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Darling // Rafe x Reader
Tumblr media
18+ Minors DNI
Summary: You get a little too tipsy and have caring sex with Rafe
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: Throwing up, mentions of alcohol and drinking, care kink (Idk what to call it), a little bit of praise, and my horrible writing
You ran inside the Cameron’s house, checking every door for an open bathroom. The frantic search became more and more as the seconds passed. Unaware of anything except finding a bathroom you ran into someone, their hard body stopping you.
“What the fu-” you heard the kook king, Topper yelled loudly. “Sorry” you muttered before taking off once again. 
You began up the stairs, stumbling every few steps. Your vision was blurred, and your stomach churned. 
“Hey, you can’t go up there!” Topper chased after you, you pushed into the first room on the upper floor, and straight into the connecting bathroom. You kneeled over the toilet, finally letting go. 
“What do you think you’re doing?” Rafe turned the corner, his tall body leaning against the door frame, “Oh gross.” the realization of what was happening hit him and he turned back out of the bathroom.
“I’m sorry, there were no other bathrooms open,” you wiped your mouth and sat against the wall, your head was spinning. You pressed your hands to your head, making the bright lights go away. You wished you could make the sound of the blaring music downstairs fade. 
“At least it wasn’t a  dirty pogue that got up here,” he chuckled, turning the peak at you, “but the upstairs is still off-limits.” He watched as you didn’t move an inch, “You really gotta go back down,” He reached out a hand for you. 
You took it and allowed him to pull you up to your knees. You stopped holding your head and began to wobble. You fell forward, arms hugging around Rafe’s legs for safety.
“Woah okay, you stay here I’m going to get you some water,” he pushed you back towards the wall, letting his fingers linger on your shoulder. 
It felt like you sat on the cold tiled floor forever before Rafe returned. He pulled you up to sit on the toilet lid, you looked up at him innocently. Your eye makeup ran from the tears earlier. He began to hand you the water but your hands felt limp. You grabbed at the full cup, nearly spilling it all. 
“Good god, how much have you had to drink?” His tone was rough and annoyed. He grabbed the water swiftly. He grabbed your jaw, his hands tighten until your mouth was open. He put the glass to your lips and poured the water in until it was full. 
“Now swallow.” He let go of your jaw and allowed you to swallow, “you really are very pretty, even when you’re drunk.” He moved a strand of hair behind your ear. 
“Do you have a toothbrush?” The slurred words left your mouth, what an odd request. Rafe went searching through the under-sink drawers, pulling out a brand new toothbrush. 
“Am I going to have to do this for you too?” He gestured at your slumped posture. You nodded goofily. He readied the toothbrush with toothpaste and water, he grabbed your jaw once again. 
“Come on, open,” you did so and he began to brush. His eyes concentrated on your mouth, he licked his lips. The urge to stand and press your lips to his. 
“Woah what’re yo-“ you pressed your lips against his. He pushed you away, and grabbed your jaw, “be patient,” He pulled your hair back, “spit.” You followed his directions and went back to kiss him. He allowed it this time, pushing you back against the wall. His hand roamed under your shirt, his hands greedily feeling for something. 
You moaned out as his hand cupped your breast and squeezed. He chuckled into the kiss as you whimpered. He broke the kiss making you pout up at him. He pulled the shirt over your head he took his time admiring your body, his hands following the curves. His hands tugged at the waist of your shorts, finally unbuttoning them. He pulled them down, dropping to his knees in front of you. His hands kneading your thighs, he looked up at you, you staring hungrily back at him. 
“You really are so pretty darling,” he stood up and turned you around. Pushing you over the counter, you watched the reflection in the mirror as he began to remove his pants. He kneeled once more, his hands pulling your panties down. His hand trailed up your leg, hovering just near your heat. He looked up to you in the mirror, “you ready darling?”
You nodded as he pushed in a finger and then another. Your wet cunt clenching around him, he began to pump, his other hand pushing your legs apart. 
He pumped faster and faster, pressing into your g-spot, your moans became wild, legs felt weak. You felt your heart begin to race and your stomach begins to tighten. You reached a hand down to your clit, you began to rub in circles. 
You pushed yourself over the edge, your stomach erupted with excitement. Rafe continued to pump. You pressed your legs closed, Rafe’s hand fighting to push back. You reached down to stop his hand, “Rafe please,” you pouted looking back at him. 
He stood, keeping eye contact with you in the mirror. You watched as he stood behind you unbuckling his belt, and pulling off his shorts. You began to turn, reaching for the buttons in his shirt. 
“No stay,” he said pushing your hips into the counter. You admired yourself in the mirror, they say your breasts squished together when you were bent over like this. Rafe slapped your ass bringing you back to reality. You started at him in the mirror and he liked himself up. He pushed himself in, “oh fuck” he moaned into your ear. You threw your head back, it fell into his shoulder. His rhythm was fast and ruthless. It was driving you crazy, his hand reached up and around your neck, slowly squeezing. You brought your hand up putting it over his, squeezing harder. 
You brought a hand down, rubbing circles around your clit, moaning loudly. 
“You look so pretty with your tits bouncing,” you felt every movement. The way your hips were hitting the counter with every thrust, the way your boobs bounced, the way you could feel your pulse. Everything slowed down, you caught Rafe staring at you in the mirror, parting smile and all. His hair disheveled and sweat beading on his forehead, you pushed your thumb into your mouth. Biting to suppress your moans. 
“Ready darling?” He asked, you nodded innocently. He went faster and harder, his hand tightening. Your vision blurred as you cried out, the pleasure taking over your body, making your legs weak. 
He continued, his thrusts becoming sloppy and reckless. Finally, he came, pulling out and letting his cum onto your back. “Good girl,” he said as he pulled out, “good,” he wiped the cum with his thumb, “good,” he turned you around and pushed you to your knees, placed his finger into your mouth making you taste hun, “girl.” 
“Such a good girl,” you sucked his flavor into your mouth. His gaze never leaving you, as you stood his hands lingered around your body, taking one last squeeze of your boob. 
“I’m kicking everyone out,” he smirked cockily. He pulled up his shorts and half-buttoned his shirt. You stood in the bathroom as you listened to the music stop and a commotion downstairs. And finally after 30 minutes, silence. You heard steps coming toward you. 
“Why are you still standing there?” Rafe peaked into the bathroom again “was I that good?” He smirked. 
“Cmon,” he took your hand and led you to his bed, “just go to bed.”
I hope this isn’t too bad, I’m trying to get back into writing again after my hiatus...
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so my horny ass has done the hard work, and gone through every fic of my fave writers, and categorised them by kink. cause, you know, sometimes you want some degrading, sometimes you want some good girl, or are in the mood for a daddy kink, and then we always want that cum kink. so here we go. enjoy the kink list!
there is also plenty of amazing fics which do not contain any specific kinks, and those can always be found on my masterlist
once again, these all pertain to rafe cameron and drew starkey
smut warning obvs applies hehe
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I Know Baby // Rafe x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re first time with Rafe
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: loving Rafe, praise kink, literally just vanilla sex, unedited work
You entered the hotel room, Rafe following closely behind. Candles were lit all around, and pink rose petals covered the bed. Turning to look at Rafe, you have him a sweet smile. He was placing all the bags in a neat pile in the corner.
“Did you do this?” You pulled him into a hug, while still looking up at him. He grinned widely, placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
“All for you baby,” he began to rub your back. You turned around, his arms still wrapped around you, he rested his head on your shoulder. He placed his lips to your neck, first laying gentle kisses all over. You tilted your head granting him more access, he bit at the skin, pulling it while he sucked. A purple and red splotched mark appearing.
You grabbed his hand pulling it up to your breast, moaning as he began to knead it. Your head pushed back into his shoulder, and your lips parted.
He turned you around quickly, your lips smashing into each other harshly. He pushed you back into the bed, your body landed in the plush mattress. You arched you back wanting to feel more of him.
His hands roamed your thighs, reaching the hem of your pants. You hummed a yes and he proceeded to unbutton them. He pulled them down watching as you arched your back to help. He placed his hand on your hip and admired your legs.
“You’re just so fucking beautiful,” he said.
He nodded to himself before slowly taking off his shorts. He pulled off his shirt and climbed back on top of you. He slowly kissed you as his hands roamed your body. His hand finally found your underwear.
He pushed your panties aside, his thumb rubbing small circles around your clit. You reached up, grabbing onto the hair on the back of his neck. You pulled his face down gently kissing him, small moans escaping your lips.
A finger slipped inside as he watched your face. He bit his lip as he pushed in a second. You pulled his hair, his head falling back, a smirk spreading across his face.
He began to pump his fingers quickly, you arched your back. Moaning with every movement. He started to motion his fingers inward, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. You felt your stomach turning, your body beginning to tingle.
He pulled out his fingers quickly, you winced, “Oh oh baby,” he said tsking at your eagerness. He stood over, smiling down at you, “Are you sure you want to?”
You nodded at him smiling. You pulled down your underwear and waited for him as he put on a condom.
Your brain began to race the longer you waited, you gulped loudly, louder than expected when he began to approach you. You sat up quickly, hiding yourself from him.
“Everything okay?” He questioned sitting on the bed. He pulled the covers over you and placed his hand around your back, rubbing his thumb back and forth.
“I-I’m just nervous,” you said, tucking your knees into your chest and pulling the covers around you.
“We don’t have to,” Rafe cupped your face, “only if you want a baby.”
You leaned into his hand and looked into his eyes. You sat there for a minute, taking in his soft almost perfect skin, his blue eyes, and his hair usually neat but now messy due to your hands. His eyes scanning your face with concern.
“Okay,” you said, placing your hand on his and smiling at him, “please be careful.”
He laid you down, your head against the pillow. He climbed under the covers with you, one hand meeting your cheek and the other placing itself beside your hip. He brought his lips to meet yours. Slowly making his way down your body until he reached your heat.
You looked down watching as he pumped his cock. The anticipation making you want to reach down and touch it. Finally he began running it along your folds. Your eyes watching intently as he did so.
“Okay?” He said, you looked up quickly, pulled out of your gaze.
You nodded and he pushed into you, you let out a small gasp. Your hand grabbing onto his wrists beside you. You squeezed your eyes shut and he paused in his thrust.
“I know baby, I know,” he said in a soothing voice and he pushed the rest of the way in, “I know it feels so good,” he was completely inside you. You held your breath as he pulled back out fully. He pressed his thumb to your clit, making slow circles as he began to push his cock inside you again.
The grip you had in his wrist tightened and you dug your nails into his skin. His thrusts became persistent and you moaned out with every thrust.
“O-oh,” he soothed to you, “you’re so pretty baby,” his eyes watched you as his thrust got faster. Your eyes closed, and mouth parted. Rafe took in your features as he pleased you.
“Faster,” you pleaded with bright puppy dog-eyes. He sped up instantly like he’d been waiting for the command. The circles around your clit became faster and sloppier and your stomach began to tighten. Your legs felt tight as you got closer.
Suddenly you felt fireworks explode in your body, you screamed out as your legs began to shake. He continued to thrust, you clenched around him. Almost sitting up to hold him close. He began to whine out, you felt him twitch inside you. You lost hold of his wrist as he pulled out, you allowed yourself to fall back into the bed, sprawling out.
You tried to catch your breath, Rafe moving around the room. He pulled on his boxers and looked at you lovingly, your hand laying in your stomach and the other palm up beside you. Your mouth is open and your breathing heavy.
“You’re so beautiful,” he climbed over you, laying a kiss on your lips and chest. He pulled a blanket over your body, laying his head next to yours, “I love you,” you smiled, grabbing his face and laying a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “I love you more,”
And I’m back…a little rusty though
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“pretty girl”😫🥰
Can you do a sensual smut with Rafe? Like rainy day smut??? thanks ;)
long time no see babies heheh! thanks for being patient. more comin soon, as always, requests open
Rainy Day 18+ - minor dni
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x reader
Warnings: consensual sex, language, 18+
It wasn’t uncommon to have Rafe’s hand wrapped around your throat while the other is threaded through the mess of your hair.
But this morning, with the Sunday gray hues, lingering touches and strands of Rafe’s hair tickling your neck looked much different than the usual attention you’d receive from him.
With you lying flat on your back, eyes fluttered shut, Rafe used one arm to prop himself up on his pillow, body turned towards you as he took every bit of you in. Two schedules working against each other, and the rarity he had to truly drink you in seemed constant lately. But because of the steadiness of the rain, occasionally the wind throwing it into the window, there was not a thing on either of your to-do lists.
Rafe placed soft kisses against your warm skin, his hand tracing over the skin under your shirt. He had lifted it up just enough to stare at you, count every freckle, every scar, stretch mark, every beautiful beautiful part of you - that made you so undeniably irresistible, so you.
Rafe hardly ever showed his soft side to anyone, to others, he was hard to crack, he was rough, he wasn’t afraid to tell it how it is. To you, he was gentle, rough in the right ways, spoke to you with a kindness no one else knew, touched you with tenderness, touched you with rawness.
He simply slides to his knees, connecting his lips to your neck once more, causing you to grin. “What’re you doing, Cameron?” You feel him hover above you. Your eyes peel open, seeing his baby blue staring back at you. He gives you a smile, lowering his body on top of yours. “Missed you, wanna make you feel good.” He murmurs in your skin. You kiss his temple, hands reaching up to play in the mess of his hair.
“Can I?” He whispers, causing a small giggle to escape your lips. You adored the innocence facade he’d put on, knowing good and well that personality trait was the farthest thing from the true golden boy. “Mhm.” You respond.
Rafe takes his cue, using his hands to feel every inch of your body. You watch as his sun kissed body travels down your own, his fingertips tracing down your sides as he plants kisses in a trail. “Can’t believe you’re mine, pretty girl.” Pretty girl. It always made you blush.
His hands grasp either side of your sleep shorts, taking his sweet time to pull them down over your thighs and calves, exposing you. Rafe is hungry at the sight, hungry to be close to you, hungry for your taste, and he can’t help but get more excited at the chance to take it slow.
You feel heat rise to your cheeks as you watch Rafe, noticing the way his eyes scrape over your body, the way his lips are upturned, feeling small but incredibly excited that you’re the one he’s looking at like this. “You okay, princess?” “Mhm.” “Use your words.” “I’m okay, baby.” “Good.”
Rafe crawls to his knees in between your legs, never taking his eyes off of you. His lips connect with your neck, licking down before taking one of your buds in his mouth, using his hand to massage the other. This elicits a small moan - not able to remember the last time he’d taken his time with you. He switches, giving them equal attention before he moves up to catch your lips onto his.
His fingertips trail down, finger dangerously close to the place you want, you need, him the most. His finger so easily slips into your heat, and you feel him smirk against your lips. After a couple of pumps, he rides your slickness to your bundle of nerves, rubbing slowly. You shutter beneath him, and you feel him grin into your mouth. “So wet for me, so good for me, princess.”
He moves his fingers to his lips, moaning with desire. “Taste so good.” He slides his body down, until his face is hovering over you. He stares, your glistening bud inviting him. He kisses from your knee to your thigh, stopping where you want him. He licks a long stripe, your wetness coating his tongue, your hips bucking towards him. He uses his arm to press against your stomach as he works his tongue, building pressure inside of you.
“Rafe.” You breathe out. “Mhm?” “Need you inside of me.” He takes one final moment before lifting his head. He gives you a content smile, one that has you riding on a high. You urge his boxers off before he can do it himself. “Eager, are we?” “For you.” You respond.
As he hovers above you, you take his dick in your hand, pumping the length a few times before lining it up to your own entrance. He throws his head back as he pushes into you, laying on top of you as the two of you gather yourselves.
“Shit.” He breathes out, his arms snaking around your back as he pulls you closer to him. His hips move in a slow rhythm, different than his usual quick and rough pace. It has both of you panting. You love that he’s taking his time - that both of you are able to revel in this heat of each other.
You urge him to his back, causing him to quirk an eyebrow. As you sink on top of him, you watch as his hands grip the covers, throwing his hand back on the pillow, as you work. His hands move to grip your sides, helping you move your hips. “Y/n…” He moans.
Your hands trace his chest, down his neck, back up to his hair. He rests his head in your palm, content, overstimulated, all of the things. He flips you back over, quick to match the slow pace you’d been moving on him.
He licks two fingers, moving them between you as he rounds your clit, eliciting breathier moans. Moments later, you feel the pit of your stomach tighten. “Rafe… Rafe, I’m there.” You whisper. “Hold out for me, just a second, baby, count down with me, 10…” “9…” The two of you start to count in unison, as Rafe’s thrust become sloppier, needier, “…6, 5, 4…” He grasping your sides as his body rocks into you. “2…1…” The two of you fall silent for a moment, mouths open. Curse fall from either of your lips, you shaking underneath him.
Rafe’s body collapses onto your own. “Fuck, princess.” “Fuck, indeed.” You whisper, a laugh coming from the sweet boy on top of you. “And you mean to tell me I get you all day?” Rafe looks down at you as he lifts his head, drunken smile on his face. “All day, Rafey.”
babes: @milkiane @luversgirl @gryffindorpouge11 @lurkymurker @marveloussensations @graysonsbde @k-k0129 @westrnwoods @writingsbehaviour @obx-114 @hopebaker @babypoguelife
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Tumblr media
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lexi coping with trauma by pretending her life is a movie she’s just like me fr
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fan Art
Credits to: @msxak7 (on Instagram)
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can the universe please leave me be?! xoxo
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Slowly / Topper x Reader
Tumblr media
18+ Minors DNI
Summary: Slow and sensual sex with Topper
Word Count: 1.3k
Warnings: Violence, fluff, mutual masturbation, unedited work
“I hate them, I fucking hate them,” Topper threw one of his parents vases agasint the wall. It shattered, shards of pink glass flying everywhere.
“I HATE THEM,” he said, throwing another. They had gone on yet another vacation, leaving him by himself. And would be missing his next surf tournament.
“Top,” you said, beginning to approach him, you watched as he breathed heavily. You reached a hand out, touching his shoulder lightly. He flinched at your touch, “Top,” you repeated.
“I FUCKING HATE THEM,” he punched the wall. It created a hole. He heaved, his entire body beginning to shake. You placed your hand on his arm again. This touch broke him. He turned to you, the anger in his face turning into sadness.
“I-I hate them,” he wailed out, hunching over, his face pressing itself into your chest. You wrapped your arms around his body. His hands wrapped around your torso, grabbing the material of your shirt and balling it in his fists.
You shushed him, rubbing his back. He sobbed, your shirt felt wet from his tears. A maid came around the corner, eyes widened at the scene before her.
She smiled at you, swiping glass with her shoed feet, towards the wall, and away from Topper's bare ones. You smiled back at her nodding.
“Let’s go watch a movie,” you began to pull him away and he followed, keeping one hand still clenched onto your shirt. You sat on the bed with him starting a movie. You lied back, your head on the pillow. Topper climbed lazily towards you, laying his head on your lap. Wrapping an arm around your thigh to hold you tight.
He sniffled and a few tears hit your bare thigh, you reached your hand down and entangled them in his hair. Giving him a scalp massage. You stared blankly at the tv, barely watching.
The movie was about halfway over when you felt Topper begin to move around more. Then, Topper’s hand gripped your thigh slightly tighter. He slid it up your inner thigh, getting closer to your heat.
He slowly slid his finger around your clit. Your underwear being the only barrier from skin to skin contact. Your pussy begins to throb and a wetness seeping out. He continued, his thumb applying the perfect amount of pressure. You began to squirm, needing more. But it wasn’t the time to be greedy.
You moved your hand from his hair, grabbing his hand. “Top we don’t have to,” you said, he sat up, removing his hand from your heat. The loss of contact disappointing you.
“I want to,” he said, keeping eye contact. He moved to straddle you, bringing his head down to connect your lips. He swirled his tongue around your mouth slowly. One of his hands reaches up to caress your cheek, “just slowly.”
He pulled back, pulling your shirt over your head. He admired your body, his hands resting on your hips. You pulled his shirt over his head. Looking at his body, rubbing your hands up his abs and over his chest and to his shoulder. You pulled him down, reconnecting your lips.
He began to slowly grind his hips against yours. You ran your fingers through his hair, grabbing the back of his neck. Deepening the kiss, his hands moved up to cup your breasts. Beginning to knead and play with them.
You moved your hand down palming him through his shorts. You pulled them down, along with his boxers. His dick sprang up, hitting his abs.
He grunted, you separated your kiss, staring down at it. Drops of pre cum were on the tip, you placed your thumb on the tip, grabbing the rest of it in your hand.
You moved it around, using it as lube, and you began to move your hand. Stroking it slowly, his head flew backwards and a few moans escaped his mouth. He pulled his body away from yours kneeling upwards while you stroked his dick.
You needed more, you got on your knees, grabbing his hand with your free one. You brought it down to your heat, pressing his hand into it. He got the message and pulled down your panties, they stayed around your knees.
He began to rub your clit with his thumb, you let a moan escape, closing your eyes. Topper's head fell into the crook of your neck and yours into his chest. You continued to stroke him and he played with your clit.
He moans in your ear became more frequent as you quicken your strokes. He inserted a finger, beginning to slowly finger you, his thumb rubbing back and forth over your clit. You began to rub circles on his tip. It drove him crazy.
His muscles began to tense and fell forward. His fingers inside you moved faster and more sporadically. Your stomach clenched and your legs felt weak, you fell forward. Your bodies opposing pressure.
You both reached your orgasm at the same time, both moaning out, both bodies shaking together. You both moved your hands away, you smiled pushing him back against the headboard.
You straddled him, taking his hand, the one that had been inside you. You placed his fingers in your mouth, sucking them while keeping eye contact with him. You tasted yourself, swirling your tongue around his fingers. You pulled them out, leaning back and to the side.
You grabbed a condom from his bedside table. You unwrapped it and slid it over his dick.
Leaning forward, connecting your lips to his collarbone. You sucked and pulled at the skin, biting it before pulling back. A dark purple mark was staring back at you. You smirked at him. He leaned forward, connecting his lips with the skin above your breast.
He sucked and bit, harsh and slow. When he finally pulled back, a dark spot appeared. The sensitive skin was a deep purple.
You adjusted yourself, taking Topper’s hand and placing them on your hips. You slid yourself on his dick, holding onto his forearm, and your other laying in his abs for support.
You began to move yourself up and down, Topper helping, his grip moving, and tightening around your torso. He began to grunt. You knew he wouldn’t last long after already cumming once, and you wouldn’t either.
He moved his body forward, leaning his head onto your chest, he kissed around, leaving small smooches all over. You moaned out as he bit at your skin.
You removed your hand from his abs, bringing it up to hug his head. Your bodies were close, every part of you touching him.
His hands moved up more, holding under your arms. He was doing all the work, his arms flexing with every movement. His movement became harsh, making you slam down hard. The sound of skin slapping loudly through his room.
Butterflies filled your stomach, your body tensed and moaned out loudly, moving your hips back and forth. You clenched around his dick, making his moan loudly.
You felt him twitch inside you. He stopped lifting your body. He wrapped his arms around you, holding tightly. You continued to grind on his dick, small gasps and grunts leaving both of your mouths.
You slowed down, both of your climaxes coming to an end. You pulled yourself off, climbing off, staying on your knees to pull his head into your chest for a hug.
His body began to shake as he held his breath. He sobbed, grabbing at the bare skin on your back.
“Top, what's wrong?” You pushed his head back, making him look at you.
“I’m so tired of being alone,” he choked out. You shushed him, rubbing his arm up and down.
“I'm here, I’ll always be here,” he began to cry harder.
“I know,” he pulled you in closer and held you tighter. You held him back, rubbing his back.
Uggggh to have slow, touchy sex with topper…anyways hope everyone enjoys!
Here’s my masterlist<33333
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Owe Me / Rafe x Reader
Tumblr media
18+ Minors DNI
Summary: Rafe becomes jealous and starts a fight, but how will he make it up to you?
Word Count:2.9k
Warnings: alcohol, angst!!!, physical abuse, edging, overstimulation, fluff, aftercare(ish), unedited work
You sat around the fire pit at Topper’s house. The fancy masonry connects seamlessly to the concrete floor. Your hand was intertwined with Rafe’s, resting on your knee. His thumb rubbed back and forth and his foot tapped to the music in the background.
The small get together with your group of friends, drinks in hand. You knew this was where Rafe felt calm. A beer in his hand, his baseball cap sitting backwards. You rested your head on his shoulder staring straight ahead. The sun setting in front of you, the colors an array from blue to yellow. The sun barely peaked out from the horizon line.
As the night continued you stared out at the ocean, feeling the heat from the fire in front of you. Still you shivered, the night had quickly grown cold. You wandered inside, using the restroom and leaving the water running warm over your hands hoping it’d help warm you.
You stood in the kitchen, grabbing another drink from the fridge. You opened it and took a sip, regretting your choice, it was cold. It made you shiver and your lip quiver.
“Do you want a jacket or anything?” Topper was standing in the hallway, watching you.
“Oh no I’m fine, I’m just going to warm up in here for a little,” you smiled, reassuring him. You took another sip, this one making you even colder.
“No really, I can go grab a jacket or you can take out a blanket, anything really,” you waved him off, setting the can on the counter, “I’m just grabbing you one, you don’t get a choice.”
“Top-“ you protested but he was already jogging down the long hallway to his room. He returned with a hoodie, tossing it across the kitchen, conveniently hitting your can of alcohol and tipping it. White bubbles formed and a sizzling sound erupted as it spilled on the counter and floor.
A hurried panic of curses as you threw the hoodie aside and grabbed the can.
“Fuck I’m sorry Top,” you apologized, grabbing the roll of paper towels and tearing them off. He hurried over grabbing them from your hand and insisting on cleaning up.
“Don’t say sorry it’s not your fault, I’m the one with bad aim,” he chuckled, wiping the puddle towards the sink. You got down on your knees with a few paper towels to wipe the floor. Topper reached his hand out for you to grab and you took it, he pulled you up and handed you the hoodie.
“Okay let’s get more drinks and go,” you pulled the hoodie over, the scent of Topper engulfing you. He smelt similar to Rafe, maybe a little more beachy.
He handed you a new drink and filled his arms. He placed a friendly arm around you and the both of you walked outside to the fire. You tossed drinks to everyone, leaving some of the remaining on the table nearby.
You sat back down in your chair, leaning to Rafe for even more warmth, but now he seemed cold. His hand didn’t intertwine with yours and his grip on his bottle of beer seemed tense. You laid your head on his shoulder, ignoring his obvious mood.
The night continued on, drinking, laughing, and talking. Except for Rafe, only drinking, barely talking, and not laughing.
It had become late and it was time to leave. Rafe had a firm grip on your wrist as you walked to his truck. You tipped back what had to have been your fourth drink and guzzled it, throwing the empty can the garbage. Rafe pulled you along, almost jerking you over.
He opened your door and pushed you nearly drunken self up and in. He slammed the door harshly. Walking around and hopping in himself.
“We should really just sleepover, we’re both too drunk to drive,” you slurred slightly as he started the engine.
“I only had two beers, don’t worry about it,” his tone was harsh. You settled in your seat and buckled in, you turned to the window and looked out.
What the fuck was his problem?
He pulled into the driveway. Taking his usual front parking space, he helped you out and up the stairs, shushing you multiple times as you walked past his parents and sisters rooms.
You stood in the middle of his room, facing away from him as you removed your pants.
“Oh shit, I still have Topper’s hoodie,” you said as you slid it off. You tried to fold it nicely but you fumbled and struggled, you rolled it in a ball and placed it on the armchair in the corner of the room, “Rafey can I have a shirt to sleep in?” You questioned, peering into the walk in closet in nothing but your bra and panties.
“Why don’t you just go ask Topper,” he mumbled to himself, he threw a shirt. It wooshed through the air and hit you, falling to the floor.
“What the fuck is your problem?” You asked, you stood staring at him, not picking up the shirt and not moving as he tried to push past you.
“I know you and him are fucking behind my back,” he said, his eyes were angry and dark.
“What the he-“ you started, turning to walk away, but he cut you off. He placed his hand on your chest, pushing you up against the wall.
“I saw you staring at him all fucking night y/n,” he pushed you harder against the door. His face was close to yours.
“Bu-“ you barely choked out.
“And then you disappear with him in the house for so long,” he removed his hand, but held you against the door with his body, “we saw you two through the kitchen window, I know you want attention, getting on your fucking knees for him.”
“Rafe let me expl-“ he pulled back, walking away, his anger only growing.
“No, and then you come out in his fucking jacket, his fucking arms around you,” he threw his hat to the floor, “you might as well just fuck him in front-“
“RAFE!” You screamed and he turned quickly, “shut the fuck up and listen to me,” you began to walk towards him, backing him into a corner now.
“I was watching the sunset and then I was watching the fucking stars. It’s not my fault Topper happened to be sitting across from me,”
“Y/n-“ you didn’t let him finish, you shushed him harshly.
“No shut up, it’s my turn,” you pointed a finger at him, “I went inside to pee and warm up, it’s fucking freezing outside. I didn’t know Topper was in there. Then he insisted on giving me a hoodie, he knocked over my White Claw and was cleaning up the counter while I wiped the floor. I’m not a fucking slut Rafe!” You picked the shirt off the floor, and pulled it over your head aggressively.
“I’m not getting on my knees for any other fucking men. You need to calm the fuck down. Why would I ever fucking cheat on you, I fucking love you Rafe,” you opened a drawer on his dresser and pulled out boxer shorts. You pulled them up angrily before stomping out to his patio. You sit angrily on the chair.
The cool air calms you down, your breathing evening out. You crossed your legs. You began to pick at your cuticles.
Why would he accuse you of cheating?
You heard the door open and shut, you turned your head. Watching the trees from across the yard sway. Rafe sat next to you, his hand placing itself on your hand, stopping you from the picking you were doing.
“I’m sorry,” he said. You jerked your hand away. Turning your body very obviously away from Rafe, “I really am,” his tone was quiet and calm.
“I’m not,” you said under your breath, it didn’t even make sense.
“Huh? Y/n I really am sorry, I just-“ he paused, collecting his thoughts, “Kelce got in my head and was saying that’s what was happening.”
“You never believe anything else Kelce says,” you grumbled, turning to see Rafe. His hair was messy and all over the place, the boy was clearly distraught and sorry.
“I know but it's just- I don’t know I’m really sorry,” he grabbed your hand again. The warmth felt nice, but you didn’t want to admit it.
“Whatever,” you said, you left your hand in his grasp. He got on his knees, sinking in front of you. You liked the power you had over him right now.
“Y/n I’m sorry, a million time sorry, I love you so much please forgive me. I know I overreacted and I know you’re not a slut and I love you,” he kissed you hand. You smirked down at him. He was kissing your hand over and over.
“Well I’m your little slut aren’t I?” You smirked and watched his demeanor change. He looked up in confusion, you smirked at him, “I think you owe me makeup sex,” you said placing a hand in his cheek.
“Oh of course I do,” he said. He stood, pulling you inside quickly. He pushed you back on the bed, “Oh am I gonna treat you so good baby,” he connected your lips.
His hands explored your body, they traveled up your shirt, playing with your breasts. You held the back of his head, pulling the kiss in deeper.
His tongue explored your mouth, the taste of your seltzer and his beer mixing around. He squeezed your breast and you let out a small moan. He smiled into the kiss, running his other hand around the back to unclasp your bra. You felt your breasts release from the bra.
He removed his hand from your breast and moved to the hem of your shirt. He pulled it up and over your head. He pulled your bra off and stared down at your body. He bit lip as he trailed his hands down your body starting from your breasts to your hips.
He slowly leaned down, taking a breast in his mouth and cupping the other in his hand. He sucked on the nipple, flicking the bud with his tongue. He ran his thumb over the bud. You moaned out and pushed your hips up.
They met Rafes and you felt his hard member against your thigh. He moaned at the pressure and you smirked. You felt the rumble against your breasts.
You continued to grind against his member. He removed his mouth from your breast, “Stop moving baby,” he pressed his body down against yours before laying his lips on your collarbone. You moaned out, squeezing your eyes shut as he sucked on your sweet spot.
His hand played with the boxers you were wearing. He moved his head back and admired his work before slowly pulling down the shorts. He kissed up your legs, taking extra time on your thighs. He pulled off your panties, once again kissing up your body.
He began sucking the skin on your hip bone, leaving another mark. You sat up, pushing him off of you, you brought him back in for a kiss. He helped you turn onto your stomach, pulling you up by your hips.
He pulled your legs apart, you heat being exposed to cold air. Shivers ran through your body as you waited for Rafe to touch you. You pushed your stomach down and your ass farther out. Suddenly you felt Rafe’s hands grab your thighs. They gripped into your skin, kneading them.
He blew cold air onto your pussy, you jumped forward. He licked up and down your slit, making you moan instantly.
His hands moved to your ass, kneading it as he continued to tease your pussy, making it grow wetter. He began to flick his tongue over your clit. A hot sensation began to fill your body, the feeling of euphoria nearly taking you over. You began to squirm under his touch, your breath hitching.
Your hands grabbed for the blanket beneath you. Your toes began to curl and you moaned out. He continued to lick and suck, leaving no room for error.
“Rafe,” you whined out, your legs beginning to shake, “I-I’m gonna cum,” he pulled back and a few small slaps were placed to your pussy making you jump.
He pushed a finger inside, you moaned loudly, pushing your face into the blanket and biting down. He entered another finger, his other hand beginning to rub circles on your clit. It was driving you crazy, his hand left your clit. You whined in protest until you felt a smack on your ass.
His mouth reconnected with you clit, both his hands holding you around your thighs and pressing you into his face. He sucked and flicked at your clit, the knot in your stomach tying itself again. An icy hot feeling taking over your body.
You legs shook as you released, he sucked as you came, the sensation making you cry out. Then he placed his teeth around your clit, pinching ever so slightly. Your body jolted as he continued to play with your pussy.
He backed away, smacking your ass which in return msde a ripple effect towards your heat. You jolted and moaned forward with each smack. Then a finger entered you, and another, they began moving quickly.
You instantly felt the pins and needles feeling and butterflies in your stomach. He was moving his finger fast, hitting your g-spot, making your stomach clench.
You pushed back, making his fingers go even deeper inside you. Then you released, but he wasn’t done yet.
He continued to finger you fast and hard. Adding a third finger and grabbing your hip with his other hand. He pulled you towards him. You pulled in the opposite direction wanting relief. But with his grip you only fell flat, now your thighs were stimulating your own clit.
You gasped everytime you wiggled. The sensation of both penetration and stimulation was insane. You felt yourself reaching your high, your eyes squeezing shut and your stomach clenching tight.
Then you felt it, this release felt bigger, more grand. You heard Rafe chuckle from behind as he stopped moving.
“Oh fuck,” he said, he removed his fingers, running them over your pussy. You finally looked back at him, his fingers in his mouth tasting you. You turned over and got on your knees. You began to unbuckle his pants.
“No baby, you’re not doing that tonight,” he pushed your hand away, finishing taking off his pants himself. You watched as he slid off his boxers while going to his nightstand. He pumped his already hard cock a few times before sliding the condom on.
“Tonight’s for you, I have to make it up to you,” he connected your lips, pushing you back into the bed. You smiled into the kiss as he bit your lip and pulled it back. He placed his thumb in your clit, tapping it a few times.
“Fuck,” you gasped and you watched a smirk grow on his face.
You sat up on your elbows watching his every move. He took his dick in his hand, you closed your eyes waiting for it to fill every inch of you. You waited…and waited. Then you opened your eyes to see Rafe smirking at you.
“Rafey,” you whined out, he began to tap his dick against your clit, harder than his thumb had done. You moaned out, your hand moving instinctively to his wrist, trying to stop him. He did, but now ran his dick up and down your folds.
He finally pushed it in, you threw your head back. You grabbed for him, finding connection with his chest. He began moving, slowly but surely. You felt your way around, finding the back of his neck and pulling him down towards you. You connected your lips while pulling his hair. He began to move fast and you moved your head to the crook of his neck, moaning as you bit at his shoulder.
You wrapped your legs around him, making his strokes deeper. He closed his arms around you, your bodies touching. You put your other arm around him, pulling his hair, scratching at his back and biting his shoulder.
He began grunting and moaning in your ear. Your stomach began to clench, you gripped his hair and the knot in your stomach grew tighter than ever. You moaned out, throwing your head back. You clenched around his dick. You felt as he pushed one final time, and stopped moving.
He stayed inside you, you both breathed heavily, hugging each other and staying close.
He pulled out of you, you let out a small moan. He moved back, bringing a hand up to move your hair from your sweaty face. He smiled at you as you fell back onto the bed.
He sat next to you, his hand placed itself on your knee, rubbing his thumb.
“I’m really sorry,” he turned to look at you.
“I accept, I’m sorry it seemed that way,” you said, reaching a hand to rub his back.
“No it didn’t Kelce just got in my head,” he layed back, grabbing your hand, “I love you,” he began to rub his thumb back and forth.
“I love you too,” you pushed your head towards his shoulder, needing more connection.
This was a request for @plasticbanks (again sorry it took me so long to get it written, nonetheless, I hope you enjoy)
Enjoy all you sexy bitches;)<3
Here’s my masterlist <3
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toppersbitch · 10 months ago
Goddess / JJ x Reader
Tumblr media
18+ Minors DNI
Summary: JJ and you decide to get high, but he can’t help himself when you’re on top of him.
Word Count: 1.6k
Warnings: Smoking weed, unprotected sex(please be safe), unedited work
You laid, body slightly turned in, in the hammock. The darkness of the night seemed to bring a coolness in the air. It was quiet, and no one was in sight. John B was out with Sarah, and Kie and Pope were off working for their parents. Leaving you and JJ all alone at the château.
The sweat that was once dripping down your forehead had dried and a cool feeling arose. You cuddled closer to JJ’s body, trying to feel an ounce of warmth.
He stirred awake, mumbling slightly, “I don’t-,” it became incoherent for a second, “not spiff a joint,” his mumbling stopped and his eyebrows furrowed together, “no you’re,-“ he continued babbling on, his face making slight adjustments.
You relaxed into him, staring back up to the tree above. His hand gripped your side, “Hi,” he said sleepily. His hand left and he rubbed his eyes, “Hi,” you smiled looking over to him.
He grinned goofily at you reaching around in the pockets of his cargo shorts. You pushed your head into his shoulder and looked back up.
His hand came into view, an already rolled joint and a lighter in his grasp.
“You just woke up and that’s the first thing you think about?” You say through a laugh. He grins and places the butt in his mouth, lighting it and inhaling sharply.
He coughed and blew out the smoke. The cloud dissipated into the air and he quickly brought it back to his mouth.
“Heyyyyy,” you drug out the y wiggling around to nudge him, “share with me,” you whined. He smirked, taking another hit and holding it in his mouth.
He grabbed your mouth and pressed so that your lips parted. He connected your lips and blew the smoke into your mouth. You inhaled, a small high making you begin to feel light.
He pulled back and you exhaled, you both smirked at each other. The blunt was held high above JJ’s head, his arm stretched out. You tried to reach for it, but he only pushed it up higher.
You giggled and rolled ungracefully on top of him. You reached your hand up and grabbed it. You put the bud to your mounts and inhaled deeply.
The back of your throat burned as you inhaled. You fought the urge to cough and puffed out your chest. You looked down to see JJ’s eyes starting at your chest. You blew the smoke into his face and squished his cheeks together.
“My eyes are up here doofus,” you giggled, taking another hit and blowing it in his face once again. He smirked before grabbing the blunt. Only a few hits remained.
He took two before placing the small piece remaining in your mouth. You inhaled before he removed it and flicked it somewhere, hopefully on the sand.
You exhaled upwards, feeling JJ shifting his body under yours. You look down, a mischievous grin growing on his lips. His hands began to rub up and down your thighs.
“What’s going on in that mind?” You giggled, your hands finding the hem of his shirt. You pushed your hand up, feeling his abs and chest.
His hands moved to the inside of your thigh, inside your loose, short shorts. His finger sat in the crease close to your folds.
“Oh nothing,” he eyes traveled to your body, eventually landing on his own hands. He ran his finger over your panties, your clit throbbing.
“Mhm,” your response came out more erotic than you thought. He smirked before running his finger over it again. Your hips grinded themselves mindlessly. You leaned down, letting your hips continue to move around. You connected your lips giggling as he lightly bit your lip and pulled it.
This kiss became sloppy, the two of you only wanting to feel connected. Your hand grabbed for his skin hungrily, grabbing onto his face and rubbing your thumb back and forth. His hands began to tug your shirt up, you lifted your body up and let him pull it over your head.
He paused looking at your chest, the pink lace bra cupping your breasts. His hands sat on your hips, his eyes admiring your naked body.
“God you’re so beautiful,” you laughed, placing one of your hands on his arm, “not funny,” he said, a stern look growing on his face. He brought his hands up, cupping your breasts.
He squeezed them, you felt something hard against your thigh. You smirked and began to grind your hips. You heard him let out a grunt, you began to grind harder. His hands tightened around your breasts, his mouth parted and his eyes shut.
You stopped smiling down at him, he began to start pulling your pants down. You started to lift your body up, the hammock underneath you shaking dramatically. You tired you balance on your knees as he pulled your shorts down. You tried to lift one leg more to get them off but you felt the hammock tip.
In an instant you were on the ground, the roots of the tree digging into your back. You groaned, opening your eyes to see JJ smirking down at you. He flipped off the hammock quickly, he pulled you up.
Your limbs feeling the effects of the weed, you stumbled. Your pants fell off the rest of the way. JJ placed his hands under your knees, scooping you up. He walked to the door, kicking it open harshly. He threw you onto the pull out bed. The squeaking and creaking started loud and grew quiet.
He climbed over you, his hands roamed over your body, until it found your hips. He gripped them tightly as he brought his lips down, laughing as he connected your lips. You began to giggle too, the kiss becoming sloppy and your lips barely even touching.
“What’s so funny?” You asked, breaking the kiss.
“You just have leaves in your hair,” he giggled, his hands finding their way to your back and unclipping the bra. Your breasts fell from the bra and he was quick to connect a hand to them. He began to knead them and pinched the nipple between his thumb and finger.
You moaned out, your hands running through your hair, trying to pull out leaves.
“No leave them, you look like a nature goddess or something,” you giggled, placing your hands on the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head, leaving him no time to disconnect from your body. He flung it, hitting the wall.
He moved his way down, kissing your stomach. He stopped removing your underwear.
“Woah,” he screamed out, you giggled as he stood up and removed his pants, flinging them across the room again. He pushed down his boxers and lined himself up to your entrance.
You nodded to him waiting for the pleasure to overcome you. You felt him push into you, your back arched instantly. You squeezed your eyes shut as he filled you up.
He began to move, thrusting in and out with rhythm. You opened your eyes and looked down to watch his member moving in and out of you. You moved your hand down, already needing release. You began to rub circles around your clit.
He began to thrust faster, he slapped your hand away. Replacing it with his thumb. He rubbed fast circles, your mouth falling open, loud moans escaping. You place a hand on his forearm, digging your nails. He began to thrust faster, his finger movements around your clit became sporadic. You moaned with every thrust. Your body is moving from the force.
Your grip on his forearm tightened, the other one feeling for his hair. You grabbed it, pulling on the hair. He moaned out as you pulled his head back. Your stomach tightened and released all in a second, your legs beginning to shake. You screamed out, pulling his hair. Your eyes closing tight, your face scrunching up.
His thrust became messy, little rhythm he pulled out. You opened your eyes to watch, he moaned out as he released his load onto your stomach. He stood over you panting, you stared at his hands, one gripping your hip and the other lying next to you.
He pulled up his boxers and rolled over next to you, grabbing the beach towel that was conveniently lying on the bed. You wiped yourself off, grinning over at him as you watched his stomach rise and fall as he tried to catch his breathe.
“So you want to fuck a nature goddess?” you giggled as you asked him. You leaned into his body as he pulled a blanket over you. His arm hung around your neck, your hand intertwining with his.
“I don’t know it was just there,” he giggled looking at you, partly embarrassed. You played with his hand as you laughed at his remark. He smiled looking down at you.
“Oh my god you guys are fucking sick,” you heard a voice from the kitchen area, you looked over to find John B and Sarah. Sarah’s mouth hung open as you and JJ looked at eachother giggling.
“And you guys used my towel,” John B looked to find the towel laying next to you. You and JJ only began to laugh more.
“God and you’re fucking high,” you and JJ erupted in laughter even more, you rolled into him, hiding your face, “get dressed so we can go get Kie.”
“I can’t,” your voice was muffled against JJ’s chest.
“Why?” John B questioned, he had a stern tone, sounding like a dad. Of course he was joking but it all sounded so funny.
“They’re outside,” you giggled, turning to look at the two in the large hallway.
“Oh my god you two just fuck like rabbits don’t you,” John B partially stomped his way outside to find your clothes, as JJ stood up to find his own.
I’m back, and hopefully I haven’t lost my touch haha
This was a request for the amazing @drxwstxrkxy (sorry it took me so long)
I hope you all enjoy:)))))
My masterlist<3
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toppersbitch · 10 months ago
Hi<3, I hope you're very well and have a speedy recovery 💗✨✨, here are some of my favorite series and movies, I hope you like them!
The Call
I see you
Isi and Ossi
Gone girl
Thank you so much<333 Forgotten is so good!!! I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I’ll check out the others too! Thank you so much love💗💗
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toppersbitch · 10 months ago
hi! i hope u have a good and smooth recovery from ur surgery💗
here’s some tv/movies recommendations…
criminal minds
stranger things
american horror story
the vampire diaries
the originals
omg I need to watch the new AHS season!!! Thank you for reminding me love!!!!!
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toppersbitch · 10 months ago
hey guys:) sorry for disappearing, I’m currently recovering from surgery so if anyone has movie/tv show suggestions I’d really appreciate that. I’m going to try to start writing again and get some requests and other stuff out<3
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toppersbitch · 11 months ago
hey I just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a mental health break…I promise I’ll get requests out soon as I feel better<3
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toppersbitch · a year ago
I really just wanna be topper thornton’s pillow princess ok
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toppersbitch · a year ago
Do y’all want more Topper stuff? Or more Rafe and or JJ? Also please send requests I have such bad writers block!!!<3
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