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jasperakalucy · 9 hours
“you’re a mean one, mr. grinch” is my favorite christmas carol because it’s just a song about some guy who fuckin sucks. they don’t even mention christmas at all
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samsketchbook · 19 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
moth slay with my bestie twilight!
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beansprean · 2 days
Laszlo is a nathusius pipistrelle bc they are teeny and actually SING to attract mates!
Tumblr media
Nadja is a geoffroys bat (which is hilarious bc...Jeff) bc they really like olive plantations for some reason and also do a lot of screaming
Tumblr media
Nandor is a greater noctule bat, big enough to eat birds but a face cute enough you'd let him
Tumblr media
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superbellsubways · 1 day
a collection
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colorful-horses · 2 days
which mane 6 member should i draw a human design for first
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spiralshells · 7 hours
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Found a cryptid or somethin
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lhoandbehold · 3 days
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Since it's the season it's obligatory to bring up that Krampus, by all accounts, has excellent wife guy energy
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startistdoodles · 5 hours
I ████████████████████████you████████████████████████████████homestuck████████████████████████████████SCP-6889████████████████████████████████████████Lugia is my favourite pokemon, anyways ████████████████████████ is no obvious so███████████████████████████████████████████████████████.
hahah yeah so true bestie!! *presses the panic button under my desk*
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twigs-sprigs · 3 days
tumblr (me included): the ninjago movie is a masterpiece hell yeah it rules and its great
everywhere else: 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬😡🤬
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typescrambledex · 22 hours
What is your favorite of the new pokemon?
I waited until I beat the game to answer this since I hadn't completed it yet, but now that I have (Obviously, spoilers under the readmore)
I can't 100% pick a favorite so you're just getting a list of ones I feel stand out.
>Skeledirge, Fuecoco's final evo, is pretty solid.
>Dudunsparce is perfect. It's exactly what I wanted a Dunsparce evolution to be.
>Nymble and Lokix, Lokix especially, might be my top favorite of the gen. I've waited so long for a grasshopper Pokemon and it delivers.
>Greavard and Houndstone. I was so afraid Greavard's evolution was gonna pull of Boltund and lose all of its interesting features but little did I know it would get GNARLIER it's so cool.
>Farigiraf, mostly appreciating that it's not the predictable "Tail-head gets bigger" kind of evo.
>Revavroom is funny and neat, I mostly just wish they gave it a more interesting body than just "car-shaped stone".
>Cetitan really harkens back to Pokemon's early days of "Make up a creature vaguely based on a real-life animal" in a way I really like.
>Glimmet and Glimmora are other contenders for my #1 fave this gen. Their designs are interesting in how inorganic they are, in the sense that they really look like sentient minerals. But also looking a bit like sea-floor life is such a neat idea for a cave-dwelling creature.
>Brambleghast is another Pokemon that's based on something I've wanted in Pokemon for so long, as a tumbleweed. And it doing its best jack-o-lantern impression is wonderful.
>Slither Wing, Volcarona's prehistoric ancestor, is a cool take on Volcarona and it's super neato that we get a flightless moth Pokemon. (Those are actually a thing!)
>Wo-Chien has got to be one of the coolest Legendaries to date.
>Tinkaton is simple, but it's hard to go wrong with "Girl with giant weapon."
>Ceruledge is entirely too extra. It's like a Mega Man Zero boss or Net Navi or Black Ace from Star Force 3 escaped Capcom HQ and snuck into a Pokemon game. And I love every second of it.
>Another contender for #1 is the convergent critter for Tentacool/Tentacruel, Toedscool and Toedscruel. Like, a woodear fungus with long, noodly legs built like Tentacool/Tentacruel has got to be one of the more absurd concepts in the series. Helped all the more when its design also calls Japanese Octopi-Aliens to mind.
Damn good gen.
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dogfruit01 · 7 hours
okay hear me out ,,
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jasperakalucy · 3 days
Tumblr media
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theguartist · 2 days
Heck it I'm gonna post it over here too!
One of my favorite things in Morrowind is playing as my late cat Mysan, she has a great personality and fights in hand-to-hand combat!
Tumblr media
Also she's an old lady who farts a lot (she would always look really angry before farting)
Tumblr media
Her favorite things were popcorn and bag ties, when she was done playing with the bag ties she would bury them in her food bowl.
Also she was an excellent hunter! One night she brought in a live bat!
Would make a great Alfiq I reckon.
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amesliu · 3 days
Pls tell me that after sohae percabeth went public there were multiple TikTok’s using the sound “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREEEEAM??!!!” Targeted at Percy
Yes also the one where it’s that Justin Bieber song that’s like “that should be me”
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kom-art · 55 minutes
tumblr please let me post this
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coldmail750 · 2 days
Back in 2020, when I started really getting into Beastars, I went on a couple long rambles poking at the characters and themes to Discord friends who were also watching the show & reading the manga. While I contemplated posting them here several times, I never really got around to it; at the time I only did things on Tumblr once every few months. Well, since I'm vaguely active on this site at the moment, I figure I might as well finally act on that urge and get at least some of them down here. So here goes, with the first half of the one that started it all:
Carnivore Parallels, part 1 - Legoshi & Bill
There's a particular image of what carnivores, especially large-breed carnivores, should be in the society of Beastars. Large-breed carnivores are expected to be tough, brash, swaggering. They're strong physically and emotionally, they're natural leaders, and they're hungry - in the metaphorical sense of ambition, in the metaphorical sense of sexual appetite, and in the literal sense for meat.
But, at the same time, they are given two very different messages about those expectations.
The first message is that it is natural and right and good for carnivores to be all those things, that they should be proud and embrace them because that's how carnivores are, that's what carnivores are supposed to be, and carnivores who aren't those things are failing somehow.
The second message is the exact opposite - that carnivores being those things makes them bad, dangerous, evil, a threat to those around them, that carnivores should be deeply ashamed of all these things that are supposedly their nature.
Tumblr media
At the start of the narrative, Bill and Legoshi are both young adults trying to sort out who they are and what their place in the world is, trying to deal with the fact that they are carnivores and the contradictory messages around that.
Bill, at the start of Beastars, has gone all in on the former message; Legoshi, meanwhile, has gone all in on the latter. But neither course of action is really working out.
At the beginning of his arc, Bill deliberately tries to act with bravado; he plays tough, he's flippant and cocky, he doesn't look before he leaps, he sleeps around, he eats meat, he jumps at the chance to play the leading role in Adler after Louis breaks his leg, so on and so forth. All his life, no doubt, Bill has been told that those things are what define his worth as a carnivore - his strength, his machismo, his ambition - and he has pegged his own self-conception, and self-worth, to being those things.
However, in chapter 48, during the scene with Bill and Aoba (which is unfortunately reduced to a single shot of Bill and Aoba looking sad during the S1 credits in the anime), we get the image that this is not really who Bill is, at least not entirely; that if these actions are a part of him, it's a part he feels obligated to play up severely. He feels the need to act that way, because society tells him he needs to act that way, but he's not comfortable with it. He hates himself for it, even:
Tumblr media
That conversation, at least to me, suggests that Bill acts the way he does in the first quarter of the manga because he's has been told his whole life that his worth as a carnivore is based on him being the strongest person in the room, the leader, the tough guy, but at the start of Beastars, Bill isn't any of those things.
Louis is.
So you've got this character who's been told his whole life that these things define his worth as a carnivore, and then he's outdone in a bunch of them by an herbivore, and - since this is early Louis - by this bigoted, domineering, egotistical jerk of an herbivore no less.
As a result, he feels a need to prove himself, both in the sense of "I need to prove myself to those around me" and "I need to prove that I have worth to myself", and he does a bunch of stupid shit without really thinking it through because he's been told that's what carnivores are supposed to do - they're supposed to be tough and strong and brash, right?
Els tells Legoshi that Bill is obviously nervous about playing Adler, but rather than seek help from her, or Aoba and Tao, or anyone else - which would require admitting uncertainty, and by extension weakness - he tries to play tough and dopes himself with rabbit blood. In the manga, he pulls the stunt of attempting to blackmail Louis with Louis’s tragic backstory - a desperate effort to tear asshole deer down a notch. He's obnoxious to Legoshi about Legoshi being a virgin who won't eat meat.
Deep down, Bill hates himself for doing those things, as he admits to Aoba. He feels the need to do those things, to project the image that society expects of him, and he fucking loathes himself for it - a self-loathing he was able to suppress so long as Louis was there to actively twist the knife by, y'know, being early manga Louis, but then Louis runs off to become the godfather, so that stops working.
Chapter 48 also illustrates how deep this sentiment has been burnt in - carnivores are supposed to be strong, and that goes for emotional strength too, and opening up to Aoba about his emotions means he's made himself emotionally vulnerable, so he follows up his admission by immediately trying to play it all off as "gotcha haha totally just joking lol".
As a result, the route that Bill's arc takes over the rest of the manga is him moving away from the idea that his worth as a carnivore, both in his own eyes and the eyes of others, depends on his swagger and his bravado and his appetite, and towards a middle point in between those two messages mentioned earlier; that it is okay for him to not live up to that expectation - that it maybe even makes him more, not less, to do that, that it's okay for him to be gentle, selfless, kind.
By paying for the drinks in chapter 48, Aoba discreetly signals that it's okay for Bill to open up emotionally to him.  Els explicitly tells Bill, in chapter 78, that the best side of Bill is when he's looking out for the drama club, for his friends, for her.
We see Bill try to help Tao after the arm incident with Kibi, we see Bill take care of the shock chick, with help from Aoba and some reverse psychology from Pina, and do some legitimate, serious introspection during the process. We see Bill shine as drama club leader amidst the segregation fiasco, when he works to make sure that everyone in the drama club is doing well academically so that the club can stay open and together, and it's times like that when Bill shines the most.
Tumblr media
It's slow-going, because it's difficult to overcome something burnt in so deep; Bill still calls himself a "trash cat" who is only good for eating meat in the shock chick chapter; but he does progress along that arc.
Bill's foil in this is Legoshi, who has internalized the exact opposite message - that carnivores are bad and evil for who they are, that they are dangerous, that they should be ashamed of their existence.
Whereas we get basically nothing on Bill's backstory, we get a really clear idea of why Legoshi latched on so hard to the second message - namely, the environment Legoshi was raised in. Gosha is obviously ashamed of the fact that he's venomous and allows himself to be regarded with hatred and suspicion; Leano internalized the message "you're really lucky that you're able to hide the fact that you're a hybrid" to the point where the moment she stopped being able to hide her hybridity she went into total seclusion for years and then committed suicide.
So Legoshi grew up in an environment where the two adult figures in his life were "I deserve to be feared and hated for being venomous" and "I deserve to be feared and hated for being a hybrid", which means it's really not surprising that he ended up ascribing to "I deserve to be feared and hated for being a carnivore" - his upbringing was a recipe for misery and self-loathing. Legoshi believes that he deserves to be hated by others for who he is. As he tells Els:
Tumblr media
Or, to use the anime dub's slightly more eloquent phrasing, "feared and hated, that's the story of my life".
Having internalized "these make you a threat", then, Legoshi is deeply ashamed of and actively eschews all the things that Bill, having internalized "these define your worth", seeks out.
He slouches perpetually to hide his height and his strength. He trims his nails obsessively in the hopes of making them look less like claws. He tries to hide his fangs and claws - and freaks out when Louis points out that he's not doing a good job of that. He's on the stage crew, a role which puts him behind the scenes and will bring him no recognition, and actively resents being made to go on stage for the second Adler performance, literally trying to hide behind the whiteboard to avoid getting picked. He's aggressively virginal and he refuses to eat meat.
Legoshi's arc, then, involves him moving towards a more nuanced, middle-ground perspective - in the same general fashion that Bill's does, but in the opposite direction.
Fighting the Shishigumi, fighting Riz, training with Gouhin, working with Yahya, these things teach Legoshi that it is okay for him to fight, to be strong, that his strength is something that can be used for good. To quote Legoshi coming to this realization,
Tumblr media
Eating Louis’s leg in order to beat Riz teaches him that it's okay for him to eat meat. His relationship with Haru, extremely slowly, teaches him that it's okay for him to have romantic and sexual desire. He also moves to cast off that "I will lie down and take being feared and hated" mindset - note how Legoshi insists that he and Gosha are going to sit in the front of the restaurant, and Legoshi decides he'd rather fight than take shit from the birds even as Gosha protests that they can just move to the back, in chapter 106.
This is part of why, when Bill and Legoshi meet again around chapter 152, they get along so much better than they did at the start of the story - they're more alike as characters than they were then because they're both moving towards that same middle point.
Tumblr media
In summary, Bill and Legoshi are really good foils about the carnivore experience in the world of Beastars, giving depth to both each other and to the setting in which they live.
So that's part one of the carnivore parallels essay, finally out into the world after two years. Part two, which is a little shorter I think, will look at two characters who stand as tragic parallels to these two.
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