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Encuentro re lindo cuando alguien te recomienda cosas.
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Mi lugar favorito siempre fue desde hace mucho…su sonrisa.
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Voy dejándote abrazos por todos lados, esperando que alguno te sorprenda cuando más lo necesites...
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Valorar un pequeño gesto es un gran detalle.
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Tú siempre encuentras la forma de hacerme sonreír.
D o c e
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Tumblr media
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Si me dices que estás pensando en mí, esa mierda me alegraría todo el día.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
…find a loser like you 👬✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
…or Eddie Munson vs Joseph Quinn
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Plot: uh you are insecure about your spot with Joseph
Pairing: Joseph x Reader
Mentions: Soft & Caring Joe. Molly Windsor (from Makeup), Natalia Dyer, Grace Van Dien, and Maya Hawk (from Stranger Things) (Also fictional Grace x Maya relationship mentioned)
WC: 1,147
Tumblr media
Joseph watches you as you push around the food on your plate. You could feel his cocoa brown eyes burn holes into you. You get from the table.
"You're not going to eat?" He asks.
"I ate." You respond.
"Yeah, like two bites." He comments.
"I just lost my appetite." You shrug your shoulders.
You grab your plate and walk to the kitchen. You find the aluminum foil and cover your plate. You slide it into the fridge. You start to walk out of the kitchen, but Joseph is in the doorway.
"Do you feel okay?" His hand moves to feel your forehead to check your temperature like a good mother.
"Yeah, Joey, I am fine." You say, using the common nickname to help him know it is fine.
"Babe, you can talk to me. You know that." He speaks softly, trying to snake his arms around your waist, but you instantly push them off.
"I know I can talk to you. Can I please go lay down?" You ask.
"Yeah…" He moves himself from the threshold.
You walk yourself to the bedroom. You strip off your clothes from today. You put on one of his shirts for bed. His shirts were bigger on you and softer. You crawl into bed. You let out a slight huff. You grab your phone off the bedside table to play some lo-fi house music. You close your eyes, taking a small breath.
In the morning, you feel around for Joseph before your eyes shoot open. You feel your heart race slightly. Why didn't he come to bed? You hop out of bed and check the living room first. Your eyes lay on your half naked boyfriend, using one of the decorative pillows as an actual pillow and covering up with a small throw blanket. You lean down and shake him slightly.
"Joey," You say
"Mmm?" He groans out.
"Why did you sleep out here?" You ask.
"You seemed so…" His eyes open and lets out a small groan as he sits up on the couch. "We need a more comfy couch."
"I seemed what?" Your voice is a bit more agitated than you intended.
"Like you needed space. You barely ate dinner. What's going on with my love?" He pats the spot next to him.
You sit yourself down next to him, reaching for his hand and taking it like your life depended on it. "I don't know… I just felt… insecure. Like why would you pick me over like Molly or Natalia or… Grace. Ya know? Like they're much prettier than me."
"Babe… come on. Sure they're pretty but…" He starts.
"So you think they're pretty." You say.
"Please let me talk." He says and you nod. "They're not you. I have known you for half my life, y/n. I love you, a shit ton. You're my girl. You always have been. There is no way Grace or Natalia, or Molly could change my mind. I am yours, you know that. I am not one to throw away five years for a co-star."
"Co-stars you find cute." You say.
"Did you not hear anything I just said?" He asks
"I heard it." You say.
"I am not going to argue over whether or not I find co-stars cute even though there is nothing there. Natalia is just so sweet to everyone. Molly is so brilliant to work with. Grace is…" He trails off.
"What? She is what?" You ask a bit demanding.
"Dating Maya." He says. "You can't tell anyone though."
"She's dating Maya?" Your eyebrow raises.
"Yes. She has been since the season ended. They bonded. Grace was so excited to tell me." He mumbles
"But you still find her cute." You say.
"And so do you, so can we drop it?" He asks.
You stare at him for a moment before getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen. You start the espresso maker, making an espresso. You get his favorite cup, placing it on the counter. You get a scoop spoon and the ice cream from the freezer. You scoop some ice cream into the cup you then pour the espresso in. You put a spoon into the cup. You put away the supplies. You walk it to the living room. Joseph did not move from his spot. He is scrolling through his phone.
"Here." You hand him the cup. You lean down and kiss his forehead.
"Thanks…" He says, his eyes not looking up from his phone.
"You're an ass… I am going to shower." You say as you walk to the bathroom.
Joseph glances into the cup, seeing the affogato you made him. He brings it up to take a sip. Perfect as always.
You run the shower and strip off the shirt and your underwear. You pull your hair up into a bun. You step under the stream, letting out a small sigh. After a few minutes, you hear the door open. Your naked boyfriend then evades your shower.
"Thank you for the affogato. I love you." He says as he grabs your loofah. He squeezes your body wash onto it then he starts to clean your arms.
"I love you." You say. "I am sorry for being…"
"I know sweetheart. Let me get you cleaned so we can go snuggle and watch your favorite movies." He says.
"Okay, thanks honey." You whisper.
He presses a little kiss to your lips. He gets you sud up everywhere and you rinse off. He puts the loofah up and gets the face wash.
"Close your eyes." He says.
"Yes sir." You whisper.
Your eyes fall shut and he uses the face wash on your face very gently. He also helps rinse that off of you. He gets out of the shower. He grabs two towels off the rack. He dries himself and puts the towel around his waist. He then turns off the water and holds the towel open for you. You step out of the shower and into the towel. He dries you off, pat drying your face. He takes a moment to tie the towel around you. He opens your moisturizer jar and smears some on your face. He then gently rubs it into your face. It is so lovely for you. You two go to the bedroom. He grabs your underwear (most likely his favorite pair) and a t-shirt of his. He walks back to you, untying the towel, and dressing you. You could get used to this honestly. He takes off his towel and pulls on a pair of boxer briefs. He puts the towel into the hamper. He takes your hand, leading you to the living room. He takes a moment to set up your favorite movie. Once he was back on the couch, you are in his lap, where you spend the rest of the day.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Joe Keery 🤝 Joseph Quinn
being chaotic besties
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No quiero enamorarme otra vez, me rehuso a sentir deseos de verle, de querer abrazarle, de besarle, de sentir sus manos sobre las mías, no quiero.
Chica Lunar (L.C)
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Tumblr media
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Necesito ayuda,solo quiero llorar, pero no quiero molestar a nadie con mi dolor,maldita ansiedad.
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Necesito ayuda,solo quiero llorar, pero no quiero molestar a nadie con mi dolor,maldita ansiedad.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
nav | eddie munson x reader
CONTENT WARNING: food, tension, dealing, bullying, cheer things i tried my best lmfao, nsfw implies
word count: 3.8k
Tumblr media
your fingers drummed on your steering wheel, humming to the music on the radio as you waited for Chrissy to come out. you both had practice after school so you had your cheer bag in your back seat and hoped Chrissy remembered to bring hers out with her so she didn't have to go back inside and look for it.
the muffin in your bag that you were gonna save till later was calling your name as you waited, you heard Chrissy's front door open and her tell her mom bye before she closed the door and jogged to your car.
thankfully Chrissy remembered her cheer bag. she tossed it into the back where yours was then put her backpack on the floor of the car between her legs. you looked over at her, taking her features, she looked pale and tired and her nose had a slight red tint. you knew she was going through a rough time but hadn't told you much about it, just that she's been having headaches and feeling off. of course you were worried but you didn't want to pry it out of her, you'd wait till she was ready to talk about it.
you reversed out of her driveway and started going your normal route to school, "you get any sleep last night?" you asked, hearing her yawn before pulling down the sunshade and sliding open the mirror.
"barely any, but i took some vitamins that are supposed to give me energy" she answered, digging through her back and pulling out a small makeup pouch. taking a brush and her eyeshadow pallet and dipping it into the blue before putting it on her lids.
"try to get some sleep leading up to the game, it's next week and i don't want you passing out while waiting to perform," you said, taking a turn and making sure to make it smoothly so Chrissy's belongings didn't go everywhere.
Chrissy blended her eyeshadow before moving onto her lips with a tinted gloss, she put her things back before closing the mirror and flipping it up. "i promise, plus Jason has been on me about it too. do you think we will win the game?" she asked, fixing her ponytail and then her bangs.
"I'm hoping, we haven't had a good year plus with us graduating and all, i think they're at least hoping to get a win," you said, pulling into your normal parking spot. Chrissy agreed, bringing her backpack onto her lap before getting out of your car.
you kept your keys in your hand as you reached into the back to get your bag, bringing it to the front and putting it over your shoulder before you got out. Chrissy waited on you but it was soon interrupted by Jason, Andy, Patrick, and Chase coming over to your both.
Jason wrapped his arms around Chrissy and you could hear her sweet laugh, you locked up your car and dropped your keys into your tote bag. you could hear them all talking on the other side of your car, you knew they were also waiting on you.
you looked around, only for your eyes to settle on Eddie's van with him leaned against it, a cigarette in his hands as he flicked the ashes onto the concrete. Eddie stared back and brought the cigarette to his mouth, inhaling then waiting and exhaling through his nose. Eddie had a smug smirk, he looked from you to behind you then back to you and nodded his head, telling you to go on.
you jumped and turned around quickly, Andy was calling after you and you could tell Chrissy was going to call after your first but he beat her to it. you looked back and saw Eddie stomping on his cigarette and snickering.
you walked over to the group apologizing as you all started walking.
"there was a stray cat over there, went under some people's cars, i just wanted to see if it would be safe" you lied on the spot, hearing Chrissy whine about a stray cat and Jason comforting her.
Andy tossed an arm over you, "during lunch we can come out and give it some milk" he suggests and Chrissy nods, telling Jason how excited she is for lunch now and how cute the cat must have been to catch your attention so quickly. you knew Andy only did that to get brownie points from you but he earned it from Chrissy instead.
you looked back and noticed Patrick following behind, you called his name and reached for his hand, and brought him up to where you and Andy were. you smiled at him and asked how his weekend was while Andy just scoffed, clearly annoyed that you weren't feeding into the kind of energy he wanted to have with you but he still kept his arm around you.
lucas was nowhere to be seen until you saw him from the corner of your eye, he ducked and hid behind a corner the person he was talking to, you were pretty sure it was mike wheeler, rolled his eyes and moved to get closer to Lucas.
you listened to Patrick talk about the fishing trip he and his grandpa were going on this weekend to celebrate the big game coming up, you smiled and told him you hoped he has a great time. you knew was seeing Mrs.Kelley too, Chrissy had told you when she was going to her second or third session with her and she had seen him and Mrs.Kelley talking then her telling him his next session date.
walking to your normal spot in the lunch room, luckily people could sit in the cafeteria, gym, or library until the bell rang. they used to make everyone sit in the gym but it was always so crowded and walking up the bleachers to just find a seat was obnoxious.
sitting your bag on the table in front of you with a sigh as andy sat beside you, basically pushing Patrick out of the way.
"what color was it?"
you jumped and whipped your head around, Chrissy looked startled by the reaction. you furrowed your brows "huh?" you said and leaned closer to her.
"the cat, what color was it?" she asked again, blinking in confusion.
fuck. the lie you made on the spot now needed to be added onto.
"uh orange with like a -uh- cream-whiteish color on its chest and belly" you lied, a smile coming onto your face and you nodded to sell the lie.
Chrissy smiled big and you knew she believed it. thank god. Chrissy turned to Jason and told him what you said, you could hear her giggling and telling him that it should be easy to find.
you rolled your eyes as andy tapped your shoulder, you turned towards him and he started talking, you weren't listening and just slightly nodded every time he would look at you to see if you were answering.
"you have practice today?" he asked, pulling you out of your zoned-out state, you raised your brows and then nodded. andy's smile turned into a smug smirk.
"how about after practice I pick you up and we go to that diner by Jasons-"
your breath caught, the diner you were going to ask Eddie if he wanted to go to if he didn't rush you out of there. is this what Jason feels like? eddie's name seemed to never leave his mouth, to be honest, it felt like he was obsessed with him most of the time. "the freaks coming over here" "there goes the freak" "freaks probably about to do a ritual in the woods" was just some of the things that you could remember him saying.
andy continued to talk and talk and you weren't listening, you jumped at the sound of the bell then quickly grabbed your things and Chrissy's arm.
"y/n? you didn't answer-" you heard andy call out but before he knew it you were dragging Chrissy to your lockers. no matter how hard you tried he never got the hint even if you said it right to his face.
you leaned against your locker as Chrissy unlocked hers, you never really used yours, only when you needed to put something super heavy but Chrissy uses hers all the time, she was excited and decorated it and everything.
"andy is so annoying" you groaned, closing your eyes and crossing your arms with a pout.
"he likes you, give him a chance," Chrissy said, she smiled at you. you rolled your eyes and she laughed. Chrissy grabbed the things she needed and then closed her locker.
opening your eyes and getting closer to Chrissy while you both looked for an opening to join the groups of students in the middle of the hall.
the red hair caught you instantly, max, she was trying to find a spot to pass through without bumping into people. you smiled at her and waved, she gave a small wave back before finding a little pocket of no people to slip through.
you heard Chrissy talking but your mind was consumed with the cologne that was the only thing you could smell right now. it gave you a sense of deja vu and you could tell just from the first few seconds it was Eddie Munson's cologne. you swallowed thickly, he was behind you.
the feeling of eyes burning in the back of your head made you nervous. would it be dumb just to turn around and see?? perhaps but what if it's just someone that uses the same cologne that he does, it's probably not even him because half the time he's always late to first period. a quick peek wouldn't hurt.
turning your head and being met with a waft of said cologne and a Megadeth T-shirt almost touching your nose. you looked up a bit and Eddie was looking down, his head tilted in a teasing manner. the way he looked at you, the same way he looked at you during the party.
you felt yourself being tugged, whipping your head towards who was pulling you, it was Chrissy of course, tugging you through an empty pocket of people and into the classroom.
Chrissy let you go and then took her seat. you took yours behind her and you tried not to watch the door but every time you heard the door squeak open you couldn't stop your eyes from wandering.
Eddie sat a few seats away, where he could see you but you would need to turn your head to see him.
the class was easy, just getting handed a worksheet and then listening to instructions for 10 minutes. the rest of the period was supposed to be a silent work time but that never happened, groups of people talked to each other as they tried to work on the assignment. Chrissy would turn around in her seat to talk to you while Patrick tried to talk to you from across the room. you snuck a few glances at Eddie when you would talk back to Patrick, he was talking to someone, a guy that was in a few of your classes. you watched him dig into his pocket to grab his wallet, taking it out and grabbing some cash out of it, counting then handing it to Eddie. Eddie recounted it before stuffing it into his pocket, then saying something to him, the guy nodded before turning around in his seat.
before Eddie could catch you looking, you turned your attention to Chrissy. the weird thing was, was that Chrissy was watching them too. you leaned forward on your desk, your finger going up and playing with her hair.
Chrissy looked anxious watching them, clearly deep in thought. her mind couldn't wrap around the thought she was going to be doing the same thing soon when she gathered the money and worked up the courage to even go up to Eddie Munson and try to buy off him.
"you okay?" you asked, taking her out of her thoughts.
"yeah, m'fine" Chrissy said, nodding her head softly.
"i have a session with ms. Kelley after practice and Jason is gonna pick me up after" Chrissy added, moving her mouth to the side and then into a frown since you wouldn't be driving her home.
you nodded sadly, at least now you could shower in the locker room instead of Chrissy hurrying you to your car as soon as practice ends, which she had a bad habit of doing but you loved her and could survive an hour of being sweaty to take her places.
the bell rang, and the room emptied pretty quickly. second period, one you didn't have with Chrissy but you did have it Patrick and you two sat close enough to talk.
you heard chase's voice calling for Patrick when walked out of the room, maybe he was skipping but that didn't seem like a Patrick thing to do.
you stopped in your tracks, a few students bumping into you then apologizing from theirs and your end followed. you looked around for who said your name. it took you a few seconds to find Dustin, he pushed passed a few students and came up to you.
"hi Dustin" you greeted, only two minutes till the bell.
"Have you seen Eddie? been trying to find him everywhere" he asked, gripping his backpack straps as he talked.
you looked around to try and spot him but you were out of luck.
"he was in first period but i don't know where he went after, sorry" you sighed, Dustin groaned and looked around.
"alright thanks, see you later" Dustin huffed, he gave you a quick smile and then took off down the hall before you could say bye.
you couldn't help but smile, he was the same kid you had babysat just taller personality never changed one bit. turning on your heels and speed walking to your class.
finally, lunch came, the first four periods of the day always felt long and only got longer the more you think about it. you stuffed your things into your locker and waited for Chrissy, hoping she didn't run into Alex or Lynn on her way here or you two would never make it to lunch. 
you picked at your nails before looking up just at the right time to catch Chrissy jogging down the hall, her ponytail swaying back and forth as she did so. you undid her lock for her so she just had to throw her things inside and lock it. 
Chrissy smiled, "Jason's waiting for us by the doors in the lunch room, he has a little bowl and some milk" she breathed out while tossing her things into her locker. 
you nodded with a smile but in your head, you were cursing this made-up cat. "let's go" you said, holding your arm out for her. Chrissy locked her locker and took your arm with hers. 
the loud conversations from the lunch room echo into the hallway, the loudest being the laughter from the hellfire club, they looked happy as their smiles grew larger with every joke that was said. you two walked past them, getting closer and closer to Jason, Patrick, and sadly andy. 
Chrissy let go of your arm when Jason put his arm out for her to curl into his side. "hey chris, you two ready?" Jason asks, Chrissy's cheeks tinted pink at the nickname and she said yes almost immediately. you nodded and followed them out the doors. 
walking closer to your car and Eddie's van, Chrissy started making clicking noises and calling out for the cat. you pretended to look for it too, looking at the beginning of the little wooded area then coming back and telling them you had no luck finding the cat. chrissy continued looking under cars but she found nothing. 
"must have run off," you said, crossing your arms, Patrick agreed. Chrissy whined and Jason comforted her with a hug then let her go and got closer to Eddie's van. 
 "what if we dump this milk into the freaks van," Jason said, he pointed at the crack in the window that Eddie must have done on purpose since it was a pretty hot day. the evil smirk on Jason's face made you sick. 
"probably will mold if he doesn't find it right away" andy snickered, high-fiving Jason. 
you scoffed and snatched the paper bowl from Jason and dumped it into a bush, making the attention turn onto you. "grow up, seriously." was all you said before walking back to the lunch room. 
lunch was boring, Chrissy talked to you while you could tell Jason was side-eyeing you and purposely ignoring you which you didn't care about because you weren't planning on talking to him anyways. you were relieved when the bell rang, being the first to shoot up and make your way to your locker. you and Chrissy didn't have any other classes together so you wouldn't have to wait for her until practice. 
you spent the rest of the day looking out the windows or your different classes, doing the work the teachers assigned, god you were so ready to graduate. your last class of the day was ms. Odonnell was tragically boring and you couldn't wait to get out of there. your grade in her class had gone up and down, up and down all damn year from how she couldn't keep your attention for more than three minutes, which caused a few counselor visits if you wanted to stay on the cheer team. 
you blinked a few times, turning your head to the person in front of you. Fred Benson. 
"yeah, what's up?" you asked, leaning forward on your desk. 
"tomorrow nancy would like to talk to you about pictures for the yearbook and the upcoming game," he said, scrunching his face to fix his glasses. you nodded and mumbled an 'okay' and Fred turned around.
the bell rang and you sprung up, speeding your way out of the room and to your locker. 
changing into your practice clothes you had in your bag then warming up. the coach watched you all run through the routine multiple times then stopping for water breaks then back to the routine. the coach corrected posture and wobbly knees and flips. you were so ready to take a shower and change into the shorts and muscle shirt you put in there so you didn't have to wear the clothes you wore all day at school. 
after an hour and a half, it was over, your legs and chest burned while you chugged down water like it was the first time you've ever drunk anything. the muffin in your bag was still there, and was calling your name again. you grabbed your bag and headed to the locker room, you always kept flip-flops and a mini thing of your body wash and deodorant, and perfume in your bag then changed out the clothes when needed. 
the cold water hit you, cooling you off which made you sigh in relief of your aching muscles and warm skin. washing all the sweat from your skin and breathing in the sweet smell of your body wash. 
turning off the water and shaking the small loofa, you reached out from the curtain and grabbed the small towel you had, and dried off your body. once dry you grabbed your bra and a new set of panties, not your favorite ones but they'll do, then grabbed your shorts and shirt. 
keeping the towel in your hands and the loofa and body wash as you moved the curtain and grabbed your bag, bringing it to the sink and sitting it down. you stood on one foot, taking off your flip-flop and drying it with the towel then switching to the other and drying it off. your old clothes and shoes were stuffed into your bag, you dried off the loofa with the towel then put it into your bag. you dug through your bag to find you perfume you had put into there. 
you found it and sprayed yourself then tossed it back and zipped up your bag. other clubs were either done or there were a few people left that were getting things ready for the next meeting or gathering their things. you walked to your locker and grabbed your bag then locked it again. 
you listened to the sound of your flip-flops as you walked to your car. you could hear mumbling as you turned the corner. 
Eddie was leaning against his van, the same guy that gave him the money earlier stood in front of him. Eddie dug in his pocket, pulling out a baggie of weed, he must have been waiting for him since he had it in his pocket and in the toolbox you heard he kept it in, but you could've been wrong. you heard the guy thank Eddie and you watched him smile and wave off the guy as smoke came out of his mouth. he flicked his cigarette and took his final puff before tossing it to the ground and stubbing it out with his boots. 
you tossed your bags in your car, being careful since you didn't want to squash your muffin. 
"hey there sweetheart" 
the nerves in your stomach picked up, you closed your backseat door and turned to him.
"you know there are cameras right?" you said, pointing up the white camera on the side of the building. 
Eddie laughed and looked up at it, "yeah but they don't work, jeff and I threw rocks at it months ago and they never fixed it. guess it's not in their school budget" he said with a shrug. you laughed. 
"ain't it risky to deal right here though, even with broken cameras?" you asked, tilting your head. 
"yeah but not like anyone would say anything, you know since he's on student council people will just say it's a rumor and when he denies it'll be old news" Eddie answered, you nodded and noticed you heard about one of them buying off Eddie before and it was soon forgotten because people trusted their word. 
"saw you practicing," eddie said, his tone changing. 
"you stalking me now?" you teased and watched eddie get a little bashful. 
"no, no, just happened to see you doing all that hard work, and you know since we're here I thought I'd offer to help you relax," Eddie said, he just slightly took in his bottom lip as waited for you to say something. 
you looked around, "right now?" you asked. 
"right now, right here baby" he quipped, a smirk forming on his face.
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