#what happened in england though 😅
laiasbian · 2 months ago
oh you missed the fun. seems L3ila and M1sa broke up and M1sa is with C4rdona now. something seems to have happened in England cuz L3ila got back to Spain and unfollowed both of them. On M1sa's birthday. lol. yikes.
oooh that is some TEA 🍿👀 i had zero idea this was a thing but looking at instagram it's been a thing for a while now.....god i love spain
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canirove · a month ago
Red & Blue | Chapter 23
Author’s note: If you send me any ask about this chapter, please put “Red & Blue spoiler” at the top so people who haven’t read it yet can avoid seeing anything that may ruin it for them ☺️ Also, the names of those fan accounts are totally made up. If they somehow exist, it is a coincidence 😅
Previous chapter | Next chapter
Tumblr media
“He’s gonna break up with me.”
“Please stop saying that.”
“He will, Leah. I haven’t heard from him since I left England, and I’m supposed to fly back tomorrow.”
“But that’s what you agreed on, isn’t it?”
“It is. But if we were still going on holidays just the two of us, he would have said something already. And he hasn’t.”
“He may need more time. I spoke with Declan the other day, and he said that it’s been really tough. Mason only leaves the house to go for a run or a walk on the beach, and usually alone. And he has also heard him cry a few times.”
“Great” I say, also starting to cry.
“You are gonna be ok” Leah says, hugging me. “I know it.”
“You can’t know that.”
“I do. My ship isn’t sinking, I can feel it on my belly.”
“That may be the three ice creams you ate earlier” I say with a chuckle.
“It isn’t that. It’s the same feeling I had when you first met Mason. And I wasn’t wrong, was I?”
Tumblr media
Our alone trip to Italy isn’t the only thing that is cancelled. The week we were going to spend in Portugal with our families, isn’t happening either.
“What do you mean you are taking some time off? Did something happen?” my mum asks when I call her to share the news.
“It didn’t. But there were some things going on, and before they became something serious, we decided to spend some time apart and work through them.”
“That sounds like something someone who is about to break up would say.”
“We are not breaking up, mum. Don’t say that.”
“Is it because you are leaving? He doesn’t agree with it?”
“It has nothing to do with that. It’s something else, and it’s personal.”
“If you say so…”
“Yes, I do say so. Anyway, you can still go to Portugal. And you should. Don’t let this ruin your holidays, dad was looking forward to it.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, mum, I’m sure. Mason has told the same to his family. Enjoy these days and don’t worry about me. I’m staying with Aaron and Georgina.”
“As if it was that easy to not worry about you and Mason after what you just told me.”
“We’ll be ok. I promise.” Because that’s what I also tell myself. That we will be ok.
“Real Madrid just confirmed the day of your presentation at the Bernabéu” Eliza says while we go through the last details of my trip to Spain.
“Finally! But why that face? Is there something wrong?”
“It’s the last week of August, when Chelsea is in the US.”
“Oh.” That’s all I can say. Oh.
Things between Mason and I haven’t changed. We text from time to time, mostly him asking me how are things going with the move, if I need anything. And the urge to tell him that what I need the most is him by my side, is real. But I don’t do it. He still needs time, and I promised I would respect his decision. Even if it is killing me.
Tumblr media
My first weeks in Spain are a blur, constantly going from one place to another. When I’m not training, it’s time to do interviews and photoshoots, and there is a point where I lost track of how many I’ve done. Though I’m kind of thankful for it all, because I don’t have time to think. I’m so tired, that the moment I get home I instantly fall asleep.
Tumblr media
We are playing our first proper game of the season at home, at the Alfredo Di Stefano. And it is packed with people.
“You’ll be fine” one of my teammates says, giving my shoulder a little squeeze. “Just take a deep breath.”
“Yes” I say with a shy smile. All the girls have welcomed me with open arms, making this huge change a lot easier. And I can’t thank them enough.
The moment we go out for our warm-up, the noise is crazy. Everyone is cheering, clapping, and I can hear some people screaming my name. Every time I touch the ball, I hear more cheers and screams. But instead of getting nervous, they give me energy, making me more eager for the start of the game.
When we go back inside to get changed, someone from the staff pulls me away.
“There is someone waiting for you” he says.
“Now?” I ask, confused.
“Yes, now. He’s over there” he says, pointing to a corridor nearby.
“Mason?” I say when I see the person standing there. It can’t be. It can’t be him.
“Hello, gorgeous” he says with a big smile.
I can’t help it and throw myself into his arms, making him take a step back to not lose balance. But he hugs me back, and we are doing it so tightly, that I can feel his heart beating against my chest. It is going as fast as mine.
“What are you doing here?” I say to his neck. “Don’t you have a game tomorrow?”
“I do. But Tuchel allowed me to come in exchange for not having a free day next week. And I must leave tonight.”
“You’ve come just for the game?” I ask, moving to look him in the face.
“I couldn’t miss seeing my girlfriend and fake wife on her first game with Real Madrid, could I?” he says with that smile I love so much.
“Your girlfriend and fake wife?”
“That’s what you are, isn’t it?”
“Am I?”
“Yes, you are.”
“Does this mean…?” I don’t want to say it aloud. I don’t want to jinx it.
“Yes. I don’t need more time to think. I can’t be 100% sure that I won’t feel insecure again, I’m human after all. But I know that if it happens, I’ll have you by my side, that you will help me get through it. Just like I will help you and be by your side whenever you need me.”
“You need to wrap it up, guys” the staff member from earlier says behind me.
“Already?” I say.
“I’m afraid so.”
“I’ll be on the stands cheering for you” Mason says. “Now you go and show those Spaniards what you are capable of.”
“Promise me that you won’t leave the stadium without saying goodbye.”
“I won’t. I promise.”
“I love you, Mason” I say, hugging him again, not wanting to let him go.
“I love you too, gorgeous.”
Tumblr media
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adarafaelbarba · 8 months ago
Chance encounters and hungry confessions
Pairing: Baldwin de Clermont x Nora Olsen (oc)
Fandom: A Discovery of Witches
Can be found on AO3 HERE
A/N: This covers the Historian square of my birthday bingo 😅
Tagging: @teamsladsandgents @adowbaldwin @cptnrogersevans @minim236 @butternuggets-blog @rozalynfrozen @i-run-with-scissors39 @ocfairygodmother @beautifulsoulsublime @pomme003
(Let me know if you want to be on the taglist too ❤️)
Tumblr media
Visiting the Bodleian library seemed strange to Nora after being told of the things that had happened there in the last almost two years. But she tried to act like nothing, smiling at the man sat at the front desk. «I’d like to call some books up, please», she said, giving him a smile.
«Just fill these out and I’ll get it to you as soon as I can, ma’am.» Handing her the call slips and a pen, Nora started scribbling down what she would be needing. She had a plan to finish the book she was working on, and get it published before her baby was born, and with only four more months to go before that happened, she needed to get a move on, which was why she had flown over to England and gone to Oxford to do her work. They didn’t have the books or manuscripts she would need in Norway.
«They’ll be with you soon enough», the man said, and she nodded, going to find the spot she would be sat in for the next couple of hours.
No sooner had Nora sat down before the librarian was there, holding the books to her. Chuckling she took them, placing them on the table. «If there’s anything else you need, please let me know.» She nodded, thanking him for it.
She felt stiff as she stretched, and looked at her watch. What should have been maybe four hours had turned into almost 7 hours, and now she had no idea if her legs would be working. Nora cursed herself under her breath for not having paused to have some food, and maybe used the restroom.
Carefully placing her feet down, she braced her hands flat on the desk. She tried once, but nothing. On her second try she managed, but she found herself having to pause, so she could let the blood flow through her.
«You should be eating something», Diana stood next to her, a smile on her face. «I didn’t know you would be in town though, you should have let me know, we could’ve had lunch together», she added.
Nora blushed, looking at her new found friend. «I know, I was just so caught up in my work, I have to be done by my deadline. So time just disappeared from me», she confessed, and Diana chuckled, surely she, as a fellow historian, knew the feeling.
«Well, let me help you get out of here. Are you living close by?» Diana asked, taking Nora’s hand in hers to help steady her.
«Uh, yeah, I got some rooms at New College», Nora responded and Diana smiled wide, telling her how she used to live there before she met Matthew, and before the shit show went down, but Diana didn’t tell Nora that part. It was more just silent, added on comment.
Once outside, after Diana had said her goodbye to the librarian, who Nora found out was named Sean, the two women made their way to two waiting shadows. One, Nora recognized as Matthew, the other, surprisingly, at least to Diana, seemed to be Baldwin, and Nora smiled, more so to herself than anyone else.
«I found a friend while inside», Diana commented, presenting the two vampires with Nora. Matthew came over at once, hugging first his wife, and then his best friend. «Whatever you’re here for, Baldwin, can wait. Nora hasn’t eaten in a few hours.»
Nora wanted to curse Diana for that last comment. But the look on Baldwin’s face told her not to. «And why’s that?» He asked, looking at her, and she felt like she wanted to let the ground swallow her up.
«Too—occupied with—my studies», she said weakly. Both men sighed, Matthew even rolling his eyes, muttering something about Diana being just like that.
«Then we’ll go somewhere so you can eat. Any preferences?» Baldwin asked then, eyes focused only on Nora. Those ice blue eyes drilling into her own blue ones with such intention that she almost collapsed at his feet to apologize. She shook her head, letting him wrap his arm around her back, leading her to his waiting car. «You need to take better care of yourself, professor, or you won’t make it», Baldwin commented.
«I’m sorry», she whispered, but none the less she let him lead her away, saying her goodbyes to Matthew and Diana.
At the restaurant, Baldwin ordered a glass of wine for himself while ordering a big dinner for her, and a glass of water. «I’m sorry if I took you away from something important, Baldwin», she murmured, looking down at her own hands.
Suddenly his hand rested over hers. «You have nothing to apologize for. I was in town to visit my brother, and to see you.» Nora looked at him, shocked at his words.
Why would he want to see me? She thought to herself. But none the less she took his hand and squeezed it. «Why me?» Her words were out before she could think, she barely dared to look at him.
«I don’t know why, I just know that I want to be near you, well, maybe not want, it’s more that I need to be near you», he confessed.
Her gaze was fixed on him intently, both leaning in closer to each other. «Your food, ma’am», the waiter said, stepping in just before Nora and Baldwin could kiss.
She ate in silence, feeling the tension thick in the air. And all she wanted to do was get on Baldwin’s lap and kiss him, holding him close as their lips moved in synch. But not now, not yet.
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serenity-songbird · 7 months ago
Been looking for a Hetalia blog to send this to! I was inspired by one of my favorite animorphs books- one of the characters morphed a starfish, got cut in half, and the halves regenerated into two different sides of her personality. One version of her was violent and impulsive, and the other was cowardly and thought about the consequences of actions. The animorphs had to figure out how to put the two halves of her together again. So my request is, how would the axis (plus Romano and Prussia) react to this happening to their s/o? Especially if the impulsive version of them was the side of them that was out of control now that they didn’t have their other side to think rationally. Kind of like a dark side of a person vs their moral side, except literally in this case. Would the axis be surprised to see just how violent one side of their s/o was and just how emotional their moral side was? Sorry if it’s a lot
(This is a very interesting request. Sorry it's late, but I was really thinking hard about this one. Thinking about how each character would react was funny. This is a cool concept. Thank you).
Scenario For All Characters:
You, my dear reader, were just visiting your good friends England, Romania, and Norway.
They said they had a cool new magic trick to show you.
...You figured it would probably go wrong, but you were curious.
But you know what they say...
Curiosity killed the cat.
But this time, satisfaction didn't bring it back...
The spell appeared to be going well so far. All the lights were so pretty and you were entranced in the movements and words being chanted.
Still...you stayed pretty far away to try and avoid any CATtastrophies. (See what I did there)???
Then, not suprisingly, something went wrong.
Someone must have messed up a motion or said a wrong wrong...Next thing you knew, you were being engulfed in a bright white light and felt yourself literally spilt in two.
Chaos ensued after as the 3 Wizards began to argue about who messed up.
Your darkside caused a ruckus and was angry and destroying everything. Your moral side was very emotional and began to cry and Express your feelings very loudly and expressively.
While they figured out how to fix the spell, they had to send you to your boyfriend's house.
They hoped that maybe he could contain you.
Because they couldn't concentrate with both your sides making them lose their focus.
Whe. Your boyfriend saw you and England explained what happened, he...
Tumblr media
He completely freaks out.
Like, you know how Italy overreacts to everything?
This is literally 10 times worse. 😅😅😘
He had to go get Germany to help.
Germany thought he was just spouting nonsense as always, but when he saw your two halves he was very concerned.
Expect Germany to have to handle your dark side...
Because Italy is waaay to scared to even be in the same room as dark side you.
He still loves you, don't get me wrong.
It's just he didn't expect you to have such a scary side.
But he blames it on whatever spell made you this way.
Afterall, you are perfect and would never be so mean.
He will stay by your morale side though.
He would comfort your moral side and make pasta to make you feel better.
He is quite emotional himself so he doesn't dwell much on it.
When the Magic Trio finally found out how to fix you, Germany literally yelled at them ruining his off day.
Italy is very very relieved when you go back to normal.
He will hug and kiss you crying and take you out on a date.
He begs you to never scare him like that again.
He missed the real you and is glad to have you back.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He thinks it's a joke at first.
Like, a spell splitting up your two personalities???
Like he will believe something like that.
But when he finds out that it really did happen and you're not playin a prank...
He gets pissed.
Like who the fuck are you, first of all???
You're normally the rational, patient, coolheaded one in the relationship.
You are kind, caring, and loving.
Plus, you were even-tempered and calm.
His complete opposite.
Yet here is your darkside being scary, rude, and angry while your moral side is waaay to emotional and cowardly. (Kind of like his "idiot brother.")
He is terrified of your darkside and annoyed by your moral side.
He just wants his (Y/N) back.
The Magic Trio will pay for this.
Darkside may or may not have been locked in his coat closet for most of the day...
When the "screwups" finally fixed you, he kicked them out by throwing tomatoes at them and cussing then out.
Normally, Romano isn't so cuddly with you, but he was so relived that you were back to normal that he cuddled you on the couch for the rest of the day.
...He will confront you afterwards though.
He wants to make sure that you aren't a complete psycho...😅😅😅
He thinks you're messing with him.
Afterall, you guys play pranks on each other all the time. With Love.~
So he thought it was another one of those pranks.
But when he finds out it's not, he kind of...intrigued???
Like, he always thought that you were the sweetest person alive who wouldn't hurt a fly.
But you have a darkside.
He always knew you were emotional (not to the extent of your moral side).
So the moral side really didn't suprise him.
He just gave you your favorite snacks and let you watch the TV.
It seemed to suffice you and that was one problem solved.
Your darkside, however, was not so easy to control or bribe.
He learned a lot about you that day...
Your dark side was terrifying...
And Prussia being Prussia dealt with it the only way he knew how.
By laughing and making jokes like everything g is okay.
Don't be fooled, he is chilled to the bone.
He is finally able to annoy and exhaust your dark side well enough to get them to tucker out.
Yes, darkside did chase him and he felt like he was in a horror movie.
But hey, at least he managed to deal with that problem.
(You didn't have as high a stamina as he did and he used that to his advantage).
When you came back to normal, he sighed in relief.
For once, he felt drained of energy.
He was happy you were back to normal, picked you up, and lay you down next to him and you both fell asleep quickly.
It was a long day.
Expect major teasing the next morning for your emotional side.
He will avoid the topic of your darkside though.
Like man, remind him to never make you angry...
Tumblr media
He gives you this look.
Like literally, will stare at both sides for a good minute, before breaking out of it and completely losing his mind.
What the hell were the Magic Trio thinking?!?!?!
Will lecture them for a good minute before threatening to kill them if they don't fix you.
No one had ever seen Germany this pissed off so they scrambled to fix their mistake.
Germany will watch your both sides very closely.
Your Moral side was easy for him to calm down.
Afterall, you were literally like Italy.
He has learned how to deal with him...
So for you, he just gives you supplies for your favorite activity and your favorite snacks and you are literally just happily doing it while Germany watches you to make sure you don't wander off.
Your darkside was a little bit harder to subdue.
He had no idea how violent, strong, and angry you were.
Or was it just the spell???
He didn't know.
But your darkside was a really good fighter.
As a military man, he knew exactly what to do with you.
He made you do some military drills.
Took you outside and gave you challenges on his outdoor gym/obstacle course.
Your darkside was pretty competitive and wanted to prove you could complete the challenges no problem.
It also helped that a lot of the challenges were physically taxing so it helped release a lot of anger and violent tendencies.
He was actually quite impressed.
Don't think he forgot your moral side.
While Darkside was doing the challenges, he would often check up on Moral and give you Pat's on the head and encouragement so keep you happy.
Because of Germany's threats, the Magic Trio found the cure in record time.
He felt completely drained for having to watch you like a hawk, and was grateful you were back to normal.
Once he is finished grilling the Magic Trio a second time, he will kick them out and spend the rest of the evening with you.
He loves the original you the most.
...Expect to join the Axis Powers on their training from now on...
He now knows you are pretty strong so he will make you help him train the others...
Good luck...He will not go easy on you just because your his S/O.
Tumblr media
He is in utter shock and disbelief.
Japan is an advid believer in the consequences of witchcraft and curses.
So this situation will not be taken lightly.
He is...uncomfortable to say the least.
I mean, you two halves were just so different from how you normally were.
Your moral side was very loud, emotional, and clingy to a point where he did not know how to handle it.
On the other hand, your darkside was mean, angry, and destructive.
Certainly, that isn't who you are...right???
He tried to deal with it as best he could.
It was certainly a challenge.
Your moral side was easy to appease.
He just gave you things you liked and you were focused on those things.
Darkside, however, was harder to calm down and ended up trashing his house.
He is literally in tears by the time the Magic Trio fixes you.
You'll have to reassure him that the spell had a bad effect on you and you're really not that cruel or violent.
...It doesn't change the fact that it was still you and you have a darkside he didn't know about.
But eventually he accepts you because no matter what, you are and always will be special and his one true love.
But let's hope you never become like Darkside...
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justawannabearchaeologist · 2 months ago
H for the ask?
Hey! :)
H: How would you describe your style?
Do I have a style?
I’m being serious here. 😅
I’m mostly self-taught, as I found that the styles being taught to me in Creative Writing courses just didn’t work for me.
As I taught myself, there was a lot of trial and error. Eventually, I honed a “style”—but I’m not sure if it can fit into any one particular category.
Outside of Tumblr, my specialty is actually historical research papers.
My specific skill-set involves taking pieces of history which are rarely told and doing intense research into the context in order to offer a different perspective.
I have a history of going after stories having to do with women that have fallen somewhat into the realm of “legend”.
On a related note:
If anyone needs a hand with the intricacies of medieval law in France or England, I can lead you to a few sources. Two projects went to really unexpected places. 😂
But see, that’s where I’m coming from.
I’ve taken courses studying American, British, Greek, Norwegian, Iranian, Nigerian, and Swiss literature—historical, contemporary, fictional, non-fictional—but I can’t really say that I try to mimic any authors in particular.
I grew up reading stories that fell into the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopia—and now, I read historical and archaeological texts in-between working on my own writing.
When I write, I’m all over the place—jumping around, just writing what I’m interested in while I have the motivation.
I like to think that, while writing for a crossover, I keep a conscious effort to diverge from the pre-existing plot due to the presence of another character in the situation—though I try to avoid the trope of “introduced character as a savior”, because that’s bleh—and I try to consider how any choice I make is going to impact what happens in the future.
I also focus a lot on character development and relationships, as I feel like these are the things that should drive a story. The plot shouldn’t move characters, the characters should move the plot—that sort of deal.
Characters don’t do things just because I need them to. It has to have buildup.
That’s why certain things can build across the course of several ficlets.
Wheeljack didn’t become this crossover’s “#1 Dad” in a single chapter.
It happened gradually.
So, I guess you could call my writing a form of “organized chaos occurring in slow-motion”.
I have no idea what I’m doing, but people seem to really like it enough to be patient with me as I do it—so I’ll keep it up and hope for the best!
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thinking-about-writing-mm · 8 months ago
Chapter 5.1
Tumblr media
Title: Those Evil Ways
Pairing: OT7 x Y/N (female reader)
Genre: supernatural au, medical, fluff, angst, smut, war
Word count: 3.100 ~
Characters: Demons!BTS, human reader (with special abilities later in the story)
Warnings: pinning, pure filth, inappropriate touches, Dom!JK, possessive behaviour, dirty talk, slight S/M dynamics, fingering, cum play/swallowing, begging, Y/N gets teary but in a good way, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, don’t be ridiculous), squirting, overstimulation, angst– if I have missed something please send a pigeon 😅❤️
Summary: Y/N is a third year medical student going through life like others do. On one unfortunate night she gets in unexpected contact with otherworldly beings who drag her into their world of violence, war and fight for power.
Author’s notes: To all of you who read this - thank you once more ❤️ I decided to give you this addition to the previous chapter. It’s a bit short but for obvious reasons. Enjoy 😊
The idea of being outside was good by itself. Far from nosy guests, hidden from prying eyes and away from gossip. A good idea.
Now though when Y/N was alone with Jungkook her mind started racing. What was going to happen now? Was he going to be a gentleman and walk quietly or be a beast and devour her whole? Or maybe he was going to give her the cold and cool behaviour of a person with a huge ego?
She was waiting patiently for whatever was coming her way.
The path leading to the gazebo was lit with pretty colourful lamps. The hedges were perfectly trimmed and the flower beds still had droplets on them from the morning when the gardeners had watered them.
"Do you like it?" Jungkook asked while looking forward.
"Yes. It's really nice, they are taking good care of the place." Y/N answered mindlessly. That part of the land was her favourite - amongst the greenery and the sounds of nature. It was so different from England. Yes they had beautiful nature, a lot of forests, green fields and parks but this here hit differently. It was more potent and vibrat. This also came from the fact that the student spent most of her time in the hospitals and the campus closed between four walls - constantly over the books or working on a case with her professors.
Even though it was tiring she was beginning to miss it.
"Do you think I will be able to go home?" Y/N asked after a while. She missed the way Mammon's sharp face contorted in a painful expression. So in the end the thought of going away was still on her mind.
"You should ask Agares about it. He can take care of it" which in his mind meant I hope he refuses over some stupid pretence. It was hard on the human body to travel between the two worlds - exhausting and draining. Jungkook knew for a fact that after a while side-effects were beginning to appear. For the demons it was… oh. The demons. THE DEMONS. Maybe she could do it after all?
"Whatever. Let's enjoy the time I have here while it lasts" Y/N smiled and looked around. Warm night even though it was supposedly November back in Lancashire.
They reached the stairs leading to the gazebo and Jungkook hurried onward. Getting to the top he extended a hand to Y/N with a sly smile. "Can I help you up, princess?"
She giggled and took the King's hand. "So gentlemanly of you, Your Highness."
The moment she began climbing up the horned demon reached out and swept her off her feet spinning the girl around bridal style. She squealed and wrapped her arms tightly around Jungkook's neck, hiding her face in the process.
He stopped after a few seconds and looked down at her. Their gazes met and without even realising it the kiss that followed gave the beginning of a huge chaos that no one would anticipate.
Hastily the man reached the bench at the end of the construction and put Y/N there. Kneeling down his hands reached for her bare thighs and pushed up the skirt. Looking up for consent Jungkook saw the disheveled look on the young woman's face. Her lips were red and moist and those eyes… her eyes made him lose his mind. They were glazed over, the colour had gotten a shade darker and the lids were half closed. Lust and desire were written all over Y/N's features.
"Do you want this pretty girl?" Jungkook's voice was raspy and low. He was so close to the breaking point.
"Mmm…" she hummed in response. The man frowned.
"I need to hear it. I might be a demon but-"
"Yes! Yes! Take me… you left me in such a state the other night with Jimin that I literally…" she whined. The neediness. Jungkook could sense it before even tasting it.
His lips stretched over his perfect teeth. "Then I did a good job then." He was getting cocky again. "Let me ask one last question - demon shift or human?"
It was Y/N's turn to smile now. She was almost sober now but the pheromones he emitted made her thoughts even filthier. "Demon…" the girl purred and slid closer, opening her legs wider and pressing herself to his strong chest.
Slowly their faces inched closer and she touched the golden chains on Mammon's horns. "I find those scary and at the same time they're turning me on." With her free hand she guided his closer to the wet spot forming on her panties.
"Nasty…" the demon's jaw clenched tightly, exhaling through his nose. "I like it."
Without averting his eyes Jungkook set the plan in motion. Wanting to prolong the moment the tips of his fingers ran very softly over Y/N's clothed core. It made the girl shiver and mewl quietly. He repeated the action again and again going up and down, dampening the piece of clothing even more. Her arousal smelled so sweet that it could make his mind burst.
On the surface though the King seemed perfectly composed and calm.
With the same expressionless face he pressed his thumb to Y/N's clit.
"Mmmmh… oh god. Do it again!" Another shiver. Her head fell back. Jungkook smiled and did the same - teasing with the tips then harshly pressing and swiping the thumb. Each time the girl's body trembled - he craved to repeat the action once more so the demon could feel it.
"You know" he began saying while keeping a close watch on Y/N's facial expressions "I've been with many women but you…" he exhaled heavily. She looked down through lidded eyes, slight irritation beginning to appear.
"I don't want to know about you escapades Jungkook." The tone was colder and the demon rushed to explain before the moment was ruined.
"What I mean" the man lifted himself up and now their faces were in perfect line "is that you make me feel so different. I want to do all the things possible with you. To you" with the last word he slid his fingers under the girl's panties, teasing the skin. "The moment I laid eyes on you I craved you. I wanted to devour you. You can't imagine what you do to me."
Y/N graced him with a giddy smile. She was feeling so wanted, so desired. A moan ripped from her red lips that made Jungkook shift ever so slightly when feeling her arousal. "Tell me more and touch me, my King."
Ah. The young woman knew how to play this game. Mammon felt how his words were getting her riled up and continued. "I've been staying away from the sexual adventures that my fellow demons do. It's been more than a few years now."
His fingers crept lower and found Y/N's clit immediately. Hard shiver rocked her body. The expectation of the touch, the tension got the girl keening. "Jungkook…" his name sounded so nice, whispered by her. "Jungkook. Touch me more" she went on.
The ministrations on the sensitive spot continued, picking up speed. "You made me burn again. It's not only the sexual desire. I want to rule beside you" the demon felt his soul so naked. He wanted to bare himself to her and die in the light.
Y/N grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into a kiss once more. The knot in her belly was tightening more and more. The kiss deepened and her hips began rolling instinctively. "More… more. Yes..." the girl mewled softly. Her head was spinning. "I'm going to cum, please let me cum."
"Call my name again Y/N" the man growled feeling his erection straining against the fabric of the tight leather pants.
"Jungkook, my King… Jungkook" she repeated like the name was a saving grace. Mammon's jaw clenched painfully. He craved to be inside of her and feel the tightening of her walls around him.
"Cum for me Y/N. I allow you to" he said in such a domineering voice that made her tremble with lust. Then with a final moan Jungkook felt how the young woman's body spasmed one last time before the orgasm hit her.
A broken cry ripped from her throat and the girl's fists clenched around the fabric of the demon's collar. "Jungkook…" he was thankful that he wasn't a normal guy, a human.
Feeling her slowly coming down from the high, the demon slid his fingers further touching the wetness that was dripping down. "Look at me," he demanded. Y/N's eyes slowly opened. The way the King slowly licked his fingers made the woman bite her lip, wanting more. "I love this look on you. You look so mine. You smell like me and I sense the arousal that's mine. Mine" his muscles tensed and Y/N slid her hands down Jungkook's arms.
"Fuck me, my King. Give me all you can" the provocative tone made him snap.
"Until you can't even say your name. I enjoy your impatience" with that Mammon unbuttoned his pants and pushed the girl's panties to the side. Lining himself up with her entrance, their eyes met. He was so restless, craving more.
Mammon pushed forward and the movement was so natural and easy. The stretch made Y/N whine loudly while Jungkook breathed out, finally getting to know how good it was to be inside of this beautiful creature. "So soft and warm for me" he whispered.
The demon began thrusting tortuously slowly. Y/N grabbed his shoulders for support and pulled him closer. "Don't be a tease" she said through harsh breaths. Jungkook smirked and paused for a second before snapping his hips hard.
"Impatient brat" he did it again and again.
"Mmmmh…" the moans were telling the man what he did was right and then he picked up speed, feeling the tightening of Y/N's soft walls around him.
"You like it rough, my little princess?" She was unable to answer coherently so instead just nodded. "That's what I thought."
A new idea came to the King's mind. He slowed down a bit and then easily picked the young woman up. Her eyes flew open and gave him a questioning look. Without wasting time he sat in her place and carefully placed Y/N on his throbbing cock. Another thing he did was to rip her panties without a care. The scandalised gasp coming from her didn't bother him the slightest.
"Come on. Ride me. Show me how good you look spread on my dick" Jungkook's gaze lingered on the girl's chest. His hands crept up and pulled the fabric down then those sinful lips closed around the left nipple.
Y/N grabbed the King's black locks and whined when his teeth sunk into the skin. Her hips began rolling instinctively looking for stimulation. "That's it" he held her close while she did her thing. Bouncing up and down then grinding back and forth on him - it was getting her closer to the edge. "You look so pretty…" inhale "...getting yourself… off on me." Mammon's fingers got lower and lower until they grabbed the soft cheeks of Y/N's ass, spreading them open. "But I want to have even more fun" the white of his eyes vanished, being replaced by blackness. The demon couldn't control his shift anymore. The girl felt a finger teasing her other entrance while she was fucking herself on the demon's dick. The digit began prodding and pressing and eager to be filled up she pushed down on it while squeezing tightly around Jungkook like a vice.
"Mmm… you want it. Such a good girl" using the wetness that had spread he slipped his finger in.
"Oh my!" She gasped and began bouncing on him once more. Fastly getting used to the intrusion Y/N whispered "One more please. Put one more finger."
Jungkook bit his lip and complied, adding the middle finger. It was getting close to impossible to hold back so the demon took the initiative and when Y/N began getting tired he happily helped her. Thrusting and holding the girl close he groaned and latched to her sensitive nipples.
"Don't stop," she cried, feeling the tingling sensation growing stronger.. "Please… please."
The desperate moans made Jungkook smile sadistically. "What do you want, princess? What are you begging for?" The man littered her chest with kitty licks, never stopping his ministrations.
"Please let me cum… please my King" so pathetic and needy. The demon loved it. The chains on his horns jingled in unison with the movements.
"Beg me and never stop until I say you can get done." The snapping of his hips became bruisingly hard. "Don't you dare cum before I give you permission."
"Please! I beg you, let me finish…" Y/N never stopped even though she felt like it was impossible to go on. "I can't hold on anymore" the woman cried and hot tears rolled down her cheeks. "Please my King, please."
Mammon's fingers curled in her and at that moment her whole being felt like exploding. The stimulation was too much…
He was enjoying it far too much to stop but he had to. Never taking his eyes off of her the man ordered "Cum for me. Now."
With one more roll something snapped inside of her. The orgasm was so overwhelming that Y/N's ears began ringing. Moaning and kissing Mammon's soft lips she rode off her high feeling the wetness that continued to spill out and over the demon's thighs.
"Give. Me. More" the words were chopped off and harsh.
"I can't, it's too much" Y/N mewled and buried her face in his shoulder. The overstimulation began settling in incredibly fast.
"You say you can't but your body thinks differently. The way you rub onto me, it's addictive."
A few more thrusts were needed and Y/N came again, squirting once more. A scream tore the silence of the night before her body crashed with Jungkook's. She was shaking and breathing heavily, completely spent and unable to move.
Jungkook needed release. Carefully lifting Y/N off of him he told her "Kneel down and open your mouth wide."
Helping her to do what he asked she looked up at the man. Those were eyes full of bliss and adoration. Mammon's cold heart produced a bruising beat that got him confused. Why does she have such an effect on me?
With his left hand he grabbed a fistful of hair and with the other he began touching himself. The demon felt close to his orgasm in a matter of seconds. "Look at me, open wide, tongue out." Simple short demands that got Y/N keening and whining. Her own liquids were still dripping on the ground. The King could smell the girl's arousal and libido skyrocketing again.
A moment later his seed spilled out over her pretty red lips and in Y/N's mouth.
She looked like those cute girls from the anime that seemed innocent but in reality were dirty and provocative.
"Swallow." She did it and looked so proud when opened up again to show that it was gone. "Good girl. Come on princess, we have to clean up and go back to the event." With that Jungkook lifted the woman up bridal-style and turned to go back but then…
"That was a good fuck" a soft voice reached the two. The shadow that appeared looked like…
"Jimin. I'm glad you enjoyed it" the voice of Jungkook lacked the previous warmth. He climbed down the stairs and holding Y/N close stood face to face with the King of the South.
"You ran out so you can have her all for yourself." The fake offence made Mammon laugh.
"Yeah. So what? The princess was my present as far as I remember. You should remember the rules we set a long time ago." With that he turned and began walking again.
Jimin felt hurt and jealous. He couldn't understand how it was possible to be jealous of two people and… ugh. In his head everything was a total mess. The things he was doing and saying always came out in the wrong way.
He was mad that Jungkook's mind was completely occupied with this girl and he was spending less time with his closest person. Also Aamon was pissed because the King of the North was keeping the girl only for himself and didn't let anyone spend time with Y/N if he was not present. He wanted to get to know her too, she was intriguing.
Jimin wanted to separate Jungkook and Y/N and keep them apart so he could spend time with the two however he wanted and interact with them without restrictions. He missed his friend the most…
"You're selfish!" The silver-haired demon shouted after them.
"That's the point! We're demons!" Jungkook shouted back while laughing. Fucking hell.
Another person appeared behind Jimin. "I told you what was going on and yet you didn't believe me. You had to see for yourself."
"Of course. I never stop second-guessing everything."
"Don't doubt it." Yoongi got next to Jimin, the two never making eye contact.
"Don't you feel this disgusting sticky feeling of jealousy?" The King asked, his tone completely flat.
"Oh I do" Yoongi laughed bitterly. It was the truth. "The thing is that if I try to stop her I will definitely lose the battle. I will learn how to share her attention with whomever needed…" it was the first time that Aamon looked at the cat-eyed demon. Disbelief was written all over his face. "No actually… it's only you six that I'm willing to compromise with. We were brothers once and somewhere deep down I believe we still are. What's done is done but the seven of us were one long ago." The words were devoid of emotion. It was just Baal stating facts. "I trust Y/N and cherish her. I can't lose to all of you. I hate you even more now" he locked eyes with Jimin and the glass-like surface looked like an electric impulse passed under it. "After taking this girl away from me and gifting her to Mammon. Disgusting. But after all like he said earlier - we're demons. Those ugly emotions are part of us. We're not made to be happy and nice."
Without waiting for a reply Yoongi began walking back to the palace. There was nothing more to be said. There was this burning question in his head though: Should I hate her too for giving in to the temptation?
Chapter 5 / Chapter 6
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yokohamabeans · 3 months ago
Do you know japanese right? I have a question. So Chifuyu says the first person he ever respected was Baji and he always call him Baji-san, so he is always polite while talking about him/to him? He uses informal speech with everyone else? I read the manga in Spanish and I watched the anime in Spanish dub and Japanese with Spanish subtitles and although in Spanish we do have a way to differentiare between formal speech and informal speech Chifuyu speaks to Baji informally like he does to everyone else so I wanna know if in Japanese he was more polite when talking to him or if he just called him Baji-san but spoke to him informally
Hey anon! I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get back to you on this, life kinda got in the way!
TLDR: Yes, Chifuyu speaks to Baji more politely than he does to anyone else!
In fact, in the Chifuyu / Baji flashback, Chifuyu straight up said that Baji is the first person he's ever used 'keigo' (aka respectful language) with. This is evident in his general efforts to make his speech more polite (e.g. using his -desu/-masu, though I'd say it's really -ssu/masu), and also like you mentioned, calling him 'Baji-san'. He doesn't speak like this to others (i.e. Takemichi), who he uses very casual ('plain' form) with.
(Also, before Baji revealed himself to be a badass to Chifuyu by beating up Mandara and his goonies, Chifuyu was more casual and informal in his speech to Baji. The change only happened after Chifuyu's official proclamation to follow Baji.)
Though, I have to add that Japanese honorific speech has several layers that vary in how formal it is, and Chifuyu's 'formal speech' to Baji isn't even what I'd call truly formal. It won't fly in an actual formal setting, so don't go thinking that he's speaking like Baji's the Queen of England 😂 If anything, Chifuyu is being 'sloppily polite', though it's not because he's not putting in any real effort in being respectful to Baji. In Japanese, how formal you are with someone also implies how distant or close you are to the person you're speaking to (and the hierarchical relationship between you two), and considering Chifuyu's position as a 'delinquent', I can see how he isn’t using ‘proper’ keigo/formal speech.
I hope this helps! (I'm not sure if my explanation is coherent enough here. 😅)
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foxymoxynoona · 6 months ago
It’s really funny you’re telling me this now, because for this semester I have an English exam and it focuses on English as a global language. Yesterday we talked about the differences between US and UK English and I realized I have no idea what UK English is😂. I have an American accent when I speak because I grew up surrounded by it so I find it waaay easier than any British accent, which is also the reason all my teachers in school made fun of me lol (number one rule in Italian schools when they teach English: rigorously British or else you’re “wrong”🥶).
Sorry for the useless rambling, but I looove American accents and regionalisms! I’ve spent so much time looking up the differences and I *kind of* understand all accents now, but oh regional words buried me💀 please if want to drop here some Texan slang, I would love to lose my mind over trying to guess the meaning😅.
I'll preface this by saying I left Texas for college a long time ago, and have lost most of my own accent, so some of these might be outdated... Also Texas is huge and different regions of Texas also have some of their own variations...
Hmm, a lot of the Southernisms/Texanisms are idioms, or euphemisms for saying something mean but making it sound nice. I once swore I would write down all the things my Grandma says and I should pick that practice up. A lot of it though is also just in how words are pronounced. Texans exaggerate some vowels and swallow the ends of words and there's a lot of tonality that changes the emotional intention of the phrase. ("Bless her heart" can mean "hope that dumbass gets hit by a truck she deserves what she got" or "she is literally an angel on earth and I can't believe this happened to her" depending on the way you say it...)
Here are some I can recall that my husband actually pointed out to me:
- So like you don't pronounce "ing" it's pronounced "in'", like you might say (as I once unfortunatelly did in a meeting) "We're really scootin' now." (We're really moving now!) I've never heard anyone outside of Texas use the word "scoot" actually (move a little bit.)
- While often Texans pronouns consonants you shouldn't (like Amarillo Texas is pronounced "Aa-muh-rih-llo" even though the LL should be a 'y' sound) but sometimes drop consonants for the sake of a phrase, like "Get 'er done" (get her done... which could mean a task! or... a lady... guys put this on the back window of their trucks when I was in high school)
- Apparently we also emphasize weird syllables (I learned to pronounce the wird INsurance but in New England they say it inSURance.)
-There are some verbs that get used a lot too like "fixin' ta" --for instance "I'm fixin' ta take the trash out" is I'm fixing to take the trash out which means I'm about to take the trash out.
- Southernism, not just Texas, but everything is a Coke. As in, waiter asks "What do you want to drink?" and you say "Two cokes" and they say "ok what kind, we got sprite, coke, and root beer." Unless you mean Pepsi and then you say Pepsi and everyone is unhappy.
-Ain't and Y'all! Growing up I was told they were a Texas thing, but I'm pretty sure Britney Spears used them way back when too in Louisiana (which isn't far from where I grew up). They're both more mainstream now and used in other regional dialects
-Two more examples I just thought of for weird pronounciation: "shit" is pronounced two syllables "shee-it"; clam is pronounced two syllables "clay-yam". Lots of stretching words out to more syllables than they should be.
Damn I should be able to think of more but I'm blanking right now...
One thing that complicates this for me is my parents are actually from Oklahoma, Illinois and Tennessee, so some of my family usage gets muddied and I don't always know where it came from. But some other things i apparently say weird:
- milk (pronounced MEHLK)
- caramel (hot debated one! after so many hot debates, I literlaly just pronounced it different every time but learned to pronounce it originally CARE-uh-mull)
- pin / pen (pronounced identially, yes this includes penguin too, "PINgwen)
My stepdad has some special Oklahoma phrases: "My stars" as a phrase of surprise/disbelief; "over yonder" for over there. Damn, there are more I can't think of right now...
As far as UK/US English goes, the accent doesn't usually cause a problem for us in understanding, it's that a lot of the words are just different (like a jumper vs. sweater.) UNTIL you get up to Scottish accents and then good f'ing luck, it's unreal. Some Australian words are also impossible for me to understand.
Anyway, sorry I can't remember more! If I do wind up going to help my mom, I'll write down all the ones I'm forgetting right now...
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leqclerc · 4 months ago
oh no don't get me wrong i do love a good slow song, but idk there are just too many of them for me this year😅
Portugal is defo in the top five for me too though!! I really like how it builds up and she has a really nice voice!!
Also i literally cannot believe that Finland made it?!?!?! like what. i was so shocked when they announced them😅
Omg i liked Italy 2020 better than almost any entry this year. The semis was my first time hearing it and i was so captived by it and yeah the crowd was just absolutely incredible with this one😭
Im kinda uncertain about Brividi ngl. like sometimes im like omg this is the best and then when i hear it again and im like meh. But I always thought Mahmood was robbed when he didn't win with Soldi so definitely gonna cheer for him and Blanco!!
omg you're so right! Cyprus was giving me major The Birth of Venus (the painting) vibes and yeah i can totally see the Secret Combination vibes too!!
and omg spaceman and number two????😶 that song wouldn't even be in my top ten if i had to make a list lol like it really is such a generic song... a part of me is always like hope England gets zero again cause that would be kinda funny. like i felt really bad for artists last year but getting literally no points is kinda funny😅
Omg hello again 👀
That was me with Australia in semi final 2 🙈 Didn't like it tbh. Switzerland (Idk if this is an unpopular opinion because it was a ballad but I much preferred Tout l'Univers last year) and Armenia are also pretty meh for me this year (Armenia sounds like a female spin on Mumford & Sons or something). Finland's just okay for me. Like, the comparisons to It (the horror movie) are pretty funny jsjdf But it didn't blow me away or anything 🤔
Yesssss, right? Diodato my beloved <3
Omg I feel you with Brividi though... when I first listened to it after they won Sanremo I didn't like it... then I started listening to it more in the build up to the ESC and started warming to it. So it's definitely a song I've flip-flopped on as well ajsdj I still think Soldi > Brividi but eh. Though - and I feel like this is ~controversial but - I am an Arcade truther 🙈😭 It got overplayed to hell since then but I did like it.
Right??? Justice for Cyprus tbh 😭
THIS!! Like it's good but it's also so generic mainstream radio-ish that I was honestly shocked to see it rated so highly and predicted to podium. Especially considering UK's string of low-point finishes over the last few years...🤭 Apparently the guy became like a TikTok sensation after singing cover songs in lockdown or something? Can't believe we're living in an era where there's a TikTok to ESC pipeline but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later 😭 Anyway it's a decent entry, better than some of the other stuff they've competed with recently, but 2nd place? Idk :/
Also, someone else pointed this out to me, but there's a lot of English-language songs in the running this year. Which I guess is an interesting ~trend shift considering all top 3 songs last year were non-English.
I generally tend to at least kind of like the winning song in the end, even if it wasn't my favourite. I think the only exception in recent years is Portugal in 2017. I literally never listened to that song again once the final was over which is rare for me jsdfj 🙈
I think countries like Ukraine and Italy have shined the most when they lean into their own culture and language. Like, Ukraine's English-language entries (2018, 2019) have been very meh pop mainstream BUT whenever they send something more folksy with actual Ukrainian roots they tend to shine - Jamala in 2016, GO_A last year. I think all of Italy's entries for almost a decade have been in Italian and good for them!!!! (2016's entry was like 90% in Italian and I really loved that song too). Italy's entries in general have been consistently so high-quality recently and I'm glad it finally paid dividends last year!!
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momrryrights · 8 months ago
Idk who else to tell this but i had the weirdest larry dream 😅 basically louis had a beard (not e, in the dream i knew her bc she was famous but i think my brain just made her up lol) and she was on bbc radio 1 playing call or delete. She stopped on louis and had to call him bc "can't delete your boyfriend *insert name, something generic like mary or susan*" but when she called, harry picked up. She tried to safe face by going "haha my phone must have switched your number with l's haha so weird" but h just went "uhh no this is his phone he's just in the bathroom" and the beard got visibly nervous and went "oh right you guys wanted to hang out today i forgot 😬" and h just went "whot" and at that point she went "so nice of you to keep my B O Y F R I E N D company while i'm at my m e e t i n g at RADIO 1 😬😬😬" and h got super quiet before going "....... Right. Yeah he misses you" bc that's when he probably understood what was happening and they hung up shortly after and the beard looked like she was seconds away from crapping her pants bc she almost accidentally outed them on live radio😅😅. Like, what the hell brain i'm thinking to much about these men 😅
Tumblr media
oh my god jdkngf okay anon i know it's just a dream but if something like that were to happen irl there'd be like, infinite fallout, like total media hell fire, any and every project either of them would be working on could be put on indefinite pause, just.....a proper shitshow like no other. and even if every party involved had to pretend absolutely nothing happened, i have a feeling it would still be a very wild time.
but if it makes you feel any better about thinking about these two too much: i had a recurring dream for months and this one i would very much appreciate coming true please and thank you that harry invited me to his house—like 'main' house i guess?—in england to do some custom murals there. i had to sign some NDAs over things like not posting any wip photos of the murals without harry looking at them first and not telling people who i was working for or what i was working on because it wasn't an HS Brand-related thing, it was a personal thing for harry himself, but otherwise it was a really sick experience and i remember parts of the murals looking really cool...and ofc i'm working one day and go to get a snack or something thinking i'm totally alone in this fucking mansion only to find louis standing in the kitchen, talking to someone on the phone while he's eating takeaway...
weirdly enough too he wasn't at all shocked some random person just saw him in harry's house, nah, he was just like 'oh sorry gimme one sec, i'm almost done with this call' and then fully introduced himself to me, was super sweet and kind even though i mentally broke the second i saw him, and even said he'd been pretty much banished from the house until the murals were done because they were some kind of gift from harry???
other than that though a lot happened in them because i had this base dream multiple times and it was eerily hyper-realistic almost every time. plus every time after i'd have it, i'd wake up feeling like i hadn't slept at all and was super unsettled the whole rest of the day lmao
but basically anon you and i are just:
Tumblr media
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harry-sussex · 7 months ago
Hi! Do you think that with all that is happening now Harry and Meg will go to England in the coming months (+ the problem with the security😓)? I though that maybe they will come to Philip’s service but now I only see Harry coming to that and then they have Invictus games in late April. I’m sure H&M will go to them so maybe they will visit when the games finish (I’m not sure about the kids because Archie will probably have nursery). I can see all of them coming in June for the Jubilee but of course we will have to wait to see!
Sorry to bother you with that 😅. It’s something that I’ve thinking about and I wanted to know what do you think. Love your blog 💕!
I’m going to be completely honest, and it absolutely kills me to say it. I don’t see Meghan, Archie, or Lili ever stepping foot on British soil again (for Lili, ever in her life, at least not during her and Archie’s childhood when their parents have control over where she goes). I don’t think Trooping the Colour, Philip’s service, the Jubilee, a funeral, a birth, a coronation, or an investiture would change that. I believed that before the issue with security and I believe it even more now that Harry’s beef has become public. I think Harry will have to come back for the major events, but I really think Meghan and the kids will stay away forever. Meghan has made it very clear how she feels about the UK and her husband’s family. She very clearly, in my opinion, has absolutely no interest in returning, not even for a visit, to bring her children to her husband’s home, or for a major family and global event. I don’t think we’ll see them there ever again (save for Harry, as I’ve said - he still has a biological family outside of the institution to whom he still has some sort of obligation as a grandson, son, brother, uncle, Prince, and Duke). Hurts, doesn’t it? But I really don’t see a situation in which she (and, as a result, the children) comes back. I really don’t. They’ll both go to Invictus because a) it’s Harry’s baby and b) it’s in the Netherlands. Otherwise, in my opinion, there’s no way Meghan goes back to the UK for anything, even the BRF’s major events.
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magnus-the-maqnificent · a year ago
Aren't you ready to "hop" into the weekend? You are welcome to hate me for that joke. What a fun day it has been for us! Should we contuine the fun? I think we should! Animal anon left her 80 hour a week job a couple weeks ago and is now relaxing and having some fun (safely) while she figures out what she is doing next. So I came up with a fun question for you all to answer! So my question is what period would you travel to if you were given a time machine? I'm going to cheat a little and give two answers because I was an undergrad history major and can't help myself. First, I'd like to go to the day Ludwig II died because my parents are from Bavaria and I grew up hearing about the mystery of his death and I wanna know what happened. Second, I'd also love to travel to Tudor England because it's just so dramatic and I've related to Anne Boleyn like my whole life. I know, it's a weird person to relate to and I am slightly concerned what that says about me.
Let's have some fun and remember to tag animal anon (if you so desire) so we can all scroll though your fun responses! And remember, animal anon thinks you are all beautiful talented gorgeous people who are killing it at life! And shoutout to the random blogs today who I messaged today who helped me with this question! ❤
-Animal anon
PLEASE I love jokes like that 🤣🤣 (and I’ve made worse so yeah)
I’m always up for some fun!! 🤭
Unfortunately I’m not a history undergrad so I have only one answer 😅 I’d love to go to pre-colonial India. Did you know India was one of the richest countries before the brits came along? Also also there’s like… SO MANY mysteries I want to know the answers to - like, what’s in the Iron pillar in Delhi and WHY doesn’t it rust even after thousands of years??? 🤔🤔🤔
I don’t know anything about Anne Boleyn but I don’t think relating to her makes you weird lol
Thanks a lot animal anon! 🤗🤗 hope you have a great day!! And GOOD FOR YOU on quitting that job! 🥳
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winchest09 · 5 months ago
No no NO Tabby!!! He was so close to finding who she was!!! 😫😫😫😫😫 he is so love struck it’s so sweet and kind of funny at the same time 😂 and it seems that she is also love struck by him!! Ughhhhhhhhh Tabby! I know it’s a slow burn but omg I’m going to die before you finish this series 😂😂😂😂
I kind of love of Dean put Bella back at her place though 😂😂😂 she deserved it - I sound mean haha but she really did. And at least, now she got the message. I’m kind of scared of what she might do to Dean but hopefully, at that point, Dean would be with the reader and they’ll be stronger together
Also, absolutely LOVE Benny. He just didn’t question Dean and agreed to help him. That’s what we like to see!
It’s time for a new theory 😂 after that mix up between the chamber numbers, I think now Dean will beg Jo to tell him who the reader is. I mean she is the only one who knows who she is right? Dean just has to remember that!
After this really long message 😅 I will start to read Hey Sailor soon when I have less work for uni 😅 I was actually in England for 4 days - I came back home now - but it was really nice and I thought I would have time to read hey Sailor there but I didn’t… anyways, after this rant that probably isn’t that interesting, haha I hope you’re doing okay. I hope your daughter is feeling better!! And your husband as well? I can’t remember now if he was ill as well? And I hope you didn’t catch it! Sending you lots of love and hugs xx Mel
Omg Tabby I wrote an ask yesterday about chapter 13 of Lights Out and I said in it that I was going to read Hello sailor when I would find time. But thing is, I don’t know if I’m my ask I put « hey sailor » or « hello sailor ». I know the title is « hello sailor » but yesterday, I just got out of the plane, saw your new chapter, read it and immediately wrote that ask and if I typed « hey sailor » then I am very sorry 😅😭😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I was just so tired and yeah so that might have happened 😅😅😅 anyways haha I will definitely go hide under a rock now and I’ll disappear forever 🤦‍♀️ xx Mel
My sweet darling Mel.
I can't tell you how much these asks made me smile and laugh! First of all, I hope you don't mind that i've combined the two together. Secondly, you do NOT need to go and hide under a rock at all. It's totally totally fine!
So i'll answer it all in order so it makes sense in my brain 😂 He was so so close to finding out who she was, you're right! And yep, he is fascinated by her because he hasn't felt like this about another woman...ever. Lmao oh yeah, it is a slow bun but I can promise the "reveal" has been written...i just cannot tell you when it will be posted ahahaha. Bela is...well...Bela. I don't think we've seen the back of her just yet though unfortunately, and Benny is just my favorite. I just love writing him so much in this aha, he really just takes over when his character comes into chapters. Ohhhhhh your new theory...interesting. Jo does know who Y/N is...but Dean doesn't know that Jo knows the red dressed woman. When they met, Jo told him she wants to keep her identity a secret...so she never pointed it out. Hehehe. That just reminded me of that friends scene: "They don't know that we know they know we know" (If you've not seen friends then that bit will have no meaning to you lmao) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU WERE IN ENGLAND?! IN MY COUNTRY?! Where did you stay? Where did you go? I hope you had an amazing time my love!
My daughter and hubs are well! She's just gone back to nursery after her Easter break, so i'm praying for no new germs lmao. I did catch it, and ended up losing my voice which sucked ass but i'm all golden now my babe! Thank you <3
Also...the fact you read Lights Out the moment you stepped off the plane...Mel...my heart. Oh my god. That's so sweet of you! That means so so much so thank you.
Lol yes, you did write Hey, Sailor which made me laugh when it is Hello, Sailor. But hey, you were tired so you are TOTALLY excused. You'd be excused anyway though, everyone makes mistakes ahaha. Please please don't worry.
I'm glad Uni has calmed for you now! And I do hope that whenever or if you do get to read Hello, Sailor that you will enjoy it. It is just a big ball of fluff...with a dash of angst.
Mel...sweetheart...you are a ray of sunshine. Thank you so much for sending me these asks and for always being a bright light in this fandom.
Lots of love to you <3
Lights Out
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raphinaz · 5 months ago
Red White & Royal Blue
By Casey McQuiston
The book is about a love story between, Henry, the prince of England and, Alex,the First Son of US. So, yeah, if reavealed, everything surrounding them can go to hell. What would happen to the ongoing events resulting in Alex's mother's second term of ruling the country or, would the Royal family really allow Henry to reveal it? Or, would they have to keep it a secret, with pretending to be someone else for the world, their whole life? Or, they have to part ways? So the books flows through their lives, their relationship and love. It's a sweet book with a little bit of politics involved.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The book is so tenderly romantic, we can see the power and beauty of unity in the last past. It shows that people can really love YOU as yourself, no matter what, if you love them, respect them.
On the other hand, there is also the ugly side of judgemental people, media which makes the life of a celebrity a daily news.
One of my favourite character is Henry, our main protagonist Alex's hero. The thing about Henry I loved most was,from his Inability and fear to be open about his true identity to the stability after everything goes horribly wrong, that he accepted it then, his true perception of the right amidst all the chaos were wonderful. He was a true prince. Then, there is June, Nora, Beatrice, Rafael Luna, I loved them all, their supportive nature, their extentending care for Henry and Alex. And, Philip, no, of course not. (And I hate people pleasing peoples)😐. And, surely, who cannot love Alex? There are some people in the world whom everyone cannot but love. And even though some can hate them but never harm them. Alex is one of those people. He just find happiness out of nothing and in everything. His playfulness, caring nature, wild mindcan melt your heart.) Though he had to go through a lot to understand that he was bi)😅. I personally loved their emails very much.
Lastly, its a book perfect for a break. One can both enjoy and learn a lot. It'll be refreshing for a leisure.
My favourite line from the book:
For what it’s worth,” he says to Philip, “that is the bravest son of a bitch I’ve ever met.”
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my-my-only-angel · 6 months ago
thank youuu, i had a really exhausting day today, I'm actually vice chairperson for this fest my school is hosting so I'm packed with work for that, just came back home and it's so hot where I live it's very annoying plus i travel by public trains/rails which happen to be non AC and crowded so that makes it worse😭
when I said I have a few accounts i meant i know a few accounts who post romione stuff, i don't own them😅
so glad you haven't received any hate yet, you don't deserve any either <3
I'm just curious, what country do you come from? You can choose to not answer the question if you don't want to obviously, I'm from India btw. Also i met this really cute puppy omw home and my heart just melted sjskskkskakas it was so cute😭😭😭
Hi! Im so sorry to hear that your days been tiring, congratulations on getting the vice chair person role though! It must be fulfilling to know you're trusted for that role and Im happy for you! Though don't forget to take care of yourself and make time for de-stressing after all of that work.
Oh and I hate the trains! I get the train to uni and they're so unreliable and keep not showing up but luckily it's normally cold. It sounds hellish to be on a stuffy hot train. Although you now have an excuse to buy a paper fan and dramatically fan yourself on the train, I think that would be pretty iconic, main character vibes for sure lmao.
About the accounts wow im dumb I get what you're saying now haha that does make more sense 😭
And Im from England! You probably wouldn't guess it from the times that I post, I swear I have the worlds worst sleeping pattern. It's so cool that you're from India! I'd absolutely love to see India one day from what ive read and seen in pictures it's a beautiful country with a a beautiful culture and history. I am absolutely terrible with heat though so If I ever get to India one day I'll be that stereotypical British person on the verge of passing out because we are used to rain and cold lol.
Im so jealous of you meeting a cute puppy, I adore dogs! A cute puppy was just what you needed after your stressful day I imagine. If you see them again give them a little head scratch from me 🥺 We're having twinning moments here though because on my way to the train station I saw the most adorable cat and it took everything in me to not scoop him up and steal him away. I guess the universe decided to bless us this week! Do you have any pets?
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