i just had a brutal argument with my mom. I feel so bad about it, I know for sure she's crying now, but let me tell you, if it prevented something, it was worth it.
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NO ONE knows how to use thou/thee/thy/thine and i need to see that change if ur going to keep making “talking like a medieval peasant” jokes. /lh
They play the same roles as I/me/my/mine. In modern english, we use “you” for both the subject and the direct object/object of preposition/etc, so it’s difficult to compare “thou” to “you”.
So the trick is this: if you are trying to turn something Olde, first turn every “you” into first-person and then replace it like so:
“I” →  “thou”
“Me” →  “thee”
“My” →  “thy”
“Mine” →  “thine”
Let’s suppose we had the sentences “You have a cow. He gave it to you. It is your cow. The cow is yours”.
We could first imagine it in the first person-
“I have a cow. He gave it to me. It is my cow. The cow is mine”.
And then replace it-
“Thou hast a cow. He gave it to thee. It is thy cow. The cow is thine.”
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modern life sherlock holmes material.
this is some real detective shit
the most disorienting thing thats ever happened to me was when a linguistics major stopped in the middle of our conversation, looked me in the eye, and said, "you have a very interesting vernacular. were you on tumblr in 2014?" and i had to just stand there and process that one for a good ten seconds
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Tumblr media
bro is it parasocial to experience art
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how does it come she always tricks me?
i want to cut her off.
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I was told I'm a sunshine.
Which is great, but... am I?
Or am I just tricking everyone around into tricking I am a sunshine and a good person in general? Hm?
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I wish I was amazing as my sister.
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if there's anything I'm proud of about myself then that's how diverse i can be. Yeah, I'm your local nerd, fangirl fanfiction ethusiast, but I'm also the party element. I go to the bars, to the clubs, I'm raver.
Yes, I'm vegetarian and mostly plant based, but I'm also very fond of heavy drinking, getting high and caffeine of any kind.
Yes sir, I know all the slang and can be your average tumblerina slash twitter user, but I also read classics and love to study lingustics and ethymology.
Well, yes, I can come across as someone very analytical and science centered, but oh dear God, I love people and I'm always extremely happy to say how many great friends I have.
Yeah, I'm religious, but I also kind of love to study Bible for scientifical purposes, having theological debates and adore mythologies of all kinds.
Yes, I can seem very tomboy, but I adore makeup and parading around and studying last fashion trends.
Yes, I'm this, but I'm also that.
And many people may say that's not good and I lowkey agree, because my attention is absolutely scattered, splashed, crushed, strangled between thousands of different interests - but (and let me say, the darned, damned BUT is my biggest advance and yet the biggest curse) everything is just so interesting! Everything has some lore behind it and there's so many things you can discover if you wander around the world with eyes wide open.
And I'm proud of it.
I'm proud of my eclectic curiosity, I'm happy to have this aspect of my personality and I genuinly like it.
I like to know things. <3
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My mom never hugged me and my sisters when we were little.
Like never ever at all. I don't actually know why, probably she lacks some of the shits necessary needed to be good mother, but that doesn't matter, she has other qualities.
What matters is the fact that i purposefuly trained her to hug me when needed and passed this skill onto my sisters. It was mostly because my sisters and I are all diagnosed with various mental illnesses so sometimes it's difficlut to really ask. I personally like to hug people around me from times to times just because it's nice, I like it and it can improve mental health.
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omg a horny jail?
like... a jail for horny people?
meaning it's gonna be a jail where's plenty of horny people?
...xeah that's alright. send me there.
i wanna be punished. >:)
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yeah imma loser
but im also
a bitch ;)
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Gotta write a fanfic (but prolly in cz)
the power robin and nancy would have if they worked together as investigative journalists… they’d bring down the government in a day
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Bucky coming home one day and seeing Steve hunched over on his bed, paper laid in his lap and charcoal pinched between his fingers. Steve looked up, sensing his presence in the doorway, and as he does, Bucky sees a small smudge of charcoal streaked on his cheek. Like Steve had wiped his face, forgetting the black residue on his thumbs. And at that, his heart swells and his stomach flips and fills with so many butterflies he feels he's gonna burst with it.
"Welcome hom--" Steve started but Bucky rushed forward and wrapped his arms around him, "Hi" Bucky mumbled into blonde hair. He's so in love with him he's almost overwhelmed. Steve made a confused hum but leaned back into him "Hi?" He tipped his head up and raised an eyebrow at him. "Wassup with you?" Steve asks but Bucky only grins wider and hooks a stray strand of blonde hair behind his ear. "Nothin' I just love you." Steve flushes red but grins back. " Love you too, Jerk." "Punk." Bucky mutters affectionately and presses a kiss to his forehead. His Punk.
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omg i love her so much this is stupid
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Christianity is good and I love it, I believe it, I believe in Jesus and am trying to be like him and yeah I know I sin a lot, but still I believe. I believe God loves me.
But church? Oh, that's mostly bullshit.
And Bible? Yeah, nice and cool and I really like it - but it's just a book. Written by people. And the texts were chosen by people (there were waaaayy more texts than the ones that you can read in Bible today) and it was translated so many times.
Bible is not THE SOURCE™ it's just 🤷a source🤷 if you know what I mean.
And if you're a theologist, please, tell me your take on this, because I tried my best to study Bible and the best I found is that I can't rely on it that much.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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