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Bumbleby Week Day 7 AU
Time-travel AUs are my shit if you haven’t noticed
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The Bee dub moment 🐝🐝🐝
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RWBY X Marvel x Avengers x Infinity War Crossover
Bumbleby as Captain Marvel and Blank Panther by MERPHV  https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79721578
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Tumblr media
Still my Detective AU👌🏻
Beacon Engineering student Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long,.they gained extensive but unprofessional detective knowledge from their uncle,Detective Qrow.
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“Not depressed“
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Yang: Ruby, you have to confess to Pyrrha sooner or later. This is getting ridiculous,
Ruby, blushing: D-don't rush me. T-this stuff takes time. I dont want to screw it up!
Yang: Not confessing at all is screwing it up. What if someone less patient than you decides to confess first? What then?
Ruby: T-that wont happen! W-why would you even say that? D-do you know something that I don't?!
Yang: Uh.......yeah, Jaune likes her too.
Ruby: He does?!
Yang, lying: Yeah. In fact, he even told me.
Ruby: WHAT?!
Yang: Yeah uhm....he likes them fiery redheads, you know? In fact, youre running out of time actually. He's planning on confessing soon.
Ruby: W-when?!
Yang: Uhm....this week?
Yang: Rubes?
Ruby, frantically: I-I gotta go! *quickly zooms out of the cafeteria*
Blake:......That was kinda mean.
Yang, smiling: Nah, she's going to thank me later today after confessing. Ruby really needed this push, trust me. She was never that good with her feelings.
Blake: This is going to blow up in your face.
Yang: Nah, you're goofy.
*Yang scroll rings*
Yang, answering it: What you want, Jauney boy?
Jaune: You mind telling me why the fuck your sister just randomly challenged me to a duel at the crack of dawn?!
Yang: No idea, bud. *hangs up*
Yang: Shut up.
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rwbybutincorrect · 3 days
Ruby: Pick a card, any card!
Yang: Okay. *picks Weiss’s credit card out of her pocket*
Weiss: W-wait that’s not-
Yang: She said any card.
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Ruby: Yang! I have a problem!
Yang: Huh? What is it?
Ruby: *shows Weiss sent her a love letter*
Yang: Pffft, oh Ruby. My sweet, baby sister, I don’t see how that’s a problem.
Ruby: *shows Winter sent her a love letter also*
Yang: ...Okay, this is a little more complicated, but I think that this is still salvageable.
Ruby: *shows Willow sent her a love letter as well*
Yang: ...
Yang: Hey, dad? Yeah, it’s me, Yang. 
Yang: It’s happening.
Yang: *breaks out laughing* No, no, it’s not me! It’s Ruby! And get this, it’s someone on our team, her sister, and her mom!
Ruby: A-are you two laughing?! You’re laughing!
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Carnival Communication (Claw Communication 2)
Yang: So how’s your first carnival Weiss?
Weiss: It’s somewhat tolerable.
Yang: I just can’t believe you’ve never been to one of these.
Weiss: Well my childhood wasn’t exactly like others.
Yang: Sheesh way to kill the mood Ice Queen.
Yang: Carnivals are meant to be fun, you gotta let lose and enjoy.
Weiss: You mean like your sister?
Weiss: “Points to Ruby”
Ruby: “Eating massive cotton candy”
Yang: Ruby don’t eat so much!
Ruby: HAHA, You can’t stop me!
Ruby: Nom Nom.
Weiss: “Scoffs”
Weiss: Have some dignity Ruby, your a team leader.
Nora: HEY!
RWY: “Glances at Nora, Ren, & Pyrrha”
Ruby: Hey guys, you’re here too?
Nora: Heck ya, this place is awesome, have you been to that slingshot ride?
Ruby: Yeah, I rode that with Weiss.
Weiss: That was a horrid experience.
Ruby: She screamed a lot.
Weiss: No I didn’t!
Nora: Yeah, Jaune threw up on that ride.
Nora: And the ride before that, and the ride before that, and the ride before that, and th-
Ren: Nora I think they get the point.
Yang: Speaking of, where is Vomit Boy?
Weiss: Yes where is your dunce of a leader?
Yang: Would it kill you to say something nice about the guy.
Weiss: Yes and yes.
Pyrrha: Well Jaune’s taking a break from the rides and playing some of the games.
Nora: He’s really good at them he won me a sloth plushie, soon I will have an army of these.
Ren: Oum, please have mercy when the day comes.
Ruby: Jaune’s good at carnival games?
Nora: Yeah he won Ren and Pyrrha prizes too.
Ren: “Holding Yoshi plush”
Pyrrha: “Holding stuffed bear”
Ren: He didn’t need to spend his lien for us.
Pyrrha: I like them it’s the thought that counts.
Ruby: Oh maybe he can win us prizes like last time.
Ruby: Right Yang?
Yang: 😠😠😠
Yang: “Crosses arms”
Ruby: Oh cmon, your not still mad about last time are you?
Yang (Angrily): I don’t want to talk about it!
Ren: What happened last time?
Ruby: Well Yang spent all her lien trying to-
Yang: “Covers Ruby’s mouth”
Yang: “Eyes red”
Jaune: Talk about what?
RWYNPR: “Glance toward Jaune”
Pyrrha: Hello Jaune.
Nora: Fearless Leaders back!
Nora: Did ya get me anything?
Jaune: Actually yes Nora.
Jaune: “Hands Nora sleeping sloth plush”
Nora: He’s so cute.
Nora: “Holding two sloth plushies”
Nora: I’m a proud mother of two.
Jaune: Hope you enjoy that one while you can Nora cause I’m not stopping anytime soon.
Weiss: “Rolls her eyes”
Weiss: Of course someone of your intellect would spend your time playing such childish games.
Jaune: Hey these games are difficult to win, luckily I was taught by my uncle to win each and every kind of carnival game.
Weiss: Please, as if you need actual skills required to win something so simple.
Pyrrha: Sorry to interject but many of these games are difficult in their own ways.
Pyrrha: The fact that Jaune has an understand of each and everyone of them is quite impressive.
Nora: Cause he’s the best!
Weiss: He’s the worst!
Jaune: Alright care to make things interesting?
Weiss: What are you rambling on now?
Jaune: You said it yourself, these games are easy, so if what you said is true then you would have no problem beating me at them.
Jaune: If you beat me in at least one game I’ll be your personal butler for the rest of the school year.
Jaune: But if I win then you have to go on one date with me.
Weiss: That’s absurd.
Nora: But you said it’s easy, so it shouldn’t be that hard.
Jaune: Whose side are you on?
Nora: Meh, which ever one wins.
Nora: Unless your scared Ice Queen.
Weiss: 😠😠😠
Weiss: Fine it’s a deal.
Jaune & Weiss: “Shake hands”
Weiss: Get ready to fix my meals for the rest of the year!
Jaune: We’ll see about that!
Jaune & Weiss: “Walk off”
Nora: She’s gonna regret that.
Yang: Yeah, she has no idea what Jaune is capable of.
Pyrrha: Yang your eyes.
Ruby: Cmon Yang, let’s go to the punching machine to blow off some steam.
Yang: Fine.
Yang (Mumbling): Finally something I’m better at than Vomit Boy.
“Ring toss”
Weiss: Why are there so many dirty bottles?
Jaune: You have to toss these rings onto the bottles, the more bottles you ring the better the prize.
Weiss: Seems simple enough.
Jaune: “Hands booth keeper lien”
Jaune: Two plays please.
Clerk: Right away.
Clerk: “Hands Jaune & Weiss 10 rings each”
Jaune: “Tosses 1st ring which wraps around bottle”
Weiss: If that dolt can do it then so can I.
Weiss: “Tosses 1st ring which misses completely”
Weiss: No need to fret Weiss, it’s only one ring.
“2 Minutes later”
Jaune: “Tossed every ring successfully”
Weiss: “Missed every bottle”
Clerk: Winner
Clerk: “Hands Jaune stuffed scarfed penguin”
Jaune: Thanks mister.
Clerk: “Hands Weiss tootsie roll”
Weiss: What’s this?
Clerk: We hand out pity prizes for losers.
Weiss: 😠😠😠
Jaune: Let’s go to the next game Weiss.
Weiss: Fine!
Weiss (Internally): Mark my word Arc, this is only the beginning.
“Balloon Pop”
Clerk: Step right up, step right up.
Clerk: Pop balloons with three darts to win a prize.
Clerk: You with the blonde hair and adorable hoodie, you wanna test your luck.
Jaune: Yeah me and my friend.
Clerk: Great.
Clerk: It’s 5 lien per person.
Jaune: Hands 10 lien to clerk.
Clerk: “Hands darts to Jaune & Weiss”
Clerk: Rules are what you expect, pop at least 6 balloons and you walk out with a prize.
Weiss: “Throws dart toward red balloon”
Weiss: “Claps hands”
Weiss: “Throws dart toward blue & yellow balloons”
Weiss: Just a few more.
Weiss: “Throws dart toward orange & green balloons”
Weiss: I got close that time.
Weiss: Well that should be enough to put Arc in his place.
Jaune: “Simultaneously popping several balloons with a single dart”
Weiss: 😦😦😦
Clerk: Winner winner chicken dinner!
Clerk: “Hands Jaune pig plush”
Clerk: Do hold it against him little missy some people are just more skilled than others.
Weiss: “Glares”
Weiss: “I will not be humiliated by Arc”
Weiss: “Grabs Jaune”
Weiss: Cmon, I’m surely to best you at the next game.
Jaune: O-Okay.
“Test your strength”
Jaune: This one is pretty self explanatory, just hit the puck and try to ring the bell.
Weiss: So be it.
Jaune: “Pays clerk”
Clerk (Quietly): Good luck ya scrawny bunch.
Jaune: “Hands Weiss hammer”
Jaune: Ladies first.
Weiss: “Scoffs”
Weiss: “Snatches hammer from Jaune”
Weiss: “Strikes puck”
Puck: “Kinda strong”
Weiss: That’s more than enough to beat you.
Jaune: We’ll see.
Jaune: “Takes hammer”
Weiss (Thinking): Please, he can’t even overpower Winchester in combat class I shouldn’t have to worry about-
Clerk: Hmph.
Clerk: Impressive.
Clerk: “Hands Jaune Pikachu plush”
Clerk: Your not as scrawny as you look kid.
Jaune (Confused): Thanks?
“1 Hour Later”
Weiss: How?!?!?
Weiss: How can someone so unbelievably idiotic and childish have such incredible luck?
Jaune: It’s not luck, I just learned about these games from my uncle.
Weiss: Oh well maybe your uncle can teach you how to be a decent huntsman or even better a decent human being.
Jaune: …
Jaune: “Looks down”
Weiss: I’m sorry.
Weiss: I let my emotions get the better of me.
Weiss: I don’t handle losing well.
Weiss: For me I was taught that winning is a necessity for my life, for my name.
Weiss: If I fail I dishonor my family’s name.
Jaune: I’m sorry to hear that.
Weiss: It’s just so frustrating.
Jaune: “Hands Weiss stuffed scarfed penguin”
Weiss: Why are you giving me this?
Jaune: Think of it as a sense of closure.
Jaune: I hug mine when I’m stressed and no ones there to help.
Jaune: It feels like there’s someone there for you when you need it.
Weiss: “Looks at stuffed scarfed penguin”
Weiss: “Hugs stuffed scarfed penguin”
Weiss: Thank you Ar- Jaune.
Weiss: This was admittedly a really fun day for me.
Jaune: Glad to hear that Snow Angel.
Weiss: “Smiles”
Jaune: So about that date?
Weiss: “Rolls eyes”
Weiss: Of course your still on that.
Jaune: “Smiles”
“With the others”
Pyrrha: Hey there something I’ve been wondering for a while now.
Yang: What’s that?
Pyrrha: Where’s Blake?
Yang: We don’t know, she said she was getting lunch but we haven’t seen her since.
Clerk: Test you luck.
Clerk: Scoop up a fish and it’s your to keep.
Clerk: Who’s walking out with a new friend.
Blake: Looks at gold fish”
Blake: “Licks lips”
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Bumbleby Week Day 8 Bonus
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Artist: twitter.com/kimosugimasu
Tumblr media
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bees at the dance club AU — I’ll save you a dance — I'll be waiting clothes: Yang and Blake
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More than meets the eyes 🔥
Tumblr media
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RWBY Christmas Tales
Episode 1: Lancaster: The Mistletoe Kiss
Blake: Sun, I'm not so sure about this.
Sun: Come on! You know you wanna see it too.
Blake: I know, but how are we gonna get Ruby and Jaune to kiss?
Sun: I have that covered. *shows mistletoe* The ultimate romantic plant in the world! And since it's the month of December, an extra little Christmas spark to boot!
Blake: Hmmmm, we still need to find a way to actually get them in a room together.
Sun: Oh I have that covered. *picks up scroll and calls* Sage, are you and Yang ready?
Sage: You know it, bro! Nothing like a batch of Christmas cookies to lure out Ruby.
Yang: Decorated with the finest icing and candy, I might add.
Sage: Indeed you did, dear. Mwah!
Yang: Awww.*smiles* Maybe I should get you under the mistletoe next.
Sage: Hopefully in a more private-
Sun: Guys! Focus here!
Sage: *ahem* Anyway, the bait is ready. We even have Jaune's favourite, candy canes.
Sun: Alright! Team BSSL, go!!!!
Sage/Yang: Yeah!!!! *hang up the scroll*
[At the Beacon Common Room]
Ruby: Oooooooh. *gazes at the Christmas cookies and eats a snowman one* Mmmm~
Jaune: *munches on a candy cane* Nom! Oh hi, Ruby!
Ruby: Hi Jaune! How was the mission?
Jaune: It was fantastic! Ren totally kicked ass out there against this group of mercenaries and Nora and Pyrrha managed to get everyone to safety. The mayor was so happy that he awarded us with these medals!
Ruby's eyes sparkled as Jaune showed her a gold medal with the emblem of a lion on it.
Ruby: Wow! It looks so cool!
Jaune: I know, right? Oh and, uh, *shuffles feet* I also got you this. *hands Ruby a gift wrapped in white and red*
Ruby: *blushes* Oh! Thanks Jaune!
Jaune: It's a shame you can't open until Christmas, though.
Ruby: I have no doubt that it's worth the wait. *smiles* Thank you.
For a moment, the two of them couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes. They felt faces go red and tried to look elsewhere, with both of them catching a glimpse at mistletoe hanging above them. They looked at it and back at each other. Ruby and Jaune smiled nervously as they inched closer. Their hearts were racing a marathon as they closed the gap between their lips and kissed each other. It was small and they pulled apart for a few seconds, but they both couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.
Ruby/Jaune: *holding each others' hands* Merry Christmas.
From behind the sofa, Sun and Blake cheered silently. Their plan worked! Operation Orange Mistletoe was a success!
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