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bro i... i really thought there was only room in my heart for cove... but i'm like 😱 what happened to baxter??? he used to be the guy that came on really strong but was sincere at the end of the day and he's so... cold and withdrawn now ;-; is he okay???? do i need to play his dlc to stop worrying about him??????
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[ Baxter Ward ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
every baxter art i made last year and start of this year lmao~
(game character of : @gb-patch)
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Tumblr media
I just think that Baxter.
That's the thought.
Game is Our Life: Beginning & Always, by @gb-patch !!
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Tumblr media
I just think that Baxter.
That's the thought.
Game is Our Life: Beginning & Always, by @gb-patch !!
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I’ve got a ton of questions about Sunny. Though my main one would have to be, what if Sunny found out that their Darling couldn’t have kids (either a medical condition or they got their tubes tied before meeting him)?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’d be sad for a while, then like “The fact we can’t conceive must be a sign our child has already been born. TO THE ORPHANAGES.”
Also Sunny:
Tumblr media
For more content, visit my Other Yanderes masterlist!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Character mannerisms to consider!
Mannerisms, in this case, are the little details that are unique to each character of your story! These are perfect ways help the reader know more about your character’s personality without needing to read through multiple sentences of description or dialogue. Mannerisms also become incredibly useful when you need to convey things like social status, upbringing, mental health status and how they interact with the world/people around them.
There are hundreds of unique ways to use mannerisms, for example linking one character to another despite their lack of interaction in the story. The dialogue and description might point to Character A having never met Character B, but they might share the same mannerisms, which would hint to some kind of past link between the pair.
How much space do they take up? Do they spread out when they sit or stay curled-up? Do they flail their arms to gesture? Do they speak loudly or quietly? Who listens when they speak up? Do they make a sound when they move?
How does your character sleep? What position? Do they sleep restlessly or soundly? Do they prefer covers, or do they sleep without?
How does your character greet people? Are they welcoming or reserved? How genuine are they being?
How much do they mirror others? Do they mirror everyone? (Mirroring is a subconscious behaviour where two+ people in a conversation will copy one another’s body language. This usually means there is a connection of some kind being made. Lack of / exaggerated mirroring might indicate towards a mental disorder or other (ex: personality disorder, neurodiversity, anxiety etc)
Which part of their body is the most expressive? Does your character use their hands a lot or do they tuck them away? Do they need movement to ground themselves (swaying, rocking, fidgetting…)?
Who would your character turn to in a group of people for comfort? Would they acknowledge that person more? Would they engage in a conversation with only them or would they just glance their way?
Do they have a re-occuring habit to indicate a mood? Do they crack their knuckles when excited? Do they bite their lip ring when angry? Do they look at their hands when sad?
How do they gesture? Do they speak with their hands? Do they point, nod or use their eyes to show something? Which movements are conscious, and which aren't?
Do they have a comfort item or person? Is there something they always think of? Is there something they hold with care? How much do they value that thing more than others?
How would they react to another person’s misfortune? Would their eyes light up? Would their heart hurt? How genuine would they feel? How genuine would they act?
Is there anything that makes them OOC (out of character)? (This is a good thing! One tiny OOC aspect can make a huge impact on that character) Perhaps they’re cruel but love cats? Perhaps they’re known for being the kindest but smile when they think of something tragic? How often do they act strangely? Do they do it in front of anyone? Do their actions indicate this or solely their thoughts?
I hope this helps you develop your characters! If you have anything to add, feel free to do so!
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Tumblr media
is the polar opposite to
Tumblr media
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the collective suffering of mob students
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The fact that the Octavinelle students are honestly so shocked by Floyd acting mild-mannered for once 😂 What kinds of horrors have these poor mobs been exposed to on a regular basis…
xbsjevwunsma AnD THE iGNIHYDE MOBS tRYiNG TO CALM ORtHO DOWN 👁 👄 👁 stuck within his blast radius…
The Halloween event’s great because it’s one of the few times in TWST when the mob students are prominently shown interacting with the main cast (and not stuck being generic bullies to instigate a battle) @[email protected] maybe because I wonder way too much about what mob students are doing while NRC is being torn apart by OBs— It’s interesting to see how the mobs respond to and support the main cast, and it kind of shines a new spotlight on the dorm leaders in how they lead their respective students and represent their dorm in a public facing way.
NRC feels like a real community thanks to events like this and Camp Vargas ^^
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The dark lord sitting menacingly in his throne, though in his lap is a adorable mini plushie their darling made them, and then there's darling, sitting right next to him wearing normal village clothes or really cute clothes, just looking super out of place in the sea of dark colors with all the dark schemes happening around them
The twisted faces of the fallen cast haunting shadows along the walls of the dark lord's throne room; their body spilled across its floors. The smell of smog and burnt flesh taints the air; cut by the smell of an ocean's breeze.
The dark lord sits silently in their throne; face expressionless before those who lie at their feet. Wearing armor made from the scales of hellborn beasts; wielding the scepter from which their dark magic spewed, none could deny the menacing aura that radiated from them. A force cut by the presence of a little doll rested gently in their lap.
The doll was a replica of them. Twisted horns and all. A few more plushies were thrown about the throne; button eyes casted far off into the distance - or into the souls of whoever looked back. Despite its cuteness, the doll's existence almost made the dark lord look even more terrifying. They protect it with the same air as a guard dog protecting its territory, the only thing more important than it being the person sitting besides them.
You stitch away at a new plush without a care in the world. In the dreary environment of the castle, you stuck out like a sore thumb. Your clothes dripped with color, and your smile rained bright enough to cast away the shadows than lingered over the horizon; one of the many things the dark lord grew to love.
You were just a simple villager back then. The first they'd ever captured. Even within the confines of the prison you kept a positive spirit; melting the icy cage around their heart. They confessed their love not long after and that's how your life began as the dark lord's spouse.
"So... which one of you maggots did it?"
The servants at the bottom of the throne whimper. While cleaning the castle, someone had thrown out one of the plushs you made. It took all morning for you to call them down enough to not rip off the head of the nearest servant, but eventually the suspect list was down to the two before you.
"I was cleaning the opposite side of the room that the doll was last seen on, I'm sure it was them that threw it away."
The other servant goes to protest, but the dark lord slams their staff into the floor to get their full attention.
"I don’t give a damn who did it. By my logic, both of you are responsible. You should be begging for forgiveness before I rip out your lungs, have them cooked, and then have them feed to your God damn-"
"Honey!" The lord's tirade is cut short as you speak up. "We've talked about this before, haven't we?"
They grumble. "Just an apology will be fine. Then you're free to go."
You smile in approval; placing a kiss to their cheek. The dark lord sports a grin of their own, hooking their arms around you. They were such a pushover when it came to you. They really needed to nip that in the bud, but you were their entire world and they would do anything for your happiness.
The servants find no comfort in their worlds. For as you look away, the glare sent their way seals their fates. You'd be informed the following day of their vacation since the dark lord was so gracious towards the help.
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Remy x Wren x Male!PC x Niki
Tumblr media
Your mother marries into a certain well-to-do family in the farmlands but it's hard to keep up with two stepbrothers and one rowdy employee. Especially since you're the one trapped in a den of hungry monsters.
content warning. Remy is a dick but what else is new. Niki being a creep, nonconsensual voyeurism, photography, Wren is a whore, one mention of Remy harming PC, bad mother, its previous generation so names shall be dropped, cock!whore Remy. This part is Wren-centric, part two is remy centric and part 3 is niki centric. 5.1K
(part 1/ part 2/ part 3)
Tumblr media
You thought the upper crust of the town was bad. Danube street always felt lightyears away from Domus Street despite being right next to each other. It was an entirely different world, where all the lawns were trimmed to the exact centimetre, all houses stood tall and pristine, with polished school children trotting along, clothes perfectly ironed and shoes gleaming in the sun.
This was somehow worse.
Your mother tended to become wrapped up in every single boyfriend she'd get and made sure to align both of your lives with theirs in as many ways as she could, as if to prove to them she was the one they were missing all their lives. Her track record wasn't great with this. It always ended with her with tissues and ice cream in front of the TV as you tried to get things back to normal.
"You don't even know him." You muttered, watching the town you grew up in merge into the vacant fields just outside, the sea disappearing as you drove further inland.
"Yes, I do!" Your mom chirped, tapping her nails against the wheel. "We're engaged and it's time we finally got everyone together."
"It's stupid." You said flatly. "I haven't even met him."
"Because you were always such a grumpy little cow to all the others. I decided to change things up and hey presto, maybe it was your attitude that drove the others away."
You didn't bother to reply. This was the worst case of "boy fever" your mom has gone through in a long while. Telling you a few days ago to pack a suitcase and chuck everything else, selling the house to move in with some rich asshole out in the farmlands. You had fought to stay, bringing up reasons you should stay in town. That you had just a few months of your last year to finish, that she laughed at, and said you would be tutored along with her fiancé's "boys". You asked to stay in town, with a friend, and she was horrified at the thought. You said you didn't want to move out in the middle of nowhere and she tossed your empty suitcase onto your bed, refusing to continue the argument.
With every fading building, you quietly said goodbye to your friends in your head, knowing they will only know on Monday your mother had gone off the deep end again. Eden would have scoffed, calling you an idiot for not taking up his offer to come stay with him. You were going to miss sitting next to Sam as Mister Winter droned on, passing notes back and forth. Hell, even meeting up with Landry after class and wandering around town without money in your pockets and splitting a milkshake when things got bad at either of your homes. Hell, even rougher kids were okay to you, which was a blessing.
The drive dragged on, passing a cute little farm with a red headed woman chasing around a gaggle of similar haired kids, the moors which Morgan had dared you to stay overnight in before panicking and trying to get you back himself. You perked up passing a riding school you never noticed before as your mom pulled off the main highway onto a well kept gravel path.
It wasn't until a few moments away did the new place you were staying at come in view.
You thought the upper crust of the town was bad.
At least those guys had to follow building regulations and not have their houses three times the size of the orphanage you had lived most of your life next to. It was huge. There was a section connected behind the estate, with barns and fields just out of sight.
As your rickety car pulled up, three people emerged from the house, a tall man turning around briefly and pointing his finger at the second tallest, almost threatening. Your mom didn't notice as she hurriedly stepped out of the car and called his name with glee.
Her fiancé was a tall, broad man. Almost spitting image of those lean horse riders your mother would watch in riding competitions, mooning at the screen. Short, shaggy brown hair with stubble, with the meanest eyes you've ever seen. You knew mean kids, but there was a streak of maliciousness in him that never appeared in Briar or Bailey's snide glances.
You awkwardly stepped out as they embraced, and just leaned against the car, trying to look anywhere else than at the gross display of affection. Instead you focused on a small group of boys hanging out by one of the fences on the side of the estate, leaning over to get a closer look at the arrivals. You caught the eye of one, ruffled blond hair bright in the sun and he shot you a wink as the others guffawed.
"-And this must be him?" Pulled away from warm brown eyes and back into the situation, you blinked up at your... About-To-Be-Stepdad-Maybe. 
He stuck his hand out for you to shake, which you awkwardly did, his fingers squeezing yours too hard. 
“Nice to finally meet you.” You finally said and his lips twitched. 
“Remy, Niki, greet your brother properly.” 
The other two boys’ expressions matched yours as you were called brothers.. The older one, lean and tall finally walked down the remaining steps, only to continue to tower over you, his eyes matching the cruel glint his father had. 
“A pleasure.” Remy, you believed, finally said, taking your hand in his in a brief handshake. 
Your palm stung as he squeezed it, glancing down as he walked back to the smaller brother. A thorn pushed into the sensitive skin of your hand. Did he.. ? 
Not having a proper moment to think about it, Niki stepped up, his hair hanging into his eyes. He didn’t look a lot like his brother or father, with messily dyed blond hair, and black roots, rolling a lollipop against his teeth as he barely grasped your hand before dropping it. 
“It’s so nice we’re all together.” Your mother gushed, still hanging off new-darling-stepdaddy’s arm, oblivious to the sour mood stagnating between the four of you. 
He wasn’t even listening properly, looking over her shoulder at the gaggle of boys staring, a small frown on his face. The blond one seemed to meet his eye and ducked his head quickly. 
“Niki, show your brother to his new room. Remy, show your mother around the place.” He carelessly cut her off. 
“She already poked around before.” Remy muttered but cowed when his father shot a glare at him and went back up the stairs, your mom following closely behind, chatting away. 
His father gave you one last inscrutable glance, dragging over your lips and throat, flicking down to your hips before walking off, the boys scrambling away except for the brown haired one, waiting as if expected to be told off. Niki didn’t help you with your luggage. Stuck his hands in his pockets as you hauled your suitcase out of the trunk, lugging it as he made his way back into the estate. 
Your room was…Quite nice. Bigger than your entire kitchen on Danube street. 
“Is… Are you and your brother’s rooms like this too-” 
“Remy isn’t my brother.” Niki said flatly, popping the pink sweet out of his mouth. “Half brother. You’re not my brother either.” 
You felt yourself flush out of embarrassment. Don’t talk to Niki, got it… Maybe, given the thorn pushed into your hand, maybe don’t talk to Remy either. 
“Someone will come get you when we eat.” Niki stuck his lollypop back in between his teeth, shooting you a distasteful look before leaving the room. 
You sighed as soon as the door shut, unzipped your suitcase. This was already going to be hellish and awful and lonely and- 
Dropping your school supplies as you opened the bottom drawer of your bedside table, you stared at the “gifts” left for you. 
Someone had left, or purposely placed a dildo in the bottom drawer, right on top of a magazine of “Country Side Hunks” the front page already showing two cowboys mid fuck. You quickly kicked the drawer shut, hearing the hefty dildo roll around inside as you did. 
Fuck these people. 
Three virginities remaining. 
You quickly learned your place in the house. Keep quiet and out of the way. Remy had no time for you, barely glancing at you as he went about his day, spending most of it outside or studying. Niki was somehow more reclusive than you, popping into existence as if out of thin air sometimes. The only friendly face was- 
“Hey, pretty boy.” Wren grinned over at you, approaching on one of the mares he was supposed to be breaking in. 
“Hi.” You replied wearily, already having faced so much of his flirting at every turn. 
Wren was older than Remy, Niki, and you, but much younger than every other farmhand that ran around the estate. No one seemed to know why he was here, but he was useful so they assumed that was why he was kept around. 
“You looking even poutier today.” Wren tucked a cigarette between his fingers, patting his pockets for a lighter. “Which is cute, but usually means that you’re sad. Which you gotta knock off, I always get my hopes up and think it means you tryna signal me down to tease those pretty lips.” 
“I miss my friends, Wren.” You ignored his flirting and tugging out grass from where you sat. 
“They seemed like tits.” 
You blinked up at him, his lean chest leaning against the neck of his mare, his cheek squished against her head as she snorted in confusion. 
“I mean, y’know, the big boss ain’t gonna marry no one without looking into people, so, yeah, I got to play stalker with you a bit.” 
Fury mounted in you again, already sick and tired of this stupid posh family’s antics, pretending to be better than you and trying to fuck with your life like this. You scrambled to your feet and stomped off, planning on rounding around the manor to the highway and hiking your way back if needed be. 
“Hey, now, I can make it up to you! How about a drink, huh, baby boy?” 
“Fuck off!” You snapped as you rounded a corner and smacked into a solid chest. 
Remy blinked down at you, lips already curling. 
“Wren, don’t you have to be at the stables?” 
The boy in question grinned and turned his mare, clicking his tongue to speed her on. You tried to dart around Remy but he grabbed your elbow, dragging you close enough for his lips to press against your ear. 
“You aren’t special. Wren’s like that with everyone. Mind yourself.” He hissed before shoving you off, stomping off, the back of his neck flushed red. 
Sadly, you didn’t even make it off the property, your mother pulling into the driveway with her shiny new car, her and your stepfather climbing out. His eyes dragged over you, inscrutable as you awkwardly were pulled into a hug, your mother apparently overjoyed you were finally exploring your new home. 
Dinner was a frigid affair. Niki, as per, wasn’t there. Remy stabbed at his food, glaring at you across the table and your mother nattered on to the air as your stepfather sipped his drink. There was a foot pressed against your ankle and it was distracting you, slowly rubbing at the exposed skin. Worst of all, you didn’t know who it was. 
It was hard getting to sleep that night. It was hard most nights, too used to the noises of the town, cars passing by and people shouting back and forth, the hum of life. This was truly just… Where people spent a few weeks before returning to town. You can’t believe people willingly stayed out here. 
Your throat itched too. You couldn’t blame that on the countryside, but damn, you will find a way. Tossing your covers to the side, you slid out of bed. Using your phone as a light, you slowly made your way down the hall, too busy trying to not make a noise that you didn’t realise the sounds that already were drifting down the hall. 
Remy’s door was open enough for a slit of light to shine out into the hall, along with two sets of voices moaning and whispering to each other.  Stomach twisting, your feet carried you closer despite really not wishing to see what was happening at all. You glanced into his room, freezing at the sight inside. 
Rumpled covers barely hid the two bodies hungrily grinding against each other, sweating and naked. Wren above Remy, groaning into his neck as his cock rutted into him, gripping his hips so hard even you could see the bruises already forming. Remy, naked except his gloves and boots, gripped his lover’s hair tightly, panting as his own cock lay leaking on his stomach, drooling thickly. You watched for only a few seconds, stunned by what you were seeing, but Remy’s eyes opened as he lay his head back against the covers, spotting you. 
You expected to be yelled at, called a pervert, but he grinned widely, snide and smug as he urged Wren deeper inside of him. You backed up, forgetting about your thirst as you fled back to your room, ears burning. Ignoring your interested cock, you buried yourself under the covers, wanting nothing but to have the bed swallow you whole. 
Sadly, it didn’t. Ever sadder, Remy was the one to wake you up, grabbing your nose as you slept and smirking as you struggled to breath, bolting upright. 
“Hello, creeper.” He smirked. “Father needs you to stay clear of the house this morning. Can’t have his important meetings ruined with the little pervert he took in.” 
You couldn’t even respond. He smirked and got up from your bed, only looking back to shoot a nasty grin at you before shutting your door. You were so sick of this place already, from the first day hostilities, to the weird mind games, to the goddamn fact your clothes were disappearing. You had a feeling that Remy was feeding them to the cows or something, running low on everything, from underwear to jumpers. 
Spending the morning outside, you mainly sat against one of the trees on the edge of the property, watching the farmhands work, a few of them even waving at you. Even when your watch showed that it was lunch, even when it ticked into the early evening, twilight settling, you stayed outside. You just.. Didn’t want to look at anyone in that place anymore. You were sure you had grass stains on the ass of your jeans, bark clinking to your jumper, but it was so much nicer than being ignored by Niki and harassed by Remy. 
“Hey, pretty boy.” A familiar voice called out, Wren hurrying over with glee. “How long you been out here, I’d have ditched-” 
“Don’t call me that.” You said flatly. 
Wren paused and tilted his head, quizzical eyes fixed on you. He scuffed his shoe against some of the fallen leaves before stepping closer. 
“Why so bratty today, babe?” He tried to maintain his easygoing grin but it was already faltering. 
The longer you went without replying, quietly tearing up the yellowing leaves, the more Wren’s face fell before he quietly sat down next to you. 
“I, uh… Should have guessed something was up. Remy doesn’t like me coming into the house usually and last night he was really-” 
“Just shut up, Wren.” 
He did, to his merit. Though, by his own pout, you didn’t spare his feelings one bit. 
“Y’know, porn shows two cute step brothers fighting over a third in a more fun, sexy way. Last time I ever trust the hub.” 
You snorted softly and Wren took that as a positive, scooting closer to you. He watched you shred some leaves before picking up his own, twirling it between his lean fingers. 
“Look… How about a drink to make it up to you? ‘N no nicknames or flirting, I promise.” 
You glanced at the house, the rooms slowly lighting up as evening set in, dinner probably being prepared. Glancing at your room, the curtain twitched sharply and swung back into place, as if someone was holding it back to peer out. Your stomach flipped. Maybe it was okay if your plate was also left alone, just like Niki’s. 
“Okay.” You finally say and Wren grins, grabbing your forearm to haul you up. 
Wren lived just at the edge of the property, in a pretty cottage he shared with a few others. Luckily, he dodged their invites to a game, just grabbing two glasses and a bottle of questionable substance. His room wasn’t fully decorated, some cardboard boxes still holding some stuff, with one of the walls being the only one with any posters or pictures. 
“Charming.” You glanced around and Wren snickered, yanking a small round table out of the corner and pulling up to two chairs to it. 
“I always only half unpack my shit when I move.I’m more used to living out of a suitcase, y’know?” 
You could relate to a small degree and you sat down, gently knocking his knee with yours as you did. 
The mistakes started when the drinks started flowing. Wren refused to let there be a gap in conversation, making sure your glass was never empty and you didn’t stop laughing or chatting away. You two pressed closer, your head swimming slightly. Ignoring your phone buzzing in your pocket, against your thigh, you leaned against his shoulder, still unused to the alcohol making the world a bit more bearable at the moment. 
“You’re so cute.” Wren chuckled, pressing a kiss to your head. “Townies have no tolerance, I swear.” 
“Fuck off.” You hiccuped, smiling against his shirt. 
His fingers trailed over your back as he slowly breathed in the smell of your shampoo. 
“Not kidding.” His voice dropped to a murmur. “You’re so fucking cute. Make me act all stupid n’ shit.” 
“Wreeeen.” You complained, sitting up a bit. “No flirting, you promised.” 
“I ain’t flirting.” Wren pulled you closer again, nosing against your temple. “I’m stating a fact. Got me acting up over some townie. God, I’m so jealous your friends got a taste of you first.” 
“Huh?” You blinked at him turning your head so you two were practically nose to nose. 
He racked his eyes over your face greedily, his fingers finally getting to the curve of your back, slipping under to stroke the bare skin. 
“Your friends ain’t ever had you spread your legs for ‘em? Better friend than I would have been. I’d have fucked the shape of my cock into you so you wouldn’t want no one else.” 
His heated words made you dizzier, blood rushing from your already drunken brain to your cock, slowly hardening. 
“So, what have you done? Fucked? Been fucked? Sucked a few dicks?” Wren probed, leaning in so his lips barely brushed yours. 
You could only slowly shake your head, feeling flushed from the lack of blood in your brain, and all of it making your cock ache between your thighs. 
“I’m… A virgin.” You mumbled, stuttering off into a whine as Wren groaned and pushed his lips against yours, yanking you into his lap. 
“Oh, you’re a fucking gift.” 
Wren’s intent was clear, hungrily licking into your mouth as he yanked your belt off, his other hand shoving down your trousers and underwear at once. He took your cock in hand immediately, running his thumb over the head as his breathing grew heavier. He broke the kiss, swearing softly under his breath as he made a loose fist around your erection, giving it only a few, light tugs.
“Fuck. Hung as hell, aren’t you?” 
You hadn’t even fucking thought of yourself like that, quickly hiding your face behind your hands in embarrassment. Wren snickered and tucked his knees in between yours, yanking your legs apart to properly display yourself. Your cock was already leaking, bobbing against your jumper, leaving dots of glinting precum on the fabric, glistening in the intimate lighting. 
“If you’re so embarrassed about your pretty cock, I’ll just distract you, doll.” Wren whispered, leaning back in his chair to dig into a drawer before leaning back, hand pressed protectively against your stomach. 
Tugging the cap off the lube with his teeth, he greedily poured it over his fingers before wrapping his arms back around you, oiled up fingers just stroking along your rim, not even nudging against it, just trailing his fingertips over you. 
“Have you at least played with yourself, with the dildo I left for you?” Wren whispered, enjoying how you twitched in his embrace, your eyes fixed on his fingers. 
“That… That was you?” 
“Yeah, baby. Knew I wanted a piece of that ass when I first checked you out. Thought it was best you got the idea what you were gonna be doing with most of your time here right off the bat.” 
You hiccuped as he applied a bit more pressure to your poor, teased hole. 
“W-... What am I going to be doing?” 
“Getting fucked, sweetheart.” Wren nipped your ear as he sunk a single finger into you, quietly delighted by the way you shook and bucked your hips. “Relax your body, don’t be so tense. I can’t get you addicted to cumming with just your ass if the rest of your body is as tight as your hole.” 
“Wren…” You whined out as his finger reached deeper inside of you, hungrily curling as you twitched. 
“Don’t.” He warned, teasing your earlobe between his teeth. “Don’t say my name like that, or I’ll just split you open on my cock right now. I ain’t the saint you’re looking for in this place.” 
“At least,” He murmurs, in an afterthought. “I’m the only one upfront about wanting to fuck you.” 
You didn’t catch his soft whispers as he finally added another finger, making you arch your back and moan even louder, legs shaking against his. He made another sharp hiss as you tried to take ahold of your leaking cock, needing some sort of gratification as he ruined your poor ass, stretching you out. 
“You’re going to cum with your ass, or not at all.” Wren tutted, adding yet another finger and curling them cruelly, brushing your prostate and making you whimper, cock throbbing. “I want to fucking ruin you. I want to be the one who makes your fat cock useless. It’s too big for girls, ain’t it? Hurt them when you try to put it in. I don’t want you thinking with it anymore. Cum from your ass being fucked only. No need to even think about this drooling monster, eh?” 
He lifted his hand off your stomach for a moment, just to squeeze your cockhead, greedily watching as precum dribbled out. 
“Fat, useless thing.” He wiped off the liquid from his fingers onto your stomach before resuming his firm press against it, dropping a kiss to your neck. “Hurts cute pussies, you wouldn’t wanna ruin ‘em, do ya?” 
“N-No.” You gasped, Wren finally fitting in the fourth finger, trying to push them all in to the knuckle inside of you. 
“Too small for you anyway. No, you’re only going to want your ass played with from now on, yeah?” You couldn’t notice Wren’s tone getting possessive, dark. For the first time since that evening began, his thoughts strayed to his frequent bed companion, and for the first time ever, did he feel a rush of annoyance at the brunette. “Use your cock, and I’ll fucking punish you. Lock it up, ruin your ass, make you cry. I don’t wanna do that, baby boy, so you fucking listen to me, yeah?” 
“Please, please, Wren.” You whimpered, spreading your legs further apart to let him curl his fingers deeper. 
“Not until you promise.” He hissed, good humour gone as Remy’s betrayal made him angrier and angrier. Wren prides himself on being easy going, but his baby boy spurning him and looking so angry at him earlier? Fuck that. “Any cockwhores drool over you, beg for you to fuck them, you tell them no. Tell them you were trained proper, with an ass that can cum from fat cocks ruining it. Got it?” 
“Yes! Yes, please, Wren, fuck me!” You finally burst out, mindless babbling getting louder, but you didn’t care. 
He sighed happily before gripping your neck and pressing a strangely gentle kiss to your lips, tongue slowly pressing against yours with reverence. Too soon, he was pulling away, making you lift your hips a bit so he could free his own leaking cock, springing free and papping wetly against your ass. 
Grabbing for the lube, he quickly squirted some into his palm, oiling up his cock thickly before tossing it to the side, gripping your hips firmly. 
“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby, just how you need it.” He promised, turning your head once more for one final kiss before pressing his cockhead against your swollen rim, puffy from all the teasing. 
“Please.” You could only plead, breathless and lust clouding your brain. “Please, Wren.” 
That’s all he ever needed from you. Gripping your hips tighter, already etching bruises into the skin with his strength, he slowly pushed them down, his cockhead snagging on your prepared hole before slowly slipping inside. 
“Oh god… Oh… Oh fuck…” You whispered, never feeling so full in your life before. 
“No god here, baby, use my name.” Wren shakily chuckled, never ceasing to push your hips down to take more of him. 
You both groaned as he finally bottomed out, swollen balls throbbing against your skin, his cock leaking precum inside you already. He was too impatient to let you adjust, immediately beginning to bounce you on his cock. You were helpless to his ministrations, only being able to hang onto his side as he ruined you. Your voice got louder and louder, moaning breathlessly, but Wren was no better, swearing as he practically moved your body for you, bouncing your ass against his cock but also gripping your hips to move you back down as well. 
“God, fucking… Dammit. How will I ever fucking get anything done ever again? I’m going to leash you to my boots, have you ready to take my cock whenever I need it.” 
You couldn’t even form sentences, tears beading your lashes as your virgin hole was ruined, stretched out. You could only babble helplessly, cock already spurting out precum with every brush of his cockhead against your prostate. Wren gave a breathless laugh when he noticed your cries of pleasure, pressing the flat of his tongue against your cheek to catch the salty liquid. 
“Fuck me, you’re tasty in every single way. Cum from only my cock and I’ll eat the cum out of your ass later, wouldn’t you like that, baby boy?” 
“Uh huh.” You weakly agreed, gripping his fingers as he used you for his own pleasure. 
It was embarrassing, but you could feel yourself beginning to cum. Your virgin hole had never been violated this way, your cock, your fat, useless cock, already reaching its end as Wren whispered profanities into your ear, about having you in his bed every night, telling your mom he’s your little boyfriend while cum drips down your thighs. Introducing him to your stupid friends, knowing he’s stolen what they wanted all along, maybe fucking you in front of them. 
He was mesmerised as you finally came all over your exposed stomach, jumper having been pushed up to your nipples from Wren’s pawing. The thick, white liquid dripped down your sides, spattering on his floor but he didn’t care, in fact, he felt his balls tighten all too soon. Nothing like a virgin having their first orgasm that makes a seasoned whore cum too quickly themselves. 
He slammed your hips down, making sure to cum inside you as deep as possible, his own chest exhaling shakily against your back. 
“What a good boy.” Wren murmured, drunk off your body, his orgasm blinding his own thoughts momentarily. “My good boy.” 
You weakly nodded, legs giving out and leaning all of your weight on him, safe in his muscular arms. 
“We’re not done yet, I gotta warn you.” 
You just chuckled weakly, lightly smacking him with your hand and Wren just kissed your neck, pulling you closer. 
Outside, Niki was sprinting for the house. 
His camera pressed to his chest protectively, struggling to run with his throbbing hard on but still managing to remain unnoticed by the farmhands clocking out. His cheeks were blushing, to such an extent he looked feverish. As he quickly climbed the steps to the main house, excitement built in his stomach, for when he returned to his red room, to develop his treasures. 
But sadly, Niki himself rounded a corner and smacked into a solid chest. He had less balance than you did and fell on his ass, his camera clattering next to him. 
“Fucking watch where you’re going, stalker.” Remy snapped at him, sneering down at his downed brother. 
“Sorry.” Niki said carelessly, lunging for his camera only to have a boot slam down on his hand. 
“What have you been doing now?” Remy smirked, leaning down to pick up the camera and turn it on. 
“Nothing! Don’t touch my stuff, or I’ll tell dad-” 
“Father would be more interested in your sick little red room, and your weird thing for his new whore’s brat.” Remy swung his leg and kicked his stomach, letting Niki splutter and curl in on himself. 
Remy smirked at his pathetic younger brother before letting his eyes flick to the small previews on the camera screen. As per, lots of simple shots of you sitting alone, or looking gloomy. He rolled his eyes, flicking through each one before reaching the videos, pressing play as he hoped to find something embarrassing. 
“Don’t-” Niki warned but it was too late. 
Filmed from Wren’s window, the same one the farm boy would lean out of and murmur for Remy to climb in just a few nights ago, showed him playing with your ass, kissing you. His hands shook as he turned up the volume, your whines and Wren’s filthy, disgusting, perverted, loving words filled the echoing hallway. 
His eyes drifted down, fixed on the way Wren handled your cock, struggling to close his entire fist around you. The precum dribbling. The way you thrust your hips uselessly. 
Remy dropped the camera to the floor and smashed his boot down on top of it, not caring how Niki protested, kicking at him to get his foot off of his prized possession. 
No, he didn’t care. He turned on his heel and walked off, gloved fingers curling tight enough for the leather to hurt, as Niki hopelessly sorted through the ruined remains of his camera, plucking the memory card up and holding it against his chest like a lifeline. 
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Tumblr media
Holy fuck I hope this doesnt get removed<3
the quality tanked but whatever
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God I hope the future is kinder. I hope that they have it figured out better. I hope people don't have to work so much for so little. I hope there's time to explore passions and interests and skills. I hope people get the support they need. I hope the people from the future look back at our problems and are bewildered by them, like I'm confused by how they used to put poisonous lead in make-up, just... "how did they ever think that was okay? How did they live like that?" I hope the cruelties and hidden poisons of our world are one day so distant that they're used as fun facts in trivia games. Please be kinder, future
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Happy anniversary to the rumor coming out about does Bruno Mars is gay
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"Bright blue eyes with hair a darker shade, a young boy comes to you in high spirits, eager to befriend you." Meet Hyugo! Your fellow dorm mate (which is in the other building) he's smart, funny and always by your side!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hello, Darling!
Meet your new yandere boyfriend, Sunny.
Sunny is the head of a new religion! He gives lessons to thousands of people across the globe through online lectures, and is becoming more prevalent in main-stream news. He's passionate, family-oriented, and very mild-mannered!
He truly believes he's doing the world a favor, so you've found yourself a very selfless man.
With Sunny, you'll never feel left out. He values a domestic life above all else, so every fun event, every "couple milestone," every sermon, he wants you by his side.
His love language is words. He'll sit and talk with you for hours, asking you every question you'll let him and listening to your response like it was coming God's mouth itself.
He's in such awe for you that he sometimes can't keep it to himself. You should take his bouts of mania as a compliment, because you've managed to drive this well-collected man to a love-stricken hysteria!
♡ ♡ ♡
Sunny is a delusional yandere.
He has periods of lucidity, where he understands why you're not returning his love, and periods of oblivion. In both states, though, he expects you to at least greet him with a smile!
If you find yourself in trouble with him, expect to be bound and gagged, confined in small spaces, and forced to choose between impossible options. He doesn't like admitting this, but having absolute control over you and your body is the greatest feeling!
His favorite punishment of all is locking you in a coffin-sized box and shoving it under his bed each night. Falling asleep to your muffled cries and knowing you'll come crawling to him for forgiveness in the morning always makes him sleep well!
A note about him: despite being the head of a cult, he doesn't like sharing!! Until he's sure Stockholm Syndrome has fully set in, the cult members won't even know what you look like.
To get on Sunny's good side, play the part of a doting spouse! He'll shower you in gifts, praise, and attention, so do the same.
And if you really, really, want him to be at your beck and call, start a family with him! From day one, Sunny will make it known he wants to see you pregnant. You'd be smart to be skeptical of him during sex, but he won't do anything nefarious if you insist you're not ready!
(Until the years tick by and his patience runs thin... But you have a long time to prepare for that!)
♡ ♡ ♡
"Don't cry, Darling. I'll be here the whole time."
"It feels like we were made for each other. Can't you feel it, too?"
"You're stunning. You're so stunning. I wish I could keep you tied up like this forever."
"Please let me put a baby inside of you."
"Why are you by yourself? Are you sad? Come here, baby."
"Hush... I'll forgive you soon. Loosen your muscles—that's right."
♡ ♡ ♡
Sunny worships you. He might take some liberties with your punishments, but he does it because you drive him insane. He's yours, body and soul.
♡ ♡ ♡
Will you date him?
[ YES / NO ]
Visit the Other Yandere masterlist for more content!
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Tumblr media
You recently moved into town for a fresh start. You only have money to provide yourself for a week, and you need a job. As you try to find one in this half empty town, you meet four peculiar men who like to think you could be the love of their lives or a new victim...
Bloodlust Devotion is a 18+ Horror Murder Dating Sim that is currently in development.
This game has adult content and dark themes featuring the major warnings...
Yandere Tendancies
Stockholm Syndrome
My four guys will have their own warnings displayed in the future.
If you're under the age of 18 or anyone that is sensitive for those topics. Please do not interact with this project, blog, and its contents.
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