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arandomthot · 2 years
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They might be onto something here
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twistednoisymind · 2 years
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fic-finders · 6 months
Okay I need advice. It’s been eating me up-- I have tried searching for fics, cleaning my room, etc for awhile now but I am too distracted to get anything done. And I have no friends so if anyone could help me I'll really appreciate that!
So in April I was hired as a sales associate for a retail store in the mall. And last Friday I called in sick because I was throwing up all night and a little that morning. I asked the manager/supervisor that was on duty for my schedule for next week (this week) and she told me to call tomorrow when our main manager comes in because she didn't approve it yet. Saturday came and I called the store and asked for the main manager for my schedule. She told me I technically don't have a schedule because I called in sick the other day and I need to have a negative covid test (which I already did and it was negative) but I didn't know if I was just supposed to tell them I am negative or show them my test. When I was in the middle of asking for clarification she hung up on me. I thought that was a little rude (I could also be reading into things that's aren't there). 
This wasn't the first time they acted rude. My sister went into the store twice before when I was about to clock out. And she got mad because she said that they talk down to me and acted like I am stupid. I didn’t see like that at the time because I thought it was because I was new and I am her baby sister (she help raise me and is really protective of me). But after that I started to notice what my sister saying. And there were times where I thought they were talking down to me or acted a bit rude. 
The problem is they called on Wednesday and I missed their call but they didn't leave a voicemail. I have been busy the last two days so wasn't able to get back to them. They open the store at 10 am so I am currently waiting to call them back. But because of these incidents and others that I did not mention as I do not think it relevant as of now, I would want to quit. Of course if I do quit, I won’t until I have another job lined up. But I just want to know if I am overreacting and its no big deal and I shouldn't quit. My mom and sister been wanting me to quit since the second time my sister came in. I also think that quitting a job only after basically a month and a half (I started late April) doesn't look good.
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wreckitremy · 2 months
I have my headphones volume as loud as they can go playing rain sounds and I can still hear the stomping and banging of construction on the roof very clearly 😩 it's been like this since I got here this morning. Idk how I'm going to get anything done.
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alexofasinfulnature · 3 months
If you're trying to intimidate,
you've come a few years too late.
I'll look at you with dead eyes,
and simply ask you to lower your cries.
Ah you noticed me shaking,
it's not fear that has me quaking.
That's me reigning in my adrenaline,
wrath is an ugly sin.
So don't put a match to the gasoline,
I'm confident neither of us wants to cause a scene.
If I don't fear deaths embrace,
I certainly am not afraid of your angry red face.
Please just have a seat,
I really do not like to repeat.
A forewarning though, I never did learn to retreat.
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xoxo-bunnydumpling · 3 months
Quiet quitting is an interesting concept and I see a lot of people my age and older complaining about it being unprofessional.
Yeah, well...bit unprofessional to promise people regular evaluations/raises and not give them isn't it? Bit unprofessional to dangle the carrot of being able to pay bills AND eat over the people who do most of the work while you stand there and just supervise. Honestly embarrassing for multi billion dollar companies to pay ANYONE minimum wage.
The biggest problem we have in the workforce now, IMO, is middle managers on. a power trip. It's like people who make 40k a year that stan for millionaires and get heated when we suggest maybe they pay their fair share of tax. They think they're gonna be that guy some day if they work hard enough...but executive level shit is not hard the way entry level shit is hard and the execs can feasibly do that work until they are 80. It doesn't matter how well you stroke the company shaft or gargle the balls...you're not gonna make it into the will, babe. No bequeathing of CEO-dom is gonna happen when the big boss retires.
If anything I think that people should be less quiet about their quitting. We should be less gentle and coddling to upper management. They will always tell you that your pay is commensurate to your experience...if they're so tied together then your effort should also match your pay. If they don't like that being turned around on them...tough tits, bud.
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mixedbagofships · 3 months
I never want to hear another man explain Daemyra scenes ever again.
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burningspy · 2 months
Update on my post from this morning:
At 3:17 PM, I finally received a text alert from my bank saying that a direct deposit has been received!
I have money in my bank account again. Just in time to use it all to pay rent and other bills.
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crazymomsstuff · 1 year
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fandomsandkittens · 10 months
One of my new coworkers yesterday was trying to explain to me how another new girl in another building on campus dressed and the best she could come up with was “edgy business with an oversized blazer.” I said dark academia??? After some googling, sure enough that was it. She now thinks I know a lot about fashion but I honestly just spend way too much time on Tumblr
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milady-of-amethyst · 1 month
Day 10: “It’s My Name On The Line.”
Original Fiction
Summary: When Klaus gets home tired from a mistake at work, his girlfriend Jenna has a confession to make about its cause.
Comments: This is the second piece I wrote today. It’s over 1000 words! So I’m pretty excited about it. The warnings are probably a bit over the top, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Enjoy!
Warnings: (Nonviolent) domestic disturbance, potentially(?) toxic dispute/argument.
Keys jangled in the lock as the knob of the door caught and twisted, the dark oak opening up to the broad shoulders and exhausted face of Klaus as he dropped his briefcase unceremoniously on the couch, kicked off his shoes, and plopped himself down in the nearest recliner with a heavy sigh of relief.
“Bad day?”
Jenna stood just across the room from him, a half-empty basket of laundry balanced precariously on the edge of the mahogany coffee table as teetering piles of clothes lined the loveseat by the window.
Klaus sighed again. “Not particularly, just… difficult. There was a misunderstanding at work today, and it’s making my head spin how it could even have come about in the first place.”
Tossing the keys casually across the room onto the marble island countertop in the kitchen, Klaus leaned back in his seat and dug the heels of his palms into his eyes. “I think I need to take a couple of days off.”
“What happened?”
The couch dipped slightly and groaned as another body settled next to his, the soft leather screeching quietly against the strain. Jenna’s warm, gentle hands settled themselves on his shoulders, and he found himself leaning into the relief.
“I don’t know. I don’t even know how any of this could have happened. None of the papers ever came into sight.”
He nestled into her embrace and felt her hum against him.
“What happened?” she asked again, softer this time, so as not to disturb what little peace he could find.
A weary sigh released from his bones. “Somehow – I don’t know how – my name got signed to papers that I know for a fact I’ve never seen before. Important papers. Papers defining a new structure that’s to be taken to the board for discussion of a new management. Papers that I expressly requested come straight to my office with no delay, and that have the power to make or break my entire reputation. I ordered them with direct instructions to be handled with the utmost care. I couldn’t afford for anything to happen or for them to slip my radar. I was just asking Bernice about them when Mr. Goldfer came up to me with the two-fingered point and requested a little ‘chat’ in his office.” Klaus sighed again, leaning his head back into the headrest of his seat and closing his eyes with a groan. “Somehow, my name got on those papers, and now it looks like I’ve approved an entirely new concept of management that I never even had the chance to question or review. And if the board decides that it’s ludicrous, well…” He opened his deeply expressive eyes, examining every line, every curve of her face before giving a sad half-smile and fluttering his hand in the air. “Bye-bye law career. Hello grocery boy.”
“Oh, stop. It wouldn’t be that bad, would it?”
“I kid you not, Jenna. If this order falls through, an order that I had no say in despite evidence to the contrary, I could very well be looking at a downgrade in my career. Or in life.” He blew a breath through his lips and scuffed a strand of hair which attempted to fall into his eyes. “Whichever comes first.”
“Klaus… what if I knew how that little mistake came to be?”
Like a dart, his eyes narrowed, and he paused, appearing to be taking in her features in an entirely new light.
“What did you do?”
“Promise you won’t be mad, okay?”
“What did you do, Jenna?”
[Full story available here.]
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lemonjoonah · 1 year
Company I Work For: Even though you are well qualified for the position and desperately want the hours, pay raise, and benefits, we have decided not to fill the role at this time...
Me: *heads home and immediately starts to apply to more jobs* Unless I’m a mistress for the sexiest man alive, 15 hours a week on that wage is not worth being fucked around for.   
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musicprincess1990 · 7 days
New pet peeve unlocked:
When someone is perfectly capable of finding the answer to a question, they have all the tools and knowledge to figure it out, and doing so would take minimal thought, time, and effort...
But they still ask, because they're too lazy.
Like the physical therapist asking me if I've blocked off his schedule for a lunch meeting in a few weeks. BRUH. You can look at your own damn schedule and find out. I know you know how to do it, because you always ask me questions about patients on your schedule, you look ahead frequently, so why the fuck can't you look for the answer yourself?!
...I just can't today. THANK GOD it's a short week.
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sweetpuddincake · 8 months
Now that I am have finally out the door of my previous job it is time to talk about my experience. I have talked about it in chunks before, but I want to give specifics now. I worked at a place called Jordi Labs. It is an contract analytical testing facility. Firstly I ask that you spread my story. Especially if you have any connections in the chemistry and analytical testing fields. If I can prevent another LGBTQIA from working here, I want to. I will be sharing this on job sites at a later date.
I worked there for 4 years I recieved nothing but high praise for my work. I became an integral part of the Jordi team.
Shortly after my 4 year anniversary I started hrt. Two months later I came out as trans. I did so by gradually changing the way I dress to appear more feminine. Then I would talk about it with those who noticed those changes in me. By the end of 3rd month I was coming to work in a dress. I spoke with HR and got my name tag and my email changed. I made it a point to thank everyone who addressed me by my preferred name. In that way I was able to keep track of who my allies were. Within a few weeks almost everyone was calling me by my preferred name and was very accepting.
Everyone except management. The president and vice president of the company seemed uneasy around me when they first saw me dressing. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. A month or so passed and they began to talk to me as they used to. Though I noticed a difference. Management has always made it a point to address employees by name. Now they did not. If they were to talk to me, they would just talk at me, or address me in a group.
3 months after I came out and I had yet to hear my name from them. I was starting to think they were making a conscious decision to not address me by name. It was wierd because they wouldn't even do it in emails. I would be referred to as "the spectroscopy group" a group which I was basically the only member.
I delt with this for about 7 months. Then I broke. During my yearly review I had a breakdown to my supervisor. I told him that the pres and vp had never addressed me by my preferred name. He saw how distraut I was. He suggested I bring this issue to HR. I was hesitant. As a result, with my permission, he spoke to HR on my behalf. I was asked if I would like to go talk to HR again at that time. I was an emotional wreck and decided it wouldn't be helpful at that time. I was told that HR would reach out to me again shortly to see if I was ready.
2 weeks or so passed and I did not hear anything. On the Thursday of the 2nd week I had another breakdown. At the end of the day I sent an email to HR requesting we meet Friday. She told me she was too busy and could not see me Friday or the following Monday. So we planned to meet Tuesday.
Going into that meeting I only had one question. Why? I wanted to know why it had been 7 months and they had never addressed me by name. I still wanted to give them benefit of the doubt. During the meeting I emphasized that I was just looking for an answer for this question. Hopefully I could get an explanation or apology or something. I declined speaking with them directly as I didn't want to trap myself in a room with potential transphobes. She told me she would speak to them later that day. On Thursday evening I heard back from HR. I was told that the president was sick with covid and she was able to reach out and have a short conversation. But they would continue when he returned. The days the president was out with covid he was also working from home. So I found it strange that they were able to talk, but could not address the one question I asked.
I believe I got my answer early the following week. I had another meeting with HR. I am paraphrasing, but the response was along these lines: "We value you. We respect you right to express yourself and your freedom to do so. We would never discriminate against you." I couldn't help notice they did not acknowledge the fact that they have never addressed me by name. The response was very corporate and insincere. It was just oozing of "We will say what we have to so you don't sue us."
I didn't want legal action. I just wanted to be treated like a person. Clearly they could not do that. I was asked if I felt like was denied any positions do to discrimination. I had only been out for under a year so I said no. I also declined to speak with them directly again. At this point I was sure of their transphobia and I felt very uncomfortable around them.
I stayed at my job for about 2 more months. I had made a lot of close friends that I did not want to leave behind. During that time it felt like management just avoided me. There was even a time when I was in the lunchroom. The president entered and passed a friend of mine. He said "Hi *coworkers name*". He then proceeded to pass me and he was silent.
I put in my 2 weeks and was asked to fill out resignation paperwork. I refused as it stated all complaints brought forward about a supervisor or coworker were resolved and I was leaving in part due to discrimination. I also started that I felt like they were avoiding me and waiting for me to leave.
The response I got was that they were confused about my claim of discrimination as I said that I did not feel discrimated against previously. They also said that they were respecting my wishes to not address the subject by not talking to me. They still claimed that they value me and respect my rights. They were gas lighting me like nothing was wrong. At that point I shut down. I didn't sign anything and I left when my time was up.
Thankfully I am out of that place now, but I know others still may end up there. I want to prevent others from going through what I did. Jordi Labs is a terrible place managed by terrible people. Thank you for reading all the way through this ❤️ If you feel compelled please share.
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aimeelawho · 11 days
When you disassociated heavily for ten minutes straight and then you have to spend the next five minutes convincing yourself that you're not dead.
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