#yandere muzan kibutsuji x reader
what would yandere Muzan be like with an s/o who hates him, does everything to annoy him, runs away often and doesn't really care about Muzan's punishments
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji
Tumblr media
You really hated Muzan.
And everything he did pissed you off.
But you really had the right to hate him.
However, Muzan was the reason your parents had died.
He couldn't help it.
How could he have known that the people he killed would be the parents of his future obsession.
Actually, Muzan might not even remember them.
He has killed too many people.
It doesn't improve the situation much.
In fact, it only makes things worse.
Muzan really does not tolerate any disrespect.
He tries to come up with the worst possible punishments.
Muzan also threatens to murder your family.
oh yeah
You really must be a masochist.
Muzan can get really violent.
He goes through all the punishment options.
This is probably why Muzan turns you into a Demon.
He hopes it will make you more obedient.
He is wrong.
The only reason you can survive is that you promised to avenge the death of your parents.
Of course you can't kill Muzan.
But you can try to drive him crazy and watch all his money go to therapy.
The perfect plan.
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darlingyanderes · 1 year
Can you do one with Muzan and Kokushibo (bad at spelling 😂) With y/n. You can choose the content
Hi thank you for your request!! I might have gone a little ham on this one, I recently watched a movie called “Forgotten” on Netflix, and it inspired me to write this! I hope you like it (and that it’s not a straight up rip-off of the movie ooop)
Warnings: (fake) illness, drugs, explicit gore, murder, demons eating humans, manipulation/gaslighting, badly written amnesia
Word count: 1731
Take your pills - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju x Fem!Reader x Yandere!Kokushibo
Muzan and Kokushibo were always right. Or at least, Y/N had to trust they were always right, since her memory is so fuzzy. When the three first met, they told Y/N that she was ill and needed treatment. They claimed it was still in the first stages, so Y/N of course didn’t notice anything yet. But as they took her to the doctor and got her these pills, her whole head has just become so fuzzy. It was hard to stay in the real world and she could barely remember what she had been doing 5 minutes ago. Y/N wrote it off as the effects of the disease and that it was progressing despite all the medication.
But some things were so odd. That doctor they took her to, was that her usual doctor? Who was that person? When did she start living at Muzan and Kokushibo’s house, and since when did they call her ‘bunny and ‘darling’? The more she thought about her situation, the more questions popped up, and the harder it became to find answers. How could she, when her conscious felt like it was floating in an endless sea?
In the end, thinking became too tiresome. She decided to save herself the useless trouble of looking for answers she wasn’t going to get, and just trust Muzan and Kokushibo. She must be ill, that’s why they’re giving her these drugs. She can’t think straight, that’s why they’re taking care of her. That’s all she knew, and all she had to know.
Y/N stood at the sink in the bathroom, with a pill and a glass of water in her hand. She was about to pop the pill in her mouth, when Muzan suddenly opened the door, startling her and causing the pill to fell out of her hand and beneath the sink.
“You scared me half to death!”
Muzan shot her an apologetic look. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, bunny. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. Did you take your pill today?”
Y/N looked at her empty hand. She thought that she hadn’t taken it yet, but it wasn’t in her hand. She tried digging through her memory, but it was no use: she didn’t remember even that. Judging from the glass of water in her hand and the absence of a pill, she probably took one. Right?
She grinned at him and said: “Of course! What’s for breakfast?”
Y/N awoke in the middle of the night, her eyes drowsily looking around the room. Despite having just woken up, she felt her mind was a bit clearer than it usually was. Rolling over in bed, she realised she was more aware of the softness of the sheets, the faint smell of Muzan and Kokushibo clinging to the fabric, and the warmth radiating from the empty spots where they usually slept.
Wait, empty spots?
Y/N sat up, patting the rest of the bed to see if Muzan and Kokushibo had somehow been lying at the very edges of the matrass, but it was all empty. Why were they both gone?
A scream suddenly ruptured the house. Though it was dampened by the walls, Y/N could tell it was a guttural scream of pure fear. It made the very hairs on her neck stand up. She was frozen in her bed, horrified at the silence that followed. She could only hear her own heart beat frantically in her chest.
Only when the scream came for a second time, did Y/N quickly move from the bed. The scream must have been coming from inside the house. There must be an intruder. Was someone hurting Muzan or Kokushibo? Or even worse, both of them?
She had to help them. Even if her presence would just be a distraction to stop whatever attacker was in their house for only a split second, that would be good enough.
She inched her way through the darkness of their house, following the noise, until she was right around the corner of the bathroom. The light inside was on and the screams of agony kept ringing in her ears. She grabbed her slipper as a make-shift weapon and braced herself, before jumping in the opening of the door and yelling at the top of her lungs: “Stop!”
But what she saw made her drop the slipper in her hand.
The screams weren’t coming from either Muzan or Kokushibo, but rather a deadly pale looking man in the bathtub. His eyes were red and his face was dripping with tears, snot, and blood. He was partially submerged in his own blood and was most likely the cause for all the red smears and hand prints on the bathroom tiles behind him. Even if Y/N was able to perform surgery on him, she could never save him; half of his abdomen had been hollowed out, his intestines draped out for all to see. He was littered with claw marks, and an occasional bite was missing from his limbs.
Right as Y/N had entered the bathroom, a bloodied hand had dug its way into him, tearing his flesh out. The hand belonged to Muzan, the usually neat and tidy man who now had wild eyes and a face smeared red. Kokushibo was crouching next to him, licking the blood off his fingers with that same feral look in his eyes.
With a hopeless dread in her stomach, Y/N fell to her knees. They were demons. She had been living with demons this entire time. Monsters, vicious killers, who posed as loving humans so they could have a cover and continue eating humans in peace. With shallow breaths, Y/N couldn’t stop staring at the man in the bathtub, whose horrifying final moments she was witnessing.
“Y/N? Y/N, it’s not what it looks like.”
Y/N gaze shifted to Muzan, who now turned his whole body towards her. He looked like a tiger about to pounce its prey.
“Go back to bed, Y/N,” added Kokushibo, who tried to show her a calming smile. All Y/N could see were his bloodied fangs.
Y/N shook her head fervently and crawled backwards away from them, tears stinging in her eyes. “You are monsters. You- You killed that man!”
Muzan frowned, before looking at Kokushibo. “The pills should’ve prevented this, right?”
Kokushibo stalked towards Y/N, who couldn’t move away fast enough. “I suppose there’s something we could still do to make this right.”
When Y/N opened her eyes, she was back in the bed. Light was shining through the curtains, announcing the start of a new day. For a moment she was lost in the warm comfort of the bed and the two bodies surrounding hers, but then she suddenly remembered the events of last night.
Her eyes shot wide open and she gasped when she saw Muzan’s face right in front of hers. With his usual gentle smile, he whispered: “Good morning, darling.”
When he attempted to brush her hair out of her face, she flinched backwards, suddenly scared of the long claws on his hands. However, she didn’t get far: Kokushibo pressed himself against her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach. After he pressed a lazy kiss on her neck, he said: “What’s wrong, bunny?”
“You killed him.”
“You killedhim. How could you do such a thing?”
Muzan once again moved his hand to caress her face, this time succeeding since Y/N didn’t have enough room to dodge him. With a carefully crafted worried look on his face, he said: “Sounds like you had an awful nightmare.”
Y/N frowned. “What? A nightmare?”
It was quiet for a while. Kokushibo propped himself up on his arm so he could look Y/N in the face. He looked grave as he asked: “Y/N, did you take your pill yesterday?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say yes, but stopped. She didn’t remember if she took one. Did she take one? No matter how much she dug in her memory, she just didn’t know.
Seeing the confusion on her face, Muzan sighed and shook his head. As he stroked her cheek with his thumb, he spoke: “You always had terrible nightmares before we took you to the doctor. You’d wake up and be so, so scared, just like you are now. The nightmares seemed so real to you, but they aren’t. They’re just nightmares.”
Kokushibo backed him up as he rubbed Y/N’s shoulder. “We were by your side the whole night, bunny. Right here in this bed.”
Something was wrong. She knew what she saw that night. But then again, why would they have any reason to lie? If they really were demons, they’d just eat her up if she witnessed them doing something like that, right? Demons wouldn’t care if they had to kill one more human, it’d just mean an extra meal for them. And they surely wouldn’t take care of someone like her like this. They must be right. They just have to be. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.
This illness really was messing with her head and her sense of reality. She felt like a fool. How could she possibly think that they’d do something like that, when they were always so kind and patient with her? She really was an idiot. In a small voice, Y/N said: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright, darling, we know it’s hard.”
Kokushibo reached over to the nightstand on his side of the bed and grabbed a pill and the glass of water on top of it. Meanwhile, Muzan sits Y/N up straight, keeping his arm around her shoulders and his hand resting in hers.
“Open wide,” Kokushibo said as he held the pill in front of her mouth. When Y/N opened it, she received a pat on her head. “Good girl.”
She couldn’t help but feel this nagging in the back of her head. Something wasn’t right here. The gentle smiles on their faces, and the way Muzan patiently held out the glass of water for her. There was something hidden behind her eyes, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. Was it really just the illness that was making her feel this way?
Finally, Muzan pressed the glass to her lips, forcing Y/N to take a sip and swallow the pill.
“From now on, we’ll make sure you take your pills, okay?”
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For your yandere event could you maybe pick quotes you'd think fit yandere's Muzan Kibutsuji, Rengoku Kyojuro and Giyuu Tomioka in a Royalty AU - Maybe with little headcannon thingys too? 人´∀`)
I am looking ⊙︿⊙ I am looking Anon with great interest~
An Interesting choice for characters and for AU! But it’s a welcome one, you’ve picked some interesting characters and an AU I haven’t written anything for yet - I’ve really, really wanted to write something for a Royalty AU
Also how did you do the cute expression?? 
It’s adorable!
Thank you for requesting! I hope I’ve written it well and that you enjoy ^O^ 
Tumblr media
Muzan Kibutsuji – Emperor
A song that fits him as a Yandere - and as an Emperor/King - is the song “Hey, Little songbird” from Hades town cause of the power it oozes and I just think it fits him, I can’t really put it into words excatly why it does but it just does...
Quotes - Things he’s said or thought:
“How Cute”
“In time, you’ll learn to love me in the way I love you”
“I’ll make them suffer for you…”
“I can’t stand seeing you cry... who made you shed such woeful tears? I’ll punish them...”
“I adore you”
With a reputation for being cold-hearted and Ruthless - something that all Kibutsuji men seem to have in common as Emperor - with a scything tongue of sharp wit,  it wasn’t surprising that none of Muzan’s wives lived for long
In fact, it was expected for them to be sent away or ever heard again because of their unfortunate passing 
But with you? His advisor, coming from a commoner background, raising yourself up through the ranks with your intelligence, he treat with a warm respect 
Smiles - something that usually didn’t cross the marble carved beauty of his face - were so common to see when you were there
A twinkle of something so deep in his eyes 
Where Emperor Muzan went his trusted followed
You received the same treatment as him - the same food and drink - afterall, you were a very important extension of himself 
Many peopled had assumed, had whispered in hushed tones about the potential of the secrets of your relationship with the Emperor - they were never spoken in front or around either or you but words had a way of slithering back to Muzan 
For a brief while they amused him
Until he actually started thinking about it seriously - you’d make such a good couple, powerful and unstoppable
Muzan was many things, patient being one of them, he’d wait, continuing to build up the already stable and friendly relationship he had with you
You’d love him romantically soon
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro – Prince
Quotes - Things he’s said or thought:
“I never wanted you to see how much my love for you corrupted me”
“My love for you burns so brightly that not even a star compares to it”
“Your beauty....It’s something that’s only seen in paintings... How? How can you be so breath-taking?”
“You! It’s always been you!”
Loved by all, the eldest prince Rengoku Kyojuro could have anybody he wanted - well..within reason of course..
And, for a time, there was somebody - A flower girl of great beauty - someone who held his love and attention raptly 
An arranged marriage was what your relationship started off as - Stiff and unnerving, almost cold 
Childhood friends put together into a marriage unwanted - your heart almost broke when Kyojuro says he had friend called (Y/N) in such a cold way - tears pricking your waterline when he sprouts cold words under hushed breathes, a happy façade for the public 
Kyojuro ignores you for the first two months of living together, only speaking directly to you in short bursts and only when needed 
It takes time, so much time, for both of you to reach a state of friendship
Time that heals the hurt but freezes your heart to love 
Kyojuro remembers in bursts, in dreams and in the small things you do - your perfume, the habit you have of biting your nails when anxious etc - who you are to him
He remembers the love he had for you then and slowly that love comes back...
Kyojuro’s love always starts of as mellow and slow, it builds until it becomes obsessive - until he’s a yandere
But by that time he even thinks of you in a romantic sense, you’ve already resigned yourself to a marriage that’s unromantic and unloved
He’ll make it up to you though, in whatever way possible
You’ll love him again like you had done before, right?
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka – King
Quotes - Things He’s said or Thought:
“I’m obsessed with you, why can’t you see that?”
“Love me, love only me, you can do that… right?”
“My heart only beats for you��
“I can’t take it anymore, if I can’t have you, then everybody has to suffer until I get you back...”
As a painter you were used to not settling down for more then a couple of months before getting requested + commissioned to paint somebody rich again - you were very skilled
You didn’t think about it too much when a person of higher standing called upon you for your skill
Didn’t think too much of the potential danger or obsession
The deep melancholic gaze of King Tomioka - that held such a swirling darkness to them - was one that frequented your canvases and sketchbooks 
Such eyes that held such a dark depth to them..
He was one of your frequent clients
Chat was always civil and polite, he treat you with a polite gentleness 
Spoke words in quiet tones of calmness - he always put you at ease..
You were treat like royalty when you were painting for Giyuu
Giyuu had fallen for your skill before falling in love with you as a person - enraptured by the skilled warm strokes of your brush 
Your paintings - portraits of him and other pieces (like scenes of battle or serene waves of the sea etc) littered the palace walls 
You were his favorite artist
Because a king spoke so highly of you, it meant people commissioned you more, making you more tired as you tried to juggle so many orders but it made you happy - and stressed but that was besides the point.. - so Giyuu couldn’t really do anything about it
Your friendship developed more with Giyuu 
Of course, Giyuu only wants the best for you, only wants to see you strive, so he doesn’t think twice about offer his palace for you to stay in and when you take him up on his offer his heart skips a beat
What a perfect time to continue developing that budding relationship between the two of you..
Giyuu will have to pullout all the stops to catch your love, won’t he?
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you : would you missed me if i died ?
Muzan : it ' s funny you think death can get you out of this relationship .
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sassysaxsolo · 1 month
The Demon Lord's Babysitter
Tumblr media
Synopsis: It was bad enough when your mom made you cancel your plans in favour to babysit her friends snotty brat son, it became a nightmare when you realised not everything is what it seems to be.
TW: Rape, violence, death, alcohol abuse, blood, body mutilation, not for the faint of heart, Minors DNI
“Oh dear! Oh dear this is terrible!”
Muzan looked over his shoulder as his pseudo mother pacing back and forth in the lounge as his pseudo father tried to calm her down. “Don’t worry darling, I’m sure we can find another.”
“Don’t be daft dear! How are you going to find another babysitter on such short notice?! I can’t believe the nanny had such nerve to be sick at the last minute!”
“Well, if she’s sick darling, she can’t exactly help it-”
“So?! That’s no excuse! We’ve been planning this trip for weeks, who on earth is going to look after my precious Toshiyuki!?”
Muzan tsked at the sound of the hag’s shrill voice, if he been less patient, he would of killed her already, ripped her head off and feed on her intestines. And that man who plays as his father, he was such a weak man, never could he speak up to the hag, he truly was spineless.
Then, there was a knock on the door.
“Coming!” Called his mother as she rushed over to the front door. He made sure he was away from any forms of sunlight as much as possible. “Ayako!” Cheered his mother as she allowed another woman into the house, he always saw her in the evenings, the old bat literally had nothing else to do.
“How are you dear?” Said the other woman.
“Just dreadful! You know that party we’ve been invited to by my husband’s business associate?”
“Yes, Do tell?”
“Our babysitter just dropped out at the last minute, now I have no idea what to do! I don’t know anyone else available and by the looks of things, I won’t be able to attend and if I don’t attend this party, it will look bad for my husband and his reputation will be tarnished!”
“Oh my! That certainly is dreadful- wait a minute! I have an idea!”
“Oh? What is it?”
“My daughter (Y/n) isn’t doing anything tonight! Why doesn’t she come down and look after little Toshiyuki chan?”
“Oh, are you sure Ayako? I wouldn’t want to bother her-”
“Nonsense! No trouble at all! In fact, I’ll go straight home and tell her to pack an overnight bag for tonight!”
“Oh thank you dear! You’re a lifesaver!”
Muzan grumbled, taking his book and heading upstairs for some better peace and quiet. He could hear his ‘mother’ cheer to his father about how they finally got a babysitter to watch him. Little did they know their ‘son’ was the progenitor of the demon race and he could have them killed any time he wanted to.
But it was easier this way, pretending to be a child meant he had a clean slate, people don’t expect too much background information from a child than they would an adult. In his precious disguise as a business man with a wife and child, that was a bit more difficult.
He had to use mind control on the woman to make her believe he was her husband and the father of her child. Considering he lost his ability to procreate the minute he became a demon. Those two are now dead, he couldn’t have anyone finding him ever since the boy with hanafuda earrings found him.
It was sad, in a way. She was a good fuck, never complained when he forced her onto her knees to take his meat. Speaking of sex, he hadn’t had any in a while. He missed the days where he could have multiple wives at once without having anyone suspicious about it.
Maybe he should visit the entertainment district? Daki was excellent, like a little puppy begging for a bone from her master. That put a smile on his face.
But for now, he’ll be patient, once this babysitter falls asleep, he’ll be free to do what he pleases.
“Toshiyuki! Toshiyuki!” called his mother from downstairs. He climbed down the stairs with his tiny legs as he saw his mother all glammed up in her dress and pearls while his father was dressed up, the maid was carrying their luggage. “Yes Okasan?”
“(Y/n) is coming now- Hear she is!” His mother said looking out the window before opening the door and allowing the girl in.
She was taller than him, luscious healthy hair, smooth looking skin and a beautiful face. She was truly something else, his only question is why he hasn’t seen her before. She came in with a large bag and a small smile on her lips. “Hello Mrs Kure, My mother sent me over to look after your son for the night.”
“How wonderful!” His mother clapped, gently easing Muzan over to the girl. “Toshiyuki, this is (Y/n). Be a good boy for her tonight and do what you're told. (Y/n), this is Yuki, he’s already eaten, make sure he’s in bed by nine and help yourself to anything in our fridge. We’ll be home in the early afternoon!”
His mother, father and the maid stepped outside the house and piled into a car. “Goodbye Mr and Mrs Kure! I’ll take care of everything here!” You waved off the rich folk as they drove off. Muzan looked at your face, you seemed like a goody two shoes. Why else would you come over so quickly?
You were cut, very cute. Perhaps he can disappear and switch to his regular form. He can have fun with you and then eat you afterwards, he’ll just say he woke up and you were nowhere to be found, yeah, that's what he’ll do-
“Okay listen here you little shit!”
He was snapped out of his thoughts when you grabbed him by his shirt and loomed over him like a titan.
‘What..?’ he thought.
“You really don’t want to piss me off tonight, you here? I’m already in a bad mood! I was suppose to go to a party with my friends tonight but my mother fucked that up tonight by telling me I had to drop everything and look after you! She fully knew I was going out tonight too! She said tough luck and I’m like fine, if my night is going to be ruined, I’m dragging you down with me you little shit! Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t look at me and keep your ass upstairs!” You screeched. 
For some reason, Muzan felt palpable fear as you shoved him inside and pointed up stairs. He took it as his sign to hallass. He didn’t know why he listened to you, but he ran up the stairs, he watched from the banister as you strutted into the kitchen.
You were certainly going to be a problem.
“Oh my god! There is nothing good tonight!” You groaned as you flicked through the television. You didn’t know why you even bothered in the first place. You had caused a mess in the kitchen by making yourself something to eat. Now you were stuffed, bored and alone.
“I know!” You cheered as you walked over to the telephone and held the receiver up to your ear and dialed in the number to your friend's place. “Hey Sakiko, What's up?” You asked, sitting on the couch.
“Nothing much, this party is a real drag without you here. Nori from the tennis team literally fingered me in the closet and honestly it was the worst thing ever.” You gasped. “No! It couldn't have been that bad! Could it?” she tutted on the other end. “It was! This man clearly had no idea what he was doing, I had to fake an orgasm just to get him to stop!” You couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh my god, that sounds terrible!”
“I know, but listen here, I might just ditch him and hang with Masato from athletics, Chiharu said he was really good in bed so I might just give him a ride!” You both laughed at her profanity. “You dirty bitch!” You howled, slapping your thigh.
“Ah here, you’ve any luck with the fellas yet? You're the only one who hasn’t gotten with a fella yet.” She continued, you sighed and curled a lock of hair around your finger. “No, Not yet. I was thinking of getting with Hiroki last week after the game, then Chiharu comes along and tells me he’s been hooking up with Kuwahare Miho.”
“Kuwahare? That slut? Yeah, good call, don’t know what diseases she could have passed on to him.” You both laughed as you talked negatively about those two, then it clicked for you friend. “Hey, I have an idea, you remember Hattori Yuu from that Kyoto University event? Didn’t he give you his number”
“Oh yeah, he did!” You gasped, completely forgetting his existence. “Are you gonna invite him over?”
“Fuck yeah, why not?”
“You slut! What are you gonna say?” she questioned as you scratched your head. “I dunno! I left his number in my bag, I’ll call him over and tell him I have a free house.”
“Ooh, sneaky! Alright, You have fun, I’m going to see if Masato is free for the taking.”
You both said your farewells as you hung up the phone.
You remember leaving your bag by the foyer, you stand up only to see the littlest shit standing in the archway. Was he actively trying to piss you off? “Hey. What did I say about staying up stairs? Are you looking for trouble?”
“Mother says I can stay up till nine. It's only seven forty nine.” The kid said in a smartass tone and you nodded your head. “Yeah? Yeah? Well I don’t give a shit. Bedtime is whenever I say it's time and I said ``keep your ass upstairs.”
“I know you’re inviting someone over, what gives you the right to invite strangers over to my house? My parents would be very displeased to hear that.”
“Yeah? They’ll also be displeased when they hear that you started breaking things when you refused to do what you were told.” 
The child sneered. “What are you talking about..?” You spotted a small potted plant on the window ledge, you walked over, grabbed it, walked back over to where the kid was standing and dropped it on the ground. The soil spread across the floor as the pot shattered into a hundred pieces.
A look of shock spread across your face and your hands immediately went to either side of your face. “Oh my gosh Toshiyuki! Why on earth would you break that…?” Muzan’s thoughts immediately went red when all he could think of was strangling you to death with his bare hands. Where the hell do you get off bossing him around in his own home?! “You…. You wench…!”
“Enough with this wench bullshit, so hear me now kid. I’m an adult, your a stupid kid. I’m right, you're wrong. I don’t care how much your parents fondle over you, who do you think they’re gonna believe? A snotty nose brat who needs to sit on a stack of books just to reach his crayons or a valedictorian student?”
He clenched his fists and thought about killing you right then and there. You were certainly a disrespectful little punk. A higher class socialite who likes to badmouth people behind their backs and wants only the best of the best.
You hid your true self under a mask of innocence and good nature. Muzan couldn’t help but find you..
…appealing? You knew what you wanted and would do anything to get it.
“Enough standing around! Get your ass upstairs or I swear I’ll wreck this place up so much, your parents will toss you out!” You threatened, pointing up the stairs, the kid marched upstairs in frustration as you grabbed your bag and took out the notebook. Inside was your future husband’s phone number.
Why would you refer to him as that? Simple, because he was the key to a life of luxury and relaxation. That's why. You dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.
“Hello? Who is this?”
“Hi Yuu! It's me, (Y/n) from the university meet up!” You said in a cheery voice.
“Oh! (Y/n), I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so late.” He said.
“What are you up to?” You asked.
“Just drinking beer, smashing mailboxes and tipping cows with my friends.”
You didn’t say anything for a minute before you responded with a simple “Cool!”
“So, what are you doing?” He asked, you let out the faintest of sighs. “My mother dumped a babysitting job on me when I was to be in a group study with my friends~” A lie he didn’t need to know. “The kid is already fast asleep and I’m stuck in this house till his parents come home tomorrow afternoon. I’m so utterly bored.”
“So, besides the kid, you're practically alone?”
“Yes~ In this big house on Torihumaka lane where anyone can break in and hurt me~”
“That doesn’t sound good, you should have someone watch over you, if you know what I mean.”
“I’m afraid I don’t, you might need to come over and explain.”
“I would be happy too, Do you have any liquor?”
“I’m sure I can find some. Make your way over quickly, I don’t feel safe all alone~”
“You have my word~”
You hung up the phone and pumped your fists. “YES!” You got up and did a little victory dance. But stopped when you realized you should get ready. You cleaned up your mess in the kitchen, you located a bottle of french bourbon. You got dressed into a cute little nightgown before fixing your hair and make up.
The doorbell rang. “It's show time~” You sang, answering the door “Hi Yuu!” You sang, moving aside to allow him in. “Thanks for inviting me over, I got something for you~” He pulled out a box of rather expensive looking chocolate. “It would be rude of me to show up without a gift, thankfully the chocolate shop in town was still open.”
“Oh Yuu, you’re so sweet~” You purred and he handed it to you as he came inside. Hattori Yuu, his father was a well known businessman who made well over seven digits, he went to Kyoto university where he was in his final year of Business and management. Sure he was a little soft in the head but he was smart when he needed to.
This was the moment you had been waiting for, ever since you first laid eyes on him. You got him interested in you at that University event, badmouthed your friend a bit when you said she just loved to party but you were ‘too shy’ to do that kind of stuff.
You were playing your cards right. Guys like Yuu loved sluts but when they want to settle down and find a wife, they look for young virgins like yourself. Sure, it sounds creepy but you didn’t care. The guy reeked of money and you knew damn well you’d do anything for that lifestyle
You brought him to the living area where you sat down and poured him a glass of bourbon. He happily drank it and you smiled like the doting future wife you were. “Man this sure is a nice house, I might buy a house like this in a few years, but with a few more acres and a swimming pool.”
“That does sound nice. Did you have a difficult time getting here? Would you like me to relieve your stress?” You asked, sliding your hands onto his shoulders and rubbing them. He moaned at your touch, clearly enjoying the hospitality you were giving him.
“Ooooh… That’s really nice… You’d make a great wife one day..” He flirted, your cheeks went red, you were good at doing that on command. “Oh stop, I don’t deserve such flattery. Any woman would be lucky to be your wife. I have no doubt you would make a fine husband..”
“You honor me, (Y/n)~” He put down his bourbon and took your chin in his hand. “If you want, I can arrange a meeting with your parents and mine. My mother always said, marry a jackie, not a marilyn.” he flirted, smelling a piece of your hair.
“Yuu, Do you really think I’m good enough?”
“Why wouldn’t I? You're everything a man needs. If our parents give their blessings, how about you and I go ring shopping?”
“Oh Yuu! You truly mean that?” You fake gasped. He nodded and you hugged him.
This was it, you had him right where you wanted him. Even if he didn’t remember, you knew where he lived and would introduce yourself as his young naive lover. How he promised to marry you after a heavy night of passion where you gave him everything a young woman had to offer.
You two would get married. You give him a few kids and live a life of luxury. You didn’t care if he had a few mistresses on the side, you could just guilt him into giving you more money to compensate for your heartbreak or threaten to expose him for the lying cheating bastard that he was.
In the end, you planned to outlive him and take everything that's his as his wife. You could live out your days in peace and not worry about anything ever again.
“Enough talking, I’m a bit riled up~” He said gruffly and a bit drunk. He began to kiss you and you reciprocated the kiss. You felt him grind his crotch into you and you yelped softly. He groped your tits and tugged your nightdress down, your tits bounced out and you could literally see him foam at the mouth.
“P-Please be gentle Yuu… it's my first time…” You reiterate, just a not so obvious reminder that you were a virgin and he would be the only one to touch you. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll take extra care of you tonight~” He growled, a grin on his face as his mouth latched onto one of your boobs, he sucked on your nipple while tweaking the other one.
“Oh Yuu…! Yuu!”
You jolted at the loud noise that echoed from the backyard, the noise also alerted your lover as he ripped himself away from your breast. “W-What was that?” You gasped, looking over at the kitchen where the backdoor was. “I-It was probably an animal…”
“No!” You yelled, pushing him away when he tried to resume. “Go out there and check it out!” You demanded, pulling your dress back up over your breasts to reiterate your point. “But what if someone’s out there…?” He asked.
“Then BEAT them up!” You yelled, you didn’t see why he was so nervous. The man was literally six foot something and had lots of muscle on him so whatever it was, he would be able to fight it. “B-But…. Maybe we can just play a really loud movie and they’ll go away…” He muttered
“Please…!” You begged, your nerves wouldn’t be calmed until you knew what was out there. Hopefully, if it was an animal, you’d suck this guy’s dick to the best of your ability just to thank him for being the big strong man that he was. If it was some stranger, you praise him for catching the baddie.
You two walked over to the back door where he tried to look out the dark window. “I don’t want to do this…” He whimpered. “Just go out there and check, that's all I’m asking.” You reasoned with him, he let out a worried sigh before rolling his shoulders. “Okay…”
He opened the back door and went outside, you saw him disappear into the darkness. You stood back and a million thoughts came into your head. ‘The Kid…’ you thought, looking over at the stairs. You better check up on him and get ready to bail with him in case anything happens.
You took one foot out to the hallway when you heard a-
You paled as your eyes shot towards the back door. That was Yuu! “OH MY GOD!” You cried, against your better instincts, you ran out the back door and scurried the area. “Yuu?! Yuu where are you? This is fucking funny!” You screamed.
You smelt something metallic in the air, your blood went cold as you followed its scent. On an old tree stump was Yuu’s head. “AAAAGGGGHHHH!” You screamed, petrified at the sight. His body was nowhere to be seen.
You heard footsteps approach you quickly. You turned tail and sprinted back to the back door. You had never run as fast as you were at this current minute. You swore if you were running this face in a race you would have won a gold medal. You burst in the back door, and slammed it closed as you saw a man climb up the steps. The only recognizable feature of his was a white fedora, white pants and a black blazer.
You quickly locked it, catching a glimpse of red demonic looking eyes before sprinting out of there and into the hallway. “KID! KID WE GOTTA GO!” You screamed, bolting up the stairs, you heard the sound of glass smashing.
You looked in his room, he wasn’t there. You turned the corner to see the ladder to the attic. Maybe he saw what happened to Yuu and escaped up here? You climbed up the ladder, you heard footsteps ascend the second floor. You quickly pulled the ladder up and closed the attic door. There was a latch that allowed you to lock it from the inside.
You did so and scooted back, looking around the room. “Kid..? Please..! Talk to me! Are you up here…?” You whispered as quietly as you could, searching the room. You hoped and prayed to whatever god was out there that the kid was safe.Gods forbid he was downstairs with the killer.
You looked around. In the attic was a bunch of spare pieces of old furniture, including an old bed. There was a large window facing north. Perhaps you could get help. You opened the large window and looked down. It was a long way down. 
You had to get down and get help. Thankfully, the closest house was too far away, maybe half a mile. If you got down, you could make a run for it and have the neighbors call the police. First, you needed to find something to descend the window.
You looked around, something you tied around something heavy and climbed down. You looked around and found a cable wire. You didn’t know how safe it was to use this or if it would hold your weight but it looked long enough to bring you down to the ground. As soon as you reached the ground, you had to make a run for it.
“Going somewhere~?”
You froze, the voice came from the window. You turned around slowly to see a man standing in front of the window. He looked like he was in his mid twenties, raven black hair, those demonic plum red eyes and a malicious smile occupied his face. You dropped the wire and stumbled backwards.
“W-w-w-what..? H-How? How did you-”
“What? Get up here? It was an easy feat.” He responded, his voice was smooth and dark like chocolate, the type of voice that could lure you in, make you feel at ease. That was what made him all the more terrifying. “T-The kid… What did you do with the kid-” You stuttered but were suddenly in front of you and knocked you off your feet.
“Please… Miss (Y/n). The only person you should be concerned about tonight is yourself.”
Your teeth chattered and your shivered uncontrollable. You were going to die. You were going to die and this was the man who would kill you. “O-oh gods… you're gonna take my head off like Yuu’s, aren't you..?”
“Hmm, who is Yuu?” He asked, tapping a finger to his chin, actually contemplating as if he didn’t know who you were talking about. “Oh, Yuu. You mean the boy you invited over to fuck you, am I correct?”
“H-How did you know about that?”
“Enough with the questions. I’m irritated and riled up. If you wish to live for a bit longer, you’ll do exactly as I say.” he threatened. You froze up and nodded. “A-Anything! You gasped. He grabbed you by the hair and you squealed in pain as he dragged you to the bed. He tossed you on and removed his clothes.
“Take your dress off and spread your legs you little slut.”
You hastily removed your nightgown and lied down, never taking your eyes off him. His eyes are on you always. He was fully naked before he got on top of you, his cock semi hard. “Spread them.” He growled.
You lifted your legs up, your hands under your knees, presenting yourself to the man. Or was he a man? You weren’t sure. Your eyes welled up with tears as you silently cried, biting down on your lip to not let out any sounds. “Don’t feel too upset, you brought this upon yourself.” He cursed
He thrusted his dry cock into your unprepared walls and you let out a scream. You were not ready for his sudden intrusion. He thrusted in and out, in and out. You sobbed and wailed as he fucked you without any mercy. “That’s right, cry. I love that sight. Cry little girl, no one is coming to save you.”
You could tell your tears were only making him hornier as you felt him stiffen inside you.
“Tell me, what did you expect of that boy when he came over? You clearly had the intention of seducing him, I must admit, you are incredibly smart. A boy like that could have made you a wealthy woman overnight, but there is something crucial you missed.” He moaned.
You felt yourself become lubricated as he slid into you more easily.
“It’s not out in the news yet, but his father made some unnecessary gambles and risks when expanding his business. He has yet to file for bankruptcy but it's pretty evident considering he never attends social gatherings. You would have found yourself stuck with a broken family if you had succeeded with your plan.”
You felt stupid. At the same time annoyed. How could you have known that? It didn’t matter, in the end, he was dead and you were getting raped by a monster. You felt him shoot his cum up inside you. You let out a wail as he made you take him to the hilt. He was unfortunately quite large.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, now onto round two.” He purred.
Round Two?! He still wasn’t done yet?!
You felt him remove his cock from your cunt and insert it inside your ass. You screamed in agony but he wrapped a hand around your throat, constricting the airways. “What? You thought it was over, too bad, so sad~”
The night continued in terror as the monster had his way with you, you had no idea when you passed out.
“Oh my god!? What happened here?! Toshiyuki! My baby! Where are you?!”
“Calm down! I’m sure he’s around here somewhere! Where’s (Y/n)?! Oh god, there is blood everywhere!”
“Mistress! There’s a head in the backyard! We need to phone the police!”
You heard voices echo from the first floor, you hurt everywhere…. You woke up and you wanted to die. But there was something…. Or someone holding on to you. You look down and see Toshiyuki clinging to your body. His face in your chest, he looked nice and snug.
“K-Kid..!” You gasped, wrapping your arms around him. He slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes. “Miss (Y/n)?”
“Where were you?! Do you have any idea how worried I was..?!” You squealed, inspecting him, not a scratch on him. “I don’t know what you mean..” He yawned as you heard the voices. “Hello!? Miss (Y/n)!? Baby!?” You heard the voice of Mrs Kure ascend the stairs. Toshiyuki hopped out of the bed and over to the attic door where he let the door down.
“Mother! Mother!” He cried.
It was weird, how he suddenly turned his water works on when he was so… monotonous before.
“BABY!” Mrs Kure screamed, making her way up the ladder and wrapping her arms around him. “Yuki, tell me what happened!” She cried. The boy started to wail. “A- A bad man came and killed Miss (Y/n)’s friend! He hurt her and tried to do bad things to me but Miss (Y/n) saved me!”
The boy continued to cry into his mother’s chest. You didn’t know what he was talking about, you never saved him. You passed out.
The woman took her eyes off her son and looked at you, she gasped, a look of shock and horror overcoming her as she held the boy close and waddled over to you. You didn’t know what you looked like, but you know you were covered in so many bruises and cuts- how did you get your nightdress back on you?
Did he put it on you..?
“O-Oh my god….. Miss (Y/n)...” She put a hand over her mouth, she looked sick. You looked bad? You felt worse. “Oh my… I-I’m so sorry….” She had tears rolling down her eyes. You felt tears roll down your eyes, using the blanket on the bed to hide your shame, she looked over at the ladder where her husband came up.
“Dear? What’s going on?! Did you find them?”
You were covered in dried blood and your genitals, you were positive something ripped, you were in so much pain, you just wanted to die. “Call the police! Miss (Y/n) has been assaulted!” She cried.
Everything was a blur. Police arrived and you were escorted into the police car where you were to be driven to hospital. You looked over at the house, you saw Toshiyuki in the second story window.
You felt a sense of dread overcome you as you saw his blue eyes turn a plum red.
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yandere-kokeshi · 10 months
Yandere Muzan Kibutsuji Headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere behavior, talking about death, physical abuse (broken bones), demon mention, cage mention, and quiet treatment.
Author Note: I do not approve of yandere behavior in real life. I do not own this character either! Enjoy B)
Tumblr media
Muzan has lived many, many years. Seen humans die, children grow old and grandparents slowly go into the earth. Due to this, Muzan knows a lot about human anatomy. He knows how weak, miserable humans can be. How easy they can fall apart with just a few words. How noticeable they are when they’re scared and trembling in their boots. He’s highly intelligent, and not afraid to kill a mere human who is annoying. He says he’s the most perfect demon ever seen and expects people to treat him as a god; bow down to him whenever they see him and treat him as a king, and follow his orders with no complaints.
If you somehow get Muzans attention, you are considered special; someone who he can have and spend time with.
He would’ve seen you one day when he was with his “wife” and his “daughter”. He saw you and kept looking at you like a fish on a hook. He could tell something was different about you, just by your smell, and personality. He would be angered, by these feelings towards you. He’d try his best to stop on why he’s feeling these emotions like he’s connected to you. It makes him sick to his stomach, but whenever he smells you or sees you; it’s as if he’s cured. The feeling of calmness comes around him like he’s not on edge and he slowly becomes obsessed.
You could be a Hashira, a clever and fast one at that. Or a smart human that was well clever on demon anatomy; able to tell their weaknesses immediately. Someone who is intelligent in knowing many things, including knowing information on the demons or: Muzan himself.
He would kidnap you within a few weeks (2-3) of stalking you, he’d be taking in information about you; what your dislikes are, hows your reputation, your strengths; mentally and physically. Your weaknesses and lastly; who and what you work for. Most likely, he’ll get his Upper Moons to stalk you as he’s a busy man. Though, he does prefer to watch you himself and observe your schedule. Finding your little quirks adorable.
If you have any type of partners or children, they’re dead. Any important family members and friends will get demolished, turned into a demon, or get killed in the most gruesome ways possible. He doesn’t want his “partner” to get any ideas of getting married as they belong to him. Soon enough, you would come home exhausted, maybe from a mission or going around getting information on the Upper Moons. You would get knocked out by a powerful drug that Muzan nicked you with, and get picked up by the Demon King. He’d softly pat your hair, and be on the way to the Infinity Castle.
His yandere tendencies are very strict, possessive, and almost frightening if you break any of his rules. He will most likely manipulate you into staying with him; not that you have a choice. He would be saying 'You’re weak and miserable without me, I’m the only one who can protect you' or he would gaslight you thinking you really are weak and must need his protection: that you’ll die if he’s not around.
The way he shows his affection is complicated. He could force you to cuddle him and hug him; has soft nights where he’s gentle, massaging your back, letting you talk about your favorite things, going shopping to find expensive clothes to a very controlling and really strict schedule. He wants you in bed at 7 AM sharp, he wants you to be quiet when you're sitting on his lap, same goes for moving too much. Will grip your face if you say something he doesn't like (No, I don’t know, shrugging your shoulders, not replying fast enough, etc.) He likes to mess with your brain at times.
Though, if you decide to break his rules; His punishments wander from mental to physical punishments. It really depends on what you did. If you tried to run away, for example: he’d break a leg for you even trying. You wouldn’t even get far as one of the upper moons would fetch you back. If it’s more of a physical attack: kicking or punching. He’d lock you in a cage, where rebellious pets belong. He’d only feed you once a day, giving you the silent treatment and giving you the death glare to make you shut it If you'd decide to whine. He’d wait for you to crawl back at him when you become desperate enough.
However, if you are using words, like throwing threats; he’d find it funny and almost laughable. He does enjoy seeing you pity out anger on him, as you're a weak human who can’t do damage. He wouldn’t punish you for saying insults or threats, but he’d look at you in a way for you to zip it quickly.
Though he doesn’t like hurting you physically, he prefers using manipulation or gaslighting. The reason is that it can be a slower process for you to fall in love with him if he abuses you. Once again, if you do behave. Nothing really bad happens to you, besides getting “loved” on and being spoiled. However, he will try his best to make you forget your past life. He would (try to) force you to forget your family members and past partners; Your old lifestyle and how you worked. He wants you to focus on him and him only, aka: depend on him.
Most likely, due to Muzans fear of him losing you; he’ll turn you into a demon. Even if you break his rules: try to run away or physically “hurt” him, he’ll force you to sit still even if he has to use his tentacles to keep you still. He needs his partner well and elegantly to stay by his side; high and well respected.
Soon enough, you’d fall under Stockholm Syndrome pretty quickly as his manipulation is like sweet chocolate; passes through you. Once again, he knows how weak humans can be, so he can get under your skin. He’d make you rely on him once you are under Stockholm Syndrome: depend on him for safety, trust, and love.
Masterlist | Requests are open!
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©yandere-kokeshi
Do not plagiarize, repost, modify, translate or copy my work.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tired-writer04 · 3 months
Tumblr media
You Were Always So Observant (pt2)
HA, I finally finished! Hope you guys like it! :)
Summary: your the oldest daughter of Rei (at like 12). You always thought there was something off about your mother's new husband. Looks like you found out why, but this wasn't the way you'd wanted to find out.
Tw: ⚠ mention of murder, gore, blood and kidnapping. Buckle up cause reader gets traumatized 😃 ⚠
After the small conversation you had with Tsukihiko, things seemed to have gotten... Better. The both of your relationship seemed to have grown more comfortably in fact. You were still hesitant around the man but not as much as you did when you first met. When he's was at home, he'd always smile towards you. And you couldn't help but feel like they felt...genuine.
You actually noticed that you'd spend more time with him as well. He always looked somewhat intrigued in what you has to say. And you liked it.
Dare say, you actually began to enjoy his company
You didn't have many people who'd actually chose to listen to you rant about all the things you thought were interesting. Before hand, it was just your father who'd sit down next to you as you could have gone on and on about what you found. But... He was gone now.
But it seemes that you now had Tsukihiko! So every time he finally arrived, you'd always call for him as you made your way over smile on your face.
Muzan thought it was amusing, seeing you like this. At first when he met you. You always pushed him away. You never seemed to have gotten to like him at all very much. Not to mention how nosey you were as well. He at one point had actually considered in getting rid of you. You just seemed like to much of a threat to his human disguise from the demon slayer corps.
But as the two of you began to 'work together'. He couldn't help but feel this odd feeling. He didn't know what it was, nor did he like it. He was honestly getting quite annoyed of it actually. And it didn't help when you'd rush down pulling him to the study in excitement as you 'found something interesting' with such a bright smile on your face.
He also noticed how he began to tolerate you more. You weren't as annoying as he thought you were in the beginning. You would still occasionally ask him questions on what he was doing. Which still greatly annoyed him. But, it seemed that they were dying down and bit.
You were a rather well mannered child. Well, well mannered as you could be for your age that is. But, you were better than most kids he's had the unfortunate events in meeting. You were also much better than that annoying sister of yours.
While she always ran up and hugged him, pulled on him to gain his attention. Or if they were to go out and beg to get something, even cry out in order to get it, which greatly annoyed him. You were different. Sure you'd rush over but you'd at least wait and call out to him before anything. You never asked for many things only more books if he was able to get anything. And if he or your mother declined you always muttered a 'next time'.
He looked down next to him where you sat pointing at various things in the book he had gave you a while back. You had this spark in your eyes. He'd hum every now and again showing he was listening but in reality, he wasn't. He was to lost in thought. You really confused him.
He didn't know how or why a mear child made him feel this way. He could easily get rid of you if he wanted to. But the thought of doing so repulsed him. He didn't know why though. He later found out the reason why as he was now placing you on your bed. After reading with him and talking about the blue spiderlily. You had dozed off, he hadn't noticed until he felt a weight on his shoulder. Peering down at you, he saw that you had fallen asleep.
He didn't know what to do. So he sat still until he was over it before he picked you up and took you to your room. Settling you down he noticed he was getting rather carful of you. He stared you with an alarmed look. Seeing a small gentle smile form on your face. He knew exactly what was happening.
He was getting attached to you.
You, a mear human child. He sneered at your sleeping form before quickly leaving the room. Though he was rather upset at the new found feel. He stopped seeing Rei at the door with a smile on her face.
"You two are getting close. I haven't see (y/n) this happy scene her father passed. I'm glad! " she said looking up at him.
He Clenched his hand while nodding with a fake smile.
"You think so? " he hummed. He then bid her bye as he had to 'take care' of some things. Shutting the door to the home he walked off a snarl on his face.
He wasn't getting attached to you. He wouldn't allow it. Not to some human child that was only meant to help him getting closer to his main goal.
To conquer the sun.
He'd make sure of it.
You noticed that Tsukihiko was ignoring you for some reason. You wondered if you had done something to upset him. Maybe he finally grew tired of you always bothering him with questions or how how much you talked about things you've found? You didn't know.
But it seemed to have affected your mood as well. You huffed as you were yet again ignored when you called out to the man who looked as if he was giving your sister his most undying attention. That was fine, you've said it once before. You didn't need him then, you sure as he'll didn't need him now!
As you hurriedly made your way up the stairs. You missed the way red plum eyes followed your every move.
Even if you were to go out, he didn't seem to give you any acknowledgement. Just like how he use to before things seemed to have gotten better. He ignored you? Fine you could ignore him too.
But then again, if he had been acting rather rude and put off. There were times when he acted over protective as well. But when he did such things, it always scared you.
It was one of your nightly walks in the large city with your mother, Tsukihiko and Akiko. You sister had managed to gone astray from the three of you. So you told both adults that you wouldn't be long as you ran after her.
There was one memory in particular that was stuck with you.
You only later found yourself in an alley with your sister quivering behind you as you stood in front of her with an arm spread out as if trying to protect her.
There was a man. Though, he looked rather... Different. The pupils on his eyes were slit like a cats eye, not to mention his teeth were rather sharp than other people.
"My my! What are two little girls like you doing out this late? Don't you know it's rather dangerous being all alone?" It cackled out and took a step closer to you. You remembered Tsukihiko telling you the same thing months ago. Maybe this was what he was talking about? Akiko began to cry asking for 'momma' and 'poppa'. You tried to shush her while also trying to keep a safe distance form the stranger.
But once you took your eyes off the strang man. He had lunged at you talking a hold of your arm, his rather sharp nails digging deep into your skin making you scream out from the pain. This making Akiko scream out as well.
Just when another of the man's arm came to take it's hold on you. A familiar voice came out. And they didn't sound happy. At. All.
"Now, what in the world is happening here hm? "
"POPPA! " You hear your sister yell out. You turned your head to the voice and saw Tsukihiko at the entrance of the alley. Seeing him, tears now began to fall down your face.
The man holding you shreeked in what sounded like fear. And that caught your attention.
"Muzan- sama! I-? " he went silent as he shook in fear.
"Get, your hands. Off my daughter. Now. "
As he let go of your arm rather roughly making you cry out in pain as blood was now dripping from your arm.
'Who was this Muzan guy? ' you thought as you clenched your wounded arm.
You then felt a hand on your head forcing you to lay it on something hard. Looking up you saw it was Tsukihiko. And he didn't look to happy at all. You noticed how his eyes were narrowed, and from your hight, you couldn't help but wonder if you were seeing things. Probably from the blood you lost.
But you could have sworn his eyes glowed brighter and they were almost the same as the strange man as well.
"(Y/n), get behind me and you and your sister close your eyes. "
"But-! "
You couldn't help but feel a scared hearing his demanding voice. Doing so, you and your sister eyes closed shut. And all you could hear was the man say something that you couldn't fully hear from the adrenaline now flowing in you. But you did hear the loud ' WACK' .
then it was quite.
"You two are fine now. We should be heading back to your mother. She was rather scared when you both took to long. "
Your eyes watered as tears feel from your face once more as you pushed your head into his waist crying out. "Poppa! " you cried out to scared from what happened.
But you didn't miss the way he flinched from your touch. Looking up, you also couldn't help but notice his now wide eyes staring down at you.
Was that too soon? You couldn't help but see him as a father figure after your father passed. But maybe you two weren't as close as you thought you were?
You then felr Tsukihiko grab the both of you as you three made your way out. You made a glance over eyes widened when you thought you saw a bloddied hand streached out. But your face was brought close to his chest as if trying not to let you see.
"Your arm is bleeding. Cover it." He ordered and quickly, you did as you were told. To scared not to.
When you returned back he acted as if nothing happened as he and your mother tried to call your sister down. You looked at the three until your eyes caught something on Tsukihiko suit.
Was that... Blood?
He must have noticed your gaze until he smiled.
"Must be from your arm. Nothing a wash can't fix. " you at first believed him until you saw the red smuge on his face. Almost as if what ever it was, he tried to clean it off.
You shook your head as you stood next to him as Akiko was in his arms smile on her face as she looked around all the bright building surrounding you.
It had been weeks after than you had to grab things for shopping so you all decided to go together. Tsukihiko was still acting rather strange. He also began to look annoyed when you addressed him with his name. You were far to embarrassed in calling him father.
But even though he was cut off from you. He was rather getting clingy with you as well. You didn't know why he basically forced you to go do something with him if he's just ignore you after. But he did it rather often.
Or how he'd have a hard glare seeing you always spending more time with your mother than him.
He really was something else. You were lost in thought until you heard a shout. Turning your head seeing a boy who looked a few years older with you. He worse a green checkered haori and had hanafuda earrings. He looked rather upset as well.
What was his problem?
"Who's that? " Akiko asked. Staring at the boy, he didn't look to good. He looked rather sick to be honest. Was he okay?
"What's going on here? "
"Momma! " your sister shouted out smile on her face.
"Do you know him Tsukihiko? " your mother asked and he only shook his head.
"No, I don't. He must have tooken me from someone else. "
You only continued to stare at the boy when both your eyes locked. He looked to be in a state of fear. Fear from what though?
Just then, you heard a scream. Looking behind you, you saw a man was attacking another woman. What was going on? Your eyes widened seeing the stranger reminded you of that one strange man from weeks before.
The boy sprung into action and tackled the man to the floor.
"Quick, put pressure on your wound! " he ordered the woman to which two other men came over to help. After that, your eyes went dark as Tsukihiko hand covered them.
"You shouldn't be looking at such things. Rei, I think it's best if we leave. " you were then guided away only to hear the boy scream at him saying he was going to find him and slice his head off.
Wow, what was a lot. Though, looking up at him. You couldn't help but noticed how Tsukihiko eyes narrowed and had a scowl on his face.
"Do you know him? " you asked. His eyes looked down to you but you only continue to stare.
"No, I don't. Like I said, he must have tooken me for someone else. I haven't seen him not even once in my life."
"You sure? Cause he sure did look like he knew you. "
His eyes narrowed at you and you couldn't help but flinch at how harsh it looked.
"Im sure. "
You grabbed onto your mother's arm and squeezed it trying to calm your heart race down.
"Sweety? Are you alright? " she asked and you nodded your head.
"I'm... I'm fine mom. "
Muzan was furious.
Everything was perfectly fine. Things were going his way. Until that demon slayer brat had to come in and ruin everything. And it didn't help that you looked as if you were slowly began to piece everything together.
For all he knew, that rat might have already informed the corps and they were on their way. He as to act quickly. The boys earrings flashed in his mind. He began to shake uncontrollably. This wasn't good. This wasn't good at all.
He had to leave. But you and your family already knew to much about him. You knew to much about him.
What if he left and they came, you'd tell them everything? You were to observant for your own good. But he couldn't get rid of you. No. He had grown to attached to you. Once you even called him 'poppa'. He knew, he knew once you called him that. He knew once he saw your crying face and bloodied arm as you clung to him in fear for comfort. He knew his fate was sealed.
He wasn't going to leave you. You both had gotten to close. You were his kid now. No matter what anyone were to tell him other wise. You'd stay with him by his side. And with your help when he finally conquered the sun it would just be the two of you. Well, after he turns into a demon that was.
There, he made his decision.
You woke up to the sound of a 'BANG' and a scream. What was that? What was going on? You called our to your mother. But she didn't answer. That's as strange.
You heard another crash down stairs.
Another scream.
You dashed out of your room and quickly made your way down the stairs but came to a halt. Your eyes widened, hand covering your mouth as your whole body shook in fear.
There in from of you as the most gruesome scene you could ever imagine. The whole place was a mess. Blood was splattered everywhere.
Your eyes went around every where as you saw a man's figure standing over your.... Oh my god.
"MOMMA? " You screamed out now crying. Your mother was on the floor almost looking ripped apart and bloody. What... WHAT HAPPENED?!
"Oh, your awake? Shame, I was rather hoping you wouldn't see this. I apologize for being to loud. "
That voice....
"Tsukihiko? What... What happened here? Where's- where's Akiko?! " you cried out. His back was facing you and when he turned around you regretted asking.
There in his arms was Akiko, his hand wrapped around her face.
"(Y/n), be a sweetheart and go. Back. To your room. "
Your sister was now crying all bloddied as well as she slowly and shakenly lifted her arm out to you.
"O- onee- chan! " she cried out to you. Making your eyes widen as tears fell from your face.
"AKIKO-" You screamed, but the next thing you knew was his head exploding as his hand squeezed shut. You stared eyes still widened but unmoving as you felt something warm splat on your face.
Tsukihiko sighed and shook his head.
"You really have to start listening to me (y/n). It's for your own good. " he spoke as he made his way towards you. But you didn't move. You couldn't. You were to scared. Was this, what this really the Tsukihiko that you knew? No.. This was.
"... Muzan. " you whispered. He hummed as he squatted down to your height.
"That's your name, isn't it. That's what that boy and that... Thing called you by. Your one of them, aren't you. " you asked voice coming out shaky.
He brought his hand up almost gently swiping your sisters. Blood off you.
"So, you found out hm? I'm not surprised, you were always so observant. So, do you like what you found? " he asked a smirk forming on his face. You knew it. You knew something was off. You knew something was off about him. But this isn't how you wanted to find out. With your now dead mother and sister on the floor. Your home completely ruined. Ruined by him.
"Are... Are you going to kill me next? " you asked now crying. You didn't want to die. You didn't want to die like this! By him!
He laughed shaking his head.
"Of course not. Though it's funny really. I was actually planning on killing you earlier when we first met. But, you've caught my eye I suppose. I surely can't get rid of you now. Well, I could. " he said as he placed a hand over your neck. He smirked when feeling your heart raced fasten.
"But, I won't. You grown on me I assume. My sweet little (y/n). " he patted your head as he stood up to his full hight. And streached out his arm for you to take.
"Now, come along with poppa deary. It's time for us to leave. " you clenchned your hand.
"Your not my father. " you sneered. You were upset. Upset at him. He, who killed the last of your family. Of the people you cared so much for. Upset at yourself for not doing something about all this earlier while you probably still had the chance.
"Now now, I know your upset, but that doesn't give you the right to speak to your father that way. "
"YOUR DELUSIONAL! " you screamed at him but regretted as his hand shot out and gripped your face and brought it closer his making you getting lifted up in the air. The image of what happened to your dear little sister popped in your head.
His hands did that.
"Do not. Raise your voice at me. Understood? " he askes and you only could frantically nodd your head.
His eyes seemed to soften as he saw the fear in your eyes. He sighed and let you go dropping you to the ground.
"Gather the things you want. We'll be leaving soon. " even if you wanted to say something back to him. You changed your mind as he sent you a glare.
So, you left.
When you came back with the few things you could carry. Muzan smiled at you. You two would leave and head to the infinity castle. He reached a hand for you to take and cautiously. You did. When your hand met his. He held it with a tight squeeze.
"Now, we will have all the time in the world to look for the blue spiderlily together, after you become a demon of course. " he chuckled when he saw the look of fear on your face.
"What? But, I don't want to become a demon! " you cried.
"You won't have a choice. Father knows best after all. " he huffed
"Besides, if you become one. Then everything will definitely be like old times. Not distractions either. Just the two of us. We'll find the blue spiderlily together. "
"That's what you did want... Right? "
With a snap of his fingers. A shoji door appeared underneath you. What was going on? How did that get there? Just as you were about to question, the shoji's door opened and in you feel
Into the infinity castle, your new home.
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mxzan · 21 days
how muzan would react to his darling being the sister of yoriichi headcannons:
Tumblr media
𓂅Muzan would most likely find out about you due to Kokushibo.
𓂅Unlike your other brother, you are close to yoriichi due to the lack of jealousy.
𓂅Your personality is relatively close to your twin (yoriichi), however you would be a lot more chatty.
𓂅When Muzan finds out about you, he sends demons to spy on you. He wants yoriichi to pay.
𓂅Muzan would sometimes personally stalk you, and to find you with yoriichi having tea would frighten/anger him.
𓂅He wanted you to himself, you were his not your brothers. Kokushibo however was loyal to you and pretend that he didn't know a lot about you.
𓂅If Muzan did kidnap you (99% he will) then he would most likely mock yoriichi first by leaving a note.
𓂅You would immediately be made into Mrs.Kibutsuji, and Muzan's obsession would worsen over you.
𓂅So when you see Kokushibo, you would be pissed off but overtime due to a forgiving nature begin talking to him.
𓂅Kokushibo and you have a lot more in common than initially thought, meanwhile yoriichi would become slightly mental.
𓂅He blames himself for Muzan taking you and will try to hunt the demon king down.
𓂅Muzan will slowly upon up to you and will turn you into a demon, sometimes even letting you explore around.
𓂅Throughout the whole abduction, Muzan teasingly updated Yoriichi whilst spending time with you.
𓂅The narcasstic charms his way into your arms and will make sure your twin suffers greatly.
𓂅If yoriichi is ever able to get you back, Muzan would be furious yet unable to do anything yet wait for him to weaken...
EDITED: ✔️ next part: yoriichi with muzan's daughter
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toxicbiimbo · 5 months
May I ask for a dom!reader and sub!Muzan who we fuck so hard he starts crying and whining like a animal?
muzan as always struck me as a top, BUUUUT...
requests are closed ! so this is gonna be a thirst post ! now, let's dissect this !!
he was such an asshole, it was your right as his wife to set him straight, right ? fix his attitude.
muzan wasn't new to you taking the lead, but it was rare, very rare. he had an unhealthy power dynamic with everyone he encountered, you weren't an exception. he preferred using you, fucking your stupid little pussy until your were sobbing, but, in your eyes. it was your turn to return the favor.
muzan's hands were tied behind his back, and sure he could very easily break away from your restraints, he was only playing along because you were his cute little wife. one of his ties was tightly wrapped around his mouth, he was biting against the cloth, muffled cries leaving his lips. your hands held the back of his hips, silicone straps were wrapped around your pelvis area, a silicone cock was being shoved repeatedly in and out of muzan's hole.
he was squirming, his body not only moving at the force of your thrusts, but the pleasure was overwhelming, his cock was standing straight, brushing against the bed below him. the friction of his skin pressing against the soft sheets under him and your silicone cock repeatedly hitting his g-spot had him going insane. tears fell from his eyes, staining his pale cheeks, his nails were digging into the bedsheets and you? you were just watching him unravel like a whore beneath you.
your hands would move from gripping his tied wrists to pulling on his hair, all options making the powerful demon panting and moaning. "are you crying?" you teased, ramming your hips against his, your arm snaking over his waist to grip his cock in your hand. muzan let out a muffled noise, it was a mix in between a moan and a growl, you only laughed and started to jerk his throbbing cock off while your hips moved. his cock was covered in precum, and his shaft was twitching wildly. his muffled moans were getting louder and desperate, it was like he was panting, moaning, and growling underneath you. he was so close to cumming, he nuzzled his face into the bedsheets, now his moans were getting whiny, the sight was driving you mad. you squeezed the base of his cock, leaning over his back, pressing small kisses on his shoulder while slowly rolling your hips in and out of him.
finally, with loud muffled moan, he came, and hard. his legs trembled, struggling to hold him up, and his whole body was shaky. you let out a small giggle before pulling your strap on away from him. muzan just let his body relax against the bed while he panted. you just watched in amusement.
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tinandabin · 5 months
Another gen z reader pls!
Yandere Muzan x Gen Z! Reader.
Tumblr media
Also, this will contain TRIGGERING THEMES!! It could be anything, like mentions of murder, blood, obsession, anything yandere related. Basically dark content, so if you are NOT comfortable with such stuff, please do not read this post!
Okay, so before we start this shit, just know that Muzan here is kind of gonna be like, only good to you and shit.
Tumblr media
"My love, I'm back-" Muzan announced as he started taking off his coat like they did in those 90s shit. Or not. God, my memory is fucking shit. That does not matter, for the only goal in your mind at the moment is to find a excuse to get away from this ugly orange of a demon.
"Oh no, I forgot to water my baguettes! I am so sorry, I must take my leave right now!" Just as you said that, your baguettes in the background screamed, "Hydrate us, [Name]!"
I can't even properly tell you how hard Muzan face palmed at your so stupid attempts to try and escape his affection??? And he doesn't even wanna know who you bribed to wear baguette costumes and say to hydrate them.. What did you even bribe them with???
One of them was probably Enmu.
Muzan, himself doesn't know why the fuck he finds you so amusing. It's probably because you are like, literally playing with your life. Literally.
Evidence is the time when you once tried drinking bleach because first, it looked tasty, and second, you wanted to know what bleach tastes like.
And my God, it did not taste as good as it looked like! IT WAS A SCAM. No one ever scammed you this hard. It tasted like extremely concentrated swimming pool water.
Oh that reminds you of the time when you drank swimming pool water-
And in the Taisho Era, there is no shit like fanfics or memes so Muzan can more than often find random drawings...which are memes but his boomer brain can't process what's so funny about it. Like, talking croissants are funny- no, not the ones you find on Kids YT.
But as I said there are no fanfics, and my goodness do you love reading, proof is of you reading this. So let's hope you like reading books too.
No fanfics. What can you do? Probably read Shakespeare. I'm bullshitting my way through this, please deal with it.
Of course, after reading Shakespeare your grammar and vocabulary got a lot better! Which Muzan liked, a lot.
But,,,,, you being you, now even have more ways to insult Muzan. Like,
Thou base decayed ingested-lump!
Thou perfidious weather-bitten writhled shrimp!
Thou fawning fool-born filthy rogue!
And you could go on and on, but let Muzan have a break.
It's so funny to the uppermoons, especially Douma, when Muzan is just 'scolding' them by 'gently' smashing there heads in and you come in and go, "Awww, mama duckling scolding her ducklings..." As you pretend to make a video with your phone which you don't have because Muzan broke it because he's an asshole.
And as soon as you come in, somehow all the blood disappears and everything is normal as he kisses your forehead and asks, "What are you doing here, darling, did I not tell you to not leave your room?"
Everyone present could feel the temperature drop when Muzan said that, and that was not a good sign.
"YOU AREN'T MY MOM." As soon as you said that, you ran away faster than light because you are....idk. You were able to run away mostly because Muzan let you, but trust me when I say that he wasn't angry at you, more so at the demons who he kept at your room's door to prevent you from leaving the room.
And those poor, poor demons who were now begging for their lives as Muzan glared at them, "I gave you one job, one job.."
That's just when you had to again come in, "CUT!" You yelled, "Do it again, but this time, with more feelings." The demons and Muzan nodded, "ACTION!" You said as the scene started again, this time, with more feeling.
One time you just pointed at one ugly demon and said, "This does not spark joy," Muzan killed it. And then after seeing what Muzan did to the ones you said that to, "This does not spark joy," you said to Muzan. Pointing at him.
And after that, he was seen sulking the whole day because he thinks you hate him, which you do. I hope. I don't know.
Tumblr media
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darlingyanderes · 2 years
How about Yandere Mizu is just holding Y/N's stomach? So Y/N is pregnant, she is slightly scared of him. But Mizu doesn't want to stress Y/N out, but...he is amazed how Y/N got pregnant. How was that even possible? He is just petting and cuddles with Y/N since he understand that stress isn't so good for the baby.
Thank you for your request!! I’m sorry, but I wasn’t entirely sure who you meant, so I wrote something for Muzan. I apologise if you wanted someone else, so please let me know if I got it wrong!! I still hope you enjoy what I wrote for you :D
Warnings: pregnancy, implications of rape, unhealthy mindset
Word count: 569
Perfect little family - Yandere!Muzan Kibutsuju  x Fem!reader
Pregnancy should be the happiest moment in a mother’s life, especially with the baby giving all those happy hormones. But for (Y/N), it was quite the opposite.
She was terrified.
With a worried look on her face, (Y/N stared at her swollen stomach in the mirror. It looked like any other pregnant lady’s stomach at first sight, but on closer inspection, you can see the dark veins shimmering through from under her skin. She heard that babies kick when they’re in the belly, but not that they almost burst through your skin. It wasn’t a normal pregnancy, but what else did she expect when Muzan impregnated her?
Shivers ran over her spine when she remembered what he did. All those nights in a row, his feverish eyes on her body, him not listening to her cries to stop; all of his talk of ‘creating a happy family.’
Her hands rubbed her stomach in an effort to soothe herself. Her child wasn’t the only thing she was scared of. No matter how many times he reassures her that he won’t hurt her or their child and that he only wants the best for all of them, he’s still a demon, a monster. But no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be able to escape from him.
Without her noticing, Muzan had came up from behind her and slotted himself against her back, earning a yelp from (Y/N). He placed his hands on top of hers, allowing his thumb to caress her skin. While he rested his chin on her shoulder, he looked at the two of them in the mirror.
He hummed in content. They look like a perfect family. He didn’t even know that it’s possible for a demon to impregnate a human, but he sure was glad he tried it out. His heart warmed when he thought of what it would be like when the baby comes out. What should they name it? Would it look like her, or like him? Or better yet, an adorable mix of the both of them?
He gently stroked her stomach, lost in his fantasies with a slight smile tugging at his lips. It was only when (Y/N) shivered at his touch that he was snapped out of his thoughts.
She was slightly trembling and he could hear her strained breathing and her heart beating out of her chest. Her eyes darted back and forth, unable to really focus on anything. She’s scared.
But of what?
His hands trailed up and rubbed her arms as he investigated her troubled face. All of her basic needs should be met, as well as entertainment, so what could she be worried about? His eyes travelled down to her belly again.
Oh, I see.
Muzan wrapped around her as he looked at her through the mirror with a reassuring smile.
“I know, it’s scary. There aren’t any records of a human and a demon creating a child together, especially not for their first pregnancy. But no need to fear, my love. I’ll have the best doctors on hand by the time the baby comes. Everything will be okay, you and our baby will be just fine.”
He softly pressed a kiss on her cheek before placing his chin on her shoulder again. He muttered, more to himself than to (Y/N): “Worst case scenario, I’ll turn you into a demon so you’ll stay with me forever.”
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kimandreaaaa · 11 months
What The Upper Moons Would Do If You Had Gone Missing!
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst/comfort, and fluff!
Summary: how and what would the upper moons react/do if they woke up finding you nowhere. + Muzan Kibutsuji <3
Requests: open!!
Muzan Kibutsuji
If Muzan noticed you were gone, he would definitely ask the upper moons for help in search for you. He liked when you stayed close to him, just so he could be calm while doing his research. He wouldn’t let you go out by yourself since he was afraid that some demon slayer would take you away from his grasp.
While searching for you, he would be really stressed. Probably throwing a tantrum and killing the lower moons while doing so. His search for perfection would be definitely set on pause, just so he could find you once again.
And when the day came where he had finally found you, he would be relieved and pissed at the same time. While hugging you and scolding you at the same time!
Lets just say that you would have probably been locked in a room for a long time after that.
Akaza wouldn’t stress about it at first, but when he had noticed you had been gone for longer than expected he couldn’t help but worry. The longer you were gone, the more stressed and irritated he would become.
Seeking help from the upper moons and maybe if he had the guts, he would even ask Lord Muzan himself for help. While searching for you he wouldn’t stop anywhere, he would just continue on running around killing every demon slayer he would come across.
And when he had found you he would probably be more mad than happy, of course he would be happy but just very pissed at you for getting lost without someone accompanying you.
I feel like Daki would be extremely heartbroken when she had realized that you were gone. She had first thought that you had ran away from her, but when she found you’re stuff still all over you’re room she knew you had gotten lost or went out.
She would look for you and ask around if anyone had seen you, and when no one could give her details about you’re disappearance, she would instantly worry. She would ask her brother if he could help her and when he couldn’t even find you, she became very upset.
But at last, when you came back she would charge at you while screaming with tears in her eyes like a 6 year old girl who had just lost her ice cream on the floor.
Gyutaro would be like his sister, just without the whining and crying. Noticing you’re gone from you’re shared bed he would get up and search every corner of the house. He would be literally scared for you, imagining all the things that might had happened to you.
Gyutaro is usually used to you being by his side 24/7. So when you weren’t by his side that night was very extreme for him. He would probably force his sister to make everyone look for you. And would make little posters of you’re face, putting them up on every brick wall that he would come across.
But when you suddenly show up, he would be very happy that you were ok. Sensing that you were scared aswell he wouldn’t be mad at you but gently scold you. I mean, he loves you a lot so don’t disappear on him like that.
Ok. this boy would be actually enraged finding you nowhere. He would basically search for you everywhere while trying not to look distressed. He has a hard time expressing his feelings and when you had been gone for a long time he couldn’t help but get a slight feeling of nervousness.
While looking for you he would stop by, asking people about you, he would basically describe you from top too toe and would yell at them if they hadn’t seen you. When Kaigaku is stressed he would be very easy to piss off. So it wasn’t a surprise when he had been reported to Master Muzan for punching Akaza in the face for teasing him.
When you found you’re way back too were you lived, you got a very horrific surprise. Kaigaku was sitting in the chair with his arms crossed giving you a deathly glance. And when you were about to apologize, he just wrapped his arms while scolding you for going out on you’re own.
Author’s note: Thank you for reading this! and I hope you enjoyed the latest episode of demon slayer✨
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you : what if i died ?
Muzan , showing off his arm :
you : okay , but like , if it was instant . like , i ' m already dead at impact .
Muzan , showing his arm off even more :
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lolita-lollipop · 9 months
Platonic yandere Brother tanjiro and sister nezuko x reader?
*unedited (sorry)
Tumblr media
You were there the whole time.
You saw that man slaughter your family
You saw him give his blood to your sister
You saw him discard their bodies like they were trash
And you certainly saw him glance at you, just for a split second. But instead of the death you were surely awaiting, you felt no pain, nothing. The man was in front of you, staring down with almost a smile. You could do nothing but sit there, too terrified to move, trapped wide eyed like a deer in the headlights. Your eyes never moved from the man as he lifted his hand up to cup your face, soft whimpers left your lips, of which he disregarded, doing nothing but inhaling that familiar scent.
“I knew someday I would find you again, my dear” he spoke, the red eyes he bore did nothing but remind you of the corpses sorrojnding you, the lost souls of the ones you love. You shook as he attempted to pick you up, his *surprisingly strong for such a thin man* arms, by then your survival instincts kicked in and you began to scream, cry, kick, scratch, and flail. Everything you could do to get out of his grasp, you did. But it was too late, nothing could be done, he was too strong, and you were nothing but a frail little girl. It seemed this was the end for you, that this would never stop.
That was until he came back. Your oldest brother. Tanjiro. All of a sudden you were dropped to the floor, all traces of the red eyed man gone, leaving you to wince in surprise, and grief. His eyes widened at the gruesome scen, you, his little baby sister, trying not to sob your heart out. In front of a massacre of what once was a happy little family. Immediately he went to pick you up, trying to see if any of them were still alive. Only nezuko made it out.
He Carried the two of you away, away from that bloodshed, away from the grief that was sure to come anyway. Their blood was all over you, it covered you in their scent, all nezuko and tanjiro could think about was that. That smell of their family, that sense of familiarity, the smell of you.
You cling to your brother, hidden under his kimono, clutching at him, too weak to stand on your own, but still trying to prove yourself useful by providing him as much warmth as you could on this snowy night. Being sick constantly made you frail, almost hollow, no one knew what it was that tormented your body, some believed it was what took your father, but all you knew is that it left you ever so weak. Ever so helpless. Even if you wanted nothing more than to run to get help for your family, to climb out of his hold and scream for help, you couldn’t. Both because your body simply wouldn’t allow it, and because your hug brother was clinging so tight onto you, he would never let you go. You and nezuko are all he has left
Even then, you know your brother loves you. You love him. Yet that man’s eyes. Oh his eyes, why would he do this? What did that horrible man gain form slaughtering your innocent siblings and mother? Was it satisfaction? Joy? His eyes bored into your memory, why did he seem familiar? Why did the man that caused the downfall of your family feel familiar? and why couldn’t you find hate in your heart for him? his eyes. Maybe it was the look in his eyes that was familiar, the same one your mother and father and brothers and sisters gave you, the look of love, of the need to protect.
His eyes his eyes his eyes his eyes his eyes
Why won’t they leave your mind?
What will you do now?
Why can’t you breath?
Why is everything fading?
Not long after this incident, your brother had started his journey into the demon slayer corp, dragging your sleeping sister, and a sick you with him. He knew this would be taxing for you, that always being on the move and never stopping would be tiring for your ill body, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. He couldn’t just let you go, you’re all he has left, and he just can’t stand being away from you. Of course he makes up for his selfishness, using his toes in the demon slayer corp to get you medicine.
you loved your siblings, and were so so so glad that you still had a peace of your family left, but ever since nezuko had shown signs of being turned into a demon, they would act differently. In the same way that your mother and father would be whenever you tried to be independent, like going outside in the freezing cold to chop wood on your own, your mother would become frantic inside the house looking for you, and your father, too sick to get up, would scream for you to come back inside. They meant the best, but their anxiety creeped into your own head, and you were constantly paranoid. Like mother like child I guess.
It’s almost like they think you’ll break any moment now, it’s only natural to protect the last bit of innocence you still carry, even after witnessing such a ptsd-inducing event. You were still sick, still weak and fragile, how easy would it be for a demon to crush you? Too easy for their liking, especially nezukos. Your usually pacifistic older sister would go crazy, and I mean actually crazy at any moment where you were put in direct danger, this is how you found out that she was… less than human. You’d been walking down the street, your brother off training, therefore he couldn’t go all mother hen on you and make you get in bed. You just wanted to go into town to get some ingredients for your siblings favorite meals, it’s not like they would stop you. You just wanted to do something nice since they always have to take care of you.
You hummed a short, slow time, the one your mother used to sing to you, a simple lullaby. Kicking at the rocks and small flowers on your way to town, you were currently living out in the middle of nowhere in some shack while your brother trained with he former hashira. it was a long walk to the small town, many nice people lived there, some not so nice, all of them knew you, it was hardly ever that the town got new, young faces. It was always a commitment to walk tot own, since it was about an hour, but the townsfolk always wanted to interact, which took very v e r y long.
Usually the town was comfortingly quiet, not to much to be suspenseful, but just the right amount to feel homey. Usually there were people scattered across the streets, the group of gossiping ladies, the older men who would gather and sell their old warrior clothing, children running around, young bachelors and bachelorettes. But today was different, although people still made their way all across the streets and blocks, the atmosphere didn’t feel homey or comforting , it felt tense, almost scary, violent. Like something would happen to you, maybe today wasn’t the best to go into town, especially alone.
No turning back now though, being the average y/n you see danger and you don’t turn the other way, you just thrust yourself into convienently entertaining situations…
The walk had already been too long, your feet hurt, there was no way you were going back without your stuff that you needed.You continued on without any care in the world, buying ingredients for rice cakes and small mochi deserts that your mother used to serve , supposedly they brought “love and good fortune”, it would make your brother happy, however stressed he was over your growing illness, or the lack of your sisters sane-ness.
Grabbing things off vendors shelves, some have you items for free, some made you pay half price, it’s odd enough to have a foreigner shopping in their market, let alone a small child. Again, this town loves you, absolutely loves. rice, sugar, sticky starch, taro, bean paste. Just a few necessary items. All in your little bag you Carrie’s with you everywhere, once you were finished, the salesman greeted you a goodbye, and you made you way back into the woods. The dark… creepy woods… maybe you should’ve gone earlier in the morning.
You slung the bag over your chest, wrapping your kimono around you to protect you from the cold air, when all of a sudden, you had the same feeling that occurred earlier, when you’d first walked into the plaza. The eerie tone looming over your head, what could it be? Why did you feel like this?
Then, you smelt it. Blood, sharp and strong, it hit you in the face like a pile of bricks, so sharp it made you gag. You spun around looking for why this was happening to you, why you smelled this now. When you found what it was, you ran, not toward air like many others would, away from it, back to town. Whatever that was wouldn’t follow into a public area. So you ran, but what you found back wasn’t what was expected.
nothing more than puddles of blood, how did this happen so quickly?
Then, very suddenly, a pair of arms were wrapped around you, a tall female figure clutches you close. She was what smelled of blood, of fire. you shivered as the woman held you, too fearful to look up at her face, you didn’t know who she was, or why she was doing this. All you knew now wa that the same vendor yoh had spoken too just moments ago, was splattered at your feet. Sobbing, your instcinta kicked in and you started struggling, screaming.
“I’ve been looking
For you “ you recognized that voice, the voice you hadn’t heard in almost two whole years. Your head shot up from her chest, just to confirm your suspicions. Nezuko. You cried now, not out of fear of her, but out of relief.
“I just wanted to get some stuff for dinner tonight- I wanted to do something nice for you and tanjiro and I- I thought it would be okay if I went into town to get it. I just wanted to- what did you- how-“
“Don’t cry y/n, it’s alright, you just scared me. I didn’t know where you were baby, I thought he’d- I thought someone had taken you. Don’t ever- e v e r do that again” her words almost felt like a threat, the most unthreatening human you’d never think would even hurt a fly, had just murdered probably more than half the town, even under a spell. You weren’t scared of her. You shouldn’t be right? Who are you kidding, nothing could hide the fear in your voice, or the quiver in your arms when she pulled you up, she looked older, more mature. Although these facts were noted, there was something you couldn’t take your eyes off of. And that, was her own eyes. They were a deep red, they looked like his, they had the same look, the same color, the same violence to them.
They were the same
“Okay- I just. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you, don’t be mad please. “ you spoke, wrapping your arms around her neck as she lifted you off the ground. Maybe she did feel a little bad for yelling, maybe she did feel a little bad for scaring you by hurting all those people, but you scared her! She’s thought that man, that evil monster had taken you. Or worse, you’d walked off far and had gotton lost in the first. Or eveN WORSE, you’d gone to town alone and we’re getting hurt by the townsfolk. you couldn’t handle that, she knew it, you were sick and fragile and she wouldn’t let you get hurt. She wouldn’t.
All you could do in the moment was look back at the town, the children that once ran around were now crushed, the vendors who smiled and gave you free items were lost, the old women who gossiped could no longer utter a word, and the men waiting for a wive to walk past were all splattered across the building walls. Gone was any light that shone in this city, that homey feeling was lost. Are you to blame for this? Tears welled up in your eyes, nezuko tucked your head under her kimono, silently telling you not to look at that monsterous scene anymore.
You just clutched onto your sister like a good girl should, not questioning her actions. Did this mean you would have to move again? After you’ve gotton so comfortable, after you’ve grown to love these people. There was no doubt, people would come and try to burn down the cottage that hashira had built for you, and you would be cast out again. Your thoughts were put to a halt when nexuko called out a few words that made your blood run cold, this probably means you won’t be leaving your bed for a while, this probably means two siblings of yours Will take away your freedoms to protect you, and disguise it as love. This probably means you’ll be coddled to no extent, and it most certainly means that you won’t be coming into town anytime soon.
“Tanjiro! I found her!”
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in quite some time, my schedule has been wonky and I have recently found writing to be more time consuming.
Anywayyysss. This was fun, like really fun. I haven’t enjoyed writing something as much as this in a long time. So thank you for requesting this!
Have a wonderful day today!
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tired-writer04 · 3 months
Tumblr media
You Were Always So Observant (pt.1)
Yan platonic muzan x child reader
Summary: your the oldest daughter of Rei (at like 14). You always thought there was something off about your mother's new husband. Looks like you found out why, but this wasn't the way you'd wanted to find out.
(Side note: it never mentioned the girls name so I just went with Akiko! surprise surprise, long one AGAIN :) Also sorry if this sucks as a part 1 thing. I'm not good with doing stuff like this. This will be a 'slow burn' thing though. Part 2 is gonna have the actually yandere stuff. Hopefully it's good, tell me your guys thoughts :))
Tsukihiko, that's what his name was. You always thought there was something off from the moment you met him. You didn't know why your mother or your sister liked his company so much. Maybe it was because your father disappeared?
Oh yes, Your fathers disappearance, how long ago was that? It much have been quite a while if your sister was already calling that man 'pappa'. You face grimanced at the thought. He wasn't your father. Your actually father was missing. At least, that's what your mother had told both you and your sister.
But you knew better than that.
Your father wasn't coming back.
You had accidentally overheard the police speak with your mother one night after you couldn't fall asleep. They found him thankfully, but from the sounds of your mother weeping. It would have been better if he stayed 'missing'.
Then not to long after, Tsukihiko was introduced into your life. From the moment you saw him. You knew there was something about him that was off. You couldn't explain what it was or what you felt. But it was as if your guts were screaming at you to stay far away from him as possible.
You were always the observant one out of your whole family. The first thing that you noticed about the man was that he was rather... Pale. So Pale that you thought he was deathly ill at first. Though, your mother had asked both you and your sister to not mention it as it was a 'sensitive' topic for him beforehand. So you didn't. Then there was his smile. When your mother Rei had introduced you both to him he had adjusted himself to be more both your hights.
"It's wonderful to finally met you two. Your mother spoke very highly about the two of you. " he smiled as he held a hand out. Akiko was first to respond as she gently took his larger hands in her smaller ones. After complimenting her about how 'cute she looked', she was Immediately all over him with smiles and giggles. Claiming he was 'really nice ".
But when he turned to you. You took a step back and turned away. There something off about his smile. It didn't look like it actually reached his face. It looked so... Fake. After giving the 'cold shoulder' you felt to uncomfortable to be in his presence. So, you excused yourself and decided to leave. As you walked away, you could have sworn you saw an irritated impression on his face. But just as it came it left as he smiled so, 'lovely' to your mother and sister who now hugged him by his legs.
Just as you were about to walk around the corner back to your room. The both of you locked eyes.
That was another thing. His eyes. They were such a plum red color. You've never seen eyes like his before. You never really liked it when both your eyes met. His gaze was always so sharp, almost as if he was a wild animal staring directly at its prey. You'd shiver just the thought of it.
After you first met. You noticed that Tsukihiko was always almost over at your home. Your mother and sister absolutely adored him. Asking how his day was. How was work. If he had any trouble. How they missed him. Honestly, it made you sick.
Even after all this time, the two of you still never really seem to have bonded. He's tried to start conversations with you numerous times. But you never really answered them. The only times you have was when your mother gave you a look as if expecting you to answer the man. So you did, but even then it was quick and sort until you would quickly excuse your self and leave the room.
All while trying to calm yourself as if you hadn't felt a pair of piercing red eyes following your every movement.
Your mother seemed to have caught onto this. Both adults even having a conversation about it as well.
"I've tried to get along with her rei, I really have. But she just brushes me off. "
You heard as you squatted down near the top of the stairs being carfuls not to be seen.
"I know you have Tsukihiko, and I appreciate it dearly. But you must give her time, you are still new in her life and she was so close to her father."
It wasn't that though. Well, now that you thought of it. That was also part of the reason you guessed. Like your mother said, you were rather close with your father. But it wasn't only that. You just didn't like him, you didn't trust him. You couldn't trust him.
As you noticed they finished their conversation, you quietly left as so you wouldn't hey caught.
From that day on, your mother was always so persistent on the two of you spending time together. You alwaysed argued about it. But no matter what, you mother alwaysed had the last word.
But you thought it was strange. In front of your mother, Tsukihiko was always so talkative. A gentle smile on his face. But when you two were alone, that was all gone. He just had on a neutral look on his face. He never once tried speaking to you. Nor did he ever once glances your way.
It was as if he wouldn't acknowledge the fact that you weren't with him at all.
Sometimes, he would actually leave you by yourself. You'd never even noticed when he did leave either. One moment he was next to you, the next. He was gone.
So, you'd often take it as an opportunity. You'd leave and do what ever you'd like. You were (sort of) old enough to be alone! And you sure as hell didn't need him to be by yourside! There were times where you'd even tried to go back home. Maybe that way your mother would leave her oh so 'loving, caring and careful' partner. For leaving a young girl all by herself out with so many people that could easily snatch her up!
But just as you would get lost in the sea of people. A strong hand would always tightly grip your shoulder, and you were forcibly pulled back to a hard chest. Looking up you'd see Tsukihiko face 'smiling' at yours.
But you could see right through it. He might have fooled everyone. But he didn't fool you. You saw right through his smile.
He was enraged.
"Now now (y/n), I wouldn't want you to go too far! What would your mother say if you got lost on my watch? It can be rather dangerous at night if your not careful. " The way some veins formed on his face and the way his grip tightened on your shoulder made you flinch.
That's was when you saw a smirk form on his face. You couldn't help but scowl and yank his hand away from you.
"Says the one who left a child all by themselves. " you huffed while rubbing your now soar shoulder.
"What were you doing anyways, huh? "
"What kind of business? "
"That. Doesn't concern you. " you couldn't help but noticed his eyes narrow at your many questions. That was another thing he didn't seem to like about you. Unlike your mother or sister who never seemed to question some of his questionable acts.
You always did.
"Tch, whatever. " you turned and be began walking your way home. You just wanted to be as far away from the guy as possible.
"You don't seem to like me as much do you, (y/n)."
You paused hearing his comment.
"I don't just dislike you, I don't trust you either. " you said turning around to face him. "You may have fooled my mother and sister. But you don't fool me. I don't know what it is about you. But I'll find out eventually! Just you wait. "
It was quite until he made his way towards you. Lowering himself towards more your hight. You froze in place as his red eyes looked rather sharper than normal.
"My dear, believe me when I say. I don't know a thing about what your talking about. But by all means feel free to do so. But I do have to tell you one thing. " he grabbed you by your face, his nails began to dig into your cheeks almost breaking your soft fragile skin.
"I don't think you'll like what you find. "
With that, he let you go and with a smile, he grabbed your hand gently and took you home. All while you were far to scared to pull away from his unwanted touch.
After that you swore you would never let your guard down near him. And for a good while, you did. Every time you went for your nightly walks with your family and Tsukihiko. You always kept your distance while keeping a careful eye on him. And you knew he could feel your stare as he'd often turn to you with a smile on his face as he laughed at what your mother or sister said.
You wouldn't let him in. You wouldn't let your guard down. This is what you repeated to yourself. Until weeks later when you were in a study room that was in the home. You had some paper and decided to draw.
As you drew, you grew unaware of a figure slowly making it's way into the room. That was, until a large shadow towered above you.
"And what do you think you're doing? "
You jumped at the sudden sound of his deep voice. You turned your head to see a rather amused Tsukihiko staring down at you.
"Drawing? What, am I not allowed to draw in my own home? " you huffed turning your head giving your full attention back to a certain flower drawing you were making.
He hummed as he took a step closer but stopped as he stood right next to you. Feeling his gaze on your form, you grew slightly annoyed. When you finally grew the courage. You looked up glaring at the man.
"Is there a problem-? "
"What are you drawing? "
You paused thrown off by the sudden interest. He also looked bit... Off. Offer than usual too.
"Um... A flower? "
"Yes yes I know that, but what kind of flower is it." He scowled down at you. Your brows narrowed.
"It's a blue spider lily. Why do you care? " you asked staring at him curious now. You hadn't seen him so interested in something you've done. It was kind of weird.
"I've been doing... Research. About the blue spider lily. " your eyes widened at this. Spinning around looking him in the eyes. He couldn't help but noticed how your eyes began to sparkle.
"Research? You mean it's real? Do you have one? Could I see it!? "You asked now getting more closer to him. He had to take a step back from the change of attitude you were showing him
"No, I do not. But not many people know about it. So how do you know about it? "
"Oh! " you got up "I saw this really old journal a good while back and it talked about blue spider lilys! And who ever wrote it talked about how they were going to use it for something. What, I don't remember it's been a really long time. But they did show many drawings of it with color! I didn't really have money so I couldn't get the book. But when I went back, it was gone. "
You looked down a bit saddened. You did get rather interested in this seemingly 'unknown' flower. You always wanted to see it in person, but no matter how hard you searched in ever book about any and all flowers... There was nothing.
It was as though the blue spider lily didn't even exist.
"I've actually been looking into it for a while. Kinda like a side project! I really, really, want to find it one day!" You paused as when you looked back at the man. He only continued to stare at you making you feel embarrassed.
"Sorry, I get a little to0 into stuff I like. " you muttered looking away.
He only shook his head "no no, I'm actually... Interested in finding the spider lily myself. You've said you've, searched for it? " he asked.
There it was again... That feeling. That feeling telling you to keep quiet. To leave the conversation and keep your thoughts to yourself. But you couldn't help it. No one ever really listened to you or your interests in things. This was the first time someone ever actually looked intrigued in what you found.
"I have! But, there only guesses as I can't really go out and explore scene I'm too young. But when I get older, I'm definitely going to travel around and look for it! " you said with a smile bright on your face.
He hummed in thought until he smiled at you as he then reached a hand out waiting for you to take.
"Well then, why don't we work together then? Unlike you, my... Job. Let's me travel around. If we get any good leads I'll make sure to check them out. And if we do end up finding it. I'll make sure to show it to you. "
"So, what do you say? " you stared at him the gut feeling now screaming at you to run away.
You only smiled and nodded your head grasping his hand.
"Alright, let's do it! " he smiled and shook your hand as he nodded.
"Yes, let's look for the blue spider lily..."
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i-cant-sing · 11 months
everything fun & games until muzan finds out about y/n's feet then all hell breaks loose
Oh yes- oh fuck yeah. But we'll talk about that later, let's talk about how Gyutaro and Daki react to finding about your whipped feet.
Like Daki is so vocal about her anger, telling about how she's torture and murder Uzui and avenge you. She's throwing around some stuff and even killing a few girls here and there to release some of her pent up anger.
Gyutaro on the other hand, is just very quiet. He is angry, furious but he doesn't say a word. No, he just checks the fading scars on your feet, counts them and asks how many times he whipped you. After getting the number, he leaves. He about to double the amount of beatings Uzui gave you, and he'll hurt his wives too. Gyutaro doesn't like you as much as his sister likes you, but... you're starting to grow on him too.
Ohh imagine when Uzui comes to "rescue" you and you're just trembling in the corner while Daki is holding her slaughtered head- you know the scene. And when she calls out to Gyutaro, the green demon shifts you and Daki away from Uzui, tells you that it's okay "Nii-chan is here now, hm? Daki, take care of our baby sister now." And then he just goes back to beat the shit out of Uzui, and Daki is just holding your trembling form in her, patting your head and whispering that Gyu is gonna win the battle for you and you should look and cheer him on🥰🥰
They'll definitely give you cuddles later to calm you down💕
Tumblr media
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