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Just getting comfy in bed,馃槇
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I don鈥檛 think you鈥檇 even wanna escape us tbh. Welcome to eternal domestic servitude to your female superiors
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Drying hair as a sign of affection and caring (Part 1/?)
Love In The Air
Bad Buddy
Be Loved In House: I Do
Cherry Blossoms After Winter
HIStory 2: Right or Wrong
Where Your Eyes Linger
Lovely Writer
My favorite bl-tropes collection
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鈥淲hen I鈥檓 working on a project, I sometimes think, 鈥楾his is my last project.鈥 It鈥檚 not a job with a guaranteed future. I can fix it in the next work. Also, as a creator, it's really hard to get praise from someone, but I'm grateful to be supported by many people while working on a BL genre project."
鈥淭here were times when the audience who saw the works left their impressions that I felt my own emotions. Hearing those words is comforting. I鈥檝e always thought of myself as an ordinary and colorless person. When I hear those words, I can't put it into words clearly, but it makes me think, 'There is something that represents me.'"
鈥淚 think the fact that the fans of the work have steadily grown the game played a big role. Because there is someone鈥檚 support and support, other people also get interested. The BL genre may have a sensitive part, but rather than narrowing it down to a specific genre, it is a 鈥榣ove story鈥. ' It's easier if you look at it broadly and define just that a man loves a man, because you can write the romance you want to write."
- Hwang Da Seul; Director of K-BL's Where Your Eyes Linger (2020), To My Star (2021), Blueming (2022)
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Why do kdramas have that forced separation trope?
I always used to think that kdramas had that trope because of Confucianism and its emphasis on fate. So the way to show a couple was fated was to either give them a shared childhood trauma or experience, a shared past life, or a break up with a long time skip where they get reunited a month, a few months, a year (or 5) later and are still as in love as they were before the time skip.
But I recently read an interesting thesis written by a grad student from South Korea who theorized that the reason kdramas do this separation and reunification trope is because Korea as a society is experiencing separation anxiety. The war that divided the country (and families) arbitrarily is still recent history, and the South Korean requirements for military service rips young men out of their family homes (further compounding the feeling of separation). So she wrote that Koreans love seeing stories of separation and reunions because it gives them hope and acts as a cultural salve.
As much as I dislike this trope when it's handled poorly, I now feel a greater appreciation for it even when it feels shoehorned into the plot because I at least understand its narrative significance now in a way that I didn't before.
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My Top 10 Most Anticipated 2022 B.L. Dramas:
So 2022 has been a great year for BLs so far and there are so many more to come, so these are the ones I鈥檓 most excited for!
10. Check Out (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 11th June
Two boys troubled by love meet whilst travelling and start to fall for each other. I鈥檝e been a big fan of Best since LBC and his real life friendship with Chahub translates to incredible onscreen chemistry. A special episode has already been released and it wasn鈥檛 incredible, but their chemistry and the poster they recently posted are so beautiful, that Check Out had to be on this list. (12 episodes)
9. Ocean Like Me (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
A man dreams of opening a restaurant on the beach, whilst trying to achieve his dream he meets a failed musician. After 2 years Han Gi Chan is going to be in another B.L. (WYEL is still one of my favourites) - and he鈥檚 starring alongside Holland (the 1st openly gay idol) - so I鈥檓 very excited! Not much else is known, but it鈥檚 coming and the location looks gorgeous!
8. Middleman鈥檚 Love/Bed Friend (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
Yes鈥his is 2 series, but they feature the same characters. Middleman鈥檚 Love: an average looking man (Jade) catches the eye of a handsome new intern. Bed Friend: Jades 2 best friends, don鈥檛 like each other but have a connection. Mii2 have a new drama! I love them, but the enemies to lovers story of Bed Friend is the one I鈥檓 most excited for. These are also from the same production company as Cutie Pie which I鈥檓 really liking.
7. Summerdaze The Series (singapore)
Tumblr media
Airs: August?
A star actor gets in trouble for making a homophobic comment, to repair his image his management cast him in a B.L, his costar is an aspiring actor and the 2 fall in love during shooting. This plot sounds like my thing AND this is Singapores first ever B.L! There鈥檚 a stunning short film and trailer made for this project, they didn鈥檛 meet their crowdfunding goal, but they鈥檙e filming anyway - it鈥檚 hard to find updates, but this is a big deal!
6. Never Let Me Go (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: September?
A boys mafia boss father is m*rdered and a boy his age is brought in to protect him. Bodyguard B.Ls are the trend atm and I couldn鈥檛 be happier. This looks so dark and gritty, but also so beautiful. The director has revealed this is based on 90s thai melodrama lakorns and in those series the leads tend to die, which is why I can鈥檛 put this further up my list!
5. Blueming (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: 31st March
Siwon worked so hard most of his life to be perfect and handsome, in college he meets someone who naturally seems perfect. This is by my queen, the director of To My Star and WYEL! I love the plot and the trailers are unbelievably adorable, it looks like it carries a lovely message and it鈥檚 by my fave KBL director鈥 just wish it was going to be longer! (11 episodes)
4. Love In Spring (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: April?
A struggling nobleman saves a woman one day, but things are not as they seem when the woman he saved is revealed to be a man. I鈥檝e been wanting a really good historical B.L. for a while now and I鈥檓 hoping this is it! I鈥檓 also a big fan of gender-bend dramas and it stars a big time idol who I鈥檝e seen in a couple dramas and he鈥檚 always one of the highlights! Also the gender-bend is so convincing, look at him! (16 episodes)
3. About Youth (taiwan)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
Two very different boys are competing to become student president, but whilst competing it seems there may be more attraction than animosity. This is from the director of all my favourite HiStory series. It鈥檚 also the first time that a Taiwanese B.L. novel will be adapted into a series! I鈥檓 so excited for this, it鈥檚 hard to find any updates online but it鈥檚 been shot!
2. I Feel You Linger In The Air (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
An architect is heartbroken when his boyfriend reveals he has a fianc茅e, he gets into an accident and is transported back in time to the 1930s. I鈥檓 really looking forward to this. It鈥檚 starring Non who鈥檚 been my thai drama crush for years and this is his first B.L! I also love a time travelling plot. It鈥檚 from the director of TharnType and Lovely Writer, his last project wasn鈥檛 as well received but I hope this鈥檒l be a return to form!
1. KinnPorsche (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2nd April
This is what inspired me to make this list! We all know what it鈥檚 about, but incase you don鈥檛, this is the story of a bartender who becomes a bodyguard for a mafia family. I couldn鈥檛 be more excited, the trailer, the music, the cast - it all looks incredible! The struggle it鈥檚 been to watch this series get made, but now it鈥檚 10 days away and those 10 days feel way too long! (14 episodes)
There are so many other series I鈥檓 excited for. I only wanted to include one gmmtv series, so there was more of a variety, but coming this year Vice Versa, Eclipse and Moonlight Chicken all look amazing from them! There鈥檚 also so many KBLs being announced, but not much is known about them. And I鈥檓 so excited for To My Star 2, but I didn鈥檛 put that on here because it鈥檚 a season 2. And there鈥檚 the full series version of Love Mechanics too! What is everyone else excited for?
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Pretty princess just wants to be ruined
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To answer my friend RAPHAEL @forcedfemboi, NO, I WAS NOT FORCED to dress as a girl by my mother. I CHOSE TO BE A GIRL, because I ALWAYS FELT LIKE A GIRL INSIDE. It has been a long path to WOMANHOOD, but I would never go back to being a Man. I can鈥檛 think of anything worse!
In answer to your other question: Haven鈥檛 you heard? A LADY HAS TO HAVE SOME SECRETS. 馃挅猸愶笍馃尭 See if you can figure it out!
Kisses, Melissa xox
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Han Tae-joo: I'll come back. Kang Gook: You shouldn't. You and I have different paths to walk. Just enjoy your time over there - Where Your Eyes Linger 雱堨潣鞁滌劆鞚措ǜ氍措姅瓿踌棎 (2020)
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10 BLs to Watch if You Loved KinnPorsche
It鈥檚 really hard for me to understand exactly why you liked a thing, anything, let alone a phenomena of pop culture. Also there is nothing exactly like KP. With those two codicils in mind, I will do my very best.聽
Tumblr media
So here are 10 things I鈥檓 going to assume you are looking for.聽
higher heat levels聽- things get steamy聽
lower angst levels - external conflict (rather then internal agony and navel gazing)聽
good chemistry (not the same thing as heat) - this means the actors are good at portraying physical, mental, and emotional attraction to each other
grey morality聽
multiple couples聽
mature characters
non-school setting
longer length treatment
a happy ending聽
I do hope I鈥檝e gotten it right. This BL list will be rated on a scale of #/10 KP rating system - one point for each of the above, half points allowed. (Which is NOT my normal BL rating system.)聽
Tumblr media
Some things that I can鈥檛 really help you with:聽
Explicitly kinky characters. There is very little of this in light BL (stories with happy endings) and what there is I鈥檝e a listed here.聽
Mafia or yakuza set dramas are more common in dark BL. There are a few exceptions, but none of them have the bodyguard trope of KP.聽
Trigger warnings: assume if it happened in KP it may happen in these. including the stuff people argued over and disliked. Also dubcon and few others nasties. (Why so much dubcon in BL?)
Narrative structure. As you probably noticed in KP, strong story structure is not a hallmark of BL, but rather the exception. So far there have been only a few great strongly written high concept and killer narrative BLs.聽
Let鈥檚 start, shall we?聽
Loved KinnPorsche? Try These BLs Next
Tumblr media
1. Manner of Death聽
(Thailand 2021) WeTV聽
This is a gay romantic suspense featuring a doctor and a mafia character. It鈥檚 more a murder mystery investigation with multiple plot twists than a mafia romance, but it is tons of fun. It鈥檚 stars the Original Kings of BL IRL ships: MaxTul. Also two of the hottest bodies in BL.聽
KP rating 9.5/10聽
It has higher heat levels, low angst (there is no angst at all, really, these boys got other things to do), great chemistry, action, grey morality, multiple couples (kinda - this is where it flails at bit so I dinged it 1/2 a point), mature characters, a country + medical setting, longer length treatment AND a happy ending.聽
What to watch next if this was your favorite off this list? Triage聽or Dear Doctor, I鈥檓 Coming for your Soul.聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
2. Trapped聽
AKA HIStory 3: Trapped聽
(Taiwan 2019) Viki聽
Basically the definition of enemies to lovers. Is about a cop investigating a cold case where a mafia boss is the only witness, so he starts chasing him. Along the way to solving it, they fall in love. Side characters = mercenary hitman meets nerdy cop of his dreams, cooks for him. All the leads are stellar. It鈥檚 high heat, fun action, and a bit of a mystery drama but is pretty about all of it. My only warning is that the main couple doesn鈥檛 entirely end up together, it鈥檚 implied, but... amorphous ending. The sides end happily tho.聽
KP rating 9.5/10聽
Contains mature characters, non-school setting, higher heat, lower angst, great chemistry, action (some of it the SAME action, these two run through the woods hand-cuffed together for days too), grey morality, multiple couples, and a longer length - only the ending falters.聽
You want HIStory 3: Trapped NOT the other HIStory 3!聽
If you鈥檝e been frustrated by the heat levels and setting of Thai BLs since KP, then that鈥檚 because you need to turn your attention to Taiwan instead. Taiwan specializes in high heat levels and non-school settings. (They have some, but it鈥檚 not their focus.)聽
What to watch next if this was your favorite on this list: HIStory 2: Crossing the Line, DNA Says Love You, and you can explore the top 10 I talk about in my Taiwan鈥檚 history with the genre post. A warning, do not take Trapped as a typical example of HIStory franchise, it鈥檚 all over the place.聽聽
Tumblr media
3. Long Time No See聽
(Korea 2017) GaGa聽
Long Time No See聽is about two assassins who fall in love via online gay fanfic without knowing they are hitmen on opposite sides of a turf war. Or do they? It鈥檚 absolutely great and very under appreciated.聽One of Strongberry鈥檚 few longer pieces (but still short by Thai BL standards) with good fight sequences and very suspenseful.聽
KP rating 8/10聽
Contains all KP elements except multiple couples and a longer length: mature characters, non-school setting, high heat, low angst, good chemistry, action, grey morality, and a happy ending.
What to watch next if this was your favorite on this list: Actually you might try some of Japan鈥檚 darker stuff, I鈥檓 thinking Double Mints, for example.聽
Tumblr media
4. Not Me
(Thailand 2022) YouTube聽
This is crime thriller BL-lite about a group of motorcycling malcontents bent on bring down a corrupt system. Overtly queer, the romantic threads are not entirely the narrative drivers and it鈥檚 very slender on tropes, making this one, like MoD more gay romantic suspense than BL. But if gritty tension is what you鈥檙e after, this one has that in spades.聽
KP rating 7/10
It鈥檚 pretty low heat, this is OffGun+GMMTV and heat is not what they do. It has some angst because of the twin thing and the political thing (but not as much as I expected). The characters are not mature by my personal standards, they do act with the idealism of youth and they are in university some of the time. Otherwise ticks all the boxes: good chemistry, action, grey morality, multiple couples, longer length treatment, and a happy ending.
What to watch next if this was your favorite on this list: you can try OffGun鈥檚 back catalogue but it鈥檚 probably not what you鈥檙e looking for, try聽Bad Buddy instead and consider my favorite Thai BL, Until We Meet Again.聽
Tumblr media
5. 3 Will Be Free聽
(Thailand 2019) YouTube
Is about a mafia kid, a stripper, and a grifter who accidentally kill a hitman and then have to go on the run with two assassins chasing them. Along the way the three of them basically fall in love with each other. You also get the mafia hitmen perspective. It鈥檚 GREAT and very queer.聽
KP rating 6/10聽
Low heat levels for this one because it鈥檚 from GMMTV. However it is also low angst (there consistent outside stressors and this plot moves FAST), good chemistry, lots of action, very grey morality, multiple couples (but with each other, this is a poly romance), is not set at school, and has a longer length treatment. However, the characters aren鈥檛 entirely mature and it has a slightly ambiguous ending - they survive and are kind-of together but also stuff has happened. I dinged it an extra point because technically this is a queer romance and not, actually, a BL at all. Still it鈥檚 a very under-appreciated gem of a show, and I highly recommend it.聽
What to watch next if this was your favorite on this list: there鈥檚 nothing else out there like this show, sorry, it鈥檚 unique. However if you like Tay (Shin) you should watch his BL series the Kiss series and Dark Blue Kiss (watching guide here) where he plays a completely different personality.聽
Tumblr media
6. Irresistible Love聽
AKA聽Irresistible Love: Secret of the Valet (YouTube) +聽Irresistible Love 2 AKA Uncontrolled Love (YouTube)聽
(China 2016) grey聽
This two movie series is mafia esk but it鈥檚 very rough and lacks narrative cohesion. Rich kid (maybe mafia) boss has obsession with his family鈥檚 butler in a classic execution of the whipping boy trope. It鈥檚 in two parts and the second part has two endings, you want the one that ends not entirely unhappily. I not-so-secretly love this BL: obsession, mutilation, very hard fought and absolutely classic Chinese BL pre-censorship. It's a wild melodramatic ride.
KP rating 6/10
This has higher heat levels (all are dub con), good chemistry, very grey morality, mature characters, non-school setting and a medium length treatment. It also has some serious angst because of the unequal power dynamic and the seme鈥檚 bisexuality, there鈥檚 little action, only one couple, and the ending is all over the place, happyish if you can find the right one. (As of typing this post: the YouTube links should still work, but this is a grey show it has no official distribution.)聽
What to watch next if this was your favorite on this list: really? This one was your favorite? Okay then, how about trying My Beautiful Man AKA Utsukushii Kare? Or go for Addicted, if you want the best that China can do.聽
Tumblr media
7. Golden Blood聽
(Thailand 2021) YouTube聽
A Thai BL pulp with the whipping boy trope (attack dog variant) about a boy who is pulled off the streets because he has the correct blood type and trained to be the servant/caretaker/bodyguard of a rich mafia kid. They fall in love.
KP rating 5/10
This one has higher heat levels, multiple couples, a longer length treatment and a happy ending. But it is a Thai pulp so the production values are poor. There is some unnecessary angst as the characters are not mature and it is partly set in university, the chemistry is uneven (great with the sides but not the mains), there is action but it鈥檚 not very good, and grey morality (sort of). All in all, a mixed bag.
If you liked this best you have some pretty relaxed standards. why not lean in and try some MAME stuff like TharnType, Don鈥檛 Say No, or Love in the Air. Consider yourself warned.聽
Tumblr media
8. Unforgotten Night聽
(Thailand 2022)聽iQIYI聽
Ostensibly a kinky story of a mafia Dom who after a one night stand gets obsessed with a simple office worker and kidnaps him into his dark crime riddled world. But that made it sound appealing. It鈥檚 terrible.聽
KP rating 5/10
It does have higher heat levels but they aren鈥檛 actually, ya know, good because the chemistry is poor, there鈥檚 a lot of unnecessary angst, there鈥檚 some action, grey morality, multiple couples, longer length treatment, and a happy ending but ho boy. It鈥檚 not a wild ride, it鈥檚 a confused and quite dull one. Also you will spend a lot of time worrying about plumbing, and not in a euphemistic way.聽
If you liked this best, you're confused. You need to learn what good chemistry looks like, watch聽Zee鈥檚 catalogue -聽Why R U? and Cutie Pie.聽
Tumblr media
9. Where Your Eyes Linger聽
(Korea 2020) Viki
Ostensibly high school set about a poor kid whose been raised in a mafia kid鈥檚 family specifically to protect him (whipping boy trope, attack dog variant). Themes of codependency and survival with pretty classic Korean style romance ending.聽
KP rating 4.5/10聽
Excepting Strongberry, Korean stuff is rarely high heat, this one gives you a kiss at the end but that鈥檚 it.聽Decent chemistry, only a little聽action, only one couple (also a hallmark of KBL), and short treatment.聽It does have grey morality and聽a happy ending (at the very last minute). The characters are not mature and it is set in high school.聽
What to watch next if this was you favorite: you might try Hwang Da Seul鈥檚 other BLs To My Star聽or聽Blueming.聽I like the both a whole lot.聽
Tumblr media
10. Word of Honor
(China 2021) Viki also Youku鈥檚 YouTube聽
Yes a censored Chinese bromance actually made one of my lists. But remember I鈥檓 rating this by KP standards, not my own. Normally I leave the censored stuff off my lists because I believe in censoring the censors. However, if anything gets on, it鈥檚 usually this one.聽
This show is my favorite of the post 2016 bromance wave. It鈥檚 two murder-gay assassins (pining sunshine/tsundere), and they are so insanely gay for two boys who are never allowed to kiss. Tropes include: wuxia, soulmates, paranormal, historical, and fantasy elements.
KP rating 4/10
No heat, this is Chinese BL post censorship, some angst (China likes angst) but in this case it鈥檚 warranted, good chemistry, fantastic action, beautifully grey morals, there are other couples but only het and they die, a VERY long treatment, and an ambiguous ending.
If this was your favorite go ahead and watch Untamed (knowing they don鈥檛 end up together) or even The Guardian. You might also try聽Advance Bravely if only to see our boy Jun swap seme for uke.聽
And that鈥檚 it, those are my recs. Feel free to leave your own recs (and reasons) in the comments.聽
This post is dated Sept 2022, not responsible for other BLs that come along after that date and fit the KP model better.聽
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Tumblr media
Read my bio and follow ;)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
korean bl dramas ~ part 1
/ part 2 / part 3 /
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khunvegas a month ago
i basically just stole this ask聽from @gunsatthaphan鈥, partially because i鈥檝e been wanting to make a post about it and after almost 3 years watching bls, i might as well. right? right. anyways.
Compilation of Bad Kisses in BLs (Part 1)
mind you, this is only for the ones i鈥檝e seen. if i put every single bad kiss out there, this post would go on forever.
i strongly believe a kiss, whether is good or bad, can make or break a show and in my personal opinion, a lot of them fell off simply because of the fishy kisses. they are truly hard to watch, so much so that you have to look away because they are ugly and this is something we CAN and SHOULD blame both the actors and the company. sometimes, workshops are not enough.
i also believe that these actors shouldn鈥檛 play dumb. like, they HAVE to know there鈥檚 gonna be a kiss at some point. put in the work, pls.
1. My Engineer (MekBoss)
Tumblr media
at the time, i didn鈥檛 think it was that bad. i just thought they needed some work, a little bit of help because clearly it wasn鈥檛 that good either. now, i just see two walls kissing and we might not see these walls kissing ever again.
2. YYY (NottPun)
Tumblr media
imagine watching this mess of a show, they promise you a kiss, and once you鈥檙e sure you鈥檙e gonna get it, they literally bring the sun out, block the view and that鈥檚 how the season ends. but honestly? the little i can see it鈥檚 still awful.
3. YYY 2 (NottPun)
Tumblr media
well... there it is. no words.
4. 2gether (SarawaTine)
Tumblr media
maturing is accepting the fact that 2gether had two straight bros playing these characters and that鈥檚 how they kissed and then the high five. it was a bad kiss, bestie. we were all just blinded by the pandemic and though this was high cinema.
5. SOTUS (ArthitKongpop)
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 not afraid of the girlies still caught up on this show. this was a bad first kiss and i鈥檓 ready to die on this hill. granted, this was 2016, the actors were still iffy on playing queer characters, they were calling each other wife and the obsession with pink milk was at its peak. gmmtv had $5 and a dream and you could tell.
6.聽鈥楥ause you are my boy/My Tee (TeeMork)
Tumblr media
this was frankdrake鈥檚 first roles and you could tell. you could also tell that they were in the trenches because everything聽was bad with this show and i truly think it was a cry for help. they did the best they could with what they had but there was no way in hell they could save this show and honestly, i鈥檓 not surprised that their first kiss was like this. it goes well with the quality of the show.
7. Love By Chance (TinCan)
Tumblr media
and it doesn鈥檛 get better after this. i鈥檓 gonna be the devil鈥檚 advocate, mean actually tried to make these kisses better but there was no helping with this couple. a mess.
8. Oxygen (SoloGui)
Tumblr media
as far as first kisses go... yeah. granted, oxygen wasn鈥檛 really that good either but they could have salvage this show with a decent kiss. nothing. nada. it was a let down.
9. Make it right (FuseTee)
Tumblr media
make it right paved the way for angle kisses.
now listen, i鈥檓 pretty sure boom and peak were 17 or something when they filmed this and back in the day, this was already too much. like, cheewin was pushing it by directing this show. still, it has to be on this list (it鈥檚 not like it hasn鈥檛 changed anyways. boom and peak would never EVER kiss. this was the closest we could get).
10. Where your eyes linger
Tumblr media
i mean, come on. COME ON. i know this was like the first kbl and you know, they paved the way. give credit where credit is due and all that but LOOK. it鈥檚 bad. it was a good show, for the plot that it had and the limited time, it was good. BUT THE KISS WAS... it was a letdown.聽
11. Gen Y (MarkKit)
Tumblr media
how are you gonna be a senior in the industry and still kiss like this? kimcop are one of those settled ships that are hard to break and to ship with someone else. with that in mind, you would think they would do wonders. gen y was a dumpster fire and so were the kisses.
12. WISH YOU: Your melody in my heart
Tumblr media
this is where you start to understand that it鈥檚 not about the production or how short kbls are and that鈥檚 why the kisses are so bad. no, it鈥檚 because workshops apparently don鈥檛 exist in korea and they put these men to kiss without practicing first. this is the product. this is what you get.
13. Color Rush
Tumblr media
i know some of you call it the best kbl out there because the plot was different, which is true, but like... their lips are not even touching... so yeah. next.
14. Nobleman Ryu鈥檚 wedding
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 pretty sure this was supposed to be an angle kiss and they changed their mind at the last minute and we got... this. i mean, compared to others in this list is not that bad but is it good? far from it. this was also the first period kbl we got and it was kind of forgettable too. it was very low budget and you could see it with the kiss
15. What Zabb Man
Tumblr media Tumblr media
BOTH COUPLES because both of them were such a let down. i was here mainly because of the toxics from gen y and with the crazy tension they had going on, i thought they would go off. not even that. don鈥檛 even get me started on the main couple. the manipulation that went down between them UGH but i can鈥檛 even get a good kiss out of this mess anyways.
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darkd3sir3s 2 months ago
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Great views from the top 馃拫
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thequeenofsastiel a year ago
I really really really want to know why there's such a huge industry in many Asian countries(Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.) for gay romance shows, and none at all in the US, Canada, or Great Britain, despite the fact that, if I understand correctly, it's far more socially acceptable to be gay in the latter countries. It's not like there's a lack of women in them who love gay romance. Are there academic papers on this phenomenon? I find it utterly fascinating.
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abriellecati 4 months ago
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