#what even is coloring lmao
allylip · 2 months ago
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guys wake up new C coloring pic just dropped <333 have some teefs i drew awhile ago that i probably never posted here
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merry-the-cookie · 9 months ago
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nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same.. happy 10th anniversary @5sos
on twitter ✨
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oncat-my-beloved · 7 months ago
elm. elmax.... elmax art...
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(plus matching pfps because everything i draw turns into matching pfps seriously wtf is up with that)
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tenkoushimura · 7 months ago
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☆Hadou Nejire☆
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rockystar11 · 4 months ago
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listen,,,werewolf yang has had me in a chokehold i don’t know what to tell you! idk! i do not control the hyperfixation lol
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juwon-ah-moved · 5 months ago
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BEYOND EVIL (2021) + Ocean Vuong quotes
for @petekaos 💛💙
RAHUL !!!!! this will be only half a surprise i think, i’m sure you got that i was giffing beyond evil from what i said skdsnd but i really think the quotes will be a surprise eheh anyway time to get sappy ! damn it’s been 2 years already. when people say time flies they really mean it!! honestly these 2 years have been some of the happiest of my life overall, despite the bad and the ugly, and a huge part of it is that i got to go through them with you alongside me :’) you’ve been with me through thick and thin, we’ve laughed so much together, made dumb jokes, shared so many passions and brainrots, been homophobic towards mek’s 2022 costars together (JK!!!) and also we’ve supported each other in everything. i know i tell you all the time, but i’ll never stop saying it: i love you!!!! you are such a kind, funny, sweet, talented, supportive, fantastic person. i never get tired of talking to you, if anything when we don’t talk for a bit i miss you a lot. you’re my best friend and honestly i couldn’t ask for a better best friend like absolutely no one could fill in this role but you !! sure, maybe someone else wouldn’t tease me about pigeons (🙄) but we’re bonded by that pigeon shit so 🥰 i think i’ll never have the proper words to tell you how much you mean to me, but i hope i’ve somehow showed it to you in these two years and i hope i get so many more chances to in the future. here’s to many many more years of getting anons about our friendship 💙💛 love you so much !!!!!!!!
#beyond evil#**#rahul tag#i'll tag the show so anyone who wants to can rb this even if it's for rahul skdksdns#just ignore the sappiness under the read more <3#ANYWAY rahul AAAAAAA i hope you like this !!!#it was a Journey and it's not even that much of a complicated set but it was still jskdsnds i did my best :tiredcat:#i wanted to do something more... let's say special. or significant for our friendship#i guess#but no matter how hard i tried to think of something else my mind came back to beyond evil and this idea and so ... it happened#you did say you wanted me to gif it so :eyes: the dark scenes were hell to color WHAT THE HELLLLL#i tried :sob:#i hate being on desktop ANYWAYYYY i love you. i'm rambling because i'm nervous you won't like this that much.#thing is i've been thinking of 'one day i'll love ocean vuong' so much lately#and then it clicked that that line about a father is SOOOO juwon i just could not stop thinking about it ...#and i know how much you love ocean vuong and i love him too so this is hopefully nice <3#beyond evil and ocean vuong's works actually both give me those Feelings ..... bc they're both so raw. and full of pain and trauma and love.#I'M RAMBLING OKAY ENOUGH SJDKSDBSJDNS#hope you like this HAPPY 2 YEARS <3333333333 LOVE YOU :CRI: :CRI: :CRI:#ALSO WAIT LMAO yes this is only the first half of beyond evil and i've been kicking myself for not finishing the drama#bc i KNOWWWWW i would've had so much more to work with#and possibly i woud've made something better#maybe i'll make a part 2 once i'm finished with the drama tho
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evakant · 10 months ago
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or whatever.
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rinko-fujinami · 5 months ago
Every single day I wish not only that Diavolo's anime tattoos were more detailed but that the red stripes on the sleeve's debut design were kept as well
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Getting ahead of myself here but the red could have played on his "crimson" motif a little bit. In a similar way that the anime sometimes had Kira's eyes flare up red and purple as a transitional effect of summoning Killer Queen, there could have been a cool, brief fiery effect of Diavolo's red stand aura flaming from the stripes on his arms as King Crimson is summoned.
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moononastring · 25 days ago
It sure would be nice if folks remembered that Helion is meant to be a Persian man with features that match the group of people he’s based on and shoulder-length black hair.
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thedefenderoftheearth · 10 months ago
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Amazing, though, don’t you think? A starwhale.
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metfell · 10 months ago
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Sometimes you gotta blast Pokémon battle themes and forget anatomy for a cool as fuck pig
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bvlnoriyas · 9 months ago
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211225 — jung wooyoung
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aeide-thea · a month ago
somebody i follow for fandom reasons was talking about having bought an adult tricycle, and it got me wondering abt pros and cons and why adult tricycles aren't more of a Thing, so i did some reading and got halfway thru a very talky post laying them out and then abruptly realized: none of u care, lol. like dgmw i'm sure a number of u would very nicely click the lil heart like the collection of good eggs u are but like. what would i be achieving by writing that up. this is not a bicycle interest community.
(short version is that a bicycle behaves more like it's part of yr body in a variety of ways, and so as long as yr body works well—big 'if' obviously!—that often makes for a smoother and more intuitive ride: balance around corners is the really big thing here, but also tricycles apparently require you to (1) compensate for road camber with yr steering; (2) keep three different wheel trajectories clear of surface hazards instead of just one; and (3) remember that the vehicle you're maneuvering is wider than your body and requires more clearance. that said, if you have trouble balancing on two wheels, and/or srs bzns Cargo to carry, then a trike may be the bike for you!)
(ok obviously i lied abt not making that post but i guess i really wanted to make it so. there u are. click the lil heart like a good 🥚.)
#a trike is definitely not the bike for me bc i would not do a good job of keeping track of my back wheels#also i'm imagining trying to get around on one in NYC and like. no thank u lol#but probably in a chill wide country setting you could do a full grocery run on a trike instead of just a couple bags max#on the other hand frequent small grocery trips are my jam bc i hate preplanning#so like. Depends on Yr Parameters and Objectives as with. most things really#ok also if we're being VERY honest a tricycle would not be gender-affirming 4 me personally#like. my gender associations around bicycles are FULLY redacted here bc they are NOT revolutionary in the slightest#and none of u need that shit#but. 4 me personally... i want a sporty boy bike. even when i wore dresses ever i wanted a sporty boy bike. it's dumb but there you have it.#(briefly i had my ideal bike which was obnoxious acid green and then it got stolen from outside sloan kettering)#(which like. truly a bad day. yr mother is dying AND yr bike gets stolen. one problem clearly bigger than the other but neither one fun!)#(the one i have now is‚ like‚ sparkly unicorn white bc that's the color that was on sale but what can you do)#(i was half-tempted to get myself a new fancy one as a gradumatation present—which i still haven't done anything to recognize‚ lol—#but i really haven't had this one long enough for that to be reasonable. it's fine i'm just like. living a very vanyel life lmao)#in conclusion writing all this has made me realize i GOTTA bicycle more. i've atrophied into SUCH a limp noodle and i miss it awfully#it's just like. i'm always tired. :(#right ok this uh. this sure has been a post. thx for spending this time with me!
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ghostieieie · 6 months ago
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redraw redraw redraw
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oodlezsinbin · 9 months ago
It's My Turn to do the header redraw with my friend's oc (Baria belongs to @chubberbaria)
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Now with size difference more accurate to their Actual Sizes
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birch-forest · 6 months ago
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quick speedpaint thing hhh idk what im doing
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b4kuch1n · a year ago
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well. since we’re all model citizens for the whole weekend I can now present u dragon type gym leader/hammerlocke!piers as well 
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