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tomanto-the-friendly-nb · 11 months ago
I don't care much about anything anymore except for whatever the fuck evilmario666 got going on
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redrobin-detective · 7 months ago
So I was donating blood and was thinking of an AU where Billy knew he was Captain Marvel, knew how to access his powers but retained nothing of Marvel’s memories. A consequence of the magic is that the human mind can’t comprehend it so Billy transforms and essentially blacks out until he changes back. I can only imagine the sheer frustration of Bill having No Idea what he was up to as Marvel. His street buds think he’s the biggest Cap fanboy because he’s constantly tracking down down info on the heroes fights and missions in a desperate bid to understand. 
Marvel himself would be Billy but maybe he too has a hard time connecting to his mortal self’s memories. He knows he’s from Fawcett City, that he struggles and barely scrapes by under difficult circumstances but he really can’t recall any details or information about Bill’s life. He may even forget that his true self is child. Pretty ironic if Cap is voting down introducing child sidekicks to the League.
Freddy is shaking Billy down for info about what the Justice League is like and Bill is red faced from frustrated tears because he knows Nothing. He knows via interviews that the JLA loves Marvel, trusts him and talks to him alot but he doesn’t remember. Superman probably told Marvel his identity but does Bill know? Nope and its incredibly annoying.
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purrfectlycontent · 2 months ago
the fact that dazai complains about chuuya turning up the echo too high at karaoke but doesn’t complain about the singing itself must mean that chuuya’s actually a pretty good singer
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pollyna · 2 months ago
Going to other's Admiral's barbecue, after the mission, becomes almost fun. Generally Ice tries to avoid them because he knows enough secrets this people carry around that's difficult to look at them straight in the eyes and forget. And every single Admiral's wife has someone to introduce to him because he can't be still alone after all this years! More than once Ice had thought to came out just to shut them up.
But after, after it becomes a playground. All the invitations close with a bring your spouse and your kids! and, for the first time in forever, Ice doesn't only have one of this things but two. He has twelve kids, not one, twelve. It's hilarious and hysterical. It's perfect. It makes Maverick wanting to arrive before everyone but later than most because he wants all the audience for the big reveal. Admiral Cain's wife faints when she saw how many they are and Cain himself almost throw a punch in Maverick's face when he discovers who is husband his. They are both having the time of their life.
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agendratum · 3 months ago
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I give up, Pete. I'm sorry.
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cable-knit-sweater · 4 months ago
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Chris Evans - Red Carpet Looks 2022
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shinybluebirdwizard · 13 days ago
We thought it was a one-time thing, but nooo, Helicopter Parent seems to have become Twilight's part-time job now. It is concerning.
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fav thing abt mike is that he got told to go look for people to play dnd and instead of going to find ppl w no friends whod have nothing better to do or anything hes like
'no. i will use this as an excuse to go look at men fighting each other🥰🥰i am so normal🥰🥰'
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hanni-simp · a month ago
I know nothing about how the military works. I do not plan to educate myself. I will write fanfiction about military men being in the military. Will I know what I’m doing? Not at all. I will rely solely on knowledge given by other fanfictions. I will not my information up to test its accuracy.
When I write my military propaganda fanfiction I will write it as god intended, uneducated and free.
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bylertruther · 5 days ago
society if the duffers had gone through with their original plan to have mike go to the upside down in s1 to find will
Tumblr media
#byler#it's enough for me to know that he WOULD but i still would have liked to see it........ but i guess there's still s5..... sniffles n cries#when will's ankle gets caught in a vine n vecna goes YOINK n u just see mike's eyes go crazy wide as he starts sprinting after him faster#than he ever has tripping stumbling falling in a very mike fashion but he keeps going n he doesn't make it in time but it doesn't matter#it doesn't matter bc he's NOT going to lose will again he's NOT going to lose him on HIS watch a-fucking-gain he won't he CAN'T#and maybe it's a party affair so he looks back at lucas n dustin who are almost there and they're screaming after#him BECAUSE MIKE WAIT STOP MIKE WE DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT WEAPONS but mike just furrows his brow and goes in#bc he's the heart he's the paladin he's going to lead them and he's going to save will because will needs him but also he needs will#and. and um. well. then i fucking die of course#OR COULD U IMAGINE IF will goes on a solo mission and he thinks he's managed to sneak away but mike pops up like 'what are you doing? 🤨'#bc he always sees will and he always knows when something is up and it's a crazy plan but they did say crazy together and that they'd be a#team no matter what and that they would kill vecna so liek. do u see what im saying are u seeing my visions are u feeling my insanity rn .#they get surrounded or trapped somewhere and will casts fog cloud n saves the party like he did in a previous campaign. etc etc#dustin is their bard who has snacks n keeps things lighthearted mike leads the way n will is at his side n lucas is their eyes n ears n it'#almost like one of their campaigns bc the show started with that and those were their roles when will was missing and now it'll end#like that and so on n so forth. nods mhm mhm#takes deep breath ok back 2 studying i go byeeee
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obiwanobi · 6 months ago
AU I will probably never write: the clone wars happen earlier than in canon, making Anakin a padawan for its whole duration. When Palpatine starts Order 66, Obi-Wan is still alone on Utapau, having left his sulking 19-year-old padawan back at the Temple as a mild punishment after another display of bad temper and rash decisions.
He then spends the next few years of his life alone in hiding, thinking that his decision killed his dear padawan and that their last words to each other were sharp and bitter.
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narttebyo · 7 months ago
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it’s so funny to think that loid was going to ask her to be his real wife up until yor got so overwhelmed with embarrassment that she had to roundhouse kick the guy unconscious….
but also does that mean that loid might also have some feelings for yor?? or is he just committing to the bit???
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lukeskqwalker · 3 months ago
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Don't ask
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i-spilled-my-soup · 7 months ago
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pre-the last olympian nico doodles
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m-kyunie · 3 months ago
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taking EVERYTHING in me not to reread the second exorcist arc & instead just dream of a perfect world where Alma stays w Kanda
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birdbraintoh · 3 months ago
Oh my god okay so we all remember this part of Hollow Mind, right?
Tumblr media
This obviously means that the rest of the grimwalkers, while maybe sharing traits with Caleb, didn’t look as identical to him as Hunter does.
Now I’m no biologist but I have a basic understanding of punnet squares. Our phenotypes are more or less randomly selected during fertilization and they’re passed from parents to kid. And if you have the same parents as your siblings, then you’re more likely to look like them or share traits with them. The only reason you have different traits is because there are so many to choose from and hey, you have brown hair and your sibling has blonde. That’s just how it turned out but you still carry the genes for blonde hair (not a perfect example but we’re also talking about a magical world so whatever)
What if one day Belos was making a new grimwalker. It’s no big deal; He’s done this about a dozen times now. Every single one is looking less and less like him, and Belos is getting increasingly frustrated. He keeps them around because, well, Caleb only had 206 bones and he can only make so many grimwalkers. Might as well manipulate the ones you have, right?
Belos completes the ritual and he stands at the head of the grave as the grimwalker sits up straight from the dirt.
And it’s the striking image of teenage Philip.
He kills that one quickly and doesn’t make another for a while. (Tags)
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