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rachel4reading · 2 days
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Heyheyhey @viceduo u swipin right? or liking? or whatever the fuck u do on dating apps
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ashes to ashes also i made a less detailed version and a matchbox mockup for my uni assignment so check that out below!! :D
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ghostly-tart · 2 days
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Pieces from my animatic we’ll see if I finish it LOL
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utahlive · 2 days
whats ur house like
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As stated in the consent to filming clause in the consent form what Wilbur signed upon agreeing to this show, we have full legal permission to follow him home!
[transcript below]
Anonymous Caller:
whats ur house like
Anonymous Caller:
You said you sleep in the back can we get a tour of your room (also we don’t think you actually have a house if I’m honest}
Wilbur Soot:
Remind me to real ALL of the fine print next time some camera guy approaches you and asks to vlog you for TV.
When I first came back to my house, there was an eviction notice on the door, but my keys still worked and everything.
So naturally I just stated living here again. The utilities still work. I sent my landlady a note but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.
Welcome to my crib.
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cornpapers · 1 day
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a lullaby
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thunderbottle · 9 hours
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just a girl and his cruella deville cigarette against the world
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p-ogman · 22 hours
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wilbursoot-updates · 2 days
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bad news!
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bludoby · 2 days
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An idea about SBI living in kind of a mansion
They are known by the entire town just next to them but none of the habitants actually know who (or what) they actually are. They only have rumors circulating around (some says that they are maybe cursed as well)
It’s only a few years later, after the strange family’s arrival that a group of teens/young adults decide to get to know them, which was a harder task than what it should normally be
i’ll name it Ghosty Bois Family AU for now
Ko-Fi || Carrd
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wolfythewitch · 18 hours
new upload
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scivious · 8 hours
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i need angel and wilbur to cover another song!!
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mangobaii-daily · 1 day
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n0phis · 3 days
i offer no explanation
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correctdsmpquotes · 17 hours
tommy: tubbo where do i claim?
tubbo: anywhere, just wherever you want to occupy.
tommy: okay. *selects ukraine* im france!
tubbo: that’s ukraine.
tommy: wilbur what colour are you?
wilbur: im yellow
tommy: alright. the french are on your side!
wilbur: why are- you’re ukraine.
tommy: the fren- no im not, im french!
sneeg: that is not france.
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utahlive · 4 hours
do you have a routine or smth when you get home ?
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Thank you for the question! Off camera, Wilbur went into detail about how he cried so hard he threw up after being called a Dabi cosplayer and had to finish his shift early!
[transcript below]
Anonymous Caller:
do you have a routine or smth when you get home ?
Wilbur Soot:
When I get home the first this I usually do is take this crap off my face.
I go through about two tubes of concealer per week.
I dont think it would get me fired, but a customer came in once and called me a Dabi (BNHA) cosplayer and that was genuinely worse than death.
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modelbus · 3 days
Sorry if this is confusing this is the first request I ever made.
I was wondering if you could do a Wilbur soot x fem or gn reader (romantic)
Where it’s the like the very beginning of the relationship and you’re helping him model for his next merch drop then he sees you in the merch and his is like “OoOooHhhhHH mY GOodnESS I WANt tO maRrY You!!”
This would 100% happen and nobody can convince me otherwise.
Pairing: CC!Wilbur x Fem!Reader (romantic)
My Merch
Tumblr media
"You are the best for doing this." Are the first words out of Wilbur's mouth when you show up at his flat. He's grinning at you, leaning on his doorframe.
"You can always show your gratitude by giving me free merch." You answer, ducking under his arm to enter. He laughs, shutting the door and following you into his living room area.
"As if you weren't going to get free merch just for being my girlfriend."
You shrug, secretly thrilled at hearing him call you that. He hasn't been your official boyfriend for too long, so just hearing that gives you butterflies. It feels like love.
"What's the plan?"
Wilbur had texted you exactly twenty-four minutes ago panicking about not having a female model for his merch. Being the only one who actually thinks logically in your relationship, you volunteered to model with him. It'd be fun!
"I have a blank wall and a phone camera, so that should be good enough. Photoshop exists for a reason, and I'm still logged into Tommy's account he uses for thumbnails."
"If it works." You shrug.
"It should. Thank you so fucking much for this. You have no idea how much it means to me."
"I wasn't doing anything, why not be with you?"
His grin widens, cheeks dusting a light pink. "Okay. You can change in my room, I put the merch in there. Just dig through the piles until you find your size, they aren't organized at all."
"Of course they aren't." You sigh.
"I was a bit busy panicking to organize them all!" He defends himself.
For some reason that makes you laugh, heading into his room and softly shutting the door. Sure enough, there are four large piles of different merch near his closet. Statistically speaking, your size couldn't be too hard to find.
Luck is on your side because you find your size in everything fairly quickly. He didn't tell you which one to wear first so you just grab the one closest to you and throw it on. Pausing momentarily to fix your hair in the mirror on his wall, you head out to him.
"Walking down the runway is I, Wilbur Soot's personal merch model." You joke, doing a little twirl at the end of the hallway to show off the sweater.
Wilbur's eyes are wide, staring at you. He's silent for far too long, not even seeming to be having a coherent thought.
"Wil?" You ask, a little confused. "What's wrong?"
"You look stunning." He blurts out. "Wow. I need to kiss you, like, right now."
Relieved, you laugh and walk up to him. He doesn't seem to be moving any time soon with how he's still staring at you.
You loop your arms around his neck and his instinctively go around your waist. When you lean up, he tilts his head down to meet your lips in a long kiss.
"You're getting five hundred pieces of my merch." He swears when you pull away.
"I look that good, huh?" You tease.
"Yes," Wilbur answers seriously. "Fucking- yes."
Taken off guard, your lips part in surprise. You didn't expect him to answer so quickly, and certainly not so reverently. He takes his chance to kiss you again.
"Are you going to take any photos or just kiss me the entire time? Not that I'm complaining."
"Who says I can't do both?" He asks. “You know I love you, right?”
Although you’re not exactly sure where he’s going with this, it still makes you feel like a little kid with a crush.
“And I love you.” You respond, fully meaning it.
“Remember that in a year or two for me.”
“What?” He smiles at you in response. “Wait, what does that mean?!”
“Photo time!”
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