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Them as college boyfriends.
Tumblr media
Synopsis: in a college au, what kind of boyfriends would they be?
Featuring: Kaedehara Kazuha x gender neutral reader, Xiao x gender neutral reader, Albedo x gender neutral reader, Scaramouche x gender neutral reader, Cyno x gender neutral reader, Tighnari x gender neutral reader.
Content warnings: none, except college au, slice of life and pure fluff.
Author’s note: so this idea occurred while talking to @bunny-rambles and i’m dedicating this to you, Bunny, dear! I hope you like it, love 💞 (Ehem, yes i included Kazuha because… yes, because i wanted to self indulge a little…). I went with headcanons for this one, and while i’m not sure i’m too good at them, i hope they are somewhat enjoyable.
Tumblr media
Kaedehara Kazuha
The soft light academia boyfriend; quiet, yet sociable and charming. Half the campus has a crush on him, while the other half wishes to be friends with him.
Kazuha is the kind of boyfriend to always walk you to and from class back to your dorm.
He is very affectionate, without overdoing it, so, naturally, he’s always holding your hand or has an arm around your waist (always that you’re comfortable with it, of course).
Dresses in light beiges and browns, with some red accents; sometimes it’s his scarf, sometimes his sweater or a scrunchie he got from you. He owns a red hoodie that mysteriously disappears sometimes, he finds it later on your person (what can you say, you love feeling him close, even when you can’t cuddle him).
Kazuha is honestly the best person to calm you down when you’re stressed and drowning in due essays or finals. With his gentle voice, and a soft kiss to your lips, he wraps a blanket around you, keeping you company and helping you out with everything he can: proof-reading for you, making your favorite tea or coffee, getting you your favorite snacks, anything that he can do, rest assured, he will.
He is a literature major, no doubt about it. His poetry could make anyone who reads it swoon, but he prefers to keep it private, and show it only to his special person, that is, you.
Sometimes you will find a piece of ochre paper folded in half with neat handwriting inside one of your books, the sweetness of each verse and the cursive handwriting letting you know it unmistakably belongs to your Kazuha.
And the smile he manages to write on your lips for the rest of the day doesn’t fade, not even when you kiss him on the lips as soon as he comes by your building to pick you up.
The cool boy, usually dressed in dark tight jeans, with cat headphones either on top of his head or hanging around his neck. If he knew just how many people he has crushing on him, he would malfunction.
Computer science major and the sweetest gamer boyfriend ever.
Xiao is super protective of you, if you so much as sneeze or seem down, he will make sure you take a break and receive extra cuddles. He is shy with physical affection, but if it’s with you, he makes sure you know how loved you are.
Blushes a lot. If you hold his hand or kiss his cheek, no matter for how long you’ve been together, xiao gets so so flustered. Call him cute and boop his nose. Congratulations, you broke him, now he is in a daze of you, and you alone is all that occupies his mind.
Lets you do his hair, his nails and even his makeup. And again, he flusters if you put his hair in pigtails and call him adorable, he buries his head in your shoulder to hide the redness on his cheeks. When you paint his nails black though, it’s you who sometimes ends up flustered, he has such pretty hands, and the color compliments his skin so well, you find yourself staring.
Xiao would be good at doing your makeup too, even better than when you do it yourself. If you want to match with him, and ask him to put red eyeliner on you, xiao’s heart beats wildly, he is just honored you would ask him that and the proximity to your face, with your soft breath fanning his face is not helping his flustered state.
If you have classes until late and it’s dark by the time you finish, Xiao either goes to pick you up if he’s free from his own courses, or asks you to message him when you get out and again when you reach your dorm. He just worries a lot about you, and the days he can’t walk you back, he always, always makes sure to come by later and cuddle or game with you.
Intelligent, beautiful, polite… the prince of campus, as others call him, his royal looks and captivating elegance make everyone turn heads. To you? your adorable STEM major boyfriend who happens to have a firecracker of a little sister.
No matter who makes moon eyes at him, Albedo will only look at you. Sure, half of campus is in love with him and he might be aware of it, but he does not care, his only worry being that you know he loves you and only you.
And know, you do. How can you not, when he is so sweet and considerate of you? If you’re cold, he gives you his jacket, walking close to you, with one of his arms wrapped around you; if you didn’t have breakfast and are hungry, Albedo carries small snacks that he knows you like; when work starts piling up, a simple “come over” text guides him to your doorstep, and he holds you until you calm, helping you organize everything afterwards.
He may be majoring in the Sciences, but Albedo is a true artist at heart. And you, the muse that inspires most of his paintings.
Sometimes, you fluster when he tells you this or that piece was inspired by you, even going as far as to name it after you. With a teasing smile, Albedo will run his thumb over your lips and kiss you oh so delicately afterwards, like watercolors over silk, explaining you are his beloved so of course you inspire his favorite masterpieces.
During school breaks, he invites you home and you meet his little sister, Klee. She is adorable and very, very energetic and chaotic. She instantly takes a liking to you and refers to you as his big sibling as well! (Albedo’s heart warms at this and he falls in love with you all over again).
Dates with him are relaxed and manage to leave you with a sense of peace every single time. From visiting art museums, Albedo telling you all about his favorite pieces; to laying around beautiful spots around campus, him painting and you looking while he works or reading; and even studying together at the library, no matter how mundane the activities seem, with Albedo there’s always a sense of magic to them.
That one art major with the ripped jeans and multiple piercings, tattoos and rings. He’s usually on his phone, glaring at anyone who looks in his direction. Then there’s you, who makes him turn into a puddle of mush.
Rebel with a cause. His mom wanted him to get into engineering or business, but he chose his own path instead, pursuing a course in the Arts.
He is very pretty, no matter how jagged and uneven he tries to make his hair look, it ends up complimenting his features even more, resulting in some photography students asking him to model for them. Needless to say, he refuses, flipping them off or sticking out his tongue sometimes. You are the only one allowed to take pictures of him, like hell he will trust someone else with it.
Scaramouche didn’t even believe in such things as falling in love when he got into college, determined to keep to himself and interact as little as possible with everyone else, until he met you.
It happened one day at the library. All desks were occupied, and, much to his chagrin, he had to content himself with the most secluded and seemingly silent one, that being the one you were sitting at. Whatever, he thought, pouting and putting on his headphones.
After a while, he was interrupted by the grating of a chair against the floor. Frowning, he looked up, to see you hurriedly gathering your stuff and exiting the room. In your rush, though, you had forgotten your planner, so grumbling, Scaramouche picked it up and caught up to you.
What a careless dumbass, he remembers thinking, as he stopped you in the hallway. However, all thoughts and words would die in his throat when you turned around, thanking him and smiling sweetly.
Why are you so bright and kind? he still wonders nowadays, as he holds you in his arms.
Extremely protective of you! Sometimes it unintentionally comes off as mean, but he truly worries so much, it’s just he doesn’t know how to express it, please be patient with him. When he angrily cooks for you because you didn’t eat, or when he roughly pulls you aside if it rains and cars are passing by, he means well, and, doesn’t show it, but is terribly worried for you.
If you’re the one worrying over him though, he is even more clueless about expressing his feelings. He pouts and averts his gaze, cheeks bright pink whenever you hug him from behind or show the slightest bit of affection for him. Truth is, he is very grateful and still doesn’t know how did he get so lucky to end up with you.
The personification of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ He may come off as scary and stoic, but the lucky ones who get to know him find out he is a sweetheart and a huge nerd!
Cyno majors in criminology and law, he’s the best in his class. Quiet and discreet but extremely diligent and never refuses to be of help to those who ask him.
And around you? Anyone who knows him from college wouldn’t believe he’s the same person.
He is just so soft and sweet with you, he flusters you with how nonchalantly gentlemanly he is: carries your bag, makes sure you always walk on the inner side of the street, far from the cars, opens doors for you, if you so much as wrap your arms around you for a second because it’s getting colder, he shrugs off his hoodie (which has jackal ears on the hood) and gives it to you. And his scarlet eyes look so soft, you just don’t have the heart to tell him to keep it.
Gets shy and excited all at once when he asks you if you want to play genius invokation TCG with him. You can see his warm eyes sparkling, a faint dusting of pink all over his cheeks. He’s just adorable and you always say yes, playing for hours, with Cyno teaching you how to built the best deck and which are the most efficient techniques to win.
You guys also like studying together. You do so either in the library or in one of your dorms. If Cyno has already finished his work, he loves keeping you company all the same, writing jokes in his notebook that he will tell you later. He hopes they make you laugh, he loves your smile.
In these study sessions, you’ve come to realize you take care of each other. Because both of you always bring snacks and plenty of water for the other, you never run out of them and can keep well nourished and hydrated while working.
Sometimes, these study dates end up turning into long sessions, the sky outside darkening. When this happens, you two stay at the dorm you decided to meet up or if you guys were studying at the library, you stay in Cyno’s room for the night, his being the one closest to campus.
And more than once a cute anecdote has happened when you have sleepovers. Like that time Cyno was sleeping soundly, clutching you tightly and you couldn’t get up from bed because of his strong hold on you; or when he caught you trying on one of his baseball caps with jackal ears and putting on his cologne. It’s hard to say who got more flustered, really.
Caring, sweet and sassy boyfriend. Gentle and nice at first glance, but underneath there’s a playful and witty side to him, that flusters and makes you fall in love with him more every day.
Tighnari is the type of boyfriend to always gift you little things: bookmarks he makes with pressed flowers or leaves, cute pens and pencils, keychains, flowers he handpicks thinking of you, etc. It makes him happy to see how your eyes widen and sparkle when you receive his gifts, a tender smile etched on his features when you smile at him and thank him with a hug or soft kiss.
He is a biology major and specializes in botanics. Anything you want to know about a certain tree, flower or herb, ask him, he’ll explain the best climate and conditions for it to grow, the kind of soil the plant favors, the best season to plant it, everything.
Tighnari is in charge of taking care of the greenhouses in the biology labs building. Tending to different plant species is something he enjoys and that calms him. He also tutors Collei, a freshman in the same course as him who helps at the greenhouses too.
Sometimes you come by to help out at the greenhouses and spend time with Tighnari; it’s so endearing when he gets enthusiastic and starts telling you about what they cultivate here. Collei instantly takes a liking to you, seeing you as an older sibling figure, and looks forward to the days you join Tighnari.
One day you had the (mis)fortune to see Tighnari scolding another student because they were careless and left things messy and out of place. Let’s just say you felt lucky you weren’t at the receiving end of your boyfriend’s sarcastic remarks (being called a lummox or threatened to have the lab rules smacked right on your forehead are most definitely not on your to-do list).
But you are lucky to be on the receiving end of Tighnari’s affections and care. When he knows you’ll have a busy day, he makes sure to prepare your favorite lunch for you to bring along, and he leaves little notes accompanied with a different flower petal each day. In the notes, he writes encouraging messages for you and some curious information about the plant in question. They always makes you smile and think of him, so the day doesn’t seem so long and arduous.
When the days get colder, you and Tighnari like to sit together on one of your guys dorms, while you spend time together, blanket thrown over the both of you in the couch, comfy clothes on and each doing your own thing: finishing up an essay, reading, playing some game or just scrolling through your phone. It always ends up with cuddles, of course. Tighnari melts when you pet his ears or comb through his soft tail. He nuzzles into you, but, if you bring it up, he’ll be sure to fluster you with a kiss or a compliment.
Tumblr media
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❝ 𝐈 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐘 𝐃𝐎 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔.. ❤ .ᐟ ❞ Love with him.. Headcanons on how being with him is like <3
Tumblr media
Grabbing onto him desperately, clinging to each other after you've been separated for so long. He won't mention a thing, he's a man of few words, but once the 3 words you've waited to hear fall from his lips, you can't help but get lost in his eyes like before "I love you.."
Hugging and cuddling each other, going out on dates. He love's seeing you smile, your joy is his joy, your happiness is his happiness, and your sorrow, is his sorrow.
Lifting you up, and carrying you around, "You're light as a feather to me" he'll say these words as he swings you around.
Playing your song, as he slowly lifts you up from the couch, dancing together. Just enjoying each others presence.
Out in the rain, as you both goof off and play around, in blissful harmony... together.
Finding new ways to make meaningful memories with you, he hates being separated from you, at the very least he can cherish and look back to the memories you both made and will continue to make, when you're gone.
Making sure you don't overwork yourself, whispering compliments and praises in your ears, comforting you and reminding you how much you deserve rest. How much you deserve everything you have and will receive in the future.
He'll constantly help you strive for your goals, dreams, ambitions, and more. All the while, watching you shine and freak out over every achievement, batheing in your light.
Him leaving small featherlight kisses down your neck, catching you off guard and teasing you afterwards. Watching your facial expressions change from focused to shy, a goofy grin will appear on his face.
Calling out his name and hugging him from the back, watching his ears turn red. He'll be quick to flip the scenario around, but sometimes he'll just sit down and take all of what you give him.
Your love is like a drug to the man, and he wishes for nothing more than just to be high off of it.
He's addicted to every small compliment and kiss, any ounce of affection will only rile him up more, he can't help but fall for you more.. if that's even possible. He's practically drowning in his affections for you, and the sheer idea of you replicating that emotion, sets him off.
He can't help but tease you about it, he knows he's just as high on this drug called love, as you. But seeing your reactions are always worth it.
You are his world, and he's yours. He'll continue to be yours.
The two of you were giggling, settled into each others arms. just enjoying each others existence, small conversations about nothing important, just wanting to hear each others voice more.. He sighs "I really do love you.."
LEONA KINGSCHOLAR, Xiao, Al-Haitham, SILVER, Shoto Todoroki, Diluc Ragnvindr, KAZUHA KAEDEHARA, Jade Leech, Cyno, MALLEUS DRACONIA, Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation from me.
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hello!! I'm new to Tumblr in general, so I apologize if I say anything wrong or are kinda awkward😭 could you do the anemo Boys with an s/o who faints a lot due to a medical condition? Sorry if that sounds weird, I have pots 😞 again I'm so sorry if i said anything wrong or if it was awkward!!<3
Tumblr media
of course anon!! don't feel bad. i'm honored that you chose to interact with me! i didn't include aether because i consider him to be this other catagory though i mean we know he'll probably be able to use all of the elements in the future
WARNINGS. reader passing out, fluff, worried anemo boys
SHIPS. kazuha, scaramouche/wanderer, venti, xiao, heizou x reader (seperate)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were climbing a mountain to Kazuha’s favorite location with him, when you blacked out. Regular black outs were nothing to be scared of for you, because they came with a medical condition you had. In addition to black outs, you also had low stamina.
You awoke suddenly to your boyfriend sleeping next to you, his arms acting as a pillow as he slept beside you. You smiled down at him, and shifted yourself to be facing his sleeping form, accidentally waking him up.
“Oh goodness…” he groggily said, his voice deeper due to just waking up. “It happened again… you’re lucky we weren’t climbing the steep portion yet or you would’ve been dead,” Kazuha said, his melodic voice relaxing you. “I think overexertion was the cause this time… hah, I should be more careful next time.”
You laughed and cupped his face in your hands, your foreheads meeting. “It’s fine. You did the right thing, bringing me back. How long have I been knocked out for?”
Kazuha grumbled,  his warm hands cupping your cheeks as well. “Roughly half a day. You scared me, you know.”
“Half a day… a new record. Last time it was only an hour or so.”
“That isn’t an accomplishment to be proud of, dove.” Kazuha replied, his brows creasing as he gently pushed you away. “I know your cognition isn’t something life threatening, but what if you go to sleep and don’t wake up?”
“I know. I’m sorry for worrying you so much,” you replied, leaning your head back to stare at the ceiling, your arms supporting your sitting body.
“As long as I’m here… you don’t need to worry about a thing, dove.”
Tumblr media
You might’ve been knocked out and fainted often due to your medical condition, but Venti would unintentionally take names that were several hours long. After all, the anemo archon had slept for hundreds of years in the past, leaving Mondstadt to do whatever the city pleased.
It might have escaped your mind to tell Venti that you were going to try to climb the windrise tree… so when you reached a stable branch, you were glad you accomplished the climb before passing out on the branch, slipping into unconsciousness as the gentle wind you fell in love with slowly brushed across your face, the rustling of leaves the only noise you could hear other than your own breathing.
Venti frantically looked for you. You had been gone for hours, and basically disappeared. He called upon the wind spirits, and he heard the sound of your breathing somewhere nearby one of his statues. He rushed over, and found where you were, perched on a tree comfortably, passed out.
He took a deep sigh, and giggled. “My windblume really thought it would be a stupendous great idea to climb that tree, hm? Well, I didn’t fall in love with them because they were easy to handle.”
Venti floated up and rested beside you, and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, gently kissing your forehead, took you into his arms and fell asleep beside you, cuddling you.
“I love you, windblume.”
Tumblr media
Scaramouche // Wanderer.
Naturally, being your boyfriend and realizing you have a condition which makes you tired made him overprotective. He’d gone through so much, he always looked at you with warmth and concern.
But he’d floated away as he consumed his creator’s gnosis and lost all of his memories. He was constantly with Nahida, but she let you see him. And although he didn’t remember almost anything about his past, Scaramouche could only remember warm and comforting feelings when he was with you, as well as a bit of nervousness. He didn’t remember your condition.
He still remembered you with love, though, and you still were together.
So when you fainted in the middle of the street, he was filled with pure terror.
Everyone in Sumeru city stared as the false god they all worked to defeat with no memories of his past crimes gently picked you up and rushed you to a doctor.
4 hours.
He waited for 4, nervous hours filled with terror even as you lay passed out on the doctor’s bed. He rested his hand gently on yours. Did you even realize how much his heart throbbed as you lay unconscious?
So when you finally woke up, rubbing your eyes groggily as you sat up, Scaramouche grabbed your shoulders, head collapsing as he broke down into a chorus of sobbing.
You told him of your condition, and he wiped his teary eyes, and reprimanded you. “Don’t you dare ever do that again. My heart can’t take it.”
Tumblr media
Xiao almost never slept. He hadn’t slept since his Yaksha friends died. And honestly? When Xiao visited you in the middle of the night, he admired your calm, peaceful sleeping face, illuminated by the silver glow of the moonlight. Whenever he neared you, he could feel the karmic debt lessening, and that was enough for him.
He heard of your condition already from you, and made you promise that you’d always call his name whenever you felt like you would pass out, or if you ever felt like you were in danger.
You were walking through a field of unbloomed glaze lilies, and you began to hum softly, triggering the glaze lilies to bloom. You heard a mitachurl with his group of hilichurls come close, and you drew your weapon, ready to fight.
You’d say, all in all, it was going pretty well. Until, of course, you drained too much energy and was about to pass out as the mitachurl swung his ax at you. So you softly called out his name, and the last thing you saw was Xiao appearing in a flash of anemo energy and anemo butterflies.
Xiao really didn’t see the need for you to strain yourself so much. The mitachurl was near death, and he saw the spoils of hilichurls surrounding the place with open glaze lilies that brought him back to a time when a certain mother-like figure used to sit amongst the delicate glaze lilies and hum a small lullaby that helped him drift him to sleep.
Now, as he carried your unconscious body to Wangshu Inn, he hummed that same tune that he loved so much for you.
Wherever and whenever you call my name, I’ll be here. Xiao silently vowed, slowly placing your unconscious body into your bed, tucking you in.
Tumblr media
The number one Tenryou Commission detective was down bad for you. That was a known fact. Another known fact is that he spent way too much time solving insignificant cases dealing with dogs and had WAY too little time for his loved ones than he would’ve wanted.
His favorite guilty pastime? When you fainted and he could watch as you slowly woke up, with a familiar cocky smile plastered on his face as he asked for praise for getting you back safely and sticking by your side. And you always delivered.
But when you blackout when he wasn’t there… well, he panicked. Think, REALLY, REALLY panicked. The moment Kujou Sara walked in and said that you were found unconscious on the street. Whatever cases he had on hand were immediately discarded as he sprinted on to your shared home, where you were, resting.
Don’t expect to wake up to his usual damned smirk, but to eyes rimmed with eyebags from crying and sleep deprivation, petty anger welling as he starts telling you that you should never faint again without him nearby (he’s not really mad at you. He’s mostly mad at himself, because Heizou can’t bring himself to be mad at you for more than two minutes at a time).
“I know you were worried, Heizou.”
“Shut up and don’t do it again you big idiot.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❥ summary: the things they’d do for you and only you
❥ characters: scaramouche ; kazuha ; xiao ; venti
❥ content: fluff, gn reader
❥ note: just some cute fluffy anemo content!! i worked vv hard so pls enjoy!
Tumblr media
•  he would follow you anywhere, without question and without a doubt, trusting your own judgement wholeheartedly. if you were to say where you wanted to go, he’s on it in a moment; mapping out the best way to get there, making a list of the supplies you need, and writing down everything that you should take note of in a small blue notebook.
•  it’s an amazing experience, traveling the world with scaramouche. he’s truly brilliant and prepared for anything (in his own unique way) and harbors his own sort of pleased liking for these excursions. there’s a strange, sharply thoughtful clarity that seems to be reserved privately for your journeys across teyvat, and it feels almost like a painfully longing love that replaces his usual apathy and discomfort whenever he’s with you.
•  he dismisses all of your suggestions of payment or anything of the like, the only reward he expects for his hard work is the privilege to come with you on your trip. truly, he only wants to experience it all with you, the action of being at your side as you see everything, the ability to point out all you should take note of is intoxicating enough for him. 
•  the dazzled look in your eyes as you take in the awe inducing sight of the glowing dainichi mikoshi, tiny golden crystalflies highlighted by the sparkling light of blue jade, the clanging bells and joyful shouts of hundreds of people passing through liyue harbor, even the bitter, nostalgic familiarity of amethyst bolts of lightning crackling over salty puddles of water … it’s his pleasure, and his payment, to see you encounter it all.
•  well, that … and maybe a kiss too? not that he’d ever voice it, but you can see the pink dusted blush whenever you pay him even a small compliment for his services, archons knows he deserves many more for his services, but he’d do it for free, just to be your companion in these travels and forever on.
•  he collects scraps of paper and keeps them hidden in boxes and folds of his red robes; all the emotions he can’t convey, his amateurish skills of manipulating words not always quite enough to tell you how he feels about you. pages, torn off strips of paper, crumbles of old, dusty scrolls littered with heartfelt words in scrawling handwriting, neatly printed type, beautifully drawn calligraphy.
•  all of it at the ready if you ever were to ask a question he couldn’t answer, silently giving you a note with all the words he doesn’t know how to say yet. someday he can put this aching into words, the way he feels awe when he takes all of you in, your beauty and the way you make him feel complete, how he’s just completely struck dumb by you.
•  he wants you to know, to be able to picture his emotions that are so painfully heartfelt, the earnestness of his innocent longing; how long he could think about you and you and you and nothing else, the way you fill his mind at all times and drift into his thoughts without him even meaning to.
•  some of it you already understand, his pale face flashes into an all consuming blush whenever you speak of, even casually and in passing, your affection for him; he does small favors for you without a second thought and makes sweet, romantic gestures that you return as best as you can, remembers even the tiniest details about you that he references with presents and jokes and everything he possesses to make you happy.
•  but if there’s even a chance that you can’t take in his whole feelings, that you’re not quite understanding how much he really, truly loves you, he’ll do everything he can to show you everything you are to him with these borrowed words that he wants to someday call his.
•  adepti don’t eat, but he’d try anything in the world if you asked him to, offering him dishes from all over liyue and even beyond, anything from cake to fruit juice to salads to barbecues. you buy the items from general stores and stalls along the roads, creating your own recipes that you excitedly offer him to sample, or exclaiming delightedly as you taste something new and then telling him to try it too.
•  he experiences all the new sensations in a way not unlike a younger kid trying things for the first time; his face screwed up in a cutely innocent expression as he sips a bitter, golden amber tinted tea, you counting off beats in the background until it floods into a delicious sweetness that reminds him of the refreshing taste of a cold plate of almond tofu and his eyes sparkle just a bit more.
•  he feels almost human, sampling the things you give him, whether you cooked them up yourself or purchased them from a restaurant, you always look excited to see his reaction and full of delight when he grants it a “it’s not for me” or “not bad” or “i like this one a lot”, always sugarcoating his reviews because you just seem so thrilled to hear his response.
•  of course, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it as well, this small experience that teases a mundane life, but it’s for your benefit that he gives such glowing praise; he doesn’t need to eat, after all, but your declarations of how he should even though he doesn’t have to ring with so much sincerity that he practically has no choice.
•  he admires you for how much you care about this, even if he himself has no opinion on it, and almost feels flattered sometimes, with wide eyed surprise that repeats itself every time you come to him with another plate, the disbelief that you’re offering him something of your own accord. he simply wants to see you happy, so if this is a way to make you smile, he’ll take every chance he can. 
•  the wind is at his constant beck and call as the anemo archon, and with a wave of his fingertips he can send spirals of breezy flurries through the atmosphere around him and you, teasing cool, cloudy wisps against your skin that make you shiver delightedly and laugh, your voice sounding sparklingly joyful and he can’t get enough of it.
•  there’s a constant, tiny buffet of wind lifting his blue tinted braids gently into the air; the same mild, soft breeze that twirls through your hair and spins your shirt sleeves into billowing puffs, so sweetly cool and constantly present that you can feel it even when you simply weave your hands through the air.
•  it can be soft, gentle, pillowing gusts of smooth clouds underneath you in calmer moments as trees rustle and dandelion seeds whirl through the air, or explosive bursts of furious wind when danger approaches, whipping everything around you into a frenzy as he weaves the sky itself into a weapon to defend, refusing to let any harm come to you.
•  it’s a precious and protective charm of his, the comfort that it brings him to cast you a tiny bit of fluttering gusts that rush past your face in shivery, paradoxical warmth, a reminder of his presence even when he isn’t physically there, a promise that he is still with you even when he is not, so you will always, always be safe.
•  the power of the wind is something he grants to only those strictly deserving, and who have gone through enough for him to decide they shall receive something to better their life with. but it’s beautiful, and it’s playful and carefree, and it fills the world and you with wonder, so to you he gives it freely because it is his power, and what is his power if not an extension of himself to please the one he loves?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
➵ tighnari, xiao, scaramouche
☯ love is real, and the proof was right infront of them
☯ genshin men + moments full of fluff ☆
☯ i was writing for albedo too but it came out so bad i just deleted it HELPSNLA anyways new theme slay
Tumblr media
you had always disregarded TIGHNARI's affection and care for you as concern but even cyno thinks otherwise.
"i came here yesterday because i left my pen here but tighnari said it was too dark so i slept here" you shrugged, cyno was asking a bit too many questions and it was starting to feel weird.
"not ou of the ordinary, he's always nagging like a worried mother or something." you snorted hoping to brighten up the mood but cyno wasn't looking very amused.
perhaps it was because you had barricaded your heart or you were just incredibly dumb.
probably the second one.
tighnari walked in, his eyes landing on you with a cute smile before glancing over at cyno.
you paid no mind to their conversation, walking away to let them talk in peace.
it takes anyone around tighnari to notice how his voice is softer and less snappy when he's near you, maybe get a little closer and you'll see hearts in his eyes.
but unlike what others said, you knew.
you saw the way he always found some kind of excuse to have his hands on you, whether it would be to fix your collar or his hand on your waist to… help with stability, whatever that means.
he was obvious.
and maybe he wanted that.
his view of love was demoralized with his… work. but if that truly was the case, why is it that he's always behind you like some puppy?
"hey y/n." his hand was placed on your shoulder, squeezing lightly.
you responded with a hmm?, trying not to look at him in fear that your expression might give anything away.
"hey, have you ate yet? i told you to-"
and there he goes.
but as he's spilling out these random words out of his mouth, you realize—
he'd make a good husband.
more chars utc ➹
xiao had always said he found no interest in foolish stuff such as... love.
but he has buried his jealousy towards lovers with the same sentence he says when asked about the topic.
he's fully aware that getting too close to someone will only end with regret on the other person's side.
living for so long, he's long forgotten the sensation of tenderness, if he's ever felt it before... oops. don't say that around him.
but he wonders if this little bird that's chirping in his ear everyday will change that.
he loved seeing you with that same dopey smile but he dreaded that feeling in his chest whenever he left his mind wander off for too long.
finally, he gets a small rest from all of these intrusive thoughts when he sits next to you, watching the way your eyes twinkled, following the lanterns in the dark blue sky.
"it's super duper beautiful!! don't you think so, xiao?" he got startled when your head turned to look at him, who paid no mind to the big stars in the sky, as you called them.
thankfully, you turned your attention to the crystalfly that flew infront of your face, a gasp erupting out of you.
you were charming.
you knew about all the tragic events in teyvat, but you never brought them up to anyone, choosing to leave that in the past.
too bad his past is and will always be bound to him.
but he swats away his troubles so he could leave this chaos for even a split second, for you.
if you really did find crystalflies so beautiful, then he should call you a crystalfly-
"is it true that crystalflies die too early?" your voice was soft but he still flinched for some reason.
ah... of course.
something will always turn against him, huh?.
scaramouche was angry.
it wasn't uncommon to see him angry, but it was uncommon to see him be so childish.
you had refused his kisses because you were annoyed and exhausted but then it turned to him being annoyed and exhausted.
it was almost 1am and he was still sitting on the chair next to your bed, folding his ars over his chest while he puffed out his cheeks.
cute, you would call him if you weren't so tired right now.
"love, just lay down please..." your hoarse voice called out but he hmph-ed, looking away dramatically.
letting out a sigh you murmured— "fine then, i'll just sleep by myself."
you expected him to jump into the bed immediately but was shocked when the other side of the bed was still empty.
you were starting to get worried and turn around but was relieved when the bed sunk with his weight.
the little guilt was making your heart ache too much so you shifted closer to him, laying down on your back before pulling him closer.
"what are you-" his words were left discontinued when you lifted his head onto your chest, softly running your fingers thru his hair to lull him to sleep.
he wanted to pull the upset act a bit but was shut down when he heard your heartbeat, loud and clear, ringing in his ears.
the feeling was unexplainable, he felt envious yet joyful at the same time.
closing his eyes, he slowly placed his hand on his chest, where his heart would be.
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academic help
Tumblr media
— Zhongli x gn!reader x Xiao
— mdni, dubcon, coercion, power imbalance, university au, size difference, double penetration, overstimulation, oral sex, creampie, slight degradation, pet names, thigh riding, sex toy, slight exhibitionism(?)
— not proofread, 10.8k words
Tumblr media
The run that you had to make from your dorm to the bus stop was probably the fastest you’ve ever done in your whole life. It’s the weekend, but weekends don't really feel like one when you have the impending doom of exams. And it doesn’t really help when you wake up to your supposed study buddy’s messages telling you that he’s almost at the bus stop you’re supposed to meet at.
You’re not exactly the type to try to achieve above average grades. However, History has never exactly been your strong suit, and it was something even your History professor has noticed. Fortunately, Mr. Zhongli had been as patient as ever and had come up with a solution for you. Unfortunately, you hadn’t been sure about the solution he presented to you. Of course, you didn't have the guts to say no to him so you had agreed despite your uncertainty.
Now, here you are at the bus stop, still in your pajamas, face to face with the solution that Mr. Zhongli has for you.
“Good morning, Xiao,” you greet, almost choking on your own spit with how heavy your breathing was.
Xiao stares at you for a while. He looks at your clothes. “You just woke up?” he asks.
You look up at him from your crouched position and chuckle sheepishly. “Yeah. I had to cram an essay last night.” You took a last deep breath before straightening yourself. “My dorm's just a few minutes walk. Let's go?"
Xiao merely nods and follows you back to your dorm.
You had suggested meeting up in a cafe, but Xiao had immediately shut that idea down. "It's useless to study in a cafe during midterm week since it will be full of other students trying to study as well," was what Xiao had said. "It would be much quieter if we studied in your dorm." He had a point so you had agreed. He didn’t offer to study at his place for some reason so you had just offered to have your study session at your dorm.
You arrive at your dorm after a two minute walk. Unfortunately, your roommate also has some of their friends over so the living room is currently available. You lead Xiao to your bedroom which you breathlessly cleaned up as soon as you woke up. “Make yourself comfortable while I take a bath,” you say. “It’ll only take a minute. I’m really sorry.”
“It’s alright. Take all the time you need,” Xiao says as he takes a seat on the edge of your bed
“Alright. I’ll be quick, I promise.” You turn and quickly grab your clothes from your desk in front of your computer along with your towel. As you pick them up, a piece of cloth slips from the bundle, but before Xiao could point it out, you’re already out of your room.
Xiao sighs and uncomfortably adjusts his sitting position on your bed. He grabs his bag and pulls out his notes when he feels a sudden spike of pleasure from inside him. He doubles over, whole body shivering as the vibrator inside him intensely vibrates against his sweet spot. He curses under his breath, letting a quiet moan slip from his lips. His phone vibrates inside his bag and he quickly sits up straight to grab it. He already knows who the caller is without even looking at the name on the screen nor hearing the caller’s voice.
“Have you arrived safely, darling?” 
“Yes, Professor,” Xiao responds, summoning all of his willpower to not let his voice waver.
“Good boy,” Zhongli hums from the other end of the line. It sends a shiver down Xiao’s spine, letting out a small whimper as he feels the toy inside of him slowly increase its intensity. “What are they doing right now? I’m guessing they’re not around considering how you’re freely letting that sweet voice of yours sing for me.”
“Taking a s-shower. I-I’m in their…ah…their room right now,” Xiao manages to reply before biting down on his lower lip. The vibrator continues to ruthlessly vibrate against his prostate. He looks up at the closed door of your room, afraid that you’d suddenly walk in on him. Somehow, the thought of it only makes his cock twitch in his pants.
“Oh, Xiao.” The older man sighs in mock disappointment but Xiao can almost hear the man’s smile widen from the other line. “Have you got no shame, darling? Getting off inside your classmate’s room. What would they think about you when they find out, hm? I bet they’d be surprised to see how much of a dirty slut the supposedly model student is."
Xiao's fingers tighten around his phone. "P-Professor," he whimpers.
Zhongli chuckles. "Oh, don't worry, darling. I won't let them see you in such an embarrassing state. Wouldn't want you to lose your chances with them. Take care of them, hm? I expect to see good results next week. If I don't, you know you'll be the one to face the consequences."
"I…I understand, Professor," Xiao replies, voice shaking.
"Have fun, Xiao. Make sure to call me when you get home."
Zhongli is the one to end the call. A few seconds later, the vibrator slows down to a bearable level but never completely turns off. Xiao unties his jacket from his waist and places it on his lap in an attempt to cover his hard cock. Hopefully, it goes down before you return.
As soon as he finishes that thought, the door opens and you enter with a shirt clinging onto your skin and your towel around your waist. Xiao swallows. Strands of your hair stick on the sides of your flushed face. You smile at him sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I…I forgot something. Let me just…” Before you even finish your sentence you quickly scurry towards your table and grab the piece of cloth that fell from your bundle of clothes earlier. You quickly bundle the small clothing in your fist. “I’ll finish dressing up then we can start.” With that, you immediately leave Xiao all alone once again.
Realization hits Xiao as you leave. Whatever it was that fell from your clothes earlier was your underwear. He starts to panic a bit. He hadn’t even had the time to notice it was your underwear. Do you think he’s a weird pervert now for failing to inform you that you left your underwear here? The professor has fucked him in front of a mirror so much that he’s aware of how easily the professor can affect him so easily. His face must’ve been mirroring yours when you entered the room. And with his jacket on his lap?
Xiao paused his thoughts as you reentered not even a minute later. The towel that was once around your waist is now on the top of your head. Your shirt still clings onto your skin, hugging your figure which has Xiao gulping and looking away.
He clears his throat. “If you haven’t eaten yet, feel free to eat while I teach you,” he says.
You can’t hold back a chuckle. Xiao pauses and looks up at you, confused. “Oh, it’s just that Mr. Zhongli is the only professor to ever let his students eat in his class. I just found it amusing.”
Xiao furrows his eyebrows. “I mean I’m not really a professor and this is just a tutoring session so I can’t really tell you to eat or not.”
You gather your pens and notebook and a snack from your desk and approach him on the bed. “Well, other professors reason that eating food, or doing anything else other than listening to them is a hindrance to learning so they’re strict when eating in class.”
As you say this, Xiao remembers Zhongli’s words and he swallows. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you pass the upcoming exam. My only concern is that, are you alright with studying in bed?”
“It would be much harder to study on my desk since it’s small and my roommate’s doing a little study session with their friends too on the kitchen table.” You shrug. “We could study on the floor, but I doubt kneeling on the hard floor for a long time is comfortable.”
Xiao avoids your gaze. After all, it wasn’t as if he’s not used to kneeling on the hard floor until they bruised. He just nods and brings out his books and several of his notes. He flips through the pages to the lessons that the two of you needed to study. “Since you told me that you’re having a hard time reading the textbook, I created a bunch of notes for you to read instead. We’ll mostly be following the notes that I made but there are some extra details that I left out so….” His voice falters as he feels you inch closer towards him to look at the notes that he laid out on your bed.
Xiao mentally curses himself as you press yourself against his arm. You smell so good and you feel so soft. That and it seems that Zhongli seems to have decided to suddenly play with the vibrator again. He grips on the sheets behind his back, hoping that you won’t feel the sheets shift from where you’re sitting.
Well, you didn’t notice the sheet move slightly but you did notice the way his voice faltered and the way his face is currently slowly turning red. Again. You did notice how red his face was earlier. You were hoping that he didn’t see the underwear but the expression on his face says otherwise. You’re just glad that he didn’t say anything up until now about it. But you guess that he feels awkward about it considering he’s acting this way when you get closer to him.
So, you pull away slightly and smile in an attempt to hide your embarrassment. “W-When this is over, can I take a picture of the notes you made?” you ask, thinking it’s best to ignore what just happened to save the poor guy from the embarrassment as well.
“No.. No need,” Xiao replies. You notice that his voice has gone deeper as if strained. “You can h-have it when we’re done here.”
You simply nod and let Xiao gather himself before he speaks again.
To save the man from further embarrassment, you don’t point out the faint glow of pink on his cheek and ears. You ignore the way he shivers whenever you lean in close to see what he’s reading on his notes. He even pulls away abruptly when your skins touch as if you’ve just poured him a pot of boiling water. If you didn’t know that he’s feeling embarrassed from what happened earlier, you would’ve been offended.
You have to admit that the very reason why you were doubtful of this study session was because you always found Xiao to be a very intimidating person. You’ve never really approached the guy before unless you wanted to talk to him about something related to a group project wherein the two of you are groupmates. Other people do approach him, though. They all say the same thing, “He’s actually quite friendly.” You don’t deny that considering that some people he hangs out with are quite louder than he is. Still, who wouldn’t be intimidated by those sharp golden eyes?
Looking at him now, though, the blush on his face somehow made him softer. In the past thirty minutes, you’ve seen a side of him that no one has probably ever seen before. Too bad his hair is blocking a clear view of his face right now–
“W-What are you doing?”
Before you knew it, you already reached out your hand and brushed his bangs away from his face.
The two of you stare at each other, expressions mirroring each other’s.
You quickly drop your hand and laugh awkwardly. “Um, it’s just that…” you trail off. “Do you want a hair clip?? I… I have some if you need them. You know, y-your hair. Doesn’t it bother you?”
Xiao furrows his eyebrows. “Not…really.”
There’s another long pause.
“You know what? I’ll just go grab my hair clip,” you say as you stand and quickly turn.
“No, really, I’m fine. There’s no need to–”
As you hurriedly stand from your bed, Xiao’s hand grabs yours. Unfortunately, your ankle gets caught on your other ankle and suddenly, you’re falling to the floor, pulling Xiao along with you.
The carpet somehow reduces the impact of your fall. The back of your head still throbs in pain, earning a groan from your lips as you try to move. But you can’t. The heavy weight on top of you stirs as well. As you blink your eyes open, you find Xiao staring right back at you.
He’s close. He’s so close.
“Sorry,” you say breathlessly, shifting your legs in a more comfortable position.
For some reason, that makes Xiao jump on top of you. You look at him again and find that he’s trembling. Worried, you tried to sit up, moving your leg again in the process. Xiao lets out a sweet noise that even though there are only the two of you in here, you doubted that that sound came from Xiao himself.
You didn’t even have more time to ponder about it. Xiao suddenly grabs your shoulders and pins you down on the ground with the strength that you didn’t expect him to have.
“Xiao, what the hell–”
“S-Stop moving your legs,” he whispers, tone hard but his voice was trembling.
You only notice now how your thigh is pressed up in between Xiao’s legs. And you feel it. You feel his hard on pressed up against you. You suck in a sharp breath and look up at him but he avoids your gaze. His face is practically glowing red now.
“D-Don’t move,” he grunts, “please.”
If he simply told you not to move, you would’ve done as he said. However, that added please at the end was said in such a breathy and desperate voice. You’ve never heard him like this. His voice is always stern whenever he talks to you. It’s kind of funny because it’s almost similar to the History professor’s commanding voice. That’s why hearing him begging you like this… of course, you will do just the opposite of what he said.
You keep your gaze on the man on top of you as you grind your thigh in between his legs. Xiao immediately gasps and arches his back, grinding himself even more on your thigh. His grip on your shoulders wavers.
“I t-told you….! Stop mov–ah!”
Xiao curses under his breath.He slaps his hand over his mouth, remembering how the two of you aren’t alone in the dorm. Just at that moment, the toy inside him spikes up in intensity. Your thighs suddenly feel a bit too much with both of his sides getting stimulated. However, you won’t let him get away. Your hands travel up his hips and make him stay put. You push up against him, rubbing his hard cock through his pants.
No! It’s too much! Oh, archons…fuck! Xiao’s thoughts are running a mile a second. One moment he was just trying to help you study for the upcoming midterms. The next, here you are, pushing his lower half down on your thigh. He doesn’t even know how to react or what to do other than just take it.
“Keep your voice down, Xiao,” you whisper against his ear, slightly breathless.
Xiao flinches, not even realizing the distance that you closed between the two of you. You’re now leaning on your elbow while your other hand still grips on his hip, guiding his movements. He shivers as you breathe heavily right on his ear. Xiao purses his lips but a few whimpers still escape his throat.
The two of you say nothing else other than small gasps and quiet moans. You don’t know what got into you but seeing Xiao this way–back arched and shivering in pleasure–you can’t help but want to elicit more reactions from him. With how hard Xiao is biting on his lips, you know how much he’s trying to suppress his moans. You wonder just how loud he can be if the two of you are completely alone.
You’re pulled out of your thoughts as Xiao lets go of your shoulders and wraps his arms around your neck, You let out a shaky breath as his strong scent envelops your senses.
“Y-You okay?” you ask, trying to halt his movements.
Xiao whimpers and nods against your neck. “I-It’s just…too much,” he replies but he still grinds his hips against you. “Please… don’t make it stop.”
You swallow at that and raise your thighs higher. You watch as his movements become more frantic and desperate. Suddenly, he pulls away from you and pushes you down on the ground again. He rests his forehead against yours, eyebrows furrowed and eyes closed. You let out a soft gasp in surprise. You say nothing, noticing how his whole body is twitching with each stroke of his cock against you. You let him use you to chase his orgasm, which you know is coming close. The only sounds filling the room are the small and quiet gasps that the two of you are letting out.
“I-I’m coming,” Xiao whimpers. His head falls on your neck and you let him. You wrap your arms around his waist and pull him against you as his whole body shivers. His moans are muffled against you. You feel the goosebumps on your skin rise, his haggard breaths tickling the side of your neck.
The two of you lay on the floor of your room as you wait for Xiao to come down from his orgasm. You rub his back and whisper against his ear. Soon, Xiao’s breathing evens out, but you just lay there and wait for him to make a move.
And suddenly, he sits up straight, looking down at you with a horrified look on his face. It makes your heart sink for some unknown reason. Before you can even think about it deeply, he stands to his feet and grabs his back and bolts out of the room. He leaves you sitting down on the floor, confused and still a little turned on.
Zhongli sits in his office a week later, glaring at the one test paper that sits in the middle of his desk.
He had immediately started checking the exams right after he collected all of them. He had wanted to be able to know how it went for the two of his favorite students. He had sent Xiao to help you, knowing how you were struggling with his subject. He couldn’t blame you. After all, Teyvat has a rich history and there’s a lot that hasn’t been taught in detail during highschool.
Xiao is most probably the smartest student he has ever had. However, he also knows the fact that he can be a little intimidating. Poor young man had a crush on you but you couldn’t even notice with the way those eyebrows of his are always close together. That is why he had sent him to study with you with a little vibrator inside him. Perhaps his flushed face and high pitched voice will help you see him in a less intimidating way.
However, it’s clear that something still went wrong considering how you failed your exam. Your paper sits in front of him with your score being three points away from passing.
There are a couple of knocks from the door. Zhongli immediately knows who it is.
“Come in,” he responds.
The door opens and your hunched figure enters his office. Your eyes are everywhere but on his. He can’t help but smirk behind his hand. Your face is the same exact look that Xiao wears on his face whenever he’s expecting a punishment.
“Ah,” he calls out your surname, “please have a seat.”
“Y-Yes, Mr. Zhongli,” you reply, making your way on one of the two sofas that are in front of his table. You carefully place your bag down and take a seat. Somehow, you expect the sofa to be hard, but it’s actually quite the opposite.
Zhongli intertwines his fingers together and leans forward. “I assume you know the reason why I called you in here,” he says.
You lower your head and avoid his gaze. The corners of Zhongli’s lips twitch. “Yes, Sir,” you say. “It’s about the result of my exam, isn’t it?” You raise your head, but your eyes still don’t meet his. Zhongli notices how you’re looking at his forehead instead of directly into his eyes.
“Yes,” he replied. “I’m afraid your score isn’t exactly what I hoped for. I do understand that my subject is merely a minor one and you really don’t need exceptional grades. However, I am passionate about this subject that I’m teaching and I need to make sure that my students get out of this class with a deeper understanding of our history.”
“I understand that, Sir,” you reply. “I…I hope you don’t think that I’m neglecting your subject. It’s just that…History has never really been something I’m good at. I really tried my best in this exam. Xiao’s notes have really been helpful, but it’s just that I…can’t really focus.”
Zhongli notices that small pause and he narrows his eyes. “You can’t focus?” he repeats. “Can you elaborate on that, darling?”
Suddenly, you tear your eyes away from him again. Your eyes are glued to the floor as if that one little speck of dust is much more interesting than looking at Zhongli. “W-Well,” you clear your throat, “there are a lot of names and dates I have to remember. T-That’s usually where I struggle the most when I study on my own–”
“Study on your ‘own’?” Zhongli asks, saying the last word with emphasis. “What do you mean? Didn’t I send Xiao to help you study for the exam?”
You visibly cringe as you look up at him as if you just said something that you shouldn’t have. You open your mouth and close it again. “Well, I–Xiao…he… I asked X-Xiao to go home early b-because I had a…a family emergency! Yes! My family called me the day we were supposed to meet and I had to ask Xiao to go home. I–I’m sorry, Mr. Zhongli.”
Zhongli narrows his eyes. He stands from his desk and rounds the table until he’s in front of you. You lick your lips and continue to stare at the floor nervously. He calls out your surname in a stern voice that makes you freeze on your place. “Please make sure you keep your eyes on me when I talk to you.” He places a finger on your chin and tips your head up to make you look directly into his eyes. “Also, I know when someone's lying to me, dear. You don't exactly make it hard. Now, tell me honestly what exactly happened when Xiao came to visit your dorm, hm?”
You look as if you’re about to make up another lie but you think against it. “‘Visit’ isn’t exactly the word I would use for it, Sir,” you say instead.
“Don’t evade my question, darling. Answer my question first. Honestly. Maybe if you do give me an honest answer, I'll give you a reward."
He traces his thumb over your lips, making you shiver on your seat. It's clear that you want to look away, but Zhongli's fingers on your chin remain. That, and his gaze seems to be challenging you to do so and you'll be faced with the consequences.
When you still refuse to answer, Zhongli sighs. "Are you going to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut?” he asks, voice going a little deeper.
You let out a small gasp. The way his voice dropped is somehow scaring you right now. But at the same time, you feel a little throb in between your legs.
Zhongli watches as your lips part. He groans as he pulls your bottom lip with his thumb. “Or would you rather have me use this thing for something else?” He slides his hand to the back of your head, brushing your hair away from your face along with his other hand. He holds your gaze. Archons, it took everything in him not to fuck your face right then and there. “But first, why don’t you show me what you and Xiao exactly did during your study session.”
Xiao didn’t even realize how much time had passed when the student council meeting ended. He’s the last to leave the classroom to make sure that all of them are gone by the time he goes and heads towards the History professor’s office. When he arrives in front of Zhongli’s door, he pauses and takes one last look at the last message that the professor has sent him.
“Meet me at my office.”
This isn’t the usual come-to-my-office-so-we-can-fuck kind of message–well, maybe it kind of is. He can only imagine the way Zhongli sounded behind that message. There’s definitely the threat of punishment under there. After all, he failed to do what he’s been told to do. And that is to make sure you’ll do well in the upcoming exam. On the surface, Zhongli may just be a passionate professor, wanting to help his students as much as possible. He is, but in this circumstance, he has darker intentions than that.
“Come in.” Zhongli’s deep voice calls from the other side of the door.
He doesn’t know what to expect as soon as he opens the door. But it certainly wasn’t you on top of the professor, grinding yourself on his lap. Xiao didn’t have the time to process it, prioritizing on closing the door behind him and locking it up.
“Why’d you stop?” Xiao turns around then realizes that Zhongli is talking to you. “Don’t be shy. It’s just Xiao.” He chuckles as Zhongli lifts his gaze over to the young man. “On the contrary, he’s done things that are much worth embarrassing for. Isn’t that right, Xiao?” Xiao doesn’t answer. He only averts his gaze from him. Zhongli narrows his eyes and lifts his hand before beckoning him to come. “Here, why don’t you let Xiao guide you, huh?”
You and Xiao snap your head up to look at Zhongli. The professor chuckles as he caresses your cheeks. “Don’t worry, darling. This time. We’ll make sure he teaches you properly. Come here, Xiao.”
The look that Zhongli gives him leaves no room for argument. Xiao approaches the pair, dropping his backpack on the ground. Zhongli reaches for Xiao’s hip as soon as he’s within reach.
You visibly shiver against Zhongli’s chest as soon as you feel Xiao’s body heat right behind you. His hands go on both of your hips and without another word, he guides your movements. You let out a shuddering breath as soon as you start rubbing your sex on Zhongli’s thigh again. Xiao’s movements were unsure at first, but the more he hears more of those moans for the first time, he starts pressing up against you as well and grinds along with you.
Zhongli groans at the sight of the two of you. You ball your fists on his chest, pulling on his perfectly ironed suit. Xiao, on the other hand, has his hands gripping your sides and synchronizing your movements together on his thigh. Your high pitched moans mix beautifully that Zhongli might just cum from hearing your voices alone. However, as much as he wanted to see the two of you get lost in pleasure together, only one of you deserves to be pleasured today.
“That’s enough,” Zhongli orders. Xiao reacts immediately, halting your movements as well. You whimper, trying to move your lower half once again. Xiao rubs his hands on your hips, pressing soft kisses on your neck, telling you to be patient under his breath. Zhongli can’t help but chuckle mentally. He trained Xiao well. “That’s right, darling. Wouldn’t you prefer something more than just my thighs?”
He cups your face on his palm and rubs his thumb on your lower lip. As soon as you part your lips, he slides it in. You gasp but quickly close your lips around his finger and start sucking. You look up at him with your doe eyes. Zhongli doubts you even realize what kind of face you’re making right now. He pulls out his thumb and brings your face closer to his. However, you press your palm on his chest, gently pushing him away.
As Zhongli studies your face, he smirks. He recognizes that look. It’s the same look Xiao had the first time he made him scream for him. Unfortunately, he had to put his hand over his mouth to shut him up since there were still a few faculties present at the time. The poor boy couldn’t breathe to the point that his eyes rolled to the back of his head. And yet, he had still begged for more.
“M-Mr. Zhongli, I don’t think we s-should be doing this here,” you whimper.
Zhongli chuckles. “You know I don’t like inconveniencing my students, darling. But why do you think I asked you to meet me up here so late, hm?”
“You mean you were planning this from the st–” You trail off, furrowing your eyebrows. “That’s n-not even what I meant. What I mean is we shouldn’t even be doing this in the first pla–ah!”
Xiao knows it’s wrong. He even blames himself for dragging you into this. However, he watches you arch your back as Zhongli grinds his knee in between your legs. His cock starts straining against his pants. As you cry out in pleasure, his guilt washes away and is replaced with something darker. He wants to see more. He wants to see you deny them only to give in when you've finally had that taste of pleasure. He wants to see you break.
“Hmm, that sweet little moan says otherwise, dear. That and the fact that I can feel your arousal right here," Zhongli hums. "Xiao, hold their wrists."
"No!" you yelp, as you feel Xiao's grip around your wrists and pull them behind your back.
The next thing you know, Zhongli is pushing you off of his lap and forcing you on your knees. Your heart hammers against your ears that you know even hear Zhongli's belt unbuckle. You struggle against Xiao's grip, but his grip is surprisingly strong. You're about to scream but Xiao's hand slaps on your mouth immediately.
"I'm sorry," Xiao whispers against your ear.
You scream, glaring at him with tears in your eyes.
"Xiao, open your mouth for me, little one."
You can't help but be horrified to watch as Xiao looks up at Zhongli and does as he was told. You look up at Zhongli, wide-eyed, as he takes out his cock. The sight of it makes your heart skip a beat. It's so big. There's no way that would fit inside his mouth. There's no way he would put that in his mouth!!
And yet, Xiao sticks his tongue out and leans in, pushing your body along with him. You push back, crying behind his hand. Xiao whines, gripping your wrists behind your back tighter which makes you wince in pain.
"That's it. That's a good fucking boy," Zhongli groans as he grabs the back of Xiao's head and just pushed all of his cock in one thrust.
You watch as Zhongli's cock stretches Xiao’s lips. The outline of his cock is visible on Xiao's throat. Just the sight of it makes your jaw and throat hurt. And yet it's as if swallowing the older man's cock was even pleasurable for him. He moans around Zhongli's cock, looking up at him with pleading eyes.
Zhongli’s hips immediately start moving. Despite the gagging sounds he’s making, Xiao doesn’t resist. You swallow as you watch Zhongli’s cock pump his throat. Xiao’s eyes are already tearing up, but it seems to only fuel the man’s thrusts.
“So shameless,” Zhongli grunts. You look up at him and find his eyes on you. You shiver at the look on his face as he continues to bruise Xiao’s throat. Your jaw slackens behind Xiao’s hand, letting out a muffled needy moan that surprises you but only makes Zhongli’s smirk widen.
Xiao gasps as Zhongli completely pulls his cock out of his mouth followed by a whine.
“Let them go, Xiao,” Zhongli orders.
Xiao does as he was told. His hands leave your mouth as well as your wrists.
“Open your mouth for me,” he says, parting your lips with his thumb. You oblige him without another word, keeping your gaze up at him. You open your mouth eagerly, sticking your tongue out.
He rests the tip of his cock on your tongue. You let out an involuntary moan at the taste. Your fingers twitch on your lap, aching to wrap itself around Zhongli’s girth. His hands find the back of your head, but he doesn’t move. A confused look crosses your face. You kind of expected him to fuck your face the same way he did with Xiao, but he doesn’t.
“Take what you can, darling,” Zhongli says. You nod in understanding.
Xiao watches as you carefully wrap your lips around the head of Zhongli’s cock. His own cock is painfully hard in his pants, wanting to be able to feel your lips around him as well. He moans against your ear, resting his chin on your shoulder as he eyes your lips and Zhongli’s cock hungrily.
You continue to push his cock into your mouth until it finally hits the back of your throat. Zhongli groans while you whimper. You aren’t even halfway through his cock. How did Xiao fit all of this in his mouth? You attempt to push his cock further into your mouth, but you immediately regret that decision.
Zhongli grunts as you gag around him.
“Well, someone’s eager,” he chuckles. “Come on, Xiao. Why don’t you help them a little, hm?”
Xiao looks up at him through his lashes. “Yes, Professor,” he replies. He leans forward with his tongue out. He runs it on the rest of his shaft. Zhongli lets out a pleasured moan above the two of you.
Wanting to be able to pleasure him too, you start moving your head as well. Though your movements are a little unsure and a little clumsy, Xiao’s spit mixed with yours helped you bob your head on the large cock smoothly. This time, you’re careful not to choke on his cock again and use your tongue instead to massage the tip of his cock.
Zhongli curses as he watches you and Xiao feast on his cock. You continue to bob your head and tease the head of his cock with your tongue. Xiao sucks on his shaft before repositioning himself beside you to be able to massage and suck on his balls. His other hand goes to grip on Xiao’s head. Your moans were music to his ears. You pull away from his cock and decide to mimic Xiao’s earlier actions, licking the rest of his shaft where your mouth couldn’t reach. On the other hand, Xiao takes your place on the head of his cock, swallowing it easily. And though Xiao can easily swallow his whole cock, he simply sucks on the head. The two of you keep on switching your positions. While Xiao’s tongue and mouth are skilled, yours are clumsy yet eager. That doesn’t take away the fact that he feels good because of the both of you.
Finally, he pulls your head away until his cock slips from your swollen lips. Any protests that are about to spill from your mouth are immediately cut off as he leans down to press his lips against yours. Your eyes widen in surprise, but you immediately relax as soon as his tongue slips into your mouth. It’s clear that you’ve never kissed anyone before considering how you clumsily knock your teeth against his since you were so hungry to kiss him back.
Zhongli sucks on your lower lip and pulls away. “You’re such an adorable little thing, are you? I told you to only take what you can but you’re such an eager slut. Don’t worry. I will train that tight throat of yours when the time comes. But for now, I’m sure Xiao is eager to repay what you did for him during the weekend.”
Zhongli pulls you up and you yelp as he carries you by your thighs. You wrap your legs around his waist as he approaches his table. He slides all his things aside and perches you on top of it.
Zhongli turns and reaches a hand towards Xiao. “Come here, darling,” he softly calls.
Xiao takes the professor’s hand and stands from his kneeling position. Zhongli gives you one last kiss before pulling away from you. You watch as Xiao approaches the two of you on the table. As soon as your eyes meet, your face heats up and you look away in embarrassment.
Zhongli gently takes Xiao’s face by the chin and leans down. He whispers something in his ear. Xiao sucks in a sharp breath and nods. Zhongli pulls away with a smirk. You watch them with furrowed eyebrows. Xiao then turns to you and slots himself in between your legs. You swallow, heart beating a little faster in your chest.
Xiao places his hand on your neck. His thumb finds your fluttering pulse. “Are you scared?” he asks.
You open your mouth to speak, but you can’t. You press your lips together and nod slowly.
“I felt that way too,” he whispers as he leans in and pecks small kisses on your jaw. You gasp, your legs unconsciously tightening around his waist. “It’ll be fine. Relax for us and you’ll feel pleasure in no time.”
You nod with a small whimper in your throat.
Xiao continues to trace kisses down your neck. His hand travels down to the hem of your top. You gasp and pull away, your hands coming to grip on his wrists weakly. Though you don’t know whether it’s from fear, excitement, or both. However, Xiao gives you a reassuring look that has you slipping your fingers from his hands and letting him pull your clothes over your head.
You squirm under Xiao’s heated gaze. With shaky hands, he starts caressing your skin, giving most of his attention on your chest area. He leans in to continue his trails of kisses on your neck. You hiss as Xiao sucks a bruise on your skin. You hissed in pain, gripping on his shoulders. Xiao pauses and looks at you, an unspoken question in his eyes. You look at him hesitantly, but you nod anyway. And Xiao continues.
As Xiao kisses down your chest and stomach, he begins tugging on your bottoms. You let him remove them. He then tugs on the last piece of clothing that you have. You turn away as the nervousness starts to creep in once again. You bite on your lower lip as your underwear slips down your legs.
A warm hand comes to cup your cheek. You can’t help but open your eyes and meet Zhongli’s golden gaze. “Professor,” you gasp.
“Relax for us, darling, or else, Xiao will have a hard time preparing you.” He pulls you in for another kiss. Your eyes slip shut once again as his tongue explores your mouth.
You didn’t even realize that he’s trying to distract you until you feel Xiao’s lips on your inner thigh. You squeak in Zhongli’s mouth before pulling away and looking down at him. Xiao’s kneeling on the ground, your thighs on his shoulders. You shiver at the sight and the thought of what’s about to come.
Zhongli takes your hand and your attention is on the older man again. “While Xiao prepares you down there, would you like to make me feel good, sweetheart?” You answer with a nod, but then Zhongli frowns. “I expect you to answer me with your words, darling. It’s rather disrespectful to answer me with a simple nod.”
Despite your shaky voice, the tone in his voice immediately has you answering him, “Yes, P-Professor.”
Zhongli smiles at that and praises you, the same way he has been praising Xiao earlier. Somehow, those simple words make your chest swell with pride. But you couldn’t bask in the feeling of getting praised for long.
You almost forgot about Xiao being in between your legs until his tongue drags along your sex. Your back arches and you cross your legs around Xiao’s shoulders. He continues to bury his face in between your legs, his tongue probing and licking on your hole.
“X-Xiao!” you moan.
“Look at me, darling,” Zhongli whispers. You turn to him again, jaw slack and eyes glazed over. And then you let out another gasp as Zhongli guides your hand around his cock. Zhongli’s low groan mixes with your needy moans. “Go ahead. Make me feel good.”
You’re about to nod again but you stop yourself. “Y-Yes, Professor,” you moan.
You start stroking his shaft, using his precum as a lubricant. You realize that Zhongli’s hand is on your back to support you. You didn’t even realize you’re gripping Xiao’s hair this whole time.
You mutter a quick apology as you let go of his hair.
But Xiao grabs your wrist and places your hand back on his head. His eyes look up at you the same way he looked at Zhongli earlier when he was silently begging for the man to fuck his throat.
“Go ahead and pull his hair as much as you want, dear.”
You’re about to tell him that you wouldn’t want to hurt Xiao, but Xiao suddenly pushes his tongue against your hole. At the same time, Zhongli sucks on the skin on your neck. Your fists take a handful of Xiao’s hair and pull. Your other hand stroking Zhongli’s cock falters as you feel Xiao’s tongue pushing through your hole.
Xiao groans as he pushes his tongue deeper into you.
Zhongli hums. “Are they too tight, darling?” he asks. Xiao replies with a moan which makes the older man chuckle.
Your mind is already clouded with pleasure with the two men using their tongues on you. Moans freely spill from your lips as Xiao’s tongue thrusts into you. On the other hand, Zhongli knows exactly where the sensitive spots on your skin are and leaves dark bruises everywhere. You don’t know whether you could take any more.
And yet, when Xiao pulls his tongue out, a needy whine escapes your lips.
“Patience, darling,” you hear Zhongli whisper.
Xiao’s tongue is immediately replaced by his finger. You tug on Xiao’s hair in surprise. He groans as he places soft kisses on your inner thigh. It doesn’t take long for his second finger to join the first one. You whine in pain. Zhongli murmurs reassuring words in your ear, helping you relax against him. As Xiao scissors his fingers, spreading your hole, you decide to try to focus your attention on pleasuring Zhongli.
Suddenly, Xiao’s fingers curl inside you, perfectly probing that sweet spot inside of you.
“X-Xiao!” you gasp. Your legs start to tremble around his shoulders.
“So pretty,” Xiao moans. His fingers continue to abuse that one spot inside of you while spreading them, making sure to stretch you out.
Zhongli smiles as his hand tweaks on your hardened nipple. “They do look pretty, don’t they? I bet they’d look prettier once I start fucking that little hole of theirs.” His fingers then slide down your stomach and reach in between your legs.
You cry out as soon as Zhongli starts to stimulate your sex. “Too much!” you gasp. “It’s too much…ah!” It doesn’t even take long for you to feel your orgasm starting to build.
“I…I think they’re coming,” Xiao says as he feels your walls clamp around his fingers.
“Oh, they definitely are. Come on, darling. Do you want me to fuck you with that cock you’re stroking in your hand right now?” he coos.
You vigorously nod your head. “Y-Yes, Professor!” you exclaim. “Please…ah..please….I want to feel you inside!”
He growls a praise in your ear, making you shiver in delight and pushing you closer to your orgasm. “Then come for us. I want to see that precious little body twitch in pleasure. Come for us and I’ll shove this cock inside of you and fuck you on this very desk.”
Your moans get louder and louder, chanting both Xiao’s name and Zhongli’s title. And then you finally reach your peak. Xiao leans in and quickly laps up the liquid that squirts out of your sex with his tongue. Zhongli merely watches but it feels as if he can almost come by just seeing your face in pure ecstasy.
The two men hold you as your body trembles in pleasure. Zhongli keeps his hand on your back while running his hand up and down your stomach. Xiao kisses your inner thighs while rubbing them at the same time.
“More… Please, Professor, I want you,” you plead.
“Of course, darling. But first, why don’t you give Xiao a little thank you for making you come, hm?” Zhongli coos.
Xiao takes that as a sign to stand. You shyly place your hand on his collar and press your lips against his, moaning as you taste yourself on his mouth. As your kiss deepens, Xiao’s hips start rubbing against you. Before you could wrap your legs around him, Xiao leaves your lips with a yelp. You open your eyes and see Zhongli grabbing a handful of Xiao’s hair.
“You really are insatiable, aren’t you, Xiao?” Zhongli drawls. There is a dangerous glint in his eyes despite the gentle tone of his voice. You and Xiao know this, both of your heart beats picking up.
“I’m…I’m sorry, Professor.” Xiao’s voice trembles, but you can still feel his hard cock through his strained pants.
“Such a pathetic display of self control. I guess that’s my fault for spoiling you all of the time. Kneel down on the floor.” As Xiao steps away from you to kneel in front of the left sofa.
You watch as Zhongli slots himself in between your legs. “Professor,” you moan as you feel his cock on your belly, the tip of his cock reaching past your belly button.
“Wrap your arms around me, darling,” he says.
You snake your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. Without any effort, he lifts you up from the table and lets you sit on the couch opposite Xiao. You look up at him curiously. “Such pretty eyes looking right at me,” Zhongli sighs. “Won’t you beg for me again? I want to hear you beg for me to fuck you while you look at me like that.”
“Please fuck me, Professor,” you plead. You reach for his cock, squeezing and stroking it in your hand. “Please fuck me with your cock. Please…please…please...”
Zhongli growls as he grabs both of your legs from his waist and quite literally, to your surprise, folded you in half on the couch. He rests your legs on his shoulders. “Go on, darling. Guide my cock inside you.”
You gasp as you feel the head of his cock against your hole. Your jaw hangs open as you push the head in. A pained sound escapes your mouth as Zhongli's cock stretches your walls out. Your hand slips from his cock, placing your palm on his stomach in an attempt to stop him from moving. Though Xiao has stretched you out already, his cock still painfully splits you apart. "Professor, it hurts," you sob.
"Just keep going, darling. It'll feel good soon," Zhongli replies, his voice strained.
You shake your head, buds of tears forming in your eyes. "No, I can't. It hurts."
He mutters your name and you look directly into his eyes. "You do trust me, don't you?" he asks.
Your chest heaves as your mind spirals. Your mind goes to the conversation that you and the professor had before this.
“If you really want to pass this exam, I may have a proposal for you.”
He blackmailed you. He coerced you into this thing so that you can pass his class with flying colors. But would it really be called that if you yourself were also willing? After all, you could’ve rejected him. You could’ve walked out of his office and reported him to the dean. However, you didn’t. After all, who wouldn’t refuse a chance to be ravaged by the History professor who seemed to be untouchable despite the amount of people who try to approach and seduce him?
“Y-Yes,” you say, despite the alarm bells ringing in your head. “I…I want you.”
The grin that creeps up on his face sends a shiver down your spine, but you didn’t have the time to process that when you feel Zhongli continue moving. A sound that’s a mix of a whimper and a moan spills from your lips. You grip on Zhongli’s suit and pull him closer to you, crashing your lips against him desperately.
Xiao watches with his fists balled on his lap. He can’t see your face with his broad back dwarfing your form. But the sound of your moans are enough to tell him that you’re drunk in lust. His eyes are fixated on Zhongli’s cock, smoothly pushing into your tight hole. He bites on his lower lip and lets his nails dig on his palms.
Zhongli is punishing him by making him watch. Xiao is usually composed, but when it comes to Zhongli, something inside him just lights up. He doesn’t know how, but he’s not exactly complaining. He doesn’t need to will himself to let loose. Just having Zhongli near him already has his insides trembling.
Now, watching you be taken by Zhongli has his control falling apart. If the professor didn’t threaten him with a much more painful punishment, he would’ve gotten himself naked from the very start. But Zhongli promised him that he will get something in return if he’s just patient for a little while.
“Fuck.” Zhongli’s growl has Xiao biting his lower lip, holding a whimper in his throat.
“Professor,” you whine.
Zhongli’s cock is now balls deep in you. Xiao gulps, his own hole twitching around nothing. Zhongli’s cock pulls out, your own fluid coating his length. He then snaps his hips forward, burying himself back inside you. You cry out. Zhongli continues doing this a couple times, slowly pulling out and then suddenly pushing back in.
Zhongli’s pace increases. Your cries slowly turn into pleasured moans as your hole starts to take the shape of his cock. “Keep your eyes on me, darling,” he growls when he sees your eyes slip shut.
There’s something feral in Zhongli’s eyes as you look up at him. His broad figure bathes your figure in shadows. As you look into his eyes, it looks as if they were glowing. Your breath hitches in your throat.
“Archons, you look so pretty right now. But as much as I would love to hear more of those moans, you need to quiet down, darling. The university isn’t completely empty yet, after all.” He pulls out something from his pocket. When he raises his hand, you realize that it’s your underwear. You don’t even know if it’s possible but you can feel your cheeks heat up even more. “Perhaps, these would help.” He puts your underwear into your open mouth, muffling out your moans. “That’s it.”
You moan through your underwear as Zhongli scrutinizes you under his heated gaze. He then places both of his hands on your hips and angles it in a certain way. You’re confused as to why until he thrusts into you again, reaching deeper into you than before. Your back arches, baring your neck on him. Zhongli takes this chance to lick your skin and suck on the hickeys he left before.
Zhongli pounds into you, chuckling as he hears your desperate words through your underwear. Your words are slurred, but he’s sure that some of the words were, “So deep….inside me!” Tears of pleasure roll down your cheeks as you look up at him. Zhongli watches you struggle to keep your eyes on him as they roll to the back of your head. The sight of it just urges him to thrust harder into you, making sure to hit that one particular spot that has your walls twitching around his shaft.
“Are you coming again, darling?” Zhongli asks when your moans start to become high pitched and your walls start to squeeze his cock.
You nod your head vigorously and let out a muffled, “Mm-hm!”
Zhongli huffs and suddenly slaps the side of your thigh, making you cry out in pain. At the same time, tightening around him once more. “I believe your words are supposed to be ‘Yes, Professor’,” he growls, increasing his pace.
You immediately correct your words, though indecipherable. Zhongli seems to understand though since he praises you. “Now, come for me,” he orders. “I want to see how pretty you look as you come around your professor’s cock.”
Just like that, your body tenses and you come. Zhongli continues to fuck your hole as your walls spasm around his length. Your whole body shudders and you cry, begging Zhongli to stop because of how sensitive you felt. You grab onto his wrists, nails digging into his skin as you try to stop him. It did nothing but urge Zhongli to abuse your hole even more.
The pleasure is too much. Tears that are blurring your vision stream freely down your face. Your heart is beating against your ears, both from how overstimulated you are and how scared you’re feeling. Your ankles are beginning to cramp with how tense your body is. And yet, Zhongli continues to slam his cock inside you. All you can do is take it, making your brain be reduced into nothing but a puddle.
You didn’t even realize you’re being moved around. Zhongli slows to a stop and takes his cock out of your hole. A whine escapes your throat and you hear a faint chuckle through the pounding of your heart in your ears. You barely hear the mention of Xiao’s name before you’re lifted up and placed on someone’s lap. You rest your head on his chest and feel the rapid beating of his heart. A pair of hands, smaller than the other one before, takes your wrists and wraps them around a soft material.
You don’t know how long it took, but your senses soon come back to you. You blink your eyes a few times before finally noticing Xiao right in front of you and his clothes are already gone from his body. You attempt to call his name but realize that your underwear is still in your mouth.
“You with us, darling?” Zhongli’s chest rumbles as he speaks. You look up at him, face puffy and swollen from crying. Your back feels warm and you realize that Zhongli has already taken off his top. “I guess you are.” He presses a soft kiss on the top of your neck which has you relaxing in his arms. “You think you can still take us, darling?”
Those words make you tense again. You look up at him, confusion contorting your features. The unvoiced question gets no answer as your moan, once again, interrupts the quiet of the office.
Zhongli pushes his cock into your empty hole once again. With the remnants of your sensitivity from earlier, your body shudders in pleasure. Zhongli moans as your walls twitch around his cock. He grips the back of your knees, pushing them back against your chest.
Xiao takes a step closer to you, stroking his own cock in his hand. His eyes are on your stuffed hole. With that, realization dawns on you.
You start panicking, shaking your head and trying to squirm free. However, Zhongli's grip is strong and tight on you. Xiao hesitates for only a moment before he lines up his own cock to your hole. You cry out desperately, reaching out to push him away only to find that your wrists are bound together.
“Relax, darling,” Zhongli whispers.
“I’m sorry,” Xiao whispers, pressing a hand on your stomach to keep you down. “It’ll only hurt for a bit.”
Your whole body seized up as Xiao’s cock joined Zhongli’s inside you. Xiao may not be as thick as Zhongli is, but having them both inside you has pain burning up your entrance. As Xiao pushes himself inside you, he reaches in between your legs and strokes you, distracting you from the pain. Somehow, it is effective, the pleasure melding in with the pain.
You didn’t even realize you were silently screaming the whole time until Xiao removed the cloth from your mouth.
When he calls your name, your eyes focus on him. Worry paints over his sharp features. “Breathe,” he whispers softly as he cups your cheek. You unconsciously lean against his palm, the gesture making you relax.
At the same time, Zhongli whispers praises in your ear, soothing his hands on your thighs. His touch is now softer than when he was trying to hold you down earlier. Your chest heaves as you try to do deep breaths.
“Too full,” you whimper, brain too muddled to even form a proper sentence.
“We know, darling. Doesn’t it feel good?” Zhongli asks.
Your mind whirls. The still rational part of your brain tells you that this whole situation is fucked up. But then again, you’ve already crossed the line that shouldn’t even have crossed in the first place. For some unknown reason, that very thought makes your walls clench around the two cocks inside you, making you moan out in pleasure.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Zhongli says, grinding his cock deeper into you.
You and Xiao moan at the same time from the slight movement. He starts moving along with Zhongli, pulling his cock out. Your head falls back on Zhongli’s shoulder as you will your body to relax, letting Zhongli and Xiao use your body. Their movements are slow at first. Xiao pushes his cock back in when Zhongli pulls himself out.
“Faster….please…fuck me more,” you mumble mindlessly.
Xiao’s jaw slackens after hearing you beg like that. He grabs your waist and looks over at Zhongli. “Professor, please,” he begs.
Zhongli groans. “Fuck. Both of you are such obedient little sluts, huh?” Being called a slut shouldn’t have made you feel aroused more than you already are. And yet, the heat inside you just grows even more.
Zhongli takes the lead, increasing his pace, and Xiao follows. Their cocks are alternating inside of you, never feeling empty even for just a second. Their precum and your fluid creates squelching sounds as the two men slam into you. The sounds of their cocks sliding against each other mixes with the moans that fall freely from your mouth.
You watch Xiao in front of you, knowing that you’re mirroring the pleasured expression that he wears on his face. From his strong thrusts, you can tell that he’s been holding himself back all this time. He grits his teeth and growls, matching Zhongli’s increasing pace. It’s amazing how Zhongli can even move despite your weight on top of him.
“Xiao,” you manage to call in between your moans. “Xiao, come here….ahn…please!”
Xiao leans closer to you and you immediately loop your arms around his neck. “You…ah…feel so fucking good,” he moans.
You can’t say anything else other than moan out his name. Xiao kisses you deeply, closing the small space in between the two of you.
The sight of the two of you fuels Zhongli’s thrusts. Xiao moans into your mouth. You feel his body shivering in pleasure. Despite that, he still moves his hips along in time with Zhongli’s.
It doesn’t take long for your orgasm to start building up once again. You pull away from Xiao’s lips. “Wait…! Wait…I-I’m cumming again…I c-can’t!”
“Of course you can, darling,” Zhongli groans, feeling how your walls squeeze their cocks.
“Just one more,” Xiao begs. “Please…I want to feel you around me.”
“Look at him. Xiao’s been good for us, hasn’t he? Will you deprive him of the feeling of your walls desperately milking the cum out of his cock?” Zhongli says.
You shake your head, not trusting your hoarse voice to speak at the moment. A praise falls from Zhongli’s lips.
“There you go. Come for us,” Zhongli urges. “Come for us and we’ll fill you up with our cum. You would like that, would you?”
As soon as Zhongli said that, your moans became more and more desperate. The two men took that as a sign that you’re close. They continue with their pace, rubbing and pounding your insides. They both urge you to come. While Zhongli sounds as if he’s demanding your orgasm, Xiao is begging for it.
Your orgasm comes to you stronger than the last two. Xiao and Zhongli groan as the begin chasing their own orgasms. Your whole body feels so sensitive that their movements have you almost screaming. Xiao quickly captures your lips into a kiss, swallowing your cries.
Their movements begin to stutter. You quickly realize that they’re close. You incoherently beg them. But from your desperate voice alone, the two men know exactly what you’re begging for. After a few more deep thrusts, they both bury their cocks deep into you and paint your insides.
The two men keep their cocks buried inside you as they spill their cum into you. You feel as if you’re burning up inside. But rather than discomfort, you only feel pleasure.
The three of you stay that way with nothing but your pants and moans to fill up the silence in the office.
Zhongli is the first to come down from his high. He whispers sweet nothings to you and Xiao as your bodies shudder from your orgasms.
Soon, you and Xiao follow. Your eyes meet each other. As if he hadn’t just fucked you while another cock is inside you, he looks away, suddenly embarrassed. If his face wasn't red already, he would’ve probably glowed.
“Now, now,” Zhongli speaks, chuckling. “As much as being inside them feels good, you’re gonna get cramps standing like that.”
Xiao nods and slowly pulls out of you. He bites on his lower lip, cock still a little sensitive. Zhongli pulls out of you as well. The two of them groan as their cum spills out from your hole down to your thighs. Zhongli adjusts your position in his arm, carrying you in bridal style. He stands while Xiao sits. Zhongli then places you down, placing your head on the younger man’s lap.
Zhongli chuckles as he watches you struggle to keep your eyes open. “Rest up, sweetheart,” he murmurs, kissing the top of your head. “You too, darling.” He turns to give Xiao a soft kiss on the lips. He then turns around and picks up all the dirty clothes from the floor. “I’ll go ahead and get some new clothes ready.” Zhongli leaves the two of you on the couch to take a rest.
Xiao slightly jumps as he feels your hand reach his. When he looks down at you, he meets your eyes. He smiles at the way your eyes droop, proof of how tired you are. Before Xiao can say anything, you bring his palm to your lips. For some reason, that simple gesture has Xiao’s heart almost leaping out of his chest. His racing pulse has you smiling behind his hand.
Without another word, you intertwine your fingers with his and let your hands rest on top of your chest.
“That tired me more than studying for that old man’s exam,” you murmur as you let your eyelids shut.
Xiao lets out a snort. Zhongli turns to him, a confused look on his face. Xiao just shrugs it off and looks down at you again. He pushes stray locks of hair away from your face with his other hand. He sighs and lets his eyes close as well.
Zhongli watches the two of you as he takes a seat behind his table. He has already dressed himself up. As he watches the two of you, a storm brews behind his golden gaze. As much as he wants to drown in this current moment, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out about this, especially now that you’re involved. He has to make sure to think of every possible scenario that might happen if someone finds out and thinks of a solution for each of them. After all, now that he has both you and Xiao, he will do everything in his power to never let you slip from his grasp.
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wraitingtoyou · 2 days
Reasons you dated the Genshin men
Includes: Diluc, Dainsleif, Ayato, Xiao, Zhongli, Kaveh, Kazuha, Heizou, Alhaitham, Venti, Cyno, Tighnari, Baizhu, Dottore, Pantalone, Venti, Thoma, Itto, Albedo, Scaramouche.
They were funny af you'd be crying because you have an assignment due tmrw and they pull up with the worst jokes to make you feel better and it's so bad it makes you laugh somehow
Childe, ITTO, kazuha, Cyno ofc, Kaveh.
•RIZZ 100
They were just smooth at everything that made you smirk y'know like "Boy you know what you doing right?" "You know damn well that I do" sheeeesh 10/10
AYATO, Kaeya, Pantalone, HEIZOU.
•Very nice and cute ppl
They were just really nice and sweet in general so you couldn't resist the urge to confess I mean if anyone else took the precious mans away you'd regret it
CYNO, Kazuha, Thoma
They were just so elegant and dashing and cool you knew you had to bag them before anybody else did.
DILUC, Zhongli, Albedo.
•Sexual tension
It started with stink eyes and eye rolls to bickering to ooo you wanna kiss me so bad it makes you look stupid yeah and what if I do? Boom dating now 💀
ALHAITHAM, Scaramouche, Xiao, Dottore.
•Always fun
It was always fun around them you never needed a social battery to enjoy your time with them in the first place, which gave you the feeling it would be comfortable to be with them for the rest of your lives too.
Heizou, Kaveh, Venti.
He was just always caring with you and you both bonded in every conversation whether you understood or not as if you were smitten for him.
Tighnari, Dainsleif, Baizhu.
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tuxstew · 2 days
prompt ✧ when they like to hold your hand
characters ✧ zhongli, xiao, albedo, scaramouche, childe
warnings ✧ gn!reader, none!
authors note ✧ i’ve done kissing and hugging, so here’s hand holding
Tumblr media
✧ likes to hold your hand while he tells you a story. he mostly does it so you remember to pay attention, as his stories always have a moral. but he also likes the warmth you bring, especially if it’s a sad story about his past. the fact he knows you’re with him helps him through the sad memories.
“let me tell you a story, love.”
✧ holds your hand while sleeping. as an adeptus, he doesn’t need sleep but he knows you do. so when night comes and you fall asleep, he stays and watches you for a while— just to make sure you’re safe! when he’s sure you’re in a deep enough trance, he gently takes your hand in his and hold it with a fond look on his face.
“sleep well, i’ll be here.”
✧ holds your hand while walking through the snowy mountains of Dragonspine. he doesn’t want you to get lost, or worse, fall. he also wouldn’t want your hands to get too cold, so he’ll take hold of one and shove the two of yours intertwined hands into his coat pocket.
“you wouldn’t want to get too cold, right?”
✧ holds your hand while walking through crowds. it isn’t often the two of you go out, since he’s always busy with work, but when you do scaramouche protectively grabs onto your hand. he doesn’t want you getting lost in the bustle of people, that would be a nuisance to him since he’d have to go find you. he’ll practically drag you through the people though, so don’t trip!
“hurry up, you’re gonna get lost.”
Tumblr media
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manikasu-nyx · 3 days
christmas duets w/ 5wirl!
since it’s the last day of november it’s officially christmas so expect christmas/winter writings (I would like to do a 25 one shots of christmas think but we’ll see)
I’m editing this at 2 am I just spent two hours writing heizou and venti and they didn’t save and I’m gonna cry
characters/content: aether, kazuha, xiao, heizou, venti, visi0n reader, mean girls reference in xiao’s, characters are probably ooc, author is writing this at 1am with, please bear with her, heizou and venti are rushed cause they didn’t save and author is having a breakdown
aether: walking in a winter wonderland (matt wertz)
Tumblr media
(small a/n: the singer in this cover sounds so much like zach/aether to me??? maybe I just have hearing issues but I swear he does)
“Y/N, your hat!” Aether exclaimed, tossing you your santa hat, pulling his own on and adjusting his mic in the backstage mirror, looking at the small countdown clock that was slowly ticking.
“Thanks, Ae!” You called back, rushing next to him, inspecting yourselves and your matching Santa outfits. Diluc and Childe had decided to do another joint group event for Christmas, but this time it was duets. The two singers were picked from a hat, and you and Aether were the two lucky winners!
You two had decided on a classic song, something simple everyone could sing to, and a song to mainly calm Aether’s nerves. He had claimed it was because since there would be less people on stage, there’d be more eyes on him, but you knew him better than that. Xiao and Lumine did too, seeing as however you mentioned it they changed topic almost immediately. You didn’t press it though, you decided to wait until after the show.
“Okay, you two! Showtime in five!” Childe called, raising his hand for emphasis. Your bandmates, who were also backstage, were ushered away by Diluc, all of them cheering encouragement towards you two. You soon after turned towards Aether, raising your hands up, giving him a smile. “Sing our hearts out, right?”
He looked back at you, before nodding, clasping your hands with a smile. “Right.” You both took a deep breath and let go of each other before you rushed out on stage, waving to the cheering crowd before you. As the music started, you two began your routine, the steps and vocals flowing out of you like a river, the mind-numbing rehearsal helping greatly.
While you two spun and slid across the stage, every time he had the chance, Aether stole a glance at you. Afterwards, when you finished and were talking to the fans, he looked up at the sky. Even though it was cold out, the sky was clear. No sign of snow for a while. He looked back at you, who was having a small bit of banter with Xinyan, giving a smile. Maybe he couldn’t walk in a winter wonderland you now, but he’d be sure to ask at the first sign of snowfall.
Tumblr media
kazuha: santa tell me (ariana grande)
“Kazuha, Y/N. Twenty minutes,” Diluc called, walking back to take care of some more preparations as you two nodded, you shaking your hands and letting out a breath.
“Fuuuu… Okay, you got this, Y/N, you got it…” You sighed out, shaking your hands. Kazuha gave an amused smile, grabbing your hands and holding them gently, causing you to look at him.
“What, you’re nervous? Where was this anxiety at your other shows?” He asked, tilting his head a bit. Ignoring his teasing tone, you looked off to the side, subconsciously squeezing his hands a bit.
“Yeah, yeah, I know, but we don’t normally sing stuff like this. What if I mess up? What if I trip over my outfit? This is very long,” you said, reaching back to lift a piece of fabric that was almost to the floor.
Kazuha shook his head, squeezing your hands once more. “You’ll be fine,” he began, looking at you with soft eyes. “Besides, I’m here. And I always will be, even next year.” You paused to look at him, before letting out a small giggle, raising an eyebrow at him. “Did you really just use a line from our song? Seriously?”
He gave a sheepish grin, leaning forward a bit. “Yes, but it made you laugh, right?” He began, before moving one of his hands up to your cheek, rubbing his thumb across it softly. “And I meant every part of it, Y/N.” You stared back at him, your cheeks heating up, while he leaned forward, his own face a light shade of red as he planted a kiss on your free cheek, placing your foreheads together. “I’m not going anywhere, Y/N. You seem too helpless for me to leave you alone right now, anyway.”
You looked back at him with wide eyes, your mouth fumbling over your words, deciding to focus on his last comment while you processed everything else. “Wh…? Hey, I’m not helpless…!” You said, puffing your cheeks out as he grinned, leaning back from you.
“I’d prove that wrong with another kiss, but we go on in like two minutes and I don’t need you shutting down on me.”
“Wh—?! I wouldn’t—! Kazuha!”
You calmed your blush and expression as best as you could as you followed him on stage, deciding it was for the best for you to just turn off your brain and let your practice take over.
He made good on his word though, and you were short-circuited with a few pecks in no time. Well, at least you got a boyfriend for Christmas, even if it did come with relentless teasing from the others, specifically Lumine and Heizou.
Tumblr media
xiao: jingle bell rock (bobby helms)
“Okay, you all. On in ten,” Diluc said, walking back to the dressing rooms where the rest of Visi0n was, assumingly to make sure they’d be ready to make their own appearance in time. Meanwhile, you were trying to not giggle at the boys in front of you, four of which were varying degrees of embarrassed, while one was doing a much better job of holding back his laughter, although he had a large smirk on his face.
“Not a word, Alatus,” Aether seethed, pinching his fingers for further effect, pulling his dress down. Normally, Xiao would’ve been annoyed at the use of his middle name, but the sight of his bandmates in the dresses from Mean Girls made it hard for him to be mad at anything right then.
“Archons, this is so embarrassing…” Kazuha sighed, pulling his own dress down, his hands stretching the fabric. Venti looked at himself in the mirror, twirling around a bit as he made finger guns.
“Speak for yourself, Kazuha, I’m rocking this look,” the singer said, making poses in the mirror. “I don’t actually mind losing that game of candy poker as much as I did then now,” he said, doing a catwalk you couldn’t help but giggle at, the others rolling their eyes at him.
“Normally, I’d… probably try and use my humor as well, but it’s way too cold to do that. As soon as this show is over I’m putting on the biggest puffer jacket I can find,” Heizou said, rubbing his arms.
“The choreography will warm you up. Lucky there’s no radio for you to kick into someone’s head either, isn’t there?” Xiao said, pulling a laugh from your throat, Aether squinting his eyes at you.
“Hey, don’t laugh, how would you like it if someone put you in a short dress in this weather?!” He exclaimed, your brain immediately seeing an opportunity to tease him.
“Are you saying you want to see me in that dress, Aether?”
“Oooohh, Aether, I’m telling Lumine~”
“Shut up, Hei—“
“Lumine? Why not go straight to Childe? He’s the manager, you know.”
As the time for you to go on stage eventually arrived, with you and Xiao singing as the other four followed through with their cosplay and performed the Mean Girls choreography, Xiao’s mind couldn’t help but go back to the comment about you in a dress. He was glad everyone was too busy to notice him or the flush in his cheeks.
Later on, you two were watching a recording of the show on the couch in his bedroom of the hotel you all were staying in, laughing at the other members, sipping hot chocolate to warm up from the cold. Soon enough, you placed your up down, adjusting under your blanket to face him, placing your legs up on the chair. “Alright, Xiao, what’s up?”
Xiao looked back at you, a bit of confusion in his face, not expecting you to pick up on him fast. Thankfully, for him, he had spent a good amount of time carefully crafting the question he wanted to ask you, the perfect wording in his mi—
“Do you want to go on a date with me?”
Well, that’s all out the window.
“Huh? Oh…!”
As he was mentally cursing himself in three different languages, you looked up at him, already being able to tell he was struggling to express himself. You let out a small sigh, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, causing his brain to freeze mid-thought. As he opened his mouth, you placed a finger to his lips.
“Yes, I’ll go on a date with you. Yes, I mean it. We can figure out the details later. For now, just try and get your brain unscrambled, okay?” You said, wrapping your arms around him, pulling the blanket around both of you. Xiao simply gave a nod, wrapping his arms around you, placing his chin on your figure, looking back at the laptop where you were already putting on a movie for yourselves to watch.
Tumblr media
heizou: last christmas (wham!)
You closed your eyes as Barbara powdered some blush onto your face, Xinyan and Yun Jin fixing up your hair, Lumine holding your hand on your free side. You were all talking a bit before you had to go on stage, trying to calm your nerves.
“So you get to go on with Heizou! That’s really great, I’m glad for you, Y/N. Especially since you like him, right?” Barbara asked, you giving a small hum of affirmation, opening your eyes to look at the mirror, rotating your head to look at your appearance.
“Yeah… Although I’m nervous. You know how he is, he definitely knows. I don’t know why he hasn’t said anything about it, though. I really think he just doesn’t like me back.” You said, almost immediately being met with various protests.
“Hey, ‘m sure Heizou likes ya back just as much, m’kay? Maybe he just doesn’t know how to say it, s’all,” Xinyan said, Yun Jin nodding and adding on to her statement. “Yeah, people who are observant over others normally aren’t too observant about themselves, right?” She said, you giving a small sigh.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right… I think I’m gonna ask him later, and if I don’t get a yes, I’ll just move on from him. I don’t want a repeat of… you know.” You said, all of the girls nodding and hugging you from all sides, squeezing you gently.
“Of course, you deserve at least that much. And no matter what happens, we’ll always be here for you, right?” Lumine said, a small chorus of agreement followed as you reached up, cherishing the bandmates who meant the world to you.
“Alright, now go out there and kill it!” Lumine said, the other three cheering with her as you stood, taking a deep breath and heading behind the curtain.
You walked next to Heizou, who seemed to be in thought about something, quickly snapping out of his thoughts with a smile towards you. “Y/N! Ready to go out there and sing?” He asked, raising a hand for you to squeeze. You looked back at him, before forcing a smile, nodding and gently, briefly squeezing his hand. He found it odd, but there was no time to address it, he’d just have to ask later after his own plans for later that night.
Later on, you and Heizou had met up at a park near your hotel, sitting on the swings next to each other. You had been idly chatting about things for a while, and you had been trying to bring up the courage to ask about his feelings in response to yours. Eventually, you steeled your nerves and plunged into the metaphorical water.
“Heizou, we both know that you know how I feel about you already, so please, just be honest with me. Do you feel the same?” You ask, swallowing back the pleading tone in your voice. Heizou looked over at you, before giving a smile, pulling something out of his coat pocket and handing it to you.
“Well, it’s like George Michael said, right? With a note saying "I love you", I meant it~” he sang, watching as you took the heart shaped box, reading the careful calligraphic on the top.
‘Merry Christmas, Y/N. I’m glad I got to sing with you. Now, let’s keep doing it for the rest of our lives, okay?’
You looked at the redhead, who walked over gently leaning towards you.
“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before, I just didn’t know how. But, I’m glad I finally did. And you are too, right?” He said, letting out a breathy chuckle as you wrapped your arms around him, leaning in.
“Yes, yes I am,” you said, closing the gap between you two, pressing a soft kiss to his lips in the moonlight.
Tumblr media
venti: all I want for christmas is you (mariah carey)
“Thank you for coming out, everyone! And as always, we’ll see you next time!” Venti said, giving a wave to the crowd who clapped and cheered while you two went off stage. You had just gotten done with one of your many performances of the song that seemed to be the embodiment of Christmas itself. It wasn’t a bad song, mind you, but having to perform it so many times made it very tiring very fast. Well, at least you had Venti to do it with.
Later on, after your final performance for a hit, both of your bands had gathered in the hotel preparing yourselves for the night you all had planned full of Christmas movies, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and gingerbread houses.
After a long night of fun with yourself and your bands mates, you found yourself alone on the balcony, reminiscing over the night.
At least, you thought you were alone.
“Y/N? Oh, you’re still up. Is everything alright?”
You looked back at Venti, giving him a nod and a smile as he plopped down on the space next to you on the balcony couch.
“Yeah, I’m okay. Just thinking, y’know? Tonight was fun and all, but it feels like something was missing, is all…” you said, trailing off. Venti gave you a nod, before pointing up, turning your attention towards the ceiling above you.
“Maybe that’s what it was?” He suggested, your face turning red at the prospect. You liked Venti, sue, but the thought of kissing him made you sweat. He looked at you, giving you a grin and leaning forward, giving you a teasing look. “C’mon, Y/N, you know the rules~”
You took a breath, shaking off your nerves. You knew Venti wouldn’t leave you alone about it, and besides, what’s the worst that would happen, right? You resolved to kiss him on the cheek, but like how most cliches go, he ended up tilting his head and kissing you on the lips instead. You felt him softly melting into your warmth, before pulling back, almost too quick for your taste.
He looked at you, grabbing your hands and squeezing them gently, an uncharacteristic nervous blush on his face. “I… didn’t expect that to actually work. But that doesn’t matter. I like you, Y/N. And I hope you like me back too.” He said, waiting for your response.
You looked back, a small smile creeping onto your face, giving him a small nod in response. “Yes, I like you too, Venti,” you said, leaning forward and wrapping your arms around him. He let out a small sigh of relief, leaning into you.
“I’m glad. All I wanted was you. And I actually mean that, not just the song.”
You gave a laugh at his quick end comment, before pulling him back inside, the two of you heading to sit next to each other, holding hands as you drifted off to sleep.
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amberilia · 16 hours
oh yeah sorry!! i mean like a continuation 😭😭 like maybe they realized that they actually like the reader 😭 sorry about that 💀
Them rejecting you through chat II
part 1 ` part 2
characters ; Kazuha, Albedo, Xiao, Venti
no worries!! i was half asleep that time so i couldn't process your request, I'm sorry, anyways i hope this satisfies everyone who requested for p2 <3
Them reacting to you leaving them on read with Childe, Scara, Venti, & Hu Tao
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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suzukara · 2 days
I realised that I have no moots at all...
anybody want to be my moot please?
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2022gisecretsanta · 3 days
Hello! Are you maybe interested in taking part in a holiday writing event? Or maybe you like making other people smile? Or, or you enjoy giving other gifts? Or maybe just want to have some fun? If yes, then you are in the right place!
The Genshin Impact x reader Secret Santa is a holiday writing event where you and other participants gift each other fanfictions. You will be assigned a randomly picked participant with their prefered characters, and you will have to write a fanfic for them. And, of course, vice versa! Someone will get you and will write something specially for you! Please read under the cut for FAQ, rules and google form. Don't hesitate to send an ask if you need anything more.
This is a SFW Genshin Impact x reader event, so it would be nice to avoid purely NSFW blogs in the event. That way, everyone, no matter, what can take part. You can join if your writing blog is multifandom, as long as Genshin Impact is one of the fandoms you write for.
The applications will close on 5th of December, 7 PM GMT+1. On 6th of December, we will DM (or send an ask) all the participants with the person they got. Please keep it as a secret!
Please apply only if you are sure you can do it. That way, we will avoid any unpleasent situations. If it happens that, for whatever reason, you can't take part in it anymore (after applying) please contact us as fast as you can!
The posting period is 24th of December to 26th of December. In this period of time, all you have to do is post your work, tag the person it is for and tag the post with #gixrsecretsanta2022
To take part in, just fill in the Google Forms! If you have any problems with it, feel free to DM or send an ask.
You are free to follow the blog for more updates and announcements.
"Can I take part if my writing blog is a side one?" — Yes! Just give us the username of your writing blog and we are all fine.
"It's already past 26th of december and I got nothing, what do I do?" — Please DM us if this happens. We will ask the person that got you what is happening. In worst case scenario (as in, if we get no reply from the said person), someone else will write for you.
"What's the word minimum? Limit? Theme?" — There is no word limit or minimum amount! And so there's no certain theme we expect people to follow. You can write your work with a winter theme, christmas theme, maybe something totally different, anything that you think my fit the person you got.
"I have a question that isn't on the list" — Ask us! In DMS or our inbox, whatever you prefer.
We hope you have fun taking part in the event! ❤️
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faela404 · 3 days
☆ The Library ☆
kazuha x gn! reader
prompt: - you and kazuha attend the same university, him being a english lit major and you being a person in stem😎 your paths never crossed until that day in the library…
*this is an smau so please do expect a lot of twitter posts and messages to read, there will be proper writing too but, it will mostly be that!!*
genre: modern! university au, bit of angst, lot of fluff, smau, romance
warning! this story involves mentions of self- neglect, possible eating disorders, insomnia, swearing, mentions of anxiety and overworking
ongoing! there currently is not a schedule for updates <3
shall we begin…
y/n’s friends | kazuha’s friends
1) it was a mistake
2) unexpected
3) the library is closed
4) leave me alone
5) do you need help?
6) you’re late.
6.5) awkward
7) you’re into that?
8) winter is coming
9) let’s hang out.
9.5) the holidays
taglist- open! {6/50}
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dulcesiabits · 10 hours
lunar sigh.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: your best friend convinces you to move in with a stranger, but both you and xiao are running from your past.
notes: 9.3k words, fic, modern + roommates au, mentions of violence + death, bad parents + bad friends (ie scaramouche)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you were honest with yourself, you would admit that moving in with a stranger was one of the worst ideas you’ve had in a while.
But to be fair, it technically wasn’t your idea in the first place. It was Ganyu’s, and when you first texted her that you needed a place to stay, she responded that she knew a friend who was looking for a roommate, coincidentally enough.
It’s not like you had a lot of options, so you agreed before you could lose your nerve. And besides, anyone who was friends with Ganyu couldn’t be that bad, right? 
That’s how you found yourself standing outside a dingy little apartment, lugging cardboard boxes up and down the stairs with Ganyu and your new roommate.
“Xiao is actually a really sweet guy,” she whispered to you as you passed her on the way back down. “I promise. He’s just… a little awkward.”
You glanced at the man in question. It was nice enough that he was helping you move your boxes, you supposed, but he’d barely said more than six words to you when Ganyu had introduced you in the morning.
“I’m Xiao,” he had grunted. “These are your keys.”
Ganyu had shoved him out the door when it was obvious he wasn’t going to say anything more after that, saying that he should help you move all your belongings. 
“I can tell,” you mumbled back to her. “Great conversationalist, that one.”
Ganyu smacked you lightly on the shoulder. “Give him a chance!”
“Ow! Fine, I will.”
A few minutes later, all your boxes were shoved haphazardly into your new room, and all you needed to do was unpack them. Ganyu left, saying she had a lunch meeting with some coworkers to discuss their latest business project, giving you another meaningful stare before she left.
“We should make some house rules,” you said, leaning against your doorframe, surveying the apartment: two bedrooms, one kitchen, one bathroom, and a laundry machine stuck inside a refurbished closet. You’d already agreed to split the rent. “For example, how do you feel about chores?”
“We can split them.”
“Sure. We should alternate weekends when it comes to sweeping the floor and stuff like that. I’ll do my own laundry, and wash the dishes after I cook, and you should do the same.”
“If you have friends you want to invite over–” you began.
“I don’t invite people over,” Xiao said, cutting you off. “If you’re bringing someone over, give me advance notice.”
“I don’t plan on bringing anyone over, either,” you said, looking away. “Other than Ganyu, but…”
“That’s fine. You don’t need to tell me about her.”
“No using the other person’s stuff without permission, and we should communicate in case of a disagreement or to discuss other rules we should add,” you said, holding up a finger for each rule you listed. “Sounds good?”
“Then let’s shake.”
You held out your hand to Xiao, who looked at it with hesitation before slowly taking it. His hand was dry and calloused, his grip looser than you expected, as if he was afraid to touch you with any force.
“Here’s to our mutual cohabitation!” you cheered. You shook, once, and Xiao let go as soon as you were done.
Hopefully you wouldn’t regret this, you thought, your eyes lingering on the tattoos trailing down Xiao’s left arm as he walked into his room and quietly closed the door.
For most of the week, you and Xiao mostly kept to yourselves. He got up early in the morning to go and run, coming back just as you woke up to change and head out for the day. You spent most of the week unpacking and settling into the apartment, heading out to walk around the neighborhood and familiarize yourself with the area, noting several restaurants you wanted to try as soon as your paycheck came in.
Xiao would come home sometime in the evening, only nodding his head at you in greeting. The two of you would cook for yourselves, an invisible line drawn in the refrigerator: you put your food on the left, and Xiao put his on the right.
“He’s not that bad,” you confessed to Ganyu one day, nursing a mug of tea in your hands, a blanket pulled over your shoulders. The weather was getting colder as summer ended and autumn approached, the trees outside your apartment blazing with bright reds and yellows in the cooling sunlight. 
“I told you!” Ganyu had a knit scarf wrapped around her neck, her coat still buttoned snugly. You didn’t want to turn the heater on without asking Xiao, and since he seemed to enjoy the cold weather, you didn’t have the heart to. Besides, heating was expensive. 
“Where do you even know him from, anyways?” you asked.
“His uncle was my tutor in high school.”
“Your tutor– he’s Zhongli’s nephew?” you said, eyes widening. “Really?”
Ganyu shrugged. “Xiao lived with Professor Zhongli for most of his life.”
Why would Xiao leave, then? You’d only met the professor several times, mostly waiting for Ganyu to finish her lessons so the two of you could hang out in a cafe or wander around town  afterwards. He was a nice man, from what you recalled, and he gave you milk candies whenever you came over. Sometimes he’d even have your favorite snacks on hand, and you were certain Ganyu had told him what you liked. Certainly, he didn’t seem like the sort to kick his nephew out on the streets to fend for himself.
Well. It was none of your business what happened to Xiao. The two of you were barely better than strangers, and you were glad he didn’t pry into your life. You would try to extend the same courtesy to him.
Your phone buzzed to life on the table, and you picked it up. It was a call from your dad. You silenced it before laying it face down. Ganyu didn’t say anything, though she probably knew who was calling you.
Before either of you could say anything else, though, Xiao walked through the front door, bringing in a gust of autumn air. 
“You’re here,” he said to Ganyu, who waved. “Why are both of you dressed like that?”
“It’s cold,” you said. “And heating is expensive.”
Without another word, Xiao walked over and turned on the heater. “Just turn it on if it’s cold. I can pay for the bill.”
He went into his room before you could thank him. Maybe he wanted to give you some time alone to talk to Ganyu, or you were reading too much into his behavior. 
Despite your earlier promise not to interfere in his life, your curiosity in Xiao was piqued. 
The next morning, you waited by the kitchen counter, a fresh pot of black tea brewing on the stove. After a few minutes, Xiao came in from his morning run, right on cue. 
“Hey there,” you said casually. “I made some tea. Do you want any?”
Xiao glanced at you, and then at the tea pot, finally closing the door quietly behind him. “Sure.”
You poured the steaming hot liquid into two cups, one for you, and one for him. You cradled your cup gently in your hands as Xiao took a sip from his.
The kitchen was small, too small for the two of you to be crowding it together. Xiao was only a few inches from you, but you simply drank tea in silence. It had been your bright idea to corner Xiao after his morning run and start a conversation, but you knew nothing about him. What were you supposed to say?
“How was your run today?” you asked.
Silence again. You weren’t normally this terrible at making conversation, but it was hard to gauge how Xiao felt. You could usually play off of other people’s reactions, adjusting the way you acted to ensure you didn’t step on any toes, but Xiao’s poker face was impossible to see through. Was he annoyed? Shy? You peeked at his face, but he looked impassive as ever.
“Do you like black tea?” you offered. “I also have some other kinds if you prefer those. I didn’t know what you like, so…”
“It’s fine.” Xiao set his empty cup on the counter. Your heart sank, before he added, “I wouldn’t mind drinking it again if you made some.”
You smiled, watching as Xiao made his way into the bathroom for a quick shower. Really, you had only done this as thanks for turning on the heat when you were cold, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do this every once in a while.
Your relationship with Xiao started to improve the day after you brewed him tea. You started greeting him in the mornings, and if he bought an extra bag of chips in your favorite flavor, he would give it to you. The two of you never talked more than necessary, and you wouldn’t call him a friend, but it was still better than what you had before. 
Being on amicable terms with your roommate was more important than ever once college started, because you weren’t getting a minute of peace with your friends back on campus.
“Hey,” Childe said, slapping your neck before you could react. He had caught you unaware, leaving you no time to react as you were walking to class. 
“Jerk,” you groaned. “That’s going to leave a bruise.”
“If that's enough to hurt, then you should consider going to the gym with me.” Childe shrugged. “What were you even doing this summer?” 
“This and that. You know how busy it gets,” you said lightly, knowing Childe wouldn’t press for details. And he didn’t. 
“No kidding! My family and I went camping this summer. You wouldn’t believe how excited Teucer was to catch his own fish for the first time. Of course…” Childe’s voice trailed off to static as the two of you walked. It didn’t really matter what you said to him, as long as you paid enough attention to react with the appropriate amount of surprise at the right parts. 
You liked him well enough, but it’s not like he was really interested in what you thought, or how you were doing. That was fine, because you didn’t particularly invest a lot of time in Childe, either. You were friends, but only in the most casual sense. You hung out during the semester, and forgot about each other once it was over. 
“Hey!” Childe yanked on one of the straps of your backpack, causing you to stumble to a halt. “Look at who it is.”
You turned to where he was gesturing, and could make out Scaramouche lounging at a table nearby, legs crossed as he scrolled through his phone with a scowl. 
Without another word, Childe ran over to him, hooking his arms under Scaramouche’s shoulders to tug him upright. You headed over more slowly, just in time to catch Scaramouche cursing Childe out. 
“You immature moron,” he hissed. “I almost dropped my phone!” 
“It’s nice to see you again too!” 
“Guys, people are staring,” you said. 
Scaramouche rolled his eyes. “Oh, great. I can’t believe both of you are back on campus. Just my luck.”
“Tough luck, eh, Moochie?” Childe said. 
“I told you not to call me that.” Scaramouche turned to you. “You. I’m thirsty after dealing with all of his shit. Get me coffee.” 
“Oh, I want something too!” Childe said, slinging an arm around Scaramouche. 
Scaramouche shuddered, opening his wallet to hand you a stack of bills. “The line’s going to get crowded soon. Hurry up.” 
You took the money without comment. “Welcome back to campus, Scaramouche.”
“Yeah, whatever.” 
You ambled off, the sound of Scaramouche’s and Childe’s bickering rising up behind you. The local coffee shop on campus wasn’t too far, but you relished in the peace and quiet and walked as slowly as you could. Just as Scaramouche predicted, customers were crowding the store and spilling out of the entrance, bored students with scarves around their necks and backpacks slung over their shoulders.  
As you stood in line, you considered getting a drink of your own. Scaramouche had given you way too much money (classic trust fund kid behavior), and it’s not like he said you couldn’t. He always treated you like his personal gofer anyways, an annoying little attachment he had to put up with when he hung out with Childe. You saw how he looked at you, but you knew how to deal with his type, so you just grinned and bore it. There was no point in starting an argument if you could avoid it. 
By the time it was your turn to order, you had decided against buying something for yourself. Scaramouche would be sure to comment on it, and you weren’t that thirsty anyways. You paid with his cash, took his and Childe’s drinks in both of your hands, and you were wondering if you could deliver their drinks in time before your next class when someone held the door of the shop open for you. 
“Xiao?” you inquired, and he tilted his head curtly at you. You walked through the door and stepped to the side. “Thanks.”
Xiao waited until a few more people scurried out until he let go of the door to join you. “You’re drinking both of those?”
You shook your head. “No, these are for my friends.”
“You didn’t get one?” 
You shrugged. “Hey, our rent is pricey. It wasn’t my money, anyways.” 
Xiao glanced at the door of the coffee shop. “If you’re holding back for a reason like that, don’t. I can—”
“No! It’s okay!” You stepped in front of him, the coffee sloshing. “I wasn’t in the mood for it.”
Xiao let out a breath. “If the rent is troublesome, I could cover more of it.” 
“I can’t let you do that. We have an agreement, remember? I’m picking up more hours at the library today, anyways, so that should help a bit more.” 
“Today? What time are you getting home?” 
“Er… 9, maybe?” 
“Got it. I’ll walk you home, then,” Xiao said matter of factly. 
“You don’t have to! I would feel bad, seriously. And I might get off late, and I don’t want to make you wait.”
Xiao shook his head. “No. It gets dangerous at night. I can study until you’re done. Text me when you are.” 
Without another word, he left without giving you another chance to protest. It was nice how sweet he was. You felt a smile break across your face; neither Childe or Scaramouche would have offered to walk you home.
When you finally brought Scaramouche and Childe their drinks, Scaramouche took one look at you and said your smile was more obnoxious than usual. 
You’d had your library job since your first year of college. It was just one of many different job applications you sent out into the world, desperate for a way to make your own cash so you didn’t have to owe your parents. Many places ghosted you, but the library was one of the few that replied. You had come to like being your job (as much as someone could, anyways). The hours were flexible, it was right on campus, and most of your duties consisted of helping students check out their textbooks. Sometimes your boss made you file information in the library’s systems or sort through the archives, but mostly, you threw yourself into mindless work and received a nice paycheck in return.
The first week of school was always busy, so you were stuck running around shelving lost books and answering confused students, completely forgetting about Xiao’s promise to pick you up until your phone buzzed at 9:15. 
Are you done? 
Shit. You fished your phone out of your pocket to type a quick reply. 
sorry!!!! running late >_< u can head home first!! 
Five seconds later, another text. 
I’ll wait by the bike racks. 
Your heart leaped. 
With a renewed burst of energy, you started swiftly shelving the rest of your books. You didn’t want to keep Xiao waiting for longer than he had to. 
Fifteen minutes later, you said goodbye to your coworkers and ran out the door, hastily zipping your coat against the chill.
“Hey,” Xiao said. He was leaning against the bike rack, hands stuffed in the pockets of his jacket. 
“I’m sorry I made you wait! I know it’s cold, and—”
“I chose to do this. It’s fine.” 
You rubbed your hands together. “Right. Of course. Thanks again.” 
Xiao ducked his head. “I offered.” 
Silence again. Nothing but your breaths clouding the air, the stars winking in the sky above you. At least you didn’t feel the need to fill it with small talk. 
“How were classes today?” you asked. 
“Good. Yours?” 
“Mine, too. What’re you studying?” 
You weren’t sure what you expected, but it certainly wasn’t that. “Can I ask why?” 
“I want to get into veterinary school.” 
“I didn’t know you liked animals,” you said, imagining Xiao surrounded by a group of excited puppies. It was surprisingly cute.
“It just… happened to work out like that,” he said slowly. “I wasn’t even sure if I could go to college at first.” 
Could, he said. Not would. Did something happen to Xiao? But it wasn’t any of your business. You smiled instead. “It’s nice to have a dream.” 
“What about you? Do you have any dreams?” 
“I’m the same as most people,” you said lightly. “I’m just trying to get through the year first.” 
“I know you’ll do well.” 
“You say that so confidently,” you joked. “That’s a lot of trust you hold in me.” 
“It’s because…” Xiao paused, as if choosing his words with great care. “…Ganyu told me a lot about you.” 
“Oh, yeah. She said you guys had the same tutor.” 
Xiao nodded. “We used to run into each other a lot. We grew up together.” 
“I’m surprised I didn’t see you, then. Ganyu and I became friends in high school, and we hung out a lot.” 
“I wasn’t home a lot in high school. Maybe that’s why,” he said, voice tense. You had stepped into sensitive territory, and you needed to retreat. 
“Maybe. So, do you have a favorite animal?” 
“I like birds.”
Time passed like that, with simple questions, an easy back and forth. You learned that Xiao liked the color green, and almond tofu, and rarely dreamed. Before you knew it, you reached the entrance of your apartment. 
As the two of you tumbled into the warmth of your apartment, Xiao spoke again. 
“I’m going to make tea. Do you want any?” 
“That sounds great! I’ll set out the cups.” 
For some reason, it felt like the stars shone twice as bright tonight.  
It seemed Ganyu had a knack for roping you into situations you weren’t eager to get into. Maybe that’s why she was so successful at her office job; she probably had an easy time convincing clients to sign away their life savings with her gentle smile. 
“You’re nervous,” she noted, as the two of you huddled in front of Zhongli’s door. “Don’t be. They already think you’re great.”
You stomped your feet, trying to regain a semblance of warmth. “We barely spoke, though. The longest sentence I’ve ever said to him was ‘hi, how are you today?’”
“It’ll be fine! It’s just a casual dinner. He just wanted to get to know you a bit better.”
“Because I’m rooming with Xiao, right?” 
“I mean, yes. That is part of it. But…” The door swung open and Ganyu faltered. You knew that mischievous grin. Hu Tao appraised both of you, and then clapped her hands together. 
“Esteemed guests, welcome, welcome to Hu Tao’s humble abode! We’ve been awaiting your presence with great eagerness!” 
Zhongli’s daughter, you thought. She hadn’t changed much since you last saw her. 
“Hello, Hu Tao,” Ganyu said. “I brought over my friend for dinner.” 
Hu Tao took your hands in hers without warning. “Hello, hello! I haven’t seen you since Ganyu graduated! Dad’s basically done, so you guys can wait in the dining room.”
The two of you took off your shoes at the entrance of the house, setting them on a shoe rack nearby. Walking down the hall in your socks, you could hear the distant sounds of Hu Tao’s voice. The walls were covered in framed photos, pictures of academic men and women you didn’t know, and a few family photos of what you assumed was Zhongli’s family. A baby Hu Tao. A smiling woman holding hands with Zhongli. And Xiao. 
Your eyes lingered on Xiao’s pictures. The youngest had him in elementary school, a pout on his face as he hugged his backpack close to him. There was one where he was holding the skirts of Zhongli’s wife. A few pictures of him in middle school, bandages covering his knees as he stared grimly at the camera. There were no photos of him after that. Had your roommate really been so little once? At least his scowl hadn’t changed much. 
“He was cute as a kid, wasn’t he?” Ganyu said. 
You started; she was already at the end of the hall, leaning against the frame of the dining room. You had been so engrossed in Xiao’s pictures that you didn’t even notice. 
“He’s not that different from how he is now,” you said lightly. You hadn’t done anything wrong, but you tore your eyes away and hurried to meet her. 
The dining table was already set by the time you arrived. A bubbling pot sat in the middle, a divider separating the spicy and mild broth. Plates of ingredients sat around it, little bowls of fish cakes and sausages, mushrooms and fried tofu. Sauce bottles stood guard at the end of the table, where napkins, chopsticks and bowls had been set out in front of four different chairs. 
Zhongli and Hu Tao already sat at two. You took the next next to Ganyu, clicking your chopsticks together absently. 
“I brought you something, Professor Zhongli,” Ganyu said, pulling out a little box of pineapple cakes from her purse. “Thank you for having us over.” 
Zhongli took the package, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he smiled at her.  “It’s my pleasure. Sit down and fill your plate. Have you been eating since you started your job? There’s no excuse to skimp on a good meal.” 
“I have. Don’t worry,” Ganyu said. 
“Come on, dad. She’s going to starve to death if you keep talking,” Hu Tao said cheerily, throwing several of the ingredients into the pot before her. 
“Of course. Come on now, don’t hold back.” Zhongli turned to you. You tried not to avoid his gaze. “You should eat a lot as well.” 
“I will,” you said.
And so dinner began. Ganyu only ate vegetables, and Hu Tao dumped most of the meat in the spicy side of the pot. Zhongli took a little bit of everything, but kept discreetly placing vegetables on Hu Tao’s plate. It was mostly Zhongli who did the talking, asking Ganyu questions about her job, Hu Tao chiming in with a joke once in a while. You tried to keep the attention off of yourself, speaking as little as you could get away without seeming impolite. 
Hu Tao was cute, and Zhongli was nice. But Zhongli, intentionally or not, intimidated you. He always seemed to pick up on the undertones of what Ganyu and Hu Tao said; even if Ganyu said her job was going well, he would simply raise an eyebrow and remind her not to overwork herself. You wondered what he saw when he looked at you. Nothing got by him, and that was why he was the sort of person you didn’t know how to interact with. 
“I heard you were rooming with Xiao?” Zhongli spoke up suddenly, and everyone’s eyes were on you. You picked at the food on your plate, brought it to your mouth and swallowed as you tried to think of what to say. 
“Yeah. He’s been a great roommate.” 
“I’m glad to hear it. I was worried at first when he said he would live on his own, but if he has someone to support him, then that’s all the better.” 
“You know, I’m sure Xiao was happy when you moved in,” Hu Tao said, a grin growing on her face. She pointed with her chopsticks, a piece of fish caught between them.
“I’m sure he would have been happy if anyone moved in,” you said, shrugging. “It’s not like we knew each other beforehand.” 
The piece of fish slipped between her chopsticks, and Hu Tao hurried to pick it up, still speaking rapidly. “Huh? He hasn’t made a move or anything like that?”
“You know how he is. Xiao keeps to himself, and I do the same. I mean, we do get along, but why would he?”
“Well— that’s because—”
“Professor!” Ganyu clapped her hands together, cutting Hu Tao off. “Do you have any dessert? I’m sure Hu Tao would love to eat something sweet right now. What about you?” She turned to you, and you could see her leg bouncing up and down the table, so you nodded. Ganyu beamed. “Great. Hu Tao and I will go get some!” 
Without allowing the girl a word of protest, Ganyu got up, grabbing her by the arm, leaving you and Zhongli sitting at the table alone. 
Zhongli only chuckled. “Forgive Hu Tao. She’s still young, and she likes to poke fun at people where she can.”
“It’s fine. I don’t mind at all.” Think, think. Was there anything the two of you had in common? “Do you remember the times when Ganyu used to get tutoring from you and I would wait for her here? You used to give me my favorite snacks. I never properly thanked you for that.” 
“I appreciate the gesture, but it’s not me you should be thanking. The recipient of your gratitude… well, they mostly likely prefer to remain anonymous.” He grinned, and it reminded you a little of Hu Tao in how sly it looked.
“I see,” you said slowly. The three of them knew something you did not, but since Ganyu and Zhongli were clearly reluctant to share, you wouldn’t pry, at least. 
Your phone rang in your pocket, and you pulled it out of your pocket to glance at the caller ID. It was your dad.
“Do you need a minute?” Zhongli asked.
You ended the call. “No. It’s not important.” 
“I hope you and Xiao can look out for each other,” Zhongli continued. “He’s been through a lot. I think he would appreciate having a friend by his side.” 
Look out for each other, huh? Why couldn’t Zhongli tell Xiao any of this himself? What had happened between the two of them? 
“We’re back!” Hu Tao said, bursting in with a plate of cut fruit while Ganyu carried a plate of pastries. “Everyone ready for round two?” 
You picked a cut of plum from Hu Tao’s plate with a toothpick, and the tart sweetness momentarily chased away your questions about Xiao.
There wasn’t a lot of time to ponder Zhongli’s words with college back in full swing. You had a job to worry about on top of classes, and between your shifts and your assignments, it didn’t leave a lot of room for much else. 
Xiao always insisted on walking you home every time you had a late shift. You had told him he didn’t need to, that you had done this a million times before, but he would still wait for you in the same spot every night. 
The two of you had grown more comfortable together, and you would make the effort to spend your free time together. You still made him tea after his morning runs, and there was no longer such a strict divide between your food in the fridge; you regularly borrowed ingredients from each other, and you even started sharing an egg carton. It was cheaper that way, you reasoned, but it also made the apartment feel like home.
One night, as you often did lately, you and Xiao browsed through channels on the television and settled on a cheesy comedy show, sitting side by side on the couch. Well, you watched, and he would scroll through his phone when he got bored.
“It’s snowing,” Xiao said unexpectedly, staring at the living room window.
You paused the show. “No way.” As if on cue, the two of you headed to the window, pulling back the curtains to press your noses against the frosted glass. You were greeted with soft, fluffy flakes which dusted the windowsill, the stars making soft halos in the distance.
Impulsively, you headed for the door. “Let’s go out and see.”
“Right now?”
“Right now!”
You and Xiao clumsily tugged on your sneakers and pulled on your coats. In another breath, you tumbled down the stairs, skidding across the slick pavement.
“Snow!” you said, waving your arms wildly. “It’s real snow, Xiao!”
The stars shone in his eyes as he watched you. “Don’t fall.”
You laughed, sticking out your tongue to catch snowflakes. “We could build a snowman.”
“There’s not enough snow.”
“That’s quitter talk,” you said, crouching down to drag a finger through the film of snow that covered the ground. “But when it snows enough… you have to. Promise?”
“... Promise.” 
“Let’s go! I’ve never made a snowman before, did you know that? This will be my first one!”
“I haven’t either.”
“Ah, look at us. Two peas in a pod,” you said, grinning. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know how to ride a bike, either. Ganyu tried to teach me once, but I ended up crashing on the side of the road, and…” Your voice trailed off as you turned to look at Xiao.
Xiao was smiling. He was smiling at you. You jumped to your feet, and despite the cold, your cheeks were warm. 
“Sorry. I didn’t realize I was talking so much,” you said. 
“I like listening to you talk.”
You exhaled, looking at the sky above you. Some of those stars were already dead, you thought. Only their light reached you now, a ghost traveling lightyears across the universe.  “I don’t normally like to talk so much about myself. But… I guess… you’re easy to talk to. I’m glad I moved in with you. I’m glad you’re my roommate and my friend.”
“To me, you–” A sudden ring cut through Xiao’s words. You fumbled for your phone in your pocket, internally cursing at the interruption. 
“Sorry, let me take this real quick,” you said apologetically. Xiao nodded, and you pressed answer without looking at the screen. 
“So you finally picked up our calls?” A voice, colder than the night around you, echoed in your ear.
It was your dad. Oh, god. You were so stupid. You should have checked to see who was calling. You should have been more careful. You should have blocked him, but you—
“Not going to respond? Your mom and I are tired of your games. Don’t think we’re going to let you do whatever you like–”
You hung up, dropping your phone in your haste. “Sorry!” you said, bending down to pick it up. Your hands were shaking too much for you to grip it properly. “I’m sorry. That… That, um, I…” Xiao picked up your phone. You stood slowly, avoiding his gaze as you took it from him, slipping it back into your pocket. “Thanks.”
“It’s fine. You don’t need to apologize. Let’s go back inside.” Xiao put an arm around your shoulders, before withdrawing it just as quickly. 
“Hey,” you said, reaching for his arm to slip it back around you. “I didn’t say you had to stop.”
Xiao didn’t look at you as the two of you stumbled back up the stairs, but he held you reassuringly tight. At the entrance of your apartment, he paused. “I’ll make us tea.”
You leaned against him, squeezing your arms around him for a quick hug. “Thanks, Xiao.”
“I’ll always be here for you. Just call my name.”
You chuckled softly. When he said it like that, it made you want to stay in his arms forever.
“We’re skipping class.”
You looked up from your textbook, your pencil hovering over an unfinished sentence in your notes. Scaramouche and Childe stood in front of you. From the way Scaramouche talked, it seemed less like a statement and more like a command. 
“Have fun,” you said. 
“You’re coming with us.”
You waved your pencil in the air. “Me? No thanks. I have to study. Some of us can’t afford to slack off.” 
“Take a break!” Childe urged, slinging his arm around your shoulder. “The books will still be here when you get back.”
“I can’t.” 
“Not even if I pay for food?” Childe said slyly. 
On most days, that offer would have worked. But you simply shook your head. “Can’t. My roommate is making dinner.”
“Roommate?” Scaramouche tilted his head. “I thought you lived at home.”
“Well— things have changed,” you said curtly. Damn it. Scaramouche was the last person you wanted to know about your personal life. 
“Maybe your parents kicked you out,” Scaramouche mused. “Or did you run away from home?” 
You slammed your hands down on the table, but he only crossed his arms, daring you to try something. Childe’s eyes sparkled with interest, but made no move to interfere. You were on your own. 
“It doesn’t really matter why,” you said through gritted teeth. “Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” 
“Sorry? I bet you wouldn’t have told us at all,” Scaramouche said, scoffing. “Whatever. If you ever feel like doing something fun, ask Childe for the details.” 
Scaramouche stalked off, and Childe only gave you a smile before following. You sank down into your seat, but your eyes couldn’t focus on your textbook. You reread the same paragraph three times before you finally flipped it shut. You couldn’t focus, so you might as well go home. Xiao was still at work, but he would be home soon, and you could crowd the kitchen together, shoulders bumping as you cooked, before sinking onto the couch to laugh and eat. 
The walk home was a blur as you sped along the sidewalks. At the bottom floor of your apartment, your phone rang. It was an unknown number. You answered, putting your phone between your shoulder and ear as you searched for your keys in your bag.
“Hello?” you asked.
“So you’ll only pick up the number of a stranger, but not your own dad? I’m disappointed.”
Your keys fell out of your hands. You leaned against the wall, trying to steady your breathing. “What do you want?”
“That’s no way to talk to your own father. I wanted to check in on you, but I see you haven’t changed at all.”
“Well, Dad. It’s nice to talk to you, but I really should be going—”
“It’s time for you to come home. When are you going to stop these childish games?”
“It’s not childish.” Your voice cracked, and you hated yourself for not keeping your composure. 
“It is. What was it you said? That you would show us that you could make it on your own? I thought you would be too old for temper tantrums, but it appears I was wrong. Just come back. You’re never going to end up anywhere at this rate. What are you even studying in college?”
“I’m still… undecided,” you said, the words sticking in your throat.
“Undecided? Even though you’re in your third year?” Your dad sighed, loudly. “Enough. I see you still can’t listen to reason. Fine. You’ll come back on your own, soon enough. But don’t expect me to open the door until you learn some humility, do you hear me?”
Silence. He wanted something from you; an outburst, probably. For you to beg to go home. But… the place you called home… you had already found it.
“That’s fine, then,” you whispered, mouth dry. “Because I’m never going to come back. Don’t contact me again.”
You ended the call before your dad could respond, falling to the ground, trying to control your trembling. This time, you made sure to block your parents’ numbers and the number your dad just called you from. You wouldn’t answer any strange numbers for a while; had he called you from a phone booth? Borrowed a friend’s phone? Either way, it didn’t matter. 
It was laughable how weak you were. A few cold words and you were on the verge of tears. No wonder you were a disappointment to them. An average child, with mediocre grades, with few friends. You had no particular talents, no real hobbies, and the best you could do was run away from home.
But you hadn’t blocked their numbers or erased them as your emergency contacts at your college. Because the fact you were their child meant something, didn’t it? If you got into trouble, surely they would come running.
Even if you weren’t what they wanted. Even if they were never home. Even if you learned to smile and keep your head down, just like they told you to.
If you proved you were independent– if you proved you could do something, at least one thing right– maybe they would acknowledge you.
Your dad was right. You were a child. You didn’t feel like an adult at all. For the longest time, you thought that if you made it to eighteen, you would finally feel like a grown-up. There would be some switch, and you would finally get it together. Adulthood was your only goal, but it was just a number. When you turned eighteen, it wasn’t all that different from being seventeen, or thirteen, or eight. 
What did it mean to be an adult? You learned how to lie like one, but it still wasn’t enough. When would you know? When would you be worth something? Maybe you’d have to carry that child around inside you forever.
Hands trembling, you dialed Ganyu’s number only to get her voicemail. You tried again, but paused, remembering that it was still early in the afternoon. She was at work. She made it into a prestigious company, and look at you. You couldn’t even choose your own major. No, it’d be better to just leave a voicemail telling her what had happened today.
Your finger hovered over Xiao’s number, but you couldn’t bring him into your problems. That left only one person to call.
“Childe. Where did you say you and Scaramouche were going?”
Music pounded in your ears, loud and heavy, neon lights flickering across the ceiling. A throng of people you only vaguely recognized crowded Scaramouche’s penthouse, but it was too late to regret your decision. As soon as you showed up, you had been pushed inside, handed a cup of alcohol, and thrown around the sea of bodies, back and forth, back and forth. 
Someone waved at you through the crowd. You waved back weakly, grip tight on the drink you didn’t want. They pushed their way through. “There you are! I thought you changed your mind and wouldn’t show,” Childe said cheerily.
“Well, surprise. I thought Scaramouche hated parties.”
“Oh, he does. But he got into another argument with his mom this morning, so he’s trying to trash his apartment in revenge.”
“That’s stupid,” you said sourly. “And immature.”
Childe leaned closer to you. “So, why did you change your mind? Hate your roommate’s food?”
“No. Xiao is a decent cook.”
“Xiao… Your roommate is Xiao?” Childe said slowly.
“Do you know him?”
“Sort of. But… no way… hold on, I have to call Scaramouche over. He’ll love this.” Before you could stop him, Childe barreled through the crowd, returning a few minutes with Scaramouche.
“What’s the big deal?” Scaramouche snarled.  
“Tell him who your roommate is,” Childe said, turning to you.
Unease pooled in your stomach. “His name… his name is Xiao.”
“Shit. Are you serious?” Scaramouche’s foul expression dropped, replaced by something you didn’t want to name. “No wonder you didn’t want to tell us you moved out.”
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t know?” Childe whistled. “It’s a long story, but years ago, I transferred to a different high school in the middle of the year, right? The one Xiao went to. And the dude was infamous there. Apparently he was so wild even the security guards were scared of him. He kept getting into fights, and winning all of them. Of course, I tried to see if he would have a go with me, but he kept avoiding me.”
“Fights?” Your heart was racing. That seemed nothing like the Xiao you knew. “But why?”
Childe shrugged. “Who knows? But the point is he was so notorious the nearby stores refused to let him in. I heard the cops were called at several points, and…” Childe lowered his voice. “Someone died. He was bad news. I doubt he’s changed.”
Stop, you wanted to tell him. Stop. You didn’t want to hear anymore. You couldn’t. It felt like you were betraying Xiao. But why hadn’t anyone told you? Ganyu, Zhongli, Hu Tao… they just kept quiet. 
Scaramouche slapped you on the back, hard. Your drink sloshed. “Wow. Poor you. Rooming with a monster all this time, and you didn’t even know! Want to move out?” His voice was loud, louder than it had to be.
Scaramouche gripped your shoulders painfully. He was looking somewhere to the side, so you followed his gaze slowly… and your eyes met Xiao’s.
Xiao turned and disappeared into the crowds. Your stomach dropped. How much had he heard? Why was he here? What face were you making? No. No, that wasn’t important. What was important was how hurt he looked and that you had been the one to place it there.
You shoved Scaramouche, your head swimming. “What the fuck?” you hissed. “Why did you say that?”
“I was just helping you out,” he said sympathetically.
“No, you weren’t. You prick. You knew he was listening! Why are you like this?”
Scaramouche’s face hardened, and he stepped so close that you almost tripped trying to back away. “Me? Me? You have a lot of nerve. Ask yourself the same question. You don’t even like me. Admit it. You think I can’t tell how fake you are? You always act like you’re soooo nice and polite, but the truth is, you don’t care about other people. That’s right,” he sneered, shoving his face closer to you. “You just don’t want to get involved. So drop the act.”
The music hurt your head. The lights were too bright. But you couldn’t give him the satisfaction of making you cry. 
You threw your drink at Scaramouche’s face. Childe laughed. Scaramouche yelled, looking at you like he wanted to kill you, but you were already pushing through the crowd, running towards the door.
There was only one person on your mind.
You ran down the sidewalks without a care, scanning wildly to see where Xiao could have gone. Oh, god.  He saw you. He heard you. How much? Why was he even there?
It was raining. When did it start raining? Water dripped down your face, but you couldn’t tell it apart from your tears as your feet pounded down the road in wild abandon. Xiao. Where did he go?
Wait. You had his number. You pulled out your phone, holding your breath as you called him. No response. Who else could you contact? 
You tripped, a bright burst of pain flaring through your knee as you landed on it, hard. Panting, you crouched to assess the damage. Your pants had ripped, and blood ran down your leg, but none of it hurt more than losing Xiao.
First, your dad called. Then, you went to Scaramouche’s stupid party. And now, Xiao was gone, maybe forever, because you hurt him. 
Wiping at your face was useless, but you did so anyway, despite your soggy sleeve.
Wait. There was someone who might know where he is. 
You dialed Ganyu’s number, and this time, she picked up. “Hello!”
“Xiao…” You burst out crying again, tears trickling into your mouth. “Xiao, he…”
“Xiao? Did something happen to him?” Ganyu sounded frantic.
“No! No… Not like that… I… Ganyu, I messed up. I think I hurt him, and I don’t know where he is, and I…”
“Deep breaths! Take deep breaths. It’ll be okay,” Ganyu said soothingly. “Tell me what happened.” You related the story as best as you could through your sobs. When you stopped, Ganyu murmured in sympathy. “Oh, no. I’m so sorry. I… I was the one who told him where you would be.”
“You left me that voicemail, right? When Xiao came home, he was worried about you, so he called me. And I told him you left me a message and you might have gone to your friend’s house, and…” She sighed. “No, this isn’t the time for this. Listen. I think… I think he might be at the professor’s house. So…”
“Thanks, Ganyu. I’ll head over right now.”
“Wait! Wait, wait. Don’t blame yourself, okay? Can you promise me that?”
“I’ll try,” you said. “But I have to go.”
“Okay. Okay, I understand. Call me when you find him.”
Ignoring the pain in your leg, you started down the road to Zhongli’s house. It was a thirty minute walk, but you couldn’t afford to wait another second. 
Xiao. You couldn’t lose him. Because… because to you, he was…
You pounded on the door of Zhongli’s house as soon as you got there. Hu Tao opened with a cheerful “Hello, welcome to Hu Tao’s–” only to stop when she saw you.
“Is Xiao here?” you asked, trying to smile. 
You looked like shit, but she nodded firmly, all humor gone from her face. “Yeah. Are you okay?”
“Never better.”
“Come in, come in. You look cold.”
You did as she said, remembering to take off your shoes as you entered. You hovered near the door, afraid to step farther into the house. There was already a puddle forming around your feet. Hu Tao disappeared around the corner, and just before you wondered if it would be better to leave, she came back with some towels, Xiao following closely on her heels.
“Xiao,” you gasped out, but before you could say anything else he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.
“What happened? Did someone hurt you?”
You buried your head into his shoulder, gripping the fabric of his shirt like a lifeline. 
“I’ll just leave these… here…” Hu Tao murmured, setting the towels on the floor, backing away. 
You wanted to thank her, but neither you nor Xiao could let go of each other. “I’m fine. I… I was just looking for you. I don’t know what you heard at the party, but–”
“You’re wet,” Xiao said abruptly, pulling back. He picked up one of the towels Hu Tao left, wrapping it around your shoulders. “Clean up first before you get sick. Then we can talk.” He grabbed your hand gently, guiding you down the hallway. You stopped in front of the bathroom, where Xiao hesitated. “You should shower. I’ll get you clean clothes. And I can wash the one you’re wearing.”
“Wait.” You clung to Xiao’s hand, refusing to let him leave. “I’m sorry. I need you to know that first. I-I’ve never thought of you as a horrible person.”
He squeezed your hand. “Even if you did, I wouldn’t blame you.”
“But I don’t.”
“Then it’s fine,” he said simply. “Clean off, first.”
In the bathroom, you turned on the water as hot as it would go, until the mirror above the sink clouded over and your wounds stung. You washed yourself as best as you could, with someone’s unfamiliar lavender scented shampoo. When you turned the water off, you discovered that someone had left behind towels, slippers and a pair of worn pajamas on the sink. Your old clothes were gone; probably thrown into the wash, as Xiao had said. You dried yourself, pulled on the new clothes, and padded out into the hallway. Xiao was leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
“Follow me.” He led you down the hall, around the corner, and up a creaky stairway. The door farthest from the stairs was ajar, and as you walked in, you realized it was Xiao’s old bedroom. There was only a bed, a desk, and a drawer; if not for his backpack and the computer on the desk, you would have doubted that someone lived there.
Xiao pointed at the bed, and you sat, sinking into the comforter. Once you did, Xiao went to one of the drawers and pulled out a first aid kit, kneeling in front of you to dab at your cuts with antiseptic.
“Thanks,” you said.
“So…” You tried not to fidget as Xiao carefully placed a bandage over your wound. “What happened?”
“You didn’t come home in time today.” When he was done, he sat next to you. He was short enough that his feet didn’t touch the ground. “You weren’t responding to my calls, so I asked Ganyu, and she told me you might be with your other friends. I asked around to see where they might have gone, and someone told me about the party, so I went.”
He had called you? “I didn’t see. Shit.”
“It doesn’t matter. I…” Silence. Xiao contemplated his next words as you chewed your lip. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” you asked in astonishment.
“For not telling you the truth. I didn’t want you to think of me like that, so I told Ganyu to hide it from you. But that was unfair of me.”
You shook your head. “No. I was a stranger, and it wasn’t my place to know. You should have been able to tell me about it on your own time, when you were ready.”
“Even if everything your friend said was true?” he said quietly. “I am dangerous, and you have the right to know. I got into fights a lot. Not because I wanted to, but to protect myself. It started when I fought off someone who was hurting my friend, but then he came back the next day with more people. And then, rumors spread. People started to seek me out, and I kept hitting back.”
“But it wasn’t your fault. You were just trying to protect yourself.”
He smiled bitterly. “Yes, but then my friends got involved. A few of them started to back me up in fights, and then one of them… died because of it. So I decided I had to leave. It was too dangerous, and I didn’t want to lose any of my other friends, or to get my family hurt.”
“Xiao…” There was nothing you could say to soothe the pain in his voice. So that was why he had been living on his own, and why there were only pictures of him when he was young at Zhongli’s house.
“My dad was Zhongli’s younger brother. He took me in when no one else would, but all I did was make him worry. I couldn’t repay him for what he did for me.”
“I don’t think Zhongli wants repayment,” you said quietly. “I think he just wants you to be happy.”
“For me to be happy…?” Xiao repeated. 
“Hey. If we’re apologizing, I need to do so again,” you said.
“Don’t. You didn’t do anything wrong–”
“I did,” you interrupted. “I shouldn’t have let my friends talk about you like that. But I shouldn’t have been friends with them in the first place. And… I’m not that great of a person, either. I… I also ran away from home. I just wanted to prove I could, I guess. That I could survive on my own, make something of myself. But I haven’t. My parents were… are… disappointed in me. I just wasn’t what they wanted.”
“You’re not your parents’ trophy,” Xiao said slowly. “You don’t have anything to prove to them.”
“You’re a good person, even if they can’t see that.”
“How can you know that?” you asked.
“Because you helped me.”
“In high school,” he clarified. “I guess you don’t remember after all.”
“What did I do?” You searched through your memories, but came up blank. If you had met someone like Xiao, you would never have forgotten it. 
“You gave me an umbrella,” he said. “When it was raining. You saw me without one, and ran up to me. You told me you liked the rain, so you were okay without one. I wanted to find you again, but Ganyu recognized the umbrella you gave me. Ever since then, I wanted to talk to you. But I had too many  enemies, and it was too risky, so I couldn’t approach you.”
Something clicked in your head as Xiao talked. The night you went to Zhongli’s house for hot pot… his cryptic words, and Ganyu’s strange behavior… You clapped your hands together. “No way! Xiao, did you buy my favorite snacks and ask Zhongli to give them to me?”
He flushed. “Who told you?”
You grinned at his reaction. “No one! I just figured it out. Did Ganyu tell you what sort of snacks I like?”
“... I used to ask her about you. And that was the only way I could think of to show my gratitude. Sorry.”
“Don’t apologize! It’s cute. I owe you, my snack knight,” you teased. 
“... Snack knight?”
“The snack knight is the protector of savory treats across the realm.”
Xiao started fidgeting with his fingers. “So, now that you know…”
“If you want to move out, I understand.”
“Huh? No way! I want to stay with you forever,” you said earnestly. 
At your words, Xiao’s face reddened. You could also feel your cheeks heating up as you realized what you just said. 
“Anyways!” you said hastily. “There’s a lot I need to do…oh, shit. I threw alcohol at Scaramouche’s face. I just remembered…”
“He said horrible things about you. It’s the least he deserves.”
Xiao leaned forward, resting his forehead against yours. “If you talk to him, let me come with you. I’ll keep you safe.”
You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck so you could pull him down onto the bed with you. “Okay. Sure. But I don’t want to deal with that right now. So…”
“Let’s nap a bit. I’m tired.”
“I’ll get you some blankets–”
“Whoa! No moving.” Your arms moved down to his waist so you could pull him closer. You didn’t miss how Xiao stiffened at the movement, or how he tried to hide his face. “Stay with me.”
“...If that’s what you want.”
“Oh, I want it. You know, other than Ganyu, I don’t think I’ve ever told someone so much about myself. You’re special to me, Xiao.”
“You’re special to me, too,” he said quietly.
You closed your eyes, curling against Xiao’s comforting warmth. There was still so much you had to do. You still needed to sort things out with your family and your friends… ex-family and ex-friends, you supposed. And there was college, and your job, and the horribly unpredictable future. But all you wanted to do was hold Xiao close as raindrops drummed on the roof. 
There would be a time for all of that later. Right here, right now, you were with Xiao, and that was all you needed.
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herwritingartcowboy · 18 hours
ive read your fics and i really love them oh god may i request a sub innocent xiao that's incredibly naive in terms of relationship so he's oblivious towards reader's flirting but he does find the reader attractive so he gets flustered from time to time but doesn't know why. the reader can see that xiao also likes them but is just oblivious so they made a move and gets extremely touchy with him and xiao starts reacting which is where the fun begins. it would be cool if xiao tries to deny reader at first but not because he doesn't want it but just because he's flustered and confused, so when reader tries backing away xiao would whine for them to continue
i just want a extremely whiny yet naive xiao its in my head 24/7 lmaoo
Thank you for liking my work.
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Character(s): Xiao
Warning(s): Smut, Sub Male, Dom Reader
Readers Gender: Gn
Tumblr media
It was fun teasing Xiao and the fun part was always on how he would push you away as he pouted looking as he blushed.
You always liked Xiao when you met him, for being strong and wise he can be very dumb which you do like pointing out.
And Xiao when he sees you he doesn't understand what he is feeling and if he should be feeling this.
And its so hard to ignore you when you are constantly near him 24/7.
But in the beginning you would only say teasing words to him but than your hands started to wander as you would hold Xiao hand as he would just pull it away from you as you laughed.
Or how you would message his shoulders and Xiao liked this but before he can get all comfortable he would remember what was happening, freak out than leave.
Soon Xiao started to avoid you it did hurt your feelings but you did understand so instead of be sad about it you tried to move on as every time you would try to talk to Xiao he would just leave.
But the reason why was because he was panicking as when you are near he feels comfortable, warm, just a nice feeling over all. But he thought you would come back but when you didn't he got worried. What if he ruined the one good thing going for him. Than when he thought about that he realizes that he was in love with you he just has to find a way to show you, to make it up to you.
You were just out the shower as you heard a knock at your door and when you saw Xiao you were surprised cause you thought he was still ignoring you. When Xiao saw you only in a towel it took all his might not just to look down at your body.
"What brings you here?" "I just wanted to apologize on how I've been acting towards you" "Oh well apology except" "But therr is more on what I have to say. I like you Y/n I didn't know than but I know now" "Well xiao I always had a feeling you did but why don't you come inside and we will talk".
There was a talk but now Xiao was grinding against you as he was whining for you to touch him. "Come on Xiao I want you to cum on my thigs" "B-but touche, feel you" "Cum first than ill touch you anywhere you want me two". With that Xiao started to rock his hips faster as he held onto your shoulders squeezing them hardee the closer he was. When he was about to cum you pulled him into a kiss as he moaned into you mouth as he came.
You pulled away leaving a trail of saliva behind making Xiao feel more hotter. You rubbed your hands up amd down his back with you leaving love bites on his neck and chest. Xiao wrapped his arms around you as can only whimper out your name trying to pull you closer to him. "Fuck Xiao you taste so fucking good", with that you bit hard into Xiao shoulder as he gasped as he felt like if you weren't holding him he would have already been on the ground and not your lap.
Xiao was lifting his legs up for you as you thrust into him with him moaning like a bitch in heat only to stop seeing the tears and saliva on his face with his reddish pink cheeks with the submissive lust filled eyes you couldn't ask for more.
"M-move again" "Magic word" "P-please" "Good boy", you went down as you kissed his lips as you thrusted your cock in his whole going faster by the minute and the more you go faster the more moans you will get out of him.
Xiao felt a knot in his stomach with you ready to cum. Before you could you pulled Xiao closer to your chest with you spilling your load all in his small whole with Xiao yelling out your name.
You laid next to Xiao as you held him close to you. "So that is how humans love each other" "One way yeah" "C-can we do all the ways" "Whatever you want".
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areislol · 14 hours
hi i ask if you could write genshin males or females babysitting klee or qiqi
xiao, dainsleif, diluc x reader
ft— xiao, dainsleif, diluc(+ klee and qiqi) warnings— nothing really, either than some mentions of some dead animals, not proof-read, rushed for dilucs part so it’s quite bad. a/n— pls don't mention how there's the "ft" characters and then another one on top... anyways, this idea is very adorable :) im not really good at writing for females although i've done them in the past so i didn't add any here, also zhongli will be in part 2(i decided to cut him out and add him in part 2) oh yes and also for dainsleif’s part, he isn’t babysitting qiqi or klee, just a random baby so keep that in mind! diluc and reader miiiight be dating, might.
recommend listening to: shinunoga e-wa, sped up(w headphones!!) + yume utsutsu - lamp + heaven knows im miserable now - the smiths(sped up)
Tumblr media
xiao x reader
xiao isn’t the type to babysit, at all. he has seen what babies are capable of, and he does not want anything to do with them.
sometimes xiao just thinks to himself, how could anybody in teyvat  be in a room or be anywhere with those things?!
and yes, xiao calls them, babies, things.
as i stated before, xiao isn’t the type to babysit. he just.. doesn’t find the fun in taking care of literal demons, and he’s too busy “purging” demons and such.
buuuut... when it comes to you.... he would do anything for you. EVEN BABYSIT THE BABY WITH/FOR YOU!!!
(you’re so lucky i envy you)
so basically, you was walking around liyue harbor when someone suddenly jumps in front of you, and the man introduces himself as baizhu. he explains to you that his little helper was sick and nobody would help him babysit her and he asked you if you would take the spot and you straight away say yes! baizhu was extremely grateful, he said that he ‘would repay you’ in mora, food or whatever you wanted.
you didn’t mind a bit of payment, you just wished him well and baizhu left to go somewhere.
now you’ve seen what babies are like. they wail, scream and refuse to eat whatever their mom(or parent) gave him. but they’re only a baby, are they meant act to like a grown up?
you were kind of afraid of taking care of this baby, like what if the baby grips onto your finger and squeeze the shit out of it?!?! and what’ll happen if they never let you go?!?!
you sigh before smacking your forehead with your hand, what were you going to do now? ...... ask for help?
that’s exactly what you’re going to do! ask someone for help, and who would that person be? it would be none other than... xiao.
you knew xiao wouldn’t turn down your offer/help, as he has never turned down anything you asked him. so off you went, skipping as you went to the wangshu inn.
you walked up the stairs and went to the balcony, a cold breeze hit your face, you felt relaxed and calm. you rested your arms on the railing and called out for xiao
“xia-” but before you could even say xiao’s name, he just appeared in front of you. arms crossed, while staring at you. but when his eye meets yours he quickly looks away, a dark red tint appears on his cheeks—which slowly appears on his ears. annnnd he fails to cover his blush.
you don’t understand why he hid his face upon eye contact so you move towards your left and take a peek to see xiao’s face but to no avail.
so you decide to walk towards him and you whisper to xiao “xiao? are you okay? you’re red. are you perhaps.. blushing??” you say. and xiao could swear he could just see you smirking, even if he couldn’t literally see you.
“i-im okay!! it’s just, a bit cold.” xiao mutters while covering his face with his hands. god, why did you have to be so cute?! you could barely make out what he said. you just smile and pry his hands away from his face, you reach to grab his chin softly and turn his head to look at you.
“you don’t have to hide your face from me~ you’re so cute! anyways, could you help me with something?” you say while looking everywhere BUT xiao. xiao was flustered from your act. but so were you. this was so not.. you. but you just felt so confident from his flustered state and decided to make a move which made your heart race as you and xiao’s face was only a few inches apart.
“uh, sure..” xiao says. he’s looking right at you, even though you aren’t looking back at him he still finds you flustered cute <3
but of course since you’re not looking at him you miss the soft look he has when staring at you, a faint smile appearing on his face. god and his EYES!!! hearts are appearing in his eyes.. replacing his pupils. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO HIMMM (*´□`)<
but anyways, after having to calm down a blushing xiao you both walked your way to your friend’s house, and occasionally your and xiao’s hand brushes against each other, and sometimes when you don’t feel it xiao’s just thankful that you didn’t notice and is just red as hell. but when you do notice, you turn your head to face xiao and you can clearly see xiao whip his head away as soon as he sees you looking at him.
and that just makes you smile <3 and you tease him for that!!
“xiaoo~ were you trying to hold hands with me?” you say while smirking cuz ur feeling confident today 💪 and xiao just REFUSES to face you, he just says “no..” softly and crosses his arms.
buuuuut the truth is, xiao does wants to hold hands with you. that’s why his hands is always inching closer to yours when walking but he alwaaays pulls away the second his hand touches yours.
but yes, you can finally see your friend’s house and you point over to where her house stood and grabbed xiao’s hand and just ran towards the house.
you walked towards your friend’s house while your hand is holding his, and you don’t even care about it, you just want this damn door to open up because it wasn’t contributing with you for some reason!
and you couldn’t see nor realize how poor xiao was blushing profusely.
you’re still struggling to open the door and xiao notices you struggling and decided to help you because.. it was kind of getting awkward...
xiao just puts his hands on top of yours to stop you from trying to open the door and possibly even breaking the door.
you stop and xiao just... grabs the key from you and slips it right into the keyhole, and after 3 hard turns, the door finally opens.
and you’re very grateful for xiao’s help, if it wasn’t for xiao it would’ve been the night already LMAO
anyways, you and xiao step inside of the house and the house interior was actually quite pleasing to see. it was clean and majority of the furniture's color was... green
(honestly what can we even say, he’s just a green lovin’ guy)
the house was relatively and the little girl(qiqi) was nowhere to be seen. you and xiao walk around a bit, careful not to knock anything down(that was mostly you) and try to find the little helper’s of his that was sick.
eventually you two would find her tucked in bed with a wet towel on her forehead. you and xiao made sure to walk slowly and not make a sound, so she didn’t wake up
thankfully, she didn’t wake up. you walked up to where qiqi slept and you touched the towel—it was cold.
you carefully grabbed the towel off her forehead and walk to where the bathroom was and it only took you around 10 seconds to find the bathroom. you turned on the tap to cold and let the water run through the towel, after you were done you squeezed out the water from the towel and walk over to where qiqi was
you carefully lay down the towel on top of qiqi’s forehead and you suddenly hear a small (relief) sigh. you smiled at the girl before turning to xiao who was just staring at you the whole entire time.
xiao really wanted to help you, you know? while seeing you walk over to the bathroom to do whatever he itched to just grab that towel from your hand and just say ‘let me do whatever you need to do, i want to help.’, he wanted to help you but as usual, he was too shy.
he just looked at you like a lost puppy, wanting to follow you around like one(hehe)
after staring at xiao you get up and walk over where xiao was(he was standing up against a wall and just staring at you <3) and you gestured for him to get down or just crouch down a bit
he looked at you confused but he could never say no to you, so he obliged. after a few seconds you started to pat his head and ruffle his hair and oh boy, xiao was blushing, a whole lot.
you noticed how sad looking xiao was and you knew that he loved it when you ruffled or patted his hair. he never told anyone(neither did you) and always refused to let you touch his hair but deep inside he absolutely loves it and craves it every. single. day. andddd he has been letting you touch his hair without making a fuss about it lately, weird isn’t it?
actually, he has been pestering you about this. about you touching his hair.
“when will you do that thing again?” “do it now... please?”
so yes, here you are patting his head while smiling cuz he’s so cute <3 and xiao’s just blushing and smiling like a mad man.
after a few minutes, you kind of stop patting his head because you feel like someone’s watching you. definenetly.
xiao just kind of bobs his head up, nudging you, basically telling you to keep going and you can tell that he’s pouting, you can see it although you can’t actually see him pouting.
you sigh and pat his head before turning around because you can’t just shake this feeling of someone staring at you off.
and that’s when you find who was staring at you. the little girl, qiqi
you stop in your tracks and stare at qiqi back, you laugh nervously and nudge xiao “xiao, qiqi is looking at usss” you say while smiling and not moving your mouth(through your teeth??).
xiao stops pouting and looks up at qiqi and screams internally. has she been watching us the whole time? did she see me....
xiao snaps out of his trance and clears his throat, he gets up and walks up to qiqi, “are you okay? head hurts or anything?” xiao asks while staring at her, cheeks still red from embarrassment but also from enjoyment.
“qiqi is okay... head hurts a bit..” qiqi says looking dazed and pointing to her head. xiao nods and looks at you, since xiao knew nothing about taking care of children(but he’s willing for you, like what if you and him have children together?!?!) and you nod back while going to the kitchen.
xiao slowly picked up qiqi, carrying her to the living room where you were and was very careful not to drop qiqi. you were looking around in the cabinets to find any headache medicine or pain killers and you finally found some.
you grabbed a cup and filled it with water from the sink, you walked over to where xiao and qiqi was, you shook qiqi slowly and she looked down at you, her eyes were quite droopy, maybe she was sleepy?
you decided to make this quick so that she could get her rest. you told her to open her mouth and she did. you popped one small pill in her mouth and gave her the cup to drink the water, xiao had to hold the cup to make sure that qiqi didn’t spill any water.
after qiqi succeeded in swallowing the pill and you told xiao to bring qiqi to her room and let her rest, xiao nodded and went to the room.
i feel like xiao would kind of be mean-ish to qiqi(because he’s not good with children) but when she looks hurt or looks like she’s about to tear up he just changes the way he talks and what he says. for example: “why are you not taking your medicine? it’s not even that big!” (that’s what she said)(IM JUST KIDDING PLS DONT CANCEL ME BC QIQI IS A CHILD AND I JUST SAID THAT JOKE)) and qiqi could just look down, obviously sad that xiao just kind of yelled at her
and then xiao notices her expressions and says “i-i mean! you’re a strong girl so you can obviously take it! right y/n? strong enough to be a yaksha like me, so uh, take the medicine alright?” and you nod. he’s just trying his best to not make qiqi or any child sad or cry.
xiao’s having a mini panic attack because he really does not want to see qiqi (or any child really) cry. aaaand he calms down when he sees that qiqi is fine and taking her medicine well although her face seems to scrunch up ever so often. 
(give him a pat on his back cuz he’s sulking right now)
moving on, xiao’s a little bit (very) overprotective, he won’t admit it though.
qiqi isn’t the one to walk around aimlessly and attract monsters and such(she started to avoid doing that since hutao was always on the lookout for her and practiclly followed where ever she went when she wasn’t with baizhu or others)
so xiao doesn’t really need to worry about qiqi’s safety, and yours too.
if qiqi somehow does wander away because she saw something interesting and you too, followed her because she needed to be safe, xiao would be F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G out.
(f-r-eeee-ak, f-r-eeee-ak 😩)
xiao’s running everywhere to find you both, frantically. and once he does find you two he scolds you and qiqi and tells you to “never do that again” and “don’t run off without telling me”. but it was really hard for xiao to raise his voice at you(and qiqi).
you and qiqi both apologize and xiao just sighs, forgiving you both.
the rest of the day was normal, you and xiao both took very good care of qiqi and fed her medicine when it was time.
xiao had to stay beside your and qiqi’s side the entire time cuzzz he doesn’t want you two running off again(but he trusts you both so it doesn’t really affect how he wants to stay by your side anyways)
when you and xiao are cooking dinner for qiqi, xiao tries to help out as much as possible. xiao isn’t a terrible cook but he still struggled with some of the basics so he mostly relies on you to cook. but if you are a terrible cook or a beginner you two try not to mess up the dinner.
but if you REAALLLYY suck then you might have to grab some cooking books or ask the grandma next door to help you both with the cooking.
but overall the dinner was actually really nice!! qiqi even said so.
and after a 30 minutes you put qiqi to bed. you really wanted to kiss her forehead and say goodnight but you didn’t know if that would make her uncomfortable or not so you just tucked her in and said goodnight.
once you close the door slowly and carefully you went over to xiao and thanked him.
“thank you for helping me with taking care of qiqi, without you i don’t think i would’ve lasted a day!” you say with your hands behind your back. xiao stares at you and you slowly but surely, see a pure red tint on his cheeks.
xiao turns his head where only you can see his (side)face covered by his hair, “no need to thank me.” xiao says bluntly.
you snicker before grabbing his arm and “hugging” it, you smile while unlocking the door and stepping outside, xiao following in your footsteps.
“xiao? were you blushing back then~” you say staring at him
he doesn’t look at you. only glancing at you out of the corner of his eye but quickly avert gaze once he realizes that you’re looking at him.
“no. i was not. you were seeing things” he says while avoiding eye contact with you. “was i really now?” you say.
“yes.” xiao replies, still avoiding eye contact.
he’s so stubborn, he’ll never change will he?
Tumblr media
dainsleif x reader
dain knows absolutely nothing about children, since he was the knight captain(in khaenri'ah) he had no time to take care of any child or even interact with any.
and dain still had no interactions with children, that was until now.
you were just minding your business, walking around the small shops in Mondstadt when you turn around and is suddenly face to face with someone you knew!
she was a stranger, yes, but you saw her often while roaming about in Mondstadt and you two would exchange smiles and waves. sometimes she would be carrying her child, sometimes not.
and on this particular day she was. she looked absolutely tired, droopy eyes, eye bags, an overall sad and tired look.
the moment you laid eyes on her you felt your hairs go up, was it her face that made you feel uneasy? or was it the child staring into your soul, mouth agape and a bit of drool coming out of his mouth that made you shiver?
(er, anyways,) you greet her and made sure that everything was okay, when she answered and said she was fine but needed a favor from you, you immediately perk up.
i mean, who wouldn’t? the poor lady looked absolutely stressed and exhausted
“i was hoping if you could maybe look after my child... just for today! you don’t have to say yes.” she says while bobbing the baby up and down, softly patting his back.
you stare at the mother and her baby, you weren’t sure if you could babysit this baby, you had no history of babysitting at all!! but the look on her face, the way her eyes were screaming “please say yes!!” made you agree
and boy was the mother in joy when you agreed, it made smile, even.
the mother carefully places the baby in your arms and you allow the mother to do so.
she kisses the babies’ forehead and was she relieved. she thanked you and walked away. and now you are stuck with a sleeping baby.
(what do you do now!?!?)
you had a mini heart attack but nobody noticed cuz.. would anyone really when you’re standing there, holding a baby awkwardly and with a face like this: :) ???
you snap out of your thoughts and collect yourself.
you decided to just walk around and wait until the baby awoke where you would i guess, do babysitting stuff and then return the baby to its’ mother, that was your plan until you thought of someone, someone who might just be able to help you.
you grin while thinking of the baby pulling dainsleif’s hair and him just.. taking it.
you giggle to yourself and turn around(now tell me why that sounds.. so... ew..), walking to stormterror’s lair. now yes, stormterror’s lair is dangerous and there are a whole bunch of hilichurls but that was one of the only places that you knew dainsleif frequented.
(so why not? 🤷)
when you arrive at stormterror’s lair you squinted to see if you could make out dainsleif’s figure but to no avail.
you sigh to yourself, i can’t believe im doing this right now..
annnddd after a few hours minutes walking(not running cuz u still got that baby with you) around and trying to find dainsleif you FINALLY find him, literally standing up and looking at... nothing.
(he was staring at the flowers growing out of the ground okay?!?!)
you yell out his name, waving your hands to grab his attention, while speed walking towards him and it worked! although you just screamng his name woul’ve been enough.
dainsleif sees something in your arms but he can’t quite make of what it is. was it a basket of food? flowers? dainsleif squinted but he still coudln’t see anything.
dain turned his head around just to be immediately met with your face, which scared him.
(im just kidding y’all..)
dain turned his head around and sees you speed walking towards him, waving your hands like maniac and screaming out his name
you’re just screaming out his name and his face is just literally nonchalant and in his head he’s just saying “i can hear you. no need to yell 😒 ”
but once you’re right in front of him he’s just immediately questioning you, “are you okay? did something happen?” “you didn’t... do something to kaeya again.. did you?”
you’re panting and putting your palm up as a sign to let you talk and give you a minute, when you jut up and look at dainsleif with a “really?” type of face, did he really just assume that you did something bad to kaeya again?!
anyways, you shake your head and take a deep breath before speaking, “no, i didn’t do anything. but i do need your help, could you maybe like...” dainsleif’s just nodding his head and waiting for your answer, “help me babysit this.. baby?” you say while smiling awkwardly while holding the baby up to show him the child.
dainsleif’s just looking back and fourth between you and the baby you’re holding
honestly, he does not know what to say. what do you even say in this situation(for someone who has never even held a baby before)?
now you’re taking second thoughts. i mean, what were you thinking? of course he isn’t going to help you!(not in a bad way)
you sigh in defeat and you’re just about to turn around and walk back to wherever(and walk very slooowwwly so that dainsleif feels bad for you) when all of the sudden dainsleif grabs your arm, which obviously stops you from almost walking away.
“ill help. i just don’t know.. how to babysit.” dainsleif mutters while looking at anything but you.
you smile softly and put your hand over his, “it’s fine, we can do this together, ‘kay?”
dainsleif.exe has stopped working
yes, dainsleif froze and you can’t really catch his attention, no matter how hard you try. waving your hands, jumping while doing so and so much more but he will just not budge.
but afterwards you do manage to catch his attention annnd you two are now off <3(you two are holding hands btw, you skipping and dainsleif is just walking but being pulled by you, and when you turn around all you can see is a grumpy face but what you really dont see is that faint smile appearing. oh and when you turn back around he’s smiling like a mad man but he doesn’t really care if anybody sees it. 🤭)
fast forward. you and dainsleif are finally at town. and everyone is giving you two weird looks, mainly looking at dainsleif.
he was literally quite wearing something so... extraordinary and unique. he was definenetly the elephant in the room(town??)
dainsleif stood there awkwardly while still holding your hand, you on the other hand didn’t even notice the stares, too focused on what to do now
where should we stay? what do we feed the baby? at exactly what time will the woman be coming back?
you shake your head to get rid of all the thoughts. “dainsleif, lets go to uhm, my place yeah?” you say, looking at dainsleif sheepishly.
dainsleif nods, you tighten your hold on dainsleif and you two start to make a move on.
you felt embarrassed. embarrassed for having to walk to the town and then going back to your home which was a 10-15 minute walk.
(you basically went there for nothing!!!)
you sigh, looking down at your feet, subconsciously squeezing dainsleifs’ hand.
dainsleif turns his head and looks at you, he cocks his head. “you alright y/n?”
“yea im fine. im just..” dainsleif silently and patiently waits for you to finish your sentence
“im sorry for bringing you to the town and then you know.. going back.” you say shyly, turning your head away to avoid looking at dainsleif but you could still feel his gaze on you. and that made you even more flustered.
dainsleif chuckles, “it’s fine, i don’t understand why you’re so upset about it. but really, it’s fine” he says softly.
still avoiding eye contact, you nod
and after a few minutes you two finally arrive at your home, you open the door and step inside, dainsleif following you.
“make yourself at home, as always” you mutter, taking off your shoes and moving towards your room.
dainsleif does the same, only does he walk around your lounge room and plop down on your couch.
he sighs and puts his head back, his head perfectly resting on the back of the couch.
you were in your room, carefully setting the baby down, you quickly walk over to where dainsleif was and gestured for him to come with you.
“dainsleif! come!” you whispered, dainsleif opens one of his eyes and gets up almost immediately
he follows you to your room and is worried, only a little bit(since you weren’t screaming hysterically or anything), once you both were in your room he asks “is everything alright?” to which you reply “yea, just wanted you here with me, don’t like being alone you know?”
dainsleif.exe has stopped working #2
anyways, lets get to the babysitting part.
so let me just fill you in some background info, now he, dainsleif is not a professional babysitter so he doesn’t know how to deal with this... or know what to do.
he has never held a baby, took care of one, BASICALLY NEVER INTERACTED WITH ONE
so this is his first time and he’s not the best at babysitting, i’ll say that.
but babysitting with you sparked something in him that he never knew he’d ever feel.
(wanting to have a family with you but... you do know how babies are made right? 🙈 *hint hint to maybe a smut fic*)
and oh boy, seeing you with this baby, seeing you taking care the baby, seeing you worry and getting distressed when the baby almost falls over brings out his caring side, a loving and nurturing side.
(lmao dad instincts, although he isn’t one... yet.
(someone pls request me father! genshin men?? *hint hint*)
now he isn’t particularly good with children, but he tries his very best!!
he’s quite awkward when holding the baby. literally like this.
but after a few tries and examples from you he finally gets the hold of it
and he will literally ask you if he could hold the baby again, and again.
helps you cook!! he knows so many dishes, many from Khaenri'ah, although some of the ingredients remain, majority of them have vanished due to... you know.
you have to teach him how to spoon feed the baby, otherwise he’ll just be (nicely) shoving the spoon into the babys’ mouth.
dainsleif will be eyeing you and the baby like a hawk. and goes into a full on protective dad mode when you and the baby goes outside.
he’ll be either glued right by your side or watching you from maybe a few feet away. he will not go more than 3 feet.
and when you make flower crowns for dainsleif and the baby he can’t help but feel like tearing up, he wants to experience this feeling with you forever.
he really just wants a family, a family where he can take care of them and protect them, give them all his love and teach them things that are not taught in this era. sing them Khaenri'a(h)n lullabies that his mother had sung to him when he was still young.
oh how he longed for that.
(but that’s okay!! your wish is my command.)
dainsleif is always staring at you lovingly, whenever and where ever. just like when you were making the flower crowns.
the baby gripping on your clothes and making weird, babbling sounds
your brows furrowed, you were concentrating hard. but it’s really hard to when someone is staring at you so deeply.
dain’s pupils are practically heart-shaped now.
but his trance was soon cut off when you yell his name, once he finally comes back to reality he sees you walking over to him while holding the baby
you sit down beside him, you put the baby down in between you and dainsleif and place the flower crown on his head and once you set it down nicely, you scooch backwards to see your masterpiece and wow, how handsome dainsleif looks <3
you’re in awe when you see him touch the flower crown carefully, he looks so cute(damn, hand in marriage please?)
once it starts to get dark, dainsleif is quick to bring you and the baby inside and close the door shut.
you decide that it’s time to shower and you hand the baby over to dainsleif, you and him being careful not to drop the baby.
“what do i do?” “you just.. hold it, play with it! it’ll be quick.”
dain nods and moves to the couch, sitting down on the couch he holds the baby up to where the babys’ face is on the same level as dain’s.
his brow furrows, this baby.. is so cute.
looking right and left he makes sure that nobody is watching him and in a heartbeat he pulls the baby to his chest, hugging him.
dainsleif sighs, the baby was so soft, and so huggable..
(dain wishes to hold and hug the baby forever!)
while still hugging the bay, you have already finished showering and step out of the bathroom, you hair still a bit wet.
you walk over to where the lounge room was and see dainsleif holdng the baby close, your heart melted at the sight.
you smile while walking over to dainsleif, where you passed him and sat down right beside him, dainsleif could sense your presence and immediately stopped hugging the baby.
he coughs and looks over at you who is raising and eyebrow while smirking.
dainsleif turns red and turns his head away in attempt of hiding his blush.
you laugh while grabbing the baby who was now sucking its’ thumb, you poke its’ cheek and look at dainsleif who was now looking right back at you.
“cute, isn’t he?” “mhm.. very.” suddenly you remember that you have to wash the baby and got up, dainsleif is a bit stunned by this but he quickly calms down after you say that “you need to wash the baby”
after washing the baby, you dry him and put his clothes on(the one he wore today you’d have to tell the woman to change his clothes asap)
you grab the baby and hold him, you walk to the living room, but you don’t see dainsleif. you furrow your brows, wasn’t he just there though?
you then walk over to your room to where you see dainsleif curled up in your room, you smile gently and walk over to dainsleif, you and the baby yawn. you blink your eyes lazily and put the baby on the bed right next to dainsleif, pulling the covers over dainsleif and the baby, you closed the lights and slept right beside the baby.
you look at dainsleif who was now sound asleep, you smile again, you notice that one of his arms was near his head which was not far away from you.
you decide to hold his hand, while sleeping. you put your hand over his and hold his hand, you close your eyes and feel that the grip has tighten.
you and dainsleif both went to sleep with a smile on your face.
(oh and the woman came up yesterday to pick up the baby and thanked you both. you and dainsleif said your “no worries” and closed the door. and you kissed dainsleif on the cheek which froze him. dainsleif.exe has stopped one again. you giggle and grab his arm, “c’mon, lets go”)
Tumblr media
diluc x reader
i think we all know that klee absolutely despises diluc.
like have you seen and heard what she thinks about diluc??
but other than that i think they’re both fine, either than klee literally refusing to even stand right NEXT to him, like if you grab her and plop her right next to diluc for whatever reason(photos or something) she’ll be out in the speed of light, one blink and she’s gone, just like that.
and diluc just stands there and takes it, no, he ALWAYS takes it.
no matter how hard klee hits(a small smack) him or how much she avoids him, eyes him, anything, he’ll always take it.
just stands there, sits there looking like nothing’s happening like R U OKAY BABE??
anyways... you’re sitting down on a stool in Angel’s Share, cheek resting on your palm watching diluc cleaning up the glasses and cups.
it was quiet, no customers were around, no hearing any gossips and rumours, just pure silence.
just you and diluc. you(and diluc) always cherished moments like this, no one in the tavern, hearing the crickets coming from outside, the dim lights, hearing the children’s mother call their children to come back into the house and of course the wind.
it was such a pleasant sound, along with feeling
the wind seeping through the opening of the door, it was a nice cold feeling.
alright now were getting off track.
so while diluc is fixing up the bottles of wine and placing the cups into their racks you clear your throat which catches diluc’s attention, he turns around and raises his eyebrow as if waiting for you to talk
(as you literally just cleared your throat which means you wanted to speak or say something...)
you look up at him and smile sheepishly, “can we go home now?”
diluc sighs and looks at his (non-existent) watch “suppose so.”
the walk back was quite nice actually, no uncomfortable silence or anything.
must’ve been how you kept on asking him out of pocket questions to ease the tension!
fast forward, you two reach each others home and you both sigh in relief, it was a long walk back.
diluc unlocked the house and stepped inside, you following right behind him.
taking of your shoes you and diluc went separate ways, diluc went to his room to do his work, supposedly writing letters and inviting special quests and so so.
you, immediately went to the shower. you felt extremely dirty with the clothes you were wearing, just a t-shirt and some pants(or whatever you desire) was enough to make you feel all sweaty and eugh.
taking a shower was one of the best things that has happened to you today. you always took a shower but one this felt different, no idea why though.
after the shower you dried yourself off and put your pjs on, walking out the room you walked over to where you and diluc slept, if you were thinking that diluc would be in bed, you were wrong.
the bed was still made, no person in it with the covers over them messily. you pouted while taking your slippers off, guess you’re going to sleep alone tonight.
plopping down on your bed dramatically you pulled the covers over your lower face, your heart ached. it has been the fourth time this week where diluc did not sleep with you, rather, he was doing his work, which is understandable but really? the fourth time?
you switched the lamp off and closed your eyes, hoping that tomorrow morning you’ll feel someone's arm holding you in tightly, not letting you go.
after a few hours diluc finally finished all his work. he stood up from his chair and stretched, he stopped suddenly, it was quiet. diluc tried to listen to any sound, any voices of you but to no avail.
did she go to sleep already?
diluc opened the door, stepping out of it he felt a gush of cold wind, he shuddered.
a warm shower would be nice now.
diluc walked up the stairs, going inside the room that you both share he finds your figure laying peacefully on the bed (snoring or not).
he softly smiles, walking over to you he kneels down to face your face, “im sorry y/n. please forgive me.” he whispers before kissing you on your forehead.
diluc gets up and walks over to your shared wardrobe and gets out his pjs, but before he leaves he quickly kneels down again and kisses you on the lips. “love you.”
after closing the door he makes his way to the shower and does his thing.
once done showering he makes to slowly and as quietly as he could, walk over to your shared bedroom, opening the door slowly he steps inside and makes his way over to the bed.
he stops to admire your sleeping face, and then just goes to the other side, slips into bed and turns to face your back.
and he’s so disappointed that he can’t see your face but that’s okay.
he kisses your jaw and murmurs another “i love you” before wrapping an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.
and while falling asleep he has a smile on his face <3
(so many ily’s i swear he’s so cuteee :( )
anyways, in the morning you and diluc are eating breakfast on the table when adelinde knocks on the wall and comes into the room where she announces that someone was outside wanting to talk to you.
raising your eyebrow you put down your utensils and look at diluc who is also, raising an eyebrow.
you get up from your chair, you nod at adelinde as she escorts you towards the door, diluc was following your figure, curious of who this person was and why they wanted to meet you.
on your way out of the house, once at the door you find yourself facing an older woman, no older than 30.
she was holding a child, presumably hers
“hello, you called for me?” you asked, “yes! y/n right? i was wondering if you could take care of my precious c/n over here..” she murmurs while looking down, smiling at the child
your eyes follow hers, you wondered “why would she want me to look after her child? it’s not like i put up a poster or ad..”
she must’ve known what you were thinking because the second you looked up, she was staring right back at you
“well.. nobody would help me.. not even my own family. a few people told me to go find a person named y/n, you. of course! you don’t have to agree.. but it would such a miracle is you agreed!”
staring at the woman, you gulped.
without thinking you muttered a “sure” and the second you said that the woman placed the baby in your arms, waved at you and said goodbye.
just then diluc came up behind you and tapped you on your shoulder, before he could ask anything he spotted the baby in your arms.
adelinde moved out of the way and left
“uhh, so basically...” you start while bobbing the baby up and down as it started to choke on its sobs.
you told diluc the whole story and he’s just standing there, taking in the information your spilling out of your mouth
“well.. what do we do now?” he says
(timeskip cuz)
walking around the plaza was quite nice, everyone was eyeing you and diluc down like you two were husband and wife(not really a bad thing...)
you and diluc took turns holding the baby but the baby liked to be held by diluc as he (reluctantly) let the baby play with his hair
but yes. people were looking at you and diluc and you were starting to feel uncomfortable due to all the stares you(and diluc) were earning.
diluc took notice of that and decided to go to a secluded place, well, a place where no people went really.
sitting down on the steps, you sighed heavily.
“would you like me to hold the baby?” “yes please.”
diluc carefully grabbed the baby from your arms and held it, once again letting the baby play and yank his hair
suddenly, a red clothed girl is suddenly in your sight
“klee?” you ask, standing up to see if it was really her
i mean, who are you kidding? who else would be a small little elf and wear a bright red dress? the one and only klee obvi!!
“klee is here!! i missed you so much y/n!! and-” before she could even run up to you and squeeze the living hell out of you she stops when noticing diluc.
“oh... maybe klee will just go now..” she says bitterly while turning around and proceeding to walk a couple steps before being stopped by you
“no klee- please, it’s just diluc and me! aaand a baby. would you like to see her?” you say while placing a hand on her shoulder, klee then turns around and happily replies with you “yes!”
running towards diluc(reluctantly, and with you urging her too), she points at the child in dilucs hand, diluc kneels down and shows her the child who is still playing with diluc’s hair.
klees eyes sparkled, klee must really like babies huh?
“eeee!” she shrieks and starts to pull the childs cheek, strangely she doesn’t cry.
you kneel down next to klee and smile, it was nice seeing her act so happy. well she was but only when she was bombing places or something related to that.
diluc was also a bit happy(he would never admit that though) as klee didn’t run away from him or give him the dirties, although she.. a little bit though!
anyways, the rest of the day was klee just talking to the child and trying to teach them how to “bomb lakes for fried fish” but obviously you and diluc don’t allow her.
but basically the whole day was you and diluc babysitting both klee and the child
and at the end of the day you two are tired as hell, you two chasing down klee, trying to prevent klee from starting any trouble or bombing any place.
i can just imagine you, holding the baby, and diluc running and reaching out to klee when she pulls out one of her bombs and prepares to throw it in a lake
(just tryna make you see some vivid images!! ykyk)
and klee just basically spent all of diluc’s mora on food. “y/n! can we get that pleaasee?? pretty please??” she asks while swaying side to side and giving you those cute, and darn adorable puppy dog eyes.
even when you and diluc are tired and your legs are both not working she’ll be dragging you to some place she found.
and of course you both didn’t mind(a bit), she was a child after all. adventurous, curious, all of those stuff.
but of course you had to care for the child too.
sometimes klee would offer to take care of them but you and diluc would always firmly say “no.”
she was too young and with her energetic-ness it could scare the child.
although you and diluc would feel bad when she said “no” slowly and sadly while turning away, sulking. but there was nothing you could do!
well.. maybe..
so you two decided to let her hold the child!! and she was, so so happy.
“i’ve always wanted a little sister!! she’s so cute!” she yelled excitedly when being handed the baby.
at the end of the day, you, diluc, the child and klee are all resting together in his house.
you and diluc are sitting down, your head on his shoulder while he’s holding the child, klee sitting in your lap and her hands holding the childs.
such a domestic sight <3
but really, babysitting both the child and klee was over all exhausting. the child crying and screaming when it didnt get fed at a specific time, klee dragging you and diluc to places and you two trying to stop her from releasing her bombs
while it was overwhelming, you two still enjoyed it at the end of the day.
(at the end the woman comes to pick up her child and thanks you two, giving you 1000 mora as a thank you gift. klee goes back to where ever she goes, and... by a miracle, klee says goodbye to diluc!! which is a start!! diluc is shocked when she says goodbye, first time ikik, and you just smile softly at him, kissing his cheek before going up to shower, with him snapping back to realty and him smiling like a mad man before coming up to get you. then they lived happily ever after.)
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