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𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: It's Valentine's Day!!! While Sam, Dean, and Y/N look into a hunt, Gabriel gives Castiel a crash course in dating. Though the angel is secretly pining after Y/N, it may not have been a good idea to let Gabriel meddle with his love life...
"Hey bro, what’s going on?"
Castiel turned up from his book and saw Gabriel leaning over the table in front of him, chocolate bar in hand.
"Hello Gabriel," the angel nodded tersely. "What do you want?"
"Easy there, slugger!" Gabriel said with a laugh. "No need for the hostility. I come in peace. More or less..."
Castiel sighed and turned back to his book. "I'm going to continue reading now," he said. 
“Suit yourself.”
Gabriel stayed perched on the edge of the table. He unwrapped his chocolate with great care before tossing the foil just shy of the ledgers fanned out in front of him. Castiel’s grip on his book tightened as Gabriel began humming and riffling through the carefully organized documents. 
“Gabriel,” Castiel said through gritted teeth. “Sam and Dean are trusting me to conduct the relevant research pertaining to their case.” He looked up with a glare. “So unless you have something important to share, please leave me alone.”   
Gabriel froze and puffed out a cheek at Castiel’s sternness. He gulped down the chocolate he was chewing and cleared his throat. “I’ll have you know that I do have something to share,” he said confidently.
Castiel let out a deep breath. “And what would that be?”
“Check the date,” he said simply. 
Castiel studied him carefully before pulling out his cell. “It's Monday,” he said dryly.  
“Almost there,” Gabriel pushed.
“Monday... February fourteenth?” Castiel asked after checking again.  
“You’re killing me here,” Gabriel cried out. “IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!”
Castiel blinked with confusion. “Happy Valentine’s Day?” he said hesitantly. 
Gabriel groaned before standing up and pacing to the other end of the room. "Come on! Today's your chance to finally make a move, big guy! You know, woo the girl?"
It finally dawned on Castiel what Gabriel was getting at. His cheeks reddened as he sat stoically behind the table. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said.
Gabriel huffed and pointed a finger. "Sorry pal, but I think we both know that's a lie.”
Castiel licked his lips before looking down sheepishly. 
“Listen buddy, I’m not judging you here,” Gabriel pressed. “I’m only bringing it up because I thought maybe I could help you out.”
Castiel shot him a glare but before he could respond, the door to the motel opened and Y/N and the Winchesters hurried in.
“Hey guys,” Y/N called out. “How’s the research going?”
“Swell!” Gabriel chimed in with a wink. “Cassie here’s been nodding off, but don’t worry, Ol’ Gabe’s gotch’ya wacky kids covered.”
“Yeah well, Ol’ Gabe can stick it where the sun don’t shine,” Dean growled. “We know what we’re hunting.”
Y/N approached Castiel and leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Dean’s still not happy about teaming up with him,” she said.
Castiel flinched at her sudden proximity and tried to think of something to say. He looked up at her and smiled shyly. “Today is February fourteenth,” he stammered.
Y/N quirked a brow. “That’s cool...” she said uncertainly before walking away and taking a seat on the nearby bed.
Castiel felt his cheeks warm as he turned back to the conversation.
“It’s a shifter,” Sam explained. “A nasty one, too. From what we can tell, it’s got a hideout back at the abandoned High School on Richmond Street.”
“We’re headed there now, but wanted to pick you guys up in case we need any divine intervention, you know?” Dean said.
Y/N nodded, then looked at Castiel. “Anyway, we’re going to pack some weapons in the trunk. Why don’t you and Gabriel meet us out front in five?”
She smiled, but he turned quickly, shying away from her attention. Castiel watched as his three friends left the motel room, Y/N glancing at him before walking out the door.
“Well, you’re hopeless,” Gabriel sighed as soon as the door shut.
Castiel closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. It was true. He cared for Y/N but didn’t know how to go about telling her.
“Gabriel?” he asked.
Castiel opened his eyes, a new look of resilience shining in them. “I think it’s time I accept your help. How can I woo Y/N?”
Gabriel smirked, taken by his brother’s sudden determination. He straightened the collar of his leather jacket and rubbed his hands together. “Alright amigo,” he said. “Here’s what we’re gonna do...”
Castiel sat in the backseat of the Impala between Gabriel and Y/N as the Winchesters drove to Richmond Street.
He sat rigidly with his hands on his lap, acutely aware of Y/N sitting beside him. Castiel felt something nudge his arm and turned to his right.
“Remember what we talked about!” Gabriel whispered sharply. “You’ve gotta count shoulders when you’re close together. This is your shot!”
Castiel nodded and winked. “Yes. I remember now,” he whispered back. Before they had joined the Winchesters on their hunt, Gabriel had given Castiel a crash course in flirting, guaranteeing that Y/N would be hooked by the time they killed the shifter.
Castiel cleared his throat and stared intently at Y/N. When she noticed him eyeing her critically, she turned to look at him. “Hey Cas. Is something wrong?”
“Y/N,” he said tensely. “I would very much like to count our shoulders.”
“You’d like to do what?”
Y/N watched as the angel tapped both his shoulders and her own. “One... two... three... four...” he muttered under his breath. He then wrapped an arm around her, and pulled her close against him.
“Castiel,” Y/N said, her voice muffled by his coat. “This is too close...”
The angel panicked and pushed her away. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to cause discomfort.”
Gabriel snorted. “Great job,” he whispered sarcastically. “I can really see the romance blooming.”
“Alright, I have no idea what’s going on back there, but maybe you guys can hold off until we ice this shifter,” Dean called from up front.
“Yeah, sounds good to me,” Y/N agreed before rushing out the car door. Castiel had been acting strangely around her lately, and she was concerned.
Sam loaded up their weapons and surveyed the abandoned building. The sun was setting quickly, so they would only have an hour of daylight before the High School went dark.
“Alright Sammy,” Dean said, hitching a silver blade to his belt. “What’s the plan?”
Sam turned back to the group and nodded. “Dean and I are going to take the East wing and see if the shifter’s holed up in any of the classrooms. Meanwhile, Y/N, we need you, Cas, and Gabriel to take the Right wing and check the basement for anything suspicious. If anyone finds the monster, then-”
“I’m not liking this plan.”
Everyone looked at Gabriel. “Excuse me?” Dean said.
The angel shrugged. “I’d rather be Team Winchester,” he said simply.
“That’s not happening,” Dean laughed. “Not by a long shot.”
“Actually Dean, that might be a good idea.” Sam relented. “Better to have an angel on both sides of the building in case we run into anything, right?”
“Great! It’s settled!” Gabriel clapped. He nudged Castiel and whispered, “You’re welcome. Now’s your chance to make a move without interruption! Just you and Y/N... and maybe a shifter if your luck goes sour. Have fun!”
The group entered the building and separated at the front door. Soon, Castiel and Y/N were wandering the halls alone. The angel wracked his brain, trying to remember everything that Gabriel had taught him about flirting. Y/N had paced ahead of him, so he took a breath and ran to her side.
He nudged her arm and flashed a smile. “So... baby...” he said awkwardly. “Maybe we should-”
Y/N brought out her silver blade and nicked his hand. Castiel looked down at the wound. “Why would you do that?” he asked, perplexed.
Y/N stifled a laugh. “Sorry Cas! I thought you might have been the shifter.”
He cocked his head in surprise. “Why?”
She sighed before coming to a halt. “I don’t know what’s going on with you today, but you’ve been off,” she admitted. “Counting shoulders? Corny pet names? What’s the deal?”
Castiel looked down in defeat. “I understand,” he said. “You find me to be an inadequate lover.”
Y/N took a breath, overwhelmed by the angel’s oddity. “Gabriel put you up to this, didn’t he?”
He nodded solemnly. “I care for you, Y/N,” he said. “Very much. When Gabriel offered his romantic expertise, I accepted because I had no idea how to approach you myself.”
“That was a mistake,” Y/N said simply. She put a hand on his shoulder and met his gaze. “You don’t need to put on an act for me to like you, Cas. You’re already my favourite person.” She smiled and kissed him softly on the cheek.
Castiel tensed for a moment before leaning forwards and pressing his forehead against hers. “I don’t think I’ll be asking Gabriel for advice anytime soon,” he whispered.
She laughed before pulling away. “I think that would be best. Now what do you say we kill ourselves a monster, then make it home in time for a movie?”
Castiel nodded. “I’d like that.” He watched as Y/N grinned and turned away. “Y/N,” he called from behind. She looked over her shoulder. “Yeah, Cas?”
“Today is February the fourteenth.”
Her brows furrowed for a second, before the date finally made sense. “I guess it is,” she chuckled. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
With that, the angel and the hunter set off together, the start of something new between them.
Heyy!!! Try reading All To Themselves!!!
I was late finishing this one in time for Valentine’s... SORRY!!!! I kind of rushed through it right now... Dating 101- ALWAYS count shoulders when the opportunity presents itself... I saw this in a movie once... wonderfully awkward. 
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Tumblr media
Title: Snowflake
Pairing: Photographer!Cas x Photographer!Reader
Word Count: 3,470
Warnings: None, it’s just fluff!
Square Filled: Photographer AU
Summary: The reader heads to Pine Mountain Lodge to shoot some photos around the holidays, and she has the good fortune to run into another photographer staying at the lodge.
A/N: This is a submission for the 2021 SPN Christmas Bingo (@spnchristmasbingo​). I hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
You huffed out a breath and rubbed your gloved hands together as you looked around the lodge. The trek from the airport shuttle to the door was colder than you’d expected and you regretted putting your heavy layers in your checked luggage, which they’d loaded into the back of the minibus without giving you a chance to get anything from inside. Your sweatshirt just wasn’t warm enough and you wrapped your arms around yourself as you let the flow of other tourists entering behind you push you towards the welcome desk.
“Hello! Welcome to Pine Mountain! Do you have a reservation?”
Nodding, you dug your wallet out of your bag and pulled out your ID. The employee took it with a smile and began to look up your reservation as another man came along to help your fellow shuttle passengers file into a line to wait their turn.
“Alright, you’re all checked in, Miss Y/L/N. Here is your room key, as well as a brochure about all our amenities and your complimentary welcome gift.”
You smiled and took the white gift bag and the handful of paper she held out for you. “Thank you, have a good night.”
Grabbing your bags, you dragged them towards the row of elevators on the far wall of the lobby. Pillars of golden, honey-colored wood stood proudly throughout the massive room, each one decked out in boughs of evergreen, plaid ribbon, and Christmas lights. The lodge had gone all-out for the holidays and you briefly cast a glance at the enormous Christmas tree near the fireplace. It stretched up past the balconies for each floor that were stacked above the check-in desk and reached up to the ceiling of the lobby. Seemingly every branch held a light, an ornament, or with pinecones and berries.
The elevator to your left chimed in arrival and you quickly stepped out of the way as passengers unloaded. As soon as your way was clear, you stepped inside and pressed the button for your floor. No one else climbed in and you glanced out the door, looking for latecomers, before jamming the button to close the doors. Just as they were sliding closed, however, a man stuck his foot in the quickly closing opening and sighed in relief when they opened again.
“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” you mumbled, and he gave you a polite smile. “What floor?”
“Three, please.”
You nodded and pressed the button for the floor below yours. The doors slid closed without a problem this time. Subtly, you tried to look over at the man out of the corner of your eye. The brief glimpse of him you’d had as he’d entered the elevator had shown you a pair of bright eyes, messy black hair, and a grim expression set with thin pink lips.
“Are you here on vacation?”
The man looked over at you, his lips pressing even tighter with slight irritation. “I’m here for work,” he answered.
You nodded and clutched your luggage a little tighter, feeling a little awkward. He clearly didn’t want to converse during your short ride together. If he did, he wasn’t very good at showing it.
“Are you here for a vacation?” he asked.
A little surprised, you shook your head. “No. I’m a photographer. I’m hoping to get some pictures of the skiers.”
He nodded in response and the doors chimed, then opened up onto the third floor. The man stepped out of the elevator and you adjusted your luggage again, getting ready to get off on your floor. The elevator doors began to close again until he reached out with one hand and stopped them.
“Have you been here before? To take pictures?” You shook your head, frowning at the strange behavior and question. “The balcony on the second floor has the best big picture view if you want to see the slopes from far away, but if you talk to Justin at the north lift, he’ll help you get up to a good viewing point for closer pictures.”
You hadn’t processed the information by the time the doors began to close again and you quickly hollered a “thank you” through the slim opening as the man headed down the hallway to his room.
The strange interaction found a place in the back of your mind for the rest of the evening and the next morning as you got ready for the day. You pulled on the warmest clothes you could and packed your gear, double- and triple-checking to make sure you had everything you might need for your shoots throughout the day. If all went according to plan, you’d get plenty of pictures in the morning and then spend the afternoon enjoying the amenities of the lodge. After all, it was a work trip, but you’d paid good money to stay here. The least you could do was make the most of your money.
After grabbing a foil-wrapped breakfast burrito from the buffet set up on the first floor, you made your way out to the north lift. The lodge had a shuttle bus waiting at the curb outside the main doors and you hurried on, settling in a seat in the back. Much to your surprise, the stranger from the elevator climbed on only minutes after you.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked, approaching your seat. He gave you another polite smile, this one much friendlier than the one from yesterday. When you hesitated and looked around the crowded bus, he added, “It’s the only open seat, but I can stand if you prefer.”
“I’m pretty sure they have a no standing rule,” you replied. Gesturing to the sign on the upper wall of the minibus, you forced a polite smile of your own and gathered your gear from the open seat, then arranged it in your lap.
The man settled down in the seat as the bus started on its journey and as you unwrapped your burrito. He clutched a bulky black backpack in his lap. You glanced at it in between bites until finally, your curiosity got the better of you.
“I’m sorry, but are you a photographer too?” you asked.
He glanced over at you, and this time his smile was genuine. “I am. I specialize in winter photography.”
“Which is why you knew about the best vantage points,” you concluded.
“Yes. I come to Pine Mountain every year. It’s a bit of a tradition for me. I usually stay here during Christmas, but I try to come as many weekends as possible. I like to take a wide variety of photos, which means getting in as many snowfalls as I can.”
You nodded and took another bite. “What’s your favorite thing to shoot here?”
“I only shoot landscapes,” he answered.
Frowning, you balled up the empty foil and shoved it in an empty pocket on your bag. “Really? But you knew about the slopes.”
The man shrugged and adjusted the bag on his lap. He glanced towards the front of the bus, then back at you. “I come here every year and I’ve picked up some tips from other photographers I’ve run into, but I pretty much stick with what I know.”
“That’s… interesting,” you said. 
Silence fell between the two of you and you turned to watch out the window, ignoring the chatter from the other bus riders. The man sitting beside you seemed to have a similar idea, and neither one of you spoke up until the bus came to a stop and the front doors opened.
He stood and you followed, slinging the strap of your bag over your shoulder and holding it in front of you so it wouldn’t bump into any of the seats as you passed by. 
“I never got your name,” you said as you followed him down the aisle towards the open doors.
He glanced back at you. “Castiel Novak. I go by Cas.”
“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. It’s nice to meet you.”
He repeated the sentiment and turned forward again, climbing down the steps into the snow. Once at the bottom, he joined the crowd heading towards the north lift and you did the same, though you were quickly separated by groups of college students daring each other and couples standing much too close to you for your comfort. You clutched your bag tightly as you got in line and approached the lift operator. Castiel was already standing at the man’s side when you got to the front, but before you could step aside, the crowd pushed you forward towards the lift. 
You didn’t have time to panic as Castiel reached out and grabbed the sleeve of your coat. He pulled you away from the crowd with a solid tug, then guided you towards the man in the dark green uniform coat. 
“Are you okay?” Castiel asked, and you nodded, peering at him from underneath the hat you’d pulled low over your head. With one hand, you adjusted it so that you could get a better look at him. 
The dark gray beanie he wore covered the mess of black hair you’d seen yesterday, but the bright blue eyes staring at you in concern were the same. When you offered him a relieved, thankful smile, the worry in them faded away and he returned the smile before pulling his navy scarf tighter around his neck so that he could protect his mouth and nose from the frigid air.
You rubbed your hands together as the lift operator gestured for you to wait on the other side of Castiel. When nothing happened after a few minutes, you looked over at Castiel, who was watching the lift with indifference.
"What are we waiting for?” you asked.
“There’s a specific bench you need to take. It’s a commercial one that’s specially marked and Justin will let you take it to the platform with the best view,” he answered. Cas glanced over at the uniformed worker.
Nodding, you adjusted your gear and took another look around. The crowds had started to thin out as each bench came by to pick up more skiers and when the last of your fellow bus riders had started up the mountain, the lift slowed and a bench with blue seats came around to the platform. Castiel nudged you forward and you hurried to get into position. Once you were settled, you looked back to see him lifting his hand in a wave as your bench headed up the slope.
“You’re not coming?” you shouted, twisting around as far as you dared in the open seat.
He shook his head and shouted back, “Have fun!”
You turned back around in the seat, confused. He’d gone out of his way to help you, a perfect stranger, get on the right lift so you could take good pictures. Cas was definitely a strange man and you shook your head, trying to get yourself into the right headspace. Considering the size of the lodge, you would probably run into him again sooner or later. You could ask him why he’d helped you then.
Hours later, you headed back down the mountain. The pictures had seemingly turned out well and you were excited to get back to your room so you could edit them, but first you needed to make a pit stop for food. The lodge hosted several restaurants and cafes among its amenities, and as soon as you were back inside, you hurried to the closest cafe and ordered hot chocolate and a sandwich.
You waited for your food at a small table on the outskirts of the cafe’s eating area. The rest of the tables and bar stools had already been occupied, so you arranged your gear on the extra seat and kept an open ear in case the barista called your name.
“You’re back sooner than I expected.”
Turning around in your seat, you smiled wide when you saw Cas standing a few feet away. He’d shed his thick outer layers in favor of tan pants and a burgundy sweater that hugged his figure, showing off his biceps. How had you not noticed how muscular he was last night?
You swallowed dryly and smiled a little. “I got a lot of good shots, but I was getting hungry,” you explained. “Plus, I wanted to enjoy my time here and get some editing out of the way if I can.”
Cas chuckled and stepped closer, moving out of the way of a large family trailing suitcases behind them. He clutched a coffee cup in one hand and a book in the other. 
“Rookie mistake,” he replied and your stomach fluttered at the teasing tone in his voice. “Always bring granola bars.”
The barista called your name and you glanced over at the counter, then back at Cas. “Are you in a hurry?” you asked. He shook his head. “Do you want to sit with me while I eat? I’d love to see some of your photos.”
He hesitated, then nodded, and you hurried to move your things out of the way to make room for him at your table. Once there was space, you got your food and brought it back, settling down in the seat across from him. Castiel had opened his book in your absence and was already deep in his chapter. You eyed the title, smiling a little when you recognized it from a recommended books list you’d seen online last night while you were laying in bed, scrolling on your phone.
The two of you sat in silence, him reading and you eating, until finally you pushed your empty dishes aside. Cas looked up and slid his bookmark towards the spine, then closed his book and set it on the table in front of him. He sipped from his cup, shaking it slightly afterwards with a slightly disappointed look on his face when no liquid sloshed around inside.
“You wanted to see some pictures?” you asked. He nodded in response and you pulled out your phone, searching through your files until you found one of your favorite pictures. You’d taken it the winter before and not only did you receive compliments from everyone who saw it, but you’d even gotten a large print of it to hang in your own living room. It was by far one of your best works.
You slid the phone across the table and Castiel picked it up, his brows furrowed in concentration as he inspected the picture on the screen. You watched in silence as he zoomed in and out, drew the phone in closer for a better look, and finally, as a small smile grew on his face.
“This is spectacular,” he finally said, handing the phone back to you.
Cheeks warm, you tucked the phone back in your pocket. “It was a lucky capture. A millisecond later and it would’ve been completely different.”
“But it wasn’t a millisecond later,” Cas answered. “Is all your work like that?” You nodded only a little, hesitant to brag, and he smiled in response. “Can I see more?”
“You want to see more of my pictures?”
“That’s what I just said, isn’t it?”
You nodded again. “Yeah, but don’t you want to show me yours? I mean, most people…” Pressing your lips together, you stopped yourself before you could finish the sentence. Now wasn’t the time to be making assumptions about people or lumping Cas in with photographers you’d met in the past. Things were going well; mentioning past interactions could only make this one go downhill.
“Most people want to show off their work, right?” 
A little surprised, you said, “Yeah. Usually I show them one or two of my pictures and then they spend an hour showing me all their favorites and going in-depth about their work. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but…”
“But it feels a little one-sided,” Castiel finished.
“Exactly,” you agreed. “I mean, I don’t mind if you want to show me some of your photos. I’d actually love to see them.” You fold your arms on the table in front of you, mindful of the tray of dishes at your elbow.
Cas glanced at them, then smiled and stood. “I meant what I said—I’d like to see them, Y/N. Pull up some of your favorites. I’ll take care of these dishes and I’m going to get myself another coffee. Do you want anything?”
You shook your head and pulled your phone out again as Cas collected your tray and carried it over to the trash. Silently, you watched as he threw out the garbage and meticulously organized the dishes in the compartments meant for dirty dishes on top of the large container. A small smile tugged at your lips as he made his way over to the counter to stand in line.
When he returned with his cup in hand, you had a few photos ready to show him. Cas took your phone and listened in silence as you described the pictures, where and how you’d taken them, and pointed out your favorite parts. He nodded along, zooming in and out on the image when necessary, and his lips stayed pursed in concentration as you spoke.
“These are all incredible, Y/N,” he finally said when you’d finished and sat back in your seat, sipping your hot chocolate. A wide smile appeared on your face at the praise and you chuckled nervously, unused to the constant praise.
“You don’t have any feedback? Judging by the way you’ve talked about coming here to shoot, it sounds like you’ve been doing this a lot longer than I have,” you replied.
Cas nodded and looked at the picture pulled up on the phone once more, his eyes flicking from side to side as he inspected it carefully, then locked your phone and set it back on the table. You reached across and took it back as he folded his hands on the table in front of him.
“You’ve got a good eye, and good editing skills, but I can’t tell you how to get better.”
You frowned. “What does that mean?”
“It means that I think what you’re doing is perfect. It suits you well, and it’s clear you love it. If anything, I should be asking you how to improve my photos.”
“But I haven’t even seen your pictures yet, Cas!” you laughed.
He shrugged and slipped out his phone, smiling. Blue eyes twinkled merrily at you from across the table and you could’ve sworn your heart did a loop-de-loop. 
“I’d better fix that, then,” he replied. A moment later, he held his phone out for you to see. After a nod, you reached out and took the phone, quietly inspecting the image on screen. It was a landscape, just as he mentioned he shot, but what caught your attention were the snowflakes in the foreground that were the focus of the image. Sure, the outline of the pine trees cast a beautiful stark contrast in the background, but they faded away in the light of the intricate, crystal clear flakes that the camera had caught. Your breath caught in your throat as you zoomed in even further to look at them even closer.
“Cas, how did you… I’ve never been able to do anything like this. How did you do it?” you asked.
When he didn’t reply, you looked up to see him sipping his coffee, a shy expression on his face. He caught your eye and choked slightly on his drink, then set it down and cleared his throat.
“It’s a long explanation,” he answered.
You shrugged and set the phone down, picking up your own drink to take a sip. “I’ve got time.”
Castiel chuckled. “We might be here a while.” He nodded at the hot chocolate in your hands. “Do you want another one of those?”
Grinning, you nodded and stood from your seat, but he quickly stood and shook his head at you.
“What?” you asked.
“Hot chocolate’s on me. If you’re going to sit here and listen to me talk about my processes for the next hour, then I owe you at least that much.”
You raised an eyebrow and slowly lowered yourself back into your seat. The crowd at the cafe had thinned and the line had entirely dissipated in favor of waiting out their hunger for dinnertime at one of the lodge’s restaurants. 
“How about this,” you countered, lifting your chin slightly. “You buy me hot chocolate and I’ll listen to your photography talk, but then I buy us dinner and we shoot some of the Christmas lights around the property?”
He paused, searching your face for any sign of humor, before finally nodding in agreement, his smile back in full-force. “Deal.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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okay but dean giving cas a nice firm pat on the back right where his wings come out and cas's knees buckling bc its a sensitive spot
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Playing Hero
Tumblr media
[Dean Winchester x Female!Reader]
Synopsis: After getting into a petty argument with the Winchester brother, an incident occurs which changes both of your perspectives.  
WC: 1,510
Category: Hurt/Comfort, Slight Fluff, TW - Drowning
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It was rather… serene. Standing and sitting in the dark abyss. Your eyes were closed, taking the moment in. The pain came only temporarily, struggling to free yourself, but now… now it was peaceful.
Your mind stopped moving miles a minute. Only focused on this moment. No memories were flashing, no pictures of what’s to come or what should’ve been. You finally felt like you've come home after years of being away.
Just before, you were on a hunt with Dean. Well… you weren’t on the hunt but rather getting information for it, wearing your best disguise as you got out of his Impala.
Usually Sam would tag along and put his Harvard manipulating skills to use, but he stayed behind to do research. That left you with the one and only: 
Dean Winchester. 
Except he was angry and pissed off at you, again.
The entire way there you rode in silence, not a single word was said due to him still pissed at you for eating his leftover bacon burger. It was rather childish for a twenty-six-year-old, but it was Dean. He was always on the immature side when you weren’t hunting.
A saddened smile was bestowed on his lips for the grieving woman you were approaching, while he was completely ignoring your existence. 
You fell silent, unsure of what to do since Dean had taken over the entire conversation. He didn’t allow even a word to slip out of your mouth. 
All because of that damn burger.
Of course, you apologized. You believe the count is at five now, but being the asshole he was, he chose to be petty and not accept it. Obviously, you didn’t know it was his burger, you figured it was leftover lunch they brought to the motel for you.
“I’ll be by the lake,” You finally spoke up, “I’ll check if anything is suspicious.”
Of course, it was complete bullshit. You just didn’t want to be around Dean’s aura at the moment. Him being pissed at you was one of the worst things ever, mostly due to the fact he never gets over it. If you had eaten Sam’s burger, you could just buy him another one and all would be forgiven. But nope! Dean has to be an ass about it.
So, there you were on the pier, watching longingly as Dean comforted the woman by himself. You were wishing that he’d eventually get over the burger, so you all could move on from this childish argument, when you heard it. 
A soft whistle, almost like a gust of wind brushing past you in lightning speed.
“The hell…?” You questioned softly to yourself, looking around to see if you could witness anything that could even remotely produce the sound. 
You didn’t find the source, but it found you.
Within a second, you found yourself clinging to the pier by your hands, your leg being pulled underwater. Shit.
“D-Dean!” You yelled, your eyes focusing on the man away from you. He was the last person you wanted to call, but being on the verge of death, you put the bullshit aside. “A little help here?!”
A nail popped loose from the board you were desperately hanging on to. It was only a matter of time before it would pop off entirely. A groan escaped your lips as you tried to kick whatever the thing that had latched onto your ankle was, but it wouldn’t budge. In fact, the thing's grip got firmer with each kick.
“Dean!” This time you screamed as loud as you could, another nail popping loose. “Dean, Please!?”
Finally, at this, he turned his head. His eyes were searching to find the source, the grieving mother followed his gaze in pursuit. With one last scream of his name, his eyes hooked on to yours.
You watched that anger and hatred from before wash away with worry. The notebook he held, writing down what the lady had witnessed, flew to the ground as he started to bolt towards your direction. But he was too far.
Before he could even hop the wooden fence, the board popped loose which immediately retracted into your face. You could feel the iron of your blood in your mouth, your eyes becoming hazy as you were pulled under.
In an attempt to save yourself, you pulled out your silver switchblade in your pocket and immediately started slashing and stabbing. You didn’t expect it to go away, but it did, making you realize that it was a ghost you were hunting.
That was the last thing you remembered before it went mute. You were in the quiet place now, drifting as the current pulled you along. 
As you were drifting, falling deeper into the abyss, you suddenly felt a pressure around your abdomen. The pressure lifting you up, as if you were flying, until a ringing noise appeared. An annoying ringing tone that didn’t go away whatsoever. You wanted to groan, as it disrupted your peaceful paradise, but you couldn’t.
Once your ears had gotten used to it, another noise disrupted your paradise.
Thump. A loud vibration tickled your ears, applying pressure to your chest. It wasn’t as annoying as the ringing, but it came in threes.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
It never stopped.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
It was like a broken record, repeating the same vibrations every few seconds. As if it couldn’t get worse, it did. Muffles of pitches that you couldn’t make out started to appear.
It was two pitches. One was one higher and hoarse, like the person had a terrible sore throat. It talked in long sentences, letting out a shriek ever-so-often.
The other, however, was deeper. Much deeper. It spoke in a gruff, masculine voice, repeating the same muffle every time.
“Come on.” It repeated, “Come on.”
You wanted it to stop, you wanted to scream for the loudness to go away. But once your mouth opened, there was only a single thing left...
Your chest had completely caved in, all sorts of pain shooting at you in all directions. Your legs, your arms, your head, your back… everything was aching.
You found yourself choking severely, praying for the pain to go away. A hand found its place on the small of your back, lifting you up gently. The gesture caused water to spurt out everywhere on the grass from your mouth.
It was disgusting, yet the hand only gave you pats of encouragement.
“There you go,” The voice whispered, “cough it all out.”
It was Dean. It had been him the entire time. The pressure around your abdomen, the thumps of vibration on your chest… it was all him.
He saved your life.
Your hands found his shoulders, steadying yourself. He only smiled —in relief that is — grabbing hold of your arms.
He was completely drenched head to toe, his “fancy” suit now nowhere to be found. His tie was undone, the familiar necklace that he never took off in plain sight. His voice pulled you into reality, “Hey, you alright?”
This was karma for that damn burger.
“Y-yeah, I-I’m fine.” You panted, “thank you.”
He smiled again — a genuine one at that. His eyes told you that the burger was completely off his mind. Not even a flicker of anger was left.
You stared into his eyes a little longer than you should’ve, but you couldn’t help it. It’s been a whole two days of him giving you the cold shoulder and nasty glares. Seeing him relieved and rather joyous at you was an expression you wanted to stay.
“What… the hell… was that?!” The familiar shriek of the grieving woman had made the both of you jump, snapping both of your heads to stare at her wide-eyed. You both had forgotten that she was there, but given the matter you almost drowned, it was a reasonable excuse. 
Sighing, Dean turned his focus to the woman temporarily, calming her down about the whole situation. You, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about the fact he actually saved you.
He saved your life. Usually you were the hero that saved lives, so it didn’t affect you all that much. Actually, it made you feel important that you helped saved people who were clueless of the true world they lived in. But being on the other side to where you needed someone to be that hero? Hell, it was a crazy feeling.
“Hey, eyes open!” Dean’s fingers snapped in front of your eyes. His eyes were staring daggers into your soul. “Don’t you pass out on me, Kiddo.”
“…I’m... I’m only two years younger than you, asshole—”
Then, you passed out due to the lack of oxygen, but instead of living in that peaceful and empty bliss, you dreamed of him. You dreamed of Dean happily — but terribly — singing to 80s rock while Sam laughed his heart out.
You knew from now on, everything was going to be alright — well… it will be as soon as you got rid of that damn ghost.
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casmybelovedass · a year ago
Tumblr media
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cottoncandyofterror · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Supernatural had the opportunity to do something great. To send a message of love and validation to a whole community. Not only to the part of the community that liked their show, but to all of us. But instead they decided to pander to the people, who never had to question their representation.
I support #TheySilencedYou, #TheySilencedThem and #TheyWillNeverSilenceUs and I'm in awe of all of you. And I feel like your message goes beyond this particular TV show and the CW.
It's about protesting a pattern of disrespect towards otherness in Mainstream Media. It's about demanding meaningful, unmistakably queer representation, that enables discourse and furthers understanding in a heterogenic Audience. It's about asking Networks to not only hire diverse staff but to also give them the freedom to tell their stories the way they want to. It's about telling creators to own up to the inherent messages they leave us with in the end.
And that's inspiring and should be celebrated.
Stories matter.
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damnitdeanx · 8 months ago
Dean : *says something egoistical*
Villain : Dean Winchester, always has to be on top.
Castiel : *starts laughing in the corner of the room*
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thepurplebones · a year ago
Me, seeing the reason why Supernatural is trending again:
Tumblr media
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the-writer-ofthe-fandoms · 5 months ago
Sin, Virtue, and Vice (Castiel)(Smut)
Tumblr media
Characters: Castiel x Fem!Reader
Words: 1.7K+
Warning(s): SMUT!! (18+, please do not read if you are under 18) , Oral (Male receiving) PinV smut, grace play, cockwarming, slight praise kink (if you squint), slight dom!Castiel, smut with no plot, unprotected sex (protect yo selves irl), creampie
A/N: Hi, i got drunk and then wrote most of this idea I have had for awhile LMAO please enjoy, I think it is the best smut I have ever written
Lust was a sin.
Castiel knew this. If he hadn't of fallen for humanity he probably would have still thought this.
However, if hadn't of fallen, he would not have had the pleasure of the sight before him.
You were kneeling before him, nude, as your hands were gripping on his thighs.
Your pretty, swollen lips were around his throbbing cock. You bobbed your head, your moans vibrating around his dick as he used his grace to place with your clit. Tears were in your eyes as you took him as deep as you could and from him pulling his grace away every time you were so close to an orgasim. You did all this while your eyes were looking up and locking with his. Those beautiful eyes... It almost made him come right then and there. It was a maddening gaze you held, your eyes full of lust and love as you took his dick so well in that pretty mouth.
Wanting to feel more of you, Castiel guided your head away from him, his dick living your mouth with a slight pop noise. He practically hoisted you to your feet and immediately pulled you into a sloppy kiss, tasting his pre-cum on your lips and tongue. Pulled away and signaled for you to lay on the bed, which you happily obliged. You preemptively spread your thighs and wiggled your hips, beckoning him to fill you up. He joined you and positioned himself on his knees, between your legs. He was soaking up the view of you so desperate for him and so desperate for that aching pleasure to be released.
His hands rest on your knees and slowly slid up your inner thigh, sending pleasurable shivers up your spine. One hand stayed at your thigh, slightly squeezing it, while the other rested on top of your pubic mound. His thump slowly swiped along your soaking slit and you let out a soft whine. His thumb slowly entered your folds, and very gently grazed against your sensitive nub, your hips bucking ever-so-slightly. He did it once more to get that same reaction.  It made him almost smirk.
"Please Castiel..." You moaned softly. Your elbows bent and your hands were by your head as you gripped the pillow.
"It is only fair I give you pleasure as you have to me." He cooed, his voice deep and gravely. He removed his hands, positioned himself properly to enter you, and used one to grab his dick and the other to lift your hips off the bed from your lower back with ease. You looked to him with surprise at this but nodded for him to start.
Castiel dipped the tip of his cock, dragging it down from your clit to your soaking hole, causing another whimper to leave your lips. In one slow movement, Cas sunk into your pussy. A moan was caught in your throat as your walls pleasurably accommodated the angel. He didn't stop until your thighs and the bottom half of your ass were against his pelvis area. Your legs instinctively wrap around his waist as Castiels two hands kept your hips still above the mattress while he stayed on his knees, something he has never done before.
Castiel basked in the sight, his head tilting to the side. His blue eyes looked to where your pussy was connected to his flesh, while feeling your walls clench around his dick. He adjusted his hand to keep the position while he rested his other one on your lower stomach. Slowly he let his hand travel upwards on your soft, warm skin; leaning slightly over your form as his hand traveled up your sternum, between your lovely breasts, and to your throat, where his hand gently wrap around it. He wasn't choking you, he just wanted to feel the vibrations of your soft pants and whimpers against his palm. He closed his eyes, letting out a quiet groan as all the sensations sent jolts of electricity through his being; the sounds you made, the feel of your heat around his cock, the smell of sex and the taste of himself still lingering on his tongue.
He felt you wiggle your hips to get some friction, to feel some movement against your aching clit. Immediately he straighten up and used both hands to keep your hips still and firm against him.
"Cas, please!" You whined. The dull ache in your stomach was begging for him to pound into you.
"Patience is a virtue."
"Well, we are currently in a vice, so I don't think it matters." You rasped, earning a chuckle from the angel.
He allowed himself a few more seconds to drink in the view, before he maneuvered himself and your legs. They were now resting on his shoulders as he was leaning over you, cock still buried deep with in you. You lifted your head up and rested your forehead against his. With teasing slowness, he started pulling out, your eyes were watching his cock slowly appear, stopping when his sensitive head was just in side.
Without warning, Castiel thrusted back into you. Your head fell back momentarily as a string of profanities left your mouth, followed by a moan as he began thrusting at a steady pace. You lifted your head once against as pitiful whines were caught in your throat. Castiel blue eyes, full of fire and lust, caught yours and he dipped his head to give you a bruising kiss, your tongues rolling over each other. The angel then sucked on your bottom lip with his mouth before breaking the kiss to allow you air. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and your breathy moans from the pleasure he gave you made him feel prideful, and now he wanted to feel your pussy clench around him from a deep orgasm.
Castiel shifted his upper half lower onto you, his arms wrapping around your upper back as he buried his face into the crook of your neck, your arms were under his, hugging his upper back while your nails clawed at his back and shoulders. Thanks to his stamina, his thrusts were strong and kept at a solid pace. Sucking on your neck, he used his grace to stimulate your clitoris once more . A choked moan escaped your lips as well as the panting of his name was almost incoherent.
"Fuck- Cas!" You practically sobbed as you felt that tension building within your core. So many stimulations were happening, you felt nearly dizzy.
"Cum for me." Castiel growled, moving his head from your bruising nape, back to staring at your face. He wanted to see your beautiful face as you released around him, it would send him over the edge. His grace swirled around your clit, moving and applying pressure at just right amount. That, his dick pounding into you, and the husky groans that escaped his lips sent numbing tingles through your body.
Then, it hit you. Like a spring being coiled too tight and releasing, white hot pleasure exploded. Your head fell back on the pillow, your mouth open as you choked on a mixture of air and your own moan, your eyes rolling slightly back. You managed to release that moan, along with his name in a gasping breath. You twitched as you felt his grace still on your overly sensitive clit, as you cried out his name once more.
The feeling of your hands gripping onto him, the look of pure ecstasy on your face, and the feeling of your walls pulsating around his sensitive cock caused him to lose control. His grace pulled away from you; his thrust stuttered to a stop while he was deep inside you, his dick twitching as he released his hot seed and filling you up to the brim.
"Such a good girl." He smirked, feeling almost breathless.
He held you tight against his body, his face burred into your neck again while you rested your chin on his shoulder. You both were panting, feeling sweaty. Neither of you wanted to move, feeling completely in love and blissful. You both could feel his cum start to slowly leak from your aching hole, and you both knew there would be a mess if he pulled out, but right now you two were content in holding each other.
"I love you, Castiel." You murmured, moving to signal Cas to raise his head. You looked into his ocean blue eyes with pure adoration and happiness.
"I love you too." His features soften. He leaned down and placed a kiss on your forehead, cheeks, nose, on the corner of your mouth and back on your lips.
"I want to stay like this forever, but life would beckon us away."
"I can always pause time and stay like this." You chuckled at the suggestion but shook your head.
"C'mon, lets shower and get cleaned. Although I have a feeling a mess is going to happen."
"Let it." A ghost of a smirk was on his lips as he moved away from you, sitting up straight before he slowly removed his softening dick out of your hot pussy. His cum immediately started to leak out as predicted, but Castiel didn't rush to keep it from spilling on the sheets. He cocked his head to the side and his intense stare watched as it oozed from your slightly gaping hole.
"Cas..." You felt heat rush to your cheeks. His eyes raked up your form once more met your eyes.
"You are a work of art. You are perfection." He praised. "I would almost say you are heaven sent, but those lustful moans and the scratches on my back would say otherwise."
"You sure know how to charm a girl." You grin and finally sat up. Castiel moved off the bed and helped you up. You clenched your thighs as more cum began to leave your body. "Fuck, how much did you leave in me?" You laughed, then squealed as the angel lifted you in his arms with ease. He strode into the rooms connected bathroom, using his grace to turn on the shower. The water heated up fast and you both entered the shower, Castiel setting you down.
"I love you so much." You repeated, relaxing against his frame as the hot water rained down your bodies. His arms held onto you tight and he nuzzled his face against your head.
"I love you, with all my being." You felt warmth from the shower, from Castiel's body, and from his grace slowly seeping into you. You didn't realize the same was happening to Cas, your soul was intertwining with his grace, as his grace was doing the same with you.
You felt at peace and relaxed, and so did Castiel.
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spn-lesbian · 20 days ago
Jack: Dean is so cool
Sam: yesterday he ran into a wall because Cas smiled at him but okay
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french-vanilla-in-the-clouds · 10 months ago
𝐈 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐀 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Inspired by Frank Sinatra’s I Could Write A Book
Castiel can’t understand his vessel's sudden disequilibrium around Y/N, so decides to keep his distance from the hunter. But can this new sensation be love? And if so, will a dance help the stubborn angel realize it, or will he forever be blind to the intricacies of humanity? 
fluff, fluff. slow dance, fluff, fluff
Castiel wandered about the bunker aimlessly, searching for something to do. The Winchesters were on a hunt and had left him behind to hold down the fort.
In the meantime, he was limited to thoughtful walks around the Men of Letters compound until the boys called with an update.
In truth, Castiel’s little promenades held more purpose than he would care to admit. Y/N had stayed behind with him but the angel was determined to avoid her.
It certainly wasn’t his intention to hurt her, but lately he’d felt different whenever she was in his vicinity. Innocent conversations would make him stammer and accidental touches would send electric pulses racing through him. The sight of her would spark an unfamiliar warmth within him, and frankly it was concerning. Until Castiel could discern Y/N’s influence on his vessel, he thought it best to minimize contact with her, however disappointing it might be.
It wasn’t until the angel strode across the dormitory hall that he heard a strange sound. He frowned as a tinny music filled the air.
Perplexed, he followed the tune until it led him to the library. He stepped inside and gave a small smile at what he saw.
Sitting on the floor with heaps of records sprawled out before her sat Y/N. She was beaming at the dusty collection of disks, and seemed to be organizing them.
“Hello, Y/N.” Castiel said.
She looked up and grinned. “Hey Cas, where’ve you been hiding?”
The angel frowned and spoke defensively. “Hiding? Why would you ask that? I haven’t been hiding.”
Y/N quirked a brow. “Hey, relax Cas. I didn’t mean it like that. I only meant to say that you’ve been MIA.”
He looked around the room and observed the record player on the table. “What is all of this?” He asked her, cocking his head to the side.
Y/N’s face lit up and Castiel felt his heart swell. He clutched his chest uncomfortably, but if Y/N noticed, she didn’t let on.
“I was looking through some old boxes here in the library and found an old record collection! Some of these disks date as far back as the 1940’s, can you believe it?”
Castiel didn’t understand her excitement. The 1940’s really weren’t all that long ago, but he supposed his concept of time was different than that of a human’s.
“This is all very... fascinating.” He managed to say as he examined a mildew stained record cover.
Y/N giggled at his obvious indifference. “They might seem unassuming, but the moment you play one... it’s like magic.”
Castiel smiled wistfully at humanity’s innocence and its notion of magic.
“Can I choose one to play?” He asked.
“Yes. I’d like to experience this... magic.”
Y/N smiled. “Go ahead.”
The angel walked around the library, peering at each record cover, trying to choose one that called to him. He found a battered copy of Frank Sinatra’s “I could write a book” and picked it up.
“Perhaps this one.”
“Cool, let’s check it out.” Y/N stood up and took the disk from him. She placed it on the platter and for a moment there was only static. Castiel furrowed his brows at the mundanity of the device. He was just about to protest when the first few silky notes rose up from the record player.
If they ask me, I could write a book
About the way you walk and whisper and look...
Castiel nodded his approval. “This is a very pleasing tune. I understand now why humans-“
He paused when he turned to look at Y/N. She was swaying softly, a strange look on her face as she listened intently to Sinatra’s smooth rendition.
“Y/N?” He called out to her uncertainly.
She snapped out of her trance. “Cas, yeah. Umm... great choice.”
The angel looked at Y/N critically, his sharp focus studying her odd movements.
“Would you like to dance?”
She gave a jolt at his suggestion. “I don’t even know how to dance.”
Castiel looked down at himself and assessed his vessel. “Neither do I.” He admitted. “But maybe we can learn together.” He stepped towards her and clasped her hand. “I believe this is how the humans do it.” He said lowly, placing a hand on her waist.
Y/N could feel her hand tremble in his hold, and tried to steady herself. “Yeah Cas,” she stammered. “Just like that.”
The angel’s mouth twitched upward in a half smile. He could read the excitement in Y/N’s mind, and felt the tension of her frame. With a new rush of confidence, he coughed politely. “Shall we?” He asked.
She could only manage a nod, not trusting herself to speak.
And the simple secret of the plot
Is just to tell them that I love you a lot...
Castiel took the lead, guiding Y/N across the library floor. He moved with grace, his cobalt gaze never leaving her face.
She laughed weakly in his arms. “You know, for someone who hasn’t danced in millennia, you’re pretty good at it.”
“Yes,” he answered dryly. “It seems I am.” As they moved in tandem, Y/N gripped the starchy fabric of Castiel’s trench coat, her knuckles whitening from the force.
He looked to where she was gripping his shoulder, and moved to place his hand over hers. “There’s no need to be nervous.” He said softly. “It’s only me.”
Her tension eased. “I know. That’s the problem,” she whispered. Y/N gave a short laugh at the wrinkled patch that remained on his coat. “Sorry about that...”
Castiel hardly stirred. “Y/N,” he began. “I have stood by the sidelines of humanity for eons. I have seen great terror and great goodness in all those years, but went about existence as a warrior. An observer.”
“What are you saying?”
Castiel stopped dancing and studied Y/N for a moment. He smiled kindly and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.
“It wasn’t until I met the Winchesters that I began to appreciate the intricacies of humanity, and what they entail.”
He cupped her face in his hand, and swiped his thumb softly against her cheek.
“But it wasn’t until I met you that I began to feel those complex sentiments for myself.”
The angel moved a finger under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his.
“Y/N,” he whispered. “I think I love you.”
He dipped his face downwards and kissed her. In that moment, all was fire and ice. Y/N felt a warmth surge through her as the angel’s cool lips met her own. She clutched at his lapels and melted into his touch. Castiel smiled against her lips and revelled in the goodness and hope that lingered within their kiss.
When they parted, both angel and hunter were left breathless from the intensity of their sentiment.
Castiel grinned sheepishly, his hair left ruffled by the kiss. “If you’d like, we could dance to one more song.”
Y/N smiled and placed his hand on her waist. “I’d love to.”
Then the world discovers as my book ends
How to make two lovers of friends...
Read Chapter One of the Dancing With Team Free Will Series: Rhinestone Cowboy (Reader x Dean)
If you’d like to be tagged in any future Supernatural fics, just tell me in the comments! (and if you’d rather not be tagged in ALL Supernatural fics, please specify; EX: Reader x Dean, Dancing with Team Free Will series, etc…)
Hey guys, so I’m making a new post of the same fic because apparently it wouldn’t show up on any of its tags????
Tagging the awesome: @the-chaotic-cow
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castiel-has-bees · a year ago
Tumblr media
I made a thing...
(also plz don't repost, but rebloggings a-okay!)
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mukbee · 12 days ago
Lucifer: Oh god, they texted you ‘hi.’’ punctuation only means one thing, Castiel. They're mad at you.
Castiel: No, it's Y/n. They're just being gramatically correct!
Y/n: And then I used a period so he'd know that I'm mad at him.
Jack: A period doesn't say 'I'm mad', it says 'you're dead to me'.
Y/n: I stand by my choice.
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licieoic · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
"Holding You" - Digital Oil Painting
He flew Dean out of Hell in this position, back to front.
Please see the pinned post at the top of my Tumblr for my links if you'd like to help support me in saving for a safe place to live!
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hopelesstvaddict · a year ago
Supernatural : *ends*
Me, Tumblr, the entire world : welp it's over we're free
Supernatural : *one week later*
Tumblr media
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imeaglejd · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Everything's Destiel, everything hurts.
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