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Crystal clear ice in the Canadian Rockies 鉂勶笍馃
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Whoa! The Owl House is the 2nd most trending thing on here!!! :O
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wooow 馃槏
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sparring-spirals 5 hours
"For the first time in a long time, I've felt like I can make a difference."
"In this form I can see more, feel more, do more, the longer I stay in it."
god. god god.
"why do you want to harness this?"
"I've spent hundreds of years not being much of a threat to anyone, and I dont mind being overlooked, but..."
There's the power and the fun and the excitement. But what he ultimately lands on is that. He sees it as a gift, as an ability to affect change, make a difference.
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he is a great dad
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Dragonflight should spice it up a bit by having you give wrathion a legendary cloak
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Ilyndria and Nemidormi in their visage vs dragon form.
Ilyndria is a Dracthyr and Nemidormi is a Bronze Dragon!
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NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula via NASA https://ift.tt/n40zXAP
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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People keep arguing about who should be the Black Dragon Aspect so I made this super helpful guide to help people make the right decision.
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In character, Vaard always and will be mostly a tank. He鈥檚 a tank/dps hybrid but leans more to the tank side. My love of tower shields knows no bounds.
As a player I will always play DPS because tanking is more stress than what鈥檚 fun. I鈥檒l always enjoy the fantasy of tank classes, though.
I will tank a tiny amount in FFXIV though. Tiny.
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馃摴 Jeki Yoo
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Otro 谩ngulo de lo de Steph Curry
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Trolltober2022/12 - Conflict Mazheek found himself so obsessed with the Bat Loa he wanted nothing else than to be able to turn into a bat himself. Unfortunately for him, shapeshifting requires worship of Gonk, who he ditched seconds after gaining his blessing of Shapes, and once more declared himself Hir鈥檈ek鈥檚 most loyal follower.聽 But the Loa are fickle and they don鈥檛 like to share - and Mazheek lost both Gonk鈥檚 and Hir鈥檈ek鈥檚 blessings. Vandalizing murals with painting one Loa over another isn鈥檛 exactly helping.聽
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