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❝quote ❞
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Random Things They Do
Reader x Harbingers
Requests: OPEN and gladly taken <3
Tumblr media
We all understand how protective Childe can be. He loves a good fight, but he does them more to protect you. If a fight puts you in danger in any way, he will do his best to avoid it or stop it altogether.
Going with that, when you sleep, he makes you sleep on the farthest side of the bed to the door. Being a child of war and bloodlust, Childe knows well that the first victim to surprise attacks are usually the closest to the exit. It may not always be true, yet it always gives him enough time to process what is happening and stop it before the attacker gets any further.
Outside of darker things, he loves, loves, LOVES to play hide and seek with you and Teucer. He will purposely act like he can’t find you guys when he’s the seeker(he knows it’s unfair to Teucer because the poor boy isn’t as skillfully advanced as his brother), and when he’s a hider and you the seeker, he will find the most secluded spot just to tick you off.
He also likes building sand castles at the beach of Liyue when outside of Snezhnaya. It reminds him of his childhood and how he and his siblings used to play in the snow everyday. He will even make a mini version of his special hydro-narwhal for you to see; the horn being replaced by a pointy and pale shell he found nearby.
Childe is a very caring, protective, and strong charmer who has eyes for you alone. He will do anything to keep you and his family happily safe.
Tumblr media
Dottore likes to spends hours, days even, to make you a special little trinket. The fact that you’re his s/o, his only lover, is a very important thing to him. Not many people like him in any way because of his psychotic behavior, but he holds a strong pride in knowing that you genuinely love him.
He keeps you away from his grueling projects that require him to replace body parts and even kill others for the sake of his invention. Although, if you want to see that sort of stuff, he does not hesitate to allow you in his laboratory to observe.
A random thing he does often is request your consent for him to draw your blood. He doesn’t use it for any of his subjects or projects, he swears! He just does it because he wants to get a better hold on how phlebotomy works(and for the sake of quickening lethal injection shots for his projects by knowing where and where not to stab).
You are the only person to see him without his mask, and even then, it’s rare. He barely eats, drinks, nor sleeps properly so it is a great gesture of his to show you his whole face. It’s his way of showing you how much he trusts you in spite of knowing your relationship may cause either of you to get hurt.
Tumblr media
.Scaramouche is not the type of guy to mess around with. At first glance, he seems nice and rather outgoing for his acting skills are superb, yet once his eyes are overseen once, he bursts like a fallout bomb. You are his safe haven he goes to in order to relieve himself from the pressures pressing his temper.
He finds himself playing with the fabric hanging behind his hat after seeing you do it consistently. He asked you why you found it so interesting, and next thing you know, you’re walking in on him rubbing the fabrics in between his fingertips gently. It’s a small stress-reliever tactic of his as well. One he does when your not present, but do not be mistaken. The second you come into his view, he will immediately dart back to you to feel better.
His ego is hugely inflated. A single step in the bedroom, and he’s already on his knees begging to be regular and not a hollow puppet who was trashed by the archons. Scaramouche more angsty and emotional than one would think. Usually, others describe him to be ruthless and uncaring behind closed doors(which is true), yet he does have many days where all of his troubles get to the best of him. And the only one there for him…is you.
La Signora
Tumblr media
Rosalyne has many bad days, and it doesn’t help with the fact that she is very moody. She’ll wake you up at 4 in the morning to frantically ask you if you could prepare her hair, and she’ll be a complete brat when it comes to chores or decisions. In simpler words, she is a complete child.
Although she may be kiddish and rude, she loves to study with you. The idea of scanning over pages and pages of work isn’t as exciting as it definitely does not sound, but she likes the quality time with you. Her previous lover had been torn away from her by the hands of war while she was in schooling, so to know that you are safe and sound right besides her calms her more than anything.
She absolutely cherishes anything you give her. Oh, that beautiful red rose you set on the counter for her to find in the morning? She waters it and makes sure it gets the right amount of sunlight every single day so it can live for as long as possible. That book you gave her to read? She goes through the pages over and over again even if she’s already read a thousand times. Anything you give her, she’ll love forever.
On top of keeping you safe, whenever she is out for a mission by the Fatui’s order, she takes you out with her. Even if it is life-endangering for you, she knows how strong and capable she is so she doesn’t fear a single bit. The only thing she does fear is that you won’t be by her side. Abandonment issues you could say.
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# — he likes another boy
note: im feeling sentimental today 🧍i want to cry but i somehow can’t lol.
also i had this headcanon in my mind that venti was in love with his friend but he only realized it when he passed away and now he thought that xiao could fill in the emptiness in his heart. so… ☹️
% masterlist ?!
warnings: angst, mentions of blood
characters included: xiao x venti
category: angst, drabbles 
it was night. xiao was covered in blood from all the people he killed. he felt empty. he thought that maybe if he killed people all the time, he would feel satisfaction, but no. he only felt worse.
Keep reading
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tbh one of my most favorite ship tropes is the one where they go through everything together and still make it out alive
where theyve seen so much grief and anger and sadness and agony and everything wrong with the world but they still manage to make time for each other because no matter what, theyll be there to support the other
those ships are fun to tear apart, too. how much can you put someone through before they simply cannot sustain a relationship anymore? and their s/o gets so tired of dealing with it that they leave? and all the promises about “ill never leave you”, “id destroy the world if it meant getting you back”, “ill always be here to watch over and protect you” end up broken and it leaves both of them in an endless loop of guilt and loneliness?
so, just imagine
one day (character a) comes home to (character b) black out drunk on the sofa with a shattered wine bottle across the room staining the floor and lets out a long sigh. they get ready as usual, hanging up their coat and taking their shoes off, but this time they dont go to comfort (cb) in their sleep.
instead, (ca) heads to their shared room and packs up everything that belongs to them. theyve silently been keeping track this whole time, mentally noting down every time theyve come home to (cb) in this state, until they simply grew too tired.
though, they have the decency to at least explain where they went. a quick note explaining to (cb) that theyll be staying over at their parent/friend’s house until they can live on their own, a note telling (cb) that they really couldnt keep this going
with one last hesitant glance to (cb), (ca) walks out the front door.
and never returns.
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Tumblr media
Guess who got into Knowyourmeme because of a shitpost about Dottore
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trips on surgical table oh noooo i hope a handsome maniacal doctor doesn't experiment on me
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The Moroccan information broker, Cypher is a one-man surveillance network who keeps tabs on the enemy’s every move. No secret is safe. No maneuver goes unseen. Aamir is always watching.”
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Inspector Eroch = Il Dottore???
*totally not me writing this to 'how bad can I be' playing in the background*
Okay, so I've seen this theory flying around the fandom for some time now, so maybe you've heard that already. But as a total Dottore-brainrot-person I wanted to dig into it myself and try to put it together according to the timeline.
So, is Inspector Eroch Dottore?
Short answer: probably
Long answer: To be honest, it's up to interpretation and I'm here to lay it all out!
Let's start with some timeline analysis.
Crepus somehow comes into possession of a Pyro Delusion (we do not know however if he'd stolen it from someone or one of the Fatui gave it to him on purpose) Anyways, let's note that Crepsus (haha lmao, yeah I know not funny)
The day is Diluc's 18th birthday and he's going back home with his father. Suddenly, some mechanical fatui thingies appear (which were confirmed in the manga to be the doing of Fatui; most likely Dottore) and lure out Ursa the Drake
We don't know if it was a failed Fatui experiment and the death of Crepus was just an unfortunate accident or he was killed on purpose (In my opinion he might have been attacked on purpose, like come on, this man may have been a role model in Diluc's eyes, but to me he was pretty sus)
Inspector Eroch insists to cover up everything, because it might ruin KoF's reputation.
This leads Diluc to resign and leave Mond for the next four years.
Dottore defeats Ursa the Drake and makes Mond indebted to the Fatui.
Okay, so let's stop here for now. Later on it was revealed that somewhere during Diluc's absence, Eroch was kicked out of KoF, found guilty of scheming something with the Fatui. A pretty... interesting coincidence.
That would very much explain why Eroch wanted to cover up the accident with Crepus. To avoid any further investigation onto that case (and discovering it was all previously planned by Fatui). WHICH leads me to conclusion that Crepus had some unfinished business with Fatui and that made him got killed.
Tumblr media
Then Dottore steps in, killing Ursa the Drake. Aaand this is the part, where the theory might have a small hole, but not necessarily...
Because IF at some point in the story Dottore personally met Eroch to talk about their plans of indebting Mond to Fatui, them being the same person is impossible. BUT, we do not know that. Maybe Dottore just killed Ursa and then disappeared *poof*. Or more like, went back to KoF headquaters and started the next phase of his plan. And it might make sense, looking at this manga panel:
Tumblr media
Basially, Dottore was just *casually walking around* and *casually* killed Ursa the Drake. (yeah, not suspicious at all) And then he just *casually* walked away.
So this is the part, where it's up to one's interpretation. That's the part of the story that wasn't covered either in manga or the game, so... we can just theorize.
But let's get back to the timeline:
Eroch is kicked out of KoF
Diluc comes back to Mond after 4 years, the banquet described in manga happens; where also Dottore appears
Then Diluc basically kicks his ass and Dottore leaves etc. etc.
Now you might ask - If Dottore were Eroch, why Diluc didn't recognize him?
Well, for us it's obvious. But take a note, that when Diluc wears his Darknight Hero mask, no one recognizes him. (Yeah, I know, pretty stupid, since he's like THE ONLY ONE WITH LONG RED HAIR IN MOND) But remember it's genshin. And when Traveler puts on that funny mask, no one seems to recognize them either.
Tumblr media
Also, I like to headcanon that if Dottore really IS Eroch, then after getting kicked out of KoF he fled to Liyue, where he tinkered with Ruin Guards for some time. But then, well - got bored and returned to Snezhnaya, where he experimented on other people along with Krupp. (who later was turned into that ruin guard thing lmao)
Now moving onto the visual evidence!
Tumblr media
Interesting that they didn't show his face.......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Photo credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/kd5th0/il_dottore_is_eroch_theory/
AND ONE MORE THING that piqued my interest: the ring. Which, the manga artist also might have wanted to draw our attention to.
Tumblr media
That *twinkle* thing isn't there only for a decoration, I can assure you :)))) And you know what the ring reminds me of? Something.... shiny...
Tumblr media
It pretty much looks like a Hydro delusion to me. I know this one is a little bit tricky, since thanks to some manga panels we can theorize that the delusion being wielded by Dottore is an Anemo one. (And we know that most likely he doesn't have a Vision - since he simply despises Vision users.) Tho, I still think it's worth mentioning this ring, because well - Eroch was sus as hell and that ring was the final evidence to him working with the Fatui.
Tumblr media
If you've read through the whole theory - congrats and thanks for reading! I am really curious if this theory comes true someday. If not, well, I'm still curious about how Eroch looked like.
But for now, MiHoYo plz give us more Dottore crumbs.....
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dottore: i never test on animals, only humans
childe: oh is that because animal testing is extremely unethical and humans can actually give you consent? :]
childe: it is because humans can consent to the testing, right?
childe: dottore where's krupp
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Tumblr media
Yes my dottore is based off Tom Hiddleston what of it?🦈⚜️
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Hey if you do il dottore then can I get a crying dottore x female or gender neutral reader?
Also can I be 🖐️😩 reader?
Thank youu
~For such a cruel Harbinger~
Tumblr media
Summary -> The ask above
Note -> I will be completely and utterly honest with you. I don't know anything about Dottore and I had to do some research, so don't mind how... unnatural this fic is.
Genre -> Comfort?
Tumblr media
Despair. Anger. Fear. Hopelessness.
To feel the tears stain your clothing, to lend your shoulder for one to cry on, to sympathize with one, that was your position. You slowly caressed Dottore's back as you felt him dig his face into your shoulder.
His mask was thrown aside and the only thing that covered the silence in the room was his sobbing.
You couldn't recall why you were in such a position, you couldn't recollect your memories involving the reason why he suddenly came running to you, tears streaming down both of his cheeks, or was it that you came running to him?
Dottore's grip around your waist tightened as he spat out words through his choked sobs, trying to incoherently explain something or even maybe to force you to stay.
You could still remember the past few months with him. It started off as Dottore despising every little thing you do, but the more time he spent with you, the more he got used to your divine presence, and the more obsessed he became.
This heavenly aura around you was something so lighthearted, something that could ease one's mind and calm one's soul, freeing one the chains of despair or the hunger for revenge.
"If this was the first time I met you, you would never be crying to me like this." You whispered, filling in the room with something other than Dottore's weeping.
Dottore nodded, tears still tumbling down his face. Dottore didn't want you to see him in this state, but your presence was the most comforting thing to him.
He dug his face into your neck, not willing to show you his face after crying for such a long time. His confidence and ego wouldn't let him look so pathetic, especially in front of the divine one.
You smiled after brainstorming for any ideas to cheer the doctor up, rubbing circles on his back and softly reciting memories you had with him was the decision you went for.
'Ah, do you remember that one time you injected some weird purple concoction into a crab?'
'You know, your Ruin Guard Research lab is super dusty, you should clean up sometime.
'I have this old artifact that serves no purpose to me whatsoever, wanna have it?'
"Your grace," Dottore was able to mutter out, softly chuckling at how you still remember such insignificant stories, "Thank you."
Tumblr media
Tag list: @lunavixia, @yourfaveisblack, @xyliope, @bardisipatos, @darling-rikafu
If you want to be part of the tag list, sign up here!
(@emyrl, I know you're not part of my tag list, but you requested Dottore, so here you go)
Tumblr media
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Dottore: “Ladies and gentlemen” is unnecessarily gendered, overly formal, lengthy, and honestly I’m falling asleep already.
Dottore: “Cowards”, on the other hand, is inclusive to all genders, casual and fun, short and to the point, exciting, and dramatic.
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How the harbingers react to the 'Imposter' /// Il Dottore, La Signora
Warnings: Mild descriptions of gore, angst, implied death (of the Creator/Reader)
Synopsis: This is how I think those two harbingers would react to finding out that the 'Imposter' is in truth the Creator before anyone else.
A little A/N: Big thanks to @nicebonescomrade for being a big inspiration. Honestly, I may be looking at your blog way more than I should, haha.
- Lilith
Tumblr media
Il Dottore
Dottore starts looking for the Imposter after hearing his fellow harbingers talk of them. Truth be told, he doesn't care about the Creator or the way all the Archons, including his own, crave their attention and light. He isn't even bothered by the fact that there is an Imposter walking around. All he wants to know is how someone managed to carve their face and body into that of the One. Was it Khemia? Alchemy? Or were they simply born that way, to make a mockery of the God? He would find out.
Finding the Imposter turns out to be a lot easier he expected. They had been fleeing from Liyue's adepti last, citizens talking about how they saw them run across the border into Sumerian territory. A death wish for those who have no knowledge about the local insects and animals surrounding the main city.
He finds the Imposter lying flat on the ground, sweat coating their skin and a sickly colour to their skin. They look just like the statues had depicted them. But to his surprise and utmost glee, their blood isn't red. No, it's a striking golden that pools below their dying body.
Dottore finds it amusing that noone apparently noticed it before. The golden ichor is a stark contrast to the dirty and ripped clothes. But perhaps they had been in too much of a hazey rage, all their focus being on their one wish: get rid of the person daring to impersonate their Creator. Childe had been just one of many prime examples of the acolytes' animalistic wrath.
Dottore runs a hand through their knotted hair, a crazed smile growing on his half-hidden face. "Guess I'll be the only one to ever know the truth, (Name). Just my luck, isn't it? I'll heal you right up and then we can start."
Dottore takes the Creator to the nearest hidden laboratory of his, chaining them down to the table. He doubts that they were strong enough to take him on, but he rather wants to stay on the safer side. Although they appear to be completely human, he doesn't want to take any risks. At least he doesn't have to worry about anyone looking for them.
And so the torture begins.
(Name) is barely lucid half of the time. Pain is all they start to know, they can't even remember how they got to be where they were now, chained and treated as nothing more than an experiment. They were lucky enough whenever the Doctor deemed it necessary to feed them and keep them tethered to this world just this longer.
The Doctor is the name he told them to call him. (Name) knows that it isn't his real name. Distant memories hid in the back of their mind, just out of reach. Bringing them forth is too painful. They eventually stop trying.
The experiment Dottore puts the Creator through are diverse. He starts simple: taking blood and finding out its components, checking their bond to the elements of the world.
Slowly they get worse. Does this organ function as it should? Is that an extra organ he sees? What does it do? What happens if he was to force cryo into her body, or any element at that. How do they react to a Delusion?
By the time he is satisfied, (Name) is broken. He would have discarded them if it hadn't been for a thought that struck him just as he was leaning above them, hand glowing with his element.
Why end the fun now? When instead he could make the Creator another toy of his.
He has more than enough time to play around more. After all...he is the only one who knows the truth, isn't he?
Tumblr media
La Signora
La Signora, too, doesn't care too much about the Creator and their Imposter at first. In fact, she hates the Creator. If they were truly the loving, compassionate being everyone makes them out to be, why have they forsaken her so? What has she ever done to deserve her afte? All she had wanted was to love and be loved, while studying in Sumeru. Even as she forgot her painful past over time, the hatred never ceased.
She hadn't planned on looking for the Imposter despite the Tsaritsa's order to kill them on sight. Yet she still found herself wondering off just before her meeting with Inazuma's resident Archon, letting her feet carry her to one of this region's many crevices. Which is where she's standing now, looking down at what she assumes is the Imposter. Or should be.
Golden ichor flows out of their many wounds and pools on the ground below them. One hand bends to a weird angle. Their eyes slowly move up from the ground they'd been focused on until they meet Signora's visible one. And the Harbinger finds herself freezing to her spot.
Long-forgotten feelings bloom passed the pain, reminding her of what she used to be. An outsider, a monster, a traitor. Just like the human creator in front of her, she also had been called those words and worse. Perhaps the Creator hadn't forsaken her. Perhaps they had put her through that trial in preparation for their own descent to Teyvat, to have one person understand. For surely they must have known what would happen if they were to come into this world without warning and as a human no less.
Even as the Creator reaches out a tentative hand covered in golden blood, Signora continues to stand frozen in her spot. "Can I...ask for one thing before you end it all?", they choke through the coughs raking their body, more blood splattering onto their tattered clothes. "Can you...call me by my name? It's...it's (Name). Please...it's been so long...it's all I ask for."
This breaks the Harbinger out of her rigor. She squats down in front of the Creator, a smirk playing on her lips. She moves to caress their cheek, looking at them with fake sympathy. "Poor thing...it must have been awful to have each and every single person hate you."
"It's a shame, isn't it? That noone ever realized the truth", she mused, taking their chin in a tight grip. "You truly are the Creator."
A pitiful whine escaped their cracked lips. "I...am not. I'm only...(Name). Not...a god or...whatever you think me..."
Signora doesn't listen to their words, feeling the red hot spikes of anger engulfing her heart. In response to that, her hand's temperature increased until it becomes too much. The Creator tries to pull away, face scrunching up in pain.
"I hate you. I truly do. You put me through so much pain, and for what? To have someone sympathize for you in the future? Help you? Well, guess what. I'm not going to. I'm not even giving you the pleasure of saying your name. Oh no. You'll die here, by my hands, as the imposter you've been dubbed."
Signora laughs in pure, unbridled glee. "It's what you deserve! You're no god of mine. You're simply the reason for all my suffering."
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"Slice of Heaven" - Genshin Harbingers x Gn!Reader
Summary: Fluffy / Dating Headcannons for the known Harbingers! Generally seen as the Villains in Teyvat, there is one person who the harbingers soften to. Pining + established relationship. Favorite places to kiss you, ideal dates etc.
Reader Pronouns: Gender neutral/Not mentioned
Content/Warnings: None! Just some good ol fluff, mentions of them being generally evil, pining+established relationship
Characters: Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Il Dottore, La Signora (separate)
A/N: BOY I love these four so much. This is just in preparing for the angst I have coming where their job gets you killed whoops :) ps rip Signora and dottore simps your hashtags are dry :( I'm here for u I wanna write more dottore
I did not proof read this makes than once so I very well may have missed quite a few mistakes.
(Content below the cut! 🎀💫)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cannot believe y'all simp for gingers what is this. /J I'm in love w him.
Pining Childe asks you to fight him a whole lot more, and suddenly the fights become a whole lot more flirty.
I don't think he's the biggest flirt ever but when you're sparring? God DAMN he does not let it go.
He used to spoiling the people he loves with money and you are no different. He would take you to lunch or around town and he does not hesitate to but you expensive gifts. Sure you get a bit embarassed about it but he thinks it's cute.
His flirting is honestly so playful you can hardly tell if he's joking or not. On top of that he's not being as cool as he thinks he is.
He thinks he's being slick but he just looks like a happy puppy. If he had a tail, it would be wagging as he watched the look on your face as you take yet another gift from his hands.
I think he's probably pretty touchy even as a friend, but you began to notice he acts different when you initiate contact with him when he's crushing. He suddenly just gets so soft and you get the most genuine smile.
His confession will be so cheesy. Fancy dinner, lots of flowers, maybe a pickup line. He cannot keep composed when you accept it he gets so excited an he goes to give you a kiss before remembering he needs to ask first. (Please say yes he is just,, want kissy)
Seeing him switch into his scary harbinger mode for work can be off putting but honestly he would beat somebody up and then turn to you like, that was for you babe.
PDA? Absolutely. Hand around your waist, holding you hand, just something to have you close to him. He honestly gets really worried about you especially if he doesn't see you for a while and it makes him feel better.
Nightmare to cuddle with. I have already said this in a different fic but he does not care what you are doing if he wants to cuddle he is taking those cuddles.
He likes to be both big and small spoon! I think he has a preference for the big spoon though because he likes it when you rely on him. Also he can get all the attention to you he wants and you have semi free hands to do other thing with.
Hugs from behind- all the time in your home. Also malewife Childe probably he can cook for you what a king.
Badass fighting couple by the way? If you're a fighter he admires you so much. You guys can kick serious ass.
Play fighting all the time, pillow fights, and the sort. He's very competitive so expect all of your games to get intense. He's not a sore loser all the time though so it's always fun to tease him a bit. (He'll pout sometimes and it's adorable to see big bad Mr Harbinger having a tantrum over UNO.)
Taking you to see his home land and family is his biggest dream. He absolutely raves about you in his letters. And he raves about his family to you in your conversations! You guys meeting will be so sweet for him.
Ideal date? Enjoying the city at night and ending it with some private time. Something romantic yet still not too boring, he finds traditional dinner dates to still, and he gets restless.
He has an amazing sense of humor and will keep you entertained all night.
Favorite place to kiss? Your lips! It's romantic and sweet and just totako screams "I love you" to him. His kisses are sweet and Passionate if not a tad agressive.
He holds your cheeks while kissing you. <3
You're his escape from work, not in a pushy way he just gets to let down his walls and be ajax around you. He loves that you love him and all of his flaws.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche in love is??? Uh quite the experience.
This man is childish. He gets upset if he doesn't get his way because he's extremely capable and a harbinger, why shouldn't he?
Pining scaramouche has too phases. One wear he realizes you're making him feel some type of way and he gets more distant. You notice this and assume he doesn't want to be around you anymore and so you start to spend less time with him.
When you do this he gets upset and that's when he realizes that feeling he has? It's a big fat crush.
"Why have you been avoiding me?" He asks and it's quite an awkward encounter. You have him in a situation where he sort of has to admit that he wants you around. "I didn't think you wanted me around..?"
"Why the hell would you think that, c'mon." And then he starts leaving and looks back at you like 'why aren't you coming with' and so you're back to spending time together.
He's one who likes to rant about other people to you. He likes it when you get angry/excited about things he's angry/excited about and will definitely get angry for you in any situation where somebody treats you like garbage.
At first he thinks he's giving you privileges by letting you be around him but soon realises he is wrapped around your little finger. He despises this low key and decided to make a move.
He sends a lot of mixed signals. This man is simultaneously touch averse and touch starved. He doesn't like getting touched and he tried to avoid it but also from you it's such a comfort for him.
I imagine he likes getting his hair played with. The first time you asked to do it he said no, but then he saw you braiding/playing with one of your other friends hair and jealousy got the better of him and he let you do it next time.
He just gets,, so relaxed when you do this. At home, no annoying subordinates around, hat off, just absolutely melting into you while you play with his hair.
He may banter with you and tease you but he's the only one allowed to do that. He won't let ANYONE else give you shit.
Expensive gifts? Absolutely. Mostly jewelry I think. Seeing you wear something he got you reassures him that you really do love him.
Speaking of that, he needs to hear it. He loves the praise. (Praise kink?!? /Hj) Despite how he acts a relationship like this is new to him and I think he uses his over confident and nonchalant attitude to cover up he can be insecure.
If you can fight this man is your biggest fan. Hes the type to walk over and just give you a big ol smooch after watching you beat up a bunch of enemies.
He may not be the most affectionate especially in public but his affections are quite passionate. More into real kisses when in private then small pecks on the forehead when you're on the way out to work or something.
Let him be the big spoon please? Just let him I know he's tiny but don't tell him that.
Neck kisses when you are cuddling like that.
Likes to cuddle with you held close to his chest as well.
Fav place to kiss you? Jaw, like right back close to your ears, especially from behind.
Dates with scaramouche are rare occasions. I don't think they'd be anything to romantic but he would take you to a festival I think, something nice for the two of you but not super romantic.
Imagine quiet morning with scaramouche. It's before he's gone off to work and he's still quiet as the world still sleeps. You come sit next to him and just simply enjoy the peace of the moment with him.
You don't say much but I think he cherishes quiet moments with you, he worries work could get either of you hurt one day and sometimes he forgets that. These moments remind him he loves you <3
Tumblr media
Evil milf. *Collapses.*
She is your girlboss girlfriend okay?
What is she like pining? Well I think generally she's very confident. I can see her being flirty with you.
She does not let people give you shit. "They asked for no pickles" energy. She respects you and wants other people to respect you too.
How does she show she's interested? I think for her taking time out of her work to be with you and generally flirting with you would be her way of doing it. She's very busy and though she might not say it outright taking that time out of her harbinger duties is a BIG deal.
She finds everything you do adorable. Especially when she flusters you. It's her favorite.
Signora bends over a little bit so you're face to face and gently taps the tip of your nose with her finger before standing back up smirking like, "Aren't you just adorable."
Somehow it always feels like she's teasing you for being mean when she does this. And she is a little?? She just enjoys being in power and she does care for you, but expect lots of teasing.
Kiss her hand, treat her like the queen she is. She won't like you acting like she's better than you though. Youre her lover and Signora only licks the best. You're on her level.
BIG SPOON SIGNORA. when you're cuddling she just is so gentle. Super delicately wraps herself around you. Very nice to cuddle with her skin is so soft and she's not to hot either!
Lazy morning kisses 100%. Wakes you up by pressing her lips gently onto your shoulder. "Morning darling."
Oh yeah, expect lots of pet names. Mostly things like darling or dearest. But she'll have other ones when she's teasing you. Things more sugary and cheese but she's using them sort of ironically. If you're upset about something silly, "Awee you upset kitten?"
The fanciest dinner dates. All private and romantic and she would look so gorgeous every single time. Dies I love her.
Ok speaking of looking gorgeous she would dress you up for events.
You're getting ready for a big important Fatui event and she sees your outfit and is like "no darling this won't do" and then whisks you away to her closet.
She's actually genuinely excited about being able to dress you up! It's quite pure for her and it's heartwarming to see. Her favorite part is putting all the accessories on you.
After she's finished she gives you a head to toe look and a satisfied nod and it's just MM chefs kiss Signora I love you.
Tumblr media
The idea of a pining Dottore to me is so awkward but in the best way possible. He would try so hard to impress you. Dottore thinks very highly of himself and he would just brag to you any time you're around.
HE'S SUPER JEALOUS!! He would take the jealousy out not on you at all, just the other person you were talking to. He would definitely tease them or compare himself to them to let you know 'im better than this guy'.
Overall, he's very confident trying to court you and it can be endearing to notice how obviously his personality changes when you're around and when other people are around with you.
Shows affection by hardcore just info-dumping about anything and everything, usually his research. Usually people brush him off but if you actually sit and listen? You have him wrapped around your finger more than he would like to admit. If pressed about it he was say that he's just gracing you with his knowledge or something like that.
Words of affirmation are so important to him. Sure he does all of the bragging himself but if you agree with him genuinely I think he would really remember that. (May accidentally inflate his ego.)
Again I think he's used to people being scared of him and his short temper. If you get angry about things he's angry about you can have a bonding moment over it and watch as lower ranking agents try to get out of the way.
I headcannon him to really like sweets I don't know- he's got a slightly childish personality and I can see him just having an insatiable sweet tooth. He will not eat his veggies *eye roll* the cotton candy color Palette just DOES IT FOR ME
The little missing cut out in his mask was designed for you to be able to give him a little cheek kiss. And his reaction would be priceless. He would lightly touch the spot before brushing it off with a "tch", and luckily for him his wildly reddening face is hidden by the mask. He does not keep his cool easily at all, he's very reactive.
What really drives him crazy tho? When you move the mask to the side enough to kiss his lips. He'd be busy scheming and being sOoo eViL all the time and if you just so gently move aside the mask and place your hand on his cheek he short circuits. Mwah.
He will boast about your achievements for you. He would definitely go around preaching your talent and skill in whatever it is your best at. If somebody challenges you or gives you a hard time he's there with one hand around your waist, pulling you close as he glares at them.
Gifts? All the time. Usually hand made. I like to think you get less violent contraptions. Imagine dottore giving you a cute little bird house! It would be so intricate. Your room is littered with trinkets he's made for you or things he wanted to show.
Maybe no hand holding but instead you would link arms or hold on to his upper arm.
What type of cuddler is he? Definitely greedy, prefers to be the big spoon or have your head pressed against his chest while he holds you. I feel like he wants to be as close as possible.
I also feel like physical affection calms him down but he never initiates it because he doesn't know how to recieve it. He's a bit awkward about it because being vulnerable is super hard for him.
You find Dottore sitting on the couch arms crossed and tapping his foot. As soon as you enter the room and ask him how he's doing he is immediately mouthing off about useless assistants or how difficult his work day was.
He starts out tripping over his words and being quite angry with it but if you just sit down next to him and start giving him gentle affections he starts to melt.
First you slide his jacket off his shoulders and set it over the back of the couch. Your hands find his and you carefully remove his gloves, occasionally nodding or agreeing as he just keeps rambling.
Around when you start to slide off his gloves and put your hands in his is when he starts to slow down his ranting.
The last thing you take off is his mask and as soon as he do he just slumps into you, head in the crook of your neck and he just mumbles slightly angry nothing's. He is a big baby and just needs to be held.
Favorite place to kiss you? Your neck. No doubt about it. It can be sweet or it can be harsher and he loves watching your reactions. That goes for anything! He will find out what makes you tick and will use it against you. A tease essentially.
Tumblr media
This gave me real big dottore brainrot. (My friend heard and called me 'clown fucker' I just think clowns are neat is that bad?) Also I wrote Childes very late at night so it might be ASS but I love he very much.
Apologies for the mostly reblogs recently! I'm on a long vacation and have been spending most time at the beach so I haven't had much time to write. I will when I get back home though I have a few things in the works.
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titeranen1 · 7 months ago
Hello horny Genshin fandom <33
If you want a guy who will cut you open, experiment on you, do weird freak things with you, etc, trust me! Albedo Kriedeprinz is NOT the guy you want! Albedo is an alchemist, painter, and knight who has a decent amount of sanity and would never in a million years do those things! You are looking for Fatui Harbinger Il Dottore, who would absolutely LOVE to experiment on and torture you! Please learn to get it correct <3
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titeranen1 · 7 months ago
vi when caitlyn didn't kiss her immediately after returning from work: that's homophobic
cait: im literally in gay relationship with you
vi: homophobic.
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Tumblr media
I like the headcanon that Lisa and Il Dottore knew each other from their Sumeru Academy days
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