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aroaceofthesea · 6 days ago
So ive been scrolling through the uk politics tag and i have no idea of a) why is it trending or b) why is it grouped with all our jokes
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Wtf is going on on my tl that I’m seeing Jack Harlow fanfiction?
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hong--zhi--zhu · a year ago
Decided to clean up my inbox and delete private messages I saved that range from all the way back to 8 years ago and new asks appeared, but they're not new at all?!?! Dates show some of them are from three months ago.
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spellboundspectre · a year ago
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HUH?! 😭
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unfortunatelyevent · 4 months ago
why does my tumblr looks like i have asks but when i open the asks to see it it doesn’t show anything???
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smileandasong · 2 months ago
“i desperately wish i was in newark, new jersey right now” things only fans of american rock band my chemical romance would ever say
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r4cs0 · 19 days ago
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This is just surreal
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harriyanna · a month ago
ok, why don’t yall be wanting to call black people that’s not from america or africa black!????
afro = black
stop trying to tell a black person who is and is not black. if someone is afro-latino, afro-columbian, afro-caribbean, afro-mexican, afro-australian,  they are in fact, BLACK. 
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darkspiket · 5 months ago
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"You’re irrelevant!" my piece for the lysithea zine!!
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panic-potatos · 2 months ago
Angel diavolo concept art
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Edit: I colored it!
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miniongrin · 8 months ago
Okay playing PLA has made Zorua/Zoroark hands down my favorite Pokémon, they’ve got all the cute/elegant/creepy/mysterious vibes you could want and I Just Think They’re Neat
And! if that wasn’t enough, the sheer potential for AU ideas with Pokémon that can use illusions to disguise themselves as human? And the way the region variants mirror the submas twins?? The Brainrot has reached critical mass, so please consider:
Ingo falls from a space-time rift in the Icelands and hits the ground hard. He’s concussed, his memories are draining out of his head like sand through an hourglass, but there’s a blizzard and it’s cold and he’s lucky enough to almost immediately stumble into an ice cave, which is at least better than being in the middle of a howling storm.
The little Zorua living in the cave would beg to differ, and immediately tries to scare the weird falling human away! By transforming into the humans doppelganger with a big, creepy, evil smile, because that’s what scares humans, right?
Ingo, concussed, seeing Himself But Smiling: EMMET THERE YOU ARE!!! Zorua: ?!?
In a situation where he’s hurt and confused and upset, Ingo is overjoyed to see Emmet again! He reacts very warmly, even if his brain is all sorts of out of sorts and he can’t actually hang onto very many memories, or figure out how he got here in the first place, or understand why something seems wrong when Emmet is clearly right here with him (with a smile that’s too wide, with eyes that shine too bright…)
And this could have turned out very (verrry) poorly, since Zorua is low-key considering eating this human’s soul if it’s just going to sit here, but we all like Ingo here so I’m gonna play real fast and loose with how Pokémon and specifically Ghost-types work, because I have seen fanfic hint at Chandelure having some cool soul bond with Ingo that prevents it from passively leeching off his life energy, and I think it would be even cooler if that soul bond also protected him from other Ghost-type Pokémon messing with his soul!
(Is this actually how Ghost-type Pokémon work? Do all Ghost-types even want to eat souls?? Probably not, but It’s For the Fanfic, so bear with me here.)
Also, Zorua is a very bitty Zorua, even more lonely than your average Zorua would be and very anxious because of it, and the human is… being nice to it? Happy to see it?? And yes it’s because of the illusion, but even so, the Zorua can’t help but be a little drawn in.
It doesn’t help that Ingo’s head injury is fresh and is memory is still in a state of pretty drastic flux. Enough that he’ll be startled by something off about “Emmet’s” appearance and ask about it—“Emmet, are you wearing my coat?”—but then struggles to retain the memory of what he just said, even as Zorua corrects the mistake in the illusion, until Ingo forgets that there was a mistake at all.
After almost two hours of this back-and-forth, Zorua has adapted its behavior based on Ingo’s reactions to land on a… definitely off, but decent impression of Emmet. It stumbles over the “I am Emmet” catchphrase just because Ingo keeps forgetting his name and then looking awfully panicked, and hearing “Emmet” tell him who he is calms him down again.
But by this time, Zorua has started to panic about the warmth and comfort this odd human is making it feel. Yes, it’s cold and lonely for a small little Zorua, but that just means that it needs to eat the human’s soul to become stronger and fix those things! Right? It should eat the human, Zorua thinks. If it’s ever going to eat the human, it should do that right now.
It steels itself and reaches for the human’s soul, only to find it already claimed by some foreign, ghostly fire, hot enough to make Zorua flinch.
Ingo takes the flinch and sudden closeness as “Emmet” needing comfort. Still addled, still unable to put his finger on the strangeness of Emmet’s behavior, he reaches out, takes his brother’s hand, and promises him that they’ll be okay. They’ll get out of this. Ingo will be okay because Emmet will be okay, and they’ll figure it out together, so everything will be fine. They’re a two-car train, and nothing can ever decouple them.
Zorua is confused; feels warm and fuzzy and confused, and maybe against its better judgment, it echoes back the matching words that it’s learned over the past few hours, and—
A bond forms between them, in the same pattern as the ghostly fire already wrapped around Ingo’s heart. Zorua stares in shock while Ingo’s eyes slide shut and he falls asleep, slumped against Zorua, who is going to eat his soul.
…Except it isn’t, anymore. The human’s soul is Zorua’s now, but not to consume. He said those words with such trust and conviction, and probably hadn’t even realized what he was offering, but Zorua had responded. They’re bound together just like the mysterious ghostly fire is bound to the human, and Zorua doesn’t know if it could kill the human anymore even if it wanted to.
Zorua watches Ingo as he sleeps for a very long time, and eventually decides that this may not be exactly how it thought this was going to go, but if nothing else, Ingo is very warm, and it isn’t going to be lonely anymore if it’s going to be Ingo’s brother.
It even has a name now, too: Emmet.
“I am Emmet,” Emmet whispers to his new brother, who is still asleep, and eventually, Emmet curls up and joins him.
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Part 2
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rosiedevil · 3 months ago
I saw this from @spaciebabie and then I couldn't run away from it, it was everywhere, it even spread to Twitter, and I had to draw my emotions.
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ratwagon · a month ago
yo theres a little trans dude in this animated movie im watching. how fuckin slay
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little-mouse-adventures · 10 months ago
I like to imagine that to the People, Artemis is such a folklore figure who is so dramatically altered in all their media that he is not instantly recognizable despite spending a great deal of time as Public Enemy #1, so whenever he has to go to Haven, it's basically just:
Artemis: *walks through public areas with a police escort*
Haven City Residents:
Tumblr media
Artemis: *opens his smarmy little mouth to say literally anything*
Haven City Residents:
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huaino · a year ago
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doodle of my man
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i-slept-for-13hours-ohshi · a month ago
Ight, so I headcanon it took a while for each of the brothers to decide to fall so their birthday are actually the days they fell (except Satan). Honestly I needed to get this out of my system for over a year now so yea 👍 I'm more used to writing goofy shit so this just feels weird to post. Also haven't read the main story in a while so yep if there's anything not to canon just look away and pretend it's not glaring holes into your soul like you're eating in front of your uncle's elderly bug eyed pug.
I tried not going into detail with a lot of things so yeah it's all mild. Flat out angst, my writing is ass you all know this by now, sure as hell not proof read, self depreciation in Levi's, mild violence in Satan's, baby Satan is referred to as 'it' bc he's just a little creature, unhealthy eating habits in the twins(both over and under but very brief), Belphie is just flat out depressed, mentions of Lilith (a lot), everyone blames themselves, if I have to add anything tell me.
June 6th the first brother was born.
It was a dark day for Lucifer. He was so stressed he didn't notice his two missing wings, the black feathers, his splitting headache or all the blood. All he cared about in that moment was Lilith. He should have stepped down. He shouldn't have defied his father. He should have found a different solution. Why didn't he? Things would have been so different if he was a better brother. The freshly fallen demon saved his sister in his own way. He gave away his freedom and abandoned his brothers without a second thought. Lucifer tried twisting his thoughts. Lilith was happy with the one she loves. Maybe without his influence Mammon will take care of the others, his family will finally be safe. This is the road he's chosen and there's no good back. Lucifer was placed in House of Lamentations where he sectioned off a room for each sibling he thought he lost that day.
September 10th of the same year the second brother was born.
It took only a few months for Mammon and Levi to find Lucifer. Mammon wasn't thinking he just wanted to see his brother and sister again. Michael told them their siblings died but Mammon knows his family. He knows Lucifer, his older brother isn't weak he'd take care of himself and protect Lilith. Yeah there's only rumors circulating about a newly fallen angel gaining the title of Avatar of Pride. Everyone thinks it's Lucifer but Mammon knows Lucifer. Lilith is safe somewhere too he knows it. He can feel it. Mammon told Levi where he was going but not to follow him and definitely don't tell the others until he comes back. Simple Right? Mammon didn't think wouldn't actually be coming back. He didn't think when he left for Devildom he'd fall. Seeing Lucifer sealed the deal. All Mammon did was hug his older brother. Is wanting to see family really considered greedy in father's eyes?
April 9th a couple years later the third brother was born.
News of the two Avatars spread to the celestial realm Leviathan and his younger brothers got demoted and lost their titles even worse there's no news on Lilith yet. Other angels have gone to The Devildom plenty of times without falling so why did his brothers? Leviathan was loosing himself. Mammon always followed Lucifer. Why wouldn't Mammon abandon Levi for the better brother? Leviathan is just a waste of space anyway. Not like anybody's taking him seriously as the eldest, he's just pathetic. He's not Lucifer or Mammon, he doesn't have their influence or trust with their remaining siblings, he can't lead them. Levi couldn't think like this. His family needed him right now. He needed guidance he needed to see his brothers. When he was finally able to sneak down to The Devildom Leviathan saw his two brothers laughing? Smiling? They're happy? Without their family? Without him? Where's Lilith? Is she happy too? Mammon has been here goofing around with their other siblings while he's been up in the Celestial Realm busting his ass trying to keep the rest of the family together! This was probably Mammon's idea to abandon his responsibilities and leave him to be the responsible one and rot. It should have been him. He should have came down here to see Lucifer that day. He shouldn't have listened to Mammon and stayed. It's not fair! It's not fair! It's not fair! He should have become a Avatar. He should have been the one screwing around while Mammon did damage control! Levi felt a feeling he couldn't place but it disgusted him. He disgusted himself so much. He's so worthless and disgusting he couldn't bare to be seen. By the time Lucifer and Mammon noticed Leviathan he was already neck deep into a nearby body of water getting close to the drop off. Mammon wasn't fast enough and Lucifer was still too weak from his own fall to grab him in time. Levi fell to the bottom of the water as a pair of rotted wings floated to the top. Lucifer visited every day until a very soggy and grumpy demon emerged dragging a snakelike tail behind him.
October 20th some time later the forth brother(?) was born.
Things got stressful for Lucifer. He tried to push the feelings down and lock it all away but it only made things worse. Lucifer is angry. He's been angry long before the fall and he's still angry right now. Damn good at hiding though. It was a typical meeting between the Demon Prince his butler, and the three Avatars. Lucifer couldn't focus though the feelings from all these years boiled over for no other reason other than it was bound to happen eventually. The Avatar of Pride finally broke down and cried. The sobbing wasn't from intense emotions though, it was pure pain. Lucifer passed out as the old wounds from his torn wings opened up. A demonic infant clawed it's way out from Lucifers back. The tiny demons first instinct? It cried. Poor thing knows about so much except a way to understand and heal these feelings so it cried, hissed, screamed, scratched at everything it could. It was so angry too young to have gone through these emotions and too young to understand why it all ended like this. It didn't know anything else but feeling that didn't even belong to it. Even after it was caught all it did was bite and scream until it finally wore itself out and couldn't move. Even when it couldn't move it still tried to fight.
May 15th hundreds of years later the fifth brother was born.
Asmodeus was a good older brother. The others may have abandoned them without a simple goodbye but Asmo could never. Right? He's tried everything to pick the twins spirits back up but nothing worked they just isolated themselves more and more. This behavior was going to cause his little brothers to fall and he'd be alone. He already felt alone actually. Asmo didn't know what to do. What was there to do? He could barely cope himself. He's heard things about his other brothers about how they're happy in a way. One of them had a kid apparently? It could be all rumors. Angels get bored and things spread fast. But what if it isn't? Maybe falling wasn't too bad? The twins have each other they ignore him constantly. The other angels barley look at him anymore, even a negative glace would be nice at this point. How long would it take them to notice he's gone? Asmo craves attention, love, validation, only for a moment even if it's from a stranger. He could kill two birds with one stone. This decision could change the rest of his life. It might end of defining him in the end. He could end up regretting it and hating himself. But right now he doesn't care. He just wants the loneliness to go away for just one moment even if he'll regret it he needs it gone. Asmo left for Devildom that night but had to do something before he saw his siblings again.
March 11th a few months later the sixth and seventh brothers were born.
The twins missed the rest of their family. Belphegor was depressed and slept constantly. Beelzebub refused to leave Belphie's side to the point he'd starve himself. He'd always eat two sometimes three times as much his next meal to ensure he could stay with his twin longer. If only he could get Belphie to eat too. Their siblings all left without a word and became demons except for Lilith. There was rumors about her becoming a demon before Asmo fell but those were just rumors. Everyone said she died with Lucifer. Lucifer's still alive though? He's a demon. Lilith could be a demon too, right? The twins have been holding off. Beel wanted to fall with Lucifer and Belphie would have gone with him but Lilith could have still been an angel. Their sister could still come back. If she did someone would have to be there to defend her. Every day the twins got worse and worse. The twins had constant headaches both their wings hurt so did Belphie's tailbone. Beel couldn't control himself around food and Belphie couldn't stay awake. Could they be? They couldn't. Right? Maybe it was meant to be this way. The others already let go. What if they did too? Beel's head was throbbing and he was so weak from hunger what he ate never felt like enough to fill the emptiness. Belphie could barely keep himself up from either pain or drowsiness he just wants to sleep it all away and let it pass. They weren't meant to be here. They should have let go earlier. They jumped where Lilith fell from. Beelzebub broke Belphegor's fall. It didn't take long for the others to find them. The twins were so sick from holding off so long it's a surprise they made the fall.
Simeon thought about falling.
When Lucifer went after Lilith.
When he overheard Mammon and Leviathan.
When he saw Leviathan sneak out.
When the rumors about the child born of Lucifer's rage started and passed.
When he helped Asmodeus sneak out.
When he heard the twins telling each other a last goodbye in case one of them didn't make it.
When the final confirmation came in about Lilith's death.
After hundreds and thousands of years when he finally met his brothers again.
More often now since he's met that strange human.
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