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the-widow-sisters · 4 months ago
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Once I was 7 years old... 
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yelenasgreenvest · a year ago
Young Yelena Belova GIF pack [Black Widow 2021]
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All these gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. Do NOT put into other gif hunts.  If credit is given, you may use them as sidebars, etc.
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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doodlerooniee · a year ago
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black widow good 👍🏼👍🏼
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angelofmusings · a year ago
watching black widow again (bc honestly why not) and tbh young nat and yelena exemplify the two types of neurodivergent people on road trips. sitting there looking out the window, completely checked out from rl but not completely checked out of everything? mood. bopping along to music? also mood. there are two types of people and both are me.
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Guard: You have one phone call, use it well
Y/n: Okay don't panic-
Kate: We're in jail!
Yelena: Yes but it was pretty funny no?
Peter: Mr Starks going to kill me
Y/n: I've got this calm down!
Calls the one person who she knows won't be mad
SW laughing as she's let through to get all of you: What the hell happened?
Y/n: Babe lets just go home please we're so tired
SW: Yeahhhh home isn't any better for any of you
The group panics
SW looks at Kate: Clint's making you clean all of the arrows and quivers
Looks at Peter: Tony's taking the suit away until all of his labs are spotless
Looks at Yelena: Sweet Yelena, Nat's making you spend time with Alexi
Yelena: That is bullshit. Why am I not cleaning something like the others?
SW shrugs: Nat can clean up after herself unlike the others thats why
Looks at you: Wanda has her own special punishment for you
Y/n: That's probably not as fun as it sounds is it?
SW: It is for me!
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capryuk · 5 months ago
Yelena: Ah, Y/N  Y/L/N, my arch enemy.
Kate, pouting: ... I thought I was your arch enemy?
Yelena: I have a life outside of you, Kate Bishop.
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rhfffas · 24 days ago
Headcanon: Yelena finds out young avengers (Kate, Kamala, Peter and America) all worship heroes, Yelena: 🙄️
So Yelena immediately bonding with she hulk because she also doesn’t into superhero things
But Jennifer soon discovers Yelena favors a certain hero worshiping hawk: Ohhhhh you guys fuc-
Yelena: shut up or I will HURT you I don’t care if you are a hulk or not
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kassies-take · 4 months ago
If You Had To Pick
A/n: Age 5
Yelena: I think I’m their favorite
Peter: but that isn’t fair you’re their aunt and godmother
Yelena: I can’t help it I’m just the best
Kate: I actually think their favorite is me
Wanda: I don’t believe that their favorite would be any of you
Natasha, Bucky, and You: *enters room*
Natasha: *carrying you*
Peter: (Y/n) if mommy and daddy had to go on a mission tonight who would you stay with?
You: is mommy and daddy leaving? *looks at Natasha and Bucky*
Bucky: we’re not doll *kisses you head*
You: uncle Steve
Yelena and Kate: *groans*
Wanda: *giggles*
Peter: okay how about anyone here?
Natasha: *puts you down*
You: Lena! *runs to Yelena*
Yelena: I told you! *snuggles with you*
Bucky and Natasha: *heads to the kitchen to prepare snacks and meals*
Peter: if they weren’t related to you?
You: *grabs crayons and draws* Wanda
Wanda: yeah! *high fives you* We do all sorts of fun stuff like baking, cuddling, and coloring *moves a red crayon to you*
Peter: if you had to pick someone younger
You: Kate Bishop is funny
Yelena: she is isn’t she
Kate: HA
Peter: how how how come you don’t want me to watch you *crosses arms*
You: because Morgan would pick you first
Natasha and Bucky: *comes back with fruits, Turkey Roll Ups, and Carton Juices*
Natasha: Snack time
Yelena: Natasha we’re not babies!
Bucky: *asking you* do you want apple juice, cherry, grape, lemonade, or strawberry
Yelena: strawberry please!
Natasha: *smirks* you were saying?
Yelena: shut up
Kate and Peter: lemonade please!
Wanda: I’m good with my water
You: ummm grape no apple juice please
Bucky: *hands out juice*
Natasha: *puts the snacks down on the coffee table*
Bucky: *picks you up, sits down and puts you in his lap*
Everyone: *eating snacks and talking*
Yelena: *evil smirk* (Y/n)
You: yes
Natasha: whatever you’re doing don’t *glares*
Kate, Peter, and Wanda: but we want to know
Bucky: *siding with the “kids”* they want to know
Natasha: James! Don’t encourage her
Yelena: (Y/n) who do you love more mommy or daddy?
Kate, Peter, and Wanda: oooh
Natasha: *glares at Bucky* you had to encourage her
You: both
Bucky: is that so!
Yelena: imagine a piano is gonna fall on one of them. Which one do you want a piano to fall on
Kate, Peter, Wanda: *laughs*
Bucky: *bounces you on his leg* you gotta pick one
Yelena: you gotta pick one
Natasha: it’s mom or dad
You: Eh... dad
Bucky: *shocked*
Natasha: *laughs*
Yelena, Kate, Peter, Wanda: *dying of laughter*
Bucky: Wha- Why do you want the piano to fall on dad?
Natasha: *takes you into her arms*
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honeyheart19 · 5 days ago
All the Young Avengers in a car
Yelena: The seems abit excessive
Kate: Ya you seem abit hangery
Y/n: What did you eat today bishop!? I ate nothing! NOTHING!
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spiderliliez · 9 months ago
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Hailee Steinfeld (as Kate Bishop) Florence Pugh (as Yelena Belova) KATE BISHOP SAVING CLINT FROM YELENA. AND OF COURSE.... BEING A CHILD. From the Disney+ Marvel series, HAWKEYE (2021) [+] KATE BISHOP [+] HAILEE [+] FLORENCE [+] ..more on the final episode
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suzieloveships · 2 months ago
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Some of y'all are not ready for this conversation
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daaedoodles · 8 months ago
< kate bishop 3
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(+1 the finished piece)
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rebl-ious-artist · 7 months ago
The legacy of these two amazing characters 😍
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Prints available!
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midnight-love-song · 3 months ago
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Besties with the same energy
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nighxtmare · 9 months ago
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ifuxedurmom · 3 months ago
Yelena:"I have a black belt"
Kate:"In what, karate?"
Yelena:"No from Gucci...well, technically also yes.."
Kate, grinning:"You are SO much cooler than Clint!!"
Yelena:"I know"
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bishopfilm · a year ago
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➳ I'm SO excited to finally watch this series!
"Hawkeye" starts streaming on November 24 on Disney Plus.
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