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Recommendation: The Lost Tomb Show Franchise
** Listed in chronological story order, not by release date!
** No movies were included.
The Mystic Nine (Series Prequel)
** No prior series knowledge needed
Tumblr media
In the 1930s, Changsha was under the protection of nine upstanding families known as “The Mystic Nine” or “The Old Nine Gates”. Pillars of society, these nine families followed strict codes to help one another and protect the people of the city.
Who would have guessed that those nine families were also the most prolific tomb robbing families in China? 
When a ghost train filled with corpses pulls into the station at Changsha, the head of the Mystic Nine, Zhang Qishan, is sent to investigate. The tracks lead in a distinct path to another well-known city, but Zhang Qishan finds an area where the tracks have been altered for another, secret route.
The train came from a mine in the mountains- a mine atop a mysterious tomb of unknown origins.
To solve the mystery of the Ghost Train, the Mystic Nine will have to first come together to find a way to save one of their own from a terminal illness, survive the tomb within the mine, and race to stop a dangerous plot that could destroy Changsha and its people forever.
The Lost Tomb (10 eps)
** No prior series knowledge needed
Tumblr media
Wu Xie is fresh out of college and already causing trouble.
Young and idealistic, Wu Xie steals back a stolen artefact and flees back towards China, intending to turn it over to the proper authorities and ensure it is not in a private collector’s hands, but those of a museum.
When he finds half of a map hidden in the artefact, things start to get weird fast. Wu Xie’s home is ransacked, assassins are after him, and he has no choice but to join up with his Third Uncle (the one he’s closest to) and follow the map to a long lost tomb.
Joining them on their journey is a man with questionable morals known as “Pangzi” (Fatty), and the mysterious Xiao Ge- Zhang Qiling. An elite warrior who carries a sword around with him, Wu Xie runs into him twice- once when he first found the map, and again when assassin’s attacked him. Xiao Ge rarely speaks, his hand has been mutilated in a way common of ancient tomb robbing families, and no matter what horrors the tomb throws at them, it’s as if Xiao Ge already knows every trick and trap.
Who is Xiao Ge? Which side is he on? 
And what is hidden inside the tomb that so many people are willing to kill for?
The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note
** Should first see: The Lost Tomb
Tumblr media
Wu Xie has found a photograph among his missing uncle’s belongings that raises more questions than answers. 
The photo depicts those who departed long ago to explore a rumored deep-sea tomb off the coast. Of those in the picture, only a very small number were ever seen again.
Including Xiao Ge- Zhang Qiling. Except if that was him in the photo, he would be middle-aged now, not in his early 20s.
The Tomb of the Sea was a disaster for the Mystic Nine families that participated in the exploration. Many were lost forever, and those who came back came back… haunted. To find his Third Uncle, Wu Xie will step into the tomb that should never have been disturbed.
 When Xiao Ge suddenly appears on the way to the tomb, Wu Xie is apprehensive. Zhang Qiling appears to have no memory of being in that tomb before, but he is in the photograph of the expedition, knows all the tricks to survive inside, and as they make their way through the tomb he remembers one single thing: Wu Xie’s uncle becoming strange, vanishing, and then attacking them all.
Whatever happened all those years ago cannot stay buried for long, and inside the Tomb of the Sea they find clues that points to another long lost tomb. Wu Xie, Xiao Ge, and Pangzi once again band together to survive the tombs and solve the mystery- but with Xiao Ge’s penchant for vanishing they can’t even be sure if they’ll survive the journey.
The Lost Tomb 2.5: Heavenly Palace on the Clouds
** Should first see: “The Lost Tomb”; “The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note”. 
While previously 2.0 was referred to as “Explore With the Note”, that title has been applied to each of the Lost Tomb 2 shows. I chose to differentiate them thus.
Tumblr media
The iron triangle: Wu Xie, Zhang Qi Ling and Wang Pang Zi find themselves on a train headed for the mountainous Korean border in search of a mysterious, mythical palace in a world of glaciers, avalanches, and blizzards. 
They have no idea why Wu San Sheng has sent the message that brought them all together again, but they soon discover that they are not alone in their search for the peak that holds the palace, A-Ning is on the same trail with a team of foreigners. Not only that, Chen Pi A Si has his own interests to look out for and so brings along Monk Hua, Lang Feng and Ye Cheng.
 They are joined by a guide as well, Shun Zi. As they move deeper within the maze of mountain tunnels, all of them begin to wonder if this adventure will be their final quest.
** While this does begin a bit before the end of “The Lost Tomb 2″ (leading up to Wu Xie waking up in the mountain village), the main focus is on events after the end of “The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note”.
The Lost Tomb 3: The Ultimate Note 
** No prior series knowledge needed. It begins with something resembling a “Previously On”, but does not tie in to the previous shows so just ignore.
Tumblr media
Wu Xie, Pangzi, and Xiao Ge/Zhang Qiling are now well schooled in dangerous tombs (well, as the 70+ year old scion of the semi-immortal Zhang family, Xiao Ge was already pretty well schooled), and Third Uncle is… still a mystery.
Curious about his uncle’s past, Wu Xie watched a strange videotape, only to find himself accidentally mixed up in an elaborate conspiracy.
In his adventures he is joined by a new group of allies, including Xie family scion Yu Chen and Hei Yan Jing- a smart-ass elite mercenary well over 100 years old (thus one of the few Zhang Qiling responds to).
It’s time to solve the mystery of Zhang Qiling’s chronically lapsing memory. Originally the team thought the old Zhang family manor might hold some clues as to why Xiao Ge suddenly re-sets, but they are stopped in their tracks by enemy forces.
What secrets do the Zhang Family Crypt hold? And to what extent will a semi-immortal dynasty of tomb raiders go in order to protect their secrets? 
Even Zhang Qiling may not be safe from the dangerous road ahead.
Tomb of the Sea // Sand Sea
** While it does tie in to Ultimate Note, no prior series knowledge is needed as this came out nearly 3 years BEFORE Ultimate Note.
Tumblr media
Li Cu was nowhere near special. A below-average student forced to repeat high school (along with his best friend), trapped with an abusive father after his mother fled home, and had little to no ambition in life.
Then his friend returned from a trip to the desert and gave him a metal box. When he opened it something black pooled in the center and then struck him in the head.
That was annoying enough, but soon after a man attacks Li Cu in the street, chokes him to unconsciousness, and then takes a jagged shard of glass and fillets his back before taking his own life.
Li Cu wakes up in the hospital in agony, and is promptly kidnapped by a dark and dangerous man named… Wu Xie.
Wu Xie is the renegade of the Jiumen alliance families, he goes where he wants and does what he wants- this time that means entering the desert and seeking out Gutongjing. A place so evil that the Mystic Nine themselves forbade anyone from ever traveling there after hundreds perished in one fell swoop.
The desert holds a secret many would kill to claim as their own, but the real fight might be back home, where Zhang Rishan himself seeks to take advantage of Wu Xie’s latest scheme and use it to flush out the mysterious tenth family, banished from the Mystic Nine long ago.
Li Cu is only 18, but he’s trapped in the desert, held hostage by Wu Xie, and that filleted back of his? Well it turns out Wu Xie’s friend was the one who did that to him- and in the skin of a young man he left a map that will lead them to the black heart of Gutongjing itself.
**Story follows Li Cu, with Wu Xie and the Iron Triangle playing supporting roles.
Reunion: The Sound of the Providence
** No prior series knowledge needed, but it helps to watch “The Lost Tomb” just to be familiar with who is who.
Tumblr media
Wu Xie, “Fatty” Wang Pangzi, and the quasi-immortal tomb raider Xiao Ge (AKA Zhang Qiling) have faced many dangerous tombs together over the past twelve years. Now it is time for them to go on their last grand adventure as the so-called “Iron Triangle” before Wu Xie sets off on the one journey all must eventually make: death.
He always thought his end would come in a dark tomb, but instead it will be lung cancer that claims his life. With only 3-4 months left to live, Wu Xie hides the truth of his illness from most of his friends and family- with only Xiao Ge knowing the truth.
Once upon a time, Wu Xie was told that when a man meets his death he should do so with a clear conscience. But something has been weighing on Wu Xie- the disappearance of his Third Uncle long ago. Right on cue, a message from Third Uncle appears, sending Wu Xie on a desperate mission to find him before the cancer eating away at his body takes his life.
This will most likely be Wu Xie’s final journey, but he will do anything to make sure his family and friends will be safe long after his time is up. In the final months of his life Wu Xie will seek to unravel the mystery of “Thunder City”- starting with the most dangerous tomb he’s ever explored, the South Sea King’s Tomb.
Some believe the sound of thunder carries in it the voice of Gods. It is a belief men have killed for for millennia, but is there really a way to hear the words of god? Could Thunder City be a real place? Someone clearly thought so, but who? Is Third Uncle still alive, or is someone in the shadows manipulating Wu Xie to solve the mystery for them?
Wu Xie’s enemies thought he was dangerous before, but now he is a dying man with a mission. There is no telling what lengths he will go to in order to achieve his goals and bring his uncle home.
Wu Xie might just manage to die in a tomb after all…
Moonfall Echo
** No prior series knowledge needed, but this show features exclusively characters from “Reunion: The Sound of the Providence”.
Tumblr media
Liu Sang and Li Jia Le have been assisting Wu Xie’s team in his Wu Shan Ju antiques shop since surviving the terrors of Thunder City. Dispatched to an archaeological project far away, the two will return to their roots working in their capacity as archaeologists.
Within the site Liu Sang and Li Jia Le come across a mural recording the story of the Moonbend Princess Qi Xia and a young person named Jiang Wu. Within the story on the mural appears to be two figures that seem… familiar.
Near the archaeological site Liu Sang and Li Jia Le come across a peculiar meteorite. While investigating this special jade meteorite, they are sucked into the world and times recorded in the mural and forced to live the parts assigned to them.
Can they make it back to their world, or will they find a new life in the story?
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The Lost Tomb Franchise: Show Character Guide
** Only includes characters who appear in 3+ franchise shows no matter how many actors portray them in said shows.
Franchise shows in order: The Mystic Nine, The Lost Tomb, The Lost Tomb 2, Heavenly Palace in the Clouds, Ultimate Note, Tomb of the Sea // Sand Sea, Reunion: The Sound of the Providence, Moonfall Echo (No characters from this qualify for the guide).
Wu Xie (Main Character; Iron Triangle Member)
Appears in all franchise shows save “The Mystic Nine” and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
Only heir of the Wu family, near the middle of the Mystic Nine Families.
Son of the eldest of the three Wu brothers, often referred to as “Young Master Wu”.
Goes on adventures guided by his grandfather’s notebook- a guide to tomb robbing.
“Robs” tombs in order to learn the history, trip any traps, and then hand the site over to government archaeologists for preservation.
Strict “No Looting” rule.
Constantly cleaning up after // hunting down his Third Uncle.
One of only 4 people to ever see Hei Yanjing // Black Blindman’s eyes and survive.
If a snake bites him, he can see its memories. I… I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a thing in one show and that’s it.
Brings in an unwilling student named Li Cu in on one of his adventures despite having no apparent connection to the boy. Li Cu and Wu Xie both deny any relation, but even the Wu family suspects Li Cu may be Wu Xie’s illegitimate child due to an uncanny resemblance Li Cu bears to young Wu Xie.
Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling (Main Character; Iron Triangle Member)
Appears in all franchise shows save “The Mystic Nine” and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
70+ years old
Has a Qiling (Divine beast) tattoo across most of his left breast/arm/back that only appears when his skin is hot.
From the Northern branch of the Zhang family.
Some form of cousin to Zhang Rishan (of the Southern Zhang)
BARELY speaks.
Has two extremely long and strong fingers *hold for giggles* that can be used to trip any traps in a tomb.
Carries around a black-gold sword.
Tends to get amnesia, barely remembers anything ever other than how to be a bad ass tomb raider.
Tends to just wander off on his own for long periods of time.
One of only 4 people to ever see Hei Yanjing // Black Blindman’s eyes and survive.
Wang Pangzi (Main Character; Iron Triangle Member)
Appears in all franchise shows save “The Mystic Nine” and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
An actual tomb robber who Wu Xie keeps in line.
Though Wu Xie and Xiao Ge are extremely close, Wu Xie spends the most time with Pangzi.
Nothing he does ever goes right XD
Constantly trying to steal from tombs. CONSTANTLY tripping traps. CONSTANTLY being caught by Wu Xie.
Extremely loyal to Wu Xie and Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling.
Is often partnered with Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling if the Iron Triangle separates on a mission (mainly because he got himself into something and Xiao Ge had to rescue him).
Wu San Xing // Third Uncle  // Uncle Three
Appears in all franchise shows save “The Mystic Nine” and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
The third son of the Wu Family (in his name “San” = Three; Wu Xie only has 2 uncles)
Though he’s Wu Xie’s Uncle, he basically raised the boy since his eldest brother didn’t seem to care.
Wild and crazy, gave Wu Xie a taste for adventure.
The first Wu to work with Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling.
A tomb robber Wu Xie guilted into going straight.
Friends in low places, lots of mercenaries and ex-military.
Most of Wu Xie’s adventures start off with Wu San Xing going missing.
Xie Yu Chen // Xiao Hua
Appears in all franchise shows except “The Mystic Nine” and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
Head of the Xie family- one of the strongest and most wealthy in the Mystic Nine Families.
Became head of the family at a very young age.
Likes to perform traditional Chinese opera (including full costume/makeup).
Friends with Hei Yanjing // Black Blindman. One of only 4 people to ever see his eyes and survive.
Due to his delicate looks as a child, many assumed he was female.
Appears to be solemn and overly-serious, but does in fact have a sense of humor.
A complete master of disguise, can even pose as his female companion Huo Xiu Xiu convincingly.
Extremely close with Huo Xiu Xiu.
Huo Xiu Xiu
Appears in all franchise shows except “The Mystic Nine”, “Reunion: The Sound of the Providence”, and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
Heir to the Huo family- another exceptionally strong branch of the Mystic Nine Families.
Her grandmother’s right hand since her mother died and her aunt disappeared on an expedition.
A trained acrobat who often sleeps in a nest of ropes suspended above the ground.
Regal and dignified, but willing to get her hands dirty if need be.
Often the go-between for Xie Yu Chen // Xiao Hua and Wu Xie.
Extremely close with Xie Yu Chen.
Appears in all franchise shows save “Tomb of the Sea”, “The Mystic Nine”, and “Moonfall Echo”
Tumblr media
Tomb robber under the employ of Hendry Cox ( AKA Qiu De Kao).
Hired to work against Wu San Xing and Wu Xie, typically working with ulterior motives.
Deeply respects and admires Wu Xie for his integrity and loyalty towards his friends and family; also admires Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling’s fighting abilities.
If Hendry Cox wants to invite Wu Xie on a mission, he sends A-Ning to ask.
Can be considered a romantic interest of Wu Xie’s.
Pan Zi
Appears in “The Lost Tomb”, “The Lost Tomb 2″, “Heavenly Palace in the Clouds”, and “Ultimate Note”.
Tumblr media
Wu San Xing’s right hand man and best friend.
Formerly a soldier.
Takes the big hits- being shot, stabbed, etc.
While Wu San Xing is flighty and mysterious, Pan Zi remains by Wu Xie’s side on his behalf. Is often left behind by Wu San Xing to keep an eye on Wu Xie and protect him.
As unquestionably loyal as Pan Zi is to Wu San Xing, he’s just as loyal to Wu Xie. Though if Wu Xie asks him to go against an order from Wu San Xing, he will resist.
Has a deal with Wu San Xing to live together with him in a nursing home when they are old.
Wu Er Bai
Appears in “Ultimate Note”, “Tomb of the Sea”, and “Reunion: The Sound of the Providence”
Tumblr media
The second son of the Wu Family, Wu Sanxing’s older brother.
Younger brother to Wu Xie’s absent father.
The brother who represents the Wu Family when his elderly mother is unavailable.
Sort of the enforcer of the family, which often puts him at odds with Wu Xie who seeks to misbehave. 
Tries to maintain the Wu family’s place within the Mystic Nine and not allow the more powerful families to push the Wu out.
Despite his stern and sometimes combative nature, cares deeply for Wu Xie and treats him as a son.
Wang Meng
Appears in “Ultimate Note”, “Tomb of the Sea”, and “Reunion: The Sound of the Providence”.
Tumblr media
Wu Xie’s right hand, who manages Wu Xie’s store for him while he goes on adventures (and arranges said adventures).
Wu Xie never remembers to pay him, so he’s constantly trying to get money out of his boss.
FIERCELY loyal, it is impossible to drive a wedge between Wang Meng and Wu Xie.
Loves Minesweeper.
Not that great at telling real antiques from fakes.
Easy to trick.
Zhang Rishan
Appears in “The Mystic Nine”, “Ultimate Note”, and “Tomb of the Sea”
Tumblr media
At least 120
Despite appearing in 3 separate “Lost Tomb” franchise shows, exclusively portrayed by actor Zhang Ming En.
Has a Qiongqi (Demon) tattoo across most of his right breast/arm/back that only appears when his skin is hot. 
Some form of cousin to Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling.
Head of the Mystic Nine Families, he keeps them all in line.
Though Zhang Rishan is the head of the Southern branch of the Zhang family, he does not interact with Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling, leaving him to do as he wishes without interference. Works closely with Wu Xie when necessary.
Lieutenant to Zhang Qi Shan in the 1930s. Even in modern times is fiercely loyal to the memory of Zhang Qi Shan.
Does not have the elongated fingers of the Northern-Zhang, but seems to possess a form of super-strength.
A superior strategist and tactician. 
Hei Yanjing // Black Blindman
Appears in “The Lost Tomb 2″, “Ultimate Note”, “Tomb of the Sea”, and “Reunion: The Sound of the Providence”.
Tumblr media
100+ year old mercenary.
Has some unspecified history with Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling.
Not a member of the Mystic Nine Families, but is affiliated with the Xie and Wu branches mainly.
Hints that he became immortal after consuming a pill found in a tomb.
Hyper-sensitive to light. Blind in the day without his sunglasses, but sees perfectly in the dark.
Only 4 living people have ever seen him without sunglasses: Xie Yu Chen, Wu Xie, Ya Nv, and Xiao Ge // Zhang Qiling.
Superior at all forms of combat.
Took on Wu Xie and later the teen Su Wan as his students.
A broke-ass bitch, he carries around his own credit card reader and tries to nickel and dime everyone for anything.
Addicted to fried rice with pork and green pepper. When Xie Yu Chen lost a bet to him, the Xie family erected a food stall that serves only that- and he gets to eat for free.
Chen Pi A Si
Appears in “The Mystic Nine”, “The Lost Tomb 2″, “Heavenly Palace in the Clouds”, and “Ultimate Note”
Tumblr media
(Eventual) Leader of the Chen family, one of the Middle Clans of the Mystic Nine (along with the Wu and Hei families)
One of the original Mystic Nine heads, though often at odds with the rest.
Originally a disciple of Mystic Nine member Er Yue Hong, though he resented that the Er family went legit rather than robbing tombs.
Was deeply in love with Er Yue’s wife Ya Tou, though it was entirely one-sided.
Hendry Cox // Qiu De Kao
Appears in “The Mystic Nine”, “The Lost Tomb 2″, “Heavenly Palace on the Clouds” (actor not pictured), and “Ultimate Note”
Tumblr media
The main antagonist of the DMBJ show franchise.
An American businessman (originally scholar) who became obsessed with chasing immortality.
Uses A-Ning and an army of mercenaries to raid tombs for relics.
A-Ning considers him as a father-figure to her, and he refers to her as his most precious asset.
An enemy of the Mystic Nine families.
Willing to compromise only if he sees a benefit to himself in it. 
A collector of Chinese antiquities, he is a natural opponent to Wu Xie, who believes cultural historical relics should belong to their country of origin rather than foreign collectors.
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TV Recommendation: Guardian
(The show forgets it’s humans/aliens like halfway through and refers to them as humans/demons, so I’m just going with humans/demons in the description bc it’s easier to understand their abilities and such, don’t @ me)
Tumblr media
Once upon a time, a breach was opened between humanity and the realm of demons. Humans walk the earth above, while demons and spirits wander the land below.
But the lines do not always hold, and the path between realms is guarded on both sides.
Within the realm of demons is the Black Mask Envoy. A figure of unimaginable power, he is as mysterious as he is deadly. 
In the land of humans is Zhao Yunlan, Chief of a special police force made up of both humans and demons alike. Yunlan’s job is to investigate strange occurrences and, if a demon is responsible, capture or destroy it.
A mission breaking in a new team member brings Zhao Yunlan face to face with a humble college professor named Shen Wei, who immediately recognizes Zhao Yunlan as a figure from his past…
A past that occurred eons ago.
Shen Wei is the Black Mask Envoy, and he has been walking the earth for thousands of years, waiting for Zhao Yunlan to return to him.
Together they must work to unmask and defeat a cabal of demons hell-bent on upending the natural order, wiping out the human realm, and unleashing a terrifying evil that has been locked away for thousands of years.
For one, a past he can never forget.
For the other, a future he couldn’t hope to guess at.
Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan’s souls are bound together in ways no one can understand, and only if that bond remains strong can there be any hope of surviving the horrors to come… or of saving both of their realms from annihilation. 
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Tumblr media
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Anxious as fuck about these interviews tomorrow (me interview them). In a way it is my first time producing because it is my first time being a producer around non-station people… I’m so stressed out over this and have been for weeks…
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
are you telling me americans have stores that open up SPECIFICALLY for halloween and just. dont exist any other time of the year. you people are insane
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‘Secrets in the Hot Spring’ (Netflix) is the *Best* Halloween movie and nothing will change my mind.
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Just roof garden and shading left
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sifeng & xuanji + scenery 🌄🌿
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It's coming along
Tumblr media
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The Difference in the Zhang Qilings::
Yang Yang:: Xiao Ge but make him emo.
Cheng Yi:: Xiao Ge but make him pouty.
Xiao Yu Liang:: Xiao Ge but make him slutty.
Huang JunJie:: Xiao Ge but make him warmer :)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
© 狐狸大王a
※re-posted with permission ※please don’t remove the source
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
not afraid of the dark
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Apple Dumplings
Tumblr media
Sauce Mix:
1 ½ cups sugar
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
½ tsp salt
2 cups water
¼ cup butter or margarine, unsoftened
Dough Mix
2¼ cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
⅔ cup shortening
½ cup milk
⅓ cup sugar (keep separate)
¼ tsp ground cinnamon (keep separate)
¼ tsp ground nutmeg (keep separate) 
2-3 apples, diced to thumbnail-size
Any sweet red apple works (Honeycrisp, Gala, Red Delicious)
Buy apples with a kind of waxy texture, they’re perfectly ripe.
1. In small saucepan, combine sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and water from the above “Sauce Mix”. KEEP BUTTER SEPARATE.
2. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and cook for 5 minutes.
3. Turn off heat, add butter. As you cook, infrequently give mix a stir to incorporate melting butter.
4. In bowl, combine flour and baking powder. Mix together.
5. Add shortening. Mix with fork until flour mixture is dry and crumbly.
6. Add milk all at once, mix until just combined.
7. Divide dough into 6 portions. To do this I recommend rolling out into a rectangle, then cutting the rectangle.
8. This dough is INCREDIBLY short, meaning it’s going to be very crumbly. You may need a dusting of flour to make it easier to work with.
9. Roll out each portion of dough into roughly an 8″ square. Dough will be very thin, that’s fine.
10. In the bowl that previously contained the flour, combine diced apples with ingredients listed as “Filling”. Stir thoroughly until evenly coated.
11. Spoon out filling into dough packets, a spoonful or two (you have to get a feel for how much you can fit).
12. Barely wet the edges of the dough squares with water (stick your finger in a cup and brush it along the edge, that’s all).
13. Close dough around apples by folding the corners to the middle, then pinching shut.
14. Place in well-greased 9 x 13″ baking dish. It won’t look very pretty.
Tumblr media
15. (OPTIONAL) Sprinkle sugar over the pastry, a nice pinch over each.
16. Pour the liquid from the saucepan over the pastry.
17. Now it looks WET and unappetizing! #TitleOfMySexTape
Tumblr media
18. Bake at 375 F for 45 minutes. It will magically transform into the image at the top of this post!
19. Let sit for 15 minutes, then serve!
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Questions for my infant followers (16 and under)::
I produce a weekly political roundtable show that goes over major recent legislative and political news specific to the state.
As a joke, we’ve always talked about shooting a special episode replacing all of our panelists and political insiders with kids like age 6-10. It’s a fun silly thing, and it would probably be fun as a web exclusive.
So the question is:: What are some of the things you guys care about? 
So far on the list are like “What laws would you like to see pass in the new legislative session” (I can modify the script if the child cannot say ‘legislative’, but I maintain it’s cuter if they just trip through the word); “What changes would you make to the curriculum”, again funnier if they can’t say ‘curriculum’. 
You’re closer to being that like elementary school / early middle school age range than I am, what are some things that matter to you?
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tumblr users logging in today to discover the changed nsfw policies
Tumblr media
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