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starbiology · 5 months ago
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chapter 223 👌
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stanning-reyna · 6 months ago
It’s kinda sad that Frank, the only positive asian rep in the riordanverse (that I can remember) is largely overlooked by the fandom. And then the little content we do get about him is often something fatphobic about his “glow up” in HoH or calling him a “chinese baby man” (which is not a good thing to say for multiple reasons)
Shoutout to all the people making quality Frank content for us to enjoy because we need it
And shoutout to all the asian fans who have to put up with their ethnicity being ignored, y’all deserve better
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tellmelieshulu · 20 days ago
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Based on the best-selling novel, #TellMeLies premieres September 7 on @Hulu.
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glendowerkings · a year ago
I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again. I want more landmarks, less landmines. I want to be grateful but I’m having a hard time with it.
Richard Siken, “Black Telephone” from Spork Press Issue 1.3 (2002)
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dos-oroguitas · 8 months ago
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!? 1,000 followers !? here !? for me !? plus 15 people !?
Thank you all so much for all the follow and the support! This was really a shock to me. I didn't even plan on having an Encanto writing blog at all. I just wanted to write and write because I was consumed by Encanto content. This fandom has been the nicest to me by far! Every like, comment, and reblog means the world to me and i literally can't find the right words right now. I didn't expect to have such a following with people who like what I write! I couldn't have done it without all of you! from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
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gianniisantetokounmpo · 18 days ago
Do people realise that lewis not posting abt liz would mean he's gonna have to face so much hate including racial abuse?
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dimonds456 · 2 months ago
Aight so I’ve been thinking about this almost since I watched the table read but what if the devil was lying about the expired contract? What if he just added that part in so he could try and get cuphead to give him the pitchfork out of pity (“like the stupid caring mortal he is” probably) and then yoink the soul and make a dash for it.
But now since cuphead had crossed the fury line and mugman is now hostage, he would be used as bait to drag cuphead into hell, the devil’s lair, nowhere to run. And after he gives up his only way (known to the devil at least) of protecting himself…
Look I’m just sayin it’s just a thought but I mean they pulled that ending so 👀
I don't think those contracts just expire. And, from a writing perspective, where do we go from here? It just wouldn't make sense.
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politedemon · a year ago
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charlottan · a month ago
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turquoisewaves07 · 4 months ago
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Fuck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob Euphoria Special Episode
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thatoneaspie · 9 months ago
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Thinking about this yt comment rn
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npdsafe · a year ago
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castaell · 9 months ago
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claybrownie7566 · 11 months ago
Wind vs acne. Wind has a breakout and gets to endure the various helpful fixes and cures used by the others that only make it worse.
I feel like Wind struggling as a pre-teen boy in general would make for a good fic.
Oh the voice cracking the chain must endure XD poor kid
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robininthelabyrinth · a year ago
Whumptober - Day 26: Migrane (full series on ao3)
“I need you like I need a hole in the head,” Jiang Cheng told Nie Huaisang stiffly. “Or perhaps, more accurately – as much as you clearly need me.”
It was a good exit line. Brilliant, even, which was why Jiang Cheng’s terrible luck made sure he was struck down with a horrific migraine later that day before he could finish packing up what he needed before he left Qinghe for good.
There’d been more than he’d anticipated: spare sets of robes, crowns for his hair, books he was halfway through reading, a spare seal for finalizing paperwork…even a beautiful placeholder for Sandu and Zidian made out of forged iron that Nie Huaisang had commissioned for him personally.
(He was taking that. It was his, no matter – everything.)
But before he could actually leave, the migraine hit. It was one of the bad ones, the sort that meant that flying was out of the question, the ones for which nothing would help but lying in a dark place for a few hours until it passed.
Nothing would help, but Jiang Cheng still didn’t exactly protest when Nie Huaisang crept in after a while with a cold cloth for his eyes and forehead and a warm one for his neck, some medicinal incense that didn’t smell too strongly, and some bread to help ease the nausea. He didn’t protest when Nie Huaisang gingerly settled into his usual place, when he picked up a book to quietly read aloud, careful not to be loud enough to bother the migraine, when he let his free hand run through his hair…
“Why didn’t you tell me,” Jiang Cheng said.
Nie Huaisang’s hand stopped moving.
“I would have helped you, if I knew,” Jiang Cheng said. His eyes were closed, even under the cool cloth; he didn’t want to risk seeing Nie Huaisang’s face right now. “Instead you let me – I shared Jin Ling with him.”
“That’s why,” Nie Huaisang finally said. “You’re good at so many things, A-Cheng, but you’re no liar. It’s one of my favorite things about you. If you knew, you would never have let him near Jin Ling – and then he would want to know why.”
“You could have –”
“Not without evidence.”
“You were afraid.”
“Yes,” Nie Huaisang said. “I was, but not the way you think. You would have leapt to my defense, believed me without question…and when it all came out, if we didn’t win it all at once, he would have found a way to turn the tables to his advantage, and then he would punish us both. Me, he’d probably just kill, but you…”
He hesitated. Jiang Cheng waited.
“His claim to Jin Ling is stronger than yours. And Jin Ling was so young…it wouldn’t have been hard for him to change his mind about you, if he were the only one around.”
It was nothing Jiang Cheng didn’t know already, and yet hearing it all laid out like that – something that had been considered and discarded, knowing that Nie Huaisang had decided to leave him in the dark out of love rather than indifference…
“Fuck,” he said. “Now I have to unpack.”
Nie Huaisang’s laugh was full of relief.
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nnatsume · 9 months ago
what if you made a mika.. cat edit.. ahaha, just kidding.. unless..? /hj
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haha.. so what if i would.. haha?
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sophism · 6 months ago
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myownprivatcidaho · 4 months ago
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