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ace-of-clovers · 7 months ago
My first memory of you is you reblogging one of my posts and putting in the tags we are the clown to clown communication meme
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lizzy-frizzle · a year ago
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~You are my safety, my comfort, my home~
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pavusprince · a year ago
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b0n3y-b1tch · 16 days ago
i was venting to my friend recently about my ed (i didnt get into specifics just like....general feelings of it all) and at one point she goes “I don’t think you’re thinking about this in the right way” and i just replied “I know I’m not but I don’t want to change”
#i then went onto say 'i dont want to get better if im not sick enough yet'#and i know that like#i say stuff like that on here all the time and its nothing new#but i think saying it to someone who has no idea what an ed is like just....made me realize how stupid i sound#like i know i dont want help but actually telling someone who u think cares about u#that u dont want help is an entirely different thing#i guess what i dont understand is like#i dont know what its like to want to change? like even when i tried recovering back when i started hs#it wasnt rlly recovery i just wasnt thinking about it bc i was busy with other things#i would still have periods of a few weeks where id get back into restricting#and even if i was 'recovering' i would still make sure i didnt eat above a specific amount#i was eating bare minimum to not gain weight but also not to lose an insane amount#over the course of my ed ive never had a moment where im like 'i have to stop this'#ofc ive had moments where my health failed me but even then i look back on those moments proudly being like 'yea i was doing things right'#hell i even told my friend 'something being wrong means im doing it right'#i got my period back this month and ive been so upset the past few days even tho I KNOW I SHOULDNT BE!!!!#i just#will i ever want to recover???? like i dont rn but will i be 45 and still feel like this???#its been almost 8 years of this and i havent once felt the desire to get better only the desire to get better at hiding it
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acraftedmistake · 12 months ago
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“My Creator wanted to live forever, so that’s exactly what I gave her. I can feel her heartbeat, each breath she takes... We are one.” 
I’m thinkin’ of doin some October Stuff again. Maybe not following a direct list or prompts or somethin, but maybe just focusing on making more spooky/angst/bad times sorta stuff? 
Uuuhhh wrote a lil blurb with this comic below!!
Harper should’ve passed years ago, but the realization that her creations would outlive her brought an odd sense of dread. Who was she without her contraptions, and what were they without her?
She wanted to continue on her work, she wanted to keep creating, but humans don’t live forever. But what if she altered herself? Took out parts of herself and replaced them with something more permanent?
With the help of PAMA, Harper’s found a way to keep her heart beating, to keep her body sustained far past her life’s expectancy, so she could keep working. But now as her body started to decay under her clothes, as she felt the skin of her fingers rot, and her legs too brittle to hold her up, she knew she couldn’t keep living in such a miserable state, but PAMA didn’t care. PAMA wanted to it’s promise. It’ll keep Harper alive, forever.
Just as she wanted.
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sternbilder · 3 months ago
lies down. I woke up yesterday to a $600 water bill, which is, needless to say, a hideous amount to be charged for anything not to mention completely absurd considering I live alone, only shower every other day, and have been in korea for 3 of the 8 weeks in that billing period
so after despairing I called the water company today now that it's no longer a federal holiday and the very friendly lady on the other end of the call was like "oof yeah dude that's not right" and helpfully informed me that it's likely that I have a leak and that I just need to get it fixed and send them a form and they'll credit me for the amount I overpaid
god bless customer service representatives y'all are the real MVPs
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digimonloving · 3 months ago
i think we need clockmon x tamer headcanons now. also OKAY i may have started off bullying him but i do like him too
Clockmon x Tamer
Clockmon can be a bit of a strange one and quite silly, but when it comes to his Tamer's safety, he doesn't play around. He gets pretty protective and serious in the moment when his Tamer's life is threatened, or he feels it may be at the time.
Clockmon likes to carry his Tamer around when they're tired, either using his clock's arms to hold them and walk with them or he has them rest on his shoulders in a way, so long as his turnkey on his own back isn't jabbing them awkwardly and all.
He may or may not mess with his Tamer at times, or mess with time to help them in some form of way. Need more time to study? Need more sleep? He'll figure out how to not break everything just to give you that extra bit of time so you can get comfortable sleep and rest. He even does a little messing around if they complain something is taking too long to go by.
Clockmon likes his cuddles, as awkward as it might be at times due to his lower half being... well, a literal clock. But he just thinks that he has an extra pair of arms to hold his dear tamer with because of it. He just tries to see the good in it even if it might be a bit awkward.
His Tamer no longer has to worry about forgotten alarms and the like, since Clockmon is so in-tune with time, he knows exactly when they should get up and what their schedule is to be. He always wakes them up by peppering them with kisses, and playfully threatening that he's going to speed up time to where they HAVE to get up otherwise they're gonna spend the whole day away!
Peppering his own face with kisses gets him slightly flustered and makes him stammer a bit. He loves to do it to his Tamer, and he teases them about it, but the second they do it back to him he doesn't know how to actually react other than slightly hide his face and chuckle over it.
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apeshit · 3 months ago
sometimes i am present in a situation in which other people are talking about someone else in a negative way to each other and i just wholeheartedly disagree so much and kind of lose respect for the people talking and it sort of has made me realize literally nothing should matter in how you live your life based on if some people think youre boring, weird, etc because regardless of that making you feel insecure, theres always gonna be people who would overhear shit talk about you and just kind of completely be thrown off by what theyre saying anyways
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askkaimei · 9 months ago
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unpopular opinion, what if splash star is like this
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ihatebnha · 4 months ago
i want to vent for a moment about another trope? (idk if it’s considered one but im going to say it is) in smut that i don’t like. when the reader is giving someone a bj & their throat is basically used as a flesh light. i’ve read fics where i just had to stop in the middle of it bc it made me so uncomfortable, the fic is like “you instinctively started breathing through your mouth while his cock aggressively pushed further down your throat” & im just like … actually i don’t want to be fighting for my life while im giving head, i enjoy breathing like normal :) idk if this is making any sense but i just don’t like how aggressive most bj smuts can be
lmfao this gave me flashbacks to the first "rough deep throat" porno i ever watched... i literally remember being like "oh my god... they're abusing that woman........."
ANYWAY... rolling my eyes (not @ u, anon) because I AGREE and think this is just another way smut gets extremely disconnected from the actual... "nuance" of what it's based on (for lack of a better word lmao).
it's just so, SO... odd to be reading something that starts one way (cute, funny, smutty, WHATEVER)... only for it to become hard smex immediately without any proper... preparation.
and i'd say like... makes you wonder why deep throats are the go to... but actually, i'm not wondering lmfao. i know.
so while ofc there are exceptions and warnings and that's fine and all... often it's just... throwing random deep throating at us because the author thinks its... normal? and tbh, i have to laugh.
although honestly... i also somewhat think it's just because some people just don't know what to say to properly describe or extend their smutty scenarios, either because they've never experienced them or just want to lengthen their descriptions and don’t know how... and that is almost an entirely separate conversation LOOOL
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suki-soothes · a month ago
absolutely fucking wild tumblr just suggested me radfem art. like its literally in the tags.
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pepprs · 4 months ago
hi mutuals. ive been gone all day in capstone hell in part bc my advisor is basically making me restructure the entire thing and it’s literally due on saturday. also if i look at a screen for another second my eyes will explode out of my face i think. like screens are so weird and 3d to me rn and it hurts my eyes and is too up close but also im pretty sure i have a lazy eye now so that’s probably why lol. but I have a week of this left at least atp except i can’t possibly ahve a week of this left because i literalt graduate a week from today. i feel like setting everything on fire
#purrs#what is it with me and my teachers / professors changing my entire project at the last minute LOL. throwback to ap art i. senior year of#high school when i was so fucking stressed out and depressed about graduating (hmmm sound familiar 🤔💕) and i had spent literally ALL YEAR do#doing my stupjd breadth and composition. or whatever it was like the names of the 2 stupid categories w head to do and i spent the whole yEA#year doing paintings for my compositon and i didn’t finish them bc i bit off more than i could chew (hmm sound familiar 🤔💕) and got permissi#permission from her to do my last like 3-4 paintings as collages in my sketchbook and then i had to give her mt sketchbook to like physicall#physically handle them and grade them (which was mortifying bc mt sketchbooks are like my diary basically) and after she gave it back she sa#sat me own and told me that she thought i had a better chance of getting a high score if in just used my sketchbook collages + some RANDOM#SKETCHBOOK PAGES that i had just been doing for fun and in my free time. instead of the paintings. thst i had spent all year fucking#murdering myself over. and iwas so angry but i went with it and i only got a 4 LMFAOOOOOOOO like this is just a repeat of that where he’s li#like you have to redo your entire fucking soi and break down everything etc etc and i swear to god i’ll get like a C. and at this point i do#don’t care. i almost broke down crying to him i was trying so hard to hold it together but i was telling him how i am worried about changing#so much of this right now not because I don’t care but because im exhausted and i DESPERATELY want and need to be done bc it’s been like#2 weeks of this at least. and he said nothing to that (in part bc i didn’t even look at him when i said it bc i was too embarrassed and bc i#said something else right after to lighten the mood bc i was too embarrassed) but like. lol still. this all sucks TREMENDOUSLY. i literally#am graduating in one week and it feels like i still have a month left and i have no fucking idea honwim gonna do this bc the stupid paper i#have been trying to write for the last 2 days he basically told me i have to redo in its entirety AND THE THING IS ITS 10 FUCKING PERCENT OF#MY ETIRE GRADE LKKE THIS IS SO STUPID HELPPPPPPPPPPPP help. this is so stupid and my faculty mentors can’t help me and im like ok maybe i ai#will go lie in the street right now. also not counting seeing glimpses of my roommates i haven’t been around another human being in person I#in a week and 2 days and ive only left my room 3#3x in that time span too all to go like take out the trash or some shit. so im absolutely done with everything LOL there is no way this#project is happening and i want to just dump the entire thing unfinished and say please just take it i can’t do it anymore i literally can’t#him: don’t even worry about the time rn. just pretend you have infinite time. me: crying cat meme. LIKE SIR I WOULD LIKE TO BE DONE THIS#VERY INSTANT! HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH!!!!!!! HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s the way i have literally created THREE#fucking collections of literature in the course of doing this project and it still isn’t good enough LOLLL like i appreciate you trying to h#help me do well and give me time etc bu you have to understand i need to be done with undergrad right this second or i will explode
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artemisfowlhat · a year ago
Holly: What are you writing? Artemis: The government wants to know what kind of weapons we have in the house. I'm letting them know it's private information. Butler, looking over Artemis's shoulder: This just says 'fuck around and find out' in calligraphy.
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entamewitchlulu · a year ago
y’all think about how reiji’s plan was “jump across dimensions with a bunch of teenagers and approach the nearest, highest government in this new, unexplored dimension to inform them that there is an invasion coming and they should ally with us” and then he did it? and it ended up working? absolute madman
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hi-im-just-a-fan-here · a year ago
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I have finally finished it. I know it’s not the best, I kinda fucked up some colors, there are weird unnecessary lines that i forgot to get rid of, the whole think is a little crooked and in the last page I tried to make a sunrise  (like, progressing through the frames? I don’t think its visible) cause I thought it’ll look cool but it doesn’t look that cool, and my hand writing is shit....but still I worked on it for a long time so it’d be a shame not to post it
I don’t need to say that if the quality is shit it’s a good idea to just click on the drawing right? Well I still said it. Just in case
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jinvil · a month ago
Difficult Personality Quiz
Tumblr media
You are a somewhat difficult person to get along with (42.86%).
Tumblr media
“  Hmph.  ”
Tumblr media
You are an extremely difficult person to get along with (90.71%).
Tumblr media
“ はい、私はナンバーワンです! ”
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cosmojjong · a year ago
this clip seriously drives me insane cause shinwon pretends there's a cable there n jumps right? but then jinho also follows him and jumps.... but it doesn't stop there. changgu and hyunggu also slightly raise their feet as if they didn't want to trip.... what the hell
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