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Wildest Dreams: Part 3
The phone had nearly slipped from his hand when he had been pushed against the shelf by Steve, the two fit men hiding away in the back of the library, seeking out any of the darker rows of books stacked neatly.
They were trailing after your scent like little lovesick puppies, so driven to find every place you had liked to be or had frequented they had nearly caused one of the student librarians to topple the cart of books she was pushing around, and in doing so had earned the scorn of the head librarian.
Steve and Bucky had been told by one of their newest freshman players that you always tried to study at the same table in the library.
It was a table closer to the back than the front and had been placed near two windows that were adjacent to each other which provided natural light and warmth from the sun when it was at its peak, and the glow of the sunset when it was dusk.
The table itself was not overly sought after by most people who had come to study here, the table was closer to the back and had been quite the walk to the front desk, and the windows had let in too much light for someone who was hungover trying to do a crash course study session before classes.
For you, however, it was perfect.
“If we get kicked out, I’m kicking your ass.”
“Did you say kick or kiss?” Bucky grinned solicitously and jerked his head forward to peck Steve on the lips, startling the blonde and bringing him back to a defaulted position physically and mentally.
There was a moment of conjecture where Steve had blinked and blushed, pink dusting his cheeks and the bridge of his nose as he snapped his jaw closed and cleared his throat. His hands had loosened against Bucky’s shirt, and he had even begun smoothing down the soft cotton when both of the alphas had stilled.
“It’s-“ Bucky had inhaled deeply, his eyes closing momentarily when your scent had become the densest and most powerful, the soft mix of florals and sweetness made both of their mouths water.
It was the addictiveness of your scent and the powerful twist of their hindbrains that had automatically become attuned to you even after all the years that had passed between you three.
“Fuck,” Steve rest his forehead against Bucky’s shoulder and whined, the headiness of your scent was both exhilarating and debauching.
There was no end to how delirious you had made them, to how strong and innate their need to be around you and feel you were. You may not have felt the jarring surge of wanting and needing, and you may not have been aware of how potent and vivacious the connection still was between you three but they did.
Steve and Bucky knew, they felt it. Maybe you had closed yourself off to it, maybe you had denied yourself and your hindbrain, or perhaps you had shoved it so far down into yourself that you refuse to acknowledge it at all. But they knew, and they felt it.
“Are you kidding me?” You stood at the end of the aisle, a stack of books already in your arms that were threatening to topple over.
You had appeared comfortable wearing an oversized campus hoodie that was drenched in your scent, and a pair of dark leggings that were tucked into a pair of cheap dark suede boots. You had pulled your hair out of your face and secured it with a single black headband that was held into place with a few bobby pins and had completed your comfortable and cozy appearance with a pair of headphones that were draped through the front of your hoodie, almost as if they were strings.
“Hey,” Steve had huffed and let Bucky go, his cheeks still heated and pink from the blush that afflicted him, “how’s it going?”
“Hey, beanie!” Bucky’s chipper attitude had come as he squirmed out of Steve’s grip to lean against the bookshelf, one hand resting above his head on the shelf and the other on his hip. “Omega bean-“
“Do not call me that.” You furrowed your brows and pursed your lips, your eyes darting between Steve and Bucky. “You didn’t have sex here, did you?”
“Not yet-“ Bucky chortled and then grunted when Steve smacked his chest with force, shooting his boyfriend and best friend a dirty look.
“We were hoping to talk to you.” Steve had drawn in a soft breath, attempting a subtle gulp of your scent as he craved and needed to let it fill your lungs.
“Talk to me?” You cautiously entered the aisle, taking a wide berth around them before you ultimately sidestepped the two alphas. “What could you possibly want to talk to me about?”
They watched as you scoured the section you were in for a certain book, your scent reeling as the lingering awkwardness and silence had grown headier. You had pursed your lips and shifted your weight from foot to foot, the stack of books in your arms getting heavier than expected, and with it, you had groaned and shifted them to your other arm.
“Do you want…help?”
“What?” You turned to look at them, a clear divide between how you felt and how you were projecting your feelings.
“Your books look heavy, do you want help?”
“Not to be rude, but what do you want?” You brushed their attempt to help off, denying them with a stark question.
You held their gazes until you couldn’t anymore, and had to look away. You had pressed your fingertips against the spine of a random book, almost as if you were going to pull it out but changed your mind. Rather than grab it you had mouthed the title with the flutter of your lips and the bashful bat of your eyelashes.
Both of which had made Steve and Bucky weak in the knees, it had rattled them to their core. The simple few actions had stirred innate desire that bubbled under their skin to afflict them with an intense need to feel you.
“It’s been a while.” Steve had looked at Bucky as if to beg him to help while the three of you took over this space. “Thought maybe we could talk.”
“What could you ever want to talk about? Football? Cheerleading? Barnes abnormally large head?”
“My head is not large,” Bucky gasped dramatically, resting a hand on his chest, “unless you’re talking about the other head.”
“Bucky!” Steve scolded him, reaching out to pinch his arm with a sharp hiss.
“I didn’t know the definition of microscopic now meant huge.” You dug at Bucky, firing a comment at him that had produced a playful laugh equivalent to water rolling off a duck’s back.
He was no more bothered by your comment than he was unamused.
“Omega Bean, I swear-“
“You two!” The librarian stepped around the corner and smacked her hand against the front of the shelf, drawing their attention away from you. She stood at the end of the row with a sour look on her face and a sneer tugged at her lips.
“I thought I told you to leave.” She raised an eyebrow, looking upon you with indignation.
“I’m not with them.” You denied knowing them, stepping away with a flourish of your bag, smacking it against Bucky’s side.
“Good conversation. Wish it was shorter.”
You think you have peace to work on your latest assignment, you think you can enjoy your spiced chai latte without interruption. You have hope that you can hash out the last few noted details that you wanted to add to your paper before you had gone back to your dorm to type it up.
It was all part of your process of studying and doing research, you would write down points and facts, referencing where you could find it if you had to go back, and then you would return to your dorm to put it all together.
Usually, you would remain unnoticed and unbothered, especially as new as you were to the university. Your hopes were dashed when you return to your favourite study desk after seeking out an additional book and found someone hanging around your desk.
Tumblr media
“Hey girl!” She appeared to the left, the cheerleader that was hanging off Steve.
She stood to the left of your desk with a friendly smile on her face that matched her equally bright eyes and her tight ringlets pulled out of her face and secured with a silk pastel pink scrunchie that had only let a few loose pieces out of the hold.
The last time you saw her when she was hanging off of Steve, she was wearing a tight cheerleading skirt and matching crop top with pompoms. She had been sandwiched between Steve and Bucky, while Steve had his arm around her waist.
You were as remiss now as you were then, struck with a direct bolt of envy and jealousy that had sunk deep in your veins and boiled under your flesh. You had bit down on the inside of your cheek as she stood by you and the desk, waiting for you to say something.
You were damn jealous. You shouldn’t be jealous, but you were.
“Can I sit here?” Instead of the pompoms and skirt, she’s wearing a pair of tight black leggings that were branded with the cheer team’s name down the side of her right thigh, and the symbol of the school set below the writing.
Keeping with her change from her cheerleading uniform, she had worn a royal purple hoodie with the name scrawled across the front. “If you wouldn’t mind?”
“It’s fine.” Your reply is quiet and you watched her as she pulled out the chair from under the desk and sat down, scooting herself back toward the desk with a sprawling charm.
“Listen, about what you saw at the welcoming party-“ She cleared her throat and began the explanation you didn’t think you wanted, and you had reacted with a strengthened offence, preemptively cutting her off.
“I don’t care.” You spoke over her and bowed your head, furiously scrawling at the notepad in front of you. “I don’t care that they fuck around-“
Her laugh had made you take pause and you lifted your head to stare her down with pursed lips. There was a lingering question in your eyes and the halt that you had taken was only another catalyst to make her grin.
“Seems like you do.” She leaned forward and tapped her fingers against the back of your hand, her nails lightly pecking your flesh. “For what it’s worth, I’ve got a boyfriend and an alpha of my own. The other girls on the team…Steve and Bucky are protective of them.”
Silence had come between you, the obvious disconnect between her being interested in Steve and Bucky as alphas, and her description of them like brothers to the girls on the team seemed glaring.
And yet, you had seen from their instas that they had willingly and wantonly occasionally brought a thrift into their relationship. Were you supposed to ignore that for the sake of a triad that wasn’t even real?
“They’re like big brothers who hate how other boys look at us like we’re stupid and bubbly.” She rolled her eyes and tucked her hand under her chin, sighing heavily. “I’m studying engineering but all anyone sees is a perky little cheerleader-“
“I’m sorry.” You apologize to her, stumbling over your discerning thoughts about her, every speculation and judgement felt derogatory now. “I didn’t-“
“Hey, it’s okay.” She laughed under her breath and shrugged her shoulder, casting off the various doubts and speculations with a wave of her hand. “If I saw my boys hanging around other omegas without context-“
“They’re not….they’re not mine-“ You cut her off again, intending on setting the record straight immediately. You needed her to know that they weren’t yours, they had never really been yours. Everything that happened between you was a thing of the past.
“Are you sure?” She questioned you with a tug of her lips before they formed a half-smirk. “They’re pretty smitten about you.”
“What? No, they’re not.” You denied the claim with derision, dropping your pen onto your notepad with a subtle and muffled thud. “I don’t-“
“God, yeah! You’re all they can talk about since they saw you. Omega bean, that’s so cute! And you are cute! Look at you!” She’s so gleeful and bright, confident in everything she is and you’re struck again with envy.
It eats at your core and you find yourself furiously turning pages in your textbook for an excuse to keep your hands busy.
“Thank you?” You finally mumbled, raising your head just as she had started to push her chair back and stand, one hip cocked.
“Anyway, I gotta run to class but…” She had leaned forward and pushed a folded piece of paper your way, grinning before she stepped back.
“You seem like a really fun person and I know you’re new on campus so if you ever want to hang out, you have my number. Contrary to what some of the boys believe, we don’t sit around gossiping and doing nails. We do however play boozy Mario party and Mario Kart. The next game is Saturday night if you’re interested. My name is Rhys, by the way.”
“Umm…thanks…” you slid the paper toward you and studied the number but by the time you raised your head, she was gone.
Tumblr media
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no other shade of blue but you
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So then you go Then you go You just go
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I thought “heaven can’t help me now,” nothing lasts forever.
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Gleaming Twinkling Eyes like sinking ships on waters So inviting I almost jump in
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I can see the end as it begins.
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nothing lasts forever...
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t.s. - wildest dreams
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Taylor is chaotic: a summary
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1989 Taylor's Version (so far)
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Wildest Dreams: Part 1
The box was set against the door, haphazardly knocked over without any real care. You had stopped before your dorm room and frowned, irritated by your packed items knocked over on the worn carpet hallway, knowing that you were only gone for a few minutes to talk to the RA.
At that time someone had knocked over the last box you had to take into your dorm room, and in the process of knocking over the box, had scattered some dirt from your plant onto the carpet.
You frowned and bent down to pick up your discarded belongings, setting them back up where they had belonged, and with as much dirt as you could manage to scoop back into the pot, you lifted the box from the floor and rest it upon your hip.
You balanced the last box while opening your door, scrambling to catch it before it toppled from your arms as the door, which had been sticky to open before, had all but flown open. Your first arrival at the university and your dorm had not gone like you had hoped, wracked with bad luck and irritations that made you wonder if transferring closer to home was a good idea. You were tired of having to travel back and forth for holidays, either by plane or bus.
The first year of travelling back home had been enough of a stressor for you and you were quickly over the long distance, after your transfer had been approved, you couldn’t have gotten out of the state fast enough. Now that you were closer to home, the travel distance was cut to a few mere hours instead of the egregious 10+ hours it had previously taken you.
With a huff, you set your box down on the mattress, fingers grazing the cardboard edge with every intention of unpacking the final bits of your university life, however, you were distracted by your phone vibrating on the desk in your room. You stepped away from your bed and grabbed your phone from the wood, swiping right to answer the call.
“Hi, mom.” You grabbed the chair out from under the desk and sat upon the cushion, pulling one leg up to your chest while the other stayed in place.
“Did you make it?” Your mom’s voice was echoing slightly through the speaker, her worry for you never ceasing, even if you were closer now than you had been the previous year.
“I told you I was, I had to go talk to the RA.” You rolled your eyes and switched your phone from one hand to the other and drummed your fingertips against the top of the desk, an anxious spike hitting you out of nowhere.
You had chewed the inside of your cheek while you listened to your mom speaking, knowing that she would ultimately end up back on the topic of who else had attended the university you were enrolled at. It was a topic you were not exactly overjoyed to talk about, not that you had any reason to be annoyed that you were at the same university.
The chances of you finding each other and being in each other’s circles were slim to none. They were endlessly devoted to their football team and each other, that was reason enough for you to avoid anything that could or would be a catalyst for you to find each other.
“Steve and Bucky will be excited to see you, they’re on the football team-“ Like clockwork, your mom’s ability to circle back to the topic of the two alphas you had known when you were in daycare was innate.
You stood from the desk and walked back toward the door, reaching for the brass handle and turning the knob. You opened the door and peered out into the hallway, for no other reason than to pace and keep yourself busy while your mom spoke.
“Mom, please.” You groan and attempt to shut the door behind you, the edge catching on the crumpled rug. “I haven’t seen them since I was like 5, what interest do I have in a couple of cocky meathead alphas?”
“You used to be close, Y/N. You used to be so close-“ She tried to reason with you, almost as if she was trying to influence you to go out of your way to find them on the vast campus instead of preparing yourself for your classes and settling in.
“-that you had to separate us so we could socialize properly. Trust me, mom, I’ve seen their Instagrams and they are nothing that I need.” You huff and land on the bed, staring up at the ceiling while holding the phone in your left hand, mindful of the box that’s taking up room near the edge of the mattress.
You had found their Instagrams unknowingly, unaware that it was even them until you had seen the two alphas wrapped up in each other at some bar. You had admired the artwork, the sketches that had been posted on Captain Turd’s Instagram page, completely unaware that it was Steve’s artwork.
And when it had come to Bucky’s insta, you had seen some of the scenic pictures he had taken of the field, it was admirable you admitted, oddly beautiful. Until you had seen the pictures of the cheerleaders they were hanging off of, and the claims that they enjoyed the taste of them as much as they enjoyed the taste of each other.
You had been turned off by the following that had offered themselves as the next flavour for them to enjoy.
It was your fault, their instas were suggested to you and you bit the bait. You had scrolled through them with unknowing admiration until you came to know who’s they were and what they liked.
You jumped to conclusions that were comfortable for you, irritating yet comfortable with the assumption they were fuckboys and meatheads, nothing was going to make you change your mind. You didn’t want to know more, not since you felt at odds with yourself over their Instagrams.
“Winnie and Sarah let them know you were coming to campus, I’m sure they’re eager to see you.” Your mom’s voice felt distant as if she was pulling away to take to a task.
You had hummed over what she said, confused because you didn’t think your mom had talked to their parents anymore, not since you had been pulled away from them while you were in daycare.
Your dad had gotten a job across the country, and your parents had only moved back when you graduated high school, and you had chosen to stay for university. It was your loneliness that made you want to return, it was the distance from your parents who had moved home, that made you want to transfer.
“I didn’t think you talked to them.” You aired your confusion, your eyebrows knit together. “I didn’t…you speak to them?”
“We live in the same town, Y/N. We’ve run into each other a few times. Winnie invited your dad and me over for dinner, you know it’s been a few years since George died.”
“I know,” you furrowed your brows and bit the inside of your cheek, “I watched the funeral online, we couldn’t make it.”
“And Sarah, she is part of this book club-“
“Mom, how much time do you spend with their parents?”
“We’re friends, Y/N. We’ve reconnected, would it kill you to do the same?” you could physically feel her sigh, it was as if you could feel the weight of her willingness to argue reaching through the phone.
“They’re as obsessed with football and cheerleaders as they are with each other. If they’re not doing one they’re doing the other.” You rolled your eyes discontent with the push for you to find them again, fuelled by your mom’s insistence to become friends with their moms.
“Y/N, don’t you want to see them? Your old daycare friends-“ She tried again, reiterating the fact that you three had been thick as thieves when you were younger, completely inseparable.
But that kind of distance had changed you, and it had likely changed them. The closeness that brought you together was detrimental to your social live’s and a separation had to happen. Now, you were grateful that you were separated. There was nothing that needed to be mended.
“Mom, I’ve changed. They’ve changed, it was a phase. Besides, I’m at university. I have other things to focus on.” You scouted a crack in the ceiling that you focused on while your mom spoke from the other side of the phone about how they were settling in and adjusting to their new place, and with their new old friends.
You were so focused on the call that you squeaked when you heard the sound of a fist pounding on the door, verbally and physically jumping out of fright. You hissed and sat up, dragging yourself to the edge of the bed, mindful of your box and the rest of your belongings.
You rose to your feet and descended from your bed, stumbling slightly over one of your books that you left laying on the floor, slowly opening the door to give whoever was on the other side hell.
Rather than seeing a person you saw a flier taped to the plain white door, held to the wood with a piece of sticky silver duct tape.
You stepped halfway out the door to read the paper, finding that it was an invitation to an introductory party that was going to be held on the football field, set up by the student union in partnership with the football team. You scoffed and ripped the paper from the door, crumbling it into as tight of a ball as you could manage before you threw it aside in the hallway.
“Promise you’ll give it some effort?” Your mom’s voice stirred you back into focus, though the prospect only seemed to annoy you further.
“Sure mom, I’ll do that.” You muttered under your breath, slamming the door shut. “Right after I land on mars.”
Tumblr media
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Wildest Dreams // Taylor Swift
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my sister in christ we are still here
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Say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just pretend.
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Say you'll see me again Even if it's just in your wildest dreams
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