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Google Maps is a web mapping platform and customer application offered by Google. Google Maps offers satellite symbolism, flying photography, road maps, 360° intuitive, all-encompassing perspectives on roads, constant traffic conditions, and course getting ready for walking, vehicle, air, and public transportation.
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Top Reasons to Buy Apple MacBook M1 Pro
You can purchase the new 14 and 16-inch Macbook M1 Pro laptops. The MacBook M1 Pro has a processor that represents a new pathway for these laptops. The laptops have exceptional performance, durable battery life, and a bright display. These improvements are worth pointing out. Here are a few reasons to upgrade or purchase a new MacBook M1 Pro laptop.
LED Display
The Liquid Retina XDR display provides vibrant, sharp, and clear images. The colors feel like popping off the screen during a 4K HDR movie.  The display also offers a 120 Hz refresh rate. As a result, you will also get smooth action scenes during the movie night.
The LED screen emits up to 1600 nits which are also quite bright. The maximum brightness is up to 1600 nits. It also provides better graphic-intensive tasks.
It has every kind of port that you want to use in the MacBook M1 Pro. Previous MacBooks only had USB-C ports. You will also get the MagSafe charging port. It attaches the charging cord magnetically.
The MacBook M1 Pro laptop also has three thunderbolt ports, a headphone jack, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port. The SD card reader is essential to transfer photos.
It acts like a beast when you talk about the performance. You can perform multitasking without any lag. The AAA titles games run smoothly. You can get up to 32 GB of RAM in the 14-inch Macbook M1 Pro device.
The multi-core performance provides the best score during benchmark testing. The laptop is a sure winner in terms of performance. It is faster than the Intel processors and offers a much better battery life.
The laptop also offers more RAM and Storage. It has new SSD models, and the SSDs are two times faster than the previous generation. You will also get up to 7.4 GB/s read speed.
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Meeting and video conferencing became an essential tool for working professionals. The new MacBook M1 Pro comes with a 1080p camera setup. You will also get clear and bright images with more details.
The 1080p webcam will provide the best look during chat and work meetings.
Battery Life
The 14-inch MacBook M1 Pro laptop provides an impressive battery life. It would help if you had a long-lasting laptop to work from home. It can offer you 12 to 14 hours of battery life if you work on a web browser. The battery life in the MacBook M1 Pro is also enough for an entire day.
Other Reasons to buy the MacBook M1 Pro:
There are several other reasons to purchase the MacBook M1 Pro:
Upgraded Keyboard.
Better Audio Output.
Great Form Factor.
Fast Charging Support.
Connectivity Ports.
Powerful Processors.
Increased Storage and RAM options.
MacBook M1 Pro is a next-generation laptop from Apple. It also includes a vibrant display, thinner bezels, fast performance, and more. If you are willing to expanse money, getting a working laptop with serious performance is the best option.
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Source: https://offers1webroot.com/blog/top-reasons-to-buy-apple-macbook-m1-pro
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Earbuds 2 Lite Review: Honor’s Best Value to Date
Honor’s latest product is the Earbuds 2 Lite in-ear wireless buds. Though they look similar to Apple’s AirPods, they are far less expensive and have longer battery life. On August 7, the earbuds will be available in the United Kingdom. Here’s a full review to help you figure out if they’re perfect for you.
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Price & Availability
The buds are now only available in Europe, with a price of €69.90. They went on sale on the Honor website and Amazon UK on August 7th and became available worldwide on August 5th.
These buds are Honor’s best value to date, and in comparison to competitors, they’re pretty competitive. If you’re looking for something similar, the OnePlus Buds Z costs around the same but has an IP55 rating, but with limited touch controls.
Specs & Features
The Honor EarBuds 2 Lite supports AAC and SBC and uses Bluetooth 5.2. The latter is a disappointment, as aptX would have greatly improved sound quality for Android users.
One for ANC, one for phone calls, and one for the Awareness Mode, each bud features two microphones. Each bud is equipped with a 55mAh lithium-ion battery. The enclosure includes a 410mAh battery. The Earbuds 2 Lite, according to Honor, may last up to 32 hours if you use the case in between uses and don’t utilize ANC or Awareness Mode all the time.
They also charge quickly: a full charge takes around an hour for the bud and an hour and a half for the charging case and a ten-minute charge can provide up to four hours of use.
There’s also wear detection, which means that when you take an earbud out, your media will pause. This is a useful feature because it eliminates the need to manually do this – albeit it may be inconvenient if you want to take one bud in and out repeatedly. However, you can turn it off in the AI Life app.
The Honor Earbuds 2 Lite includes a rectangular casing with a USB-C connector on the bottom and a physical key on the side that is used to connect to new devices. There is no wireless charging, as expected, but Honor includes a 5V/3A cable in the retail package.
Taking the buds out of the casing reveals that they resemble the Huawei Freebuds 4i, despite the fact that the two firms are no longer affiliated, at least in principle. After additional study, we discovered that they are not simply lookalikes, but identical to the millimeter.
The way the earbuds fit into the casing isn’t as good as it could be. Both firms employ a bottom-mounted magnet to guide the stem into its slot, but Honor’s placement feels strange, with the bud facing the user and the stem being further away.
Because there is no easy way to transfer the bud from the ear into the case with a single motion of the hand, it would require a lot of practice and muscle memory to adapt.
At the very least, the Earbuds 2 Lite are incredibly comfortable in the ear when used with the appropriate rubber tips. They contain a touch sensor on the outside for gestures, as well as plenty of microphones to guarantee that calls are smooth on both ends.
The way the earbuds fit into the casing isn’t as good as it could be. Both firms employ a bottom-mounted magnet to guide the stem into its slot, but Honor’s placement feels strange, with the bud facing the user and the stem being further away.
The inward-facing microphone also has a sensor that recognizes when one of the buds is removed and pauses music or video.
Sound Quality
The buds include 10mm ‘customized’ drivers, but when using Android phones or other devices, there is no support for the higher-quality aptX codec. Because there is no license charge for Apple devices, AAC is used instead of aptX, making the Earbuds 2 Lite less expensive.
On the other side, the sound quality is superb. Even when the volume is turned down, the highs, lows, and mids are all well balanced. The bass levels, for example, aren’t quite as strong and effective as on the Sony WF-XB700. Listening to electronic or rock music, on the other hand, is still enjoyable.
Active noise cancellation is one of the standout features and one that you wouldn’t anticipate at this price. It’s also extremely effective. When ANC is turned on, there is a perceptible difference when strolling down a busy road. The background noise has been subdued to the point where you feel completely immersed in what you’re listening to. The silicone tips block a lot of noise, so there’s already a lot of noise isolation.
You can totally off the ANC, and there’s also an Awareness Mode that activates microphones on the outsides of the buds to allow noise to pass through. This allows you to carry on a discussion without having to remove your earphones, such as when getting coffee.
If you’re listening to anything like a podcast, this works fairly well. However, if you’re listening to music, keep the volume below 50% so you can hear what others are saying. Of course, the ideal approach is to pause whatever you’re listening to.
The buds are compatible with Huawei’s AI Life app, according to the instructions, but still pairing them with it took longer than usual. There was no option to change the EQ or any other settings as a result. This has been seen before with early samples, and you should be able to use them with the app by the time they launch.
The microphones function in unison with a fancy-sounding DNN (Deep Neutral Network) and Dual Anti-Wind Technology. This is supposed to improve the quality of voice calls even while it’s raining outside.
The battery is another excellent point of the Earbuds 2 Lite. Each bud has a 55 mAh battery, with the case adding another 410 mAh. The honor determines a total battery life of 32 hours of listening time. Of course, this does not account for the time it takes for the buds to recharge while in this situation. The buds charge quickly, and the case may charge quickly as well, assuming the cable is paired with the suitable adaptor.
Turning on the ANC and boosting the volume will reduce battery life, but even with everything turned on, we still get over 4 hours of auditory enjoyment. Recharging is also quick; based on our experience and testing many TWS earbuds, we recommend charging the case anytime you have a chance, rather than consuming the entire battery life and then struggling to find an outlet.
If you don’t want to spend the money on ANC, the Honor EarBuds 2 Lite is a good option for genuinely wireless earphones. The music quality is excellent, the headphones are easy to use, and the battery life is exceptional – far exceeding that of many flagship models. The absence of an IP rating, relatively sensitive touch controls, and lack of compatibility for aptX or HD codecs are the only drawbacks. However, at such a low cost, these flaws can be overlooked.
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Source: Earbuds 2 Lite Review: Honor’s Best Value to Date
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Data brokers are those who collect the personal information about the user and after that, sell that data or information to other companies. The information which data brokers collect includes everything and also your personal interests etc.In this video, the user will learn how they can protect their personal information from data brokers.
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How to See and Manage Linked Devices in Signal
Signal messaging app is secured and takes user’s privacy seriously. Signal app is currently available for smartphone devices, but if you wish to access the same account on your tablet or PC, then you have to follow some simple steps. By default, Signal app receives messages on smartphones, but after connecting an additional device with the Signal app, you can receive messages on the connected device and smartphone as well.
How to Check Linked Devices
To access the Signal for messaging, you must register your mobile number in it. Once you sign in to the Singal, you can link an additional device with a similar account. You can link your Windows, macOS, Linux or iPad.
Always remember that you can use your Signal account on only one smartphone device at a time, but you’re allowed to link five different laptops and tablets. So basically, your primacy device will be an iPhone or Android at a time. In case you want to switch your account from iPhone to Android or vice versa, you have to register your Signal account once again. 
If you have linked multiple devices, or wish to add more devices, so just open your Signal on your primary device. Click on your Profile icon, and press on the Linked Devices option. In the linked devices section, you’ll see all linked devices, but if the limit is not reached yet, press the Plus icon or Link New Device option. You can link another device by scanning a QR code. 
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Deactivate Linked Devices on Signal App
The primary device of the Signal account can link and unlink the connected devices. To unlink your linked devices, you must open the list of linked devices first by tapping on the Profile icon. Click the Linked Devices option. In the Linked Devices tab, you’ll see all linked devices. Now swipe left from right and press the Unlink option. Press the Unlink button once again to confirm the command.
After unlink a device, if you try to send a message from it, then you’ll receive a warning message to re-link your to send and receive messages.
Always remember that once you unlink any device from your Signal account, its chat history will get removed from that device too, and can only be brought back by re-link the device.
Signal is currently a trending app. After the privacy controversy of WhatsApp, Signal was suggested by several powerful people of the world including Elon Musk. People heard Elon and switched to Signal in no time. Indeed, Signal has more privacy features than WhatsApp which is now helping it grow faster.
Source: https://davissoftwarehelp.wordpress.com/2021/04/14/how-to-see-and-manage-linked-devices-in-signal/
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Webroot is not an ordinary security program as many users think it, but it is far beyond a typical antivirus. It has computer performance optimization as well as cybersecurity features, making it more than just a standard protection suite.
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