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space-dragon14 · 6 months ago
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Zilla gang Zilla gang
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art-of-nmh · 2 months ago
Monsterverse Godzilla & Zilla Jr have an interesting conversation while hanging out. 
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yazmmy · 2 months ago
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Godzilla: The Series S1E14 “Monster Wars: Part 3″
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arts-by-omar · 4 months ago
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Atomic breath power
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balanceoflightanddark · a month ago
Here is a friendly reminder that Godzilla once fought the Loch Ness Monster
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churchydraws · 5 months ago
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Zilla Jr my beloved
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crimsonprevails · 2 months ago
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Godzilla vs. Zilla
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the--sparrow · 5 months ago
Godzilla Crossroads AU: The Beginning of the End
Sequel to this 
It was a cold day in NYC, two days after Komodithrax’s death. There was a fair amount of people unhappy about that. Komodithrax was a hero, who risked her scales to protect the city for decades. There was talk of building a statue in her honor. One thing was clear though, The TCTF was on thin ice. Then the ice cracked. Boom Boom Boom Boom That was what hundreds heard for half an hour if they lived on the coast, near the TCTF HQ, which stood where HEAT HQ once stood. Then the source reared it’s head. A bipedal monster, primarily a greyish silver, with red on it’s chest and forearms, with gold shelled shoulders, and piercing blue eyes. It carried a spear, a spear once belonging to a hero, a savior. That savior is dead now, this creature killed him, and he went willingly. The creature’s name is Jet Jaguar, and the saviors name was Simon Jaeger. The TCTF HQ was a fortress surrounded by a massive octagonal wall. A wall that sprouted a hardlight dome, as soon as Jet Jaguar came in view.
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The creature bellowed, the man leading the TCTF and the one responsible for Komi’s death was the grandson of a man Simon called a friend. But Jet did not consider this man a friend, he considered him prey. Jet Jaguar bellowed again but this time in Kaiju. Suddenly the waters and the earth started to rock.
Zilla and Kozilla arose from the depths, Angurius, Biollante, and Kiryu arose from the Earth, and Minarva descended from the clouds. Other Kaiju across the planet were doing the same, at different TCTF facilities. Caelignis, Vela, Fodie, Nanta, and the Drakes were crushing the Bases up in Canada. Ivory, Godzilla(Suijin), Bruce, and The MUTO’s were striking across the US. Mothra(Leo), Molla, Daemoshu, Thornna, and Izanami were attacking bases around an in China. Behemoth, Methuselah, and Scylla were attacking the Russian bases. Fuji, Rodan, Gamera, and Quetzalcoatl were attacking the South American facilities. Space Godzilla, Destroyah, Obsidius, Krystalak, and Nessie attack Europe. While Queen Miwa, Daitan, Jira, Ghidorah, Ghiji, and Bakunawa attack the pacific islands.
Alarms blared across the island, Maser Cannons sprouted out from the towers on each corner of the wall, blasting at the various Kaiju. But none targeted Jet Jaguar, no, the TCTF had something different for him. The bottom of the gate opened and shot out giant robots curled up into balls.
“Biollante! Keep that door open!” Koji roared after tearing off a Maser Cannon, only to be blasted by the one next to it, which only pissed her off more.
The robots arose from their balled up states, and revealed they were combatants all to familiar to Jet Jaguar.
“Zone Fighters” Jet growled, the very same project he greenlit during the MUTO War, at least now everything he did during that war has finally bitten him, no more surprises from that dark chapter in history. The original Zone Fighter AKA Madison Russell was a student and ally of Jet Jaguar for many years. Jet trusted no one else to pilot Zone Fighter mecha, but now there was a battalion of them.
Jet Jaguar charged at them, spinning his spear into one, cutting it in two, then he crushed it’s head, and the human inside. This motion only took six seconds, but it broadcast that the Jet Jaguar they were hoping for was dead and gone. His eyes snapped to the next mech, which stepped back under his gaze. He swung his spear directly into the head of the mech, tearing both it and the human inside in two. There was a scream heard from the cockpit before the spear hit, a cry for help, a prayer to go that could not hear him. but his fellow pilots heard him, they knew what fate awaited them. Two of the remaining nine attempted to flee to skies, but Minarva was waiting, she plunged her tail into one Fighter and tore the others head off with her teeth before crunching it. She then flung the other down to earth, where her husband unleashed a bioelectric blast into the systems, frying everything. Each of the Pilots now had a choice, die on the ground or in the air. Jet Jaguar didn’t give them much time to decide, sending his spear forward, killing one Zone Fighter instantly and pining another’s leg to the ground. Jet grappled the pined Fighter, relieving it of it’s leg. He threw the torso at another Zone Fighter, distracting it while he lunged at another Zone Fighter that was activating it’s missile pods. He ripped both arms off with one violent motion, before beating it with them. He launched a line silk at the Zone Fighter he “gave” the torso to. He tugged the poor mech off the ground, and spun it above his head, before clubbing two of it’s comrades with it’s lifeless hull. The two remaining Zone Fighters rushed Jet Jaguar, pushing him down to his knee’s. Then he heard the unmistakable, Zilla crying out in pain. Jet flung his head about looking for his brother, only to see maser fire dispersing, and him lying in the water. 
Jet Jaguar Roared, Before charging up his Bioelectricity as well as his Atomic Breath. He blasted a hole through the lower chassis of one of the Fighters and melted the face of the other. Before tearing them apart with his claws.
He rushed the Gate of the HQ and slammed his electrified fists into it, not a singles dent or singe. He charged up his atomic breath again, and concentrated it all on the gate, but it still stood. It was designed to hold back Godzilla, so it was reinforced and heat-proof... But was it cold-proof? Jet placed his hands on the door and focused just as Aptenodytes told him, but no cold came, then another roar entered his ears, this time it was Kozi. She was begging her father to get up. Then Jet heard it, a Maser Cannon charging up, aiming at Kozi. 
These pathetic Humans were about to undo the first good thing Jet Ever did. His blood boiled at the thought, and then frost spread across the door, across the wall. The Maser Cannon froze and imploded. Jet Jaguar then began to smash the door in, the cracks formed by the ice caused it to shatter under his assault.
He charged through as the pieces fell to the ground, slamming his feat into the ground, destabilizing the Pier.
Jet Jaguar spotted his prey behind the oversized window of the War Room. The last thing Commander Nick Hicks saw was Jet Jaguar charging up a massive atomic blast.  With his last breath Nick Hicks muttered two words “We Lost” and in strange twist of fate, Jet Jaguar had a very similar remark before sending him to oblivion.
“The Contest is Over: YOU LOSE!”
Miwa, Daitan, and Fuji by @hot-tortilla-fish​​
Molla, Jira, Ghiji by @archangeldraws​​
Ivory, Izanami, Daemoshu, and Suijin by @cardbrobot​​
Bruce the Muto by @nemesisthetoy​​
Bakunawa by @tuzi0usagi0bunbon0bunny​​
Aptenodytes by @ridicbird​​
Caelignis, Vela, Fodie, and Nanta by @qualxon​
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m4ddestsc1entist · 2 months ago
Just watched ep5 (Cameron Winter can die in a hole 🙏😇)
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hrodvitnon · a year ago
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Happy much belated Day of Birth for @spiderdetentionaire, didn’t wanna rehash a similar “bow before the king but with Toho” drawing I did way back when, so did it with a bit of Gurren Lagann instead.
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wander2theedge · a year ago
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(Part 1: YOU ARE HERE) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)
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kaijuvanitas · 5 months ago
So I recently bought myself Godzilla The Animated Series (the one based off the 1998 American film, don't judge me I love it) and I think the funniest thing about this show is how everyone looks like they hit a blunt before the show started. They all have this sort of half lidded awkward look in their eyes that just reads, "I smoked some weed before coming onscreen."
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The only one who doesn't look high as a kite is Zilla Jr, and that's because I think there's simply not a blunt big enough for him to hit!
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Say what you will about the 1998 Godzilla, but the Animated series is actually pretty good and pretty funny if you sit down and let yourself enjoy it.
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art-of-nmh · 5 months ago
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I finally got around to making reference sheets, hooray! 
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yazmmy · 8 months ago
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GODZILLA: THE SERIES S1E13 "Monster Wars: Part 2"
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arts-by-omar · 9 months ago
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Zoey zilla
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godzilla-1998 · a month ago
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archangeldraws · 11 months ago
Um can you draw zilla jr but with 1992 Godzilla’s dorsal fins? Or maybe even a monsterverse zilla jr (zilla jr being 1998 tristar Godzilla)
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Here you go! Hope I did it right ^^
Do not repost my stuff!
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