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saywhat-politics · 2 months ago
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politishaun · 2 months ago
Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis's sickening political stunt that he pulled with Venezuelan immigrants was pretty bad. However, former President Donald Trump had an even worse idea that didn't come to fruition because it's illegal, according to Miles Taylor, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s former chief of staff.
Taylor explained on CNN: "Not only did the Trump administration think about something like this, I think they're the progenitors of the concept."
Further, he said that in January and February of 2019, "Donald Trump directed us to go and take immigrants from the border and, quote, bus and dump them into democratic cities, but he was more specific."
"He wanted us to identify the murderers, the rapists, and the criminals, and in particular, make sure we did not incarcerate them," he said. "And we put them in those states."
Taylor said it "doesn't take a lawyer or a genius to recognize this would likely be very illegal to do, but put aside the murderers and the rapists and the criminals. Could you take people from the border and just dump them into blue states?"
Taylor said he presented attorneys with this idea, and they said it's illegal, and now DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott are bussing immigrants to Democratic areas.
"These governors are walking into the same problem that we told the White House was illegal, and they couldn't do it, and now they're trying to do the same thing," he added.
It's as if Republicans are in a race to see who can be more of a garbage human being. Congrats, guys; you're doing great.
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steriskks · a year ago
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I've been in a big fat rut lately artwise...honestly im surprised it hasn't happened sooner, these last few months have been the most productive months in many years (thanks TBH). have some half-baked sketches. April sipping starbucks is @/notesofhickory 's idea from their fanfic :)
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luckithri · a year ago
I have two favourite m/f pairings which are Blair Wesley and Miles Taylor and Cletus Kasady and Frances Barrison.
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abucketoflittledreams · 4 months ago
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gwydionmisha · 28 days ago
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miles-taylor · a year ago
Quantum computing was once the realm of science fiction. Today, given rapid advances in the field, it will soon impact our economy, society, and national security, according to Miles Taylor, Google's former head of advanced technology and security policy.
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alwaysscreechingbasement · a year ago
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hummingzone · a year ago
Ex-Trump Official Calls The GOP America's 'Number One National Security Threat'
Ex-Trump Official Calls The GOP America’s ‘Number One National Security Threat’
A former Homeland Security official under Donald Trump says his own party is a national security threat. Miles Taylor, who served as the agency’s deputy chief of staff and then chief of staff from 2017 to 2019, told MSNBC’s Jason Johnson that he’s not a political operative, just someone who works in national security. “And the number one national security threat I’ve ever seen in my life to…
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fyeahsmokinhot · 6 months ago
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top-gun-rooster · a month ago
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someone put these side my side on twitter and i haven’t known peace since
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fanboygarcia · 2 months ago
Every Little Piece | Rooster Bradshaw x wife!reader
AN: In which Rooster sees all the ways his life as changed with the help of his wife and children.
The saga of DadBod!Rooster continues and was inspired by this ask and I changed it just slightly to fit what I immediately pictured but credit for this idea goes to my lovely @jackiequick <3 This fic is also going to establish a lot of what is to come for the fluff aspect of this concept like the backstory/children etc.   
TGM Masterlist - DadBod!Rooster Masterlist
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With his 40th birthday quickly approaching Rooster Bradshaw has started to take a look at his life and himself in the mirror a bit more. 
In his life he’s proud of the fact that he has a great job, a beautiful home not far from the San Diego shore, a wonderful wife and 3 amazing children who he loves more than anything in the world.
He has his Uncle Maverick (or Grandpa Mav as he’s been known since your son was born) back in his life again after too long without him, Penny who has become a motherly figure to Rooster in her time dating Maverick and Amelia who has become like a little sister to the both of you and an aunt to your children. He feels fulfilled with the life he never thought he’d have ever since he was left alone in life after his mother passed nearly 20 years ago. 
In the mirror there's a few gray hairs starting to sparkle in his curls and in his mustache and there’s a couple more lines on his forehead and by the outer of his eyes.
Those are things he expected, things he wasn’t exactly proud of (even though with every new gray hair he found, you made a point of telling him how much you loved him turning into a “silver fox”) but that he knew would come with age. But for whatever reason he hadn’t thought much about how his body could change with age.
Lately he had been much more focused on enjoying life with his family than worrying about kicking Hangman’s ass at football or caring about the new protein shake Coyote won’t stop talking about.
There was simply less time to worry about his own needs or how he looked when he was more worried about making it to his son Nico’s baseball game after work, helping his daughter Caroline practice her new routine for her upcoming dance recital or watching his youngest daughter Nataila wobble around as she learned to walk. 
That’s why when he entered your shared bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist after a shower and found himself in front of your full length mirror he was caught by surprise by how much his body itself had changed. His sides poked out a little more, his stomach was rounder with any bit of muscle that he had now being covered by a layer
Rushing into your bedroom with yet another load of laundry in your arms you were worried that something bad had happened with the way your husband shouted.
Nico had recently taken after his father and decided he was fearless so you really weren’t sure if you were about to walk in to find a broken bone or another bloody nose because your son jumped off your king sized bed or god knows what else the 6 year old could figure out. 
“Who’s hurt?!” you said with a panic as ran into the room.
“No one.”
“Then what's wrong?”
“Have I always looked like this?” he said as he pulled at his sides trying to show you the love handles he had apparently just found.
“Handsome? Hot? Hell yeah. It’s half the reason why I married you.” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world because to you it was. Of course you knew what he was getting at but Bradley was always the one to make you feel better on your worst days.
Even long before having children or even getting married he always made a point of making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Bradley could never forget how affectionate his parents were, how much Goose constantly showered Carole with compliments so making sure his girl was treated with the same amount of love was something he had always been adamant about.
“No like… when did I gain this weight?” he mumbled.
Dropping the basket of laundry on the bed you made you made your way behind him where he still stood staring at himself in the mirror, wrapping your arms snuggly around his waist while pressing your cheek against his warm back. 
“Ohhhh... I think it was a couple months after Nico was born that I first saw it? We were both surrounded by diapers, spit cloths and baby bottles to care about working out or eating the best."
God, with the way he used to scream bloody murder anytime he was put down for the first 4 months of his life you felt lucky if you were able to scarf down one of the meals Penny had thankfully brought over, she of all people knowing exactly how difficult the beginning stages of parenthood could be. 
“Does this mean I’ve lost myself?”, pulling away from you to grab clothes from the dresser drawers 
“Darling, all it means is that you're a father who loves spending time with your children. I mean, if your dad came home and spent the little time he had at home to go on runs or workout in the gym constantly rather than play baseball with you in the backyard or teach you how to play the piano, would you have enjoyed that?” 
“No, those are some of my best and really only memories I have with Goose. You know that.” he said while shrugging on some sweatpants. 
“Exactly! Nico, Caroline and Natailia are going to remember you playing with them or teaching them how to make the same brisket recipe your mom taught you way, way more than they’ll remember you running miles a day or eating a salad at a pizza dinner.” 
Before he could say anything else he was interrupted by the sound of little feet on the hardwood floor. 
“DADDY??”, you heard your little Caroline call as she made her way to your room. 
“Why do you look sad daddy?” the little girl looked up at her father, stopping in her tracks. Whatever she wanted now long gone from her mind the moment she saw Rooster’s frown.
Caroline (who certainly got Rooster’s loudness down pat) at the ripe age of 4 has already taken more so after you.
She’s a sweet little girl who is always able to see right through anyone’s emotions and can play the puppy dog eyes better than anyone you’ve ever known. The first something that reminds Rooster of both you and his mother, the later a trick that comes in handy to her when she wants something (with more often than not, she gets). 
Bradley, knowing that if he tried lying to her it would be a waste of time, decided to be honest with his daughter as he lifted her up to sit on his lap as he sat down on the bed beside you. He wanted to be delicate about how he approached it of course 
“Daddy doesn’t feel too great about himself right now little chick.” 
“Why not? You’re the best daddy I know?”, the way she spoke so innocently made his heart grow for her more than he thought was possible. Once again, reminding him of you. 
“You see how I look up there in those photos with your aunts and uncles?” he said as he pointed to the collage photo frame you had on the wall beside the window. 
The photos were from 7 years ago, the summer that Rooster was called back to TOPGUN a year into your marriage and your first in San Diego. After making it home safely from the uranium plant mission everyone gathered at the beach to celebrate a job well done and you were sure to take plenty of photos wanting to remember the moment especially after Rooster told you he and the rest of the squad were invited to stay to become instructors on the North Island. 
You had a field day taking photos of your husband and the people who so quickly became family as they posed and laughed. Sure, they all looked great that day in the summer sun but their bodies were the least important part of the photos to you. You cared way more about the smiles that wouldn’t leave their faces and the laughs you could practically hear through the film and you hoped that they all did too. 
Once she nodded he continued, “I don’t look like that anymore and it makes me a little sad.” he said honestly. If he wanted his daughter to always know he was someone to talk to then he figured he had to set the example himself. 
Trying to gauge her reaction “But you’re my daddy and that’s all the matters? Do you want me to paint your nails so you can be pretty like me and mommy?” she peered up at him with those big brown eyes of hers and you both knew that by the end of the evening that he would be sporting a fabulous new manicure. 
“You heard the girl, you’re her daddy and that's all that matters.” you backed up your daughter, proud of who she was already becoming. 
Pretty soon your son came running in to ask Bradley if he could practice his baseball pitching with him and at the same time Nataile woke up from her nap as you heard her start to babble through the baby monitor on your hip. Smiling at Rooster you shared a look that said “parenting really does never stop”. 
“She really is a mini you.” he whispered into lips, giving you a sweet peak before he carried Caroline out the room with Nico right in front of him. The frown now long gone and replaced with a smile and the sparkle in his eyes back that you fell in love with before chasing Nico down the hall as you heard three of the people you love most fill your home with loud giggles.
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A couple weeks later when you, with the help of all your friends and family, surprised Rooster with a 40th birthday party on the beach you made a point of taking new photos to add to the walls. Not to replace them as you would never want to forget the summer of 2022 when you felt like your life with Rooster truly began but rather to add to the ever growing collection of photos that decorated the walls of your home. 
Everyone was getting older and that was okay. Your children were getting new cousins soon (unbeknownst to anyone else yet but Bob’s wife had slipped you the happy news that evening), everyone was getting older yet their happiness only grew, hell, even Hangman of all people was starting to settle down with his girlfriend! You couldn’t ask for anything better.
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the category is: pornstaches
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All's well that ends well to end up with you;
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margotsolsen · 3 months ago
i'm starting to sense a theme in the men i have a crush on....
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Ladies, the trick has never been about dating him. The trick is about being Miles Kane.
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