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dearayato · 3 months
avoiding your crush - part three
feat. Tighnari, Alhaitham, Scaramouche
part one, two
Tumblr media
It’s pretty hard trying to avoid Tighnari when he’s your boss— and because of his superb hearing.
Fumbling around Avidya Forest just so you don’t run into the guy you like is certainly a hassle, but somehow you manage.
So to find yourself in the same room as him… you have to wonder how you got here.
Collei had invited you to go father some herbs with her and Tighnari. Of course you declined, lying about not feeling so well. This prompted Collei to grow extremely worried about you, and she promptly dragged you to Tighnari so he could examine you. She ended up leaving to pick herbs with another forest ranger, effectively leaving you alone with the one person you had been avoiding.
And Tighnari wastes no time addressing the elephant in the room.
“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you...” he hums to himself, leaning against his table.
“Yeah well you know, I’ve been so busy with work- my timetable is a mess,” you lie, and you know Tighnari can see right through you.
“Is that the answer you’re gonna give? Well alright then, I guess in a professional sense, since you’ve been working well I can’t complain about not being able to see you. Anyways, I guess I’ll begin the examination,” he sighs, motioning you to sit on the bed.
You can’t help but wonder what he means when he said he couldn’t complain in a ‘professional sense’.
“Hmm, interesting...” Tighnari mumbles to himself, looking over your chart.
“What is it?”
“I mean... you were just talking to Collei earlier and she reported no visible symptoms at all. But all of a sudden a myriad of new symptoms that I don’t know how she could’ve missed,” his eyes lock onto yours, and you feel your cheeks bloom with warmth.
“Really?” you’re a bit skeptical about his words since you lied about being sick in the first place.
“Yup yeah like even from where I’m standing I can clearly see that your pupils are dilated,” he points out, and immediately you avert your gaze from him.
“Well that could be from the light in this room,” you murmur, though you know that certainly isn’t the case.
“Maybe,” Tighnari humors you, taking a couple steps closer to where you sat, “also as I get closer my ears can hear your heartbeat increasing rapidly.”
Soon, Tighnari is standing right in front of you. His expression is unreadable- he could just be performing a normal check up, but it’s more likely he was teasing you.
“And if I just do this—” Tighnari brings his hand to your cheek, brushing over it ever so slightly, “just as I suspected— your cheeks are warm.”
“How strange,” Tighnari continues, retracting his hand away from you. “Because I noticed that you’ve been having these symptoms quite frequently— strange how no one else notices.”
Tighnari raises an eyebrow at you—and you notice the corner of his lips curving up. He leans down next to you, his lips just hovering near your ear.
“So, shall I tell you the diagnosis? Or do you want to answer that yourself,” he whispers to you.
“Don’t tease me,” you murmur back, pushing him away slightly.
“Then don’t avoid me Y/n. I don’t know who you’re fooling but it’s certainly not me,” Tighnari huffs, crossing his arms at you.
“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to do that,” you pout. Tighnari’s ears twitch at how cute you are, and he lets out a small sigh.
“It’s alright, I know,” Tighnari’s voice is soft towards you— it always has been. “Now if you want a prescription, might I recommend joining me for a nice walk later tonight? There’s a bit more we should talk about.”
You take him up on that offer, your heart fluttering at the prospect.
It was almost embarrassing how much effort you were putting in order to avoid Alhaitham.
But in your defense- what else were you supposed to do about your puppy crush? Actually talk to him? No. That seemed ridiculous. Instead, you chose to avoid him at all cost, hoping that your feelings would subside. Out of sight, out of mind- that applies here too, right?
You thought you were in the clear late one night, but of course fate would say otherwise. As you walked past Puspa Cafe, Alhaitham just so happened to be exiting, alongside his roommate.
“Y/n what are- never mind. C’mon, let me walk you home,” Alhaitham says, removing his own jacket to wrap around you.
“Shouldn’t you go home with your roommate?” you ask, though you know your words won’t change his decision.
“Kaveh’s a big boy now- he can find his way home. And if he gets lost then that’s even better.”
At first, the walk to your home was silent. But you came to realize that Alhaitham might question you about your behavior, so it was best if you controlled the conversation.
“It was a surprise to see you at the cafe! I heard you’ve been working on a big project for the Akademiya so I would’ve thought you were busy,” you mention, thinking you were in the clear.
“Oh that project just finished recently. But it’s nice to know you knew about it despite avoiding me these last couple weeks,” Alhaitham scoffs.
Of course he would find a way to bring it up.
“It’s fine Y/n. I’m sure you have your reasons,” he sighs. He should be upset- but Alhaitham never got upset with you. “As long as you’re alright.”
It made your heart ache just a bit more.
“I was avoiding you because... I like you. And I thought that not seeing you would make things better for me,” you explain, choosing to come clean.
Alhaitham is silent for a moment, and in that short span of time you’re already regretting admitting your feelings for him.
“And how did that turn out?” he asks, though you can’t tell if he’s asking out of curiosity or to ridicule you.
“It made me like you even more,” you admit, spilling more of your feelings for him to see.
“Hmm,” he hums to himself, “well, as much as I like the result, I can’t say I’m too fond of the method you used to get there.”
You stop dead in your tracks, wondering if you’ve heard correctly. Alhaitham keeps walking, though after a few steps he does stop to turn around. And though he wore a smug grin, you felt your heart skip a beat.
“Honestly Y/n, if you were going to fall harder for me anyways then I should’ve just taken you out on a date, don’t you think?”
Alhaitham can only chuckle at your flustered reaction. He backtracks his steps, reaching out his hand to hold yours. You slowly reach out for his, grumbling to yourself.
“I take it back, I don’t like you anymore,” you mutter under your breath.
“Oh, but you’re still holding my hand so it seems as though your actions don’t match your words,” Alhaitham chuckles.
He was right. Despite what you said, your hand is still interlocked with his, you’re still allowing to walk him home, and your heart is still fluttering about.
Avoiding Scaramouche was easier said than done. You were so used to being around him all of the time that it felt unnatural to be wary of your surroundings.
In all honesty, it was hard. There were so many times you just wanted to find him and just enjoy his company. But you knew that if you gave into temptation, you would just end up falling for him even more. 
You couldn’t risk accidentally having your feelings spilled out in front of him. Scaramouche would probably find your affections toward him to be quite burdensome. Sure, Scaramouche was more fond of your company than he was with anyone else, but you couldn’t be sure how far this intimacy extended. 
Avoiding him was just the best option for you. It’s not like he would really notice after all.
It hadn’t occurred to you, however, that Scaramouche would notice. Or that he would be proactive about it and show up at your front door.
But there he was, arms crossed with his signature frown plastered across his face. It did sting just a bit to see his frown directed towards you this time—but you couldn’t say you were shocked.
“Ahh... hey Scara—”
“Why are you avoiding me,” he immediately asks. Two weeks had passed since you last saw him and needless to say, he didn’t seem too thrilled at your sudden absence.
You fake a friendly smile towards him as you feign innocence.
“What are you talk-”
Scaramouche didn’t even give you a chance to lie to him.
“You went from pestering me every single day to pretending I don’t exist. You’re not exactly being subtle with it, Y/n.”
Your eyes meet the ground as you find yourself unable to look up. You think he’s going to berate you some more, or at the very least pester you about your decisions and why you acted on them. But instead he lets out a small shy, shaking his head in frustration.
“Look, Y/n,” his voice was soft, “it’s fine if.. if you don’t want to be around me anymore. I get it, I’m used to it. But if that’s the case then I’d rather have you tell me upfront rather than casting me aside like that.”
Your heart sank. Obviously, this wasn’t what you had intended— but given Scaramouche’s past, you couldn’t fault him for coming to that conclusion. Hiding your reasons was doing more harm than good, so of course you had no choice but to come clean.
“I didn’t avoid you because I didn’t want to be around you anymore. Not in the way you’re thinking at least. I needed to settle my feelings...”
Your eyes flicker back up to meet Scaramouche’s. His gaze towards you was soft. Strange, did he always look at you like this?
“For you. My feelings for you...”
Scaramouche suddenly grasps both of your hands. He held onto your hands firmly, as if the smallest slip up would cause you to slip through his fingers.
His cheeks were starting to grow a bright red from your words. The ache he felt in his heart dissipated, soon replaced with a light feeling in his chest and a growing heartbeat.
“Well then, I still think that’s a pretty dumb reason to avoid me,” he scoffs, turning his head away to shield his rosy cheeks. Your heart felt more at ease seeing his shy reaction, and so you couldn’t help pushing him a bit further.
“So, what about you? Do you have anything you’d want to say about me?” you ask, giving his hands a gentle squeeze.
Scaramouche’s eyes find yours once more. He raises a single brow at you.
“What you think after the little stunt you pulled that I should reward you with such a thing? Don’t be ridiculous Y/n,” Scaramouche scoffs, rolling his eyes.
Though Scaramouche relishes in the way you whine over his decision— he knows he’ll have to confess back to you soon. He’s really not sure how much longer he could hold back his feelings after all.
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luvbub · 5 months
things they do in public when you’re secretly dating
feat. Yuuji, Megumi, Inumaki, Yuuta, Gojo, Nanami
Tumblr media
Arguably he’s the one that’s most upset by this whole secret dating thing. Why can’t he just adore you in front of everyone?
Fortunately for Yuuji, his friendly disposition makes it so that he can get close to you without raising any questions. He’ll throw his arm around your shoulder casually, occasionally giving it a light squeeze. Occasionally he’ll let his head rest on your shoulder as he’s talking with the others. Megumi and Nobara think absolutely nothing about this- Yuuji’s literally done that with them too. But very occasionally when their attention is pointed elsewhere, Yuuji will take the opportunity to press a quick kiss on your cheek.
First of all, Megumi says he wants to keep your relationship a secret because he doesn’t want his friends to be annoying about it. But when he says ‘friends’ he really just means Gojo.
Even when the two of you are out with friends, he can’t help but engage in brief moments of physical touch. When he walking beside you, he’ll let his hand brush against yours. He’ll sit next to you whenever the chance comes up, and he relishes the small moments when your fingers just happen to graze his or when your shoulders bump. And though these actions are subtle, his reactions are not. He’s usually sporting a strong blush across his cheeks, and none of your friends know why.
Gojo finds out anyways.
Inumaki loves slipping you little love notes throughout the day. But he knows he can’t just hand you a note in front of others because that would be too obvious. So when none of your friends are looking he’ll slip a tiny note in your hand. They’ll just say cute things like, “I love you” or “You look cute today” but each one makes your heart flutter. He especially loves watching your real time reactions to his love letters.
But sometimes Inumaki will slip notes to you when you’re not paying attention yourself. Oftentimes you’ll come home and find dozens of little notes in your bag, in your hoodie, even in the back pocket of your pants. How did he manage to slip one there? You’ll never know.
It’s almost infuriating how good Yuuta is at fooling others-mostly because he’s doing the most he can to fluster you. He’s very careful with his actions, making sure the only one who can perceive his intentions is you. He’ll say something like, “Oh Y/n you have something on your face- let me help you with that,” so his friends don’t think much about it. But then he’ll kiss his thumb before lightly pressing it on the corner of your lips, grinning at the way your brain stops functioning.
Yuuta is an absolute menace, but you have no intention on stopping him.
Gojo is another menace. He absolutely loves to tease the living hell out of you. When the two of you are in a group setting, Gojo lets his gaze settle on you. At first you weren’t sure if he was really looking at you since he’s usually wearing a blindfold or sunglasses. But when you let your eyes drift over to him, his lips curl up into a small smirk. Yeah- he’s definitely looking at you.
He takes things a step further if you happen to be talking. As you’re speaking to your friends, Gojo will subtly lower his sunglasses or blindfold- an action you definitely don’t miss. And when you finally meet his eyes, he’ll let his gaze fall to your lips. Have fun staying composed with him around.
Arguably, the one who’s most likely to raise suspicion. He isn’t that hell bent on keeping the relationship a secret- maybe just from Gojo- but honestly he couldn’t care less. And though Nanami isn’t too keen on public displays of physical affection, he still find ways to adore you. Meaning that all of his attention will be directed towards you. He’s quite cordial, asking if you’re hungry, cold, or tired. He’ll comment on how cute you look today, pointing out the new sweater you’re wearing and how it suits you well. If you see a food stall that interests you, he goes out of his way to buy it for you.
And this is all within view of your friends. Honestly, by the end of the day, everyone just thinks Nanami has a giant crush on you.
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tradingjackbs · 24 days
i'd like to make a formal apology to the jayce community
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kouyurii · 7 months
Tumblr media
ft. boys who are madly in love with pretty tulip @luvbub 🌷
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gentil-minou · 1 year
Tumblr media
*sobs* it's never going to end
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kazeyu · 2 months
i feel so sleepy .. i'm gonna go bounce to bed now ..
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qingxiin · 5 months
For the troubled soul 😌
Tumblr media
- thoma runs you a bath, full of herbs and lined with candles in soothing lavenders and chamomiles
-keeps an extra fluffy robe on stand by before helping you into the bath, settling you against his chest
-combs his fingers through your hair in a gentle massage, working his way down to your shoulders
-mouths kisses along your neck, jawline and shoulder blades, whispering soft praises
"your doing amazing, angel" "so good for me, just like that, pretty."
-works your favorite shampoo and conditioner into your hair, scrubbing away any grime
-pulls you out of the bath, toweling you dry and wrapping you in that extra fluffy robe in your favorite color
-will bring you to bed and cuddle you as long as you need, if you begin to cry he's quiet as he rubs soothing circles into your back, clutching you to his chest
-will sleep in with you in the morning, too
Tumblr media
LAYS OH MY GJDKK I LOVE YOU!!🥺thank you so much im seriously malfunctioning hold on hhkfkdjhd
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sennikmoved · 1 year
i’m re-adding my french vampire disaster oc son to this blog once i can actually be online.
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miyasann · 9 months
hi ann pls tell me what ur fav constellation is or else i’ll write atsumu angst >:(( this is indeed a threat
good morning my beloved bub i thought long and hard about this so pls do not hurt my baby 🧎🏻‍♀️
i think my fave is either gemini (tis my zodiac sorry im lame like that) or cygnus (the swan!)
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ggukkiedae · 2 years
Tumblr media
“hyuck oppa was really sweet about it, actually. he’d calm me down when i got nervous, and he’d usually lead the conversation with the person we were talking to. he also would call me to check up on if i’d done my homework, but we’d usually end up doing it together on video call back then anyway. as much as the incident was unpleasant, it was really nice to have haechannie oppa there with me”
Tumblr media
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kindred-is-obsessed · 2 years
Hey do you want to watch a film about an explicitly transgender robot, found family and destroying ecofacism and capitalism? You really need to watch Space Sweepers! It’s a Korean sci fi film on Netflix and, for those of you who don’t like subtitles, it’s like half in English! It’s also being adapted into an amazing looking webcomic you can find on Tapas!
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dearayato · 13 days
realizing they like you
feat. Tighnari, Cyno, Alhaitham, Kaveh
Tumblr media
Tighnari’s been counting the days since you’ve left on a mission. Granted it’s only been like two, but he’s already finding his days to be more mundane without your presence. 
Even when Cyno came to visit, all that the Forest Watcher could talk about is you.
“Is there a reason why you happen to be so concerned with Y/n?” Cyno finally asks.
“It’s normal to miss a friend who’s been away for a while, right? Plus Y/n’s a Forest Ranger. So as a Forest Watcher, it makes sense that I’m really concerned,” Tighnari rambles on, though his words only earn another exasperated sigh from Cyno.
Cyno raises an eyebrow, “Y/n’s not the only ranger out on that expedition y’know…”
“I- Of course I know that! I also miss…” Tighnari’s quickly began shuffling through papers to see who else was tasked on that expedition. No one spoke a word, the sound of papers rustling about filled the room. The longer he spent looking the redder his cheeks grew as the realization slowly sunk in.
“Something tells me you’ve reached an epiphany,” Cyno chuckles, amused to see his best friend in such a state.
Tighnari stops flipping through papers, turning away in embarrassment, “Yeah… something like that…”
“Alright so what’s next,” Cyno immediately asks, leaving no time for Tighnari’s words to sink in.
“What, I have to do more now? I just realized I have feelings for Y/n and you expect me to immediately have a plan forward?”
“Well it took you this long to realize it. At this rate nothing’s going to happen between the two of you. It’s like when you play Genius Invokation TCG and-”
Cyno was uninvited to dinner.
Cyno never really knew what to say about you outside of your role as a Matra.  The both of you were always too busy with work that there never really was any time to chat.
Any opinions Cyno had of you were surface level at best. You did your job diligently and efficiently. You seemed nice- at least that was the impression he got when he saw you happily chatting with the other Matra. He could even add that maybe you were cute, though he’s not sure if that was a professional thought to have about one of his subordinates.
Today you found yourself in Cyno’s office, handing him a report to look over and sign before it needed to be filed away. Another plagiarism incident involving one of the students, one of many that Cyno saw in this past year. Before he knew it, Cyno found himself muttering one of his infamous jokes to himself.
You were silent for just a moment, taking in his words. And after a second, you let out a soft chuckle.
He quickly glances up, meeting your eyes instantly.
“Did you just laugh?” he asks, his eyes widening for a fraction.
You smile at him, “Yeah, I had to think about it to understand but I thought it was funny.”
Cyno was far too used to the fake laughter from the other Matra. It’s not that he cared that they only laughed to appease him— he was happy to ease any tension in the room. But it was different hearing your laughter, even your answer.
It was all so sincere.
Cyno quickly clears his throat, diverting his attention back to your report, but not before he can quickly usher out a quick ‘thanks’ to you.
He’s not even sure he’s actually reading your report thoroughly— the only thing that was on his mind was you. Perhaps now he’s a bit more motivated to make time to talk to you.
The owners of Puspa Cafe were too used to hear Alhaitham and Kaveh’s bickering. Normally they’d drown it out but today’s topic was far too interesting to miss out on.
“Tell me how someone as smart as you can’t even figure out something so obvious,” Kaveh scoffs.
“Please humor me and tell me what you’re going on about,” Alhaitham doesn’t even bother sparing Kaveh a glance.
“When are you going to admit that you like Y/n?”
And as soon as he heard Kaveh speak your name, Alhaitham quickly glances up. He’s a bit too quick to look up, earning a knowing look from his roommate. But Alhaitham can only scoff.
“Oh please. What leaps of logic did you make to reach that conclusion.”
“You’re oddly caring for them,” Kaveh points out, but Alhaitham waves away those concerns.
“Is it so weird for me to be nice to those close to me?”
“Yes, actually,” Kaveh scoffs, “usually you don’t do things for people unless they can provide something for you in return. But for Y/n you do things in a heartbeat with no strings attached.”
“It’s called being friendly. You should try it out sometimes,” Alhaitham retorts back, though he does start to think over all of the favors he’s done for you.
“You’ve been bending Akademiya rules to cater to them!” Kaveh was growing more irritated. It’s not that he particularly cared about his roommate’s love life. But there was something so frustrating about Alhaitham’s pride that Kaveh needed to do something about it.
“We all know I’m not the biggest fan of the Akademiya,” Alhaitham chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.
Kaveh grit his teeth— no matter what evidence he provided, Alhaitham would have a counter argument ready at his disposal. He had to attack from another angle.
“Alright, so if you claim to not have feelings for Y/n, then surely you don’t mind if someone else asks them out?”
Alhaitham opened his mouth to retort, but his mind drew a blank. But one glance at his face and anyone could see that he had reached an epiphany, almost as if all of the puzzle pieces fit together at once for him.
Kaveh chuckles, a smirk of victory adorning his face.
“Your silence says so much, you know. I assume you’ve finally realized your feelings?”
Alhaitham immediately snaps back, “I don’t plan on giving you the satisfaction of knowing what it feels like to actually be right.”
There is no real winner in today’s argument.
Kaveh wants to thank you once more, but he’s probably thanked you twenty times already.
A fairly important project proposal was due tomorrow, and normally Kaveh would be well-prepared. Perhaps even confident.
But the recent personnel changes at the Akademiya resulted in a change in procedure and policy. This was all unbeknownst to the architect, leaving him scrambling for documents at the last minute. Kaveh could have just asked for an extension, but he didn’t want to delay this project any further.
So Kaveh turned to you for help. While there might have been a handful of other Akademiya staff that he could have asked first, like his own roommate, he figured that he might as well ask someone he enjoys spending time with. Of course, he made a mental note to treat you to a meal for this large favor.
Kaveh can’t help but stare at you while you’re flipping through different documents. Your brows furrowed as you quickly scanned through the text of each sheet that came your way. His eyes centered on the cute pout your lips had formed in the midst of your concentration.
His mind was filled with you. How lucky was he to have met someone like you? The more he thought about all of the things he liked about you, the faster his heart began to beat. And as if on cue, your eyes dart up and meet his gaze.
“Thanks again for your help,” he quickly stammers, almost embarrassed he got caught staring, “I know how busy you always are so I really appreciate that you took time for this.”
“Anything for you,” you smile at him.
Your eyes look back to the paperwork in front of you, just missing the way Kaveh turns his head to conceal the growing blush sprawled across his cheeks. He hadn’t expected his heart to flutter so much at your words.
Kaveh knows how kind you are. He knows that you would treat your friends with the utmost care.
But there’s a part of him that just hopes that maybe he was the exception for you. That you wouldn’t do this sort of favor for anyone except him.
For now, he would have to set these feelings aside. Once he get his project sorted out, then he can figure what to do about his growing feelings for you.
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luvbub · 8 months
‘I always think you’re pretty’
feat. Itadori, Megumi, Inumaki, Nanami, Gojo
note: established relationship in Nanami’s!!
Tumblr media
“You seem to be in a good mood today,” Itadori nudges you as the two of you walk to the convenience store for a late night snack run. He notices the way your gait seemed a lot more light-hearted, the way you were almost bouncing with glee in every step you took.
“Do I now?” you muse, unable to hold back a smile, “Well.... nah it’s quite silly.”
Itadori shakes his head, “No, nothing’s too silly, tell me.”
“Fine fine. I just feel really pretty today so I’m quite happy about that,” you tell him, only to frown when you notice the confused look on his face.
You lightly punch his arm, “Well don’t give me that look! Geez even if you disagree-”
“No no it’s not that I promise,” Itadori laughs as you pout as a result of your misunderstanding. “It’s just that I always think you’re pretty,” Itadori says.
You stop walking, completely frozen by his words.
It wasn’t just the fact that he thinks you’re always pretty- but the way he said so matter-of-factly. Like it was some sort of universal truth.
Itadori turns back to look at you, a grin on his face as he relishes at how cute you look when you’re flustered. He waits for you to catch up to him, chuckling when you turn your face away from him.
“I guess I ought to say it more then, hmm?” he continues to tease. But you don’t object at all.
Every once in a while, you and your group of friends would go out for a fancy dinner- it was a way to unwind and just hang out without having to deal with any of the stressors in your life. And you found yourself on a video call with your best friend in order to pick out the best outfit.
“Megumi Megumi Megumi put down that book and look at me!” you say, twirling in the outfit you were wearing.
His eyes dart up once to look at your outfit. “You look fine,” he says.
“Just fine? Ugh, fine’s not good enough- I have to look pretty for tonight,” you groan, scanning through the piles of clothes on the ground for a new outfit.
“I always think you’re pretty though,” Megumi mutters under his breath without realizing it. But when he sees you drop the sweater in your hands his head snaps back up. His widened eyes meet yours and he begins stuttering some sort of excuse.
“I- no what I meant was.. Wait it’s not like I'm taking back my words because you are really pretty its just uhh wait no I meant... okay see you at dinner tonight!” Megumi quickly ends the video call before you could utter a single word.
He blinks at his blank phone screen for a minute, realizing that he really messed up. If he had just played it cool and not get all flustered then he could have passed it off as a casual compliment. But by freaking out about his words and mulling them over, he may have accidentally revealed his true feelings for you.
Unfortunately for him, he was too busy freaking out to even notice the way you were also freaking out over his words. Perhaps that would have to be something for the two of you to discuss later tonight.
Inumaki spent the last ten minutes listening to you complain about how awful you looked. You didn’t get enough sleep the night prior, and surely that was reflected on your face.
“Ugh, sorry, I don’t mean to be a downer,” you mumble, sitting on his bed and groaning in frustration. But your friend only shakes his head, and after a moment of hesitation he holds out a note for you to read.
I always think you’re pretty.
You feel your cheeks get warmer as you shake your head.
“Stop, you’re just saying that Toge,” you half heartedly chuckle, averting your eyes from him. Because surely he was just being nice to you, right? Inumaki was always nice to you the way that friends were.
But you hear him let out a sigh, and from the corner of your eyes you see him shuffling through his desk. He takes out a little box, and hands it to you, motioning for you to open it.
And when you do, you see dozens of crumpled up pieces of paper. Clearly these were old notes that Inumaki scribbled in the past, all stuffed into this little box. You open a couple to read the contents.
You look pretty today, Y/n.
I think you look cute.
All of the rest said similar things. You look up at Inumaki, who’s unable to meet your gaze and who’s cheeks are tinged pink. He holds up another note for you to read.
I told you so.
“Kentooooooooo!” you cry out, hurrying into the dining room where your boyfriend was. He sat at the table, looking over some important documents for work. But as soon as you stepped into the room, he set that all aside to give you all of his attention.
“Yes Y/n?” he asks, the way he said your name still full of love and adoration.
“Look at my new outfit!” you giggle, showcasing the new clothes you just bought. You twirl around, giddy at the way your outfit looks on you. 
“I feel so pretty in this,” you beam with glee. You stop your twirling, facing your boyfriend with the biggest grin on your face. Days like these- ones where you felt confident and attractive- were rare. It’s not like you constantly loathed your appearance, but you couldn’t say you consistently loved the way you looked either. It fell somewhere in the middle, with you simply just choosing to accept the way you look.
So having the pendulum swing to the side with confidence made you feel like you were on top of the world.
And you watch as Nanami leans forward on the table, propping himself up with his elbows.
“You do look lovely in that,” he tells you, smiling at the way you get flustered by his words. He stands up, striding over to you and stopping to stand oh so close to you. Nanami brings his hands up, cupping your face gently before pressing a kiss to your lips.
“But you know,” he murmurs after parting, “I always think you’re pretty.”
For as long as you’ve known him, Gojo was always one to relentlessly tease you. He never gave you a day off with his little snide comments- and for the most part you never gave him them any mind. You knew he was joking, so there was no need to mellow over what his words said.
But today was a bit different.
You honestly just weren’t having a high confidence day and every time you looked in the mirror you would scowl at yourself. And the day you weren’t feeling particularly cute was the same day you happened to run into Gojo.
He opens his mouth to say something but you don’t even give him a chance to speak.
“I know I look awful right now, so I don’t want to hear a single word from you,” you grumble. Gojo raises an eyebrow at you, the mischievous smile you know all to well forming on his face.
“Is that so,” he hums, “on the contrary, I always think you’re pretty.”
And just as quickly as he’s said it, he’s already disappeared into the crowd, leaving you fully flustered and just a tad bit better.
Nanami finds Gojo at his doorstep moments later, blushing profusely and screaming about how he can’t believe he said something like that.
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playdumbs · 3 months
The Sakong Mafia led by Chae-koo. Most of them NPC. They’re all humans. But that doesn’t make them any less powerful.
The Mangyeol Mafia led by Cherry. Younger muses, the oldest being 26. Very strong with lots of different specialized skills they utilize to meet their ends and achieve their goals.
The Seonwoo Mafia leader unknown. In fact not much of them is known. But they’re rumored to be behind some disappearances that have been happening. Some people believe they don’t actually exist.
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primrcsies · 9 months
♡  〉DEAD END. yeonjung & wenhan — @evocatiive​
dried coffee stains littered around the rims of their mugs, countless hours into the late night and all they’ve wound up with thus far is a chase in the dark that only continues to remain futile. she’s staring at the list in her hands, the one they’ve been poring over for hours now, and even with half the names on it already crossed out, they’re still nowhere closer to figuring out any more leads than they had been an hour ago. downing another sip of the cold coffee sitting at the edge of the desk, yeonjung leans further back into her chair, stretching her arms above her head as a yawn slips past her lips. “we’re not getting anywhere, are we?” yeonjung muses, and she supposes this is the reason they’ve only assigned her on the case, fresh-faced fledgling detective willing to do anything.
good thing that she’s at least got wenhan in this with her. because even though yeonjung has never been one that’s all too inclined to even taking breaks when she finds herself neck deep in work like tonight, much less give up ( tunnel vision is an invaluable quality in her line of work, she’d say ), she swears those two cursed words are edging closer to the tip of her tongue than they ever have been in this moment. the alien pang of defeat churning in her guts draws out a sigh, and her once dogged gaze now loses its focus, drifting in the three a.m. daze that’s hitting her like a flash flood. even then, she shakes away the exhaustion, rubs away the sleep in the corner of her eyes. really, tunnel vision is more like an occupational hazard.
then, almost as if the universe was right on cue, her gaze lands on a letter conspicuously slipped under the door. jumping out of her seat to pick up said letter and ripping apart the envelope it’s enwrapped in with an energy she didn’t even realize still existed in her, yeonjung is all too eager for a breakthrough now, all too impatient to see if the contents of this letter holds a new clue. but what she’s met with wipes out the trace of smile that had been working its way across her lips, leaving in its wake only chills creeping down her spine.
wenhan’s inquisitive eyes feel heavy against the back of her head—yeonjung can feel him staring, and she has to hide the dread piling in the pit of her stomach before she swivels around to face him. “it says... that the more we dig into the case, the deeper we’re digging our graves. and it’s got our names and addresses on it,” she speaks the words into existence with her own voice, and it’s an uncanny feeling, each syllable bridging over into reality this way. yeonjung swallows, deciding she might as well say it for what it is. “this is a death threat.”
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guys i just watched spacesweepers..
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