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@tasteofdeathao3 made a post asking for an agere prompt list for October, so here’s my attempt! I tried to make it a good mix of agere- centered, autumn/Halloween- centered, and more general prompts. I hope you enjoy this!!
Text version under the cut:
October Agere Writing Prompts
1. Comfy Sweaters
2. Day out
3. Learning new things
4. Cheering up
5. Road trip
6. Bath time
7. New toy
8. Getting creative
9. Pumpkins
10. Rainy day
11. Best friend
12. Decorating
13. Bed time
14. Check up
15. Animals
16. Accident
17. Magic
18. Carer
19. Story time
20. Shopping
21. Time out
22. Costumes
23. Younger than usual
24. Helping hand
25. Difficult choices
26. Being brave
27. Nicknames
28. Candy
29. Play time
30. Stimming
31. Halloween!
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IT'S HALLOWEEN MONTH BABEY I HAD TO ‼️‼️ switched it up on my main, insta, & discord too 💪🏾💪🏾
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Steven grant as a regressor🥺:
🌑 Regresses around 2-4 yo most often but can go lower
🌙 His regression is half impure (most often impure)
🌑 Flip w/ little lean
🌙 Has seperation anxiety & clingy when stressed
🌑 helping him relax & cuddling before sleeping
🌙 Giving him reminders & a routine (as to feel better about time management)
🌑 Strict rules
🌙 Loves the nicknames love & pretty/baby boy
🌑 Decorating communication cards together
🌙 He’s super shy to even use his little gear or babytalk around you the first few times he regressed around you but very quickly caved into your care
🌑 Cradling, lots of cradling & uppies
🌙 Has a deco paci of his favorite Egyptian god/idol
🌑 He always thanks you for helping him afterwards
🌙 Tells you about new things he’s learned (his hyperfixations)
🌑 Prefers a fem/female carer
🌙 (cannon) Poor baby has had accidents & the first time he had one around you, tried to handle it on his own & almost had a panic attack :(( for this reason, you have diapers in store for him just in case.
🌑 Needs lots of reassurance; “Its okay to be little!”
🌙 Says cows everytime he sees cows (or any animal really)
🌑 stim toys & videos. (Those happy boy stims showed especially when you surprised him w/ his first pieces of little gear. He told you he’s always been too embarrassed to ever get anything on his own🥺.)
🌙 wears oversized sweaters to have sweater paws & feel smaller
🌑 loves wooden toys & teethers
🌙 always super sleepy of course
🌑 gives you kisses with his stuffies
🌙 hard time asking for help. “You can ask mama for help whenever you need it, mama will never judge you.”
🌑 making cute breakfasts & lunches together
🌙 epic fort making; he loves fairy lights
🌑 doesn’t take no well/gives you the biggest puppy eyes & is a sucker for praise
🌙 field trips & lots of store runs for sweets
🌑 loves watching you work/coloring next to you while you work
🌙 is actually quite playful & you know he’s doing okay when he begs you to play w/ him
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* : ☆゚. ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
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Marc Spector as a regressor🖤:
🖍 apologizes frequently
🌕 needs down time/alone time after regressing
🖍 well behaved but became more playful and/or fussy as he became more comfortable with you
🌕 his nicknames for you: Baba, bubbi, miss/mister, mama, toot toot.
🖍 your nicknames for him: bub, little bud, baby boy, bean, little moon, honey.
🌕 prefers his thumb over pacifiers. He chews on his shirt hem or sleeves a lot as a replacement to a teether and when he’s nervous.
🖍 has a bedside chest of toys. He has mostly toys and activity he missed in his childhood. You buy Marc more modern things as well and he’s totally in love with those too.
🌕 needs calming/soft music when upset
🖍 his regression is mostly involuntary and easily negative without supervision. That said, he often has breakdowns.
🌕 I cannon that he has a petspace as well
🖍 he likes onesies a lot but it took you a LONG time for him to be comfy wearing one around you willingly.
🌕 steven usually has the body while Marc is his small self because the outside world is very scary for Marc. When you’re around though, he’ll come out.
🖍 loves when you play with his hair or help him bathe (he either loves or hates bathtime so its helpful to ease him into it first).
🌕 he tries not to call you cg nicknames but fails miserably.
🖍 little him cant stand being cold and cant sit still for the life of him
🌕 also has accidents at times like Steven
🖍 Oh boy does Marc love praise and being babied.. especially when he’s having trouble fully regressing, he goes to you for help slipping.
🌕 LOTS of upset stimming (sometimes they are self harmful- you and Steven have been working with him to accommodate those.)
🖍 Marc is pretty giggly, he loves when you read him stories in a silly way or tell jokes to cheer him up
🌕 Enjoys watching TV sometimes but would rather get attention from you and entertainment off of devices.
🖍 bedtime routine all the way
🌕 when he’s small, the boys usually go through a lot of switches before Marc is fully regressed and okay on his own.
🖍 loves sandboxes and sensory bins
🌕 enjoys playing games like hide and seek and educational activities
🖍 expanding on the above; has a bunch of learn-to-write books, activity booklets, worksheets, coloring books, and word searches.
🌕 Marc likes ‘class time’. Since he likes learning, You two came up with a little routine when he’s small for you to hold a school class. Homeschooling if you will. You act as a teacher and him a student (sometimes Steven will be present as well). You teach him things within his current age range, you quiz each other on said learned subject, you have crafts projects, building activities (sort of a recess or playtime), individual working times, etc.
🖍 loves crinkly sounds and rattles, so Marc likes those sensory cubes.
🌕 Always wants to show you, Steven, or Layla drawings he’s made. And all of you always hang them somewhere.
🖍 Layla was his previous caregiver (/pos) and still often babysits!
🌕 no cg preference, just happens to get feminine carers (plus Steven and Jake for babysitting).
🖍 this should totally be at the top but his age range goes from 1 years old to 9-10 years old. Although his common headspace age is around 6-8, its still pretty vast. Marc regresses due to trauma, to cope, for stress and other reasons!
・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* : ☆゚. ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.
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Little Nancy Wheeler headcanons
(an anon mentioned this a few posts back so I decided to make some :3)
Tumblr media
My sweet sweet sweet girl, oh how I love her
Pink and reds are her color scheme, she wore a lot of them as a kid and finds comfort at the familiarity
Also adores strawberry themed things, definitely not limited to strawberry scented stuffed animals
Y’all remember that stuffed bear from season 1? Yeah Nancy carry’s it around with her when she’s regressed
She also has a stuffed bunny that Steve and Robin got her
She can be a moody baby, more so not liking when her caregivers aren’t in sight
She’s independent, of course, but likes the security of seeing what her caregivers are doing while she plays or does something else
She stays around the toddler range but likes things such as bottles/pacifiers even if she’s a tad older than what’s considered the ‘normal’ age to use them
She clings to Steve and Robin a lot
Especially Steve, he knew Barb and that tends to get brought up when Nancy regresses
Vent regression is common for her, it’s tame but still sucks
She gets very quiet and needs someone to be next to her at all times when she’s vent regressed
Mike is always there if Steve or Robin can’t come over
Mike and Nancy tend to lean on each other as is so if Nance is being particularly quiet and wants to cuddle with Mike on the couch then so be it
They both understand and choose not to talk about it
She does just want cuddles and stuffies, that’s all
But also she likes to jump on Steve’s back and make him run around the backyard with her telling him where to go
Robin has recorded it multiple times
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BUT UR SO RIGHT THIS IS SO ROBIN, honestly anything rainbow / primary colors is just the baby bird for me (≧∇≦)/ im rlly focused on the mlp thing, UGH the IMAGE of her watching MLP MAN!!! rainbow dash is her fave you know im right ‼️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Heres an outfit board for an elementary age girl who likes arts and crafts for @pink-crayon-princess ! This was lotsa fun to make, hope you like it!
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Guess who's back?? Hiiiiiiii it's me :) I hope your week was good. It's September now so it's officially spooky season! (What do you mean "why do you have the pumpkin fairy lights up already?" I've had these up all year!) Question for you, what's your favorite animal? I'm sure you can guess mine :3
FOX ANON MY LOVELY (≡^∇^≡)ෆ my week was uh. not v fun, but i rlly don't wanna relive any of it by saying what went wrong, SO. (´⌒`;) but YES it IS officially spooky season, idc!! i've literally already started watching horror things now (rewatched the last ~20 minutes of The Boy yesterday, watched Unfriended, & am working my way thro that new JD netflix show!!), and YES i am planning on watching bunches more as the fall progresses (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و horror is my jam sometimes, yo
my favorite animal? mmmhmhmh that is a toughie (・- ・;) ... dogs & cats r a few, foxes (SURPRISE; fennec foxes specifically), ferrets <33, aaaand red pandas?? there r prolly so many more that aren't coming to mind but those r my token cast (*^^*)//
as for YOOOOU ... a grizzly bear, definitely >:-] !! HDKDNSKDJAOD im messin w u, it's a fox! bc u r my lovely fox anon 💞💞
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Hi! Do you mind writing some HCs for what Ash (Pokemon) would be like as a caregiver to a girl regressor? Thx!! <3
Tumblr media
CG Ash Ketchum Headcanons!
ash loves to have fun, and he will make sure that his regressor has as much fun as possible
nature walks are huge with him, going out to lakes or forests to see all the cool pokemon! ash makes sure to hold his regressors hand the whole time and make sure she feels safe
"who's that pokemon? good job! what does caterpie evolve into? you're so smart, baby!!"
hes a very laid back cg, so there isn't much in the way of "rules" as there is "suggestions"
"i think it'd be a great idea to eat some veggies, don't you, baby?" "squirtle really wants a bath. dont you, too?" "boy, naps are so much fun! don't you wanna take one with me?"
hes very gentle with his regressor and he's just the sweetest. always holding her hand, little hugs, little forehead kisses, and constant check-ups to make sure she's in a good mental state.
ash does, however, get frustrated sometimes if she's throwing a fit or being dramatic beyond what he can match. there are times he has to step away to get himself in check because he's so reactive emotionally. he does his best to never get angry at his regressor
also, pikachu is the real mvp. the regressor gets all the sweets and all the cuddles possible because of pikachu. the only thing he asks for in exchange is ketchup
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
robin with swift heart edits hNN very difficult to make lol
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baby!eddie simply just crawling around and pulling on everyone’s pant leg, giggling and probably drooling just wanting people to pay attention to the little baby!! he doesn’t mean to be annoying, he just wants lovins’ from everyoneeee. to add onto this, baby!eddie with baby!nancy and nancy getting aggravated at eddie for wanting to play with her puzzles but not quite understanding the concept of shapes and she just “no eddie. wrong” snahwbebebdd
OHHHHHH houohohohohohohohho baby eddiiiiie (ㄒoㄒ)ෆ ≧﹏≦ just an iiiity bitty bat makin his way around the house on his hands & knees, tugging at pants legs, babbling needily until the cgs stop whatever they're doing to scoop him up & pepper kisses aaalll over his face <33 putting him on their knee & bouncing him too!! eddie babbles & giggles & coos like it's NOBODY'S business, i tell you!!
or or or if he's poking at at fellow small friend, he'll be insistent until they scooch over to invite him into whatever they're doing. eddie may be good at it ... or he may be bad at it ... but as small as he is, he couldn't care less about the activity – he's focused on spending time with his friends! that's all he could ever need!
...but he has to be decent at the very least if he's gonna be doing puzzles with nancy (-ω-;) eddie has got ONE MORE TIME to shove a square block in his mouth before nancy loses her mind for good & bans him from all of her puzzles forever – and that's being considerate; she could've banned him the first time he thought shoving the triangle block into his mouth was a smart idea when it wouldn't fit into the circle hole (-"-;)
“NO! eddie, wrong!”
“nuh-uh! wight!”
“NO! ‘sposed to go in t’iangle!”
“bu’ it fits here!”
“it's ICKY!”
“buuu’ it fits!”
jonny (not even babysitter jon, BABY jonny!!!) intervened before steve & robin (designated cgs of the day) to wash it for nancy bc she refused to even look at it when eddie caved & spit it out. jonny also thought it was gross – he literally whispered to ducky “hand feels yucky, now :c” – but goodness, anything to stop the arguing ι(´Д`υ)
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very quick idea while im up for school & answering asks that have been collecting dust since the summer / early this month (MY BAD), BUT
brahms padding up to his cg every like 5 minutes to "demand" hugs from them (the demanding is rlly just him tugging their shirt until they respond). he wants his hugs & he wants his kissies!! that's not too much to ask for!! it comes off as annoying sometimes when said cg is trying to COOK or DO LAUNDRY while brahms is looming over them, clutching their shirt like “[cg nickname]? hug please. hug hug hug. huuuug!” as his tugging gets increasingly more needy 💀💀
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i saw my old ipad yesterday and it got me thinking about modern!au stranger things and which ipad kids the littles would be(*^ワ^*)
eddie: the standard ipad kid
sticky screen with food smeared all over the case and his volume at like 100:> his posture’s terrible from being hunched over it and he’s always complaining that his back hurts and for steve to “kiss it better” (nancy is disgusted by the ipad and refuses to sit next to him when he’s using it because she doesn’t want to be icky) also you can’t take it away from him unless your using maximum strength because he will HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE
robin: mild ipad kid
whenever steve or nancy hands her the ipad she’s glued to it, wont listen to anyone that talks to her unless it’s about playing hide and seek(then and only then will she pay attention) but it’s clean and only has a few minor cracks and she understands when it’s time to put it up as long as she can finish what she started
nancy: doesn’t like ipads
a closet neat freak who takes her things very seriously and she prefers to not have an ipad and play with her toys(educational because yes) or just snuggle up to her cg plus when she’s little she has a hard time using screens anyways so she prefers not to try
jonny: ipads?
never grew up with much electronics because they couldn’t afford it so doesn’t really know what and ipad are to be honest and doesn’t get the hype(would much rather color or play pretend with his toy camera then watch youtube or play games)
steve: takes very good care of his ipad
he grew up taking very good care of his stuff and his parents being mad if he got his things dirty so he’s very good with his ipad:) understands when it’s time to put it away, has no cracks, monogrammed case, the whole shebang:> (flexes on accident when he pulls out the most expensive ipad on the market out like it’s nothing)
i have more for the party but i can’t fit it all and i don’t want to flood your ask box:)))
OHMYGOSH HSHVRVSHD, MODERN DAY IPAD KIDDOS 😭😭 (goodness i am sorry this took forever WAAHSJWJSIQAAA)
🎸 i don't blame nancy at all for being disgusted by his ipad, that thing SOUNDS gross 😟 steve tried cleaning it during eddie's nap – it's already hard enough getting him down bc of that darn thing, he kicks, screams, & cries when it's time to settle down, and it's simply increased tenfold by his crankiness from being sleepy – but there are some ... rlly weird stains on the back of the case that??? will not come out??? very concerning. i feel like he has a bulky lime green case (which makes those stains all the more obvious) bc he is not careful with that thing at ALL & will accidentally bang the back of it on the edge of a table ,, steve always obliges to kissing eddie's back, by the way .. he tells him to sit up straighter so that way his back won't be all owchie anymore, yet still gives in at his baby's sweet demand of magic kisses ( ˘ ³˘)♥
🍦 OO hide n seek, her favorite game (as long as eddie's playing, too; they like to see who's the better seeker & hider, and so far robin is winning in both categories 💪🏾), the instant the question “who wants to play hide n seek?” is uttered, her game is abruptly shut off & she's insisting to be the hider, she's got a perfect spot she's been thinkin about since forever! the park also catches her attention, but other than those two? all of her focus is dedicated to that ipad & she's not giving anyone the time of day until she's done with it. the difference between her & eddie is that eddie doesn't get tired of his ipad - robin does. she likes playing with other people, too, yknow!
💝 ive said this before & i will say it again — nancy absolutely has those baby puzzles where u match the shape to its correlating hole & the bead rollercoasters!! they're SO stimulating for her brain ... so she just cannot FATHOM how her friends can stare at those bright screens for half of the day, attention straying NO WHERE at any point unless their name is called repeatedly. what do they mean there are fun games? her puzzles are super fun! how do they even play the game? it's so much tapping the screen & shaking the tablet and ... HUH? poor girl rlly can't get the concept of tablets are super smart & can access a whole bunch of things 😭 NOT TO MENTION how she tried giving them a chance but NOTHING seemed to be going right for her!! why!! td;lr – don't stare at a tablet for too long in nance's presence; she will start glaring & pointedly dragging her beads along their tracks
📷 now JONNY is nearly in the same boat as nancy. almost. he also has trouble grasping the concept of entertainment on an itty-bitty screen & struggles to understand how those games are more fun than coloring or "taking pictures" with ducky ... but he tries his best. he'll sit beside steve, watch him for a while, & eventually steve lets him try a few games out of generosity. jonny has NO idea what he's doing half the time, BUT he's found that he likes lofi tunes while he's art-working, so it didn't ALL go to waste! that's like the only thing he ever uses his friends' (v specifically steve's, bc they like coloring together) ipads for, tho. everything else is overrated
🕶️ HEOSOEJ STEVE ACCIDENTALLY FLEXING ON THEM 💀💀 pulling out the latest ipad model with this beautiful, dark blue monogram case & screen protector on the front. no cracks present on said screen protector. no visible fingerprints, excess dirt wiped off with a towelette, drop-dead gorgeous video / movie quality ... bro's got it ALL & hardly realizes he's inadvertently flexing his stuff until he turns it off for a snack break & happens to see eddie & robin staring at a distance, wishing THEIR screens were crack-free & had clean cases (•ˋ _ ˊ•) it is NOT FAIR! bro has even got NANCY, the infamous hater of ipads, marveling it like “woah ... it's clean.” (that is a DIRECT jab at eddie but it flies over his head). out of everyone, he's the most generous with his ipad & lets them use it for a little bit if theirs died, but he HAS to be moderating them from a distance bc he rlly doesn't want it to get hurt ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
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wooo brahms still on the mind uhhh wouldn't it be so cool if he had mask catered toward his regression ,, like he decorated a separate mask with stickers & paint drawings & stuff under that umbrella, and he wears it when he feels himself slipping / comes down from a "tantrum" (literally just vent regression). it's one of the ways he expresses his regression clearly, bc sometimes, with his more childish actions, it's hard to tell! (not that he exactly has a caregiver to show that to :-[)
... but, hypothetically speaking, if he did have a cg, he'd be v happy
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GUYS SEND SOOO MUCH HELP, i watched the boy (2016) on sunday & brahms has not left my mind since. he is This Close to tipping over the edge of AHA, You Regress Now (ノ_-;)… his mannerisms in the movie don't help my case AT ALL??? oh u wanna be tucked into bed & will not rest until you've gotten your goodnight kiss? OH u want undivided attention but couldn't get that from ur parents because u did a severely Messed Up Thing (it's a horror movie, take a wild guess) when you were 8 & instead of getting u some kind of therapy ur shoved in the walls for 20 years???? and all that undivided attention is placed into a porcelain doll they pretend is their child?????? stop playing with me. stop playing. with me.
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But imagine if Eddie has a special vest for when he’s Little with cute DnD monster patches on it🥺 Little duck is from azbear’s fics on AO3 featuring Little Eddie and his stuffed duck Ozzy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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very, very small
a mini fic in which a very regressed eddie is very clingy during a bad thunderstorm and steve and wayne have to work together to comfort him
Steve knows something is off with Eddie. In the past few months since closing all the gates and killing Vecna, Eddie has been almost permanently regressed.
Everything set him off.
It seemed as though every time Eddie was coming out of a regression, something would happen and cause him to slip again. Of course, nobody really minded taking care of Eddie- especially not Steve or Wayne.
Eddie’s favorite nights are the nights like these- when Wayne and Steve are both off work and he gets to spend time with both of them. Though, he hadn’t realized they’d purposefully taken off work due to the major storm heading to Hawkins.
Wayne sighs as he listens to the TV, exchanging worried looks with Steve. The news reporter is going on and on about high winds and severe storms with a tornado watch to top it off. Eddie, oblivious to the TV, is more worried about his coloring book. It’s not unusual for Eddie to be busy coloring on the living room floor while Steve and Wayne watch TV, and that meant Eddie had grown accustomed to ignoring boring grown up shows.
Then, he sees it.
Lightning strikes right outside of the living room window.
Eddie jumps. He can see the red lightning from the Upside Down right next to his vine covered trailer. Before he knows it, he’s abandoned his coloring and looking worriedly at his caretakers. “Unc’a Wayne! ‘Teve!”
Before either of them can respond, the winds begin to pick up and the rain starts pounding against the roof.
Steve is quick to pick up the boy and shush him, but he knows it’s futile. “You’re alright, little guy. It’s just a bad storm.” He looks over to Wayne, who is busy grabbing Eddie’s things off the floor. “Should we go to his room?”
Thunder crashes, causing all three of them to jump.
Eddie cries out whilst aggressively wriggling against Steve. “Unc’a Wayne! I wan’ Unc’a Wayne!” His ear piercing cries only get louder as Steve carries him to his bedroom, despite the fact Wayne is close behind.
“Shh, shh” Steve coos, gently setting him on his bed. “We’re all gonna have a sleepover tonight, okay?”
Wayne walks into the room a few moments later, all of Eddie’s living room toys and books in his hands. Eddie lets out a loud babble at the sight of his uncle.
They tuck themselves in under the covers, which allows Eddie to curl up against Wayne’s chest. Steve feels a slight pang of jealously, but he knows Eddie didn’t mean anything by it. Wayne had been his first caretaker.
Eddie suckles anxiously on his thumb, crying loudly whenever something outside scared him. “No! Don’t wanna scare the bats! I don’ wanna!”
Knowing the story from Steve, Wayne feels his heart break. His little boy- a decoy for demonic bats? “Son, that’s over. No bat or storm or monster is going to hurt you.”
“Too loud! Too loud!” Eddie smashes his hands over his ears at the sound of the rain picking up. “No!”
Steve thumbs tears away from the boy’s cheek while Wayne rocks him back and forth. The soothing motion does bring Eddie a bit of comfort, but not as much as his thumb does. On a normal day, Steve would have redirected Eddie away from thumb sucking, but now? He’s desperate for anything that will stop those tears from falling.
“Unc’a Wayne! Loud! Is’ Loud!”
Wayne nods, bouncing Eddie gently. “Steve, can you get his walkman? It’s on his desk. There should be a Bla-”
“-ck Sabbath tape,” Steve finishes for him. He jumps off the bed and gathers Eddie’s headphones, walkman, and tapes. Eddie’s favorite Black Sabbath tape was already ready to go. “Okay, baby,” Steve says softly, placing the headphones over Eddie’s ears. “I’m gonna play some music for you. Let me know if it’s too loud.”
Wayne feels Eddie relax almost immediately at the sound of the music. At first, he thinks it’s due to Eddie loving his music- which he does- but then he is reminded that that’s not the case. Eddie tugs on his shirt, and points at his headphones. “Unc’a Wayne, now the monster can’t get me.”
Wayne sighs sadly. “That’s good, son. The monster can’t get you.”
That night, Eddie sleeps soundly against Wayne’s chest with Steve’s hand in his own. No one else can really sleep due to the metal music playing from Eddie’s headphones, but it’s not as if they’d be able to in the first place. They watch over Eddie for hours until the storm finally stops, until their eyes finally close.
“We love you, Eds.”
“More than anything.”
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Tumblr media
🐦 Steve’s little early bird and nocturnal creature🦇 Thanks to @berrymoos for Robin’s nickname and @corrodedcoffinkid for Eddie’s!
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