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Is there anyway you can do headcannon NSFW version of law , sanji and zoro and how they would react to having a shy girlfriend in bed. Like she doesn't make much noises , blushes at every touch and is very very sensitive? I love love love your writing BTW! I don't want to just impose a ask without letting you know that! Thank you!!
⟡    ֺ   𓂂  headcanons  ,  with a shy s/o in bed.
Tumblr media
✸     characters! . . .  law, sanji & zoro.
✸     cw(s)! . . .  nsfw. implied f!reader. use of ‘attagirl’ in zoro’s. no pronouns used. not proofread. minors DNI.
✸     notes! . . .  these were kind of all over the place ?? i don’t know ?? and thank you so much for the support <333 thank you for requesting !! 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
law doesn’t mind you being shy, however, he would like to hear from you to know how you’re feeling
he tests out the waters a lot. he needs to know your limits, what makes you feel good, and what makes you feel uncomfortable
doesn’t accept head nods, he needs to hear you say yes every time he asks you if something is okay
he maps out your body with his mouth and fingers, finding where you are the most sensitive
when he feels like he knows what makes you tick, what gives you the most pleasure, he’ll definitely lighten up and tease you a bit
how you unintentionally arch your back, as his calloused fingers trail down your body. the way your legs close a little when he gets closer to your core.
the way you raised your hands to cover your pleasured expression. but no
“how cute” he tells you as he grabs your wrist, pinning them above you. he wants to see you, all of you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sanji loves how shy you are because he loves flustering you, and making you speechless
he takes his time, he’s in no rush. slipping off your clothes one by one, between breath-taking, passionate kisses and love confessions
he just loves making you feel like the most beautiful person on the planet, in the galaxy even
he could do this for hours
he’d do anything just to get a sound out of you. to hear you moan and whimper underneath his touch, to let him know that he’s taking care of you
he feels that you want him, but he wants to know that you want him. he wants to hear you say it. the way “i need you” falls from your lips, is enough to send chills down his spine
you being very sensitive drives him insane. seeing your mouth fall open, watching your body react to the slightest touch ?? he short circuits
sanji is very much into body worship. it’s kinda his thing. he will leave no part of your body untouched, mumbling into your skin about how perfect you are
Tumblr media Tumblr media
zoro himself is not much of a talkative fellow in the bedroom. 
a few low grunts and curses under his breath. or the occasional “mine” that he mumbles against your skin
he has difficulty getting used to your lack of sounds.
he needs to hear how good he’s making you feel. not just for his ego, but he wants to know to learn your body from top to bottom.
what gives you chills, what makes you sigh, what makes you twitch
he’ll tease you a little about your shyness as he pushes you to the limits, pressing you against the wall, spreading your legs with his rough hand
he loves seeing you flustered, not even able to look him in the eye.
“eyes on me” not that he gives you much of a choice, bringing his hand up to your jaw to make you look at him “attagirl”
Tumblr media
© MANGEKYUOU  —  do not copy, repost, or translate my works.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
one piece as textposts part 5
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Tumblr media
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"...Stay Here for a second"
Only thinking about the comfort Zoro has when sanji's around
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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want you (need you) | headcannons
Tumblr media
taking an aphrodisiac with them and seeing who gives in first
Tumblr media
characters. eustass kid, monkey d. luffy, roronoa zoro, vinsmoke sanji
general cw. f!reader, aphrodisiacs, just overall desperate men
a/n. based on this ask, thank you for requesting, i had such fun writing this <3
Tumblr media
cw. mention of thigh riding, bulge
It definitely takes some convincing for him, but once he sees the competitive aspect of it, he’s kind of driven to the idea. 
At first he found it kind of amusing, since he could see it started affecting you first; even though you said you were fine when he asked you, he didn’t miss the way you clenched your thighs for some friction from time to time. 
Then it started affecting him, his body growing hot all over, from his cocks to his heat that were bright red from all the nerves, but he’d rather die than give in first. 
In the end, you’d have to give up and ask him for what you want, he’s too stubborn to lose and you can’t take it anymore.
You were the first to pounce on him, straddling his lap and quickly grinding on his thigh to get any sort of relief you could find. Your thighs tremble on either side of his waist, and you’re panting wildly because it feels like you’ve been holding your breath ever since you felt the delicious drag of his cock in your walls for the first time of the night, but you’ve never felt better. 
You bask in the afterglow of your orgasm for the next few minutes before you realize he’s growing hard inside of you again. You’re terrified to look anywhere, down to the place you connect with him for fear of seeing the bulge he’s surely leaving in your tummy, and absolutely terrified to look up to his face for fear of being met with the unchanging animalistic look of his face.
"Did you think I would be satisfied with just one time? I was just waiting for you to give in, now I'm gonna have my way with you…"
Tumblr media
cw. whiny luffy
He is always willing to try anything you want, so I don't think it would take a lot of convincing. 
He understood the competitive aspect of it, but as soon as he started feeling the effects of the aphrodisiac he got extra touchy with you.
When you remind him you were supposed to see who could last the longest away from each other, it's almost like he doesn't hear you.
"Fuck that, I need you right now"
“W-wait!” you exclaim, his hands pushing at the dip of your fack to get you to arch further into him. This isn’t his favorite position, he much prefers so see you bounce on his lap and make a mess of yourself, or just simple missionary where he can see all the pretty faces he causes in you with every drag of his cock, but he’ll take this for now. 
“No please, I don’t wanna stop…” he all but whines. His cock keeps abusing that same spot he knows drives you crazy, that’s why you’re having such a hard time voicing your concerns. 
“You can’t be so… l-loud, someone might hear!” Your warnings fall to deaf ears, his pace is unrelenting and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, despite this being the third time tonight. The substance only gave him a boost on his already big stamina, and you’re starting to regret suggesting this to him. 
“I love you so much,” he said. “I don’t care if anyone hears, I just want to-... mmm f-fuck-!”
Tumblr media
cw. lots of dirty talk, a little bit of mean dom zoro if u squint, mating press, bulge
Much like Kid, he likes the competitiveness of it all, so it’s easy to convince him about this idea. 
I think he would take a more teasing approach on it though.
As soon as he sees you’re feeling the same heat he is, he starts whispering dirty things in your ear to get you to give in first.
“You’re so warm, bet you feel so hot down there too, don’t you?” “How long are you going to keep pretending you don’t want me to bend you over and fuck you right now?"
“Fuck, thank god…” he groans, his hands holding your legs pressed to your chest as you claw at the sheets next to you. “Didn’t know how much longer I could take” 
The irony of it all is that you didn’t know how much longer you could take this. His grasp on your legs and the way his cock hits all the right spots you were aching to have filled, it’s so overwhelming, and yet it’s everything you had been craving tonight.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, his thrusts growing deeper and harder, if possible. “Too dumb to talk now?”
You nod, knowing if you tried speaking a mixture of slurred and unintelligible words would be the only thing falling past your lips. He doesn’t mind though, he likes watching you go dumb on his cock, still mindful enough to look down at the way his cock keeps bulging at your tummy. 
Tumblr media
cw. dacryphilia if u squint
He’s willing to try anything for you, so it literally only takes suggesting it for him to agree. 
He tries to act like it’s fine, part of him wants to impress you, and part of him wants to see you beg for him. 
Then again, he’s not very patient when it comes to you, so he’ll start with sloppy kisses to your neck, acting like he’s trying to make you give in first.
Eventually it turns into him cursing under his breath, and before he realizes the words are coming out, he’s begging for you to give him something, anything.
“Fuck-!” He groans, throwing his head back. You’re riding him, your tits are bouncing to the rhythm of your hips and your hands are grasping at his chest for balance. He keeps bucking his hips into you, and it’s throwing you off, but he’s reaching the deepest spots of your walls and you’re not sure how much longer you’ll last.
Still, it’s not enough for him. 
He turns you both over, your back landing on the bed with a cry because he took you by surprise, and his hands now on either side of your body, holding himself up as your legs wrap around his waist and he fucks into you just the way he knows you like it.
Sanji hates to see you cry, but somehow he finds the sight of your tears prickling at the corners of your closed eyes so appealing, it almost drives him to the edge. Almost. He wouldn’t even think about leaving his baby unsatisfied.
Tumblr media
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good zolu night (i made a twt btw 😁👍)
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
my man got eepy (it snowed outside a little bit)
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You tell them you’re on your period
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n - zoro 💀
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they're so babygirl 🫶
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First look at one piece Netflix Live Adaptation
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cross epoch with tarble and granolah! 
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one piece boys with a jealous gf
Tumblr media
☆ characters: zoro, law, sanji
☆ up next: cuddling with one piece boys ft. shanks, rayleigh, benn and roger
☆ a/n: for the anon request about being jealous of the boys... i deviated a little from the request but this will definitely have a part 2 <3
“Three hundred million, hm?” she said batting her lashes at him, “With muscles like that I guess it’s not really a surprise!”
Zoro absent-mindedly nodded, much more focused on the katana in front of him. 
“What’s this one?”
“That’s a newer model, popularized in the East Blue. Fishermen designed it.”
“It’s lousy.”
She frowned, pouting her lips out, “That’s too bad, it looks nice when you use it.”
He gave a hmph in response, still mainly focused on the array of swords in the store. 
“Why don’t I show you a Wazamono we have in the back?”
Zoro paused for a moment, thinking about the offer.
“Alright,” he shrugged, and like a dumb puppy, started following her to the back.
You should have been shopping with Nami, but the two of you were rather unsatisfied with the stores you had to choose from and ended up going to get some snacks instead. 
And thanks to this unexpectedly short shopping spree, you had been outside the weapons shop watching most of this exchange.
Your cheeks turned a violent shade of red and Nami insisted that he was probably totally oblivious to the flirting. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”
She sighed, “I guess not… Why don’t you go after him?”
“That’s embarrassing, and you’re probably right anyway.”
You sat with your shoulders crossed and closed your eyes, letting out a long exhale as you tried to think of something else.
“Oh, look! They’re coming back out.”
You decided you might as well go in now before your idiot of a boyfriend dug himself any deeper. 
You were seething as you made your way toward the shop, the woman very obviously lowering her shirt collar in front of him. 
“Zoro!” you walked into the shop, not even glancing towards the saleswoman. 
“Hi, Y/n,” he muttered, using different grips to try out the swords, recognizing you immediately, even if just by your voice. 
“Anything good?” you asked, slightly irritated when he didn’t even turn to look at you and called you by your name instead of his usual ‘baby’. 
“No,” he replied, still toying with the weapon.
You indulged in a small smirk as you watched the expression on the girl’s face turn into one of irritation. She rolled her eyes. 
“Are you sure you didn’t want to take another look in the back?” she asked, gently putting her hand on Zoro’s- which clearly irritated him, 
“You seemed to like what I had to offer.”
She put on an infuriatingly suggestive tone for the second part of her sentence. 
Zoro held the sword he’d been looking at up, any innuendo flying entirely over his head. 
“That’s true… Yeah, I guess I’ll take another look-”
You slapped the back of his head and grabbed the sword out of his hands, throwing them onto the counter.
“What the hell-”
“We’re going back to the ship. Now.”
You turned abruptly and stormed out of the shop, not bothering to pick up the weapons you’d ‘accidentally’ knocked over on your way out. 
Zoro offered the woman an apologetic look and ran after you. 
Nami was waiting for you both outside, and when he turned to her in hopes of being given some kind of indication of what just happened, she simply said, “You should probably think twice before you flirt with a woman for half an hour in front of your girlfriend.”
Zoro’s cheeks changed colors as he started to realize what everything had probably looked like from an outside perspective.
Oh, fuck.
Zoro decided that being another ฿100,000 in debt to Nami would be worth making it up to you, and after losing his breath trying to explain the situation to you he took you shopping for the rest of the night. 
The next few days you spent docked on the island, Zoro refused to move away from your side. 
And any looks or stares he got from women- young or old, pretty or not- were returned with only the most threatening of glances. 
“You can do something right Traffy?” Luffy’s concern for his crewmate made your chest ache, and you desperately hoped that it wasn’t too late for something to be done.
Unexpected cannon fire from a nearby Marine battleship caught you all off-guard and resulted in Nami passing out from a collision with the walls of the ship. 
Law nodded, gently picking her up.
You felt a slightly nauseating feeling forming in your stomach but quickly pushed it away because now was definitely not the time to be feeling jealous. 
You waited with the rest of the Strawhats as he worked on stabilizing her in the doctor’s office. 
Chopper was currently passed out as well from having overexerted himself and falling overboard. 
Usopp had taken care of it and he seemed to be doing okay but there was no way he could have helped anyone in his current state. 
A tense fifteen minutes later Law walked out to inform everyone that it wasn’t as bad of a hit to the head as it had seemed and she’d be waking up in a few hours.
“I’ll still run a few tests once she’s up just to make sure.”
“Y/n-ya,” Law called you over to him, “Want to help with Nami? I could use an extra hand.”
You nodded, happy he asked you. 
You walked with him to the infirmary, and when no one was around he held your hand.
The last thing either of you really wanted was for any one of the Strawhats to know you were together. 
When you entered the room Nami was awake.
“Torao! Thanks for all this,” she gestured towards the bandages and IV. 
“No problem, Nami-ya,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed as he pulled out his stethoscope.
“Write down the info I give you.”
You nodded and started writing down all the different numbers and medical jargon he threw at you. 
He talked with Nami and made no effort to include you in the conversation.
Nami’s chest had been bandaged and you tried your best to not think about the fact that he had been the one to bandage it. 
You fought back the urge to show any irritation on your face.
Law did not want any of them to know about you two. 
You knew Nami was just friendly and probably still kind of out of it, but the sickening feeling of insecurity started to seep into your body and you were becoming increasingly impatient with how damn long this was taking.
He was more talkative than usual, and you were positive that it had to do with the absolutely gorgeous woman in front of him. 
“One forty over seventy.”
He was treating you like a secretary! 
He cracked a terrible joke to Nami and when she actually laughed at it you decided you’d had enough.
You threw the notepad at him and walked out, telling him to take his own damn notes. 
He went to find you a few hours later, and ask if you were okay.
He found you painting your nails in the Sunny’s library. 
“I’m fine, Law.”
“Mmm... Definitely not true,” he said, sitting down next to you. 
“How’s the patient.”
Oh, he thought, That’s what this is about.
“Good. Stable. She should sleep soundly through the night.”
You said nothing.
“I appreciate your help back there!”
He pressed a light kiss to your cheek.
After a while of Law trying to get you to talk to him, you relented a little bit and agreed to let him read while you finished your nails.
After an hour you had almost forgiven him entirely, deciding that you were overreacting and it didn’t matter now that Chopper would be able to take care of her. 
You had just settled yourself against his chest when he spoke.
“I have to go check on Nami-ya soon.”
“But Chopper’s able to now.”
Law smiled, “I know. She’s still my patient.”
“I get it,” you said, jealousy having won, “I’d also be eager to play nurse if I had a patient as hot as her.”
“Bingo,” he replied. 
You bit the inside of your cheek and decided not to say anything, simply getting up, batting away his hands when he tried to grab hold of you.
You stormed out, slamming the door shut and ignoring how he called out for you to come back. 
You rolled your eyes as you heard Law laughing to himself. 
Law trusted you with his life. 
He had no secrets with you and you knew everything someone could possibly know about the doctor, reclusive and quiet as he may be.
But, just now, Law decided that there would be one thing you could never know:
How much he absolutely adored seeing you jealous.  
“Would you like another drink, beautiful?”
You rolled your eyes and hastily closed your book, gathering the few things you’d brought with you to the kitchen. 
“And my gorgeous Y/n-” he paused when he turned to see you headed toward the door, “Y/n where are you going?”
You closed the door behind you, ignoring him. 
It was easy to be jealous when Sanji was your crush. He’d never failed to shamelessly compliment other beautiful women, and you were not a stranger to that terrible feeling of jealousy spreading throughout your body. 
When Luffy announced that Boa Hancock would be staying with you all for a week or so you made a mental note to spend as much time in the library as possible.
You knew what you’d signed up for when you kissed Sanji for the first time, that it was in his nature to be a lover. 
Of course, he was desperately in love with you. If you asked him for something he’d have it done before you could finish your request, and he catered to you like he was your personal butler. 
Even though you weren’t official, it was clear that there were deeper feelings brewing between the kissing and touching. 
He’d never done anything worse than complimenting a woman, and you were beyond positive that he hadn’t kissed anyone after the two of you kissed, but he was so irritatingly articulate. 
You’d feel jealousy cloud your thinking when he’d talk to a woman, using turns of phrase that Shakespeare himself couldn’t have come up with. Of course, he was never more romantic or genuine than when he was with you, but you wanted that attention entirely to yourself. 
Boa Hancock’s arrival and subsequent welcoming had played out exactly as you had expected.
Heat flooded your cheeks and face when you watched a small trickle of blood pouring from his nose, and he ran to greet her. 
You left before you could watch anything else happen and still hadn't so much as introduced yourself to her. 
Logically, you understood that it wasn’t her fault but her insufferable vanity didn’t help. 
And though she never even pretended to entertain Sanji, she clearly didn’t mind the treatment. 
Every meal revolved around her, her favorite foods, and pastries that were pink and heart-shaped. Cocktails and drinks and snacks for Boa. Everything for her. 
You weren’t even sure he had noticed you were ignoring him. 
As much as you hated to admit it, you’d decided to try some tactics of your own. Your skirts got shorter and your heels higher. 
Today you’d opted for a pair of leggings he’d mentioned liking and a sports bra that was low cut. 
It had worked, until she walked into the room. 
You couldn’t exactly blame him, despite your evident dislike for her she was undeniably gorgeous and you caught yourself staring at her more than once. Luckily, you always noticed before she did. 
As you made your way toward the library you saw Sanji through the kitchen window, not failing to notice that he was preparing a mountain of heart-shaped pastries.
What a clown, you thought. 
A sudden clanking of metal jolted you out of your own thoughts. You turned to see Zoro mid-workout, dropping weights onto the lawn, ruining the grass.
He was sweaty and the sun was helping highlight the pounds upon pounds of intricately toned and sculpted muscle that covered him. 
You stared for longer than you meant to. 
“Oi!” Zoro called out to you. 
“Hey, Zoro,” you walked over to him. 
“You okay?”
You nodded, looking up at him with a confused expression. 
“You look like shit,” he explained.
“Thanks, man.”
You asked Zoro what he was up to and he started explaining the different workouts he was doing. 
While he explained you noticed that Sanji could see the two of you from the kitchen window where he was now washing dishes. 
A cruel idea popped into your head and a devilish smile made its way onto your face. 
Sanji wasn’t your boyfriend, and based on the way he’d been acting around every different woman he saw you figured he didn’t want to be. 
If he just wanted to occasionally make out with you and throw his attention and touch at every other woman on the seas then that was fine by you. 
But two could play at that game. 
You made eye contact through the kitchen window, and smiled at him. 
Good. He was watching you.
“Hey, Zoro,” you started, “Need a sparring partner?”
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Tumblr media
old wip i dont like BUT what if zoro first saw sanjis whole face when they both fell into the water,,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wedding finale 🥰 had a lot of fun with this! Hope you enjoyed
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