I'm interested to know- what themes reoccur continually in your art, writing, or music.
For me it's:
- The difference between Nice and Good.
- Broken, scarred people who are rightly considered scary also being empathetic and tender.
- The unique character of female rage.
- The stripping of glamour and heroism from violence in settings that generally romanticise it (historical fiction, fantasy fiction etc)
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peakogreen · 2 days
December 2022
Peako Prompts
1. hungry half hopes
2. unlocked dimensions
3. towards tomorrow
4. a breath of crisp air
5. until we fall
6. anger’s signature
7. guarded apologies
8. ashes & charred wood
9. your chorus on repeat
10. an ear for the new year
11. photos were too still
12. soft philosophy
13. hid my smile in the pillow
14. instances we store
15. asking for the children
16. down with heightened senses
17. the skies over the commotion
18. an often friend
19. the need to express
.•.peako green•.•
Here are this month’s Peako Prompts. Feel free to use them however & whenever you like. Also, use any peako-related tags you want.
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heartofwritiing · 3 months
me writing a new fic:
Tumblr media
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theamoristwriter · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The undying love for you and poetry made me suffer terribly yet I'm bleeding happily
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scottymcgeesterwrites · 9 months
life as a writer
0 - 13 years old: You are exploding with ideas. You have so many ideas that all or most of them will disappear into the aether by the time you grow up. You won’t remember even a quarter of them but you do remember being high on imagination. You acted out entire stories with your action figures. You went on “adventures” with your friends. The entire world was a playground. 13-18 years old: You start developing original ideas. You may go on fan fiction sites and write your own twist on your favorite character. You have goals so big that you don’t realize they are too unrealistic, because in your mind anything is still possible.
18 - 23 years old: Crisis time. You’re not sure if you’re good at this. You still have many ideas but also there’s this little thing called college, or at the very least you need to find a job and figure out what you’re seriously going to do with your life. You may be neurotic about your work in some form or another, or may get frustrated never finding the time to write. You may think you suck and might quit. You may be paranoid that people will take your ideas because you want to be recognized as original. Whatever happens, you start becoming neurotic and anxious and frustrated. You will start dropping old ideas and old goals that you had. 23 - 28 years old: You either mature old ideas or drop all your childhood dreams and focus on something new. You have a day job but any free time you have to yourself is spent fleshing out your writing. Your day job could be something you’re into, if you’re lucky, but either way it’s not your main goal in life. The writing you do in those intervals of free time are what you really want to be known for. 28 years old to pretty much the end: If you have continued writing this far, then you know exactly what you want to do in life. You’re becoming set in your ways and the ball is finally rolling. You have the amazing ability to not pay attention while people are talking because you are writing about something in your head. Someone’s mad at you and you don’t know why. It’s probably because they were spouting about their emotional breakup over the phone and you were saying “Uh-huh” and “Yeah” while you were plotting out an entire three-act play in your head, or had the phone on speaker while you got warped into editing your podcast episode. Any neurotic insecurity you had when you were younger is a thing of the past, because all you do is think and make it happen.
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thatsbelievable · 4 months
A thing I wrote is coming out soon…
Tumblr media
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narrans · 5 months
Follower Challenge!
Tumblr media
Okay... here it goes...
Who wants to see one of these titles in print?
I am currently holding a follower challenge through the month of July to see if you are interested in putting one or all of these books in print.
I am personally publishing one of the following titles (based on your comments/votes). If you want to see one of these titles in a physical book form, please comment down below which book you want to see published and @narrans (that's me!) in your comment.
This is a follower challenge across all of my platforms.
Can I get Tumblr up to 250 followers?
As an added bonus, if we can get two out of three goals across my platforms, I will randomly select five participants who will receive a copy of the printed book.
I will say I am absolutely terrified and nervous about the response/backlash this may receive. I hope you all enjoy the series as much as I have. Don't worry! They will not be taken down from any of my sites. I have just always wanted to print a physical copy of my writing and this community has been such a love and support for me. I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do.
Cheers and, as always, stay awesome! ~Narrans
If you would like to contribute, check out my ko-fi link on here on tumblr. Absolutely no obligation.
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addybrosswrites · 13 days
I decided I was stepping out of NaNoWriMo this year.
And guess what?
That's okay.
So to anyone else out there who also had to step out, for whatever reason, we did a fantastic job. It's all right to step back. 💛
Tumblr media
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nolossforwords · 1 year
the epic eternal struggle
me when I have a packed schedule: I have GOT to write something soon my SOUL is DYING from lack of artistic EXPRESSION
me on break: what....what am I supposed to do.....words.....suddenly ...disgust me???
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arlodillo · 5 months
people don't talk about it enough, but losing the essence of who you once were is amongst the worst side effects of depression.
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Summer Vibes ☀️
running around barefoot
the smell of sunscreen
dancing through the night
fresh fruits
ice cold cocktails
starry nights and stargazing
endless freckles
night swimming
long picnics with friends
the warmth on your naked skin
long car rides with the windows down
spending the whole day at the beach
watching pink sunsets together
catching waves
heart-shaped sunglasses
camp fire evenings
picking up cute sea shells
staying up till sunrise
music festivals with local bands
skinny dipping
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chaoschaoswriting · 8 months
The only writing advice that matters is this:
Against all odds, despite doubt and scorn, with joy in your heart,
Fly in the face of common sense and refuse to grow old where it matters most - your mind and soul.
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peakogreen · 2 months
playing telephone with feelings
I’ve become
someone who gets surprised
by unexpected kindness
suspicion of the obvious
life has never came easy to me
and broken mechanics
but I keep dumping love into the tank
Pacing myself
so I don’t get burnt out,
I’m not always so sure
how things are going to turn out
I see the good
and I see the wrong
and I can certainly
pass the feeling along
.•.peako green•.•
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key-a-rah · 4 months
The villain and the hero keep constantly kidnapping and rescuing a civilian in particular. The public is confused.
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theamoristwriter · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You loved me—then what right had you to leave me?”
~ Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights
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travelingcamera95 · 4 months
Tumblr media
This book has everything: Fighting women, sharp weapons, sass, food, a tiger, lush desert cities, and a trio of characters just trying to do their best to survive.
You can find The Assassin of Grins and Secrets on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and Barnes and Noble (shop).
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