,” Jaemin replied quickly.
“Oh my god.”
“I said high school!”
“Yeah, we know you guys went to middle school and high school together,” Jeno deadpanned.
Jaemin froze with his hand hovering over the doorknob. “Well, you got me there.” A devilish grin spread across his face. “Don’t miss me too much.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ WOOOO if you made it to the end i am sending a hurricane of love your way <3333 thank you so much for reading this fic !! this was sooo fun to write and i fell in love w hyuck more as i wrote it?? i really hope you did too :’) he’s just such a fun character to write with so many layers ♡ this might have to be my favorite so far but we’ll have to see if jaemin changes that !! i do experience jaemin brainrot 24/7 so this will be fun >:)) but thank you again for supporting my series and showing it so much love !! and shoutout to everyone who asked to be on the tag list im just amazed that so many were interested D; also im sorry for not replying to comments but i def saw them all and appreciated them all <33 shoutout to @honeyju​ bc i hella used you for the film major part and @jenoentry​ for the screenwriter part bc u guys are gonna win an academy award (or multiple) ♡  
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purinpeach · 2 months
he fell first, and he fell harder
Tumblr media
summary. jeong jaehyun really loves basketball. but also, he’s terribly in love with his childhood best friend of seventeen years, you.
pairing. basketball captain! jaehyun x fem! childhood best friend reader
genre. basketball captain! au, college! au, childhood best friends-to-lovers! au, slow burn, mutual pining, angst with fluff
word count. 18,746
warnings/tags. cursing, drinking, a few angsty moments of quarrelling :(, mentions of food, dual-pov, many many taylor swift references (especially from the lover album!!!) bc i am insane, a few of the other nct members make a cameo in this!
(long) a/n. did i expect the word count? no. i did not… but i’ll never let the jaehyun bolton agenda die down, so i’m immortalising it through my writing. i also don’t know how i’m able to churn out this many words but have trouble coming up with the title… but i thought it would be fitting! (my google doc title is literally “jaehyun bolton” …) this has bits and pieces of high school musical, the summer i turned pretty, and dear. m in it <3 don't usually capitalise my works because it's a bit of a hassle (i write on both mobile and laptop) but since this is a long fic i tried capitalising it... hopefully there aren't many errors lol. sorry for the long a/n but as always i hope you enjoy this~ pls lmk ur thoughts and if i missed out any warnings!!
“You coming to my game tomorrow?” Jaehyun asked, eyes not leaving his screen. 
Clad in a black hoodie, the Computer Science major had been working on his assignment for the past three hours. Cigarettes After Sex record on loop, it’s occasionally accompanied by his rapid, and sometimes, aggressive keyboard typing. Mumbles of apology follow after he thinks he’s being too disruptive, but you don’t pay any mind to it. 
You were on Jaehyun’s bed, begrudgingly watching your lecture that you’d missed on Monday because you slept through your alarm that morning. Alarms, to be exact. Your eyelids already felt heavy from listening to your professor drone on about how rain is formed. No offence to him, but you were simply taking this Geography module to clear your general education credits.
Jaehyun's voice shook you awake, even if it’s just by a little bit. Taking out one of your earbuds even though you’d already paused the video, you looked through the mental image of your calendar that you have in your head to see if you had anything planned for the next day, but nothing came to mind.
“Probably,” you shrugged. 
You’ve never been one to miss any of his games, so you most likely cleared your schedule for it already. Besides, it’s not like you could bring yourself to not watch his games in the first place, especially not when your childhood best friend slash neighbour is the star player of the school. Not forgetting that he’s also the captain of the basketball team who has led them to victory after victory through the years.  
Being in his life for more than a decade, you wanted nothing more than to be a part of every chapter of Jaehyun’s life, just as how he’s been there for yours.
An elated yes! sounds across the room, causing you to look at him weirdly. 
Jaehyun has this habit of saying something, and then getting distracted by something else even though only mere seconds have passed. When he eventually goes back to the topic, he doesn’t remember where to pick up from. 
“Sorry. Where was I?” Jaehyun finally turned his chair away from the computer, an indication that he was finally done with his assignment. Making eye contact with your best friend who’s now stretching his arms because he’d been sitting in the same position for a long period of time, you forced yourself to bite back a smile. There’s just something about having extensive knowledge about someone to the point that you’re able to predict their mannerisms. Completing their sentences, even.
“Your game,” you refreshed his bad memory, “I’ll be there.”
“Right,” he smiled. 
“Chinese takeout at my place afterwards?” Jaehyun confirmed, and you nodded excitedly in agreement before going back to your lecture.
Ever since Jaehyun started playing for the basketball team in high school, the two of you have made it a point to celebrate with each other by buying takeout from a Chinese restaurant within your neighbourhood. 
Don’t get Jaehyun wrong, he’s an extrovert who feeds off the energy that he receives from spending time with other people. It's just unfortunate that celebratory parties did the opposite, draining every bit of his remaining energy that he had left after a physically demanding game. 
Socialising skills thrown out of the window, he finds himself wanting to leave even though he’d only arrived at the party for a few minutes. Along with loud party music blasting from the speakers and getting squeezed by random bodies as he tries to make his way around the frat house, his discomfort multiplies tenfold. All he can think about is leaving. 
If Jaehyun had a choice, he’d choose not to show up at all, but that would be very rude of him. 
So instead, this is what he does: go to the party, strategically mingle around his teammates, and sometimes stick around for a round of beer pong to make it seem like he’s been really involved. By seven-thirty, he’ll be making his way back home to you, waiting for him with his favourite jjamppong. 
Of course, Jaehyun enjoyed partying with his teammates. In fact, he’s been through hell and back with them, so it would make the most sense to celebrate the team’s win together considering the amount of time and effort they’ve put in. It's just, Jaehyun loves spending time with you too. It’s as simple as that. Granted, you two practically see each other twenty-four seven. But could any measure of time with you be ever enough? He didn’t think so. 
It’s like how the two of you could have separately completed your schoolwork today. Yet, you spent the day together again, which proved that best friends truly didn’t always need a special reason to meet. That’s how things have been between the both of you, and how he intended to keep it.
Shuffled footsteps sounding across the room, Jaehyun walked over to his window to draw the blinds when he noticed that the sun had already started to set, letting some natural light into his room. He turned back, bemusingly shaking his head when his eyes landed on your lying figure. Making yourself comfortable on his bed and snuggling into his blanket, he reckoned that you’ve stopped paying attention to the lecture a long time ago. 
“Wake up, sleeping beauty.” Jaehyun turned off the air conditioner and record player, grabbing his phone and wallet from his desk before walking over to his bed. “Let’s get dinner.”
“I wasn’t sleeping!”
You sat up, glaring at Jaehyun because of his false accusation. An incredulous look on his face because of your reaction, he laughed at your poor attempt to fight back. Messy bed hair and tired eyes, anyone would have thought that you’d just woken up from a nap.
“And I’m not done yet, I still have ten minutes of the lecture left,” you informed him. But before you could resume your lecture, Jaehyun hurriedly closed the lid of your laptop, prying it out of your hands to leave it on his desk. 
“What was that for? I said I wasn't done.” You whined, his impatience starting to irk you. 
“The lecture is two hours long.”
“And?” you asked, not really seeing his point.
“And it’s been three hours!” Jaehyun stated matter-of-factly as though you weren’t aware. “If you actually paid attention, you’d be done by now.”
Your expression darkened at his words.
Now, you’re well aware of the fact that Jaehyun is a top student with multiple scholarships and stellar grades. He never fails to keep up with his weekly readings and always submits his assignments on time. Sometimes it's even submitted days prior to the actual deadline. Jaehyun's consistency is one of the many aspects that you greatly admire about him. Even so, it didn’t feel very nice to have him rub it into your face that he was more productive than you were, given that the both of you had the same duration to complete your individual tasks.
“You’re being very mean, Jaehyun.”
Pulling the blanket away from your body, you got up from his bed. “I may not be a genius like you, but at least I'm trying.” You avoided his eyes, not wanting to look at him in fear that you’ll start a petty argument with him over something so trivial. It's been a long day, so maybe you were being overly sensitive too.
“Hey,” Jaehyun extended a hand out to your forearm, gaze softening upon seeing how upset you looked. “I’m sorry, I didn't mean it like that.”
“I–” his mouth closes, unable to find the right words to say. 
“Hey, you look tired. Let’s continue studying after dinner?”
Why didn’t he just say that from the start? It’s not even that difficult. He may not be the best with words, but he sure felt terrible for being the reason you’re upset. 
His grip on your arm tightened. “I’m sorry,” his voice resigned, Jaehyun apologised again. “Let's not fight over this, please?”
You removed Jaehyun’s hand from your arm, finally turning to look up at him. And there they were, the infamous puppy eyes he’d give you whenever he wanted to apologise or ask you for a favour. At that sight, you couldn’t help but let a tired sigh leave your lips. 
This is the Jaehyun that you’ve come to know. 
Treating everything as if it’s a competition. Too honest with his words. Impulsively saying his thoughts out loud without considering how others may interpret it, then realising that it’s too late to take back what he said if it ended up being too harsh. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because you could always depend on him to give you his truthful opinion without sugarcoating. He told you what you needed to hear, not what you wanted to hear.
Nonetheless, it was also times like this that made you wish he’d think before he speaks. Although you were slightly offended by what he said, you also understood where he was coming from. He’s tired, you’re tired, and there’s no better time than now to take a break. 
“I accept your apology,” you said, moving to open his room door. “But dinner’s on you.”
“Okay,” Jaehyun responded almost instantly, going over to stand behind you. He placed two hands on your shoulders and started massaging them before saying, “I’ll get you caramel milk tea with pearls too.” And even though you were not facing him, you could already see his frown from earlier disappear. 
“With less ice and less sugar,” he added. 
You’ll be lying if hearing him repeat your bubble tea order perfectly didn’t bring a smile to your face, but Jeong Jaehyun shall not get the satisfaction of knowing that. 
You first met Jaehyun when you were five.
It was a Friday afternoon, and you were very excited because your mum promised that she would bring you to the neighbourhood playground. You were supposed to go on Monday, but it has been raining heavily so you had no choice but to (quite literally) take a rain check on that. And fortunately, the sun was finally out today, shining brighter than it ever did this past week. 
As a kid, the neighbourhood playground was one of your favourite places. Other than having different types of slides, there was also a suspended rope bridge that you’d occasionally go on if you were feeling slightly more adventurous that day. Mini tree houses situated along the bridge that basically acted as checkpoints for when you’re crossing the bridge, these tree houses were definitely one of your top spots too.
But that day, you were more interested in the sand play area that’s adjacent to the playground. With just two swings in the middle of the sand pit, it was comparably less fun than playing on the slides or going on the tree houses. Though, the fourteen-piece sand castle building set that your mom had recently bought you for your fifth birthday definitely proved otherwise. 
For as long as you could remember, visiting the neighbourhood playground had become a weekly occurrence. In the time you spent there, you always had this tendency to notice the other kids who sat around playing in the sand pit. While they were using a variety of tools to build sandcastles of various sizes and shapes, you could only watch them with envious eyes from the tree house. Your parents have always been very generous with buying you toys, so you didn’t want to come off as a spoiled brat by asking for more. Instead, you tried to enjoy your time there with all that you had. Playing catch with the other children, having a competition on who could go down the slide the fastest. It was enough to make you content. 
Luckily for you, however, your mum seemed to have caught onto the fact that you too wanted to try building sandcastles, thus buying you one of those sandcastle building sets. You recall unwrapping the gift, screaming in excitement and thanking her profusely by enveloping her into a bear hug and giving her multiple cheek kisses. 
With the toys laid out in the sand, you decided to start slow. 
Steadying the blue bucket against the sand, you used the shovel and filled it up to the brim, smoothing out the top surface until you were satisfied with it. You carefully tipped the bucket over such that the sand wouldn’t fall out, and silently prayed for the best as you slowly removed the bucket. 
“Mummy, look!”
A proud smile on your face, you eagerly pointed to the sandcastle that you’d successfully built on your first try. Seated on the bench diagonally opposite from where you were, she praised you for doing a good job and gave you a thumbs up.
This went on for about the next half an hour or so, as you tried to build as many sandcastles as you could, experimenting with the different toys that you had, even going so far as to smooth out any crevices that you spotted with your bare hands, not caring that the sand particles would dirty them. It was a pity that there was no one else at the playground because it would have been more fun if you had a companion, but this would do for now.
Blowing out your cheeks once you’ve completed your little ‘art project,’ you looked at it with a triumphant smile. Albeit simple, it was pretty decent for a first timer. Although you wanted to keep going, it was admittedly tiring and required a lot of concentration on your part. As such, you decided to call it a day. Cautiously moving the toys away so that you would not accidentally topple the sandcastles over, you started to pack up your things so that your mum didn’t have to wait once she came back from the restroom.
Only, crackles of footsteps over the fallen leaves caused you to cease your packing. Not-so-subtly turning behind to look for the source of the sound, you scratched your head in confusion when there was no one in sight. You shrugged it off, thinking that you misheard it and that it was probably the sound of the bushes rustling since it did become more windy over time. Picking up the plastic shovel, it was the last of your things that you were going to keep before leaving the playground. But just as you were about to put it together with the rest of your stuff, you heard a sniffle. It was silent for a few seconds, and the sniffling continued again. And again. 
It sounded like… someone was crying?
With the plastic shovel still in your hand, you took one step back, then two, trying to get as close as you could without making any noise. You wanted to wait until your mum returned, but curiosity got the better of you. It seemed alright to assess the situation first, since you just wanted to check out what the noise was about. 
Frankly, you had no idea why you were being so secretive, but perhaps it was because you didn’t want to alarm whoever was there. If they were already crying, you shouldn’t startle them any further, right? At least, that’s what you thought. Upon closer inspection, you realised that they were hiding behind the bushes, and all you could see were their shoes. It was mostly white, the familiar black swoosh logo imprinted on it.
Walk away and pretend you didn’t hear any of this. That thought came straight to your mind when you started to remember the terrifying stories that your parents told you in order to warn you about stranger danger. Your mum would be here soon, so it would be a good time for you to escape too. Just go back to packing your things, and everything will be okay.
But… that would be cruel, a small voice in your head insisted. 
No matter how apprehensive you were about this entire situation, a part of you did not want to leave the person alone, whoever they may be. Because you knew that if you were in their position and someone was nearby, you would want them to help you too. 
So, with hushed steps, you moved even closer to the bush, instinctively stretching out your hand that carried the shovel. You know, just in case you needed to use it as a weapon if you were attacked. You also made sure to not stray too far away from the sand playing area so that when your mum came back to the bench, you would still be in her line of sight. Turning at the corner so that you could finally take a look at the person behind the crying (and bushes), you slowly raised your arm down such that it was now resting against your side, your gaze fixed on the culprit.
There was a crying boy in front of you.
He had a bowl haircut and was wearing a white crew neck short sleeve t-shirt. He also had really chubby cheeks that resembled peaches. Not that it mattered, but it was one of the few things that caught your attention when you first saw him. His eyes were red and swollen from all the crying, and he had yet to notice your presence yet, still huddled in the bushes. Every now and then, he’d wipe his tear-stained cheeks, but the tears just kept falling and falling like a waterfall. About half a head taller than you, he looked like one of those boys in your kindergarten, so you guessed that he was around your age too. 
Seeing as to how the crying boy was literally harmless, the paranoid feeling that you had from before dissipated completely. It was instead replaced by a sense of helplessness. You were usually a good problem solver, but you didn’t know what to do right now. Your parents often distracted you with a toy whenever you were crying, but what could you possibly offer to him when all you had was a silly plastic shovel that was dirtied with sand?
Still determined to make him feel better, you took a deep breath before walking up to the crying boy, two fingers timidly tapping on his shoulder. 
“I'm sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” You quickly apologised with both hands raised up defensively when the boy jolted upright, now looking straight at you with frightened eyes. So much for not wanting to scare him… You were going to be upset at yourself if you made him cry even more. 
When he didn’t respond and instead backed away from you, a pang of hurt washed over you. You genuinely didn’t have any ill intentions and just wanted to help him, why couldn’t he see that? What’s more, it wasn’t like you could physically take him down with your comparatively petite size. The only good thing was that he finally stopped crying, and you couldn’t help but think that maybe he was embarrassed by it.
Before you could let any irrational thoughts of leaving him alone consume you, you dared to take another step closer to him, gently placing a palm on his shoulder as assurance that you were not going to hurt him. 
“Are you okay? What happened?” you asked.
His shoulders immediately relaxed, but still, no words left his mouth for a few seconds.
“My grandma brought me to feed pigeons,” he explained, and you nodded, prompting him to continue. “But I got scared because a group of them suddenly came up to me. I could only think about running away, so that’s what I did,” he said in between hiccups. 
“I heard grandma calling for me, but I just wanted to get away from the birds so I ran all the way here and now I can’t find her.” Tears welling up at the mention of his grandma, you patted his shoulder in an attempt to console him. It was only then that you noticed bits and pieces of uneaten bread in one of his clutched palms. You felt really bad and wanted him to be back with his grandma, safe and sound.
“What's your name?”
You didn’t mean to bombard him with more questions, but surely, you couldn’t refer to him as crying bread boy, especially not if you were going to help him find his grandma.
“Jaehyun,” he answered. 
“Jaehyun,” you repeated after him, liking how it was a nice name to call out. At that, Jaehyun asked for your name, also repeating it after you told him.
Looking out in the distance, it was fortunate that you saw your mum walking back from the restroom, about to reach the bench that she’d been sitting on this whole time. You quickly turned back to Jaehyun, a comforting smile etched on your lips. 
“My mummy is there,” you gestured at her before continuing. “She’s really nice and will get you home safely to grandma, okay?”
He was silent again, and you wondered if he was doubting you or your intentions. Removing your hand from his shoulder, you grabbed his free hand, intertwining his pinkie with yours, “I promise.”
Jaehyun smiled for the first time ever since you saw him that day, deep dimples forming. “Thank you,” he inched forward, bent down to your eye level, and blew at your temple. “You got sand there. It’s gone now,” he said. You were slightly caught off guard by the close distance, but nevertheless thanked him. 
The focus was to find Jaehyun's grandma, you reminded yourself. Without wasting any second, you interlocked the rest of his fingers together with yours, running towards your mum, who had a surprised look on her face. With pursed lips, she still kept a polite smile, gaze shifting from you to Jaehyun as she patiently waited for you to introduce him to her. 
Doing the honour of telling her what happened so Jaehyun didn’t have to repeat himself, it turns out that you were right about your mum knowing what to do.
She revealed that the Jeong family actually moved into the empty apartment opposite yours just last week, and she had already met them when Jaehyun and his mum came over to give rice cakes as part of tradition. Due to it being a brief interaction and Jaehyun hiding behind his mum the whole time, that could be why he didn’t recognise your mum at first glance. He was apparently shy when it came to meeting new people, though, you’d like to think that he just enjoyed hiding behind people and things for no reason.
After you’ve gathered all your things, the three of you walked back to your apartment together. Sandwiched in between you and your mum, Jaehyun was holding onto both of your hands. You did not know how he was feeling on the inside, but you could visibly tell that he’d already calmed down.
On the way home, you and Jaehyun ended up talking with each other, pretty much like how you would in kindergarten when getting to know more about a new friend. You learnt that he does not like bright colours and prefers sticking to monochrome colours, his birthday falls on Valentine’s day, and that he’s living here for five years because of his dad’s job. Oh, he enjoys playing basketball too. 
The walk to your apartment proved to be faster than expected as you and Jaehyun continued chatting until you reached. The two of you were in your own world, neither of you noticing your mum smiling at how well the both of you got along. It was as if you’ve known each other your entire lives.
His frightened eyes resurfaced while waiting at his front door, certain that he was going to be reprimanded big time for recklessly running away like that. To his surprise, however, the door opened to his mum and grandma standing side by side, the both of them letting out a huge sigh of relief the moment they saw him, not a tinge of anger in their voice or face. Running into their embrace, he apologised for making them worried and promised not to do it ever again. 
Other than the few sand particles that stained his once pristine white tee (the culprit shall not be named), they were glad that he made his way back home safely with you and your mum’s help.
Like yin and yang, black and white, Jaehyun and you were two-halves, who by the roundabout way of fate, found your way to each other, complementing and contradicting every bit of your souls in an imperfectly perfect manner that was like no other.
And the rest was history.
It was the final game of the season, and also the last day of the junior year. Despite winning all of the previous games by a large margin, Jaehyun didn’t want to get too complacent and take it easy just yet, since they were up against one of the stronger teams today. After all, it was the finals that determined if they would become champion, and if there’s one thing that he learnt growing up, it’s that he should either go big or go home. In other words, it’s either champion or nothing. 
Both teams have already arrived at the stadium, now wrapping up their warm-up exercises and ball handling drills as the spectators started to fill up the seats. Out of habit, Jaehyun looked to a particular area in the audience that’s near his team’s benches.
You’ve always been Jaehyun's biggest supporter, not just in basketball, but throughout his life, ever since that fateful meeting.
At age ten, his world almost came crashing down when he thought that he’d have to fly back to the other side of the world since his father’s contract had ended. He couldn’t imagine not having you by his side, and Jaehyun did not want to bid farewell to you, not at that time, not ever. But life had a funny way of working out, because you still ended up being his neighbour when he went back to Seoul, both of you promising that you wouldn’t leave each other’s side.
Because if it weren’t for you, he’s positive that he wouldn’t have made it this far either. 
Sad to say, his biggest supporter also happened to have a frequent problem of tardiness. Reaching on time already proved to be a challenge for you, so Jaehyun’s not sure why he expected you to be early for his game. Although you promised him yesterday that you'd come watch him play, he couldn’t help but sulk in disappointment when he did not see the one person that he’s waiting for. 
“Don’t worry Cap, she’ll be here soon. You know how it is.” Feeling a bump against his shoulders, Jaehyun looked away from the audience and came face to face with his teammate, who shot him a reassuring smile. 
Mark Lee, Vice-captain of the basketball team, and also Jaehyun's ride or die. Meeting through basketball, they’ve been playing alongside each other ever since high school days. Mark was the next person that Jaehyun could comfortably confide in after you, and the closest thing that their bond could be likened to was that of biological brothers. 
Save for the celebratory after parties, a few spontaneous outings, and the several common classes that they shared, the two did not typically hang out together on the regular outside of basketball. Even so, having been a part of each other’s lives for so many years, it was not surprising that there’s still a mutual sense of understanding between them. Like how some things don’t need to be said aloud, and you’ll still get it. That was the nature of their friendship. Brotherhood, if you will.
And so, it was only a matter of time before Mark eventually latched onto Jaehyun's undying crush on his long-time childhood best friend of seventeen years, you. The way Jaehyun’s eyes twinkled at the mention of your name in conversations, how his jaw clenched at the sight of his teammates getting too chummy with you for his liking whenever you popped by his training sessions; Jaehyun was obviously not an expert at concealing his feelings for you. And as far as Mark's concerned, these feelings were definitely not platonic. 
Jaehyun awkwardly cleared his throat at Mark's words, going over to his team’s benches as if he wasn’t just caught red-handed looking for you in a sea of people. Having a crush in itself was already embarrassing, but it’s worse when other people are aware of it. Even though Jaehyun trusted that Mark isn't the type of person to expose him, it didn’t help that you and Mark were also friends, because the Mark that he knew could not keep a secret to save his life. Case in point: Mark accidentally adding Jaehyun to a group chat with the subject name: Captain’s Birthday Surprise Party.
Perhaps the least of his concerns as of this moment, but someday if Jaehyun ever decided to make his feelings known, he wanted you to hear it directly from him. 
Jaehyun snapped back to reality when he heard a familiar voice, standing up from the benches to look back at that one spot in the audience. Unable to hide his smile, he waved at you, chuckling at the raised banner in your hands that read: MY CAPTAIN ♡ #23.
Wearing the number 23 jersey came with great expectations, and even though Jaehyun was no Michael Jordan, he’d proven himself to be worthy of owning it. Carrying the burden of being the star player and team captain was not easy, to say the least, but Jaehyun was grateful that he has the support of his teammates, and most importantly, you. 
There were days in which he got really stressed out because of practice, venting to you about how he needed to stop shooting air balls when it was only days away from the competition. Or when Yuta, his teammate, continuously used illegal contact in spite of his instructions. He could not be emotionally charged when dealing with his teammates, so you were the only person that he could go to. 
Unlike him, however, you weren’t familiar with basketball so your responses often came in the form of understanding nods, a listening ear, and becoming a shoulder for him to lean on. 
And even that was enough for Jaehyun.
“You can do it!” 
Jaehyun thinks back to the time that you tried to cheer him up with encouraging words. It was one of those days in which he ended practice with a heavy mind, and he could only let it all out while ranting to you. 
“You’re Jeong Jaehyun, there’s literally nothing you can’t do. Troy Bolton?” you scoffed. “I’ve only ever heard of Jaehyun Bolton!” Jaehyun bursted into laughter the moment he heard that, visibly entertained by how you could come up with something so absurd yet hilarious. But just like magic, Jaehyun also felt a heavy weight lift off his shoulders at your affirmation.
“You’ll do just fine, Captain.” You gave him a comforting pat once he calmed down from laughing, adopting a more serious tone to let him know that you weren’t kidding about him doing well.
Even if it was a spur-in-the-moment kind of thing, it somehow aged really well, for Jeong Jaehyun has never lost a single game in his life, and he didn’t plan on losing any game in the near future. 
It’s the fourth and final quarter of the game. To be precise, it was down to the last two minutes.
Jaehyun’s team was playing offence, and even though they were in the lead, the opposing team was very close to catching up to their score. These two minutes were extremely crucial.
Eyes trained on the ball, Jaehyun watched Jungwoo dribble it, getting as close as he could to the three-point line. Except, Jungwoo struggled to do so because he was surrounded by the opposing team, which practically made it impossible for him to inch any closer. 
Five. Four. Three. Two. One.
The referee blew the whistle, signalling for Jungwoo to hand the ball over to the opponent because he went past the five-second rule. 
Jungwoo wore a look of disappointment on his face, reluctantly passing the ball over. Jaehyun noticed this, and quickly jogged over to his teammate. “It’s okay,” he muttered, patting Jungwoo on the back. 
As the seconds went by, the opposing team passed the ball within their team, but never quite made it close to the scoring lines either, Yuta powerfully smacking the ball to block their advances. One of them continuously shouted at their teammate to shoot once there was an opportunity, but he didn't, and Jaehyun guessed it’s because it’s too far and risky a shot to take, especially with the clock ticking. 
Failing to make any further advances, they ended up losing their possession of the ball to Jaehyun's team. He signalled for Sungchan to take it, mentally formulating a strategy for him to get the ball over to their scoring zone smoothly. All of them exchanged glances with one another, collectively nodding after Jaehyun held up three fingers. 
After the whistle beeped, Sungchan wasted no time in passing the ball to Jungwoo before it could get intercepted. 
“Nice!” Jaehyun’s shout echoed, and he ran over to manoeuvre around the empty area just behind the three-point line of their scoring zone. 
They had sixty seconds left. 
Jungwoo was once again blocked, but unlike before, there was only one defender in front of him this time. Not expecting the ball to leave Sungchan’s hands so quickly, the other defenders were still running from the other side of the court, which gave him a bit of an advantage. 
“I'm free!” Mark called out, raising his hand to get Jungwoo’s attention. 
Jungwoo always played it safe, so he planned to dribble the ball to ensure that he could make a smooth pass to Mark. But dribbling the ball also made it easy for the defender to snatch the ball away, so he decided against it. 
Instead, he steadily raised the ball over his head as though he was about to do a shoulder pass to Mark, then waited for the defender to raise his arms knowing that he would try to smack it down. The second the defender’s hands were raised above his waist level, Jungwoo speedily brought the ball down, successfully bouncing the ball into Mark's hands.
Clearly outnumbered, the defender did not even try to stop Mark’s pass to Jaehyun. 
With the ball now in his possession, the entire stadium turned silent, suspense growing as all eyes fell on Jaehyun, waiting for him to take the shot. They’d already won the game, but it was still undeniably exhilarating to watch, considering that there were only eight seconds left until the game ended. Furthermore, it’s a three-pointer at stake here. 
It’s now or never. 
Jaehyun’s gaze was fixed on the hoop. Flashbacks of his air ball moments started playing in his mind, and he had to shake his head to physically clear out such thoughts. He exhaled deeply, the image of you with the banner that you probably stayed up to finish appearing instead, and he thought back to what you said to him before. No matter how ridiculous, he must admit that your words gave him a boost of confidence that faltered for a while when the opposing team kept scoring earlier. Positioning the ball over his head, he made a jump for it, effortlessly flicking the ball out of his palms… 
And he scores.
The crowd erupted in massive applause and loud cheers. Splashes of red, yellow, and white of the team’s flag colour decorated the entire stadium. Jaehyun’s teammates made a run for their captain, engulfing him in a group hug as they celebrated their victory. Before both teams returned to their benches, they lined up in a row for a handshake, mutters of good job and good game exchanged between players and coaches alike. 
As he did in every other game, Jaehyun returned to the benches and turned back to look at you. Even though most of the crowd already dispersed, you were still seated there, banner in hand. Pointing at it once again, you mouthed exactly what’s written on it, showing him a thumbs up. Grinning from ear to ear, he did not make any effort to hide his happiness.
Forget movies. If the multiverse was real, Jaehyun hoped there is a version where you become the Gabriella Montez to his Troy Bolton. 
Summer vacation rolled around soon enough, and before you knew it, you were sitting on the passenger seat of Jaehyun's car, buckling up your seatbelt while he started the engine.
You didn’t usually make any extravagant plans for summer vacation, but this year was slightly different in that both of your families decided to rent out a villa at Fluffel Heights. A three-hour drive away, it’s a small town located up north from your neighbourhood. It’s rare for everyone to be around, so this was the best time to spend the next three months together. 
You were supposed to set out at seven in the morning, but as always, you overslept again. Your parents left you a text saying they’d go over to check out the villa with Jaehyun's parents first, and that you and Jaehyun could come together later. Turns out, he also had difficulty getting out of bed because he was up all night gaming. By the time the both of you got ready, it was almost nearing noon.
“Wanna get Starbucks?” Jaehyun asked after keying in the address of the villa into his GPS. The shimmering heat of the sun tempted you to say yes, so the both of you stopped by to get drinks and snacks for the long ride. You decided to try an iced shaken tea with lemonade that’s new on the menu, while Jaehyun got his usual iced americano.
The first two hours went by quickly with you and Jaehyun screaming out the lyrics to your favourite songs at the top of your lungs. You rolled down the windows too, relishing in the pleasant feeling of the refreshing summer breeze brushing against your skin. 
Before the trip, Jaehyun came up with a brilliant idea of creating a shared road trip playlist together. Your music tastes were similar to each other, so it was easy to add songs that both of you would definitely enjoy. Titled I got my driver’s licence last week, the playlist ended up being five hours and seventeen minutes long, with almost a hundred songs in it. 
Every now and then, Jaehyun would glance over to you with a questioning look on his face whenever one of Taylor Swift’s songs came on. He was not an avid listener of her songs, but he might as well be, from all the times you recommended her songs to him. Your obsession wasn’t something new to him, but he didn’t realise how most of the songs that you added into the playlist were hers until now. 
“At this point, you should just play her entire discography,” he said, sighing. It was only five seconds into the song, but he was already able to recognise it because of how often you listened to it.
“But it's cruel summer!” you retorted back, feeding him a biscuit since his hands were on the steering wheel. “The title has the word ‘summer’ in it, so I had to add it in.” Jaehyun chuckled at your reasoning, but eventually gave in and sang along with you too. How could he not? He practically has the lyrics memorised all because of you.
The singing continued for the rest of the drive, but it wasn’t long before you got tired, simply sitting in your seat and bopping your head to the songs. Jaehyun also quietened down, eyes focused on the road since he’s taking an entirely new route that’s foreign to him. The songs were not as upbeat as before, and you found yourself dozing off every few minutes, the air conditioning making you even sleepier. Eyes shut, Jaehyun’s voice was the last thing that you heard before you completely drifted off to sleep, but you didn’t catch what he said to you. 
“… Mum said there’s a bowling alley at the country club. Let’s go there tonight?” 
Jaehyun’s eyes were still focused on the road, patiently waiting for your response. However, there was nothing except music playing from his speakers, making him tilt his head quizzically. Were you even listening to him?
Jaehyun briefly turned to your direction, and he felt a smile creeping up on his face once he saw you. Phone clutched in your hand, you’d fallen asleep, head dangerously close to hitting against his car window. He’d always known that you would end up falling asleep if you had to travel for more than two hours, but he still found it amusing whenever he caught you doing that.
Shifting his attention back to the road, he continued driving until he exited the expressway, finding a suitable spot for him to stop the car by the side of the road. He reached over to the backseat to get his pillow, carefully positioning it between your head and the window so as to not wake you from your slumber. He also took the spare hoodie that he left in his car to cover over your body as a makeshift blanket. 
Before leaning back into his seat, Jaehyun took in the sight of your sleeping figure for another time, and it took everything in him to not press a kiss against your cheek. 
These days, he’s finding it increasingly difficult to be around you, for the sole reason that your presence made it feel as though his heart was going to burst out of his chest. As much as he likes you, he didn’t know how much longer he could hide his feelings. He’s been doing well all these years, so why now? 
Perhaps it’s because the topic of relationships has started to come up more in your recent conversations with him. Expressing your concern about not being able to find the one, you told him that maybe you should be more serious about your love life and actually put yourself out on the market. He laughed it off and told you that it wasn’t something that you had to worry about, but deep down, it awakened the unmistakable feelings of panic and jealousy in him. That someday, you’ll be with someone who’s not him. 
Jaehyun doesn’t know what he’ll do when that happens. 
It was ironic, really. 
A part of him wanted to muster up the courage to shoot his shot. It’s risky, but even if he missed, at least he tried and wouldn’t be left with any regret. At the same time, however, the thought of potentially destroying your friendship outweighed everything else, and it would be selfish of him to prioritise his feelings over what the both of you have built together over the years. 
“Yuno,” you called out, breaking Jaehyun out of his thoughts. 
He looked at you, surprised, since you didn’t usually call him that. In fact, you’re the only person who ever calls him that. He leaned in closer to hear you properly, but he’s unable to make out your incoherent mumbles. He sighed, not knowing what to do with you, or more specifically, his feelings for you. But before he could let his thoughts of you consume him again, he started the engine and continued the drive to the villa. Because if there’s one thing that Jaehyun’s good at, it’s pretending.
Jaehyun pretends to be unaffected each time you have a new eye candy in school, when on the inside, he secretly hoped that it won’t progress to anything beyond that. He pretends that you’re not the reason for his past breakups because he always saw glimpses of you in every single one of his dating partners. But most of all, he pretends that he cares and looks out for you in the name of being your best friend, when in reality, it is the only way he can be affectionate with you like lovers do.
Jaehyun guessed the bowling alley could wait. After all, he has the entire summer with you.
Summer isn’t summer if you didn’t visit the beach, so that’s where you and Jaehyun went today. Except, it was apparent that the two of you had very different ideas about what to do at the beach.
“You’re not seriously reading a book at the beach.” Jaehyun stared at you with judgmental eyes.
You glanced up at Jaehyun, ignoring how he looked almost offended before flipping over to the next page. “I’m on the last chapter.” 
Jaehyun took the empty spot next to you under the shade, attempting to snatch the book out of your hands, but to no avail as you turned your body away from him. “Stop it. We can do whatever you want later, let me finish this first.” 
“We don’t have all day,” he grumbled. 
In spite of his complaints, Jaehyun obediently sat there while he waited for you to finish the novel. Soon he got bored and started to pick out the seashells that were scattered across the sand, gathering them in the palm of his hand. Since he didn’t move beyond the shade, you tried your best to not get distracted by his movements, until he moved back to his original spot, calling for your attention to show you the seashells that he’d collected.
“This one’s pretty,” you pointed at one of the seashells that took on the shape of a traditional hand fan.  
“Right?” Jaehyun took the seashell that you picked out, leaning in closer to you. 
You backed away instinctively. “What are you doing?”
He wordlessly raised the seashell, holding it up to your ear. “Just listen.”
You could hear the afternoon waves crawling gently to the shore, the metramonic lulling making you feel like you were sitting by the water there and then, even though you were relatively far away from the edge of the water. Eyes widened, you looked over at Jaehyun in fascination, amazed by how such a phenomenon was possible. 
“I know,” he said, as though he could read your mind. 
After what felt like hours to Jaehyun, you were finally done with your book. He didn’t want to waste any more time and practically dragged you along with him. 
The both of you tried standup paddleboarding for a few hours, but it always ended with Jaehyun laughing at you whenever you lost your balance. Too bad for you, your best friend was a natural at sports, so you couldn’t poke fun at him the same way he did to you, and the best you could do was shoot daggers at him. 
You thought that the both of you would return to the villa after that as you and Jaehyun took a slow stroll along the beach, leaving your footprints along the trail. That is, until Jaehyun suddenly carried you up in one swift movement when you weren’t paying attention to him, and the next thing you knew, you were in the water. 
“Jeong Yuno!”
You shouted at him once you got up from the water surface, raking your fingers through your hair to get it out of your face. 
Jaehyun stuck his tongue out. “Come and get me if you can!”
“Oh, I will.” You took large strides towards the shore, determined to drag Jaehyun into the water too. He wasn’t really making a run for it, and that spurred you on to go faster, making it far enough to be just an arm’s length away from him.
Before you could reach out to grab him, however, your foot came into contact with something sharp and hard, causing you to let out a loud shriek. You didn’t know what you stepped on, but it was so painful that you could feel your legs giving up on you. Closing your eyes as though it would cushion the impact of the fall, you were surprised to feel an arm wrapped around your waist instead. You slowly opened your eyes, only to come face to face with Jaehyun. Eyebrows drawn together, his concerned eyes glazed over yours to check if you were okay.
“Be careful, will you?” Jaehyun murmured. “You’re always making me worried for no reason.” You swallowed hard, trying your hardest to feign ignorance at how his body was pressing against yours, so close that even the thin piece of cloth separating your bodies didn’t stop you from being able to feel the outline of his well-defined abs.
You looked away from him for a moment to recollect yourself, and that seemed to make Jaehyun think that you got hurt somewhere else. Letting go of your waist, Jaehyun bent down in an attempt to check on your supposedly injured foot. A mistake on his part, it seemed, Jaehyun was caught off guard and hastily pushed into the water seconds later.
You smiled in victory, bursting into fits of laughter once you saw Jaehyun’s priceless face. “Gotcha!”
In retrospect, maybe Jaehyun should have insisted on going to the bowling alley with you the first night you two reached the villa.
Six weeks into summer vacation, his extended family were invited over for an impromptu poolside party since they happened to be around the area. They were too tired to drive back by the time the party ended, so they crashed in the villa for the night. But one night turned into two, and they eventually decided to spend the entire summer here too.
And the thought of it was enough to make him clench his fist in anger.
It’s not that he hated them. Their families were pretty close, so this arrangement was not something out of the blue. But with them around, Jaehyun could hardly spend a moment with you in peace. Not just that, there’s been days in which Jaehyun woke up to texts of you cancelling plans, and he didn’t even know where you wandered off to.
It’s true that you and Jaehyun had the opportunity to explore different places of interest around the town. From paddleboarding at the beach to renting bicycles at the park, he has had his fair share of quality time with you to try out new activities you haven’t done together before. Minus the bowling alley, of course, because it somehow slipped Jaehyun's mind.
Still, no amount of time spent with you would ever be enough for him.
Ever since his extended family joined, you’ve been around his cousin a lot more than he’d liked. To make things worse, his cousin did not have a very good concept of personal space either. Catching his incessant touches on your arm or shoulder, Jaehyun was unable to suppress the green-eyed monster in him.
Johnny Suh was a little bit of a handful. 
Notorious for his reputation as a player who changes his significant other every two weeks, you’re someone that Jaehyun would never let him get close to, even if Johnny was the last person left on earth. If he had to be honest, he wasn’t even sure if those people were even significant enough to be called his significant other, but that’s beside the point. The point was that his efforts were proven to be futile, especially from the way that you didn’t mind how Johnny has his arm around your shoulder, giggling at the sweet nothings that he whispered in your ear.
Jaehyun wasn’t used to any of this. He recalls a conversation he had with you in the kitchen where he tried warning you about Johnny, but it was apparent that his words fell on deaf ears. 
“He’s just being friendly,” you said, and Jaehyun had to physically hold himself back from letting out another sigh. 
For the lack of a better word, he thought that you were being really stupid. You might not have had much experience in the dating scene, but surely, you’ve spotted Johnny flirting with random strangers at the country club before. Even if you didn’t personally witness it with your eyes, you must have at least heard him flirting with people over the phone. That should’ve been sufficient for you to see that Johnny wasn’t serious about you.
“He's my cousin, I'm sure I know him better than you do,” Jaehyun retaliated. Why were you being so stubborn? It was not like you at all.
“Okay and?”
You kept your phone in your pocket and looked up at him, rolling your eyes. “Do you want an award for that? Why must you consistently prove that you’re better than me?”
Jaehyun scoffed, unable to believe the words coming out of your mouth. Turning off the tap, the kitchen was filled with the clanging sound of Jaehyun angrily placing the washed plates and mugs back into the dish holder. “Is that what you really think of me? A competitive asshole? After all these years we’ve spent together, that’s all you have to say about me?”
You fell silent. Regret instantly showed in your eyes, and even Jaehyun knew that you only said it in the heat of the moment, but it was still hurtful. He hated this. It was inevitable for arguments to arise in friendships, but lately, that was all the both of you did. Argue. And it was always over Johnny. 
“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Jaehyun spoke again, back leaning against the kitchen counter as he turned to face you.
“I wouldn’t be saying all of this if I didn't care about you.” His tone was much gentler than before, because honestly, he didn’t have it in him to stay mad at you too. “I’m just looking out for you, as a friend.”
A friend, he said.
“Then as my friend, can’t you be happy for me?” Jaehyun felt the touch of your hand over his, your gazes locked. “You know better than anyone how much this means to me, so can’t you let me have it?”
He can’t. 
More than anyone, Jaehyun wished for your happiness. But he also wished that you could see where he’s coming from. It goes without saying that he’ll be happy for you if you found someone, but Johnny is really not who you think he is, and definitely not the one for you.
Jaehyun pulled his hand away, causing you to take a step back at how cold he was acting. It was evident that he’d given up and didn’t want to continue the conversation. Because to him, there was no point in talking if you were not going to listen to him. Body turned towards the door, he slowly made his way out of the kitchen.
“Jae, about earlier, I–”
“Save it.” His footsteps came to a halt, but Jaehyun did not even bother turning back to spare you a single glance. It was awful that he cut you off, but it couldn’t possibly compare to what he said next, the words cutting right through your heart.
“Just don’t come crying to me later on.” 
Looking back, Jaehyun wished he could turn back time because he’s sorry for being so harsh towards you, for unintentionally starting a cold war. Other than greeting each other when your parents were around, it really killed him that you barely spoke to him. 
It killed him even more right now to see you by Johnny's side, affectionately leaning into his touch. And because ignorance is bliss, Jaehyun averted his eyes right before you pressed your lips against Johnny’s, hiding behind a corner where he faded away with the rest of the world that no longer seemed to have you in it.
In the course of your friendship, Jaehyun was always the first to reach out to you, attempting to patch things up whenever the two of you fought, taking the blame even if it wasn’t entirely his fault. And while you acknowledge how unfair it is to him, you could never find the right words to say to him, and by the time you figure it out, he’d have beaten you to it. Of course, you would admit that you were also in the wrong, but it still feels bad that he’s constantly the one giving in to you.
This time, however, you were convinced that he did not want anything to do with you anymore. 
It’s been almost two weeks since the two of you argued, but Jaehyun has yet to approach you. Considering how your previous fights never lasted for more than a week, you wondered if the friendship could still be salvaged. 
In an attempt to clear your mind, you decided to go out to get some fresh air. So here you were, sitting on a swing in the park. And even though it’s not the same, it reminded you of the neighbourhood playground that you and Jaehyun always went to when you were much younger. Gone were the carefree times where the only thing the both of you worried about was how you were going to talk the adults into letting you play a little longer before going home. 
You think you miss Jaehyun a little more than you usually do today.
Maybe it’s a sign for you to reach out and apologise first. It’s just two simple words, and Jaehyun has said it to you so many times before, so there’s no reason that you couldn’t do it. But admitting to your wrongs is always a difficult thing to do, even if it’s your best friend that you’re being honest and vulnerable with. Or rather, because he’s your best friend, all the more it makes it harder for you to swallow your pride, because he was right about Johnny after all. 
True to Jaehyun’s words, you were nothing more than a side piece to Johnny. Coming and leaving as he pleased, your iMessage conversation with Johnny was increasingly filled with blue speech bubbles only. Even if he did text back, his responses were often one-word replies or things that were difficult to reply to, as if his intention was to end the conversation there and then.
It was not a nice feeling at all. 
Although things between the both of you have ended, thoughts about Johnny didn’t fail to make you tear up.
You hated how desperate you were during that time, shredding every piece of dignity you had in you to hold onto Johnny in hopes that he would do the same too. Spending most of his time on his phone instead of sparing you his attention, cutting short your hangouts, openly flirting with other girls in your presence; you still decided to put your trust in Johnny and ignored all these signs that blatantly presented themselves to you. 
Why? Because he was the first ever person that made you feel like you’d be able to experience the love that you always dreamed about. It would be too far a reach to say that he was your first love, but he was undoubtedly the first person to ever make you have feelings you didn’t know you had, both good and bad. The last straw was him accidentally calling you by another name, and you weren’t sure how you were supposed to end something that never really started, but you did by deleting every trace of Johnny in your phone. And eventually, your life. It was a difficult step, but one you had to take.
Never mind that your first experience with the closest resemblance to love was agonising, you were also on the brink of losing your best friend that you’ve practically known your entire life. You went from seeing him every day to almost forgetting how his voice sounded, as though a part of your soul had been taken away from you. You don’t know why you quarrelled with Jaehyun. It was not worth it though, that much you’d know.  
Gaze fixated on a little girl and boy playing on the see-saw, the feelings of despair grew stronger, and the sight of them made your heart clench. It’s not fair, the way everything reminded you of him. You tried to push the thoughts of him to the back of your mind to convince yourself that you didn’t care about him, but the tear that escaped your eye betrayed you.
If only you had listened to him then.
“I’ll be at the balcony, call me if you need anything!”
Your dad hummed in response, momentarily looking up at you walking up the stairs before returning his attention to the barbeque pit, entirely focused on grilling the meat.
Summer was about to come to an end, and so was your stay at the villa. By the courtesy of Jaehyun’s and your parents who thought that it’ll be a good way to end the vacation with a barbeque party, they’ve been planning it together over the past few weeks. As opposed to you and Jaehyun who were still not on talking terms, it’s unfortunate that you didn’t manage to find an opportunity to properly apologise to Jaehyun. He was avoiding you, it seemed, from the way he’d devour his meal within minutes and return to his room, door shut and locked. There was never a chance for you to approach him, and soon you gave up even trying knowing that it would be a waste of your time. You didn’t want to ruin the party tonight knowing how much planning went into it, so you tried not to think too much about Jaehyun too.
The balcony had a splendid view that oversaw the small town; it was especially pretty when the sun set and rose. You’d accidentally discovered it a few days ago when a bird flew to the balcony railing, its loud chirps waking you up from your sleep. Groggily getting up to chase the bird away, you noticed how the morning sun was situated perfectly on the horizon. Its bright orange hue unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the small town came to life during those few blissful minutes. 
Not wanting to miss the last sunset before you left the villa, you made sure to check the sunset time and even set an alarm for it. Today, the cloud cover was more extensive, which provided a beautiful contrast to the pinkish hues that splattered across the sky. As you took in the scenic landscape in front of you, you were in awe of how fast the colours changed even if you looked away only for a few minutes, very much like how fast the entire summer went by. 
“Mind if I join?”
Your solitude gets interrupted by a voice, and you almost jumped because of the sudden intrusion. But the moment it hit you, whose voice it was, it was your heart that really almost jumped. 
“Sure.” You pondered if you should turn behind. You don’t know how you’d react, seeing him again after such a long time, even though you’ve been meaning to see him because you only caught him whenever he passed by the hallway over the past few days. Not to mention, these rare sightings were extremely short-lived too. His voice alone was enough to make you break. Jaehyun eventually put an end to your dilemma by standing next to you, his arms crossed, elbows resting against the railing.
You felt like exploding.
You sneaked a peek at Jaehyun through your peripheral vision. He was wearing a plain black tee, which was basically what he wore every other day, and somehow you find yourself missing the sight of him appearing in the same few clothes that he owned. A small smile was playing on his lips as he looked over the horizon, and you thought about how if it wasn’t for the ongoing cold war between the both of you, this would have been an adorable moment that you shared together – watching the sunset. 
“It's so beautiful,” Jaehyun mused, and only when he spoke did you catch a whiff of alcohol on his breath.
“Have you been drinking?”
Voice laced with concern, you turned to him fully this time, getting a clearer view of his face. While his cheeks were not tinted red, his droopy eyes definitely gave it away. You didn’t even have to hear his reply to know the answer to your question. 
A lazy smile formed on his face, dimples peeking out. “Just a few glasses,” he said, slowly closing the distance between the two of you. It almost took you back to the day at the beach.
Jaehyun rested his chin on your shoulder, caging your small frame in his arms. You were taken aback by the sudden physical intimacy, considering how he’d not looked you in the eye for more than five seconds since the argument broke out. You’re not sure if it’s because of the close proximity or because he’d been drinking, but it was tremendously warm, and you could feel your body heating up too. It was warm in a good way, however, and because you couldn’t deny that you missed your best friend dearly, you returned the hug too. 
Jaehyun called your name, pulling away from the hug first. Staring deeply like this into his honey brown eyes is akin to the feeling of putting on your favourite cardigan, and it makes you realise just how much you missed him, his hugs, and everything else about him. 
“I missed you,” Jaehyun mumbled, his voice low. And if it weren’t for the fact that his face was just inches away from yours, you would’ve missed what he said. What struck you more was how he verbalised exactly what you were thinking of at that moment, even more so knowing that it wasn’t typical of Jaehyun to say such things.
You leaned back slightly, slowly letting go of him. “You’re drunk, Jaehyun.”
“So I can’t miss you when I’m drunk?” he challenged, pulling you even closer to him. His gaze on you didn’t falter, and the intensity of it made you want to scream; he has never looked at you like that before.
“No,” you muttered, “but you don’t usually act like that.”
“What if I want to?”
He was genuinely making you puzzled. “Huh?”
“What if I want to be this close to you all the time?” 
You let out a harsh breath at his words, trying to break free of his hold. “Let’s talk when you’re sober.”
A mirthless laugh escaped Jaehyun’s lips, your response making him look away for a moment before turning back to you. “I have a high tolerance. You know I never get drunk.” 
His hands were no longer around your waist, and you wondered if something happened for him to behave this way. You didn’t even understand the hidden layers of meaning behind his words, but it wasn’t something you wanted to think about when the both of you have yet to resolve your previous argument. If anything, he was confusing you even more with his words and actions.
“We should talk about this another time,” you insisted.
“No,” Jaehyun protested, bringing a hand up to tuck away stray pieces of hair behind your ear. You felt small under his gaze, shy because of his affectionate gestures. At a loss of words, it was difficult for you to predict where this was heading, but you prayed that it wouldn’t end up in another argument. A brief silence took over as neither of you said anything, until you noticed his eyes trailing down to your lips. 
“I want to kiss you so bad.”
“Jaehyun,” you gasped in shock. You put your hand on his chest to push him away, withdrawing it as soon as there was a considerable amount of space between you two.
“Don’t say such things when you’re not in the right state of mind.” Even though those words were meant for Jaehyun, it felt as though you were trying to convince yourself instead. That your best friend definitely didn’t see you in that way, and that it was just the alcohol talking. Yet, as you watched how the smile on his face fell when you pushed him away, it was getting harder to convince yourself otherwise.
“But I do,” he said, eyes searching your face for any signs of discomfort before carefully taking a step closer to bring you into a hug again, your forehead resting against his chest. “I don’t want to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. But I really want to kiss you. On the lips.” 
You immediately shook your head. “We can’t.”
“Why? Is it because of Johnny?” Jaehyun questioned, the pain in his voice went unhidden. 
“I’ve ended things with Johnny,” you clarified quickly, and for some reason it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would, admitting that to Jaehyun. 
“Then why can’t we kiss?”
You blew out your cheeks, dumbfounded at how he was asking the obvious. “Because best friends are not supposed to kiss each other.” 
“You’re not just a best friend to me,” he stated. 
“Jaehyun, don’t do this.” You huffed, frustratedly cutting in before he could continue as you did not anticipate his confession. 
But he’d only moved his hand up, holding you in place through the form of gentle pats on your head, like he was silently telling you to listen to what he had to say. Knowing that this was going to come up again even if you avoided it now, you decided to give in, leaning into his warmth. Once he felt you relax, Jaehyun drew in a long breath before speaking again. 
“I like you so much,” Jaehyun started, the sense of resignation embedded within his confession so apparent that it made you curious just how long he’d been bottling this up for. “I really like you so much, I think it might even be love.” He repeated, as though you didn’t hear him right the first time. And if his words made your heart flutter, you pretended that it didn’t, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to feel how fast your heart was racing.
“But I knew it was wrong to have romantic feelings for my best friend. I wasn’t going to jeopardise our friendship, so I did everything I could to get rid of them. Told myself it was just a phase, and even started dating around,” Jaehyun continued. 
“It didn’t work, obviously,” he chuckled bitterly. “I ended up liking you more and more every day, I thought I was going crazy. For a while, it was easy for me to just ignore my feelings,” he hesitated for a moment before resuming.
“Until Johnny came into the picture.” 
You were steeped in guilt, grateful that your face was buried in Jaehyun’s chest. 
“I hated that you dropped me to be with him. Fuck, it hurt me so much to see the two of you doing things I’ve always longed to do with you. It’s true that he’s a player but all I wanted was to be selfish and keep you for myself. I felt stupid and sorry for not being to able to stop you from getting hurt, because that’s not how you’d protect someone you like.” 
“Don’t be sorry, it’s my fault for not listening,” you murmured. While you didn’t want to ruin the moment, you thought it was important to let Jaehyun know that getting involved with Johnny was solely your decision, and that it wasn’t something he could take the blame for even if he wanted to. It was also part of what you’ve been wanting to tell him in the few times that you attempted to approach him. 
Jaehyun tenderly threaded his hand through your hair upon hearing your apology, but neither accepted nor rejected it. “I know it’s unfair of me to suddenly dump all of this on you, but I can’t hold it in anymore. You don’t have to do anything about it, I just wanted to let you know that…” He huffed, “I really, really, really, like you a lot… Buttercup.” 
Hearing that nickname aroused unexplainable feelings within you, partly because Jaehyun didn’t call you that often. It was an inside joke that started in middle school, when you told him that Buttercup was your favourite Powerpuff Girl character because you found her really cool. Mischievous since young, Jaehyun responded by saying that it was really fitting because the two of you shared the same grouchy face, especially on early mornings when you had to wake up for school. He never stopped teasing you since then and would call you that whenever an opportunity arises. 
This time, however, there was a hint of adoration behind the nickname that was definitely far from concealed. And you don’t think you want Jaehyun to stop calling you that. 
You felt Jaehyun press a soft kiss to the crown of your head, rendering you speechless because it made you forget what you wanted to say to him. It was too late, by the time you fully processed what had happened, for Jaehyun had already walked away, leaving you alone on the balcony just as you were waiting for the sunset earlier.
Only, the sun had already gone down. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to bask in the lovely afterglow that painted the sky when all you could focus on was the darkness surrounding it. 
It was indeed a cruel summer. 
“Dude, so you just walked away after pouring your heart out to her? And the kiss. Dude, I really thought you would’ve gone for her lips!” 
Jaehyun almost spat out his food at Mark’s exclamation, not expecting the younger boy to raise his voice. Jaehyun’s eyes rapidly scanned the cafeteria to see if anyone heard him, and was relieved to see that they were busily engaged with their conversations to catch what Mark said. 
“Not loud enough, Mark. You should just announce it through the PA system and make sure even people in the Design School can hear you,” Jaehyun scowled at Mark, causing him to quickly apologise with a sheepish smile. 
The Design School was located on the other end of the campus from where they were, so Jaehyun probably wouldn’t have the cheek to turn up for classes if they could actually hear him. Though, Mark technically couldn’t be blamed for being so excited, since it’s not every day that he got an update on his close friend’s love life. He’d been invested in this for years. 
“But to answer your question, yeah. I’ve been avoiding her because I don’t know what else I should do,” Jaehyun said, mindlessly using his fork to play with his food instead of putting it into his mouth. He didn’t have much of an appetite. He didn’t even feel like he deserved to eat after what he pulled. Still, he had to get something into his system, because if not, there was no way he would survive afternoon practice later.
“Oh man,” Mark said, a tinge of disappointment in his voice. “She probably feels like shit though,” he added, his eyes widening immediately after realising the implication of his words. 
“Not saying you don’t feel like shit too, but you know, like, getting ignored after all that. I’d be bat shit confused,” he attempted to clear up. 
It’s occasionally difficult to comprehend Mark’s words because he speaks in the same way that he thinks, as though he’s still trying to piece his thoughts together, but Jaehyun knew what he was trying to get at. Mark did have a point, however. A point that, as Mark put it, made Jaehyun feel like shit. He knew better than anyone that it was wrong of him to leave you hanging without an explanation of any sort. 
“So you think I should approach her first?” 
Mark shook his head. “It’s not up to me to tell you what to do,” he replied, scraping up the remaining few bits of his food before taking a spoonful of it. “Just think that at the end of the day, you should follow your heart. Put aside the whole friends since childhood thing. There’s no way things would go back to how they were anyway.”
If you told Jaehyun five years ago that he’d be receiving advice on his love life from Mark, he’d probably laugh at you until he had tears in his eyes. Mark wasn’t a bad adviser, per se, and he could trust Mark to be a hundred percent honest with him. Jaehyun simply found the entire situation laughable, how it’d all come down to this. 
Following his heart… Jaehyun couldn’t do that easily, especially not when it’s something that he’d been trying to hold himself back from doing all these years. He always had to think logically and thoroughly consider what would happen to your friendship if he decided to act upon his feelings – and all the possible outcomes that came up in his head often didn’t end well. Following his heart? It was much easier to follow his head. It was already unsettling enough that he was so open and vulnerable with you about his feelings given that he rarely showed that side of himself to you, or anyone else for that matter. Coupled with that, is the difficulty of casually slotting himself back into your life to talk about what had happened; it’s not as if he was going to ask you about the weather. Decisions, decisions… Jaehyun was both curious and afraid to know how this would play out. 
“Alright man, I gotta go for my next class.” Mark pulled out his chair, the sound of metal creaking against the cafeteria floor. “It was nice catching up. I’ll update you on how she’s doing so don’t worry too much, okay? See you at practice later.” There was a nice ring of assurance to Mark’s voice, and it made Jaehyun grateful that you and Mark shared the same classes so he could still look out for you through him.
“Thanks bro,” Jaehyun said with a sincere smile on his face. Even though he still didn’t know what he was going to do, at least there is now a glimmer of hope that lies still in his heart.
If there was one word that you could use to describe how you were feeling, it would be sorrow.
Several days have passed since that night but you’ve yet to hear from Jaehyun. Initially, you were worried about him and thought that he needed some time and space alone. So you gave that to him. After all, it probably took him a lot of courage to say those words to you. 
But one day turned into two, and soon, it became a week. You began to doubt Jaehyun’s feelings for you and wondered if he meant what he said, or if it was just the alcohol talking. Surely, this was no way to treat someone you claimed to like.
Truthfully, it’s been quite some time since you came to know about Jaehyun’s feelings for you. Or rather, had an inkling that he didn’t just view you platonically. You just chose to ignore it. For several reasons, but mostly the fact that your seventeen-year-long friendship was on the line.
In recent years, you started to notice the way that Jaehyun would pay special attention to you. There was nothing inherently wrong with that, since it’s normal for friends to look out for each other. But the foreign twinkle in his eye that started to show up when he listened to you talk about your day or complain about completing your assignments; it was difficult to brush it off as a friendly gesture when you were so used to him spacing out five minutes into your past conversations. 
Jaehyun also seemed to have taken a mental note of how forgetful you could be. More often than not, you’d forget to bring a hair tie out with you because you were always rushing out of the house. But at some point in time, together with his silver bracelet that he usually wore, Jaehyun would also have a black hair tie wrapped around his wrist. When he notices how your hair almost got into your food, he’d put down his utensils, chiding you as if you were a child while he tied your hair up into a simple ponytail.
And how could you possibly forget the time that he pulled an all-nighter to help you study for an exam? 
Jaehyun’s major was anything but closely related to yours, yet he took the time to familiarise himself with the important terms that you needed to know for the exam. Making flashcards so that it’ll be easier for you to remember those terms, Jaehyun even went as far as to record and send you audio notes explaining the concepts that your professor highlighted in your notes, which saved you so much revision time. All of this, simply because you made a comment in passing about how on top of that exam, you had so many other deadlines to meet in the same week, and he’d dropped everything to help you as if he didn’t already have a lot on his plate. He didn’t even ask for anything in return except for you to have a meal with him after the exam because he knew that you didn’t get to eat any proper food since submission week began.
It was certain that Jaehyun’s special treatment towards you made your heart do leaps and bounds, but you were in denial and didn’t want to believe that you saw your best friend in a different light. It was only when he confessed to you that you felt relieved. For all the times you thought you were committing a crime by overthinking every single interaction you had with him, even down to a simple text message from Jaehyun asking, “Did you sleep well? :)”
Perhaps a mistake on your part, but your friends were also Jaehyun’s friends. There were other people that you knew outside of that particular social circle, but they were people that you’d group as acquaintances, nothing more than polite greetings exchanged before and after lectures. It didn’t even matter that the both of you were neighbours because he wasn’t even around much. You didn’t dare to go knocking on his door in fear that he’ll just throw you another excuse to avoid you. 
Several nights, your hand hovered over Jaehyun’s contact in your phone. Typing, backspacing, typing, backspacing; these unsent messages ended up residing in your notes application for no one but yourself to read. Time spent away from Jaehyun was painful. Painful because it was only prolonging. 
Even walking home felt miserable because Jaehyun would usually be by your side, but only the music that played through your earbuds accompanied you.
This street was filled with memories that the both of you have made together over the years, and it was so painful thinking about how they turned into nothing once love came into play. It didn’t even take longer than a day for you to feel the full force of his absence in your life.
You hope you’ll never lose Jaehyun.  
“Hey ____, is my shoebag at the café?”
You got up from your chair, walking over to the other side of the table where Mark was seated previously. “Yup,” you said, pulling out his chair to find his black shoebag lying on it. “I didn’t even notice you left it here until you called.”
“Dang it. Could you bring it over for me? I wore slides today and there’s no way in hell I’m training in that. Coach would bench me.”
A particular someone filled your thoughts at once, and you turned quiet, almost forgetting that Mark was still on the line until you heard his voice again. “Jaehyun won’t be there if that’s what you’re worried about. He has an interview today.”
And that’s how you found yourself standing outside the indoor basketball court with Mark’s shoebag in hand. 
After the whole ordeal, Mark was the only person in Jaehyun’s social circle that really talked to you. Mainly because the both of you still had classes together, but you genuinely felt lucky that you still had company. If not, school would be so much harder to get through. 
Most of your conversations tended to gravitate toward school and assignments. Though, that didn’t stop Mark from dropping updates on how Jaehyun’s doing even if you never brought him up a single time. He was respectful about it, however, careful not to overstep. He also didn’t ask or say anything that would make you uncomfortable. And for that, you thought that the least you could do for Mark was to pass him his shoebag so that he wouldn’t get into trouble.
Your palm turned sweaty as it hovered over the doorknob, and it didn’t help that you could hear a bunch of rowdy voices from outside. Although Mark already assured you that Jaehyun wouldn’t be coming, the anxious feeling still didn’t go away. What if his teammates gave you shit for what happened? Or what if they ended up humiliating you? 
No. Jaehyun isn’t the type of person to talk bad about you behind your back. Besides, you’ve seen a few of his teammates around campus and they would still smile and wave at you. It was all in your head. Taking a deep breath, you opened the doorknob, resonating a click sound that echoed throughout the indoor court. 
“____!” Within seconds, someone had already come running up to you, his arm thrown over your shoulder. 
“Hi Jungwoo!” 
“Have you been busy with school? We don’t see you around anymore,” Jungwoo pointed out, pouting. His child-like expression brought a smile to your face. Jungwoo was like a loveable little brother to you, always sharing his snacks with you whenever you stayed behind to wait for Jaehyun. 
Even though you felt apologetic on the inside, you still found yourself coming up with a lie so as to not make things awkward. “Sorry. It’s always hard adjusting back to the new semester, you know?” 
“Well, drop by when you’re free! I miss you. We all do.” Jungwoo said, and it wasn't long before the rest of the team flocked over to the benches where the both of you were standing. 
“You owe me one.” Throwing the shoebag over to Mark, it was fortunate that his fast reflexes prevented him from having a broken nose. He thanked you quickly before changing into his shoes. 
“I need to go to the washroom. I’ll leave my stuff here first.” You announced to no one in particular, hiding them behind Mark’s things on the benches. 
Despite being a regular visitor to their practices, their coach was admittedly not fond of you having you over because their break times always went beyond the designated duration, which ate into their practice time. The boys would always crowd around you and chat for a long time, forgetting what they were really there for. And since he had yet to arrive, you figured that it would be better to disguise your things as Mark’s first, lest the coach gets into a bad mood even before practice starts. You weren’t planning to stay for long, but you know, just in case. 
“It’s not like anyone is going to steal them,” Yuta remarked, a second too late. 
“You’re the reason I don’t come here anymore.” You deadpanned, your comeback making the rest of the boys playfully jeer at Yuta. 
Practice had already started while you were in the washroom, the beeping whistle that would sound every few seconds told you so. Peeking out from a corner, you took in the familiar sight of the team warming up, their shoes squeaking on the wooden flooring. Upon further scrutiny, however, your entire body stiffens once a familiar figure comes into sight. You could only see his back-view, but the white headband that he wore was recognizable anywhere. 
Didn’t Mark say he wouldn’t be here today? 
Your lips curled inwards thinking about how you were going to get out of here without getting noticed. The coach was the least of your concerns, it was Jaehyun that you worried about. You weren’t ready for any form of confrontation yet, not that you expected him to talk to you about it, and you didn’t want to watch him ignore you. Maybe you should just stay here until they end practice. You didn’t have anything on after this anyway. But you also couldn’t imagine waiting around here for hours, and potentially risk getting locked up in here for the night when you don’t actually end up making it out. Racking your brain for unfeasible ideas made you curse in frustration, it was clear that going out by where you came from was the only option.
You turned around the corner from where you were hiding, silently jogging to the benches where you left your things together with Mark’s. You gave the court a quick once over, exhaling in relief when you see them preoccupied with their drills. Gathering your things, you made a run for the exit while they weren’t looking.
“____, you’re leaving already?” Jungwoo’s voice stopped you in your tracks. It was too late to ask him to be quiet since he practically announced your exit to the entire court, but in a moment of panic, you ended up turning around even though you should have continued walking. Jaehyun’s eyes were on you. What shocked you more, however, was the unpleasant surprise that followed after.
Jaehyun, who was supposed to receive a pass from Sungchan, got distracted by you, or rather, Jungwoo saying bye to you. Ball hauled straight at Jaehyun, his teammates shouted at him to watch out, with Yuta even rushing over at the speed of light to hit the ball away. Which unfortunately, backfired, because while he managed to prevent Jaehyun from getting hit by the ball, Yuta ended up colliding into him, the both of them tumbling to the ground. 
“Are you okay?” You don’t know how you ended up in front of Jaehyun, but your trembling hands held him by the shoulder, your eyes glossing over his figure to check if he was okay. 
Jaehyun looked extremely pale, and that’s saying a lot given that he was already very fair to begin with. Eyelids shut, he was profusely breaking out in cold sweat. Their coach snapped his fingers to get Jaehyun’s attention, but there was hardly any response. 
“I’ll take him to the infirmary,” you said.
“Don’t be silly, ____. How are you going to carry him?” Yuta stood up while massaging his right shoulder, recovering from the fall faster than Jaehyun did because it wasn’t as severe for him.  
You unintentionally glared at Yuta because of his snide comment that always seemed to come up at the wrong time. Though, you thought it was warranted this time, because you were fretting over Jaehyun’s injury. Sensing your panic, Yuta raised two hands defensively. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll take him to the nurse. You get his things, I’ll meet you there.”
The wait was awfully long. 
You didn’t want to disrupt the process so you stayed outside with Jaehyun’s things, waiting patiently until you could go in to check on him. You didn’t even feel an ounce of anger towards him, only thinking about whether he was okay or not, because it didn’t seem like he was. Judging from the past few times, you roughly knew that this time of the year was also nearing competition season, so you genuinely hoped that Jaehyun’s injury was nothing serious. It would be so demoralising for him if he had to sit out, and that’s the last thing you wanted for him. 
You hurriedly got up from your seat when you heard the door open, looking over to see the doctor walk out of the infirmary first, with Yuta following right behind. The doctor gave you a polite smile before leaving. 
“How is he?” you dared to ask.
A knowing chuckle left Yuta’s lips. “Your boyfriend’s fine.”
“Yuta.” Your death glare from earlier made a reappearance, and it caused him to straighten up before relaying the doctor’s words.
“Good news is that he didn’t fracture or break anything. The swelling went down after they iced his ankle, but…” Yuta’s voice trailed off.
“He caught some flu bug that’s been going around school so his body is kind of weak. Doc said he needs to take a week off to recover, he even prescribed him antibiotics.” That explained his sickly complexion. 
“Can I go in to see him?”
Yuta nodded, holding the door open for you. “I’ll get going first. Take good care of your–”
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence.”
“… Boyfriend.” A triumphant smile on his face, Yuta got out of your sight even before you could do anything (throw your laptop at him). 
You walked into Jaehyun lying on the bed. His eyes were closed, but the sound of him humming to a tune told you that he wasn’t asleep. You crouched down to put both your things by the bedside, careful not to make a loud ruckus before settling down on the empty chair next to the bed. 
“I’m sorry.” Your voice came out as a whisper, as if you were scared to break the silence. 
Jaehyun’s eyelids fluttered open, now looking in your direction as he slowly sat up. “Why are you sorry? It’s not even your fault. I was careless and tripped.” Would it be a stretch to say that he tripped because of you? You’re not sure, but you somehow felt responsible for his current state. 
“Let me take care of you,” you offered.
“No. I don’t need you to take care of me.” 
“But you’re sick,” you persisted. “Stop being so stubborn.”
“I don’t really want to be around you, ____.” Jaehyun said coldly, and your heart sank upon hearing his words. It was hard to believe that this was the same guy who wore his heart on his sleeve. For you. 
You blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. “Do you really mean that?” 
“Yes.” Jaehyun’s reply came faster than you’d expected. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. What broke you was how he answered you with a stoic expression that was void of any emotion. 
“I can’t get rid of my feelings if I continue to be around you all the time.” Jaehyun explained, his head hanging low. “So just let me be, and we’ll be okay again once I get over you.”
I don’t want you to get over me.
You wanted to tell Jaehyun, how unfair it was that he never once asked you how you felt about everything, but no words left your mouth. You could only sit there, looking down at your hands, feeling unwanted in a space where even your best friend couldn’t tolerate your presence because you were hurting him as much as he was hurting you. Lines were blurred, and boundaries have been crossed. How could you bring yourself to believe that the two of you would be okay again? 
You fiddled with your hands, earning the courage to look Jaehyun in the eye again. “I’m still going to take care of you.” You said firmly, not allowing for Jaehyun to object before continuing. “It’s your feelings so you deal with it. I’m just here to take care of you”—you paused—“because friends are supposed to be there for each other no matter what. And unless you want me out of your life for good, then you can say no and I won’t bother you anymore.” 
It wasn’t as easy as you thought it’ll be, taking care of Jaehyun. 
To be fair to him, he didn’t inconvenience you a lot since he spent most of his days in bed. He could still do simple chores, but since you offered to look after him, you made sure that he didn’t have to move around the house so as to focus on recuperating. But even all of that was manageable for you.
The difficult part was feeling like you had to walk on eggshells around him all the time. It didn’t seem fair that you knew about his feelings for you, because there were several instances in which you found yourself thinking: Is it too much? Am I giving him a harder time by doing this? 
So you kept your interactions with him short. 
The same could be said for today. It’s been a week since he fell sick, but Jaehyun was already feeling much better thanks to you. You didn’t have any classes so you stayed over at Jaehyun’s, catching up on your readings while he napped the day away. Even though he was close to recovering, it was unfortunate that the medication that he took was drowsy, so most of the time he spent, he spent asleep.
As it was nearing dinnertime, you decided to cook a simple meal for him so that he could continue taking his medication after getting some food in his system. Turning off the stove, you took a small spoon to taste the porridge, almost letting out a yelp because of how hot it was. You opened the cabinets directly above you, grabbing the salt and pepper to add just a tiny bit of each seasoning into the porridge, just like how Jaehyun would like it. You meticulously poured the porridge into an empty bowl, putting it on a tray before carrying it into Jaehyun’s room.
Leaving the door slightly ajar so that you could hear Jaehyun from the living room in case he needed anything, you were welcomed with the sight of him tucked under the covers, still deep in sleep. Setting the tray down on his bedside table, you walked over to sit on the edge of his bed. You ruffled stray pieces of his hair away to feel his forehead. He had a bit of a temperature earlier, but the medicine seemed to have helped in bringing it down. 
You gently woke Jaehyun up, asking him to eat. Sleep still evident in his eyes, you thought he looked cute with his lower lip protruding out as it took some time for him to sit up, mindlessly looking around his room to process his surroundings. You almost felt bad for interrupting his sleep, but you didn’t have much of a choice because this was his first proper meal of the day, only settling for bread earlier because he said he didn’t have any appetite. 
You took the bowl in your hands, taking one spoonful of the food. Blowing lightly at it to cool off the heat, you fed it to Jaehyun who was still staring into blank space. 
“How are you feeling?” you asked, feeding Jaehyun another mouthful.
“Better,” he said, voice deep and raspy because he’d just woken up. “Still feeling sleepy though.”
“You can go back to sleep after this,” you said with a quiet laugh.
Silence took over as Jaehyun continued to have his meal, but it was neither uncomfortable nor tense. In fact, it was almost like things had gone back to how they originally were, where the two of you were able to spend the entire day without even talking to each other until you were done with your own things. 
Jaehyun took his medication once he finished his meal, chugging down the last bits of water from his 1.5 litre bottle too. You got up from his bed, putting the bowl back onto the tray. 
“I’ll leave the door open again so just shout if you need anything.” You don’t wait for Jaehyun to respond before turning your back to him, getting ready to leave. But he’d surprise you by extending a hand out to your arm, the sudden contact almost causing you to drop the tray. You promptly turned to look at him.
“Can we–”Jaehyun choked out, his voice still hoarse–“can we cuddle?”
With his hand still on your arm, you stood rooted to the ground. The voices in your head fighting with each other at his proposition, you didn’t know how to answer him. Cuddling with each other wasn’t something new, but in light of recent events, you weren’t so sure if the two of you should be doing something so intimate together.
Sighing, you put the tray away before holding onto Jaehyun’s hand. “I’ll do the dishes and come back up, okay?” It felt like you were talking to a child, the way you were so gentle with him as if he was going to break. He nodded, finally letting go of your arm. 
Technically, it wouldn’t hurt to leave the dishes untouched for a while. But you needed that time away to mentally prepare yourself… to be that close to Jaehyun again after such a long time. As you loaded the dirty cutlery into the dishwasher, memories of his confession came rushing to your head. All you could think about were the words he said to you and how it felt to be in his warm embrace. 
You could feel your heart thumping against your chest as you went up to Jaehyun’s room. Closing the door, you laid down on the empty side of the bed next to him. You were cautious at first, but soon that went away when his arm reached out to bring your body closer to his. 
You tried not to think about how right it felt to be in his arms. Holding you in a way that was not in the least uncomfortable, you don’t think that anyone else would know you better than Jaehyun did. 
“Good night, Buttercup,” Jaehyun said, his voice lulling you to sleep.
For the first time in a while, Jaehyun felt well-rested. He didn’t usually have trouble falling asleep, but with so much going on recently, he rarely woke up feeling content.
But the bed felt warmer today, and he knew that it’s because of you. He didn't even plan to ask you to cuddle with him, but he unknowingly blurted it out, and you agreed. 
Jaehyun tilted his head, supporting it with one hand while he looked at you. His feelings for you were all coming back to him again, not that they were ever gone in the first place. He’d simply pushed them aside, convincing himself that he’d be able to get over you. 
But that’s the thing. Because he kept avoiding them, all the more they continued to plague him. Granted, he lied about things being able to go back to how they were, but if he didn’t lie, how else was he supposed to continue staying by your side? 
Jaehyun’s predicament was put on hold as you stirred in your sleep, opening your eyes one at a time before you looked up at him with a lop-sided grin. 
“Morning,” you greeted. 
Jaehyun returned the smile. “Did you sleep well?”
You nodded. “Best sleep I had in a while.”
“Thanks for staying with me even though you didn’t have to.” 
You got up from his bed, stretching your entire body. “It’s no problem. Do you want breakfast? I can whip something up real quick.” 
Jaehyun followed suit, also standing up to make his bed. He spreaded the blanket cover over the mattress, tucking in the corners. “No thanks. I’ll be heading out soon to meet Da-eun at the newly opened café at Med School to—”
“Da-eun?” Jaehyun looked up, frowning at how you didn’t let him finish talking. 
“Yeah, Da-eun. She’s in the same year as us. Remember?” Jaehyun, though confused, didn’t miss the dejected look on your face.
“I’m so sick and tired of this, Jaehyun.”
“What’s wrong with you? I didn’t even do anything,” Jaehyun huffed. Are you seriously picking another fight with him now? 
“Didn’t do anything?” you scoffed. “You’re hurting me, Jaehyun.” 
Jaehyun’s eyes softened after hearing your words.
“You confessed to me and pretended I didn’t exist for weeks. If you really liked me, you wouldn’t ask me to cuddle with you and then go on a date with another girl the next day. You say one thing but do another. I don’t know what I’m supposed to believe when you keep confusing me but for some stupid reason my heart still flutters every time you do or say something sweet,” you rubbed your temples, sighing. “I guess it doesn’t even matter that I like you because this is a joke to you. I’m tired and I don’t want to be a part of your games anymore.” 
Jaehyun couldn’t stop himself from breaking into a wide smile. “You like me?”
You rolled your eyes in annoyance. “Out of everything I said, that’s the only thing you caught?” 
“I wasn’t even done talking,” Jaehyun retorted, going over to the other side of the bed where you stood. The grin on his face didn’t disappear. “I’m meeting Da-eun to complete our paired assignment. I was going to say that we can go to the café the next time if the food’s good.”
Jaehyun looked at you earnestly. “And for the record, I still like you. There’s no need to be jealous.”
“I’m not jealous!”
Jaehyun’s smile is graced with fondness this time. Looming closer to you, he gently pushed you against the wall, trapping you in between his arms. He looked down at your lips and then back at your eyes, trying to hold back his laughter when he saw that you’ve closed them. Leaning in, Jaehyun placed a tender kiss on your right cheek.
You opened your eyes, sulking. “What happened to wanting to kiss me on the lips?” 
“Patience, Buttercup. Don’t want to spread whatever virus I have to you. Promise I’ll make it up to you next time.” He left another kiss on your left cheek. 
“I think I like seeing you jealous.” Jaehyun added as an afterthought, which earned him a smack on the shoulder from you. 
You and Jaehyun were currently lying against the couch in his living room, feeling like you were about to enter a food coma. It was supposed to be movie night, but the jjamppong was so filling that you two could crash until the next morning. Earlier that day, you’d woken up to a text message from Jaehyun asking you to check your laptop. He claimed that he accidentally saved his assignment in it, and needed you to forward it over to him because it was due in two hours. Rather unbelievable for a Dean’s Lister, but you gave him the benefit of doubt and went ahead to check your laptop anyway.
When you turned it on, you were welcomed by a grey pop-up window. It was completely empty, and despite clicking on the cross button several times, the window simply refused to close. You mentally cursed thinking that you got hacked. You were about to contact Jaehyun about it until a few messages came up in the same window.
Hi girlfriend ♡
I hope I didn’t scare you :) hahaha. 
Your computer is attacked by a virus. 
But if you wear my jersey to the game later, I will wipe it out for you.
Do you accept it? 
The question appeared with two options below: yes and no. You shook your head at another one of Jaehyun’s antics, already envisioning the whimsical smile on his face while coding all of this. He could be using his degree for greater purposes, yet here he was, pranking his poor girlfriend with a pseudo virus attack. You moved your mouse over to click yes, and another series of messages came up.
Wise choice!
I’ve left the jersey in your closet next to where my hoodies are.
See you later and don’t be late.
Love you.
So as promised, you wore Jaehyun’s jersey to his match. The second he saw you, he couldn’t stop smiling. His teammates kept making ooh and aah noises, you had to shush them from afar so that they would stop teasing your boyfriend. Eyes on him the entire time, you were beyond proud when his team had successfully emerged as champion again, the both of you exchanging sweet smiles with each other after the game ended. Afterwhich, Jaehyun came home to you, celebrating the end of the season with Chinese takeout.
“Can I ask you something?”
“You already did,” Jaehyun quipped. 
You moved away from him, faking anger. You tried standing up, but that only gave Jaehyun a chance to grab your arm, pulling you down to sit on his lap. “Ask, baby.”
“Why do you hold three fingers up during your games? Like is it supposed to mean something? You keep doing that a lot, even today.” 
An amused hum escaped Jaehyun’s lips upon hearing your question. Although it’s already been established that you only went to basketball games for him, his heart still turned warm at how you attentively observed him throughout his games even if you didn’t understand the sport well. Much less wanting to know about his team strategies.
“It just means that we’re going to try for a three-pointer,” Jaehyun disclosed, pressing soft kisses against your shoulder blade. “We change it up every time. but the main gist of it is that we will make three passes before going for the three-point field goal.” 
You hummed in acknowledgement. “So that’s what it meant! That’s so cool.” 
Jaehyun’s kisses stopped. “I have a gift for you,” he said. 
“A gift?” you felt bad. You should be the one giving him something for completing his season. Before you could protest, however, Jaehyun asked you to close your eyes.
At first you felt him shifting below you, curious about what gift he could possibly be hiding when you didn’t recall seeing any paper bag of some sort when you entered his house. Thereafter, you heard him opening something, taking it out of... a box? You could hear something dangling. Not long after, that something was around your neck. You knew by now what it was, but Jaehyun asked you to open your eyes only after he fastened the clasp.
“No way!” you exclaimed. Gaze shifting downwards, you brought a hand up to touch the necklace that Jaehyun had helped you put on. It was a silver initial necklace with the letter J, a tiny heart charm hanging just next to it. 
“J as in Jaehyun?” you asked. You turned to look at him with doe-eyes, like that one emoji that you’d always use whenever you needed a favour from him. “No way…” 
“Do you like it?” 
“What do you mean? Of course I do! I just had my Gabriella Montez moment…” 
Jaehyun let out a hearty laugh. “I’m glad you like it.”
While you were still admiring the necklace, Jaehyun slyly snuck an arm around your waist, effortlessly lifting you up and putting you down to lie on the empty spot next to him. He changed his position such that he was now hovering over you, slowly taking your hand in his so that your attention would shift from the necklace to him. 
“So pretty,” he breathed.
With parted lips, Jaehyun moved in bit by bit to connect your bodies together. Just centimetres away from you, you could feel his lips ghosting over yours, making you want nothing more than to reach up to close the gap that separated the two of you from sharing a kiss. His eyes darted down to your lips for a mere second before he dived right in, going straight for your upper lip first. He pulled back slightly, silently checking if you were okay with what he was doing. And when he felt you kiss him back with a sense of urgency, Jaehyun brought a hand to the nape of your neck to deepen the kiss, smiling in content.
If his life was a movie, then you were the best part.
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yeow6n · 3 days
Tumblr media
haechan’s reaction to your relationship being mentioned on a variety show
notes. yn is not an idol in this
Tumblr media
haechan was on weeekly idol to promote for their upcoming comeback, not to publicly speak on your relationship. so when the hosts had mentioned fans reactions to one of their fav idols being “taken away” from them he’s angry,, yall know that tongue thing he does?? imagine him doing that when the host opened their mouth. haechan would be quite uncomfy with the situation and quite sad,, he would play it off and just laugh with his members even though him and his members are thinking the same thing. not being able to hide his anger, it being shown through his leg shaking. he keeps quiet for the rest of the recording, choosing to voice out his thoughts when he’s alone with you.
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suhnshinehaos · 13 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧  treacherous
...a spin-off to crush culture ! synopsis : after a couple of instances of accidental matching clothing, yangyang finds himself in a dating rumor with possibly the most famous person on campus : yn, the bassist of an up and coming band. yangyang doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. unfortunately yn, who has also built up a reputation for being cold as winter, does. pairing : liu yangyang x gn!reader genre/s : university au, student council + band au, fluff, angst, humor
act two, part twelve : stupid smile
previous  ➤  act two, part eleven next  ➤  act two, part thirteen treacherous  ➤  masterlist 
Tumblr media
from reese, with love <3 i apologize in advance for the last three parts of act two sdfghjk thank you sm for reading!! as always, id love to know what you think :)) hope you’re all doing well and taking care :)
+ bonus priv tweets hehe
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lisired · 5 months
can you keep it down?
Tumblr media
pairing; neighbor!mark x (f) reader
genre/warnings; smut, dilf!mark, oral (m receiving), throat fucking, choking, thigh slapping, forced submission, implications of brat taming (in progress), praise, degradation but it’s more like banter, unprotected sex (dont b silly wrap ur willy)
summary; The apartment next door to yours has been vacant for months. No one had gone in or out, not until your new next door neighbor moved in two weeks ago. Mark, a slightly older guy who prides himself on his patience and willpower with a penchant for control. But when you make it clear you’re resolved to wither away the things he values most, Mark decides he’s down for the challenge, determined to put a leash on your unrestrained behavior - and most importantly, finally shut you the hell up.
taglist; @tulipatethic @blondiedae @mrkleelvr @chitaphrrrr @wannabeursugarbaby @baehaechannie @jjhmk @cchewhaz @lauraneuuh @wonderlandless @goingbananasoverpotassium @tennieboiii @magik-yoongs @legbouk @hesbambi @jensdior @kundann @darthlunaa @jwooskim @vantxx95 @nominsgirl @jejenono-ren @abcdefghijkleemark @milfluver31 @tatakaee @bebskyy @strawbrry-jaem @70schic @clemlovesu @dilfjohhny @cosmic-w0lf @markleeslover @mingilingy @jazzisasimpforanything @moon-child-elli @doyoungheartsme @downtonbabyah @itsonlyhwa @soobsfairy444 @jypeee @sup-dallyboy @allforhyuck @songgmingii @multislut @wanlore (if ur url is in bold I couldn’t tag u, sorry!)
extra; 4/4 of the Temptation series. feedback is appreciated!
Tumblr media
The first time you met Mark, it was right outside your door.
It was late at night - debatably early in the morning - and you had been in the middle of bringing yourself to the third consecutive orgasm in a row when loud knocking interrupted you. Part of you was tempted to ignore whoever was determined to beat down your door, but it was ceaseless and frankly, you were growing annoyed.
Swiftly you slipped on the closest pair of shorts and marched to the front door in large strides, swinging it open once you finally arrived. Then, your eyes met Mark’s.
He was a mere stranger to you then. But what you saw made you want to know him. What you saw made you nearly forget that you were on the brink of orgasm only moments ago. A pair of beautiful brown eyes stared back at you.
“Hey,” he greeted, voice gruff. “Sorry to bother you, but can you keep it down? I live right next door and with all the noise I can’t sleep.”
For a moment you only blinked, processing his words slowly. You weren’t aware that you were being that loud. But then again, you were in no state to properly register your actions - you were delirious with pleasure and had blocked everything else past your senses.
When you finally processed his statement, your cheeks burned, slightly embarrassed. “Fuck. I’m so, so sorry, I had no idea. I’ll try to be quieter from now on.”
He gave you a courteous nod and replied, “No worries. Have a good night.”
“You, too.”
And that was it. When you shimmied back out of your shorts, you didn’t even feel energetic anymore, only overcome by exhaustion and the burdensome fact that you had work in the morning. You groaned and flopped against your bedsheets, letting sleep swallow you whole.
But the image of your new neighbor was reoccurring. There was something familiar about him, like you had seen him once before. And there were things you noticed right off the bat about him. For one, he was an older guy. Not old, but evidently beyond your years. And if the shorts he wore was any indicator, he was likely a father.
That made the chain of thoughts about him increase, and you didn’t even know his first name. There was instant intrigue and desire to get to know your new, next-door neighbor.
Though visions died quick, and dreams were killed even quicker. When you saw Mark swallowing some girl’s face only moments before she left his apartment on your way to work some days later, you rationalized yourself and decided to take it steady. It was certain that you were sure of what you wanted, but you respected his relationship. You were a great deal of things - delusional and a homewrecker weren’t on the list.
Tumblr media
The second time, it was when you least expected it - at a local cafe.
Mark sat across from you, coffee cup in hand. Awareness of someone’s sudden presence made you shudder, and it slightly soothed you when you realized it was your hot neighbor. Your heart was still beating fast.
You played it cool. “Are you stalking me, neighbor?”
Amused, your neighbor let out a chuckle that was like music to your ears. “My name is Mark,” he introduced himself, smiling blithely. “And don’t flatter yourself, neighbor. I saw you here coincidentally and sat here because I had one good question for you.”
With an eyebrow arched, you casted Mark an identical smile. It amused you that he spoke to you as if you had been long friends, though you didn’t mind. You had been intrigued by Mark the moment you first laid eyes on him, and had been incapable of taking them off him since.
“Mark,” you said, tasting his name on your tongue. You played along and bobbed your head after a few moments, deciding you liked his name and gave him yours. “What do you have to ask me, Mark?”
Mark leaned over the table, voice an octave above a whisper as he asked, “Who’s fucking you so good that you can’t be quiet?”
He leaned back out and eyed you smugly when you blinked in surprise. His bluntness had caught you off-guard and he was proud of it, but you refused to not quickly recover.
Feigning indifference, you replied, “No one. Most of the time it’s just me and my toys. I have a hectic work schedule so it’s rare for me to find time to mess with people.”
Much to your misfortune, it was true. Working a busy office job meant that you had little time for even short-lived flings or one-night stands, much less the commitment of a serious relationship. It was difficult to recall the last time that you had gotten laid. With work taking such a humongous toll on you, your only way of relieving all of your pent-up frustrations was with sex toys.
That response was a clear shock to Mark, and in return you took pride in it. He was expecting you to be taken, but now that you had essentially implied that you weren’t dating anyone, he felt free to make a move on you. It was an indirect way of asking you if you were single. He also didn’t expect the same girl that flushed red when he confronted you about your noisiness to meet his boldness, but it was a welcome surprise. Mark could tell only fun things would come out of knowing you and becoming your neighbor.
Mark took a long sip from his cup, then asked, “What do you do for a living?”
“I work a variable job as an executive assistant that spends an ungodly amount of time behind a computer screen doing everyone else’s job for them,” you smiled tiredly.
He threw you a playful grimace and glanced at his watch for a split-second, but you had his undivided attention again in no time. “Damn, no wonder. You must like things rough.”
That took you by surprise, but you didn’t dare show it. “You have no idea,” you grumbled, playing it safe. “What about you?”
Mark grinned with pride. “I’m an editor for a publishing company.”
“Must be fun.”
“I can’t complain. It’s a stress sometimes, but it pays the bills.”
You chuckled. “Amen to that.”
It felt forbidden to be interested in your potentially taken neighbor that you only met a couple of days ago, yet here you were talking to him about your sex and work life. To make matters worse - and if that comment about you liking things rough was any indicator - you might have somehow also piqued his interests.
Maybe you were just reading too much into his words. After all, you were his noisy neighbor that kept him up at night. He was probably just curious as to why you seemingly made enemies with silence.
Mark glanced at his watch again then rose from his seat, and you figured he had places to be. “I’d better get going. I have to pick up my son.”
“Your son?” you questioned, furrowing your brows. The confusion was fake, of course. You had a hunch that he was a father, but you had never seen or heard the child to confirm your suspicions.
“Yes, my son,” Mark gave you a hard stare that you couldn’t make out. “It’s Friday and he stays with me this weekend so please, if not for my sake then for his, keep it down.”
You gave Mark a nod. He bid you farewell and made a break for the door, the chime of the bells letting you know that he was gone. He had wanted to stay for a bit, play for a little longer, but decided it was a good thing he didn’t get much of a chance to make a move. For now, Mark was intent on observing you. He wanted to figure you out a bit more before he went to first base.
But damn was he interested. There was something about you a couple of moments ago that he was attracted to, how you seemed equally bold as he was. A stark contrast from the first time he met you, but he figured that he had simply caught you at a bad time.
That was the thing, though - Mark didn’t know you. He needed more time before he could be sure you were worth it.
Tumblr media
For at least the weekend, you obliged Mark’s wishes. As aforementioned, you were a great deal of things, but you weren’t petty for the wrong reasons. Or outright odd. It wasn’t like you were loud for the sake of it, you truly just never realized what you were capable of.
Over the course of those days, you continued to think about Mark. He had cut deep in your imagination and now there was a permanent scar that refused to heal. It was silly, being so hung over a guy you hardly knew and couldn’t have, but you couldn’t help it.
Mark was giving you a headache. You weren’t one to be indecisive over what you wanted, but that wasn’t the case here. From the moment he showed up at your doorstep, you knew that you had to have him. The problem was that you wanted to outline boundaries. There were places you were able to step and then there were places you weren’t. The last thing you wanted was to scare him away because of your urges.
The third time you saw Mark was the following weekend, bumping into him in the halls. You were going to apologize, but then his face fell into your vision. And thus, you noticed something completely new about it.
“You have a stubble,” you commented, nearly gawking.
Mark bobbed his head, grinning. He found it interesting how you gazed up at him as if you’d never seen a man with a stubble before. “Yeah. That’s what happens when you don’t shave. Shocking, I know.”
“I kind of like it.”
He snickered. “Only kinda?”
More than kind of - and while you weren’t afraid to admit it, you ignored his question. The stubble was the completion to Mark’s physical attractiveness that you hadn’t even known you would be into. He was already hot as hell, though now he was somehow even hotter.
He shot you a smug smile, unable to miss the way that you leered at him. You found him attractive. It was no secret and Mark wasn’t sure if you intended for it to be or not, though the way that you were unabashedly fucking him with your eyes gave him a huge hint. After last weekend’s encounter, you didn’t strike him as the type to shy away very easily. Confident.
So was he.
“You’re just standing here watching me like you want to eat me. Do you like it that much?”
There were a couple of routes you could take with that question. Either you could be honest and tell him how you felt, or you could beat around the bush. You chose the former.
“Sight for sore eyes,” you replied, finally meeting his eyes. He held eye contact with you as well as the expectation that you would break, but you proved him wrong. You kept looking him in his eyes as you said, “I love it. I think it suits the fuck out of you.”
Mark raised a brow, intrigued by your response. “Mm,” he hummed. He moved a step closer to you and asked, “What else do you like?”
Your breath began to speed up and so did your pulse when you picked up on how close your bodies were. You were hyper aware of the proximity and it was slowly killing you, setting off visceral reactions in your body. Another inch and his lips would be brushing yours. It felt like a test on your behalf - to see how you would react and if you would chicken out - and you utterly refused to back down from the challenge.
Deflecting, you tore your eyes from his lips and asked back, “Initiating a conversation with me in the middle of the hallway?”
He cocked his head to the side. “Do you wanna come in, then?”
“I don’t think your girlfriend would like that very much,” you faked a pout, the most subtle sullen undertone hiding in your sentence.
Mark resisted a grin. It was probable you were indirectly determining whether or not he was single. But the tiniest hint of sadness in your voice suggested that you might have genuinely been under the impression he was in a relationship.
“What girlfriend?” He threw you an utterly confused look. “I haven’t been in a relationship since the birth of Christ.”
You stared at him with genuine surprise. “I saw you sucking some girl’s face like last week.”
“And have you seen her around here again since?” Mark scoffed, amused.
What he was implying began to sink in gradually and you realized that you had made an awfully large assumption the other day. Though in your defense, people making out with their hookups like that was completely unheard of to you. It looked too passionate, especially for the morning after. When you had nothing to quip, Mark made a face at you that made you want to sink into the ground, and added, “She’s not my girlfriend - she was a fling. We had sex the previous night but I’m sure you weren’t able to tell because unlike someone, I know how to be quiet.”
Was. That meant not any more.
Affronted, and refusing to take that, you took a step back and shot, “Maybe your dick game is just weak if she’s that quiet.”
“You wanna find out?” Mark cocked his head to the side with an exasperating smile, taking a step forward for every step you took backwards until your back hit a wall. It was obvious that you were trying to get a rise out of him and he wouldn’t take the bait. “Don’t knock it until you try it.”
Mark’s hands were on either side of you and his gaze rooted you in place. Neither of you seemed to give a damn that you were in public and in the view of a security camera. You kept staring at one another, pupils dilated with obvious want. Now that you were aware that Mark was single you deemed it perfectly safe to cave in to your desires, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to - yet. It was funny how whenever you finally got what you wanted, it was never enough.
You smiled softly, matching the little smirk on his face - you didn’t want him to think that he had an advantage over you, and whether he did or didn’t wasn’t relevant. “Are you saying that you want me?”
“I do want you,” Mark confessed without a care. He had no true intention of sleeping with you just yet, wanting to get to know you some more, but it wouldn’t hurt to admit that he was attracted to you nonetheless. “Do you want me?”
Seductively, you leered at him, then purred, “So bad.”
“Then, stop deflecting.”
With one little breath, you said, “Fine,” then closed the tiny gap between the both of you and your lips. When he kissed you back, your hands sought for his neck and his hooked around your waist.
As you kissed Mark it only became more fierce, tongues and teeth clashing in attempts to maintain dominance over the other. Yet neither of you would cave. Both of you were fighting fire with fire and it was like nothing that either of you had ever experienced before. Mark displayed a clear need for power and control, and while you weren’t against letting him have it, you were never one to give it away that easily.
You tugged on Mark’s hair, wanting to feel him as close as possible. His calloused hands began to wander all over you, kneading your skin and making you moan softly into his mouth. You could feel him grinning against your lips. His touch was like fire and your body was already burning with lust, desire, and everything in between. It had been so long since someone last touched you like this, kissed you like this. Mark was filling in all the little gaps and empty spaces.
A rough pull at his locks made Mark groan into your mouth and he pinned your hands above your head, up against the wall. He got rougher, as if he was trying to fit you into the wall - or maybe force you through it. But the fervor was welcome, and although he had pinned your hands above your head, you still kissed him with as much eagerness as you were humanly capable.
You pulled away when you had your fill, knowing that if you kept him close to you any longer you would make a move for his clothes, and your exhibitionism kink only extended so far. The both of you stared at one another with sheer lust, but there was an almost telepathic understanding between you. We have to wait.
Out of breath, you casted Mark a flirtatious wink and smile before parting and said, “See you later, Mark.”
Then, you sashayed back to your apartment. When you felt his eyes boring holes into your back, you simpered to yourself. You had planted the seed; now all you had to do was let it grow.
Tumblr media
Days of messing around with Mark turned into weeks, but both of you were yet to succumb to your temptations. It was like you were waiting for the other to give in first and neither of you wanted to grant the other that satisfaction.
But of course, after planting the seed you had to water it and give it sunshine. In other words, you continued to flirt with Mark, maintaining his interest. And in return, he maintained yours. From anyone else’s point of view it might have seemed silly to be resisting each other when it was clear as day that the lust was mutual, but you and Mark were too alike. Too much pride, and too much adoration for all things thrill and tension.
Even when he wasn’t in your company, Mark was on your mind. It had only gotten worse the moment you kissed him. In the beginning you only thought about him occasionally - mostly whenever you saw or heard him - but now he was creeping into your head during your downtime and that was a problem. Your thoughts consisted nearly completely of him. Mark, Mark, Mark. He was all you could think about.
One weekend, you surprisingly encountered Mark at a playground. He appeared shocked to see you, but only let it show for a brief moment.
“I’m beginning to think that you’re the one stalking me. What in God’s name are you of all people doing at a playground?”
“Please. You’re not that special. I don’t have the time or energy to stalk anyone, baby,” you drawled with a hint of amusement. You pointed at a little girl. “You see that little girl in the purple shirt on the slide? That’s my niece. I’m babysitting her for my brother and sister-in-law. Today’s their anniversary and they wanted peace.”
Mark bobbed his head, understanding. “Of course. You can’t have any of that around a child. How old is she?”
“Just turned six about a week ago.”
“Around my son’s age,” he remarked, then pointed towards the set of swings. A couple of children played over there, but only one young boy was in the group. And he looked almost just like someone you knew. “He’s right there on the swings. Six, but he’s nearing seven.”
He was absolutely adorable. You were already thinking about play dates between him and your niece. She was lovely and enjoyed meeting new people, bless her pure heart.
You smiled softly with awe. “Stole your whole face. There’s no way in hell you could deny that boy.”
Mark snickered, shoulders shaking. “Damn right. My little mini-me,” he sighed happily. He took his eyes off his son for a split-second to glance over at you. You looked beautiful, as always. And you were watching your niece with so much intent and care that he doubted you had even snook a glance of your own his way. “Fond of kids?”
“I babysitted throughout college,” you replied pensively. Reminiscent. “Believe it or not. I thought it was my calling because I was so responsible and the parents always praised me, plus it was a huge step towards individuality. Grew up with a lot of siblings and relatives, too, so I’ve always been around children.”
Mark grinned, satisfied. That was the answer he wanted to hear. He was only curious because he was interested in you, and before he jumped too far ahead he needed to know what you thought about children. It was a relief that you had so much tenderness for and resonated so well with them. That gave him all the more reasons to want you by his side. “What about you?” he asked, adding when your face scrunched about with confusion, “Do you want kids of your own?”
There was no reluctance in your answer, like you had already thought long and hard about the question before. “Someday. When I’m married and sure I’ve chosen the right person to settle down and have kids with. And when I have a less demanding job so that I’m able to take care of my family and spend time with them,” you said, smiling wistfully. “My parents were busy people. They weren’t around a whole lot so me and my siblings practically raised each other.”
Mark gave you a look. One you could make out as pity. You thought his response would be predictable, but it caught you by surprise. “You don’t want to be pitied, do you?”
You blinked, genuinely unsure of how to respond for a moment. Then you broke into a broad grin and said, “Nope.”
“I feel for you anyways,” Mark gave a playful nudge to your side with his elbow. “And I think you have beautiful visions for the future. I can tell you’re gonna be a great mother.”
You thanked him in a way that was positively bashful. For a while, you and Mark chatted about whatever the hell you wanted - topics in relation to the children, personal life, and everything in between. After the day you and Mark kissed, a more mutual effort to get to know each other blossomed. Mark told you everything there was to know about his job. Most of the time he worked from home without much need for overseer authorization, and set his own hours. As someone who loved being in control, it suited him.
It was alarming that you had gotten so personal so fast. You had only known each other for a month, more or less, and only really began talking a couple of weeks ago. Yet you felt comfortable enough to share a certain level of information that you normally would conceal.
You were becoming close in every sense of the word. The tension between you and Mark never fizzled out, it only seemed to grow more, and more, and more, until it would eventually explode in your faces. By then, you would have no choice but to confront it directly. You couldn’t wait.
Mark wrapped his arm around your waist, and peered down briefly to look at it. Contact drove you crazy. You loved having Mark’s hands on you, even in non-sexual ways.
He pulled you into him and asked, “How long are you keeping her?”
“Just until five. I’m taking her to her grandma’s after this,” you replied, shifting your gaze back to the playground. But a smug smile tugged your lips. “Why?”
There was a shine in Mark’s pretty brown eyes. It was almost five. Voice tickling your neck, he leaned in to say bluntly, “Because I wanna take you for a ride. Are you down?”
You casted him an observant glance over your shoulder. What Mark wanted was clear, or so you thought, but you were in the mood for playing hard to get. As per usual. “Dunno. What kind of ride?”
“The kind where we get in my car and go whatever the road and a full tank of gas leads us,” Mark shrugged. “It’s a yes-no question, doll. Are you down, or not?”
Doll. That was new. You had reached the pet name stage, calling each other ‘baby’ a couple of times, but ‘doll’ was new. It also had you wishing that you were both alone so that you could do something about how badly you craved Mark in that moment.
“I’m down. Meet me outside the complex at six?” You questioned, peering up at him yet again. You smiled when you met his eyes, unable to resist the urge. Mark made you feel good inside, all warm and gross. It was a delight to know you were still capable of feeling such a way. After all, it had been so long since the last time.
Mark nodded and smiled back. “I will. Child-less, so that we can have peace of our own.”
You giggled into his chest. You could smell his scent, and it was heavenly.
At six o’clock, Mark was waiting for you downstairs like he said that he would be. And he was child-less. You both were.
Ever the gentleman, he opened the passenger door of his car for you and shut it once you were completely inside. Of course, it took more than simple courtesy to impress you, but something about it was making you giggle. Something you couldn’t pinpoint.
Mark gave you a look once he settled in the driver’s seat. “What’s funny?”
“Chivalry,” you sighed, smiling. “Apparently, it’s not dead.”
Mark was amused, but held back a snort. You were occasionally ridiculous, but just the right amount. He could tolerate it.
As he gripped the steering wheel, the car jerked to live underneath his fingertips, and soon you were both rolling. You said nothing for a little while, Mark focusing on the road and you peering out the window. The silence wasn’t awkward, but he cut on the radio and began to hum the song that was currently playing.
You glanced at him witheringly, but he was unbothered. Then, you teased with a grin, “Oh, yeah. Show out, Beyoncé.”
“Stop being a hater,” Mark groaned, then went back to singing.
After some moments of teasing, you were finally content and gave it a rest, relaxing into the leather seat. You were happy. If anyone had told you a month ago that you’d be in your new neighbor’s car listening to him sing songs from the radio, you would have called them insane. But you weren’t stupid and you knew better than to vulnerate yourself to a stranger. You told a couple friends about him and realized why Mark had seemed familiar - because he was. One of them knew Mark and was able to vouch for him, assuring you he was a good guy. That was why you felt so goddamn free.
It was peaceful, being alone with Mark. Whenever you weren’t both determined to get into each other’s pants, that was. But there was none of that right now - only the scenery whirling by at the pace of the lightning, the radio prevailing over the silence, and Mark by your side. And you by his. It felt too damn nice.
“You never answered my question that day.”
“Hm?” you gazed at him, confused. By his sentence and sudden will to ignite conversation, although you didn’t mind. “What question?”
Mark’s hand left the steering wheel and dropped to your thigh, which undoubtedly didn’t go unnoticed by you. He didn’t move it, but you couldn’t ignore his fingers on your skin. “I asked you, what else do you like?”
“About you, or in general?”
He shrugged. “Whatever gets you talking.”
You gazed through the windshield, pretending to be pondering deeply. “Well, in general, I like a bunch of things. I’ve got a penchant for poetry and music. This tends to shock people, but parties aren’t my scene. I’m a more reserved person. I love the color blue.”
“Why blue?”
“Because it looks amazing on me,” you winked.
“Mm,” Mark glanced at you fleetingly through the rear-view mirror. That was when his fingers started moving, kneading your thigh. “What else?”
“Hm, well,” you began, pretending to be unbothered by his touch. In reality, you were melting with every move. “About you, there’s a lot for me to like, too. You’re confident, smart, funny, sexy,” then you licked your lips and added, “And an excellent kisser.”
Mark grinned, hand still massaging your bare skin. “What a sweet-talker you are. Keep going,” he whispered, then gave your thigh a little squeeze.
But you were honest. There were too many things you admired about Mark that led you to becoming drawn to him in such a little period of time. Just as easily as he had been able to make you tell him things, you had persuaded him into opening up. There was still so much to learn about each other on deeper levels, but time was your best friend. For now, you decided that you would tell him what you already knew.
“I like the way you put so much care and effort into what you love. I’ve heard you talk about your son, your friends, your job. You never neglect anything,” you confessed, smiling fondly as you recalled the conversations you’d had. “I like how we’re similar, too. I think that’s part of the reason why we feel comfortable moving so fast. We’re cut from the same cloth. We both know what we want and when and how we want it, and we’re not afraid to go get it. It’s like playing a damn game of tug of war whenever I’m with you.”
“Or a very calculated game of chess,” Mark added, shaking his head with amusement.
You giggled. “But there’s something about you that’s so… alluring. I’m attracted to it. You’re a hardworking borderline control freak that’s unafraid of sincerity. I love it.”
“Romantic. I’m swooning,” he deadpanned, throwing you a playful glare.
“And you’re the right amount of sarcastic.”
“And that’s what gets you going?”
“Baby, please. If I could kiss you right fucking now, I would,” you admitted.
Mark said nothing, but his fingers kept fondling with your flesh, and your breath kept getting out of control. He gave your thigh another reassuring squeeze, letting you know he heard you.
Forest views took over. You pressed your fingertips to the window glass and watched as the rapid blur of scenes that once consisted of neon city lights turned green. Moss-coated branches replaced them, last rays of sunlight filtering through them as you neared the woods and the gravel roads turned to dirt.
“Woods, very spooky. Are you gonna kill me and hide my body out here?” you asked him humorously, watching as he drove you through the wild.
Mark didn’t take his eyes off the road as he replied, “And dump it in the lake.”
He smiled. “You’ll see.”
You did see a lake. Mark parked his car near some trees and once he helped you outside, led you down a trail until you reached a bridge. It was long and stretched above a medium body of water. Blossoming flowers lived in the grass and the scent was earthy. You stretched ever so slightly over the railing and saw yours and Mark’s reflection staring back at you.
There were little fountains in the lake. Creatures made the water ripple and you watched with Mark’s arm wrapped around your waist as the smell and sound of nature filled your senses. Ducks pecked around the land edges of the lake in hunt of food.
“It’s beautiful,” you exhaled in awe. The clouds and setting sun peered down on the water and you wished that you had your camera on your person. It was a sight too gorgeous to let become nothing more than a memory fading at the back of your head.
Mark bobbed his head in agreement. The corners of his lips tugged upwards as he said, “It is. I come here from time to time whenever I need to clear my head. It’s a nice place that I’ve always wanted to share with someone.”
“You trust me enough to share it with me?” you teased, palms on his chest as you gazed up at his face. “I mean, like what if I get arrested for tax fraud and every time you come here all you can think about is your old neighbor that got sent to prison for evading her taxes.”
“Then, you better do your taxes, or else I’ll be right after you when you get out. For attempted murder.”
You made a face of faux fear. “Shiver me timbers!”
Somehow, Mark pulled you closer and gave you a kiss on the cheek. Any closer and you were sure he would be able to feel how fast your heart was beating. It was safe to say that you had a little crush on your neighbor. You wanted him to an extent that words couldn’t capture.
There was something different with Mark. Linger was the perfect word to describe how his every action affected you. When he kissed you, you could still feel his lips on you moments afterwards. His every touch lingered on you, even the barest ones. You could taste him on you, his scent lingered on your body - it was too much. But Mark was too persistent. Even if you wanted to, and you didn’t, you couldn’t get away.
Mark looked at you as if he wanted to kiss you, but to your misfortune, he didn’t. Instead his lips parted to say, “Watch the sunset with me.”
Obediently, you turned to face the railing, which pleased him. He moved behind you and tightened his grip on your waist.
The sunset was beautiful, even more so with Mark’s company. The two of you made conversation, all the while watching how the sky that was once a pleasant array of colors dulled a deep indigo. The sun descended below the horizon and its reflection in the water was replaced by the moon.
And you - the moonlight illuminated every inch of your face. Mark had always thought that you were gorgeous, but the moonlight made your beauty criminal. He couldn’t hold himself back any longer.
“I can’t control myself anymore,” Mark growled. At first, you were confused, but when he whirled you around and pressed his lips against yours, you quickly understood.
Mark backed you against the railing, cornering you. Kissing him was too much fun. It was the same battle, the same fervent effort to compel one of you to submit to the other’s touch, yet both of you always held out, keeping your white flags lowered. Mark had never met anyone that challenged him this much, and you had never met anyone so desperate to prove a point.
When one of you pulled away, you not only were breathing heavily, but dangerously turned on. Your despires were no longer pure wants - they were needs.
“Mark,” you exhaled through shallow breaths, “Please.”
Mark cocked a brow, incredulous, yet amused. “You’re begging?”
You nodded, casting him a needy glance that nearly made him want to give you everything you wanted then and there. It wounded your pride to beg him to do anything, but you weren’t necessarily above it anymore. Lust made you do anything - and it was flowing rapidly through your bloodstream. “Please, I want it.”
That much was entertaining to him, although Mark still didn’t want to give himself to you yet. It wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to have sex with you, but he wanted to bide his time. He wanted things a specific way and hooking up with you in his car simply wasn’t ideal.
Mark shook his head. “I’m not fucking you in my car.”
You pursed your lips and fought back the best way you knew how, huffing, “Why not? Don’t wanna fuck up your expensive seats? Car sex virgin?”
“My first time was in the back of a car,” Mark told you matter-of-factly, being sure to smile in the most menacing way possible. It was only deserved for the way you left him that day that you kissed him. You wanted to kiss that stupid grin off his face, but you thought he didn’t deserve it. “And everything I wanna do to you can’t happen in a car. You’ve been patient all this time, baby, you can wait a little more.”
“Ever the elaborate controlling perfectionist are you,” you drawled, faux aggravation to your tone.
Mark entwined his fingers with yours. “But you love that about me.”
“I never said that.”
“Oh? Must I remind you of your little love confession in my car earlier?” he teased.
You rolled your eyes. “No, thank you. But I will be expecting a four-page love letter detailing everything you like about me in the mail signed ‘Markie Pooh’ soon. I like to be courted.”
Mark gave your forehead a chaste peck, grinning as he joked, “I’ll enclose it with a kiss.”
You giggled. 
Soon, Mark drove you back home and you were kissing him goodbye. It was a dramatic farewell, considering you lived right next door to him, but tonight had been magical and you were wondering where the time had gone. All you wanted to do was freeze time and kiss Mark on that bridge forever.
But you were also sick to your stomach that he still wasn’t in your guts. And tonight, you had a plan that would undoubtedly make him snap and give you what you wanted.
Tumblr media
Last night, you gave yourself the release that your body was begging for, since Mark refused to fulfill your desires himself. And you made sure to be loud so that your intentions were obvious - ever since the last time he asked you to keep it down, you began doing an impressive job at suppressing your noises, muffling them into your pillow or biting your lip. But not last night. You called it being petty for the right reasons. That was what you were, and rather proudly.
For a little extra flare, you moaned Mark’s name. As much as it was you being petty for the sake of setting him off, it was also a self-indulging experience. Fantasizing about your neighbor was what brought you to the edge quicker than anything, and you came harder than ever with the thought of him on your mind.
Mark didn’t text you the following day. Usually, you would find time through your hectic work hours to chat, and you would spend the better half of your lunch break typing away at your phone, but it was radio silence.
It was weird. Maybe you and Mark were alike in more ways than you thought, and he was also extremely petty. But for the wrong reasons, in your opinion.
When you came home from work, Mark was standing outside his door, waiting. He leaned against it and stared you down.
“Had fun last night?”
Pretending to be oblivious as to what he was referencing, you played dumb and answered, “You mean, at the bridge? Of course. When are we going again?”
“Don’t play dumb with me,” Mark chastised, glaring. “I heard you last night. You seemed like you were having a good time, you know, moaning my name and all like a slut.”
Never had it ever crossed your mind that you would enjoy Mark calling you a slut, yet here you were, becoming more and more aroused the longer you pushed his buttons. With his commitment to patience, you typically never got much fun out of it, but right now he was approaching his limit and you were anticipating every second of it.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you replied, searching for your keys and acting as if you were paying him no mind.
Mark wasn’t having any of it. For weeks you had all been all over each other, the mutual lust long-established, though now you were suddenly disregarding him and it was with one clear intention in mind. He wasn’t going to give in to your tricks, but he would play along with your little game. And he was going to win.
The little remaining bits of restraint he had suddenly exhausted and Mark gripped your wrists, ignoring the sound of surprise you uttered as he dragged you into his apartment. The door slammed shut in your trail and he pushed you up against it, pinning your arms above your head as he began to kiss you with urgency.
Kissing Mark was exhilarating. Whenever his lips were flush against yours, it was as if time stopped. Everything seemed to slow down but the dangerously rapid thud of your heart against your chest and the spreading wildfire in your body. You made an attempt to free your wrists from his seemingly tightening touch, writhing against him with desire to touch him, yet whatever strength you had Mark had more and you were unable to overpower his might.
“Mark,” you exhaled, pulling away to catch your breath. “I want to touch you.”
He hummed, an idea slithering into his brain. “If you want to so bad, then beg.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, slightly incredulous, yet the feeling dissipated when you remembered who exactly you were talking to. Scowling, you said, “I begged you once and now you’re getting too used to it.”
“If you want to get your way when it comes to me, then you better start getting used to it. Now, do you wanna get your pretty little hands on me, or not?”
You sighed. “I do.”
Mark gave you an expecting look. “Then, beg.”
“You want me to get on my knees, too?” you deadpanned, shooting him a sharp glare that he seemed utterly unbothered by - and it exasperated you.
The grin on his lips then was infuriating. “Don’t worry, you’ll do that later.”
Ignoring the very obvious implication of those words, you made a face, but the look in Mark’s eyes when you met his gaze was so goddamn commanding. The dominance to his aura that you had been so intent on destroying was finally getting to you.
“Please,” you whimpered, trying to ignore how pathetic you sounded. “Let me touch you, Mark, please.”
Satisfied, Mark let go of your wrists and his lips immediately fell back on yours, the need to kiss you resurfacing. It was like resuming, pressing play and pause. There was something about hearing and seeing you beg - especially against your will - that he found so arousing. You were so resistant to his dominance and it was all too entertaining to see you finally succumb.
Your hands raced to his shirt and with his own assistance, you hiked it above his head, hands flying to his chest afterwards. For a moment, your eyes opened to ogle at him, wallowing in the sight of his bare skin. Mark began to tug at your blouse and you both began to undress one another, leaving a trail of clothes behind you as you both headed to his bedroom.
By the time you got to his bed, you were stripped down to nothing but your undergarments. Lying flat on your back, you watched as Mark took his sweet time to crawl over you. His hand moved at an agonizingly slow pace from your thighs, to your stomach, to your clothed breasts. You felt as if your breath was stuck in your throat as you anticipated what he would do next, and he finally leaned in your ear, whispering, “You do look good in blue.”
He kissed you there for a little longer, heated and passionate, then pulled you up and said, “Get on your knees.” 
Submissively, you sank to the floor without a fight, which both pleased and surprised Mark. Though the little sly grin playing on your lips was a good enough indicator that you were planning something. And you were. Any other time you would have refused to listen to him without first making an attack on his pride, but you were skilled with your tongue and had a line of people you’d been with to show for it. 
You were resolved to make him unravel - and you would.
The bulge of his dick was prominent through his underwear, of which you tugged down in desperate haste. You had wanted a taste of him for only God knows how long.
His dick sprung against his stomach and by then your mouth was watering. You took him into your palm, smiling up at Mark as you began to leisurely pump him. Your efforts to tease him only became worse, intentionally letting your lips graze the head of his dick every now and then, giving him false hope that you’d finally get to the best part.
“Don’t tease me, doll. You won’t like what’ll happen if you keep up,” Mark warned.
“Punish me, Mark,” you said, smiling broadening.
He wasn’t given the chance to respond before you took his cock into your mouth, a little grunt leaving his mouth instead. You were taking him into your mouth bit by bit, efforts to tease him still lingering. Mark grabbed a fistful of your hair and held it behind your neck.
Mark, a man of patience, was beginning to lose the thing he clung to most. He used your hair to force you down on him some more. “Stop fooling around and take it, baby. Put your mouth to good use for once.”
In pursuit of spiting him, you fooled around for a moment longer, though finally gave up contentedly after you figured that you’d frustrated him enough. Soon you were steadily bobbing your head up and down his length, cheeks hollowed, his fingers gripping your hair to control your movements to an extent.
The wet sound of your mouth sucking his dick and his little noises of pleasure echoed throughout the bedroom. You smiled to yourself slyly at a thought you were having. Mark was a groaner. 
He sounded heavenly. You were quick to discover his weaknesses, catching on to how he became noisier. Mark wasn’t the loudest guy that you’d been with, fairly moderate, but he was still unable to hide the signs that said loud and clear you were making him feel good. You looked up at him through your eyelashes and saw how pleasure was written all over his face, lips parted and his eyes closing from time to time.
That drove Mark borderline insane, you peering up at him like that - and you had already known that it would. At the end of the day, Mark was simply a man, after all. And you had men all figured out.
“Good girl. Just like that,” he praised, pushing your head down a little more.
Your fingers wrapped around the base of his cock and you stroked him all the while sucking him off, tasting pre-cum on your tongue. You could feel him twitching in your mouth and it was a pleasure. There was no denying he was close.
When Mark noticed you slowing down in efforts to tease him, he was displeased and decided that he had enough of your schemes. The loosened, relaxed grip on your hair suddenly tightened and he began to thrust into your mouth, taking control. You were good with your mouth and able to take it deep, but the sudden movement caught you off-guard and you began to gag.
“Just when I praise you, you decide you wanna be a little fucking brat,” Mark spat, pulling your hair again. “You just can’t listen, can you?”
You glared up at him, tears pricking your eyes, and the sight made him let out a laugh. He knew as well as the next person that you liked acting tough, but with tears in the corners of your eyes and a cock in your mouth, you looked nothing short of pathetic.
He shot you a withering look, adding, “You always act like you have the whole world in the palm of your hands. You try to get under my skin because you want to see me succumb to the same tricks you play on everyone else, but you know I won’t give an inch and you don’t know how to handle it. Wish you could see how pathetic you look when you shut the hell up and take my cock.”
Right now you wished that he would shut the hell up, but oddly enough, his words were turning you on. You silently prayed that he wouldn’t catch on to how wet you were getting with every passing moment.
Mark was close. His sentences became raspy, deep groans and his pace was relentless, merciless. Like he was trying to bruise the very back of your throat. It took everything in you not to choke out, but you refused to give him the satisfaction in seeing you in such a vulnerable state. He was already enjoying this too much.
Mark groaned, “Fuck. You gonna swallow it, babe?”
As a way of saying ‘yes’, you hummed around his shaft and the vibration was making him lose his mind. You swiftly moved one of your palms to wipe at a streak of tears on your cheeks before he noticed.
You doubted that he did. Mark was in another world, eyes closed as he was overcome by pleasure. The warmth and wetness of your mouth was everything and he was out of control, movements unrestrained. He came in your mouth with a grunt, giving your hair one last violent tug as his climax struck his body. You milked him dry, taking every bit of his cum in your mouth that you could possibly manage.
There was a noise when you rolled him out of your mouth, looking him in his eyes immediately afterwards. Mark was breathless, and so were you, but he could only smile.
You gave him a look, voice slightly hoarse from the throat-fucking as you asked, “What?”
“Nothing,” he replied, smile unfaltering, but it was obviously something. “I’m simply enjoying the way you look with spit and my cum on your lips and chin.”
You rolled your eyes and wiped yourself clean with the back of your hand. “And I was enjoying the way you looked like you were on the verge of losing your shit.”
“Funny how you’re only quiet when you have a dick in your mouth.”
Wittily, you retorted, “Maybe I would shut up if you fucked me.”
Instead of giving you an immediate response, Mark pulled you back onto the mattress, hovering above you as you lay flat on your back. “Mm-hm. That’s why you were moaning my name so loud last night, right? Because you wanted my dick?”
One of his palms slipped underneath the band of your underwear and you let out a little cry of surprise when you felt his fingers brushing against your arousal. You were holding in your breath. It had been so long since anyone had you like this and you were touch-starved, feeling completely deprived of sex and nearly the memory of what it was like.
His free hand gave a loud, resounding smack to your thigh, and you yelped. “That was a question, doll.”
“Yes,” you choked out. “Please. I want it so bad, Mark.”
“So wet, all for me,” he sighed with bliss. His fingers were now plunging inside your pussy, sliding in and out with ease. You hadn’t been this wet in ages. “How long has it been since you were last with someone?”
“I don’t know, like three months,” you guessed, not really wanting to think about it when his touch was all you could focus on. “A really long fucking time, basically.”
Mark made a face, surprised. “No wonder you’re so damn needy.”
His teasing did nothing to help and you were quickly growing impatient. There was no need to explain why it had been so long, you were certain he already knew. With your work schedule there was rarely time to meet new people and you had no one to come home to. But Mark made it too goddamn easy, and considering how hard you worked, you could use a good fuck.
“It’ll be a year by the time you fuck me,” you grumbled, impatient. What more did he want you to do? You sucked him off, begged, and yet he was still torturing you by resisting. It was like he was deliberately trying to get you to lose your goddamn mind, and knowing Mark, you wouldn’t put it past him. It was working.
Mark said nothing, looking at you blithely. And hungrily. There was still a layer of clothes obstructing the view of your bare skin, and greedily his hands flew to the band of your underwear. You bit back a whimper at the feeling of being suddenly empty, but Mark tore your panties past your ankles, and your bra immediately followed as he tugged on the straps.
The sight of your naked body had Mark’s dick throbbing and he swore then that you were Aphrodite. You were driving him past the brink of insanity. He had envisaged your body in his dreams and fantasies, though nothing could have prepared him for how beautiful you looked sprawled out on his sheets and he could only think one thing. Goddamn.
That was it for him. He was still resolved to tease you to sheer hell, but he could keep playing your games while inside of you.
You made a tiny gasp when you felt the head of Mark’s cock prod your folds. The sight of your pussy was his kryptonite - you were dripping with arousal. You wanted him so badly and he wanted you just as much. He pushed the tip in with a raspy groan and made a couple slow, shallow thrusts.
Then a couple turned into too many for you to count and you were becoming impatient. More than you already were. “Mark, hurry the hell up,” you grumbled.
“Mm, no. I think I’ll keep going like this,” Mark teased. After the way you treated him only moments ago, he wasn’t the least bit sympathetic. “I told you, you weren’t going to like what happened if you kept teasing me. Now look.”
Just like he said you wouldn’t, you weren’t liking this. He was agonizingly slow, not deep enough, and it was all deliberate. Karma was a fucking bitch.
“Fuck you,” you spat, insincere.
Mark was totally unbothered, seemingly paying you no mind as he replied, “That’s no way to talk to the man who you’re so wet for. Ask me nicely and maybe I’ll reconsider.”
Holding back a groan in fear of his changing his mind about reconsidering, you tidied up the sentence you were preparing to say to him and fixed your tone. “Mark, can you please move faster?”
“Don’t you sound so sweet when you ask like a good girl,” Mark sang. Before you could muster a response, he finally thrusted completely into you and you moaned. The way your pussy gripped him was his vice, and you stretched to accommodate his size.
In no time he also discarded his formerly slow pace and adopted a new, speedier one. The way he was pounding you was so deep and perfect and you grabbed his shoulders, desperately needing something to cling to.
This type of experience used to only exist in your head. More often than not, you winded up touching yourself to the thought of the man before you as a way to cope with your stress and lechery. You would close your eyes and picture his dark hair matted by sweat, his face scrunched up with pleasure. You would imagine the noises that he’d make when he finally felt the grip of your pussy around his dick, the way your body responded to his every touch. It got you off too quick, tempting you to march over to his apartment and demand he finished the job.
But you never did. You wanted to see him lose his patience - and you did.
“Pussy’s so damn tight,” Mark groaned, which made you grin smugly. You knew that already.
Mark leaned low and began to press soft kisses into your skin, his thumb brushing over your stiff nipples. He found you utterly beautiful, no flaw in his eyes. The breathy sounds you were making in response felt like hearing an angel.
Although you were enjoying yourself, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing and said, “Don’t be gentle with me, baby.”
Mark smiled softly. “I don’t plan to be, doll.”
When Mark was finished with your breasts, his mouth replaced them, beginning to latch roughly onto your neck. Which made you sigh out in bliss. The feeling of his teeth digging sharply into your flesh made you certain that he was going to leave Mark’s, and you were too fond of it. You wanted Mark to make you his.
Everything was too much in the best way possible. You were intoxicated by the feeling of Mark’s bare cock between your walls, striking the sweetest parts of you. Your mouth parted in too-loud moans of his name.
He gripped your throat, looking you dead in the eyes as he commanded, “Be fucking quiet.”
That made you clench around his length. At first, your eyes widened, but you recovered swiftly and your lips curled into a broad smile as you met Mark’s gaze. The look on your face right then made his cock twitch.
“You like that, huh?” he asked, tightening the grip around your neck. You couldn’t get a single coherent word out, choking, but the way your eyes rolled to the back of your head was more than the perfect answer.
Mark let go of your throat after a moment and began to watch the way your cunt swallowed him whole. It was satisfying to have you at his disposal like this. He was hell bent on taming you, no matter how many fucks it took; the more the merrier. He couldn’t get enough of the way you felt - warm, wet walls clamping tightly around his size - and he knew deep down that there was no way in hell this would be the last time.
There was no going back. He was set on you; you on him. You were different from anyone he had ever been with before, you were a challenge. Brats were something he never thought he would be fond of, wallowing in the fact that most women bent to his will. But you caught onto his behavior fast and opposed it, resolved to break down his walls, and he was game. Mark never went down without a fight, though neither did you, and he liked it too damn much.
Taming you was fun. It was something he never knew that he needed until you suddenly came into his life, providing him a little thrill and excitement on a silver platter. You were so much like him that it was all too easy to read you, to find out what made you tick. And making you feel defeated was what he got out of trying to put a leash on your wildness.
Not too long after, you were moaning in a chant, “Mark,” his words forewarning you to be quiet going in one ear and out of the other. You couldn’t help it. It felt perfect. He was so deep and so thick, making you feel full.
“Brat,” Mark hissed, shaking his head. But with how utterly disobedient you were he didn’t bother to scold you again, taking matters into his own hands by picking your panties and shoving them into your mouth. “That’ll shut you up.”
There was an instant sound of protest and likely you cursing at him, considering how you narrowed your eyes at him, but there was no way for him to tell. Mark smiled tauntingly. “Can’t hear you, babe,” he said.
You raised your middle finger in a silent retaliation, but Mark retaliated back even quicker and lifted your hands above your head, pinning them down to the mattress. You felt so fucking powerless, yet Mark had so much power over you and your body. It wasn’t fair.
It wasn’t long before you could finally sense your orgasm building up, a dam on the very verge of breaking loose. Everything felt otherworldly and you swore that you were no longer breathing. Like you were gone, but your body was still physically alive and well. Pleasure ripped through every last vein in your bare body and consumed it in its entirety, swallowing you in its mass.
Mark’s pace was merciless, and when he moved one of his hands to wrap around your throat, so was the tight squeeze on both sides. It was damn near bruising and your eyes were fluttering, but you didn’t want him to stop. You were internally begging that he wouldn’t.
Your panties fell from your mouth and you took the opportunity to ask with a struggle, “Can I please cum, Mark?”
“Let go for me, babe,” Mark grunted, resisting the urge to comment on how pathetic you sounded asking for permission in your hoarse little voice. It came to him as a pleasant surprise, and a satisfying sound that left his dick throbbing.
There was no need to tell you twice. You came with one last cry of his name, back arching as you began to come undone. It was explosive, your entire body reacting to the intensity of it. Your toes clenched and your pussy gripped relentlessly around his shaft. You swore that you were beginning to see stars.
Mark pulled out and came on your stomach with a deep sexy groan, the sight and sound of you at your very climax triggering his own orgasm consecutively. His hands loosened their grip and set you free, and soon you were both lying flat on his bed, panting heavily.
“So,” he began through shallow breaths, and you braced yourself for whatever he could have possibly said next. “How’s that for a weak dick game?”
You glanced at him confused, then suddenly broke into a fit of laughter after you recalled what he was referencing. You had insulted his game. “I take it back,” you replied. “It’s alright.”
Mark raised a brow. “Just alright? Like I didn’t have to put your panties in your mouth because you wouldn’t stop screaming my name?”
“I was not screaming.”
“You were screaming. And…,”
Before he could add anything else - and you knew he would, refusing to let you live anything that happened today down - you smashed your lips against his and carded your fingers through his hair, effectively shutting him up. Mark kissed back with joy, smiling against your lips. All of the other kisses that you two shared had consisted of rough, unrestrained attempts at dominating one another, but this was slow and sweet. It was gentle, and dare you say loving.
“One more round?” you asked when you pulled away.
Mark snickered. “Don’t tempt me, baby. If we start with one it might become two.”
You licked your lips and grinned. That was useful information. “Nope, I’m tempting you. Now give in.”
Mark gave your lips another kiss, but immediately became distracted once he caught another glimpse of the swell of your breasts. “Damn, baby,” he sighed contentedly, running his hands over the shape. “I just fucking might.”
Temptations. Oh, how dangerous they were. But caving into them might have been the best decision you’d ever made - and Mark was living proof.
He was your temptation.
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lucyandthepen · 4 months
gorgeous | lmh ( m )
Tumblr media
there is a part 2!
you don’t know what in the football uniform mark is wearing is so attractive. maybe it’s how broad is shoulders always look in that jersey. maybe it’s how nicely accentuated his ass is when he’s running. or, maybe, just maybe, it’s how painfully conspicuous the outline of his cock is through those pants.  
or, you know. all of the above.  
pairing: mark x reader rating: R genre: college / football au, romance, humor, smut warnings: kind of feels like pwp with just a bit of background pining I guess, semi-public (?) sex, oral sex, just good ol’ fashioned smut perhaps with minimal dirty talk. nothing depraved (yet). please be sure that you are 18+ to read! word count: 12.4k
author’s notes: i literally have nothing to say like . i just wanted to post something that would gain me access into the 18+ section of the nctzen library i guess :^) this is once again an edited fic, but it is pretty unbeta’d, so i’d love for anyone to point out any mistakes they see! since this has explicit content, please do not read this unless you are of age! honesty is the best policy, everyone. :^) enjoy !
You know you’re done for the moment the sky opens up and starts raining.  
You can’t even get off the field and run from the rain because it’s all a part of the whole cheerleading gig; if the playing team’s on the field, then you have to be, too.  
Sometimes, you think that there are more drawbacks to being in this position. For one, it’s completely risk-heavy; you can’t remember a game where someone didn’t at least obtain a sprain or slip on the mud in front of five hundred people while trying to still look like everything’s fine. Pile on other issues, like having to cut back hours of free time in a week to practice, having to constantly fit and refit uniforms that you also have to shell out your own money for (because what else is the university’s budget for if not to pay for a yet another science lab?), and dealing with slightly catty teammates because on no particular day of the month is the entire team period-free, and you almost have a deal ready to be broken.  
Just almost, though.  
Possibly the only perk that beats all those downsides is the fact that you have free access to the football team and all their practices and games. Most days, you think it’s actually worth it to risk breaking your neck coming down from a human pyramid (or, worse, being the base of one, which requires the kind of upper body strength you don’t think you have a lot of in you) if you get to at least see eleven cute guys jogging around the perimeter of the field they share with your team for practice.  
Oh, and, yeah, even if you had to pay for the cheerleading uniforms, they were kind of cute, in all honesty.  
You look up as the first droplets fall on your head, and you can see the collective grimace that sweeps over the cheerleading team; one girl even stamps her feet and yells something about her not wearing waterproof mascara just as the rain mixes with the crowd’s cheers when it starts to intensify. It quickly forms a thick curtain, and you lift a hand up to your forehead to shield your eyes as you scan the field in front of you. Everything is just a blur of white and blue sometimes interrupted by the droplets that hang off your eyelashes, but you keep looking anyway. It shouldn’t be that hard to spot him because he’s fairly tall in his own right, you think, except it’s hard because so is everyone else — perhaps even more so — and he’s probably being eclipsed by all these jacked up guys from the visiting team.  
You get called out of your search temporarily when the cheerleading captain plucks on your sleeve and tells you you’re all going to do one more routine; in that time, all you can do is think about not slipping on the mud that’s slowly deepening under your feet. Even your fucking pom-poms are a saggy mess.  
The only time you manage to see him is when the referee’s whistle blows for a time out, and the teams troop back, somewhat sluggishly, to their benches. He always walks at the back of the line, like he’s careful to not get crushed between his teammates, even though they always tell him to walk with them. He glances up at the scoreboard; there’s two minutes of play left, and your home team is ahead by a mile, so he could sit pretty for the rest of the game and they’d probably still win.  
In all honesty, no one had ever thought Mark would make the football team. Not even Donghyuck, his freshman roommate, who, in his own weird way, idolizes Mark (at times, to a fault). Not even you, his best friend, who had criticized him for never being active in any kind of extracurricular activity ever since you had met in your first year of high school. And especially not Mark himself, who had, in an attempt to get you off his back about being a hermit, tried out for college football just so that he could prove that he would never make it and would never fit in a team, anyway.
Except for some strange reason, he had. Inexplicably, he had even placed on the actual starting team instead of the reserve, like you and Donghyuck had initially guessed when he’d come home, slightly starstruck, with a jersey in his hand. You thought it was a joke — even though Mark rarely makes any of those in the first place — until he announced that he’d placed as a free safety and would be starting practice that coming Thursday.  
You’d thought it was a joke even when Thursday came along, convinced he was just trying to one up you and get you to admit maybe it’s not a big deal if he’s essentially disconnected from the rest of society, until you actually saw him come out of the locker rooms and start doing laps with the rest of the team. At that point, something just… snapped.  
Sure, Mark has always been attractive to you, in that kind of boy next door with the nice skin and the naturally casual laid-backness so many people try so hard to achieve, and a part of you has always been pretty aware of how appealing he was. You’d been pretty good at repressing it, though; only Donghyuck had slowly cottoned on over time, mostly because he refused to make friends with classmates he would only spend one semester with, which led him to tagging along on yours and Mark’s trips to the library (which he hates) as well as your trips to unlimited refill barbecue restaurants (which he loves).  
(Sometimes he hangs out with some other freshman kid named Renjun, whom neither you nor Mark have ever seen, but Mark swears he exists because he sometimes finds that his bed seems to have been slept in on days that Donghyuck is much more vocal about how cool he thinks Mark is.)  
“Why don’t you just tell Mark hyung that you like him?” Donghyuck had once asked when you’d both been sitting on the frontmost bleacher, waiting for Mark to finish a particularly long and seemingly grueling weekend practice. “You know it’s not like he’s going to think any less of you. Also, it would be better if you just ended up honest with him before he catches your dried up drool on your chin.”  
You’d flicked him on the forehead, partly because he was sticking his nose into where it didn’t belong, but mostly because he was suggesting the one thing that would overturn the delicate internal balance you’d been carefully building up since the first day you’d met Mark.  
Not that you’d never thought of it. You’d just been really, really good at talking yourself out of it, making excuses about how it’d probably just been your hormones telling you that you could stand to entertain a boyfriend or even a friend with benefits every once in a while. It had never really been about Mark, specifically.  
Until now.  
These days, you’re not so great at keeping yourself calm and collected at the thought of him. It’s the curse of being able to see him run across a field almost daily, his asscheeks tightening visibly when he lunges and the veins on his forearms bulging when he uses all his upper body strength to toss the ball. You’re thankful that cheerleading practice almost always winds up earlier than football practice because you can use the little gap between when you have to leave the field and when you have to see him again to do your homework together to take a cold shower or, when it’s really bad and your roommate isn’t around, to masturbate to the thought of him bending you over and pounding so deeply into you that you’re practically speaking in tongues.  
And it’s never any one else’s face that you imagine looking up at during a blowjob. It’s always his.  
You squint across the space between you and him, and even through the rain, your vision tunnels towards him. His shirt is soaked completely now, and it clings to his skin; you can see the deep curve of his spine and the definition of his right bicep even from here — proof that this football thing is really starting to shape his body in a way that is both frustrating and totally attractive to you. Behind the steady noise of the rain, you can’t help but give a slight whimper.  
You’re not sure if it’s because you catch his eye or just because he feels like someone’s watching him, but he suddenly looks up at you, mirroring your expression and squinting through the rain. When he realizes he’s looking at you, the corners of his lips turn up into a small but genuine smile, and your heart skids dangerously, breaking its already fast rhythm. You respond with a bigger, goofier grin before you can stop yourself, and you see the whites of his teeth peek out as he laughs at your expression.  
Damn you, Mark Lee. You gnash your teeth together as you turn away, but you’re really only chastising yourself. You hate that this is confusing. You hate that this situation is actually simple, but you’re too hesitant to do anything about it, so it becomes confusing. You hate that ever since Donghyuck had brought it up, you’ve been secretly planning out the ways you could just seduce him, and you also hate the slightly sick feeling that comes after those fantasies when you remind yourself that you’re being a hopeless pervert. You hate that the rain his making his pants just the slightest bit translucent, so you can see the outline of his cock just pushing against the fabric, and you almost want to scream because you really, really hate how much you wish he were fucking you with it at that exact moment.
Mostly, you hate that your body seems to be going through its whole mid-adolescent years sexual arousal phase all over again.  
The referee’s whistle sounds through the air, and the team troops back onto the field and gets into position. Someone from the squad calls your name, and you walk stiffly over to join the routine again, trying to make excuses about how you’re wet from the rain and not from thinking too much about your best friend.  
You’re drenched by the time the game comes to a close, the home team scoring an impressive 6-1, but you’re not the slightest bit concerned about the cheering and hugging that’s occurring all around you. You had just seen Mark bend over to pick up a bottle of water and scoped two whole eyefuls of his substantial ass stretching the fabric of his pants, so, yeah, you kind of have to do something about it.  
It isn’t as easy as it seems in your head, though. For one, he’s being blocked by people much, much larger than you, and they’re traveling in groups — the referee and the vice principal, three of his teammates carrying the team’s water cooler over to throw onto the coach (boys, seriously), and the two teams’ mascots walking side by side, their costumes absorbing all the rainfall. There’s also the problem of people holding you back, like Park Sooyoung, one of the juniors on the squad, hooking her finger into the back of your shirt and dragging you backwards to shout very loudly into your ear that most of the girls were going to go to a McDonald’s with some of the players right now. You try to shake her off with weak excuses, but her grip is unnaturally strong.  
“There still might be room in Jeno’s car, if you want to join,” she yells over the rain that’s practically torrential at this stage.
“No thanks,” you shout back, although you have the decency to at least keep your mouth a few inches away from her ear canal. “Stuff to do. Gotta shower, and all. And… Homework,” you add lamely when she gives you a disbelieving look.
“You can do it when we get back! Jeno’s car has a heater anyway. Aren’t you hungry?”  
Hungry? No. Thirsty? Yes. But not in the physiologically necessary sense.  
You manage to get her to cotton on that you have no intention of tagging along after a couple more refusals, making sure she zips off across the field with the rest of the squad before turning your attention back to Mark.  
Who is no longer where he had been five minutes ago.  
The weighty feeling of regret at a missed opportunity settles in your stomach as you spot him across the field now, nothing but a tiny white and blue dot disappearing into the boys’ locker room. The feeling is only alleviated slightly by you telling yourself that you didn’t even really have a plan anyway, so it was better that he’d disappeared before you got the chance to embarrass yourself.  
The rain stops overhead suddenly; you look up to see a familiar baby blue umbrella covering you, and you let out a small sigh of relief.  
“I thought you went back to the dorms already.”
“I almost did, but I saw you standing like a dumbass out here,” Donghyuck laughs. “You could just ask someone to sneeze on you if you really want to catch a cold.”  
“What I really want is a hot shower and a snack,” you respond.  
“I saw your teammates leave with Lee Jeno like three minutes ago. Why didn’t you go with them? I thought people liked you on that team,” he teases. You whack him in the face with a ruined, soggy pom-pom, but you don’t dignify his question with an answer. He spits out a piece of the paper that had stuck to his tongue on impact.  "Oh, I see. Distracted by external elements? More specifically, external elements on Mark hyung’s body?“  
"There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t wish you had a mute button.”  
“My mom couldn’t afford the down payment for it,” he shrugs. “You know, I could always mention it to him if you’re too chicken —”  
“I will never forgive you if you do that,” you cut him off. “Never. I will strangle you before I strangle myself if you tell him.”
“So you tell him,” Donghyuck snaps. “All you ever do is moon over him now. Just get laid so that we can go back to eating breakfast for dinner every Thursday instead of you never showing up or backing out at the last minute because you’re too worried seeing him eat pancakes will trigger hyperrealistic fantasies of him eating you out.”  
“I don’t think that way!” You yell, but you’re glad that he’s not really looking at you, so he doesn’t see the flush that spreads like wildfire across your face.  
“Fine; I won’t tell. But you have to soon. I can’t stand being in the middle of all this awkward atmosphere you’re suddenly creating. Plus, he keeps asking me if I’ve talked to you recently.” He shoots you a meaningful look that you ignore. “It’s not like he’s stupid. He thinks you’re avoiding him because you suddenly hate him, or something.”  
“I’m trying to fix that,” you frown.
“Fix it faster,” he nags, and you smack the pom-pom into his face again. It’s satisfying to see how little bits of wet paper stick to his nose.  
Donghyuck walks you to the locker rooms, overestimating the capacity of his umbrella by saying he’ll wait for you and Mark to come out so you can all head back to the dorms together. You try not to read too into the fact that he’s essentially forcing you to live through another fifteen minutes of wading through one-sided sexual tension and troop yourself into the locker room while he strolls off to the nearest waiting shed. It’s odd that you can’t hear any water running, and no one seems to even be inside. You figure everyone’s out making a mess out of the nearest McDonald’s until you turn on one of the showers and realize that there’s no hot water in the stall you’re in. And in the next one. And in the next one. Or the one after that.  
You groan in frustration, now acutely aware of how sticky and heavy your uniform feels against your skin. You could always just shower at the dorm, but that just means staying and walking around in this state longer, which doesn’t feel like a very comfortable option. You could also just brave the cold, but in this weather, it doesn’t sound like a healthy idea.
Of course, there is one other way.  
You weigh out your options briefly, but it’s not like there’s any better and more immediate choice. You gather your spare clothes and quickly exit the girls’ locker room, your hand over your mouth as though your breathing is going to be too loud and give you away.  
The distance between the girls’ locker room and the boys’ locker room is less than ten steps, but because you’re trying to be unbelievably careful, the tiptoe over to its entrance feels like a mile-long and extremely stressful endeavor. You bump into one of the members, Jung Jaehyun, right as you’re about to enter, but he at least doesn’t seem to notice how guilty you’re looking, or the fact that you have a towel and a shampoo bottle in your arms.
“Hey, _______________,” he greets you, shaking the remaining water out of his hair. “I thought you would have gone with Jeno and Doyoung. Most of the cheerleaders did.”
“I wanted to take a shower first,” you say lamely. You don’t add the in your locker room part.
“Same.” There’s steam forming a thin cloud around him as he stands in the doorway, so you’re at least assured your rule-breaking isn’t going to go to waste. “If you’re going to catch up, maybe you can invite Mark to come along with you. I asked him, but he said he was just going to go home and rest. He’s like a grandpa.”
“Oh,” you swallow thickly. “He — is Mark in there? Still?”
“Yeah, he was talking to coach about something, so he’s still in there getting ready. Anyway, at least try to get him to tag along; it’s as much his victory as it is the rest of the team’s. Text me if you guys are both coming to McDonald’s later. I’ll save you seats.”  
He gives you a pat on the shoulder before walking off; the rain has calmed into a light drizzle now, and you hear his jovial voice greet Donghyuck by the waiting shed, asking him if he wants to tag along for a burger.  
This is… fine. It’s not a big deal. You really just want to shower. Except, you know, you’re not really sure how you’re going to explain yourself to Mark. Except, do you really have to? It’s just a shower. He’d understand. He… showers too, doesn’t he? Yeah. That’s good.
Even with this logic, you walk in carefully, trying to keep your steps as light and as quiet as possible. The rows of lockers in here somehow look longer and larger — male athlete privilege, you guess — but you’re grateful for the fact that maybe in this tiny labyrinth of lockers and benches, you can completely avoid Mark.  
You almost do, too, right until your foot lands in a puddle and goes skidding so far you feel like your pelvis has snapped in half; with a squeak of surprise, you claw at the side of a locker row, making the loudest, most obnoxious set of sounds an accident could produce as you crumple to the floor, mildly shell-shocked.
“Who’s there?”  
The voice is unmistakable, and you right yourself just in time for Mark to peek out from behind the set of lockers two rows down. His face morphs from initial alarm, to brief surprise, finally settling with confusion. You try your best to look as collected as possible, but it’s hard when you take the whole form of him in and notice that he’s already stripped off his shirt and remains only in his pants.  
“Hey, um. Mark. Hey,” you force a smile out. “I didn’t know you were still here.”
“I was talking to coach,” he says in a small, slightly disbelieving voice. You don’t miss the once-over he gives your whole drowned rat aesthetic. “Sorry — what are you doing here, ____________?”
“I was, um—” you try to come up with something less stupid, but nothing sticks to you better than the truth, so you admit it anyway. “Just… wanted to take a shower here.”
“Oh… you know this… is the boys’ locker room,” he reminds you carefully, as if he’s trying not to hurt your feelings even if he’s essentially pointing out how stupid he thinks you are.  
“I know. There’s no hot water in the girls’ locker room, so I thought… I thought I would just—“ you gesture around yourself, and Mark’s round eyes follow the course of your left hand.  
“It would be really great if you didn’t tell anyone,” you add.
“I won’t. It’s just me in here, anyway.”
A terrible silence passes between you two. You can see the gooseflesh forming on his arms and shoulders from being exposed to the chill for too long. You’re acutely aware of how loud the sound of your heavy, wet skirt is when you shift your weight from foot to foot, and he’s watching you carefully, with this sort of strange, glazed-over look that you can’t read. You both open your mouth at the same time to speak.
“Have you been avoi—”
“Great game, by th—”  
You stop at the same time too, and you share a nervous laugh. At this, the tension in his shoulders goes away, even though he does look slightly uncomfortable standing half-naked in front of you. He gestures for you to keep talking.
“You played great, was what I wanted to say,” you rub at your arm. “I know Donghyuck and I weren’t serious about it at first, but you really play like you belong out there.”
“Oh — thanks,” for some reason, even if it’s a compliment, he looks mildly disappointed. “It’s really just practice.”
“I know that you practiced hard, but I also think you play pretty naturally. And you run… well, too.” You avoided a bullet by biting your tongue down and keeping it from saying something about how good he looks running.
“Thank you.” He folds his arms across his chest, keeping out the cold as much as he can. “Do — have you been, you know, avoiding me?” You shake your head, but he continues to elaborate. “I can quit, you know, if you don’t like it — me being on the football team. If it’s taking up too much time that we can’t even hang out after, I don’t really want that to be the reason for us to just fall out. I already talked to coach about it, and he said—”
“Mark,” you speak over him, a little alarmed. “I don’t — of course I don’t want you to quit.”
“Oh.” He looks slightly relieved. “But, then, you’ve been—”
“Yeah, I know I’ve been missing in action,” you lick your lips nervously. “It’s just personal stuff, but like, not the serious kind? Don’t — I mean, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“I thought maybe you hated that I was on the team now,” he goes on.
“It’s not that. I love that you’re on the team.” More than you know. “I’m sorry; I’ll be better. We can do breakfast for dinner on Thursdays again, like we used to.”
He stares at you, like he’s unsure of how to phrase his next thought into a meaningful sentence, so he just nods and settles with a shorter, “Donghyuck will like that.”
The next silence kills you as the desire to explain yourself bubbles up again, but the dying purity inside you causes you to swallow it back. Mark is the first to break the silence this time, without any interruption from you.
“I should really go take a shower.”
“Oh — yeah, me too,” you gesture vaguely to the exit with your thumb. “Donghyuck’s waiting for us.”
“Better not keep him standing out there in the rain, then,” he points jerkily to the next row of lockers. “You can just change there. Or wherever else. I’ll be in the shower anyway.”
You nod your thanks, not trusting yourself to speak clearly anymore, opting to shuffle to where he’d indicated. You’re all alone on this side of the lockers, but you can hear Mark moving about, a locker door opening and closing as he gets his things ready. You have to keep reminding yourself to stay on target instead of listening in like some creepy maniac, but you pause, swallowing thickly as you hear the tell-tale sound of wet fabric hitting the concrete floor, and you know that’s him taking off the last article of clothing he has on.  
You think that this experience can’t be good for your mental health, but it doesn’t even matter because your mind is so invested in the idea that Mark’s bare body is less than four feet away from you that it can’t think about its slow, inevitable death.  
The sound of a shower curtain being pulled close followed by water running signals that Mark is in the shower. You peel off the rest of your clothes, and hold your towel close to your chest as you walk over to the stalls. The one that he’s occupying falls right under the ceiling light, so you can see his blurry silhouette move through the fairly thin curtain. Your throat is dry, and you want to walk past it to get to the next stall, but you stop right in front of it, weirdly mesmerized by his form.  
“Mark,” you say before you can stop yourself. You see him stop and listen, one hand still in his hair, frozen in the act of shampooing. His head turns, and you can tell he knows you’re standing right outside the stall, mere inches away from him.  
“Yeah?” His voice sounds different — maybe higher and a little more frail, although you assume it’s just the steam affecting his vocal chords, or whatever excuse your mind half-assedly churns out.  
“I have been avoiding you,” you confess, doing that stupid shifting from foot to foot thing again. Something like a sigh escapes his lips, rising above the stall along with the steam.  
“I knew it. Do you really not like me being in the team that much? You should have just said so. I told you, I can quit — really. Our friendship is more important than some sport I didn’t even know how to play six months ago.”
“It’s not that I don’t like it,” you chew your lip. “It’s more that I like it so much I can’t stop thinking about it.”
“What? Football?”
“No. You playing football.”
Something hits the floor inside — probably a bar of soap — and you see Mark fumble with it for a moment before straightening back up. He doesn’t say anything, though, so you press on.
“Ever since you started playing, I sort of felt like you were — I don’t know. Different? You look different for sure, but you act differently; you even walk differently. But not in a bad way. Like, in a good way. A really good way. And it’s distracting me a lot, so for my own, um, sake, I had to… take a step back.”
You feel like you’ve said everything you can at this point without giving extreme on-the-nose specifics or a terrible love confession, so there’s nothing for you to do except wait for a response. When it comes, it isn’t what you’re really expecting.
“Actually, I don’t think there’s any hot water in the other stalls either,” he says in a careful voice, so soft that it’s almost drowned out by the water.  
“I can just shower after you,” you mutter in disappointment. The conversation seems over for a brief second until he replies with a much firmer voice.
“There won’t be any hot water after I shower.”
“I’ll just go to the dorms, then.”
“_____________,” he says your name in slow, deliberate syllables. “There won’t be any hot water there either. Trust me.“
You stare dully at his form through the shower curtain for what feels like forever until something dawns on you, and a mild shiver runs down your spine — not at the cold but at the thought of your interpretation being correct. Slowly, carefully, you toss your towel so that it hangs next to his on the metal rod on the shower curtain. You wait for him to protest, but all he does is make his silhouette grow slightly smaller as he steps back, and you take this as a good sign, pulling the shower curtain aside and quickly stepping into the stall before your nerve completely abandons you.  
You’ve never seen Mark naked before. It’s not like you’ve tried before recently, but when you think about it now, you feel like your assumptions have slightly undersold him. He’s always been on the slightly lankier side (at least, in your opinion), and even with all the toning up he’s done, you don’t actually expect him to look this… good. His muscles are actually well-defined now that you can see the shadows they create under the light, and his body is extremely well-groomed.
His cock is slightly bigger than you’d initially imagined, too, probably because you’ve only ever guessed at its form through stolen glances. It’s as long as you’ve assumed, but its girth is strangely more than the football pants had let on. You wonder if it had always been like this or if he had grown into it over a span of, like, ten years, and then you feel like a pervert again for being more concerned with that more than the fact that your best friend is backed up against the wall, regarding you with wide eyes.  
His lips are parted, and the water coming down from the shower catches on its curves and rolls down, creating a new dimension to them. It takes all of your self-restraint to stop yourself from kissing them at that exact moment.  
Your gaze meets his, and nervousness overtakes your lust; you have to remind yourself that he wanted this too — invited you in — just so that you don’t make a run for it.  
“I don’t think I’ve ever—” He swallows hard; the water on his lips make them look slick and irritatingly delicious. “Told you why I stayed on the team either.”
“Now’s a good time,” you say quietly, trying to be nonchalant, which is stupid, because your naked bodies are at most two feet away from each other.
“At first, I was thinking we could hang out more, since you were always caught up in practice during the afternoons. But recently, I—” Mark lets out a nervous chuckle. “When we take breaks, I watch you practice. I’ve never actually seen you; you look so pretty when you dance.”
“Shut up,” you whisper, feeling a blush crawl up your neck. “When have you ever said something like that to me?”
“What? You thought you were the only one brave enough to confess?” He laughs a little more easily. His back is off the wall now, body a little closer to yours. Whether this is intentional or not, you don’t know, and you don’t ask. “I was thinking… that I would pluck the courage to ask you out soon, but then it felt like you were ignoring me, and I worried, I guess?” He’s shifting from foot to foot now, too; the habit seems to be contagious. “I thought you didn’t like that I was on the football team.”
“I’ve always liked it. Maybe a little too much.”
He’s inches closer now; you think that this can’t be some random set of movements he’s unaware of. You’re also vividly aware of how hard his cock is, standing erect extremely close to your thigh.  
“I’ve always liked you,” he murmurs. “Maybe a little too much.”  
“You never acted like it,” you accuse him without real heat. He smiles, more to himself than anything.  
“I didn’t really know until the first time I saw you out on the field,” he chuckles. “If you hadn’t said anything first, I might have taken it to the grave, too.”
“I guess I have to live up to being the pushier one in this friendship now and then.”
He laughs, a rich sound that causes a pleasant shiver to pass through your body. Mark notices the slight movement, and he reaches out, pausing in hesitation before taking your waist, his palms pressing against your flesh.  
“We’re in the shower together,” he mumbles as if it’s the first time he’s noticing. “Two hours ago, I was worried you were going to stop being my friend.”  
“We’re in the shower together,” you repeat, a small smile lifting your lips. Mark mirrors the action. “I think that fact kind of trumps your fears.”
It takes him a while to say anything, his fingers doing most of the work by trailing along your side, dipping into the curve of your waist and skimming over your hip. The steam curls up over the both of you, creating a thin veil that leaves his skin glowing. He only speaks up again when his hands place light pressure against your skin, and he draws closer with this anchor, his eyes traveling further down the landscape of your frame.
“I—” he lets out a nervous laugh. “I can’t believe — we must be breaking twenty school rules right now.”
“Do you mind?”
“Not really. It’s new to me, but — you know. It’s not that weird; not when it’s with you.” His eyes move up again, gaze meeting yours. “Do you?”
“Mind?” You laugh, and his smile widens at the sound. “Not at all. Not when the pay off is looking at you this way.”
He stops pulling himself closer until you’re almost nose to nose, and he replaces his hands with his arms, slowly winding them around your form. From this level of closeness, you can see the droplets of water forming on his eyelashes, dripping down the curve of his cupid’s bow.  
“You said,” he tries again, his voice a little softer now — a whisper just for the both of you. “You said I was distracting you.”
“You were.”  
“I thought a lot about you,” your voice is level with his, almost drowned out by the sound of the shower spray.  
“What did you think about?”
You hesitate. The situation at the present is well-established for sex, but you somehow still feel like you’re the only impure one in this stall. Mark is watching you, though, his expression somewhat expectant but mostly genuinely curious. You decide to go the gradually honest route.
“At first, I just… thought a lot about how different you were on the field. You’re more confident; you’re more… alive, I guess?” You laugh at your poor choice of words. “I was surprised, but I liked it a lot. But, um — more recently, you’ve been playing a more active role in the fiction-generated part of my train of thought.”
“Like how?”
You check his expression, and nothing has changed, except maybe his eyes have grown slightly wider.
“I think about… us,” you admit, suddenly refusing to meet his gaze for the rest of your spiel. “I thought a lot about situations where I’d get to see you like this. Where I would get to touch you and taste you.”
You’re so close to him now, wound up in his figure that you feel the shiver run through his body. He clears his throat. “Do I get to touch and taste you in any of those distracting thoughts, too?”
Your mouth falls open, but no sound comes out, and he looks… amused now. Slightly nervous, but there’s a small twinkle in his eye that is unmistakably mischievous. When you don’t respond, he plows on anyway.
“You’re not that special, ____________,” he teases breathily. Your eyes snap up to his again. His face is growing pink, but he doesn’t have any intention of stopping, clearly. “What? Like you’re the only one who’s allowed to think about us? I think about it, too. Sometimes I think about lying in bed with you. Other days, I think about making love to you. Most days, though…”
He sucks in a deep breath; you notice that his arms are shaking a little, like the act of saying so many things at once has drained him of a bulk of energy, but his grip around your waist only grows tighter, and his cock, pressed between your stomachs, twitches.  
“Most days I just think about kissing you.”
“Well,” you say, a little hoarsely. “Great minds think alike.”
Mark laughs right before he presses his mouth against yours, cutting the sound off with your lips. You initially assume that it’s going to be brief, but he seems to decide that now is not really the time for elementary-school-style chasteness, opting to part his lips against yours quickly and flicking his tongue out against the seam of your lips. You eagerly respond in kind, coaxing his tongue into your mouth and allowing him to explore it, the wet muscle flicking against your palate and passing over the ridges of your teeth. It kind of tickles, actually, and you want to laugh, except that would ruin the moment you’ve worked so damn hard for, and you would never forgive yourself for that.  
His hands are at your sides again, skimming up and down your skin with more fervor, and you return the favor by pressing your palm against his chest, fingers tracing long, slow lines down his chest, one digit catching on his nipple. You’d say something about how cute the consequent shiver is, but you’re currently rubbing your tongue against his eagerly, so you don’t really get to. There’s no other word to encompass Mark’s taste; it’s just clean — fresh, a little bit minty, maybe, and sharp in the most pleasant of ways. A moan passes between you, and you’re not sure who the source is, but it causes your lips to vibrate against his.  
Both of you are under the spray of the shower now, the warm water constantly running between your lips, and your hand follows the liquid trail downwards, stopping just above the base of his cock. Mark stiffens, and for a brief moment of panic, you think maybe you’re acting too fast. The fear dissipates just as quickly as it comes when his lips mouth against yours more eagerly, his teeth digging into the flesh of your bottom lip. You let out a soft whine, and he pulls away, his face suddenly morphing into unparalleled concern.
“Did that hurt? I’m sorry.”  
“No,” your fingers, acting on the unspoken green light, wrap around his shaft, and you can see him trying extremely hard not to drop his eyes and stare. A low huff escapes him. “I just wanted to do that to you first.”  
He chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief. “Do you really have the time to be competitive about this? Right now?”  
“I guess not,” you admit. “I should probably focus on what I’m doing, anyway.”
His second laugh segues into a low moan as your hand begins to stroke his cock slowly; it’s almost weird how much more heightened your arousal is at the sound, coupled with the sight of his jaw going just a little bit slack, his eyelids dropping halfway. You’ve never seen Mark like this — in fact,  you’re fairly certain no one has, and the thought of you being the first to witness pleasure on his face makes you feel maybe a little inappropriately emotional at a time like this. Luckily, the sounds he’s making are some you’re wholly willing to focus on instead.  
He leans back in, and you’re prepared for another sweet kiss, but he dips his head, soft lips landing on your shoulder. His kisses are firmer this time, more audible against your skin, and he trails them along the curve of your shoulder inwards until he reaches the dip of your neck. Something that doesn’t feel like his lips presses against your skin there — it’s his tongue, you realize a little belatedly as he licks a slow, careful stripe up your neck, causing a soft, surprised moan to leave you, and the hum that rumbles in his throat as he kisses back down your neck leaves small, tingling patches against your skin.  
You also think his mouth is content where it is, but it seems like Mark has a penchant for the unexpected that you’d never been fully aware of, because his lips trace a messy line even further down. When his hands come up your sides, they stop just above your stomach, and you feel his thumbs stretch out, tracing the lower curve of your breasts slowly. You’d planned on saying something — maybe to egg him on (the specifics hadn’t been laid out in your head yet) — but that plan flies out the window when he bends a little more, his lips tracing a small spiral around your nipple before he takes it between his lips.
“Holy shit.” The electric shock of his lips causes you to tighten your fingers slightly on his shaft, and your hand moves at a slightly quicker pace. You’re satisfied to hear the groan that sounds against your skin, even though this triumph is easily overwhelmed by the feeling of him sucking diligently — almost reverently — on your nipple, his hand cupped under your breast with just the right amount of pinch.  
The stall is filled with steam now, but with it rises the frequent sounds of your moans and heavy breaths. The water beating down on you makes Mark’s cock interestingly slippery, letting you speed up your strokes with little friction or resistance. The result is amazing; while his head is still bent, lips pressed down on your skin as they move relentlessly against your nipple, you see his hips moving slightly against your hand. You try to push past the haze of pleasure his fingers and mouth on your body are creating and slow your hand to a stop. You’re absolutely fascinated by the fact that even though he makes a soft, slightly questioning noise, his hips are still rocking in minute motions against your hold. Not for the first time, you feel faint in the shower stall; you’d never imagined you’d see Mark fucking himself into your hand, but here you are, witnessing it in high definition, and it’s glorious.
It doesn’t last for long, but it’s still a good enough amount of time before he realizes you’re almost motionless, dazed by the sight. You almost miss his question entirely. “What’s wrong?”  
“You,” your words come out breathless. “Are so hot. It’s not fair.”  
“You’re kidding, right?” He chuckles softly. You meet his eye now that the mini show is over. He’s looking up at you, wide-eyed and amused, lips still unintentionally grazing against your nipple.  
“Can we try something?” You ignore him entirely, but thanks to his general personality, he doesn’t complain; he just nods a little in response. No sooner has he pressed a tiny kiss to your nipple do you back him up against the shower stall’s wall, and he straightens his posture. Your plan is only slightly derailed when he reaches up, cradling your face and landing a brief kiss against your lips. He doesn’t say anything even as he watches you take a small step back before you carefully sink up to your knees or even when you place your palms flush against his thighs. The only time he actually starts asking questions again is when you brush your lips against the tip of his cock, to which he responds with a soft intake of breath.  
“What’s the plan here, ___________?”
“I’m going to put your cock in my mouth,” you announce, and you don’t miss how his eyebrows lift slightly. “And you’re going to move your hips. Can we do that?”  
“I don’t think I’m going to live through it,” he rasps. “I’m actually two seconds away from a heart attack.”  
“Well, hold it in,” you laugh softly, but he doesn’t join in this time; you can tell he’s torn between keeping himself in check and just letting his desire take the reins entirely. He stares down at you, chest rising and falling a little more aggressively. “Come on. Please?”
“I’ve never done that. What if I hurt you?”
“You won’t,” you make the promise for him. “Just do it slowly. I’ll tell you if it’s too much. Please?”
“You know you’re being unfair. It’s really hard to say no when you’re like this.”
“Like what?”
“Like this. Kneeling down in front of me. You know. Begging me,” his hands curl into your hair, making more of a mess of it. When he speaks again, his voice is quieter than ever. “Okay. We can try.”
He doesn’t lead you closer like you think he will with his hold on your hair, so you take the initiative, parting your lips so that your tongue can flick out against the tip of the head. It elicits a shiver that visibly runs through his body, and that’s all the invitation you need to wrap your lips around his cock. His grip tightens minutely, and he looks down at you again, still somewhat concerned. You think it would be kind of stupid to just nod with part of a dick in your mouth, so you squeeze his thighs lightly. Luckily, Mark gets the signal, and with a soft, drawn-out exhale, he starts to move his hips shallowly.  
It’s nothing extreme at this point, really; the tip doesn’t even hit the halfway point of your mouth, and he’s moving so carefully that a kid’s gait might outrun him at this rate, but the look on his face is exquisite. Mark in any angle is attractive, and you’ve long come to admit this, but you haven’t been able to decide on which angle is actually his best. You’d always assumed it was his profile, but the view you have now, with him looking down at you, gaze burning, his lips formed around an unspoken ‘o’ of pleasure, has trumped every other angle by a mile.  
You still think that him being quiet isn’t so much what you wanted — in fact, the minutes you’ve spent in the shower have not only come to embolden you but have also sparked a weird, internal competitiveness that makes you want to push all of Mark’s buttons until you can find the one that makes him noisy. So far, you’ve gotten a few moans out of him, but nothing that feels satisfying. Even when you roll your tongue against the underside of his cock with every slow pump into your mouth, he doesn’t do much but hum or groan a little, brow furrowed in concentration. You want to egg him on, but you don’t know how, and you’re also not sure how far down his cock you can go before something unfortunate happens.
The solution presents itself when you focus a little less on Mark’s face and more on his cock; more than half of his length is exposed to hot air and water. Your right hand leaves his thigh as your left one gives his thigh another reassuring squeeze, and your fingers once again wrap around the now familiar shape of his shaft just as he rolls them forward.  
Mark swears sparingly, especially since he tries to avoid situations that stress him out enough to get him to drop a bomb. For some reason, that just makes it more potent and extreme, like it’s a signal that indicates just how far something’s pushed him. It’s not surprising that you feel some kind of pride swell in your chest when the first out of a long string of fucks suddenly falls from his lips, hoarse and frustrated. His other hand joins the one already tangled in your hair, and there’s an uncharacteristic glassiness in his eyes as he rocks his hips forward with more intent.  
“Fuck, ____________,” he slows his litany of curse words with your name, tongue peeking out to catch the water that’s pooled just above his upper lip. “Fuck, you look so hot. What the fuck.”  
You can’t respond, so you make a pleased noise in the back of your throat that resonates down his shaft, and he tilts his head back at the feeling. His Adam’s apple bobs dangerously, like he’s swallowed down the rest of his obscenities, and you can’t see much of his face apart from his jawline, which has tensed into a sharp angle.  
Your left hand finally leaves his thigh, assured that he won’t need any more guidance, and it finds its way between your legs. You’ve gotten off embarrassingly quickly by imagining Mark like this — moaning, erect, drowning in pleasure because of you — but now that it’s playing out in real time in front of you, you have all the content you could ask for and more. Your fingers find your clit, rubbing it with the same speed his hips are following, and while you haven’t had much practice with your subordinate hand, it doesn’t even matter; you’re so turned on that even half-assed masturbation could probably get you off easily at this point.  
You actually think this is how it’s going to end — with Mark fucking into your hand and mouth until he cums, with you fingering yourself until you climax as well — but that fantasy comes to a disappointing halt when he stops moving his hips again, panting as he finally finds the strength to look back down at you. His hands lead your mouth back, easing your lips off his cock as he lets out a soft noise of relief.  
“Why’d you stop?” Your mouth feels a little numb, so you stumble over your words somewhat.  
“Wa — are you fingering yourself?” He asks, fascinated and now ignoring your question, drawing his head back in a vain attempt to get a better angle.
“You looked so good,” you state, like this should explain everything. “You tasted so good. Why did we stop?”
“As hot as that was, and it was really hot,” he chuckles. “I kind of feel like it’s unfair that you’re keeping your pussy to yourself.”  
His voice and words make your chest clench so hard that you can’t even make a noise; your mouth just forms soundlessly around an incredulous oh my god. Mark’s thumb traces your lips as they move.  
“Think you can still stand?”  
“I don’t know,” you admit. Your calves and thighs had started burning a few minutes into this position, considering you’d spent a good part of the evening before running around and jumping. “If I can’t, will you kneel down with me?“
“Yeah. But let’s try getting you up first.” He takes both of your hands, and you use his hold as leverage, slowly getting to your feet. Your face is impossibly close to his, and his hands are back around your waist. You can see a streak of water slide down his nose, and you lean in to press your lips to the tip, stopping it in its tracks. Mark laughs again, a low rumble of a sound that comes from his chest. “You good?”
You nod, opting to to spend more of your energy on pressing a kiss to his lips again; he returns it without hesitation, but it only lasts very briefly. When he pulls away, you notice that he squeezes your hips a little tighter.  
“Turn around,” His voice is still soft, but it’s lost whatever hesitation he’d had before this moment. You follow wordlessly, keeping yourself as close to his form as possible, and his hands never leave your waist, skimming over your stomach. Even if you hear him take a small step back to adjust, you can still feel his cock hard against you, settled between your asscheeks. You press your hips back against his, closing whatever tiny gap he may have made, and you hear him laugh quietly again.  
The one regrettable thing about agreeing to turn around is that you can’t see him anymore; his hands move across your skin, rising and falling over the curve of your ass, but you can’t watch him do it without putting a lot of strain on your neck. You have to content yourself with imagining his expression as his fingers dig into your skin lightly, spreading your cheeks apart slightly. At least he makes a sound — a low, appreciative hum that gives you just enough to guess.  
He shifts his stance, moving his cock downwards before his hands ease them between your legs; you feel his length pressed up against your folds, and he starts to rock his hips again in the same slow, controlled movements that seem almost trademark. You make the mistake of not keeping your volume in check as you let out a moan, feeling the tip rub against your clit.  
Fingers crawl up your stomach, his hands briefly stopping at your chest to squeeze at your breasts. He keeps one hand in place while the other continues its journey, settling gently at the base of your neck. His forefinger stretches upward slightly to press against your lips.
“Someone could hear you.”  
“We’re the only people left.”  
“You don’t know who could be outside,” he sounds amused at your quick, nonchalant response.  
“I don’t think they can hear us from outside. Even if they did, they wouldn’t know who’s in here,” you pause before smiling against his finger. “Unless you want them to.”
“Meaning I can be a little more specific, if that turns you on.”  
Mark falls silent, clearly trying to decide how to proceed. His finger traces the shape of your lips before falling lax in front of them, and you take this opportunity to flick your tongue out against it.  
You expect him to retract his hand, or something, but you don’t expect his hips to jerk forward a little in surprise, and you let out an even louder moan as his cock skims against your folds. Your thighs close a little more deliberately, adding to the friction.
“Jesus.” His voice is thick, distant, like he’s choked up on something. You can only imagine that he’s probably gritting his teeth, which is a sight you wish you could see, if you weren’t so intent on pushing this newfound button of his.  
“Mark,” you breathe out. You feel his cock twitch between your legs. “I want you inside me.”  
As soon as you finish your sentence, you part your lips, taking his finger into your mouth. There’s a sharp intake of breath behind you, and you waste no time in bringing your lips down to the knuckle, suckling languidly.  
You hear him say something about a heart attack again, but he complies, pulling his hips back so he can align himself to your entrance. In your impatience, you push your hips back. Your moans harmonize as you feel him enter you, and he only waits a moment to collect himself before he’s slowly pushing in, his grip on your breast tightening a little. He’s careful, so careful, like he’s worried if he moves too suddenly you’ll freak out and leave. Reluctantly, you release his finger.
“More,” you murmur when he seems to be slowing to a stop. “I want all of you.”  
“You need to relax or something. You’re so fucking tight. Holy shit.”
“You don’t have to act like I’m made of glass,” you laugh softly before letting out a noise of frustration as he actually stops halfway. “Mark.”
“I don’t want to hurt you. But also,” he exhales a little shakily. “This view is nice. Like, really nice.”
“I’ll be fine. I’ve been wet since I saw you shirtless outside,” you admit. He makes an amused sound. “Come on. I want to feel all of you stretch my pussy.”  
“If you keep talking like this I’m just going to cum on the spot,” he warns. “Is this the kind of dialogue you’ve been imagining we’d have during sex?”
“Sort of.” You don’t even have it in you to sound sheepish; you’ve focused your attention on more pressing matters, like trying to push yourself further along his length. “You’re kind of nastier in my head though. But that’s probably my fault more than yours.”  
“Okay, now that just makes me more curious.” His hands realign at your hips before moving backwards, and he spreads your asscheeks again, gripping your flesh a little more tightly as he inches himself forward. You finally let out a soft sigh of relief when you feel his hips flush against yours again, and your walls pulse around him. “Tell me what else you and I say in your head.”  
“Why don’t you start moving,” you suggest. “And we’ll see what comes out of my mouth.”  
He hums in assent before drawing his hips back and rolling them forward; the soft moan that comes from you is a signal for him to keep going. Mark thrusts in the same manner he seems to do everything in his life — cleanly, carefully, thoroughly. It feels good, but you can also tell he’s holding back, because his grip on your hips is unconventionally tight for his current pace.
It’s actually quiet apart from the intermittent sounds that pass between you; you actually think about saying something dirty, but you put that thought aside when it feels a little too sudden after a silence. You chew on your lip, trying to figure out how to get him to let loose without sounding way too demanding about it. It’s only when you think about Mark’s words — his heightened concern — that you start to pinpoint what the problem is.  
“It’s not just about hurting me, is it?”  
“You’re worried about something else.”  
“Is it that transparent?” He chuckles softly, his hips slowing to a stop again. You decide to let it slide this time.  
“You were fine before this,” you point out. “You even said—”
“I know, I know.”
“Do you not want to… anymore? It’s okay, you know. If you don’t,” you add quickly.  
“Wha — no,” this time, it’s his voice that rises a little. “No, that’s not it at all. I’ve always wanted to — you have no idea how much I’ve…”
“So what’s the problem?”  
“I don’t know. A while ago, I was kind of in the heat of the moment, and you looked so… so hot, and it was all good, and then, just now, I just realized,” he laughs softly at nothing in particular, but it’s an embarrassed kind of laugh. “I might not live up to your expectations at all.”
You want to throw him a look of disbelief, but you can only turn your head so far sideways, so you can’t see his face fully. You settle with giving him a side eye that you hope translates just how absurd you think he’s being.  
“Are you kidding?”  
“I don’t want our first time to be disappointing for you,” he continues. “If you have standards, and I don’t meet them, won’t it be too awkward for us after?”  
“I really want to look you in the eye right now, but since I like the fact that you’re still inside me while we’re having this conversation, you’re just going to have to imagine me looking a little sternly but affectionately at you,” you instruct, and he snorts softly. “Mark, the one and only standard I have for any fantasy I’ve ever had is that you’re part of it. Since you’re here, I think we can call this a win.”
“So after this…?”
“After this, we’re going to take Donghyuck out for a late dinner, and if we still have the energy after that, you’re going to tell him to sleep in Renjun’s room so I can come over and ride you, or something.”  
He’s quiet for a moment before he hums approvingly. “I guess I could roll with that, then.”  
“So stop holding back,” you groan. He chuckles, leaning in to press a kiss to your shoulder blade, the act of him nodding causing his lips to brush against your skin. This time, without your prompting, he starts to move his hips again, pulling them back and rolling them back forward with more resolution. “Fuck. Okay, this, I’m on board for.”  
His breath cools against your skin as he laughs silently, but it doesn’t last long; he focuses more of his energy on his movements, and you can hear a low groan echo from the back of his throat. His palms move to press against your stomach lightly, but one of them slides further downward. You feel his fingers press against your clit, rubbing it in intense circles that match his pace. You moan low, feeling yourself tighten around him again.
“I guess shower sex has that whole keeping you super wet perk.”
“Nope,” your voice is higher than usual, but it isn’t cracking yet, at least. “That’s all you.”
“Yeah, I kind of just wanted to hear you say it,” he chuckles. Your admission of it seems to renew his confidence, and his thrusts grow sharper, his two fingers spreading your folds so he can rub the middle one along your slit, having it brush against your clit with every upward stroke. You can’t help but squirm a little at the stimulation, but he keeps you firmly in the embrace of his other arm.  
“You like hearing how wet you make me?”
“It’s suddenly become my new favorite topic.”  
“I’ll be sure to bring it up at every appropriate time,” you promise. “Like when you’re balls deep in me, or something.”
“Great plan,” his voice sounds a little short, but your assumption is just that he’s trying to conserve his breath now that he’s giving it his all. Now that he’s not burdened with irrational worries, he’s fallen into the delicious pattern of drawing his hips back almost until he’s out of you before snapping his hips forward, burying himself back into you until the base. The feeling of being filled doesn’t turn you on as much as the idea of him being the one who’s filling you, and your moans increase in pitch and volume with every thrust. He doesn’t even try to shush you anymore; in fact, you feel like it’s sort of driving him, considering that he seems to move his hips more intensely whenever you moan his name, prolonging the last syllable.
The hot water is starting to run out; you feel even more goosebumps on your back and shoulder as the water starts to cool down. Your teeth are digging hard into your bottom lip because you’re desperately trying to hold back the fact that you’ve been humiliatingly close to cumming since you’d felt his cock against your clit, but you can feel yourself pulsing around him dangerously. Just when you’re about to confess, though, he suddenly pushes his hips harder into you, suddenly stopping with a low groan.  
“Mark —“  
“Don’t be mad,” he mutters, his voice dangerously low. “But I’ve been holding myself back since you gave me that blowjob.”
“Technically, you fucked my mouth —“  
“Yeah, whatever, that really hot thing you did that almost made me blow a load,” he snaps. You feel his cock throb inside you, and you mewl.  
“I’m really fucking close too,” you admit, and he doesn’t skip a single beat. His hips jerk up, allowing him to grind his cock into you for one intense second as he pulls your back flush hard against his chest. He buries his face into your shoulder, and you can feel his short, labored breathing as he pumps into you.  
You can’t even form coherent sentences to keep egging him on, so you’re just stammering at this point, switching between Mark and so close and a string of obscenities that heightens in volume when you feel yourself tighten right before you reach your peak. Even when your shoulders tense and you fall into a blissful silence in your climax, Mark doesn’t stop, diligently fucking into you in his determination to keep you riding your high. It doesn’t end when you come back down, either, and you’re a whimpering mess in his arms, nails digging into his forearms and repeatedly moaning out how much you want to see him cum.  
“Fuck,” he breathes out, and his voice breaks uncharacteristically; he’s close, but he’s still going, his thrusts growing erratic and sharp. “Fuck, _____________.”
“Mark,” you whine, neediness thick in your voice. “Let me blow you again.”
“You feel so good, though,” he whispers reluctantly. “I don’t want to stop.”
“Shit, I know,” he groans, easing you away. You turn to look at him, and the sight makes your knees weak; his brow is furrowed, and his hand on his cock, stroking it haphazardly. His lips are parted slightly, and he’s staring at you with a burning desire that somehow makes you wish you hadn’t asked him to pull out. You’re so entranced by how he looks that you almost forget why you’d turned around in the first place, and it’s his low, drawn-out moan that snaps you back into focus.  
Getting back on your knees, you tug his hand away; it falls back to his side as you replace it with your own hand, stroking his length at a quicker pace. You can see him threatening to tilt backwards, and you call his attention before it can tip all the way.  
“Mark,” you breathe out. “Baby, look at me.”
He complies, slowly bending his head and squeezing his eyes shut for a second before opening them to gaze down at you. His pupils are blown out, and water caught on his lips drips down onto your hand and face.  
“Tell me where you want to cum.”
“Shit,” he looks dazed; the fact that you’re squeezing him probably isn’t helping. “I — I don’t know.”
“Do you want to cum in my mouth?”
“Oh my god.” He squeezes his eyes shut again. “Fuck. Fuck yes, yes.”  
“Look at me when you do,” you press. “I want you to see your cum all over my lips.”
He looks positively overwhelmed at this point, but he opens his eyes again, fixing his stare on your lips, which have parted to kiss his tip. Your tongue peeks out, pressing flat against the underside of his cock as you continue to stroke him, trying to coax him into climaxing.  
He starts to rock his hips again, but instead of intensifying his thrusts, he suddenly tenses; his cock twitches against your hold, and you feel the heat of his cum spill onto your tongue and stain your lips. You can tell he really wants to keep his voice down, but he can’t control the long groan that leaves him. Mark’s expression is something straight out of the million fantasies you’ve had, with him unconsciously licking his lips at the same time you lick your own clean. He stands in slightly dumbfounded silence, not breaking eye contact as he watches you swallow.  
He doesn’t even say anything as he helps you up, but he does gather you in his arms again. His embrace is tighter than before, and he presses a soft kiss to your forehead, then the bridge of your nose, then finally your lips. His fingers glide down your back, resting naturally just above your ass.  
“Holy shit,” he finally manages to cough out as he pulls away.  
“For sure,” you agree, and you watch his lips curl up into a grin. “Never had a shower sex fantasy. Not sure why, but I guess I found out what I should have imagined.”
“These fantasies of yours — do you have, like, a list, or—?”  
“Only up in here,” you point to your temple, and he pulls out a disappointed expression. “What does it matter?”  
“Well, what kind of checklist am I supposed to make now?”  
“You want a sex checklist? Can’t it just be spontaneous like this?”
“I’ll have to work on it.” He reaches behind you, taking the soap from the holder and pressing the flat of it against your back before rubbing it in gentle, circular motions. “It would be nice to have a guide, though, so I’m not repeating myself, or whatever. For example, we can’t have shower sex again tomorrow. That would just be lazy planning.”
“You don’t need a guide,” you say dismissively. “But I’m kind of into the fact that you already think we’re going to fuck again tomorrow.”  
“Are we not?”  
“We are. That’s why I’m into it.”  
When you come out of the boys’ locker room, Donghyuck is standing by the door, arms folded across his chest. He’s visibly miffed and bursts into an enraged whisper when you step out, followed by Mark.
“You guys were in there for an hour! The janitor came and tried to lock the door. Thank god he said there was a ghost inside and he went to the chapel to get the priest. What took you so long?”  
“There was only one shower,” Mark says simply. “The girls’ locker room didn’t have any hot water.”
“You take like ten minutes showering,” Donghyuck accuses him before turning to you. “And you hate long showers because they make your fingers wrinkly. Two showers back to back don’t equal an hour in there.”
“We didn’t take back to back showers,” you reply, equally monotone.  
The three of you stand in silence, with Mark only moving to close the door behind him. Donghyuck points a slim finger at him, then at you, then at the door. Finally, it makes its way back to you, and his jaw drops a little as the pieces fall into place.
“You’re the ghost?”
“Hey, I wasn’t the only one making noise in there.”  
“I wasn’t that loud,” Mark defends himself, hugging his jacket closer to his chest. Donghyuck shakes his closed umbrella, the droplets flying around.  
“You guys made me stand out here and try to talk the janitor into getting a different mop while you had locker room sex?”  
“Technically, it was shower sex. Locker room sex sounds too public,” you correct him, and he makes a disbelieving noise.
“Weren’t you the one pressuring me into admitting I had feelings for her?” Mark frowns, and Donghyuck freezes, his mouth still open from the words he had been about to say. Your eyes widen, and it’s your turn to point an accusing finger at him.
“You told Mark what?”
“He said I needed to confess or some other guy on the team would beat me to it.” Mark inhales sharply at his following realization. “There isn’t another guy on the team, is there?”
“Technically, we don’t know who has feelings for her on the team, so I might not have been lying so much as guessing with only little information,” Donghyuck sounds decidedly less hostile now. Mark rolls his eyes.
“You told me to just get laid!” You recall, and Donghyuck flinches.
“I didn’t mean right now in the damn showers while I waited for you out here for eons. I was thinking, like, one of you would confess, and then you’d go on a date later in the week, and if things go well then you’d kick me out of the room so you could bone, or something. It’s not my fault you guys made it sound like a scene from the exorcist in there.”
“We didn’t— okay, you know what?” You snatch his umbrella, and he lets it go without much resistance. “Let’s just go back. Come on, Mark.”
You open the umbrella, the remnants of the rain flying outwards as you do. Mark takes the handle from you, and you both march away, leaving Donghyuck behind in front of the boys’ locker room.  
You’re halfway across the field when Mark speaks up in a low voice.  
“We can’t leave him there.”  
“I know. I’m just trying to spook him.”
You both stop, turning to face Donghyuck, who’s still by the locker rooms. He’s clearly watching you, though, because the moment he sees you looking at him, he makes a run for it, his long legs carrying him across the grass at top speed. He’s huffing when he arrives, and he throws his arms around the both of you so he can minimize the space he takes up under the umbrella.  
When you reach the parking lot, Donghyuck speaks up.
“So, was it just one round in there, or what?”  
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neowinestainedress · 4 months
rock, paper, scissors
Tumblr media
title: rock, paper, scissors
pairing: suh johnny x jeong jaehyun x lee jeno x na jaemin x fem!oc/reader (no name used, written in third person) 
genre: smut, basically pwp, best friends!au
summary: five friends rent a house together for a few weeks to enjoy summer like they used to do when they were younger, thinking that nothing could change their friendship. But teasing leads to pent-up tension and tension leads to problems. Problems that can’t be fixed by playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ like when they were young.
warnings: smut, sexual tension, implied masturbation, unprotected sex, fivesome, (not discussed) dom/sub dynamics, fingering (f), rimming (f), oral (m), double penetration, spit roasting, rough sex, dirty talk, degradation, praise, minor choking, anal sex (f receiving), spitting, light hair pulling, size kink, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, minor orgasm control, minor dumbification, (hard) dom!johnny, dom!jaehyun, (hard) dom!jeno, dom!jaemin, sub!oc/reader, filth just pure filth. 
words: 11.765k
a/n: the 4J smut nobody asked for is here. I think I struggle writing things with no emotions so this one was pretty much a challenge for me, but I hope it’s not too bad and you’ll enjoy it. I made it sound deep in the summary but the ‘problems’ are just them being horny. Let me know what you think with comments, reblogs or asks. ♡
taglist: @wooyoung4eva @jenoxygen @sunshinedhyuck @kundann @jaeymark
Tumblr media
They had no idea if she was doing it on purpose, but the more they stared at her, the more they couldn’t get what the hell had happened in over a year. 
When she had to move out of town for a job opportunity and they stopped seeing her, they were still used to a pretty innocent woman that would always get shy at their sexual jokes or, most of the time, don’t get them at all. But the woman in front of them was a completely changed person. And none of them expected these two weeks together, locked in the same house, to be this hard. 
“This was exactly what we needed,” she exclaimed as she faced the balcony of their rented house, looking at the view in front of her, a drink Johnny just made in hand and a big floppy hat covering her from the sun. 
“Most definitely,” Jeno replied from behind, lounging on a sunbed with one arm behind his head, forcing his eyes, hidden behind sunglasses, to drift away from her barely covered ass and stare at the view – like he could give two shits about the sea and the beach in front of them. 
“We should go to the beach again,” she said, turning around, resting her elbows on the railing, and looking at all of her friends with a smile on her face. “We’ve spent these first two days locked in.” 
“It’s hot,” Jaemin replied, “I don’t get why you want to go down to the beach when we have a pool right here.” 
“You’re so lazy,” she huffed, waving him off but then moving to sit between him and Jaehyun, wiggling her ass to fit between them, pushing their open legs close so she could squeeze in. “Why don’t you like going there?” 
He snickered, shaking his head and trying not to pay attention to the way her skin was rubbing against his. “Too many people. You know I hate crowds.” 
“But the sea is funnier,” she whined, turning around, pouting at him, leaning forward to give him big doe eyes to convince him to go with her.
And Jaemin wouldn’t have given up easily if only his eyes didn’t fall on her chest, pressed up and half exposed by the top of the skimpy white bikini. “I’ll come,” he replied just to make her move from that position before he could get a hard-on in front of everybody. 
“See, I can always convince you,” she cheered, not noticing anything, not even the way the other three, in the meanwhile, were rather lost in the other curves of her body. 
What the hell were they thinking about? They all mentally cursed, shaking themselves out of their thoughts, some of them feeling more guilty and some others just to keep their morality in line but their reason was the same. They couldn’t screw up fifteen years of friendship for being horny. They all cherished her and their friendship. So they came up with the silent mutual agreement of not ruining everything for sex. The nights there were young, and there were so many hot women they could get, it was just a matter of time before she would’ve slipped back into the back of their minds and simply stayed as their dearest friend. 
But they were wrong. 
Jeno was the first one to lose his mind. He just couldn’t help to look at her in another way when she wasn’t doing anything to don’t make him fall to his knee and wait for the right moment to have her. 
“You’ll get skin cancer if you don’t protect yourself,” she said while her hands moved on his toned body – beautifully toned body, she would’ve said – trying not to get lost on it for too long, wondering since when he had so many muscles.
Jeno mumbled a brief response while he tried to keep his eyes open so his horny-dumb-brain wouldn’t have started to imagine her hands somewhere else on his body. “’kay, are you done?” He asked when she reached too close to his lap, standing up and smiling awkwardly. 
“Yes, but can you help me too?” She pouted, passing him the bottle of sunscreen and tilting her head to the side. 
“On your body?” He asked, scratching his neck. 
“Yeah, silly, where else would you want to apply it?” 
“Sure,” he replied, pulling his lips in a tight line. “Turn around and lay,” he said, waiting for her to take place in his old position. He had to take a deep breath before squeezing the cold cream in his hands and starting to apply it on her shoulders, her back, hardly skipping her round perky ass, and down to the back of her thighs and legs. 
“Oh,” she moaned, “you’re really good with your hands, you know?”  
“Oh, sure I am,” he replied with a smug smirk without realizing, “I mean,” he coughed, “I give pretty good massages.” 
“Uhm, uhm,” she moaned again, eyes closed and lips parted. And Jeno had to gather all the will in his body to don’t move her bikini to the side and fuck her right there to see how even prettier she would’ve looked if those sounds came from even more pleasure. 
“Turn around,” he said, shaking his head as if to scroll those thoughts out of his mind. “Do you also need my help here?” 
“Yeah, I covered your whole body, do the same.” 
“Fine,” he sighed, splashing more cream in his hands and doing the same in the front of her body. “Why are you laughing?” He asked, while his hands were on her stomach, her soft smooth skin making him want to taste so much more than just that.
“Nothing,” she said but her lips were still turned up in a playful grin while she stared at his hesitant hands. 
“Okay, come on, now, what’s this?” 
“As soon as I complimented you, your hands started shaking,” she smiled, sitting up once he was done, and brushing a strand of long black-greenish hair behind his ear. “You’re cute,” she said before leaving a kiss on top of his nose and getting up, running outside to reach the others in the pool. 
Jeno stood there for a while, frozen, before he sighed loudly, shaking his head. “She’s going to make me go insane.” 
The second one to realize that the plan wasn’t working was Johnny. 
He wasn’t used to hearing her pick up all his dirty jokes, so he kept making them and every time got taken aback when she would, not only flirt back, but sometimes, even start it all. 
“Could you please stop taking so much space on the couch?” She whined, trying to fit next to him as they tried to choose a movie to watch. 
“Hey, you know I’m a big guy,” he replied with a smirk on his face and winking, expecting her to squirm and hide in embarrassment. 
“Do I?” She replied, looking at him in the eyes, smirking back. “You know, I’m a visual learner,” she joked, clicking her tongue before turning her attention to the tv again, chuckling lowly as she could still see his stunned expression and feel how his body tensed up. 
But Johnny tried to hide it, and cleared his throat, squeezing in his seat to leave her more room.
Or when they were in the kitchen, trying to fit the frozen mixture of a cake they decided to prepare into a form. 
“It will never fit,” Johnny groaned, throwing his head back, and shaking his red-brown hair out of his face since his hands were dirty.
“Don’t you know how to be patient?” She asked, coming to his side, taking the dough in her hands and placing it on a plate for a moment. “If it doesn’t slide in,” she said, voice lower than usual as she dirtied her fingers with butter, “it means that you have to get it nice and wet and slippery,” she explained while her fingers ran over the sides of the silicone form before she gently squeezed the dough inside. “See, how easy it is to make it fit if you take it slow?” 
Johnny hummed, looking away from her fingers, trying to scroll out of his mind the thought of those fingers being inside of her as he watched how she would take care of herself. “Thanks, I guess,” he babbled, forcing a smile on his face and trying to avoid her teasing gaze. 
She shrugged, patting his shoulder with her clean hand. “A shame, by the way, I always imagined you as someone that knew how to take it slow,” she winked, before leaving the kitchen. 
Oh, he thought that too before her.
The third to give up was Jaemin. For him, it was the constant touches. The way her hands always found a way on his skin, or in his hair, touching him as if her life depended on it. 
When he played video games she always found an excuse to sit on his lap, unknowingly – he wasn’t so sure about that – grinding against him. Or when he wanted to enjoy the peace of the evening and read something outside of the porch she was always there, snuggling close to him. But worsts of it all were their days at the beach.
“Your skin is so soft,” she cooed one day while they were sitting under the umbrella and her head was resting against his shoulder, her hands gently caressing his arm. 
“Thanks,” he stuttered, not really knowing what to say, too afraid that, if said more, not-so-appropriate sounds would’ve rolled out of his mouth. Why was she touching him like this? Why was her leg so pressed against his? Wasn’t she hot?  And why the hell she never asked the others to go with her? Did she like making him suffer?
She chuckled, moving one hand up under his chin and turning his face toward hers. “Thank you for always coming with me here,” she purred, letting her hand trail up and reach his dark-brown hair, ruffling them playfully. “You’re the best.”
Jaemin swallowed, trying to keep his eyes on hers and not on her soft, plump lips and don’t lean in to kiss her, smiling lightly and thinking that fuck, this was going to be harder than he imagined. 
The last one to fall was Jaehyun. He couldn’t really get why she insisted so much to train with him, she had never been a gym girl anyway. But now she was always with him for the few hours he would spend in the small gym inside the house. And he hated it. 
He hated the way the pink leggings wrapped around her body. He hated the way her tits bounced when she ran and he could hardly take his eyes off of them. He hated the moans that rolled past her lips when she had to push her body past its limits. And he hated himself because he wasn’t one that typically lost control, so why was he losing it with his best friend?
“I don’t get why you’re always here,” he whispered one time, chuckling, shaking his head as he kept his focus on the weights he was cleaning. Pretending they were much more interesting than her passing a cloth over her body to dry the sweat.
“To stay fit?” She replied as if it was obvious.
“Yeah, but why? Since when?” 
“Why not? I’m with you. I don’t have all those other judgmental people I’d have in a real gym and I get to see muscles anyway,” she winked, patting his head. 
Jaehyun stuttered something under his breath before lifting his head to stare at her. “My muscles?” 
“Oh, please, don’t act as if you’re not aware of the body you carry around.” 
He smirked, lowering his head to hide the blush. “And you like the body I carry around?” 
She giggled, stealing a white towel close to his seat, and wrapping it around her shoulder before walking to the door. “I love it,” she winked and then sent him a flying kiss that he didn’t even try to catch, too caught up in this. Too caught up in her.
Tumblr media
“Tell me you’re seeing her,” Jeno cried out in exasperation when he barged into Johnny’s room, knowing he would’ve found all of them there. She went out to buy something, giving them a bit of time to breathe.
They quirked a brow, putting down their phones to look at him. “Her as in our best friend or another girl that’s making you lose your mind?” Johnny asked, throwing his head back to look at him.
Jeno sighed, running a hand in his hair and pulling. “Yes, congratulations, you got it. Of course, it’s her, who else could it be?” 
“And? What do you want us to do?” Jaemin asked, twirling in the chair, resting his head against his fist. 
“I don’t know, but she either calms down or I can’t promise you I’ll be able to resist much more,” he huffed. “She’s doing it on purpose, she’s never been like this.” 
“Or maybe you never wanted to look at her like that,” Jaehyun said, shrugging. 
“Please, don’t tell me that a year ago she was the same,” he groaned. “Have you ever seen her wear those skimpy dresses? Wear so much jewellery? Do her hair so nicely? Or be so touchy all the time?” 
“She had never been ugly, though,” Jaemin said, “Jae’s right.” 
Jeno rolled his eyes. “It’s not about being ugly but she was so fucking innocent and naïve and now she’s… she’s always the one flirting,” he snapped. “With everybody.” 
Johnny laughed. “Yeah, you mad because it’s not you.” 
“Shut the hell up,” he retorted. “I was trying to be nice because I know you want her just as well, and you know she wouldn’t say no to me. So… how are we going to do this?” 
“Are we planning this?” Jaemin asked, furrowing his brows. “You’re making it sound like a bank robber.” 
“Well, it could be even more dangerous than that.” 
Tumblr media
A few days passed as they tried to test the waters, sneaking around her, trying to flirt back and tease her just as much without slamming her against a wall or any surface they had near them. But nothing really happened, just her usual jokes, and light touches and then she would walk away as if nothing happened, leaving them high and dry. 
Their plan was to try to push her harder until she would’ve picked one of them and they couldn’t get mad at each other or fight over who should’ve tried their luck. But nothing. Not even a glimpse of intention of going all way with one of them. Just a long and gruelling torture made of teasings and sexual tension that wasn’t leading them anywhere.
“I’m telling you, I can’t do this tonight,” Jeno warned them, sipping on a cocktail as he leaned back against ‘their table’. They were at a beach party near their rented house, organised by some people they met there but it wasn’t like any of them could really care about the party when they had her. 
She was going around collecting drinks, and men, dancing on everybody, letting way too many foreign hands roam on her body and – worst of it all – she wouldn’t miss the chance to look and smirk at them when they casually faced the same way. 
“You say it every time and you didn’t fuck her yet,” Jaehyun sang, raising a brow before sipping from his drink too, eyes never leaving her body swinging in a man’s arms. 
Jeno glared at him and then clenched the glass tighter. “It’s not like I can force her, can I? And didn’t we have a pact between us? I’m just being nice with you guys because I’m more than sure that with some more talking she would fuck me with no hesitation.” 
“Would she?” Jaemin asked, peaking his head forward to look at him. “Because it looks like we’re all in the same boat.” 
“Then what do we do?” Johnny asked, shaking his hair out of his face, winking at her when their eyes met. 
“Man, I don’t know, if I had a solution to this problem I would’ve solved it,” Jeno replied. 
“Hey, guys.” There she was, chest panting, sweat pearling her skin, hair flying lightly in the sea breeze, and a bright smile on her face. A vision that made them all stop in their tracks and get lost in the shape of her body. “Guys?” 
“Yeah, uhm, yeah,” they replied, shaking their heads and swallowing, trying to hide the embarrassment of being caught, and luckily for them, she simply chuckled. “The drinks are already getting to your head, aren’t they? You really can’t take it anymore.” 
They all snickered and then Jeno replied, “no, we seriously can’t take it anymore.” 
“I’m getting bored here,” she pouted, squeezing in between Jeno and Johnny and wrapping her arms around their shoulders. “Can we go home and play something just between us?” 
“Bored? It seems like you are having so much fun, there,” Jaehyun joked, and Jeno hit his stomach with his elbow, making him groan in pain. 
“We can surely go home, now, as soon as possible,” he replied, pulling her away from the others.
“I need my shoes,” she whined, trying to push back. 
“Johnny will get them for you, we just have to walk on the sand, come on, now,” he insisted. “Want me to carry you? Want to see how strong I am?” 
The other rolled their eyes hearing his words and watching as he carried her to their place, their giggles fading in the distance.
“We better hurry before he seriously talks her through getting dicked down,” Jaehyun warned them. 
Once they were all inside, they decided to play beer pong, which wasn’t even beer. But whatever mix of alcohol they had put in was good. 
“So the winners get what?” Jaemin asked, reaching the other side of the table to stay at Johnny’s side to get ready to play.
“Nothing,” she replied, “it’s just for fun, why would you want to win something?”
“Then who loses should get a penalty, at least,” Jeno said. “Come on, there’s no fun with no penalties.”
“Swapping clothes with someone else,” she shrugged, grabbing the ping-pong ball.
“Hey, what’s the fun in that? If they lose they would wear your dress and you wear their big shirt and jeans?”
She chuckled, “What? Sad you won’t be able to stare at my body anymore?” 
Jeno coughed while the others laughed under their teeth. “I don’t stare at your body,” he retorted with an obvious lie. “But fine, clothes swapping for the losers.”
So they finally started playing, their team leading with 5-3 out of 10 points against Johnny and Jaemin, but they never reached the final game. She wasn’t dumb, she knew what was going on, they had never been so clingy, and it surely wasn’t because she needed help to play the game. Jaehyun and Jeno’s hands rested on her back for most of the time and Johnny and Jaemin were concentrated on everything but where to aim the ball.
“Would you please stop looking at me like this?” She asked, turning around to lean against the table, arms crossed in front of her chest, not throwing the ball but placing it in one of the glasses. 
“Like what?” Jeno asked, playing dumb.
She snickered, fanning her hair back, and curling her lips in a grin. “Like you want to fuck me.”
“What?” They all gasped, pretending to be shocked, shaking their heads, Johnny and Jaemin moving around the table to walk toward them. 
She scoffed, chuckling under her breath. “Seriously? What? I see the way you look at me,” she started saying, getting up and walking around them. “The way you’ve been looking at me since this holiday started,” she smirked, one finger running up and down Jeno and Jaemin’s bicep before she walked behind them and reached Johnny and Jaehyun, making them hold their breath in a weird mix of sexual tension and fear of having screwed their friendship up. “You know,” she whispered, walking away and sitting on the couch, legs crossed together and upper body leaning against the backrest, “I thought at least one of you had enough guts to man up and come ask me.” 
At the tease, Jaemin snapped, turning to stare at her better. “You think we’re not brave enough? 
She shrugged, moving her hair to the side. “Well, you’re there, drooling over me, jacking off thinking of me,” she smirked, eyes glinting at Jaemin that turned red in a second, so she heard him that day... “and yet…” she whispered in a huff, throwing her head back. 
“Fine,” Jeno snapped, turning to the boys, “if this is how you want it, we’re picking who gets to fuck you. Rock, paper, scissors.”
She laughed in disbelief. “You’re picking who gets to fuck me with that game? Like when we were kids and you had to choose who played my husband?”
“Yeah, why do you think none of us made the first move?” Jaehyun replied, hand still clenched in a fist, ready to play the game. “It’s a bro thing, it wouldn’t have been fair to us and to you. We were waiting for you to pick but you never made the first move either.”
A smile crossed her face before she turned it into a smirk, “Pick?” She asked, twirling a strand of hair in her finger. “Who says I want to pick?” 
They chuckled awkwardly, looking at each other and then at her to see if she was playing, if they were all in the same perverted and weird dream or if this was a just as sick and perverted reality. And when it turned out to be the latter, they all laughed. 
“Yeah, fine, nice joke, but you’re still not as funny as me,” Johnny said. 
She laughed too. “You seriously are so dumb at picking up signals,” she huffed, one hand moving to trail on her thigh, moving the dress up so slowly it felt like torture but none of them seemed to find the strength to move, it was like there was an invisible wall separating them. “I thought I was the loser, innocent one of our group but turns out that having fucked half of the earth’s population doesn’t make you smart either when it comes to this.” 
“Hey! We didn’t fuck half of the population,” Jaemin complained. “And you are the innocent one… well,” he gulped, getting lost in the way her fingers were tracing her body, moving up to her stomach, to her breast, to her neck and then back down, “you were.” 
She snickered, “So? Do I have to put on a show for you to get somewhere? Because apparently, the ones I’ve been putting on weren’t enough to make you grow some balls and confront me.” 
“Okay, you need to stop this,” Jeno warned, getting mad at the teasing. “We respect you.” 
“Yeah, and we’re friends and we’ve known each other for so long, we wiped your tears when those silly boys broke up with you because you weren’t ready to have sex,” she mocked, rolling her eyes back. “And I don’t care. I think we’ve crossed that line for a little while now, don’t you think so?” 
They looked at each other with a frown but then hummed. 
“So let’s cross it even physically,” she proposed, leaning forward. “If I have to regret something I want to regret the best fuck of my life, not some mental games that are bringing me no pleasure at all.” 
“Okay, is this seriously you, or did somebody exchange you?” Johnny asked, raising a brow, still not fully believing her words.
“People can change so much over a year, babe,” she winked. “But since you look so taken aback, I have a pretty long list of people at the beach that wouldn’t say no…” 
“No!” Jeno shouted, walking to her in a second and pushing her back down on the couch. “I don’t care what they say but I am not losing this chance with you tonight.” 
“Good,” she smirked. “And you? Want to play rock, paper, scissors with your morals and then decided what to do?” 
“Fuck it, I know what I want to do,” Jaehyun exclaimed, placing the cup down and walking toward her. 
“You two?” She asked one last time, smiling at the last two friends. And with just one last look at each other, they were all over her, lips hungrily kissing her skin and hands touching every inch of her body with much more vigor than in the past days. 
“Oh, wow,” she chuckled, “you truly were holding back these days.” 
“Shut up,” Jeno scolded against her ear. “You are such a fucking tease, you knew what you were putting us through.” 
She only giggled at his words, enjoying the others’ greedy attention. “As if you weren’t enjoying that.” 
“We hated that,” Johnny retorted. “Maybe we should teach you a little lesson. Give you a taste of your own medicine.” 
“I don’t think you’ll be able to do that,” she teased but got immediately shut down when Jeno kissed her harshly and tugged her hair, making her lips part in the kiss to let out a low whimper.
“Let us show you, dear,” he replied when he pulled away, standing up to get rid of his shirt. Her eyes trailed on his body, watching his muscles flex and having to close her slightly parted mouth to don’t drool at the sight. “Yeah, you love this, don’t you?” He teased, kneeling next to her again. “You could’ve had me much before if only you didn’t put up with your stupid teasing game.” 
“My stupid –”
“Shhh,” he shut her up with a finger on her lips, “no talking back, it’s useless.” 
She gulped, but couldn’t help to let a small smile creep on her face at this unknown side of him. She heard stories about Jeno in bed but well, they were best friends, she never dug too deep into them and now… 
“Look at you,” Jaehyun said in awe, “you really do love this.” He was a little taken aback, no matter how much he wanted her, he knew her, well, he thought he knew her, and he wasn’t so sure she could keep up with their rhythms and kinks but apparently, he was wrong. 
Johnny snickered when she hummed, smiling at Jaehyun. “Should we test just how much you love this?” He asked, letting his hands travel under her dress and gripping the elastic of the panties to slowly pull them down. “Should we see how far we can push you before it gets too much for our little, innocent best friend?” 
She smirked, humming lowly. “Or how much of me you can take.” 
“You’re still not done with your stupid games, I see,” Jeno huffed. “Well, we’ll put an end to this soon,” he said before unexpectedly lifting her up, making her gasp. “My bedroom, now,” he ordered to the others as he carried her upstairs on his shoulder. 
When they reached the bedroom, Jeno was on top of her, his hand already teasing her wet pussy while his lips kept tormenting the skin of her neck. 
“You’re so greedy,” Jaemin complained, jumping on the bed next to her, kissing her too, “you want everything to yourself.” 
“Not my fault you can’t keep up with me,” Jeno replied, pulling away and spreading her legs more. “And look at you,” he teased, fingers smearing her wetness and playing with her clit, “so wet already? Have you been thinking about us all night while you let those other men touch you?”
She hummed against Jaemin’s lips and gasped lowly when she felt Johnny’s lips wrap around her hard nipple.  
“You’re so pretty,” Jaehyun whispered, touching her thigh, but his eyes were stilled where Jeno’s fingers were still moving on her. 
“And excited,” Jeno added when two fingers slipped into her with ease. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” 
She whined, pulling away from Jaemin’s kiss. “Stop teasing, just fuck me already.” 
A burst of deep laughter rolled out of their lips, “Desperate little thing,” Johnny mocked. “I thought we had to get you nice and wet and slippery,” he whispered close to her ear, marking every word, reminding her what she had told him before, making her lift her gaze on him and suppress a moan when Jaehyun’s fingers slipped past her entrance too. “See,” he chuckled darkly, pulling away from her, “you have a lot to take, babe. You don’t want to break, right?” 
“I won’t break,” she bit back, huffing, head rolling back when Jeno and Jaehyun’s fingers started stretching her more, rubbing so against her walls.
“No, you won’t,” Jaemin whispered, kissing her chest and then biting down on her nipple, eliciting a soundless gasp from her. “You wanted this. Wanted all of us.” 
“Yeah, you won’t back down, right? Realize we’re more than you can take a run away like a scared little kitty?” Jeno teased, pushing one of her legs further down so it touched the mattress completely, exposing her more, making her whine as shame crept up. 
“Please, nobody believes you’re shy after all you’ve done these past days,” Jaehyun teased, moving her hands out of her face. 
“You can’t feel embarrassed with us, right?” Johnny cooed, caressing her cheek, blocking her wrists over her head so Jaehyun could focus completely on fingering her. “Your best friends. We’ve seen you grow,” he pouted while his free hand moved down to reach her clit, the stimulation so intense that she couldn’t find the strength to answer, making them all giggle lowly. 
“Just started and she’s already wrecked. This ‘s going to be fun,” Jeno whispered but she didn’t even get it, too caught up in the first orgasm approaching. She might’ve not been innocent like she was before – or like they thought she was before – but she had never done anything like this, four men all over her, touching, kissing, licking every inch of her body. A fantasy she wanted to try for so long but never imagined she would have the chance to, especially not with her best friends. 
“’M close,” she moaned, one hand wrapping around Jaemin’s hair while he was still pressed against her boobs sucking her nipple, and the other leaving marks on Johnny’s thigh. 
“Oh, already?” Jeno cooed, stilling his movements inside of her, making Jaehyun follow. 
“No, please, please, don’t stop. I’ve been good, why would you – shit – oh,” she gasped when they picked up again, laughing at her. 
“Just wanted to hear you beg,” Jeno replied, shrugging. “You know, you always demand in our friendship, always so good at making us do whatever you want.” 
“Can you please make me come?” She pleaded, fluttering her eyes at them. 
“See, why you never think about us?” Johnny huffed, quickening the pace on her sensitive clit, and then pushing two fingers into her mouth, freeing her wrists. “That’s better,” he cooed, “stop whining and just take what we give you.” 
She hummed around his digits, tightening the hold around Jaemin that never stopped torturing her nipples, and squirming under the other three’s hands. 
“Just because I can’t wait to be inside of you,” Jeno said, fingers pumping in and out harder, filling her when Jaehyun’s were out and vice versa, never stopping stimulating her, “come for us, come on,” he ordered. 
The first orgasm hit her hard, leaving her shaking already, and once she came down from the high they gave her no time to breathe. 
As soon as Johnny pulled his fingers out of her mouth, Jeno pushed his, covered in her cum, in, forcing them down her throat. “Taste yourself, babe,” he ordered. “Like this, so good.” 
“Are you ready for the real thing?” Jaemin asked, getting rid of all his clothes, thick cock springing out of his boxer, red tip leaking pre-cum, making her mouth part in awe. 
“Are you going to fuck me first?” 
“Want to complain even about that?” Jeno tsked, shaking his head. 
“I wasn’t complaining,” she glared at him, sitting up and crawling to Jaemin to kiss him.
“Want to fuck your ass,” he confessed against her lips, making her pull away and chuckle nervously as she stared at him with a furrow on her face.
“Oh, princess has never been fucked in the ass before,” Johnny laughed at her expression. 
“No, I…” she started mumbling but Jaemin kissed her again, hands travelling down to cup her full ass and squeeze it in his palms, eliciting a low moan from her. 
“It will feel good, baby,” he cooed. “You trust me, right? You know Nana won’t ever hurt you.” The sweet – yet, condescending – tone of his voice made the other chuckle at his attempt to ease her into this but she found it normal, it was a usual Jaemin trick, it couldn’t have led to anything dangerous, right? Anyway, she did trust him and she was willing to try. 
“Just… prep me,” she whimpered when his fingers grazed her sensitive rim. 
A big proud smile crept on Jaemin’s face. “Fuck, I love you,” he exclaimed before signaling her to lay on the bed with her face against the mattress. 
She closed her eyes when the lewd sound of his spit hitting her rim resonated in the room and his lips started working on her, moving with precision and yet eating her out as if she was his last meal. But the sweet gestures stopped soon when his finger slipped past her rim. 
“You’re so tight, baby,” he cooed, his sweet tone hiding the devilish smirk on his face as he watched her body hardly taking him. “Need a little help?” 
She hummed, nodding, cheeks brushing against the sheets, and eyes squeezed as she tried to relax around his finger, pain mixing with pleasure. It wasn’t that terrible but it still was a weird feeling.
“I don’t think we have lube,” Jeno said before spitting on her ass loudly. 
“Ugh,” she moaned, thighs squeezing together and breath faltering. 
“Oh,” he whispered, lifting a brow, “you like that…” 
“You’re so fucking filthy,” Jaehyun mocked, watching the scene with curios eyes.
“Well, since you love this so much, it will work,” Jaemin shrugged, moving his finger faster inside of her when another string of saliva rolled out of Jeno’s mouth.  
“No, what… what if it’ll hurt?” She managed to breathe out, shaking her head, trying to lift her body up from the mattress but Johnny held her right in place, pushing her further down. 
“It won’t hurt, alright? You can take it,” he said, caressing her back. “But… since it’s you, I’ll go see if I have some.” 
“Tha-thank you,” she mumbled, voice dying in her throat when Jaemin added another finger after he spat on her again. 
“Oh, please, it’s not hurting, your pussy is dripping on the sheets. You love this.” 
“Mmph, yeah, but – but – fuck – you’re big, so big,” she breathed out, hiding her face in the pillows from embarrassment. 
“Oh, little red riding hood got herself in trouble?” Jeno teased, caressing her hair gently before tugging at it and turning her face to the side again. “Fell into the big bad wolf trap imagining you could take it?” 
“I can take it,” she retorted, knitting her brows but only making him snicker. 
“Whining a little too much for someone that’s sure about her abilities.” 
She simply groaned, closing her eyes again and trying to relax even more around Jaemin’s fingers. 
“Here it is,” Johnny exclaimed, entering the room again and throwing the bottle at Jeno that caught it swiftly.
“I liked the spit better but anyway,” Jeno shrugged before squirting a big amount of the liquid on her rim. 
A louder moan rolled out of her lips when the cold liquid dripped inside her and Jaemin’s fingers started moving faster now that there was no friction against her insides. 
“And man, move, she’s ready,” Jeno huffed impatiently.  
“Can you please have some patience? She loves this so much, just look at her,” Jaemin replied, eyes drifting from him to the string of cum that was drooling out of her pussy and the way her ass was clenching around his three fingers. 
“Yes, and imagine how much she’d love your cock,” he replied with a fake kind smile on his face. “Tell him, babe,” he ordered, tugging her hair again and arching her back, “tell him how badly you need your pretty ass to be filled with his big cock.”
The nasty words and the condescending tone made her insides twitch, pussy clenching around nothing and mouth opening wider. “Need you,” she mumbled, trying to open her eyes and tilt her head more to look at Jaemin. 
Johnny chuckled, pushing her upper body up completely, cupping her cheeks and squeezing tight. “Tell him exactly what you need. We know you’re not innocent so stop fucking pretending.” 
She gulped, falling on her hands when Johnny let go without a warning. “Jaem,” she whispered, looking past her shoulders, “need your – mmh – need your cock to fuck my ass, please,” she moaned, nails gripping the sheets when he stuffed his thumb into her wet pussy, cutting the air out of her lungs. “Please, please, fuck me hard. Jaemin, please.” 
He smirked, a low snicker rolling past his lips. “As you wish, princess,” he replied, pulling out, watching as her holes clenched around nothing before he grabbed his dick and lined it against her swollen hole. He leaned against her back, lips brushing against her ear, “but just know I won’t be treating you as one.” He smirked before bottoming out completely, thick dick stretching her more than his three fingers did, making her gasp and collapse against the mattress again, body going limp under him. 
“Fuck,” he groaned, throwing his head back and holding her waist tight, “feels so good.” 
“Wait, wait,” she mumbled, trying to stand on her hands again but Jeno pushed her down another time. “No, the condom, the – fuck – Jaemin.” 
“We’re clean,” Jeno replied instead. “We told you we care for you. Do you really want to see the test results, now?” 
She opened her mouth to speak, mumbling something, “You – fuck – you checked yourself?” She asked in disbelief, honestly, it was good but fuck, how desperate they were? How much were they rooting for this to happen? 
“Of course, we did,” Jaehyun replied. “Your safeness comes first.” 
“You’re – shit – fuck, okay, I guess, I…” 
“I think you should just shut up now and relax,” Jaemin shut her midway, slapping her ass cheek. “You said you trusted us. You do trust us, right?” 
She nodded, trapping her lower lip between her teeth when he started hitting deeper and faster. 
“Tell us that you do,” Jaehyun said, tapping her cheek gently. “Come on.” 
“I – I trust you,” she cried, “I trust you – mmph – so much.” 
“Good girl,” Johnny cooed. “But I need to feel you, too.” 
Her eyes snapped open at his words. “N-now?” 
A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest. “What, baby? Too much? You didn’t even see me, yet.” 
She snorted, squirming under Jaemin, “I don’t need to see you, fuck.” 
“Oh, those rumors spread fast, John,” Jeno joked, hitting him playfully. 
Johnny chuckled, “Don’t you want to find out if the rumors are true, baby?” 
She nodded, pretty much mindlessly, too caught up in the way Jaemin’s cock was rubbing against her walls and hitting so well inside of her making her head spin miles per hour to really think about what she was putting herself into. 
When Johnny freed himself out of his briefs she gasped loudly before her eyes shily reached up to meet his eyes, a proud, evil, smirk on his handsome face. That was always his favourite part. 
“Don’t worry, honey,” he purred, fingers under her chin to close her open mouth, “I know how to use it, it won’t hurt.” 
She nodded, not really sure about it… if it was only him, maybe… but it was two at the same time, and Jaemin wasn’t that much smaller than him so… Though she didn’t have much time to dwell on it. 
“Can you stop fucking her for a second and let me get under her?” Johnny huffed, glaring at Jaemin that unwillingly stopped his movements and waited for Johnny to manhandle her and position himself under her. 
“Fuck, Jaemin’s right, your cunt is dripping,” he moaned when he pushed his fat tip against her hole, feeling how wet she was. “Love getting your tiny hole fucked hard by him?” He teased, grabbing her face and forcing her to look at him. 
“Ye-yeah, he’s good,” she moaned, hands struggling to stand against something to keep her body up and don’t fall forward against him at any hard stroke of Jaemin; he didn’t waste time picking up again as soon as Johnny slipped under her body.
“Come on, fuck her too, need to see how tighter – fuck – she can get,” the younger moaned, stopping once again just to enjoy to the fullest the feeling of her insides getting filled more by Johnny’s dick, too. 
Her head fell forward when Johnny eased into her, mouth agape feeling like she was being split in two, no matter how wet she was. 
“Fuck, too much,” she cried out, squeezing her eyes shut and digging her nails into Johnny’s biceps. 
“Shh, you’re doing good,” he calmed her, starting to pull out slowly, “taking us so well.” 
She wept, whining mindlessly and soon after all the mercy disappeared as they both started fucking her again, sending her so close to the edge. 
“I think, I…” she gasped, “I think I’m gonna come.” 
“Oh, wasn’t that too much?” Jeno mocked. 
“But ‘s good, so good.” 
A mocking laugh came out of Johnny’s lips while his hand wrapped around her cheeks, thumb brushing against her parted lips. “A little bit pathetic don’t you think so?” Her teary eyes stared back at him before her head rolled back and another orgasm hit when they both slammed hard inside of her, knocking the air out of her lungs. 
Jeno snickered, an amused smirk on his face. “They barely started fucking you and you already came? Seriously?” 
“You’re having fun, baby, aren’t you?” Jaehyun teased, fingers grazing her neck to turn her toward him. 
“Yeah,” she breathed out, nails digging into Johnny’s shoulders, where she was trying to keep the balance, and ass bouncing back against Jaemin, making him groan at the sight. 
“Wanted this – fuck – for so long,” Jaemin moaned, hips slapping against her flesh, nails leaving marks on the skin of her waist. “Dreamed about your ass every fucking day.”
“I – I don’t think I can – mhh – last more.” The words struggled to come out of her mouth as her body slumped forward against Johnny. 
“I’m sure you can,” Jeno replied, lifting her upper body up again, holding her in place. “Are you tired already?” 
“I – I don’t know.” She truly had no idea what she felt, it was good but surely tiring too, she wasn’t used to anything like this. 
“Oh, poor baby,” he sang with a mocking tone, fingers brushing against her burning cheeks. “I’m sure you just need a little bit of support more. Jaehyun, come here.” 
“What?” The other asked, unwillingly drifting his eyes from where Johnny and Jaemin were fucking her, and stopping the strokes on his cock. 
“You heard me, come here,” he replied, rolling his eyes. “Our little girl needs another one.” 
“A-another one?” She asked, eyes widening, words choking her as she felt the other two deeper than ever inside of her. 
“I thought you were dying to get with her,” Jaehyun said in confusion, but he stopped caring about his friend as soon as he moved around and got to see her wrecked face and her tits bounce back and forth at every thrust. 
“I have special plans,” Jeno smirked, leaving a soft – and yet somehow scary – kiss on her cheek. 
“Come here,” her attention was soon back on Jaehyun that was tapping his fingers against her cheek, hard dick in hand and a terrible urge to fuck her too written in his eyes. “Open your mouth,” he ordered and she followed, lips parting even more and tongue rolling out, making him groan loudly. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” 
“And dirty,” Johnny muttered through gritted teeth, trying to don’t come just at the lewd scene in front of his eyes, but watching her welcome all Jaehyun’s length inside of her as her eyes rolled back, was making it all too difficult. Especially considering how hot and tight her pussy was and how hard she was squeezing him. 
“Yeah, just like that,” Jaehyun moaned when he bottomed against her throat. “Can you suck me or do I have to fuck that pretty little face?” He asked, naturally receiving no answer since she couldn’t talk, already struggling to don’t choke on his thick cock while the other two kept pushing her toward him. 
“Just fuck her face,” Jeno said. “I told you she needs more support.” 
When Jaehyun held her up by the hair and started thrusting into her mouth she felt her body go limp into their hold. The pleasure of being stimulated everywhere got to her mind, making her body shake into their holds and her brain shut down little by little. 
“You’re so good at this, I can’t believe you fooled us for so long,” Jeno said, smacking her ass, making her whimper.
“Do it again,” Jaemin moaned, rolling his head back when she clenched around him, “she loves it.”
“Oh, does she?" Jeno asked, smirking as his hand met her ass again in a loud smack. “Look at you,” he teased with a mocking tone, his big hand still roaming on the skin of her ass, “never thought I’d say this, but you look so pretty stuffed with cocks. Don’t you?” He teased, moving his hand to touch her spit-streaked chin where Jaehyun was still slamming against, and smearing the mess around instead of wiping it away. 
“She does,” Johnny moaned, nails digging deeper into the flesh of her waist. “So vulnerable for us.”
“Fuck, I’m – mmh – not gonna last long,” Jaemin groaned, “you’re squeezing me so tight. You love this, don’t you? Love having your little ass fucked hard. Shit, never thought you’d let me."
She gasped hard, struggling to breathe again when Jaehyun pulled out of her mouth. 
“Has anybody ever fucked you here before?” Jaemin asked.
She shook her head, “N-no, nobody.”
“Fuck, baby, your first time? And you’re already so good.”
She wanted to answer something but Jaehyun started fucking her mouth once again, making her eyes roll back in pleasure as she could feel another orgasm approach.
“Shit,” Johnny moaned, hips slamming hard up against her, “you’re so cock drunk, look at you. So fucked up I bet you have nothing in your smart brain, do you?”
She whimpered around Jaehyun’s length and they all laughed.
“It’s fine baby, it’s fine,” Johnny cooed, caressing her cheek before his hand slipped down, wrapping around her neck. “You don’t have to think. You just have to let go and trust us.”
She hummed, walls clenching harder when he kept pressing and then letting go around her neck, alternating the flow of air, making her head get even dizzier.
“Fuck, just like this,” Jaehyun moaned when her eyes opened and were rolled back, the view enough to make him groan harder. “Just look pretty for us. Our pretty, precious baby.”
“A pretty babydoll,” Jeno added. “A pretty toy that loves being filled and used by her best friends.”
“Yeah, right, keep clenching. We’re gonna come,” Johnny moaned when, listening to Jeno’s words, her cunt throbbed tighter around them.
She splurted and coughed when her mouth was free once again.
"Come fast, I’m not gonna come in her mouth,” Jaehyun urged, wiping away all the drool on her face. 
“Keep – keep going,” she moaned, head falling forward against Johnny’s shoulder. “Feels so good.”
“Gonna fill you up,” Jaemin moaned, grabbing her hair and pushing her flat against his chest. “Do you want it, baby? Do you want my cum?”
“Yeah – yeah, please...”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, shit,” he cursed, hips slapping more messily against her, “take it, take all my – mmph – my cum,” Jaemin groaned, coming inside of her, cum filling her and triggering her orgasm too. 
“Shit,” Johnny moaned, rolling his head back when due to the orgasm she squeezed more around him, “take mine too, come on, want to see you – fuck – full of us.” 
Louder moans came out of her mouth when he emptied into her too and they kept fucking her shallowly, stimulating her more. 
“God, so good,” Jaemin moaned, pulling out, groaning when his cum dripped out of her gaping ass and fell onto the bedsheets. “Are you okay?” He asked, making circles on the burning skin of her butt with his thumb. 
“She is,” Jaehyun huffed, moving to take his place, not giving her time to answer. Not like she could answer anyway, feeling too drowsy. “Come on, you had your fun.” 
“Damn, why are yall so greedy,” he huffed, stepping to the side to leave him room to fuck her too. 
She could barely process anything, mind still dazed by the pleasure, and high on the way she was being moved around, Johnny lifting her up to move from underneath her and Jaehyun turning her over. 
“Want to fuck you too,” Jaehyun said, spreading her legs more, making more cum spill out of her. “Fuck,” he groaned, throwing his head back when he sank into her, “your mouth’s good but this – shit – is so much better.” 
She moaned, throwing her head back when he grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders. “Too much,” she mumbled, eyes opening to find a teasing smirk on Jeno’s face over her. 
“Did they break you already?” He asked, mocking her. 
“No, mhh, he’s too big.” The words barely came out as her eyes squeezed shut, chest panting as he stretched her out more. 
“I’m sure you can take it,” Jaehyun said, starting to move faster and leaning closer to her, pressing her legs closer to her chest, reaching even deeper. 
“I’m gonna come,” she screamed, hearing them snicker. 
“So soon again?” Johnny teased, placing two fingers under her chin and turning her face around so she could look at him. 
“Ye-yeah, ‘s too good,” she replied before feeling another orgasm ripple through her when Jaehyun’s fingers started moving on her clit. Her hips bucked up whether it was because of the pleasure or because she felt it was getting too much, she had no idea. 
“Shit,” Jaehyun cursed. “Gonna fill you up, you feel too good, fuck,” he groaned before his orgasm hit too, hips faltering and stilling inside of her as he came hard. “Lord,” he exhaled, smiling and pulling out, “you did so good,” he praised, moving her hair back before standing up and leaving her there, trying to catch her breath, not even understanding anymore who was touching her. 
She laid against the mattress, already feeling worn out, when Jeno’s strong hands turned her over. 
“Hi, pretty,” he cooed, a sadist smirk on his face as he hovered over her, brushing her hair away from her face, “my turn, now.” 
“I – I don’t think I can,” she mumbled, lashes fluttering as her watery eyes adjusted the focus on him. 
“Oh, no, honey, I’m sure you’re not so tired,” he said, slipping two fingers inside her sopping wet hole, making her moan, and squeeze her thighs together, but Jeno let out a mocking laugh and pushed them apart again. “I know you destroy yourself when you’re alone, right?” He whispered, leaving small bites on her neck and collarbones while his fingers kept moving in and out. “That’s what you do when you don’t answer our calls, too busy destroying this pretty pussy, yeah? Convincing yourself that your fingers are enough, but you need so much more.”
She shook her head, chest panting harder. “N-no.”
“Oh, noo?” He mocked. “I’m sure you give yourself so many orgasms you can take me,” he growled, pulling his fingers out of her and then turning her around swiftly, making her gasp in surprise. “What, doll? You love my arms, you asked so many questions about my muscles and now you get to see what this body does,” he whispered against her ear, pushing her upper body close to the edge of the bed and arching her back up, right knee planting against the mattress at one side and left feet on the other.  
“Oh, fuck,” she cried when he entered her in one go. “I – I thought you were – shit,” she whimpered when he started moving right away, “mmph, thought you were going to fuck my –”  
“Your cunt?” He asked, snickering, tugging her hair again. “I thought that too, dreamed about being inside your pussy for a week straight,” he moaned, the other hand holding tight on her waist, “but Jaemin’s right, your ass is – fuck – too amazing to be left alone.” 
“Don’t act like you’re not all stretched out already,” Johnny said, thumb wiping away the drool that was dripping from her open mouth. “Jaemin fucked you so well before. You loved it, didn’t you?” 
She hummed, shaking her head in approval but barely registering his words, just mumbling ‘yes’ and pleas as Jeno’s hips slammed hard against her ass and his hand held her up by the hair. 
“Your ass feels so good,” he moaned, pulling her cheeks apart, her head rolled down if only Johnny didn’t force her up again and cupped her chin to kiss her rough, “but I’m not going to miss out on how your pussy feels,” he said and, before she could even realize he had pulled out, he was already inside of her again, but this time in her pussy. 
She mumbled something against Johnny’s lips but Jeno only snorted and said, “it’s fine, honey, it’s fine. Shit, you feel too good. Are all your holes so good? Are you so good at everything?” 
“Need to try her mouth,” Jaemin said. “Want to be filled to the brim again, umh?” 
“Look at how desperate you are,” Johnny mocked when, as soon as he moved to the side and Jaemin stood in front of her, she pushed her tongue out and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “So eager to give us what we want, you’re such a kind girl.” 
“Or maybe she’s just a cock-addict,” Jeno mocked, slapping her ass, making her moan louder. “Is that what you are? Is that what you truly are behind the – fuck – nice, innocent, virgin girl?” 
She whimpered, arching her ass more and trying to fuck back against him but another smack followed. “Answer me when I ask you a question.” 
“Mhh, yes – fuck – that’s what I am,” she moaned, throwing her head back, giving Jaemin the chance to block her there as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and tapped the tip of his cock against her lips.
“Open up, come on, I know you know how to use that pretty mouth,” Jaemin said, moaning loudly when she opened up and he eased in, feeling the warmth of her mouth. 
Her mind almost blanked out when they found a rhythm and pushed in and out of her alternately. Jeno’s thrusts were slightly rougher, while Jaemin seemed almost gentle but still made sure to go all the way in and make her gag at every stroke. 
“Say it again,” Jeno ordered, pulling out again and thrusting back into her other hole. “Who are you?”
Jaemin pulled out, making her drool some spit and cough, “I – I’m a cock addict,” she almost screamed when his thrusts started getting faster. “That’s all I am.” 
“Aww, she’s turning into a whimpering mess,” Jaehyun cooed when she started sucking Jaemin again since he let her more freedom and enjoyed the way her cheeks hollowed and her eyes tried to stay open and look up at him. 
“That’s right,” Jeno moaned, slipping out again to penetrate her cunt again. “She’s being such a perfect doll for us. No thoughts left in that pretty smart brain of yours, fuck,” he groaned. “Just full of how it – fuck – how good it feels to be filled from both ends.” 
“You’re sucking so well,” Jaemin praised, moving the hair out of her face and pulling out to let her breathe. “You got Johnny and Jaehyun so hard again, how are you going to fix their little problem another time, umh? You’ll suck their cocks too? Or will let them fill you up again?” 
Although he didn’t give her time to answer all those questions, not that she would’ve had a single coherent thought in her brain anyway. Jeno was too good at what he was doing. As wrong and dirty and humiliating that back and forth from her holes was, she found it incredibly hot, and the alternation of stimulation was driving her insane. And sucking on Jaemin’s heavy cock while Johnny and Jaehyun jacked off made her turn into a mess even more. 
“Wonna wome,” she mumbled, choking on Jaemin’s dick. 
“Do it, I’m so curious to see how many orgasms we’ll drag out of you tonight,” Jeno chuckled with a smirk on his face. “Will we beat your personal record, sweetie?” 
She didn’t answer, only let the pleasure run through her, feeling her body get limper, and if only Jeno’s arm didn’t wrap around her waist and held her up, she would’ve collapsed on the mattress. 
“Stay here, I’ve got you,” Jeno whispered, pushing her upper body up and holding her close to his toned chest. 
“Hey, I didn’t come,” Jaemin whined. 
“I didn’t come either and this is my turn,” Jeno barked back, one hand wrapping around her neck without pressing and the other reaching front to play with her clit. 
“No, no, I’m – don’t – shit,” she whimpered, squirming under his touch, body trembling at the stimulation.
“I told you,” he whispered in her ear, “I’ve got you, and I won’t stop until you fall apart in my hands.” 
A louder moan escaped her throat at his words, head rolling back and body going slack against him. Doing nothing but taking everything he had to give. 
“You can still use your hands, right, pretty?” Johnny asked, jumping on the bed next to them and grabbing her hand, wrapping it around his cock. 
“Do they seriously have to guide you?” Jeno mocked when, instead of moving her hands on their dicks, she let them move their hands up and down. “You can do so much better than that,” he encouraged, kissing her neck. “Weren’t you the one always bragging about being able to – fuck – do so many things at once?” 
“Yeah, you were so good at studying so many subjects at once, what happened? Can’t use your brain anymore?” Johnny taunted not holding her hand anymore, waiting for her to do it herself and she did, slowly, feeling her arms too tired for that. 
“Just like that,” Jaemin moaned, rolling his head back before bringing his eyes back on her. “Look at you, do you even know what you’re doing, baby?” 
“How can she when I’m fucking her so well,” Jeno said, quickening the pace on her clit, making her let out broken moans. “Can’t take it anymore, right babe?” 
“N-no, I – ugh,” she gave up, not even knowing what to say or what to ask for. It was overwhelming having so many men around to take care of. 
“I think she wants more attention on her, isn’t it?” Jaehyun teased, kneeling in front of her to kiss her, her body pressed between his and Jeno’s while Johnny and Jaemin’s hands started roaming on it. She was surrounded, overwhelmed, hands falling slack against her side as she let herself get lulled in bliss and attention. Feeling powerless, but not in a scary way. It was good, weirdly comfortable considering what they were doing.
“Greed has always been one of your flaws,” Johnny grinned, seeing how more relaxed she had gotten as soon as they were all over her, once again not having to do anything but just take. 
“Our spoiled girl,” Jaemin teased, grinning before he started sucking her nipple. 
But before the moment could last much longer she was bent over again, three cocks in front of her face while her best friends begged her silently to take care of their aching boners. 
“You can use your mouth just for a bit,” Jaehyun said, caressing her hair. “Just til we come.” 
“Yeah, we promise,” Johnny cooed, “just until we come.” 
So she parted her lips and took Jaemin into her mouth, lifting her eyes and relaxing her jaw, telling him to don’t let her do all the job but use her mouth like a fleshlight. Fuck her until they needed to because she had no more strength to suck and do anything else. 
And it didn’t take long for him to come in her mouth. “Swallow everything,” he ordered, pulling out to aim at her tongue. “Shit, so good.” And Jaehyun followed soon after, he couldn’t even just stand and watch, he had to jack off as he patiently – not so patiently –waited and after a few minutes inside her warm mouth, he came, spilling down her throat. Johnny barely felt what her mouth felt like, not really caring about it, but just wanting to make a mess on her face. “Close your eyes – fuck – and tongue out,” he ordered and she obeyed, pink muscle sticking out of her swollen lips waiting for his cum that landed everywhere but there basically, painting her face.
“God, finally stopped fucking her mouth,” Jeno groaned, pulling her body up again and kissing her harshly, “want to have her all to myself.”
“That’s not how it works, though,” Jaehyun reminded him. 
“You already had your turn, now it’s mine,” he remarked. “Tell them, baby. Tell them you need my cock, come on.” 
She felt her body give up and her voice falter but then whispered, “wa-want his cock, need his cock.” 
���You heard her,” he groaned, pulling out and flipping her with her back against her mattress, pushing her body back in the middle of the bed. “Come here, legs on my shoulders,” he ordered and when she couldn’t lift them up he grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders. “And take my cock,” he groaned when he pushed back inside her pussy. “That’s it. You’re tired, kitty? This is so much more than you bargained for, isn’t it? But you don’t – fuck – you don’t have to do anything but just stay right there and take it.” 
She rolled her head back, head getting dizzier at the way his cock was dragging along her insides and his words, his tone, his hands tormenting every inch of her skin until they moved to grab her wrists and pin them over her head. 
“Look at the mess you are,” he panted, “there’s nothing of the well-behaved girl we knew, just a – fuck – pretty brainless cum drunk doll,” he cooed, squeezing her cheeks, forcing her lips to part. “That’s it, keep your mouth open for me,” he ordered before spitting on her tongue. “Swallow it,” he groaned. “That’s it, good girl. Good fucking girl.” A smirk curled his lips when he felt the way her cunt tightened around him. “You love this so much,” he exhaled between surprise and amusement. “Can’t – fuck – can’t believe we thought you were some kind of virgin vanilla silly girl but noo,” he mocked, forcing her mouth open again by grabbing her chin, “you are a filthy mess,” another blob of spit dripped from his mouth to her. “Don’t swallow,” he ordered, making her furrow as she tried to obey. “Right, keep it there,” he cooed. “Don’t pretend you don’t like this, you’re squeezing me.” 
“You’re so gross,” Johnny taunted from the side, getting lost in the sight of her open mouth, and the way her chest was panting so hard while Jeno slammed into her mercilessly. “Yeah, you are,” he hummed when she shook her head. “Bet this is not even everything that turns you on, there’s so much more filth in your little brain.” 
“Do you want to swallow it? Want to answer him – fuck – and tell him all you like?” Jeno taunted, smirking when she nodded swiftly. “Do it, swallow my spit.” 
“I – Jeno, I can’t take it anymore,” she cried as soon as she could talk again, nails dragging into his back. “No more, I can’t.” 
“You didn’t answer him,” he scolded. “Why don’t you tell us another one of your fantasies?” 
She groaned, feeling her body burn up in shame and the orgasm keeping her right over the edge. “I don’t – fuck – I don’t have any.” 
“Oh, so lying to us again,” he huffed, squeezing her wrists tighter and stopping thrusting into her. “Just one or I won’t let you come.” 
“No,” she screamed, eyes snapping open. 
“Come on, angel,” Jaemin whispered, caressing her burning cheek, “just one little thing you’d like to try.” 
Her lips quivered, looking into his eyes. “I don’t – I don’t have them.” 
“Then what was all of this, tonight?” Johnny asked, snickering, hand moving on her clit. “Let’s see if this will make something pop up into your empty brain.” 
“No – no – I can’t come,” she cried, writhing under both him and Jeno. 
“Then tell us something,” Jaehyun said. “We can make all your dreams come true.” 
“I – I – Johnny, please,” she wept, breath faltering and walls squeezing around Jeno’s still cock, making her curse inside her brain. 
“You don’t want me to come in your mouth, right? Then stop pretending to be so innocent and tell us what you like,” Jeno ordered, dragging out of her and then slamming inside again. “Oh, and you still can’t come until you tell us.” 
“I – I like – I like what we did,” she whimpered, biting her lips when Johnny’s fingers started moving faster on her clit. 
“No, no, honey, you’re not getting away with it,” Johnny sang, clicking his tongue.
She whined louder, trying to think about anything and then one thing came into her mind. “I – I think – I want to be – mmph – I want to be filmed,” she whimpered, voice dropping low with every word feeling shame take over once again. 
They chortled, looking at each other with a smirk. 
“You want to be filmed?” Jaemin asked incredulously, watching as she tried to hide her face but with no success since Jeno was still holding her hands together. 
“You don’t even want us to take normal pictures of yourself but you want to be filmed during sex?” Jaehyun asked, eyebrow raised in a furrow but lips curled in a small amused smirk.
“I told you she was hiding so many more secrets,” Johnny chuckled, even if he knew that wasn’t the wildest thing she was into. But who knew, maybe he would’ve had another chance to drag them out of her mind. 
“And do you like – fuck – taking videos on your own, princess?” Jeno teased, leaning in more, pressing her legs closer to her chest, seeing how she couldn’t hold it in anymore. 
“N – no,” she replied breathly, silently begging him to let her come when she found the courage to meet his eyes that were already staring at her. 
“No? Don’t set your phone up and use your ring light to get a perfect view of your dripping pussy?” 
“I’m sure she does,” Johnny replied instead, fingers still moving on her. “That’s why you never let us close to your phone.” 
“You don’t?” Jeno teased when she shook her head, denying it. “Maybe you should – fuck – and send them to us so we don’t – fuck – forget how good your pussy feels.” 
“Mhh,” she hummed mindlessly. “Can’t – can’t take it more, please, Jeno, please, let me – mmph – come.” 
“Come,” he said, he couldn’t hold it any longer either. “Yes, fuck, squeeze me just like that,” he moaned, going crazy at the way she was clenching around him as she came all over his cock, hips rolling against him and mouth falling open, pleasure getting so much in her head that no sounds came out of there.
“Shit, you do feel good,” he exhaled, leaning closer, resting his forehead against hers as his hips kept fucking in and out lazily riding their orgasms, cum filling her up, mixing with Johnny and Jaehyun’s. “You took us so well,” he whispered, kissing her lips more gently than before and freeing her wrists from his hold.  
“Pretty impressive for a first time,” Johnny chuckled, pulling away from her to stand up from the bed and stretch. 
“Fuck,” Jeno huffed, rolling next to her, after pulling out, making her cringe at the sensation of their cum dripping down her thighs. “That wasn’t on my do-to list when we planned this holiday.” 
“This wasn’t on any of our do-to lists,” Jaemin replied, brushing her hair back and leaving a peck on her lips. “You okay?” He asked, his sweet smile on his face again. 
She hummed, smiling weakly, and snuggling close to Jeno that opened his arms, hand caressing her scalp. “Yeah, but I need some water and a wet cloth to clean this mess you made... maybe some food if I find the strength to sit up.” 
“Who gets what?” Jaehyun asked, looking at the other two that were already up. 
Johnny and Jaemin looked at each other, grinning, “Rock, paper, scissors?” 
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