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cocksley-and-catapult · a month ago
i dunno why but every time i read one of these comics i read cocksley in soos’s (gravity falls) voice, idk where it even came from thats just what my brain said is his voice now i guess /shrug
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chako-chip · 4 months ago
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paired set! do! not! seperate!
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silveragelovechild · a year ago
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andavs · 3 months ago
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kenobion · 2 months ago
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Andrew Garfield at the SAG Awards
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arrowurboat · 4 months ago
if eddie dies, i'm coming with him
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miggiisdumb · 5 months ago
The only “I can change him” argument I accept is giving him the most mind numbing, world shattering orgasm that literally turns him into a whole new man who’ll move mountains for you.
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lionofsingapore · 2 months ago
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There will be a Sky feature / interview with Seb recorded after he drove the Green Pea on Thursday, ahead of the 2022 French GP
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comradekatara · a year ago
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that’s it that’s the show
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limjiminz · 4 months ago
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iamagintokisimp · 5 months ago
Man... Ichiruki it's not only a perfect ship, but it has POWER, this ship alone can literally carry the f*cking franchise in back, put ichiruki in it and it sells! This ship keeps a lot of people engajed with Bleach content until today! This ship is not only strong enough to make people who didn't ended Bleach or who don't watch it, think that they are official, but it makes the CANON PAIRINGS BE IGNORED, my girlies, same after the ending, Bleach live action and theater performances put ichiruki on it! It's like the ending never happened. Man, the FANON SHIP it's treated with more love and has more content in other medias, than a canon one, it's literally like they're official... MAN ICHIRUKI HAS THE POWER.
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june-zzzs · a month ago
if you leave Big Man out of ur Deep Cut fanart i will personally shove u in the long furby locker
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dreamrides · a month ago
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Alessandro Cavagnola. Masterpiece.
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artskls · 8 months ago
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shows up late to the party with gravity falls doodles
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dontmindmeinthegutter · 9 months ago
Not me thinking about somno thigh fucking. 👀 My boyfriend fell asleep hours ago, soft and peaceful and adorabe, but I’m still wide awake, so I give their shoulder a gentle kiss and get up to get what I need.
I put on my strap in the other room so I don’t wake them up, grab a little lube just so it moves smoothly, and climb back into bed very carefully. I lie with them for a minute with my heart beating fast, already wet and hard just from thinking about it. When my self control can’t handle waiting anymore because they’re right there, so perfect and begging to be fucked till they wake up dripping and about to cum, I roll over to spoon them. I cuddled up to them and give their shoulder another little kiss and a soothing stroke while I slot my dick gently between their gorgeous thighs.
I don’t start fucking them right away. I barely move my hips at all, just tiny little shifts and pulses. My body is aching to pound into them but I don’t want to wake them up just yet, I want to take advantage of their soft, pliant sleeping form first. I want to use them, warm and comfortable while I do filthy things to them, so I can tease them about it when they wake up.
I start thrusting little by little. Little rolling thrusts that glide so easily between their thighs it makes my mouth water. The motion rocks the strap against my real dick and makes me groan into their skin. I give them the ghost of a bite - barely setting my teeth on their skin before I turn it into a kiss.
I change the angle of my thrusts very carefully to line up with their pussy. With each one, I rub against their clit through their underwear. My hips are starting to meet their butt with each thrust now, the head of my strap peeking out from between their thighs as I pump in and out, in and out... Meanwhile, I can’t help touching them, sliding my hands up under their shirts, stroking my fingers around their nipples, holding them against me, gripping their hips and sides and shoulders as softly as I can.
They’re making tiny noises now, their body heating up in my arms, squirming. I’ve corrupted that peaceful sleep with some kind of sexual dream, I hope, imagining what it is while I keep using them. They feel so, so good.
I want to be able to see that pretty mouth of theirs wrapped around my dick, I want to be able to pull their underwear down to get my own mouth on them and revel in their taste for hours until I say I’m done, I want to fuck my dick against their clit to hear their wonderful, cute, pathetic little sleepy noises when they wake up already overwhelmed by how good I’m making their needy body feel.
All these thoughts just make me rut against them harder, wanting to wake them up now to get their underwear off, feel them cling to me and hear them whimper and moan uninhibited and sleepy and desperate.
When they finally do wake up, it’s in my arms while I pump away feverishly between their thighs, and the night quiet is broken by the wet noises of both the dildo against my soaked dick and the sticky mess between their thighs. I hear my name in their drowsy, confused and pleased voice and I smile through my need and cover their neck and back and shoulders with kisses and little love bites, till they press their hand against my neck in a request for me to bite them harder. I want to mark them up so everyone knows they’re mine and I’m theirs, and I want to give them everything they beg for in that hot, adorable husky voice of theirs - right after I’ve fucked their thighs and clit hard enough to make them moan my name. 💙💙💙
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xiaojvn · 9 months ago
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(211230) kiss the radio :: y
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ijsng · 4 months ago
ooh what’s ur favourite vocal performance of jisung? (does this even make sense pls)
there is a VERY clear answer for this to me.... just watch this.
he has the dreamiest loveliest voice and it's insane to me because. he is such a crazy? insane????? rapper??? and then out of nowhere he just gives us POWER VOCALS and falsettos AND ANYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR FROM A VOCALIST ..... i'm amazed
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