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How Zoro kisses you
In my previous post, I wrote that if Zoro was real, he would be very intimate when making love to you. That thought came to mind because of his zodiac sign (he's a Scorpio and it's not a secret that this sign is so passionate and sensual- that's what I learned, CMIIW) so he never hesitates to show it to his woman.
It's you.
Three things that make you fall for him: 1. though he's a traditional man, he always makes you feel safe and puts your happiness first. 2. he will let you know what he wants because he needs a partner that supports his dreams. 3. He's the one who loves to take control of the relationship but he's loyal and won't cross the line if you already give him a clear statement so he won't misunderstand. If he's too far, he'll make up to you.
A man who is ambitious and logical but also sensual + devoted to his loved one, you can't ask for more.
You both are in the living room watching a movie where you sit between his thighs on the couch. His legs parted, giving enough room for you to sit, while his hands are hugging your stomach from behind. This is your favorite position, you feel safe and warm with your back against his broad figure. He buries his nose in your hair, inhaling the smell of your shampoo while both eyes are on the screen.
"I wanna kiss you."
He whispers to your ear, lips almost touching your earlobe, making you shift your focus from the show to his low voice. Damn, you think. It's neither about his voice nor his request. It's him being so straightforward, the way he says what he wants that you find sexy.
Your hand takes the remote to mute the volume, now only the sound of the rain outside that fills the room. You turn your body to face him and your eyes scan his handsome face.
"Just a kiss, okay?"
He nods.
He already knows that. It's what you always say when he craves intimate moments with you. When you're two alone and he asks for a kiss, you know that doesn't mean he'll peck your lips once or give you light kisses then stop. It's more than that. You still don't want to go further although you know that a kiss from him can lead to other things.
You know he's good at controlling himself, but what about tonight?
Your eyes focus on his face, looking at his sharp nose and his sun-kissed skin, then looking into those sharp eyes that can get even sharper when you tease him about direction. He leans his forehead to yours and you can feel his toned chest moving up and down under your palm, following his inaudible, unsteady breaths. He closes his eyes for a moment, trying so hard to hold the lust he's feeling for you whenever his lips are inches away from your irresistible ones.
He slowly opens his eyes and his gaze immediately lands on your lips, his mind is busy thinking about what he's going to do. He kissed you several times before but this man gets horny easily and is full of fantasies. He always gets excited inside but remains calm to you.
Your breaths are getting heavier too as your body mimics his movement, making you unconsciously bite your lower lip.
"Don't do that." He tries to sound as composed as he can.
The strong grip you feel on your arm disappears as he moves his hand to cup your chin. Firm enough to prevent you from moving your head but his touch never hurts you. Seeing your parted lips, he can't resist them any longer.
Zoro never kisses with closed lips. He automatically opens his mouth, so ready to devour your delicate lips and he expects you to do the same. The way he tilts his head to deepen the kiss, and sucks your lower lip makes you let out a moan from the beginning as if he's also sucking your soul slowly. He sucks religiously, massaging your wet flesh between his lips and sometimes giving it soft bites. Your breathy moans are getting higher when he pulls it a bit with his front teeth. You know he loves doing that.
You caress his lips with your teeth as well, nibbling his warm flesh that feels so perfect in your mouth, keeping it in for a while. What you're doing here is like adding gasoline to burning papers, making his inner heat barely stoppable.
With a hand on the back of your head, his body pushes you so carefully, laying you down on the couch and his lips never leave yours. Your boyfriend is on top of you and his ears like to hear another pretty moan, a louder one than the rain sound so he knows he's treating you right.
"Mmh.. Zoro.."
Your hand softly pushes his chest, creating a gap between you two and he has to pull back. You can't say anything, busily catching the breath he stole from you but your eyes tell him something. You know the kisses you just had were so dangerous and you know they will lead to something you're not ready for yet. It's hard for him too to think, especially when your legs open right under his lower body.
But he respects you. He won't cross the line until you trust him and he wants to earn that trust. He'll prove it to you.
He nods without a sound. He understands as he softens his gaze on the woman he loves. Staring at your flushed face, he realizes he just made a mess, noticing the wetness around your mouth, seeing your swollen lip. He promises he'll handle you gentler this time.
He closes his eyes and plants a soft kiss on your lips, with the tip of his tongue slowly slipping between them, asking for entrance. You know it's not him if he doesn't involve his wet muscle at the moment like this. Your hand's running through his green hair, slightly pulling it with your fingers.
You hear the low grunt when you let him in so he can explore more. He starts touching your tongue with his while his hand is on your waist, unconsciously giving it a little pressure that makes you gasp. His breaths become shaky and it's only getting worse when he tries to do something new; enveloping the tip of your tongue with his lips. He tests it and reads your heavy breaths with his ears if you want more. He gradually makes a bolder yet gentle move, sucking your tongue a few times before French-kissing you again.
Sounds gross but feels so good.
His mind becomes unclear when his lower body occasionally touches yours during the hot times. Warm breaths hit your neck as he breaks the kiss and moves to it. His hand is on your jaw when his other hand pulls down your woven sweater to reveal the body part he wants to enjoy, his favorite place to rest his chin when he hugs you from behind. Those tender lips shower your soft shoulder and collarbone with small pecks, tickle your skin with his tip and it already blows your mind. Your grip on his head gets harder, you don't know if you want to pull him back or pull him closer.
The friction he's feeling against your lower body, he's almost losing his control. You can feel he's trying to, yet your heating body also receives the same pleasure. But you can't, it's not the right time yet.
"Zoro... I said just kiss.." You manage to form a sentence. A simple thing yet feels so hard for you to do.
"I'm kissing you.."
"I meant..." you gasp when he's soft-biting your shoulder. "on the lips."
He continues what he's doing while releasing low grunts as you feel his teeth still on your skin. You turn your head to the side, your half-lidded eyes seeing the show credits roll on the screen. You feel helpless, his body is bigger than you and you think he's about to lose it tonight.
"Zoro... please..." Your grip on his hair loosens.
Your whimper wakes him up, pulling himself back and his eyes widen, surprised seeing the bite mark he just left on your shoulder. You greet his panicked face with a lazy smile. You know he didn't mean it. You know he's trying so damn hard to hold himself.
"It hurts..."
He softens his gaze, regretting about what he just did to your body. He makes up to you, landing soft kisses on your shoulder, especially the mark he created, followed by sweet light kisses on your mouth, without tongue and teeth involved.
"I'm sorry."
You can hear the regret in his voice. Your palm is on the poor guy's face and your thumb is brushing his cheek. He didn't break the promise. He did a good job.
"It's okay. Can you get up?"
Everything's back to normal, he gets up and pulls your hand to help you sit until you both see the wetness in his sweatpants, something is poking from inside.
You can't stop giggling when he runs to the bathroom to change his pants. He'll be there for a bit longer, doing another thing he should do to release the tension. You bite your swollen lip, thinking about what just happened and you don't want to tell him that your panty is soaked.
I have a thought I keep telling myself for years. "Nobody is going to stop you from playing with fire if they know you can handle it." It applies to many things. For me, kissing Zoro is like playing with fire. You need to have strong self-control or you'll get burned. In my head, he would be that sensual, and remember that it's just a kissing session, I'm not taking you to the whole intimate moment just yet (which I have already prepared in my head). I wanted to make it short like Sanji's but I couldn't help myself, got carried away so I added a short scenario, hehe.
Are you glad I made yours longer than Sanji's, babe?
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Edit: ah, if you haven't seen this gif, it pretty much describes how Zoro kisses you (and also how Sanji kisses you too). Zoro is so passionate while Sanji will follow your pace.
The song I listened to during the writing process
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The beginning of the gothification
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he believes in the god nika
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I need to eat him.
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Créditos: edpanart
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i forgot the earrings in the second pic 🏃
uploading drawings i did in may
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luffy feeling safe enough to just fucking pass out in battle cus zoro is by his side…i love them i love them i love them
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I might as well re-join Tumblr by letting everyone know I’m ZoLu trash. 
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Little G5 Luffy support and affirmation doodles (also him on the Nimbus, cause he has to be). And acting spoiled with Zoro. I love him, your honor.
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Panel redraw! ^^
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special day
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Hello! I'm so happy that your request is open again (because I've been waiting for it)! Do you mind if I request romantic headcanons for Katakuri, Zoro, and Law with F!S/O where S/O faints from overworking? If you think my request is uncomfortable for you, you could decline it! Thank you!
PS. Don't forget to take care of yourself!
Aww thanks for waiting so patiently!! I will do my very best!! 💜💜
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Seeing your body fall to the ground shocked the man. He quickly did his best to cushion your fall as your skin grew sweaty and cold from the shock. His usual stoic expression is now one filled with worry for your wellbeing.
Once you wake up, he lets out a bated breath as he checks you over, making sure you didn’t hurt yourself while doing his best to ask the usual medical questions a doctor would. 
Carries you like the prince(ss) you are, even if you are taller than him! He sees you as this higher being who deserves nothing more than the best. So carry, he will!
If the reason you passed out was caused from not eating or drinking enough water, he offers you some of his beloved donuts and makes sure you drink enough for two people!
However, if it was something scary or triggering, he does his best to remember the situation, so you never have to go through that again. He uses his Observation Haki to make sure you stay safe too in any new circumstance. 
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Just like the other two, he’s worried. He lost his friend to a fall, and seeing you tumble to the floor just brings back fears he didn’t want to remember. You were not Kuina, you can’t die like her!
Calls for Chopper to come look at you, while he shakes you awake, worry in his eyes as he feels unsure what to do. Once Chopper confirms you just passed out and would be fine is when he is reassured everything will be okay. 
When you are awake, he goes back to his tough boy ways, but stays by your side, not wanting to let you fall again. Suggests you need some sake in you life (or some form of alcohol-) to help build up your system. 
If you ask if he was worried about you, he will cough up his sake and deny it. No he wasn’t worried! Are you crazy, why would he waste his time on such a silly thing! Gosh! And no he isn’t blushing, don’t let it go to your head!
When you aren’t looking, he smiles a bit, happy to know you are safe and sound. He made a promise never to lose his important people again, and whether you like it or not, you’re one of them!
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Law’s medical side kicks in and he goes into doctor mode. Fanning your face, making you lay on your back and checks your eyes while talking to you, letting you know he’s here for you. 
He’s worried, but he doesn’t let it show, doing his best to stay calm for both of you, knowing you might react badly once you wake up. When he sees your eyes open, a sigh of relief leaves his body. 
Shaky hands place themselves on your face as he looks you over. his body shaking despite his flat appearance, the only sigh that his own adrenaline had kicked in. You were okay, it’s okay. 
Watches you like a hawk for the next few days, even if you think you feel better, he makes sure you are eating the proper food and drinking your daily intake of water. If you take medicine, you better believe he is checking too for side effects or if you are taking them.
Only shows he cares when you are asleep. He pulls your body close to his, almost as if you are a comfort plushie, he face buried in your shoulder as he breathes. He keeps reminding himself he didn’t lose you and isn’t planning on anytime soon.
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Face between boobs but with Zoro! Good god I love your writings so, SO much. HOPEFULLY YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT DAY ❤️
Hope you’re having a great day too ♡
Shanks | Law | Ace | Sabo | Sanji
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“What do you mean you don’t know the way back?!”
“I followed you because you seemed so damn confident don’t give me that look!!”
Two men with rifles over their shoulders halt their movement, their heads slowly turning toward both of you.
“CAPTAIN SMOKER! Roronoa Zoro and L/N Y/N have been spotted downtown!!”
Zoro’s calloused hand wraps around your bicep, brusquely dragging you with him as his feet relentlessly slap against the wet pavement. Your limps instinctively wrap around him, but you don’t even pay attention to the position you’ve ended up in.
“THEY’RE GOING TO FUCKING SHOOT-” your screams were fading out in his mind, he was still running but there was nothing but darkness in his vision. His cheeks were squished by a particular plush, a warmth and a scent of a certain person’s skin. You.
Rough hands dive into your waist, forcing you back away from him. Effortlessly dodging bullets with you held tightly in his arms, preventing you from falling or getting hurt.
Boobs? He blinks a few times in confusion.
Oh yeah boobs. He nods.
BOOBS?! That was the last signal in his brain, sending an electric shock through his nervous system.
He almost shrieks like a high school girl in love. A deep red of a blush traversing from his neck, and coating his cheeks along with his nose. As if he were a controlled motorcycle, he turns around the corner. Big mistake. Now both of you are stuck between two buildings, in a tight, tight space. His face stuffed between the softness that he adored so damn much. A muffled groan vibrates against your chest making you squirm at the feeling, only pushing yourself more into his face.
“This is your fault, how are we gonna get out of here now.”
“Bmfh mfhmh.”
He inhales your scent sharply through his nose, putting all his strength into his neck to force his head away from your chest. You stare at him, quirking a brow at the green-head who was now grinning as if he had drank more than he can hold. “Honestly, I’d rather stay here.”
A smoke emerges on the entrance of the tight space, Captain Smoker was now standing with his arms folded against his chest as he glowers down at both of you. “Tsk. You really thought you can hide in here?”
“Go away fried lungs, we’re busy here.” Zoro smiles smugly. His fingers giving your ass a taught squeeze, causing your back to arch, and a guttural moan escapes you- to which you quickly clamp your hands over your mouth.
Smoker yields back, a flustered expression crossing his features and the cigar between his lips threatened to slip away. “You pirate scum. I’ll come back to get you both.” He quickly disappears into white clouds of smoke.
“Say, let me take a nice lil nap on you when we’re back on the ship?”
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