maranello 5 months ago
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@dennis_hauger: Getting creative in finding some alternate wheels when it鈥檚 a no race weekend 馃馃徏聽@arthur_leclerc聽@prema_team
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gaaandaaaalf 4 months ago
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instagram @gaaaandaaaalf
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amigopscentral a year ago
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justlgbtthings 2 months ago
if you guys are interested in non-lgbt digital art consider checking out my side blog @beesillustration, my insta or my ko-fi under the same name 馃憠馃憟 <3
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territorial-utopia 3 months ago
Territorialrain Masterpost
Hiya to you who have stumbled upon my blog! I鈥檓 Terri, a professional animator, and this is where you鈥檒l find my passion projects. Most of what I post is sfw G/t art (non-fetish giant/tiny content for those who are yet unfamiliar with the terminology) and other related projects. I鈥檝e been around and part of the community actively since 2015, and I don鈥檛 intend to stop anytime soon either!
Onto the content that I make:
My current active story is called Dragon鈥檚 Lair (fantasy with heavy inspiration from early industrialized Europe), and the two main characters in it are
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T is a non-binary magic-wielder. Lovia聽is a mini-giant sized gentleman with certain quirks of his own- I won鈥檛 be saying more about them at this point in time; Dragon鈥檚 Lair picks up at after both have undergone major memory loss. It鈥檚 a big part of their story that they figure out just who, and what, they are.
[聽For all content of this world and it鈥檚 characters, browse #Dragon鈥檚 Lair at聽@territorial-utopia鈥
[聽For the story parts only (for easy reading) go to @dragons-lair-web-series鈥
If you like what I do, you can support me on
[鈼 Patreon聽]
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there鈥檚 lots more stuff that I post there, though it鈥檚 not always gt related.
Tumblr is my main place of operations, more specifically this blog right here. Some side blogs I run are
鈼 My reblog blog [聽@territorialrain ]
鈼 Dragon鈥檚 Lair story blog [聽@dragons-lair-web-series聽]
鈼 GtCon [ @gt-con ]
And here are the rest of the places you can find me aside from Tumblr
鈼 Youtube聽鈼 Twitter聽鈼 Deviantart聽鈼 Reddit聽鈼 Pillowfort聽 鈼喡燙arrd聽 鈼 Toyhouse
Come chat (or lurk) with me and other cool ppl on my [Discord Server]聽!!!
Looking for mainstream G/t content to consume? I also help host and update a list: In Search Of G/t. My DMs are always open for suggestions of additions to this list!
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twinkdrama 2 months ago
the sexual tension between me and erasing my whole online presence and falling off the face of the earth
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poxleitner 29 days ago
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@ lights: it gives goth Heidi
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aakariii 25 days ago
new back up 馃
Instagram | Twitter | Onlyfans
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lovecatcher 3 months ago
created a twitter acct to post cute and pretty stuff聽 *:锝ワ緹鉁犅爏troberibabie聽
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elitepsds 4 months ago
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饾敘饾敥饾敠饾敱饾敘饾敪饾敯饾敗饾敯 #14
made for gifs from social media videos ( tiktok / instagram / youtube / etc. )聽
please reblog and/or like if you download ( in the source link! )
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maranello 5 months ago
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@mickschumacher:聽Crikey! What an experience馃悐聽 Growing up watching Steve Irwin on his wild adventures, visiting聽@australiazoo聽is/was really amazing. Seeing how his family carry on his legacy is truly inspiring, thank you so much Robert!! I encourage everyone to check out聽@wildlifewarriorsworldwide聽to get a deeper understanding of their important animal conservation work馃檹
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pettybourgeoiz 7 months ago
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This is a Call To Action: follow me on twitter?
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trin0dinz 8 months ago
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Hey all! Here's the first few pages of my 18+ comic WolfTamer! I upload a new page every Friday Obviously can't post any more due to its content but the rest will be up on Patreon!
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amigopscentral 5 months ago
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sykkuno:聽MERCH IN A WEEK 聽 聽https://sykkuno.shop valkyrae: SYKKUNO!
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tfarmiga 2 months ago
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walshparker a month ago
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most played september
a public spotify playlist by @parkerjane聽
鈥渟carlett鈥 鈥 holly humberstone
'cause i cried all the summer away ooh, you left me waiting on a heartbreak i just cried all the summer away now, i'm drunk and screaming your name and i will show myself out i know i adore you i don't need you now
鈥渄oomsday鈥 鈥 lizzy mcalpine
don't say that you鈥檒l always love me 'cause you know i'd bleed myself dry for you over and over again
doomsday is close at hand i'll book the marching band to play as you speak i'll feel like throwin' up you'll sit and stare like a goddamn machine
鈥渙lder鈥 鈥 gracie abrams
i stopped waving a flag i just dropped all caring for that i went quiet and you went cold guess that happened when we got older
鈥減ainkillers鈥 鈥 gracie abrams
hold me slowly you don't even know me home now, lights out pictures just destroy me come through late, and tell me that you want it bad
鈥渁ll too well鈥 (10 minute version) (the short film) 鈥 taylor swift
so casually cruel in the name of bein' honest
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