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How to Share Files and Printers without HomeGroup on Windows 10?
 The HomeGroup function on Windows 10 lets you share the files and resources on a small network with other users. Using HomeGroup, you can share docs, media, images, printers, and many more. However, HomeGroup is no longer available on Windows. Still, you can use many other options to share your files and other documents. To know about these options, follow this article and read it carefully.
Use Share Feature to Send Files on Windows 10
The users who want to use the Share feature to send files on Windows 10 can follow the below-written directions.
Navigate to the File Explorer on your system.
After that, find the folder wherever the file you would like to share.
You should choose more than one file you would like to share.
Then you should share several files by holding down the Control button over the keyboard while selecting files.
Later, select the ‘Share’ section.
Now, pick the ‘Share’ option.
Finally, choose the application that you would like to share the file through.
You have to pursue any additional steps given.
Now, the file will be shared.
Using OneDrive on Windows 10
The users keen to use OneDrive on Windows 10 can pursue the directions given below.
Reach the File Explorer on the PC.
After that, go to the OneDrive folder wherever the files you would like to share are situated.
Then select the file and right-click on it you would like to share.
After that, click on the ‘Share a OneDrive link’ option.
You will see a link to the file that will be made and put on the clipboard.
 Paste then share the link via the preferred service like mail.
Later, the file will be shared.
Now, you should reach the file, right-click on it, and choose ‘More OneDrive sharing options’ to set up expiration passwords, date and edit access, etc.
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Turn on Network Discovery and Sharing Options on Windows 10
Users who want to turn on Network Discovery and share options on Windows 10 can use these directions.
You should select the Start key on the taskbar.
After that, choose the Settings icon to invoke the Settings.
Then select the ‘Network and Internet’ option on the Settings screen.
Go to the ‘Sharing options.’
You will see an advanced sharing screen.
Beneath the ‘Private’ tab, select the ‘radio button’ for ‘Turn on Network discovery.’
Don’t forget to mark the ‘Turn on automatic setup of networked connected devices’ box.
You should enable the ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’ button.
Additionally, extend the block of ‘All Networks.’
You should alternatively enable the ‘public folder sharing’ whether you would like people on the home network to be capable of reaching or changing the standard public folders.
Also, you should select the ‘enable the password protected sharing’ option whether you require it.
Then choose the ‘Save changes’ option.
Now, the Network Discovery will be turned on.
Then pursue similar instructions on every PC on the local network.
Each system on the network will show into the ‘Network’ tab of the File Explorer.
So, go through these steps given in this blog and share files and printers without HomeGroup on Windows 10.
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Must See - If DNS Server Not Responding on Window 10! Youtube
Www.Office.Com/setup 2019 - If “DNS Server not responding” then it will not allow you to access the internet. In this blog post, we’ll explain what the “DNS Server Not Responding” message means and some method to fix this problem.
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In light of the fact that you need to capitalize on the core of your system, you need components with the most recent tech. You’ll need to search for the best X570 motherboard to oblige that AMD goodness.
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How to Make a FaceTime Call On Your Apple Watch?
Apple has always been known as a big brand that designs the finest products. All of its devices are most loved and popular among millions of users all over the world. iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices are commonly used Apple products worldwide.
Along with this, Apple Watches are also the most preferred and widely used products of this company. All of the Apple gadgets come with various excellent features that provide their users with the best experience.
 And using these devices is also pretty easy and convenient for anyone. iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple smartwatch come with some pre-installed applications that anyone can easily access. For instance, FaceTime is a video and audio calling app that you can find on all Apple devices. Using this app is also straightforward for all Apple device users.
Most Apple device users often use the FaceTime app to make video calls as it is a great way to stay closely connected to their loved ones. However, on an Apple Watch, one can only place FaceTime audio calls.
And this is because these smartwatches do not have an inbuilt camera. Apple smartwatch comes with a high-quality speaker and a microphone that provides you with a great audio calling experience.
If you are a new user of an Apple Watch, you must be wondering how you can use FaceTime on your device?
If you want to see the method to make a FaceTime audio call on your smartwatch, you must read this entire post. Here, we will provide you with multiple techniques for this.
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Method for Making FaceTime Audio Calls on an Apple Watch
There are multiple methods following which you can place a FaceTime audio call using your Apple Watch. For this purpose, you can use Siri Virtual Assistant or even use the Phone App.
Here, we have provided you with three different techniques. Each method is pretty easy to follow and includes some simple instructions. And also, you need to know that FaceTime audio provides encrypted calls over Wi-Fi and cellular.
If you are using FaceTime audio on your Apple Watch over Wi-Fi rather than your cellular network, the audio quality of the calls will be more improved.
And with all this discussion, let’s move on to the first method you can follow to make a FaceTime audio call from your Apple smartwatch.
Method 1: Making a FaceTime Audio Call from an Apple Watch Using the Siri Virtual Assistant
Here’s how you can make a FaceTime call from your Apple smartwatch using Siri:
First of all, you will have to activate Siri with the “Hey Siri” command. Alternatively, you can also do so by pressing and holding the Digital Crown. Or hit the Siri widget on the Siri watch face to trigger the voice assistant on your smartwatch.
After activating Siri on your Apple Watch, you will have to give a command to place calls. For instance, say “FaceTime Ashley.”
And that’s it. The smartwatch will now make a FaceTime audio call to the specified contact.
If you want to control the volume during your call, you need to use the Digital Crown on your smartwatch.
After finishing your FaceTime call, you can turn off the Siri Virtual Assistant on your Apple smartwatch.
Method 2: Using the Phone App to Make FaceTime Audio Call from an Apple Watch
Follow the below-mentioned instructions to make a FaceTime audio call using the Phone app on your Apple smartwatch:
To get started, firstly, you will need to launch the Phone app on your Apple Watch.
After launching the app, tap on the option of “Contacts,” and then choose the person to whom you wish to call.
And next, you will have to tap on the “Phone” icon that you will find placed under the contact’s name.
At last, tap on the option of “FaceTime Audio,” after which your smartwatch will make a FaceTime audio call to the selected contact. And that’s it.
Method 3: Make FaceTime Audio Calls Over Wi-Fi on the Apple Watch
Here is another method using which you can make a FaceTime call from your Apple smartwatch:
Start by launching the iPhone’s settings app and then tap on the option of “Phone.”
Next, you will have to tap on the “Wi-Fi Calling” option. And then enable the setting for both devices.
After this, you will have to tap on the “Wi-Fi Calling for Other Devices” option.
At last, go back to the previous section and then jump to the option of “Calls on Other Devices” and turn on the toggle button located next to it. That’s all.
So, now you know what you will need to do to make a FaceTime audio call from your Apple Watch. Try any of the mentioned techniques right away, and keep visiting our official website to get more details.
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