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hearts desire - color drabble from this ask
yuta okkotsu x reader with no pronouns used
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Tumblr media
with a soft thud yutas body lands on the bed, the warmth of his torso warming your knee from where you sit cross legged on the bed looking through pictures yuta had taken from his latest mission on his phone. but you quickly abandon it, the phone forgotten on the edge of the mattress as you turn to face him and crawl into the space between his middle and his arm, nuzzling into him like a kitten. the scent of his shampoo fills your nostrils, the smell becoming one with your own when he puts his arm around you and pulls you ever closer, leaving not a single centimeter between your bodies. 
“i missed you,” he says sweetly, the softness of his lips brushing against your forehead, his gentle fanning against your skin. 
anywhere with yuta was where you wanted to be, he was home to you. but being like this, in the comfort of his plush sheets that you often share, in the safety of his arms- knowing he is home safe- and basking in the love you share that blankets the whole room; this was your favorite version of that home.
“i missed you too,” you coo, your cold toes moving down his leg, your hands grabbing on his shirt subconsciously, proof of just how true your words were. he’d been gone all week on a mission outside the country and even though you’ve been together since early this morning when his plane landed, as the sun became overshadowed by the moon, you still couldn’t bear to part from him. “tell me more about your trip?” 
“i will, but first, souvenirs.” 
loosening his arm around you, he reaches over to the nightstand and grabs the gift bag he placed there earlier. you both get into more comfortable positions, his upper back leaning against the headboard but he still kept you tucked into his side. you held the bag as he pulled out several gifts, trinkets he saw that reminded him of you, treats he wanted to try and thought you could share together and more. 
“these ones look into something gojo sensei would eat himself sick on,” you giggled as you took the lid off of a bright magenta candy that was coated in sparkling sugar, placing the box container on yutas middle. 
before you can reach for one slender fingers come into view and pick one up, the hand around your waist tightening. bits of sugar fall back into the container before yuta lifts it to your lips, a warmth blossoming on your cheeks at his gesture. 
“try it,” he says with a big smile when you don’t immediately take it.
your lips part, the softness of them brushing against the tips of his fingers as you take the treat into your mouth. the crystalline sugar and taste of passion fruit melts on your tongue and you hum at the delicious taste.
“mhm, it’s really good!”
“yeah?” he chuckles, admiring your adorable face lit up by your bright eyes and pink cheeks. 
the smile he wears as he stares at you, so love stricken and tender, makes your chest bloom with heat and your heart beat at an irregular pace, the feeling of being so lucky to be the one to love him spreading through your while being. you can’t tear your eyes from the handsome sight of him even as you reach for a candy to feed him in return.
as the night goes on, he tells you about the places he got each gift, of the sights he saw and the people he had met, that he wished you could have been with him. you listened with a smile on your face, looking up at his tired eyes, your fingers reaching up to play with his hair while his own rubbed against your back and side.
you listened until your eyes felt heavy and even then you wanted him to keep talking but it wasn’t long until you were both sound asleep, with his arms wrapped around you, pulling you close as you clung to his white shirt, your legs intertwined, your head against his chest, your hearts beating as one.
Tumblr media
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“my parents want to meet you” 127 texts
Telling nct 127 that your parents want to meet them
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
he really said: 🥺
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221204 NCT 127 'NEO CITY : BANGKOK THE LINK' Press Conference 
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Taeyong: You know Jungwoo the best way to get over one woman is to get on top of, behind and under another.
Doyoung: Don't listen to him, that's how you get Chlamydia. Do you know what Chlamydia feels like?
Yuta: Like throwing up from the antibiotics.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
actualización de nct 127 en twitter e instagram !💚
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can u do watching christmas movies together pls
ofc ^^ tysm for the request :))) (also all of nct was a bit much so I'll try to do each unit part-by-part leading up to christmas)
Watching Christmas Movies with NCT 127
Tumblr media
taeyong: super cozy; multiple blankets, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and probably something like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on. you'd both fall asleep by the end of the movie all snuggled up together.
taeil: with a windy snowstorm outside, both of you are in bed with the heat cranked up to keep you warm. the tv is playing some old christmas-romance movie while taeil draws shapes onto your back. you let out a soft sigh as the dialogue mixed with the sound of taeil's heartbeat lull you to sleep.
johnny: you're practically laying on johnny while you laugh at the rom-com christmas movie you put on. the crackling of your fireplace makes for good background noise and warmth while you enjoy the intimate moment with your boyfriend.
yuta: Midway through when some christmas carols start playing in the movie, yuta swoops you up to dance. he twirls you around while he has a wide grin plastered on his face.
doyoung: while decorating the christmas tree with doyoung, you giggle about him about crossing the lights. the mean girls christmas dance is playing on your tv and you and doyoung dance along with it. you laugh at doyoung dancing with ornaments hung around his ears like earrings and glitter all over his hands from the ornaments.
jaehyun: the room is pitch black except for the light illuminating off the tv and your christmas tree. you're leaning on jaehyun's arm while you both watch a romance movie he recommended you watch together.
jungwoo: you're baking cookies while jungwoo's ipad plays an old christmas movie that was recommended on netflix. the smell of sugar cookies and icing floods the house while you two take sips of the hot coco you also made together.
mark: home alone is playing on the tv in the living room while mark is laying in-between your legs with a blanket wrapped around himself. mark leaves little comments during the movie like "how could he even fall for that-" which make both of you giggle together.
haechan: you're watching Elf with haechan in the living room in the early morning of christmas eve. it's snowing outside and the entire neighborhood seemed to be covered in a thin white blanket. while sitting on his lap, you grab a marshmallow and feed it to him. he happily chews on it and places a soft kiss on your cheek in exchange.
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed this ^^ i'm so excited for christmas time!!
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still thinking about gege saying yuta has a white uniform bc they were given to "problem children" and it makes them easy to spot from afar kdjscnksd
like this??
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is your problem child???
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he’s just a little guy
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Tumblr media
time’s up 
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Tumblr media
Yuta okotsu
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winding down from comms ^_^
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haechan and yuta’s friendship - for @nanananalogist​ ♡
Tumblr media
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birthday party. (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: yuta x afab!reader x hyuck
words: 4.6k+
summary: if he’s being honest, the only reason yuta can’t get close to donghyuck is because he wants to fuck his girlfriend.
genre: smut
warnings: threesome, yuta and haechan are mean, reader is fucked stupid, butt plugs, vibrators, mention of dildos, a little dubcon, anal, face fucking, squirting, major degradation, double penetration, creampies
It’s not like Yuta has always seen you this way.
You’ve been dating Donghyuck for a couple of years, the first two being filled with puppy love and teasing from the members about how embarrassed the both of you would get from simple hand holding. Then, of course, Donghyuck grew more confident in himself and your relationship and hand holding turned into ass grabbing at the dinner table, which Doyoung always complained about.
It wasn’t until one of the company dinners when Yuta finally started to notice you. Normally, the event was very exclusive but since Donghyuck was the sweet talker, he brought you along with no complaints from any of the staff. Yuta remembers how pretty you looked in your baby blue dress, barely reaching the tops of your thighs. Donghyuck was happier than ever, copping a feel for you whenever he thought his managers weren’t looking. You would just giggle and swat his shoulder, scolding him playfully.
Yuta imagined what it would be like to have his hands roaming your body, sliding up your tiny dress and ripping the fabric down the middle so he could fully see you. He’s heard countless stories of Doyoung and Taeyong getting into fights with Donghyuck because the two of you are too noisy during ungodly hours of the night, keeping the rest of the members awake from the bedframe hitting the wall and your high pitched moans. Donghyuck would complain because it’s not his fault you tend to get turned on around 3am, and he would be considered a horrible boyfriend if he didn’t take care of you.
Yuta wants to hide the idea of fucking you far from any of his members, keeping the thought to himself only when he needs it late at night. He knows he’s not the only one thinking it though, often catching Mark or Jaehyun’s lingering stare whenever you come over to the dorms in nothing but a small tank top and sweatpants.
But if Yuta thinks you haven’t noticed him, he was a complete idiot.
“Hyuck, have you seen Yuta staring at me?”
You bring the topic up to your boyfriend one night, watching as he taps away at his keyboard, playing games with Taeyong and Johnny. He turns off his microphone briefly to answer your question.
“Why would Yuta be staring at you, baby?” He asks innocently.
You shuffle around on his bed, glad that the members now have their own rooms so you don’t have to awkwardly ask Johnny to leave so you can spend time with your boyfriend.
“He just does. I don’t know, I’ve noticed it recently.”
You shrug absentmindedly, even though you know what you’re trying to get at. Donghyuck seems to know it too, having memorized your emotions like the back of his hand.
“And you like it when he stares at you?” He questions, eyes still focused on his gaming screen even though you both know he’s more focused on this conversation.
You shrug again. “I don’t know. I was just thinking, with my birthday coming up and everything, we could try something new.”
Donghyuck hums in understanding, knowing exactly what that meant. The both of you have tried nearly everything at this point, one of Donghyuck’s nightstand drawers being filled with various toys and butt plugs of your liking. However, you’ve never invited someone else to join in on your fun.
“You know I’ll get you anything you want, baby. Let me take care of it.”
You almost squeal in delight at your boyfriend’s eagerness to please you, and Donghyuck is forced to hang up on Taeyong and Johnny while you ride him on his gaming chair as a thank you.
“I’m not sure I understand.”
Donghyuck shrugs, leaning against the wall of Yuta’s bed casually. The menace had marched into Yuta’s room only moments ago, letting Yuta know that his girlfriend desperately wanted to fuck him.
“I don’t think it’s that difficult to process,” Donghyuck says, smirking like he usually does. The little shit that he is, he props his feet up on Yuta’s bed and sighs. “Her birthday is coming up and she wants you.”
Yuta swallows. There’s at least a sixty percent chance Donghyuck could be fucking with him right now just to see how Yuta responds.
Yuta’s known for never backing down from a challenge, so he straightens up and glares down at his younger member. “If that’s what she wants, then I’m fine with it.”
Donghyuck scoffs at Yuta’s attempt at being subtle. “Alright. Whatever. I’ll text you the day and time. She also wants to know what you want to see her in, you know, since you’re staring at her all the time?”
The tips of Yuta’s ears turn bright red and he tears his gaze away from Donghyuck’s questioning eyes.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Uh huh. I’ll just have her wear that blue dress from a couple years ago. You remember? At the company dinner?”
“Sure. I don’t mind,” Yuta says, ignoring Donghyuck’s evil chuckles.
“Good. See you then.”
Donghyuck exits his room, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s just spun Yuta’s world upside down.
It’s only a week later that you celebrate your birthday. All of the members gather in the kitchen to sing for you, and Yuta can’t help but stare at the baby blue dress from all those years ago. It still fits your body perfectly, riding up slightly from being pressed against Donghyuck’s side.
The members have decided to give you and Donghyuck some privacy as your birthday present so that you two have the whole floor to yourselves. Doyoung’s only ask was that you stay far away from his room.
Donghyuck texted Yuta last night to come over once all of the members have left. Yuta doesn’t want to say that he’s nervous, but terrified at the thought of fucking you tonight. He doesn’t exactly know what kind of boundaries you and Donghyuck have established, but you’ve barely glanced in Yuta’s general direction since they brought the cake out. You’re only smiling at Donghyuck affectionately, kissing his cheek and thanking him for the birthday surprise.
So when Yuta arrives at Donghyuck’s door later that night, he’s feeling defensive.
“Haechan, if this is some sick joke-“
Donghyuck rolls his eyes. “Come in and stop complaining.”
Yuta nearly stops in his tracks at the sight of you on Donghyuck’s bed, sitting on your knees. You’re still wearing the dress from earlier but now it’s accompanied by a baby blue collar strapped around your neck, Yuta’s name dangling on the metal.
Donghyuck smirks at the sight of Yuta being so flustered that he can’t even speak.
“She wanted to wear it for you,” Donghyuck hums softly. “Normally, I wouldn’t let her wear any other name except mine, but it’s her birthday today and I’m not going to deny her anything. Princess is going to get whatever she wants.”
You tilt your head innocently, smiling softly at Yuta. He wants to do nothing but ruin you.
“You’re not going to tell me how pretty I look?” You pout, fingers brushing over the hem of your dress. “I wore this just for you. I know how much you like it.”
“Go on,” Donghyuck prods Yuta forward when he doesn’t say anything. “I’m going to take a shower and then I’ll join you. Do whatever she wants. But no real fun until I come back.”
Donghyuck gives you a warning look and you simply smile. Your boyfriend knows better than anyone how mischievous you can get. Once Donghyuck leaves, the room settles into silence.
You frown. “Do you not like me, Yuta?”
“What?” He laughs awkwardly, still feeling embarrassed by the current situation. “Why would I not like you?”
“Because I prepared all of this for you,” you pout, bottom lip sticking out. Yuta wants to kiss you so badly right now. “Wore this dress for you, bought this collar for you, made myself all pretty. I thought you would like it.”
You’re a little bit defeated by Yuta’s lack of excitement. Donghyuck warned you he would probably be nervous because of the circumstances, but you didn’t believe it. After all, you can’t recall the last time you ever saw Nakamoto Yuta nervous.
You decide to tease him more just to see how far his resolve would go. You rise from your position slightly and grab the hem of Yuta’s shirt, dragging him closer to you. His eyes widen at your boldness, looking down at you. You grin and tilt your head, lips inches away from his.
“I thought you would want to kiss me as soon as you saw me,” you confess, voice barely a whisper.
He swallows. “Kissing seems a little intimate, don’t you think? You’re still Haechan’s girlfriend.”
You roll your eyes and Yuta can start to see why you and Donghyuck are so perfect for each other. “So what if I’m Hyuck’s girlfriend? He gave you the go ahead, didn’t he?” You take Yuta’s hand in yours before guiding his palm downwards to your soaking core. “Plus, Hyuck doesn’t mind. He’s possessive for sure, but he knows I’ll always belong to him. But this, right here, belongs to you for the night.”
Yuta’s breath hitches when his fingers brush by your cunt, which is completely dripping in anticipation. That’s when Yuta finally snaps, lips crashing into yours as he pushes you onto the bed. You squeak in surprise at his aggressive nature, trying to balance yourself by gripping his biceps.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he groans, tongue slipping into your mouth.
You figured Yuta would be a messy fuck, and you’re proven right by the way he almost swallows you whole. You moan against his lips, allowing him to take control.
He grips the fabric of your panties before tearing it in half like it was nothing. As much as you love your boyfriend, Donghyuck has made many attempts before to try and rip anything off of you with no success. Yuta’s strength makes you grow even wetter.
“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you in this dress,” he growls, moving to attack your neck. You gasp when he bites down forcefully. “Such a fucking slut, walking around with barely any clothes on. I don’t understand why Haechan allows you to dress like a whore.”
You whimper. “I-I’m not a whore.”
He laughs sinisterly. “Yes, you are. You’re a filthy whore who should be doing nothing but getting fucked all day.” His fingers tug at your collar and you attempt to catch your breath. “If I were Haechan, I would make you wear this around just to show everyone who you belong to. Mark and Jaehyun want to fuck you so badly too, you know.”
Your eyes widen slightly at Yuta’s confession. You’ve never seen Mark and Jaehyun take a second glance at you, if you’re being honest, and now you’re slightly regretting asking Mark for guitar lessons last week when you were wearing only Donghyuck’s shirt and your underwear.
“That’s not true,” you try to deny, moaning when you feel Yuta’s fingers playing with your folds gently.
“Oh, it’s not true?” He laughs again, and it sounds even more degrading as time passes. Perhaps you accidentally unlocked a sadistic side of Yuta. “Then why did I catch Jaehyun jerking off to the sound of you and Haechan fucking a week ago?”
You gasp. “Jaehyun doesn’t even live on this floor!”
“That’s the thing, silly girl. Sometimes we need a little help getting ourselves off and the sound of Haechan railing you does the trick. Sometimes we come up here to stand outside the door, listening to how you beg for Haechan to give you a break. Sometimes we imagine that it’s us on top of you, fucking you until there’s not a single thought in that pretty little head of yours.”
He pushes three fingers inside of you with absolutely no warning, and the intrusion causes you to scream.
“Y-Yuta! Wait!”
He just smiles at you, watching you squirm and try to get away from him when he starts pumping his fingers furiously. He bends his digits in an attempt to find the spot that will completely break you. Your back arches and you groan when the pleasure entirely takes over your body.
“There we go,” he coaxes, enjoying the look of you falling apart. “Don’t think about anything else, baby. Just me.”
You try to push Yuta away from you to catch your breath. The pressure is building up too fast, and something feels different.
“Yuta, I d-don’t know- Something’s wrong-“
“Nothing’s wrong, baby. Trust me,” he murmurs, pressing kisses down the side of your face. “You wanted me as your present, remember? I’m giving you your birthday gift.”
You nearly black out at the sheer force of your orgasm, pulling Yuta closer to you so you can hold something. You faintly hear the wet squelching sounds of your pussy as he moves his fingers rapidly, trying to get you everywhere as much as possible.
“Woah, how did you do that?”
You register the sound of your boyfriend’s voice and you try blinking to make out where he is. His blurry figure stands by the door, dressed in nothing but a towel covering his lower half.
“Hyuck,” you whisper pathetically, hands reaching out for him. Usually, when you’re this out of it, Donghyuck rewards you in cuddles.
This time, your boyfriend has no care for your suffering, beaming at Yuta and talking to him animatedly.
“Usually I have to give her four orgasms before she squirts like that! Teach me how you did it!”
Yuta laughs at the youngest’s eagerness. He rises from his spot above you and gestures for Donghyuck to come forward.
“Do you guys have any toys?”
“Do we ever,” Donghyuck hums, walking over to his bedside and opening the nightstand. Yuta’s eyes widen at the sight of various dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. Donghyuck whistles happily as he sorts through the organized mess of sex toys. He pulls out a plug with a fluffy bunny tail attached to it, showing it off to Yuta proudly. “This one is her favorite. Makes her look like a cute little bunny.”
He tosses it to Yuta, who looks over the plug carefully. Donghyuck then shows off your favorite vibrator like it’s a new toy he got for Christmas.
“This one makes her cum really fast. Especially when you press it against her baby button.”
“Baby button?” Yuta questions.
Donghyuck rolls his eyes. “Her clit. You can’t use real words with her when she’s like this,” he points to you as you’re still trying to recover from your orgasm. “She turns super dumb real quick. Watch this.”
Yuta observes as Donghyuck grips your cheeks harshly, forcing you to look at him.
“Aren’t you going to thank Yuta for allowing you to cum? Bad girls like you won’t get orgasms if you’re not nice.”
You whimper. “I’m sorry, Daddy.” Yuta’s eyebrows raise at the word. You shift your attention to him. “Thank you for letting me cum, Yuta. You’re really nice to me.”
Donghyuck laughs. “See? She gets crazy stupid. Super subby and needy too.”
Donghyuck points out how you’re practically clinging onto his arm, afraid of him leaving. You watch as he turns on your favorite vibrator and you smile happily.
“Oh? Baby likes that sound, doesn’t she?”
You nod eagerly at your boyfriend’s question, spreading your legs wider. Donghyuck laughs and locks eyes with Yuta.
“So easy. I’ve thought about just passing her around the members before, but you know how Jaehyun and Johnny get. They’ll probably want to put a ring on her finger as soon as they get their dick inside her.” Donghyuck leans over and spits on your cheek, watching it drip down the side of your face. Yuta thought he was a messy fuck, but he never anticipated Donghyuck to be the same. “And the only ring she’ll ever wear on her finger is mine, isn’t that right?”
You fail to answer the question since Donghyuck chooses to turn your vibrator up to the highest setting and push it against your clit. You release a string of moans, whimpering and begging for Donghyuck to have mercy on you. Your boyfriend does the complete opposite, nails digging into your throat as a warning.
“You better fucking answer me or I’ll have Yuta fuck your ass with no prep right now,” Donghyuck warns, and Yuta thinks he’s never found the youngest’s voice so intimidating. Now he knows why Doyoung and Taeyong constantly complain about the noise.
“Y-Yes! Yes!” You cry, feeling the first set of tears slipping down your face. “I’m sorry, D-Daddy! I’m sorry!”
Donghyuck smirks before shifting his attention to Yuta. “How do you want to fuck her?”
“How do you usually fuck her?”
Donghyuck shrugs. “From behind, missionary, up against the wall, in the shower, on the dining table, blah blah blah. We’ve tried most positions and places, honestly. We even fucked in Doyoung’s bed one time just to spite him, but don’t tell him that.”
“I usually like it from behind.”
“Good! I can fuck her face then.”
You whine when Donghyuck removes the vibrator, feeling the loss immediately.
”Hands and knees, ass up. You know the rules,” Donghyuck commands, and you instantly obey. You shakily find your position, ignoring Donghyuck and Yuta’s snickers at your predicament.
“Condom?” Yuta asks.
Donghyuck shrugs. “We usually just chance it. Sometimes she takes her birth control but sometimes she forgets.”
“You- You chance it? She could get pregnant!”
Donghyuck rolls his eyes again and Yuta starts to see why Doyoung feels the urge to punch the youngest every once in a while.
“So? She would be a great mom and I would be a fucking amazing dad. Plus, don’t you think she would look so nice with a swollen belly, carrying my child around? Perfect little housewife if you ask me.” Donghyuck grips your face again and forces you to look at him through bleary eyes. “Wouldn’t you love to have my babies?”
“Of c-course, D-Daddy. Whatever Daddy wants.”
“Good girl,” Donghyuck praises you. He discards his towel and strokes his cock, watching as your mouth waters at the sight. “Pretty little cockslut. You want Daddy’s cock that badly, baby?”
“Yes! Please, Daddy! I’ve been good!” You beg, pawing at his thighs to try and get more of his attention.
Yuta grows even harder at the sight of you being so perfectly trained. He can’t believe Donghyuck has you wrapped around his finger like this.
Donghyuck raises an eyebrow at Yuta. “Are you waiting for permission or something? She’s not going to give it to you when she’s like this, she can barely remember her own name.”
Yuta swallows. He’s never fucked someone bare before, and he can’t believe Donghyuck’s just been chancing his luck so far. He won’t lie though, the thought is extremely enticing, especially since your pussy is soaking wet and ready to take him. He decides to push all sensible thoughts away and takes his cock out, rubbing the tip over your folds gently.
You keen at his touch, eagerly pushing your hips backwards, which earns you a slap in the face by your boyfriend.
“Don’t be such a slut,” Donghyuck hisses and you scramble to apologize. “Suck my cock since that’s all you’re good for.”
You immediately get to work, wrapping your hand around his base and taking kitten licks at his tip. You gasp when Yuta finally pushes into you, and Yuta lets out a long groan.
It’s been so long since he’s been in a pussy that’s felt this good. You’re so fucking tight, gripping his cock like a vice.
“Tight, isn’t she?” Donghyuck says cockily. “I fuck her everyday and she still feels like that. It’s a fucking mystery to me. I even fucked her for six hours once and she still felt like a fucking glove. Such a good slut.”
“Fuck, Haechan, I don’t know how you do this,” Yuta sighs, feeling like he’s in some other type of heaven. He’s quick to press deep inside you until his balls hit your clit at the force of his thrusts.
You cry and moan as loudly as you like, surprised by Yuta’s girth. He’s too big for his own good, and you’re struggling to focus on Donghyuck’s cock. Your boyfriend notices your struggle and forces your mouth open with his fingers. You get the message and open as wide as you can, allowing him to slide his cock down your throat.
Just like when he fingered you, Yuta’s able to find the spot that makes you unravel in a matter of minutes. Once he hears your moans around Donghyuck, he knows he’s got you. He’s nearly feral at this point, spitting out the dirtiest, meanest things you’ve ever heard him say.
“Stupid fucking whore,” Yuta hisses loudly. “All I’m gonna think about for months is this golden pussy and your dumb little face begging for me to fuck you. I want to fucking destroy you so badly, give you that stupid baby that’s going to be raised by a cockwhore of a mother.”
Donghyuck just snickers, watching as you choke around his cock and saliva drips down the side of your mouth. He knows you’re close to passing out from not breathing, but he also knows you love the feeling.
“Why don’t you push that plug into her other hole, Yuta? Watch her little bunny tail bounce on your cock.”
Yuta grins at the idea, locating the plug and licking it until it’s nice and wet for you. When he begins to push it into your other hole, Donghyuck finally allows you to breathe. You gasp loudly, choking and coughing as you try to collect yourself.
There are so many sensations you’re currently experiencing right now and you have no idea what to focus on. You can feel Donghyuck slapping his cock over your cheeks while Yuta pounds your poor pussy, his fingers pushing your favorite plug into your other unprepared hole. The pain is as overwhelming as the pleasure, and you truly have no thoughts running in your head except the two men fucking you like animals.
You hear your boyfriend hum thoughtfully, and you know that sound is far from good. “Yuta, do you think there’s room in that small pussy of hers to fit me?”
Your eyes widen. “W-What?”
But Yuta merely chuckles. “We’ll make it fit if there isn’t.”
Your pleas are ignored as the two adjust you how they please, manhandling you until your boyfriend’s underneath you and Yuta’s on top, both of their cocks lined up to your soaking hole. You squeak when Donghyuck’s thumb presses against the plug in your ass.
“Hyuck, I don’t think-“
“You can’t think,” Donghyuck says before you can finish your thought. “You can’t think because you’re nothing but a whore for us now. Shut the fuck up and take us like you’re made to.”
You swear that white clouds your vision when both of them press into your cunt. You’re being stretched like never before, and your mind goes completely blank. Your body slumps against Donghyuck’s, and he laughs as he holds you close.
“She really is dumb,” Yuta cackles. “She’s so fucked out right now.”
“You should see her when she’s ovulating. A fucking crazy horny slut, she literally mounts me at any given chance. So cock drunk that she doesn’t give a fuck who sees us.”
The two pick up a brutal pace on your pussy, and they both groan at the fact that they not only feel you, but each other as well.
You whine and cry, words garbling together. “W-Want it- So g-good, Daddy- I love it- M-More please!”
Donghyuck scrambles to find your vibrator before turning it back on and pressing it against your clit again. The sensation causes you to fall headfirst into your second orgasm, cunt tightening around both of their cocks.
“Fuck,” Donghyuck hisses. “You fucking love it when I press against your baby button, don’t you?”
You know any question your boyfriend asks must be answered, so you try your best to formulate a response. The best you can come up with is, “Mmm huh.”
Yuta laughs again at your lack of understanding. “God, I can’t wait to dump my load in you.”
“I can hold out for one more, how about you?” Donghyuck asks Yuta over your shoulder. At this point, you’re just a hole for them to fuck.
“I’m good with that.”
When they resume their original tempo, you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. You can barely register what’s going on, accepting whatever’s being given to you. Donghyuck presses the vibrator to your clit again and your thighs start to tremble.
“Hyuck,” you whisper softly, not sure of your own voice.
“Yes, my baby?” He mumbles softly, as if he isn’t pounding you senseless.
He chuckles. “No breaks, baby. This is what you wanted for your present, remember?”
“It’s your birthday, dumb whore,” Yuta answers this time, glaring down at you. “You asked for me.”
“Birthday,” you hum, faintly recalling a delicious birthday cake made by Taeil. “I think I’m gonna cum again, Daddy.”
“Go ahead then, baby.”
You let out a string of whimpers as your final orgasm takes over you, your pussy squirting around both of their cocks as you try to push them out.
“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna give you all of Daddy’s cum,” Donghyuck says in your ear.
You perk up. “Daddy’s cum? I l-love Daddy’s cum!”
“Yeah? You want Yuta’s cum too, you fucking cumslut?”
“Yes! Please, Yuta!”
The sound of you begging for his cum pushes him over the edge, and Yuta loudly groans as ropes of his seed fill your pussy. Donghyuck follows after, and soon enough, there’s so much cum inside of you that it starts to drip out onto the sheets.
The three of you catch your breath before Yuta pulls out first, causing you to sigh at the emptiness. Donghyuck pulls away shortly after and you start to cry when you feel him move away from you.
“Don’t go, Daddy! Please!”
Donghyuck looks at Yuta. “She’s in her deep subspace. Can you get a towel and clean her up? She’ll cry for hours if I try to leave.”
Yuta does as instructed, fetching a towel from the bathroom and cleaning the inside of your thighs gently. It’s a struggle since you desperately want to move positions to cling onto Donghyuck to make sure he doesn’t leave you. Once he’s finally finished, he tugs his pants back on and gets ready to exit the room so that you two have privacy.
“Where are you going?” Donghyuck asks, ignoring your pleas for attention as you bury your face in his neck, your body curled up on his chest.
“Back to my room. This was a one time thing, right?”
Donghyuck shrugs. “Yeah, but if you like eating pussy, she loves to be woken up that way. You can stay and cuddle if you want.”
Yuta raises an eyebrow. “Really?”
“Yeah, really,” Donghyuck scoffs. “But just know that she’s mine. If she asks to fuck you again, I won’t give a fuck but remember where you stand.”
���Yeah yeah,” Yuta waves off, burying the fact that he’s already so fucking in love with you. He joins you and Donghyuck on the bed, closing his eyes and finally registering what just happened.
Donghyuck breaks the silence.
“Your dick feels real good, by the way.”
“Haechan, don’t make it fucking weird.”
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221206 YUTA IG Story
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what-if-nct · 2 days
Taeyong: What did you guys do today for the first day of our vacation?
Haechan: We got arrested for trying to steal a zebra from the zoo.
Renjun: The zoo's just hogging all of the zebras
Taeil: We rode the trolley and I saw the house from full house.
Johnny: It wasn't but all the houses look the same who can really tell.
Jungwoo: I sucked Yuta's cum out of this woman's pussy.
Doyoung: I......
*20 minutes later*
Doyoung: *on the side of the rode holding a stick with a pouch like a cartoon hobo while trying to hitchhike*
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