dumbas-writes · 25 days ago
you felt like the red blooming roses that I loved to hold on my birthdays; you felt like the sunrise that I waited for all nightlight; you felt like the gloss on my lips that shines more than my soul; you felt like the romcom movie that I always want to be a part of; you felt like the fresh morning breeze that awakens me; you felt like the cream berries that your tounge tasted last night; you felt like the butterflies in my stomach that I never knew been there; you felt like my favorite Cafe that always lift my spirit; you felt like those hidden art museums that nobody knows; you felt like the dark cologne that I always wanted to smell on a man; you felt like the love words on a novel that written by  women for men; you felt like a warm hug on a breezy winter evening; you felt like a piece of my heart puzzle that atlast I found.
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dumbas-writes · 3 months ago
I hate small talks... no I ain't here to say a hi only. Let us just forget about the existing world at three in the morning and deeply mesmerize in  each others word. Somewhere I heard, dark night shows your dark side. And dark side reflects the lightest shade of your spirit. It truly describes who is actually the person within the materialistic body.
Maybe we both would sit at the edge of my terrace and you'll explain what excites you. But the conversation start with the things which you hate the most, the reason behind your last break down and maybe the most embarrassing thing you witnessed. I promise there will be just us and the crescent moon witnessing our stupid conversation. Maybe three turns to four or moon invites early sun to visit us but I'm gonna hear all your stories.
Just the idea of two sane people sharing insane  things in deep makes my heart flatter like the conversation would never meet an end. I also belive in happy endings. So, we gonna end it with you sharing with me things that excites you,  things that make you fall in love or the very name of your first crush. And please with the first spark of sunrise, we will promise each other that we gonna forget all the things we confessed. Promise?
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dumbas-writes · 8 months ago
Facts & Fanatsy
I miss the time when we used to share the same blanket;
I miss the time when you in the month of coldness tried to fill me up;
Fill me up with the warmth of your body;
With the essence of your cologne;
With the large pretty hands around my waist.
I'd rant how much I hate winter;
While you whispered in my neck "winter is for the people who are in love";
To your pretty lies, I got flushed;
To your pretty promises, I got flattered.
Ironically how amazingly, this winter I'm missing you.
Neither you are here to share the same blanket;
Neither you are here to give the warmth.
Other side of my bed is deserted;
Just like the other half of my heart is deserted of love.
You lied, 'winter is for heartbroken people';
To collect the pieces of their broken promises.
Facts and fanatsies are absolute remanants in novel world;
You proved that facts are for existing universe;
Fanatsies stays on the old torn pages of the novels we used to read in the month of december.
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dumbas-writes · 8 months ago
It's always been me tiptoeing to kiss you and not you bend down to kiss me.
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dumbas-writes · 11 months ago
at the last breath your soul keeps looking for some dead lost portions of yours. You wreathed each and every corner of the place you called home. Magical box present at the most left side of your cupboard took your attention. The red box reminds you of someone and some precious days. You cannot hold the inner elation at finding something you already lost the memories of. The steady grip to protect the last pieces of your lover is breathtaking.
You smiled as the memories flashed about the box. How happy and blessed you felt when you got the most unexpected gift from the most expected person. You cannot content the feeling of starting your love life on the sweetest note. With the calmness you opened the old wood.
The torn and old petals of rose justify the trueness of your lover. You still preserved those blood red roses which hide a long brief love letter. Rusted pale sheet inked few portions about you yet the feelings are still freash. That love letter which you repeatedly read each time you missed your lover. The feeling of love is in air back then also and still now.  The surprise box still carries your lover locket. You asked him for that. Believing in love started from wearing a piece of your lover. Blissfully you touches all your last remiances of your partner. The heart feels like a rose garden, filled with red roses and freash aroma. Yet the presence of thrones drag you to the reality of not sharing the acceptance of love again with your lover. He left the soul of the earth but you still have his soul inside you.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
Now, it doesn't feels different.
Now, all those untouched part of my skin is being touched by some unknown hands.
Now, even when any known hand touches those known part of skin it feels unknown.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
With the fall of dusk,
I remembered you.
I still kept your unironed shirt,
Which I wore after our first love making.
It still has your fragrance,
And it still gives me butterflies.
I missed your arms around me,
That held me like I was the last person.
With the fall of night,
I missed making love with you.
I never knew when I stopped using my side pillow,
As you were there to drift me to sleep .
Your thick peach lips made for me,
As you ate me,I deliberately used to bite your delicious lower lip.
You loved it,
Didn't you?
You are missing it,
Aren't you?
But with the fall of dawn,
I realized all your promises for the platonic love,
were a lie to me.
You loved me or my body,
That was never mine.
I fell for your looks,
You fell  for my beauty.
Those days were immensely beautiful to being in love,
Yet you made me realize platonic love is a myth.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
remembering the days when she used to peak through the window glasses for a glance of him. Waiting for hours and hours with eyes wide open, just to take a look of that loving face of him. As after certain time, she get to know his Park going time. She just waits at the park for him. Neither did she talked or none a gesture to tell him that she likes him. But those romantic eyes tells him that she's in love. Day after day their conversation increased and so did their immense love for each other. Every evening at the corner of the park where there is huge bushes present to have some privacy to meet. She dressed up in her long brown gown and he in his black and brown coat meets each other. They realized this relationship should be named.
The man proposed her. She with her rosy cheeks nodded for a yes. All her childhood weeding dreams got real. Marrying with her dream man in real. They celebrated their marriage in the states with Kings and Queens as a guest. Afterall she was proud that she was marrying a soldier. Who would fought for the nation one day. But the little did she know that her first love was never meant all the promises. As the war broke down, the distance between those two elevates. During the day she waits for him to came back all loving and young as she saw him at first. All nights she use to cry under those soft velvety blanket knowing the war could take his man forever. Writing long love notes, pressing kisses and flowers were being the only attachment they had. Looking at the mail box with that gloomy face with a enlivened heart. Those love letters were so precious, she caresses the old torn page like it had his lovers soul. Her heart instantly chooses to be bright and hopeful.
With the calmness and tranquility she drifted into sleep still in the fear of loosing him. But her butterflies world broke apart when the love letters changes to martyred note. Knowing her love of her life now never existed. That he broke the promise to die and live together. Sorrowness that only twenty three years of her age, she already lost the most salient person of her life. Yet, with immense pride in her heart she cried off.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
I want a man who would give me morning kisses, wouldn't hesitate to scrub my back, eat me like I'm his last desert, talk with his eyes, remind me that he loves me, know my facial expressions and keeps oiling my hairs.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
Through the years, I have been hiding myself;
Hiding my scars, bruises and marks which I got over the years of my existence;
But little if I know that someone after years will come and take my hands;
Take my hands and see my naked self all presentable;
But a sudden part of my heart still ache when I think how they will react to see those bruises and scars;
will they feel disgusted to see my scars and my childhood bruises;
And never want to immerse inside me;
Or will they caress my scars and kisses my bruises;
And lean to my ear and tell me "your bruises are old, but your soul is still young. You're beautiful. I love you";
Then optimism takes over me and I contentedly accepts the reality.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
Everytime someone betrays me, I go like "that's why I hate people." Magically it helps me to put my frustration away.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
Goddess to Mother
How pathetic I was when I first saw you,
The curly hair turns down to be few.
Your happiness to gift me to someone increases,
But my feeling to be apart from you deceases.
The pain in your veins down to your vagina,
Justifies how much you want me to be a regina.
I am like that gift you can't behold,
But your eyes speaks that I am born to be uphold.
You're the strongest, bravest and finest I ever saw,
As my world starts from your sense of law.
Happiness I also feel when I realize you saw me first,
Cause no one felt the pain when I'm reversed.
Infinity dreams you already made before I am here,
Still you cheer me when I failed for a whole year.
God to glory I only heard on quotes,
Presence of yourself insists me to rewrite the quote.
Never feel guilt to take immense pride for presence of you,
As atlast you made me feel to be true.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
I believe in nerd kid supremacy.  I know they're socially awkward but they're real smart to give you unexpected kisses. Hold your hand secretly between your classes. Look up to you from their fat ass books. Help you academically. Try their best to impress you at everything. Afterall, nerd kids are the coolest to do so.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
I can feel you when you pull me into embrace;
It feels like your body is crafted for me to perfectly fit in;
I can feel you when the dreary face of yours hides into my chest;
It feels like your insipid face glows up to sense my skin;
I can feel you when your large long fingers intertwines with me;
It feels a sudden warmth after an epoch of coldness;
I can feel you when you put your head on my shoulder;
Its feels like your hair is bathed with honey and so do I;
I can feel you everytime you touches me;
Your skin creates a discrete sensation in my body;
That feels like to be with you everytime and everywhere.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
I don't know who I actually am! Like some days I feel like no one is there as kind, loving, caring and supportive as me. And the very other day I feel like I'm the meanest, rude, sad and broke person ever existed in this planet. Why?
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
Can't I just get lost in an old royal huge castle surrounded by tall walls and engraved with ancient writing, poetries and paintings. Where the old dead king restore his life and fall for my beauty. Then make me his queen, both of us in the royal castle dancing in the moonlight appreciating each other. The queen wearing her long dark ball gown and the king in his royal suit. Promising each other to live again like ever.
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dumbas-writes · a year ago
To My mid school Crush,
all of a sudden one day you took my attention. I never believed that I will like you. You remember when you first started to talk to me after years of school. At 8th grade, when I used to tease you by your elementary school crush name and you used to be mad at me. But soon you also get your tricks to tease. You used to take my name as your crush when I tease you. And that's where I fell for you first. Still I didn't know my feelings for you, and never even want to grow my feelings for you. Believe me, but I really got happy when the class used to ship us. Maybe you took it as a joke but I didn't. Soon this teasing game turns to our conversation and I really loved it. But I never feel the way you made me feel. Nor you were handsome and nor you were popular but those nerd boy sits at the very last bench made me sense my first crush. A real one. Things were good at that time, I never expected anything from you.
But the day I still regret to not tell my feelings. I know High school changes everything and it absolutely did it to me. The day you also have a crush on but unfortunately it's not me. I pretend to be happy when you tell me that you have a crush on that girl. It breaks my heart. And from that day no more teasing, no more talk, no more laughter, no more feelings between us still only tons and tons of tear rolling down my heart. I still think don't you ever knew that I liked you? I felt for you or didn't you feel for me that way? Yeah. I accept that I need to tell you my feelings but always this "BUT" stops me. Well, if you're reading this then do one thing for me just confessed your feelings to that girl. Don't be like me.
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