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natashas-sunshine · 2 days ago
hm what about mama!nat x little!reader - lots of cuddles, lots of fluff, maybe a moment where mama!nat just needed her baby
thanks you for this! anything mama nat needs, mama nat gets :) <3
for mama <3
❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
‘Mama?’ Your little voice questioned Natasha as you shook her slightly. You were woken by her alarms that never seemed to stop. Natasha was always on top of turning them off and going about her day until it was time to wake you up. But today was different. Coming to investigate why your mama hadn’t touched her alarms yet. 
‘Shh little baby,’ Natasha kept her eyes closed and pulled you into bed with her. Your giggles filled the room from the sudden movement, ‘Mama wants to cuddle with her baby,’ You snuggled into Natasha even more, letting her hold you. Natasha had been awake, she was just ignoring everything today. Wanting nothing more than to avoid all of her responsibilities and just spend the day with you, her little baby.
Minutes and hours went by, the two of you having fallen asleep with you in your mama’s arms until you were woken by the grumble of your stomach. You opened your eyes and instantly closed them when the sun was beaming too brightly into the room, ‘Mama, mama, mama,’ You kept going until Natasha grumbled and shook herself awake.
‘Mmm what’s wrong? Little love, are you okay?’ Natasha instantly went into mama bear mode, making sure you weren’t hurt or scared. Making sure you didn’t have a bad dream and needed her to fight away any of the baddies or meanies from your head.
‘M oki bu mama gos works?’ Natasha smiled at how adorable you were. Asking her that question with your head slightly to the side, like a little confused puppy. 
‘Hmm mama doesn’t want any responsibilities today,’ Natasha booped your nose and made you giggle, ‘But shh it’s our secret okay? My little baby doesn’t tell uncle Tony, or uncle Clint or even uncle Thor, okay?’ Natasha held her finger up to her mouth to further emphasis that it was a secret.
‘Mama n baby secret, no tells no one,’ You copied her actions and Natasha couldn’t help but pull you back into her and squeeze you tightly, ‘mamaaaaa,’ You giggled, trying to wiggle out of her grasp in which she just held onto you tightly.
‘My little angel is too cute to let go. The mama cuddle monster is going to keep you right here no escaping the cuddles little one,’ You settled back in her arms, reaching up to grab your mama’s cheeks before giving her the biggest forehead kiss you could muster, ‘Aww what was that for my sweet angel?’ 
‘Mama da best mama in da worlds!’ Throwing out your arms to emphasise how big the world was to you. All Natasha could think about was how lucky she was that you were her little one, she wouldn’t trade you for the world. When she had bad days, you were there. On days she didn’t want to do anything, you were always there and letting her know that it was perfectly okay. You were the best baby, she always thought you were just too good for you to be all hers.
Natasha was brought out of her thoughts when she heard your little stomach grumble again, ‘Is the baby's little tummy hungry?’ You nodded as Natasha lightly tickled your tummy. Your mama moved the two of you from the bed into the kitchen. Putting you in your high chair before moving around the kitchen to make you both some food, ‘How about some eggies and some toast?’ Your eyes lit up and that was all Natasha needed to know it was the right choice.
‘Mama! I helps mama?’ Asking as you reach out your hands wanting to help. Natasha walked over to you and bent down to your height, face-to-face with you, ‘Hmm, how old is my little angel today?’ You thought for a minute before holding up one finger on each hand indicating you were two today, ‘Oh sweet angel, a bit too little to help with this meal, don’t want you hurting yourself. Gotta let mama do it, okay? Mama’s going to make such a tasty meal for her little baby,’ She kissed your forehead.
Your mama was trying to feed you and you decided to have your fun, giggling as you knocked her hand away each time she tried to get the eggs closer to your mouth. Natasha soon realised she had to play little games with you to trick you and get the food into your mouth, ‘Where’s my good little baby gone?’ Natasha feigned after playing around with you for a little bit. 
‘Righ ere’s mama,’ You always wanted to make your mama proud by how well behaved you were and instantly let her feed you properly, ‘choccy milks?’ You pouted but Natasha was a step ahead of you and already had a bottle with chocolate milk prepared.
You cuddled with Natasha on the couch, happily drinking your chocolate milk and watching a movie. Natasha was glad to have this day with you. Not having to deal with any responsibilities and focusing entirely on her little angel was exactly what she needed. You were almost asleep when Natasha’s phone started ringing, waking you up, ‘It’s aunt Yelena,’ Natasha whispered before answering.
‘Aun Lena!’ You squealed. You squealed and Natasha had to put the phone on speaker so you both could talk.
‘Hey little one, what have you been up to today?’ Yelena asked you through the phone.
‘Cuddls n movis! Aun Lena, mama no gos works today!’ 
‘Oh is that right?’ Natasha could hear the teasing tone in Yelena’s voice. Natasha and Yelena talked for a bit, organising a day when you could go spend time with your aunt Yelena, before you all said your goodbyes and hung up the phone.
‘Little love I thought I said it was a mama and baby secret?’ 
You shrugged, ‘Mama nevr says can’t tells aun Lena, jus no da uncls,’ Natasha laughed, you were right in a way. She would never be mad at you, just amused by how you thought things through. You were her baby and she was your mama and you would both be there for each other whenever either of you needed it. Natasha loved you, just as you loved her
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cams-is-comfy · 2 days ago
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Cozy baby blue baby !!
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snailsagere · a day ago
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting
Sun outfit with cane and crutches for anon! :3
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traumatizeddfox · a day ago
so annoying that we cant talk abt our age regression without some weirdo middle age man, or some kink blog turning it into a sexual kink like fuck off i just want to watch cartoons and colour again
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springtimefrog · 2 days ago
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Just some reminders for age regressors/age dreamers:
If you don’t want/need a caregiver, that’s okay!!
If you don’t want to regress in front of others that’s totally fine!
If you don’t want to talk about your regression to others that’s okay!
Your regression is still valid even if you don’t regress super young!
Every regressor is unique and the way you regress is valid!
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maple-bear-munchkin · 6 hours ago
there’s something so comforting and perfect about getting those flutters in your tummy when somebody babies you unexpectedly 🥺
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s1ep23 · 19 hours ago
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i will collect all the cats mark my words !!!!!!
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babybearblog · a day ago
if you're like me and want little music to listen to, but don't like most kids music/lullabies, there's an artist called Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star that makes lullaby versions of popular music
they have something for everyone, I've been able to find everything from Elton John to My Chemical Romance, so I can listen to my favourite songs and still feel little. it's nice to listen to a melody that you're familiar with and find comforting, but have it played in a more soothing and little friendly way. that way you can enjoy your favourite big songs while still feeling little!
I find them nice to listen to at bedtime, naptime or any time I'm having trouble regressing
this is not an ad and I'm not sponsored in any way, I just thought it would be nice to share with the community :3
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b0nniwplvsh · a day ago
TW: Knife!
🐱🤍White kitties stimboard. ♡
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•Requested by @babybearblog
Open requests.
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metal-dog · a day ago
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pastel indoor playground moodboard uwu
do not repost, reblogs are fine
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internet-wallflower-owo · 2 days ago
Sunshine Kiddo☀️
Tumblr media
created by me<3
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strawberrypuppyy · 2 days ago
in case you havent heard it today, im proud of you. im proud of you for any thing you may have done today, if it was brushing your teeth, having something to eat or drink, or even just getting out of bed. im really proud of you. you are doing so good :)
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snailsagere · 11 hours ago
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting
Red outfit with a wheelchair for anon! :3
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sleepyfina · a day ago
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shiba pubby i drew as a discord emoji :))
sfw agere interaction only
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springtimefrog · a day ago
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Halloween paci by Inkys.Pacis on IG!
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wish-upon-a-crib · a day ago
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My dolls
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littlelavenderboy · 2 days ago
college is very stressful, so i've decided to bring a small stuffie with me to play with during class
Tumblr media
mr. squiggle phrög is a real one for supporting me through these trying times 🥰💕🐸
i highly recommend this, it's so comforting!! and if anyone tries to bother you, they can mind their own business!! i'll fight them for you (ง •̀_•́)ง /j /lh
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