yamino · 2 days ago
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I have made a pay-what-you-want zine about... How To Make Zines!
I go over my entire process, so you too can learn how to supplement your income with zines. Please give it a look, and share if you find it helpful!
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gummygunk · 2 days ago
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(dis)connected thoughts zine
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nartothelar · 2 days ago
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Made a comic for Sabbitical: A UA faculty mini zine! Preorders end Sep 30th, so please check it out if you’d like!
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daycarefanzine · a day ago
Hoo hoo hoo! Hellooo again, friends!
Starlights & twinkles! ✨
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the MARVELOUS pieces made by some of the zine’s very own superstars! Aren’t they perfect? 
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Past your bedtime...
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beverage2000 · 10 hours ago
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from recent zine :3
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birdblacksocialclub · 2 days ago
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Date night ‘incognito’
My SFW piece for @ffviimultimania zine.
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vergoftowels · 2 days ago
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My megazine by @bonesblubs arrived!! So excited! And thank you very much for the A-Yao! :D
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spectralreplica · 23 hours ago
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Saioumota vtuber AU! (My full piece from @saioumota-zine​ )
Also included are the full designs and the Discord icons. Kokichi’s account is the one shown, so it was fun to think of what people he’d be friends with and what kind of servers he’d be in. (I’m not saying they all met in a Terezi fan server in this AU, but I’m not not saying that.)
The conversation they’re having on Discord is basically Kaito having bad wi-fi, Kokichi claiming to have cursed him, and Shuichi offering sympathy and trying to point out something on screen. I imagine they all commissioned Angie for the art in universe, but here in our world, I had loads of fun trying to make the art styles distinct 😁
Official names:
Kindaichi Satoki / 金田一 悟記 Surname: reference to famous fictional detective Kindaichi Kosuke Given name: enlightenment/perceive/realize, account/record (also, sounds like Satori)
Amateur (?) detective with a suspicious amount of anime and game knowledge for someone who claims to only read detective novels and true crime. Audience is split on whether the stories they tell about cases are based on something the real person behind them actually experienced or are totally fictional/references to media.
Inexplicably amazing at racing games. Banned from werewolf/mafia-type multiplayer games for being too good at guessing the bad actors.
Yamiochi Makiko / 闇落 魔鬼子 Surname: fall to darkness/heel turn Given name: demon, ghost, child (also, same first kanji as Maki)
Daughter and heir to the demon king who refers to all followers/subs as minions in her evil organization. Possibly also a clown? Only plays games on hard, and is apparently pro-level at chess. Really wide range of expressions, especially creepy ones!
Accepts Yamimaki and Kiko as nicknames, but not plain Maki. There is some Other Maki who never appears and is only referenced ominously.
Nanase Stella / 七星 ステラ Surname: seven stars/Big Dipper Given name: Latin for star
Alien visiting Earth for the first time from another galaxy. Inexplicably speaks Japanese, English, and Russian despite this. Chat streams rebranded as “Let Me Tell You About Space!” because that’s most of what happened anyway, but she’ll still give advice/encouragement if someone asks.
Consistently terrible luck, both in games (random chance= worst outcome 100% of the time) and out (wi-fi has issues constantly, streams glitch out in ways that seem impossible). Official explanations offered: 1) Attacks from enemy aliens who want to destroy Earth. 2) Cursed by Makiko with a million years of bad luck.
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bricreative20 · 2 days ago
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Here’s a preview of my piece in the @liszine Crossroads fanzine! A little something for me and those who followed the comics
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zariyen · 14 hours ago
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illustration for Fox Tales, a SunaOsa zine on twt !
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father-killjoy · 3 hours ago
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Started working on a little zine. Hopefully I get to finish it.
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i0n4 · 23 hours ago
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here’s a preview of my Dio piece for Morphogenesis!
preorders are now available until October 30th!
more info and links can be found here ✨
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daigyakutenzine · a day ago
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Everything is officially here and we are so excited to get bundles out to all of our supporters!! Keep your eyes peeled for shipping updates very soon, and maybe even a little sneak peek inside the zine itself. 👀🌸
Zine cover and Japan-side acrylic charm illustrated by @mackerelbones, bookmark design by @soaptaculart, & Great Britain-side acrylic charm by @alumints
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artpunk-intl · a day ago
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“The Hyperactive Mind in the 21st Century”
digital collage, 2019
designed by DOSvirus
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zmijowka · 2 days ago
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A sneak peak of my illustration for @whetherornozine! A charity zine you can get on gumroad
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310saioumazine · a day ago
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Our second merch preview is for this die cut sticker featuring postgame, designed by Yuni!
❥ Shop: https://310saioumazine.bigcartel.com/
[ Shop || Carrd || Twitter || Instagram || Curious Cat ]
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jordanbolton · 5 months ago
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“Range Life” by Jordan Bolton
Part of Scenes from Imagined Films Issue #1, available on Etsy
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