#why am i even mad
hyacinthxbridgerton · a year ago
So we are not gonna have Cathrine loving Mary. She is going to be like "if i can't have a boy, she will do."
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tourettesdog · 21 days ago
DP x DC prompt where the only reason Gotham doesn’t have its own ghost population is because blood blossoms grow throughout the city.
Danny gets dragged to Gotham by his parents for a ghost hunting convention. He feels fine at first, sticking to the hotel, but as soon as Danny goes out to explore the city at night he starts to feel exhausted and ill. He tries to turn around and go back to the hotel, realizing something is wrong, but winds up collapsing outside of the park where there’s a particularly dense flowerbed of blood blossoms. He transforms, lessening the effects somewhat, but Danny still feels remarkably ill.
Bruce sees him while driving back home from a social event. Just some strange kid trying desperately to stand up and walk-- and falling repeatedly. Getting physically sick on the pavement. The kid is coherent enough to vehemently refuse being taken to a hospital, but can’t articulate much more beyond that. Bruce doesn’t know if he’s been drugged or what, but the kid is scrawny and covered in scars-- possibly abused. Determined to do something and not let the kid waste away on the side of the street, Bruce offers to let the kid rest at the manor while they try and get in contact with his family.
The kid doesn’t even get to give him a proper answer. Bruce puts a hand on his shoulder to steady him and has to make a desperate grab to catch the kid as he faints. 
Bruce takes the kid back to the manor where they try to figure out who he is while making sure he’s comfortable and not in life-threatening danger. The kid has no ID on him and doesn’t even have a cellphone (seeing as Technus smashed his last week). The kid seems stable enough-- barring a strangely low heartbeat and remaining unconscious-- but doesn’t seem to be improving.
Unfortunately for Danny, the manor is surrounded by blood blossoms.
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famdommcfanface · a month ago
Anyone else kind of annoyed how the Hob/Dream shipping has so totally taken over the sandman tag on here?
Because I get it. I ship it too tbh. But it seems almost an over-the-top stereotype of fandom that in a show full of queer and poc people, the fandom focusses on these two white not-confirmed-queers.
Not claiming either of them are straight but I get the desire for queer rep and... there is actual queer rep! So fucking much of it. Hob was in one episode why is he in 95% of fan content my god.
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gentil-minou · 8 months ago
When will people learn that saying "this season has bad writing cause they don't care about Adrien" and "I'm not salting on Adrien I just want him to be happy again" and all these things that imply that him being sad is BAD and he needs to be happy to be a fun character is invalidating as all hell????
Like essentially you're saying that the only worth he has is the comfort you find in him being happy sunshine funny boy?
Or that he doesn't have enough screentime but the reality is he has had the most character development screentime of any season but he's show emotions and so its bad because he's not happy all of the time
And its incredibly invalidating because as someone who always bottles her feelings up and is depressed like 75% of the time seeing a character do it on screen and isolate himself and hide his feelings is legitimately making me realize the way I do it and helping me want to change. But then seeing someone go he's too sad makes me revert back thinking oh i gotta be positive or no one will like me
And I guarantee there is someone in you're life doing the same things as he is and you would never tell them to stop being sad.
Please let this boy be sad.
Don't say the writers are being bullies for making him sad. Because no, they're not. They're making him more human. The way I see some folks acting is the way Gabe acts with the need to make his son be perfect. Don't be Gabe folks.
It's different if you say the show has writing inconsistencies because there are but people keep forgetting the season isn't over and they're setting things up and you watched out of order in a language you didn't understand and just please stop and just wait especially on my posts It's so dumb
Don't call it bad writing when we don't even know what the build up is leading to.
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helena---ish · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know...
honestly i hardly even watch empires, but to welcome scott smajor publicly to tumblr and just because i saw an Elsa-ish character and said "yes please", have a drawing. it only took me... *checks notes* over a month :]
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goldensunset · a month ago
i’m pushing the ‘vor as a beloved little sister to everyone but especially eraqus’ agenda
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thinking about my old favorite ships
yes the
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fucking pain
Tumblr media
and of course
the dead one
Tumblr media
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hella1975 · 5 months ago
my brain: im stressed for exams
me: let's study then so we feel more prepared
my brain: no. we're gonna procrastinate because we're so stressed
me: that makes no sense, but okay. why don't we do something we enjoy to feel better?
my brain: no because then i'll feel guilty that i'm not studying
me: so let's study
my brain: NO
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whatthefuxkkk · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Me after watching King's Tide
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l8tof1 · 8 months ago
yeah it’s cool that 4 weeks later “journalists” finally dare to copy paste some facts into their writing about abu dhabi (????) but this whole narrative that it’s lewis who is disillusioned and lewis who may not want to come back and lewis who is waiting for the fia report is SO TERRIBLE. ev👏e👏ry👏one👏 should be disillusioned and pressuring the fia into action!! the silence from other teams and drivers, let alone f1 media, is so upsetting. why is it always just lewis!!!! (we know why but godddd.) the bar is on the floor and the entirety of f1 still can’t clear it.
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doodlebloo · a year ago
Also I get that the point of streaming is to see people react to things but do you guys ever feel like it gets a little weird sometimes?
Like obviously people desperately wanting a "bigger" reaction out of this teenage boy when he sees two girls kiss in a video game is like, meh, right, but also
Do y'all remember that stream when Ranboo got that HUGE dono to help pay for the UK trip, and he started tearing up but Tubbo started cracking jokes to lighten him up and Ranboo said that he couldn't cry with Tubbo there cheering him up? Cool, now do you remember Ranboo's chat telling Tubbo to stop "ruining the moment" and spamming at Ranboo to cry? Over money they didn't give him? And getting upset when he didn't cry?
Because I think about that a lot. I get that it's part of content creation to play up reactions to things and I'm sure a lot of creators want to do that, and I'm sure a lot of the fans don't have bad intentions by trying to get these Big reactions from streamers, but... They're human beings, too. They shouldn't have to cry or get scared and scream or make a thumbnail face all surprised at something if they don't want to, and we shouldn't be disappointed in them if they don't?
Idk what point I'm making other than holy shit does it make me feel weird when people get upset over a streamer not "reacting" to something the way they want.
#idk idk but i also feel like#ranboos chat has taken over tubbos chat. which is awful#1. because they will spam shit at ranboo if hes even HINTED at being nearby with no regard for the fact that its tubbos channel#(i know that during the lis playthrough only ranboo could see chat to avoid spoilers but theres a difference between sending a message thats#related to the stream and asking Ranboo to say happy birthday or gay rights on TUBBOS stream)#and 2. because they literally treat Tubbo like Ranboo when he isnt.#''why isnt he crying'' Tubbo doesnt cry onstream. ''why isnt he getting invested!'' he doesnt do that very often either.#''why isnt he scared at this horror game!'' he has been very vocal about horror games other than fnaf not having much if an effect in him#'"he doesn't know theyre gay!!'' yes he probably does and doesnt care but even if he didnt so what.#i dunno its just like. ranboo is always super extra mefa careful about Reacting the Right way to things right#like when a sad scene is hapoening in a video ame hes always Somber and Quiet and all of that#which is fine! that works for him and thats what you can expect during a Ranboo stream.#but Tubbo doesnt do that. Tuvbo cracks jokes and makes light of the situation and reminds everyone its Just A Video Game#so when Ranboo viewers show ip expecting 45 minutes if crying and get a thirty secind decision bc the tornado looked cool.#i feel like it should click that maybe Tubbo's content is... different from Ranboos.#hot take maybe Tubbo is his own content creator with his own style of doing things and his own fanbase#and not just TommyInnit's Friend or Ranboo's Quirky Roommate. Hard to swallow pill i know#idk idk! just putting my thoughts on my blog ^_^#im /nm. annoyed sure but not mad enough to like Start something yk. if you disagree thats totally fine#i am just putting my own thoughts on my blog :) this isnt /neg for tubbo OR ranboo just to be clear#doodle.txt
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galaxygermdraws · 11 months ago
So. I don't usually make posts about discourse. I've never ONCE made a discourse post on this blog. But. This is personal. And I want people who follow me to know.
So today M*tpat released a Hermitcraft theory which, would be FINE but. The theory is stolen. My friend Della, aka the amazingly big brained @micer2012 , came up with that theory and has expanded upon it in a way I didn't think possible.
If you want to see the ACTUAL theory. Go to Della's account. It's in her masterpost. All of it. In its original glory.
I've seen how much effort she puts into that thing, gives me a headache just to try and create theories for HC lore. But like. Please for the love of the stars check out Della's original post for that theory. Like it n reblog it. Give her some kinda compensation for this. She deserves to be known as the person who made that theory. Because she did. And she's been acknowledged by Pooka himself as the one who made the theory. He's read the theory. I think more ppl need to know she made that theory
That's all. I'm sorry for going discoursey on main, but Della is my friend and this is the worst case scenario. Which we joked about weeks ago, because we didn't think it'd happen.
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1neverendingstories1 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
America and Stephen:
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imaybeabear · 22 days ago
Me, standing at the gates of amazon, holding a baseball bat behind my back: no guys, cmon, just let me in just for a minute! I just wanna know where Celeborn is, that's all, honest! What am I holding? Oh, nothing! You wouldn't part a person from their walking stick would you?? Now, just please point me in the direction of whoever took the real Elrond and I'll be on my way!
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opens-up-4-nobody · 5 months ago
I'm losing my mind. Everyone is blaming sakura for naruto being all fucked up for sasuke, including sakura.
Everyone is looking at naruto like: why is he like this? He must be in love... with sakura
I'm gonna tear my hair out.
Naruto ninjas: who is responsible for this? Must be women
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slushedpuppys · 2 months ago
i wish i could put "willing to learn :)" as one of my skills on my resume. its the only thing stopping me from grabbing the interviewer by the neck and throttling them
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jurisffiction · a year ago
destiel » gold rush [youtube]
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