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musashi · 7 months ago
What's the Sky Curse? Asking bc ur my dash Skyward Sword expert and I have never played your namesake game.
At the end of the game Sky fights the final boss Demise, who is also more or less the god of all evil that exists in the world, and he wins but Demise uses his final breath to curse Sky & Zelda. The curse states that as long as they're reborn in their respective ways (Zelda/Hylia's blood, and Link's immortal soul), Demise's evil will also continue to reincarnate into various forms and follow them throughout these lifetimes, eternal torment and hardship at his hand they are never to escape.
A lot of people confuse this to interpret that Demise is responsible for the Link & Zelda reincarnating thing--that's honestly not canon, it's debatable. Zelda just has holy powers running through her veins and Link's eternal rebirth might have more to do w the fact that his soul is. Unbreakable like he literally can't be destroyed. But Link's just kinda doing his own thing.
In Skyward Sword canon, this is just kind of a tragedy that only we, the audience, are privy to. Sky obviously doesn't understand the scope of what Demise did. HOWEVER, in Linked Universe, it becomes INSTANT angst material, because now Sky is meeting his reincarnations, learning about their lives, the cycle, and the fact that Demise has caused all of them pain with his curse.
And make no mistake--he is. It's been being set up for a while now.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This last page is my favourite of all because the storytelling is so deliciously subtle here. The way they're all joking and kinda having a laugh at it and Sky is just. Lost in thought, not laughing along.
In Skyward Sword, there’s this theme is woven throughout the game about Sky's character arc--he struggles to keep up and is not punctual. Like most Zelda games the story opens up on him oversleeping, but sksw kinda takes it a step further and has characters constantly pointing out that he sleeps in, he’s bad with directions and gets lost in his tiny hometown, he’s prone to distraction, they go out of their way to establish that he’s slow and ditzy. For the whole game, Zelda is always two steps ahead of Sky--he’s more or less barely at her heels, desperately trying to keep up and get answers but ultimately too slow. At one point this slowness gets Zelda captured and the game actually stops itself to look Sky dead in the eyes and tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he needs to get his shit together and focus, because Zelda almost bit the dust because of his lack of it.
So why does all that matter? Because LU plays into it--Twilight’s strategy in DDR to get Sky away from the rest of the team was to make them sprint, he did this knowing that Sky would fall behind quick (which DOUBLES as a reference to his stamina meter in sksw, which is genius) This establishes that in LU canon, Sky has enough trouble keeping up that it’s something his friends are able to notice, and count on always ringing true. After they regroup, Warriors and Hyrule dog on Sky for being slow, and he plays along but one could argue it might cut him a little deeper than he’s letting on.
And why does THAT matter? Well, like I said, Demise cursed Sky with his dying breath, and while he’s doing this, Sky just kinda... stands there, letting it happen. So a very common interpretation in the LU fandom, with all this in mind, is that Sky took too long to kill Demise. He landed what he believed to be the final blow, but gave the demon king room to speak his piece instead of snuffing him out quicker, and because Sky was too late, everyone who came after him has suffered through trauma that is unimaginably, irrevocably horrific.
I fully believe this is intended to be a plot point, just based on the care Jojo is putting into the panels above and making sure we can tell something’s going on with Sky. It makes me insane! But like in a fun way. Since everyone’s secrets are coming out, I highkey hope that Sky is next <3
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wendybird017 · 8 months ago
You are right! Wang Yibo *is* just so gotdayum pretty!
That whole cast is the epitome of bi panic tbh. Also more men should be pretty and that's just a fact
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musashi · 5 months ago
I totally get it if u don't have the energy to address this sort of thing rn, but as a general/genuine thing:
what's the best thing for non-system folks to do rn in your opinion?
and if you have the ability to suggest how to start looking into good references or starting points to understand and avoid doing more harm?
- boost the voices of systems who are speaking out on this--listen to what they're saying. reblog their posts, do not just like them--tumblr has no algorithm, we make our own by reblogging. reblog.
- do not apologize for jojo's behaviour. period.
- maybe reconsider if she's a person you want to support, given her track record. as an autistic person i know you cannot just "drop" special interests, but maybe consider how you can enjoy LU without her benefitting from it (ie reading without reblogging, focusing your fandom on fan content only, not buying any merch she might put out in the future or donating to her)
- keep the discussion going. don't just let this fade into the background as time passes. keep holding her accountable for this shit.
here's a good system info blog i found that's inclusive of all systems! theeee best thing to do is just listen to systems when we talk about this stuff.
if you're a fan of the four system headcanon and want to write it yourself, a good key for writing a marginalized identity is: write marginalized characters, but don't write about marginalization. and see if there are any systems in the LU tags who might want to beta for you and offer feedback/advice on that! today has taught me there are a LOT more of us than i thought, and this fandom is very very very interactive and helpful.
anyone in the tags/notes is free to comment, but systems only please. this is an endogenic and quoigenic safe space and DIDscourse will get you blocked.
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musashi · 9 months ago
warriors and twi in the new update like that one animal crossing post that sounds like two soldiers. "and i can come to your island?" "yeah, you can come to my island" "i'd like that"
Tumblr media
this just made me howl like a fucking animal in a discord call so i had to edit it
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musashi · a year ago
okay since its fi loving hours, do you have a favorite optional bit of fi dialogue? a favorite statistic? and/or a favorite enemy analysis?
optional fi dialogue:
"On slippery slopes, you may lose your footing and slide down on your backside. Quite gracefully, I'm sure, Master."
"As you may have observed during your time as one, human beings are not a species that can stay underwater for long periods of time."
"However, because of its size and weight, I do not believe it could be carried by a human. No offense intended, I assure you."
"I suggest you cease being scared and speak to her."
"I have identified the item that the... highly unusual man on Fun Fun Island says was lost."
"Master... unless you plan to carry the tub on your back, now is not the time to be picky about who will help you."
(^ she asks if you want to call Scrapper and if you say 'not that guy' this is how she responds. but fun fact, if you tell her 'sure' she asks a second time if you want to call him just to confirm, and if you say 'not that guy' the second time, she has slightly different fialogue where she says 'despite your warranted reservations--' which is so fucking funny to me, Link is like HIM??? and Fi is like "look dude, i know, but--")
"She hates housecleaning but adores antiques. I recommend keeping a safe distance from her."
"Master, your interest in this young woman is clear. I can see your aura shining brightly with joy in her presence. ...I strongly recommend that you do not mention this when you next encounter Zelda."
"You may not know this, but human beings are not a species that can survive in extremely high-temperature environments."
best statistics:
"I can verify with only 40% accuracy that this person is a plant, however--"
The probability of your assessment being correct is... 10%. Rounded up."
"The probability of this life-form being Zelda is 5%, so I must conclude that this is, in fact, not Zelda but a peaceful forest creature known as a Kikwi."
"I sense a large disturbance in this individual's aura. There is an 85% probability that he is experiencing the emotion humans refer to as "love.""
best enemy analyses:
"If you make contact with this type of Chuchu when it is charged, it will give you a shock. Then it will attempt to feed on you. This is not pleasant."
"This bird seemingly jettisons its droppings upon people's heads on purpose. It is unclear if this is due to a carefree attitude or pure malice. Should its droppings land on you, I calculate the probability of your intense aggravation at 100%."
every single bokoblin analysis mentions their underwear. like she. she can't stop infodumping about their underwear.
"This horrifying Bokoblin reanimates after death. Analysis indicates it fears pure, shiny items and will startle at the sight of a sacred shield. It is able to reanimate purely through its hatred of this world...and its attachment to outlandish underpants."
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musashi · 5 months ago
I am sorry but I came her to ask, concept piece making fun of otherkin??? When did she? I am not here to debate it or anything I just felt kinda thrown outta the loop. Is alright if you dont wanna answer or anything tho
i always forget she made fun of furries as well
it hurts, and though i love LU, i've never forgotten it, and i've never entirely trusted jojo as a person.
as a creator, your audience is what makes and breaks you. and even when you disagree with them it's important to be kind, understanding, and remember to have a good working relationship with them.
stepping on people's headcanons--and doing it as mean and nasty as jojo has now established a pattern of doing it--is not okay.
what purpose does stuff like this serve, other than to hurt people's feelings, people who have likely dedicated so much time and passion to your work? as someone who creates, and has had some pretty big followings, the thought that i would ever stomp on my audience's interpretations or connections to my characters is TERRIFYING. the guilt would fucking eat me alive. it so greatly outweighs my impulse to "control" any part of my story.
this is jojo's story, and we are not entitled to her time or writing or art, she chooses to share it with us, and for that i am grateful. but jesus fucking christ, dude, holy fucking shit.
do you care at all for what an amazing fandom you have? do you understand how celebrated, how special, how massive your fanbase is? do you realize how lucky you are to have made something so revered by so many people? i've never been in a fandom like the LU fandom. i don't know if i'll ever be in one this grand again.
it sucks to see her acting like this, even if i'm not surprised. i think she is really taking for granted how wonderful her fans are by stepping on our fucking throats like that.
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musashi · 2 months ago
what’s ur first favourite German zelda fact?
The German master cycle is called EPONATOR
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musashi · 8 months ago
i have been thinking about sky carving? whittling? all night. i dont know what exactly its called that he does (feel free to tell me if theres a specific name!) but i enjoy it Alot. its really nice to watch and listen to that ive seen in videos n such, so i was wondering if you think sky would actually mind someone watching him carve? i know some people are on the fence about people watching them do their craft but im just thinkin about how nice it would be to like... just sit and watch sky carve :) seems like a good time imo? peak quality time
his specific style in game is just general woodcarving (sometimes it ventures into flat-plane but i can't tell if that's intentional or because he's young and still learning so his sculptures are a little polygonal? haha) but in LU specifically he also whittles!!! he maek wild a spoon...
Tumblr media
i feel like sky probably wouldn't care haha. maybe if it was a LOT of eyes on him he'd get antsy but all the links strike me as folks who are very fond of parallel play? like its very easy for me to picture the chain specifically all just at camp, not saying a word to one another, all engrossed in their own hobbies. i also feel like sky is adhd king (in his canon he's constantly described as spacey/ditzy/etc) so i feel like when he's carving he's usually full on hyperfocus and 100% forgets the outside world exists so he probably wouldn't even really notice if someone was watching him fgfghgf
it is very soothing to watch i love the idea of sky just minding his own business making art and all the boys are like hh. human stimboard. actually now that i think about it EVERYTHING about sky is kind of a human stimboard gffgh
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musashi · 3 months ago
"perhaps you'd like to cross-examine his parrot for a little comic relief" you know what I WILL
this is so funny to imagine happening in real life i can't believe this is happening
it did! well, kind of. in the case of glenna duram, who was accused of killing her husband--the family parrot, who was highly intelligent, was considered as a potential witness to the murder after he was heard repeating what sounded like a fatal argument between the two of them.
the parrot, bud, didn't actually end up needing to take the stand because there was enough evidence to convict glenna, but the prosecutor on that case outright said he was completely open to the idea.
what kills me about this. what ABSOLUTELY fucking kills me? see, ace attorney has an accidental timeline. they dated DL-6 as december 2001. and then they repeatedly say in game one that DL6 was 15 years ago. that makes game 1 take place in 2016. then, from that point on, you can figure out the rest of the AA timeline just using the passing of years, characters are often very specific!
so we know from all that that turnabout goodbyes takes place dec 25th-28th, 2016. but it was set in the future when it came out! AA came out like waaaay early 2000s.
the fucking duram case. is from 2015. not only did AA predict the most batshit element of this very real murder case, it predicted it almost down to the year.
the first article i found about the fucking parrot being considered to testify even is timestamped december 2016. the investigation and trial took place from 2015-2017.
anyways i think im crazy? i feel crazy sometimes.
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musashi · 4 months ago
Do we get to see Franziska in any other outfits than her courtroom attire? (I have only played a few of the games and honestly can't remember, but feel free to talk about her style, I'm interested!)
business goth honestly
Tumblr media
fucking. horse girl. by the way she definitely switched to long sleeves after several whip accidents. source: welts on my fucking arms irl after buying a bull whip
Tumblr media
miles: [gets in the car]
a toddler with a riding crop: :3
Tumblr media
MORE BOWS!!! MORE RUFFLES!!!! look agt this child
theres like. a ton of dubiously canon official art but its all weirdly horny so i ignore it. franziska von karma is such a sexless creature i cannot stress enough how little she fucks
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musashi · 5 months ago
Hey Wendy, how do you feel about the apology?
i'm. honestly not sure tbh. i think i need to ruminate on it a bit before i say anything definitive.
my initial thoughts are that it's not great but it's not a nonapology. could be worse? srgfghgf
didn't realize english was her second language, that's definitely something to take into account when we're holding people accountable specifically for bad phrasing. i'm barely eloquent in my first language, you couldn't pay me to be comprehensible in a second.
and while she's technically correct in her second paragraph, and didn't say anything particularly offensive there, it was. completely unnecessary and distracted from the apology. she did not need to say any of that. it is weird to get defensive at the end of an apology. if you HAVE to explain your perspective there are graceful ways to do it but. you usually save that for the start. placing it at the end is a weird choice and makes sure the focus is on you and your feelings and that is not what apologies are for. you should not be talking about yourself during an apology unless the person you hurts asks you about it.
i do want to believe she's genuine but honestly i can't say for certain. and, of course, even if she is--this is just one thing. she still did all the white washing, queerphobia, and general assholery toward groups outside the social norm (the otherkin / furry thing) and while i'd love to believe this is resolved i don't think i'll forget all that shit anytime soon.
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musashi · 7 months ago
Thank you for talking about Wild’s response and behavior and all in the newest lu update, it’s nice to have a (correct) opinion that Wild is acting in character.
That being said, I’m curious to what you’d think Wild would be acting like if he was actually dink in disguise. Like, what would his fake reaction be? What would be the red flags that would show us that that isn’t Wild?
it's honestly like. it's not even that i resent anyone theorizing, i get it, theorizing is fun! i just wish they'd understand that like. actual traumatized individuals use the internet and can see what they're posting, and "person having a clear trauma response is ACTUALLY EVIL" is not really a thing i think anyone should be internalizing. like hey man that hurts my feelings
and that is a very good question, one i'm not sure i am creative enough to have an answer to xD wild's characterization in LU is not something i feel fully confident in making any statements on, of all the links i struggle to understand his personality the most. which is weird, because he and i literally have the same exact ~tragic backstory~, but i relate more to its portrayal in BOTW than i do in LU.
i don't necessarily know if Dink would give any outwardly obvious hints as an imposter. I think Dink would probably largely act very in character, in fact i think it would be more likely for him to be too calm? I don't know, we don't know enough about Dink to say for sure, but I feel like what we're seeing right now is, yes, a reflection of Wild's trauma, but also just proof that he loves and cares for his friends. I don't... think that Dink would be making this much of a scene, both because he doesn't care and because it is suspicious and draws attention to him, something i don't imagine an infiltrator would WANT. I don't think he'd be drawing eyes from EVERYONE like he is right now.
But like I said, we knows basically nothing about Dink, so... conclusively I don't even want to say that.
Mostly my point is just like... before people start calling Wild's trauma response a definitive calling card that he's evil or possessed maybe... please consider that actual traumatized people are reading your posts. Please think a little harder about what you're saying before you say it.
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musashi · 2 months ago
i think there's something in the fact that miles never wears his prosecutor's badge on his lapel because Nobody Does That, but the second he gets a defense attorney's badge when phoenix gives it to him, it's affixed proudly to the boob69 suit jacket. i don't have the energy to draw that connection but i think there's one there. somewhere.
healing i think,,, an homage to his routes. an opportunity to live out his childhood dream
and also i am, very sentimental, and that trial means a lot to me because it is. a settling of the dust? i get very emotional seeing an edgeworth and a von karma opposing counsel and knowing how much they love each other. its just..... man i cant even put WORDS to it but its. special. he's proud. he's made of so much. he contains balance within him, like a golden scale. things are alright now. things have settled.
i love... miles edgeworth.
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musashi · 2 months ago
Helo! Do u have sneeze hcs for the japanifornian population? I’m of the firm belief that gant has never sneezed once in his entire life ✨🍓
absolutely obsessed w the way you phrased this
ok am going to like. attempt to cover most of the og trilogy characters but i am making 80% of this up on the fly because i only ever think about the characters im writing sickfic about and thats like 3 characters ok ok
ace attorney has too many characters so cut
team defense:
phoenix - canonically a loud bitch. does not stop at just 1. WILL shatter your windows. the way he wears a mask and it does nothing because the sheer force of his fuckign bazooka blasts sends it rocketing off his face. i have personal kin memories about this and all you need to know about it is 1. no i did not get jumpscared, shut the fuck up, i am not scared of anything 2. i say bless you with my whip
maya - ALMOST AS LOUD! WHY ARE THEY BOTH LIKE THIS. idr if this is canon but someone said morgan canonically hates loud noises so i subscribe to maya being loud out of spite. she's loud in the sub of the anime but they made her cute and tiny in the dub and i'm never gonna forgive them tbh. also she like never covers her mouth and if she does its with her hands. wright & co plague offices
mia - kinda raspy and rough-sounding. does the hand-wavy thing you know that thing people do?? where they mindlessly wave their hands for no reason before they sneeze. im obsessed with that. why she do that. also i'm stealing this from my mia kinnie friend but mia says bless you to everyone all the time no matter how many times they sneeze she will keep saying it. i don't care if memories disproves this because canon is wrong sometimes.
diego - completely fucking silent. just kinda jerks into his fist. functionally the opposite of mia tbh, but she always notices and he's kind of hopelessly endeared to it.
team bootlicker:
miles - hopelessly loud but as polite about it as he's able to be. this man has a monogrammed handkerchief and horrendous pollen allergies i feel like he has turned sneezing politely into an artform. functionally him and phoenix are at the same decibel level but phoenix is untamed and miles is sparing the ears of everyone around him. and theyre in love
gumshoe - i feel like he half-stifles to the point where you can't even tell if he's sneezed half the time. also literally always sneezes in doubles i will not elaborate. constantly waiting for that third so he can wish for a higher salary but it never comes.
franziska - ALRIGHT OKAY I HAVE OPINIONS OKAY I HAVE THOUGHTS I HAVE FEELINGS I HAVE--okay. okay. just the most delicate sound you will ever hear. small. liddol. the kind of sneeze that makes u wonder why she would bother to sneeze at all. it is so tiny, what good is it even doing. a cool thing to do if you like the taste of leather is point it out.
(also tangentially related but she's violently allergic to dogs and cursed with von karma dog loving gene so she WILL walk into miles' apartment and shove her face directly into pess with no regard for consequences. look i have flowcharts and spreadsheets--)
manfred - literally exactly the same as franziska but it's ten times funnier on him. no i'm not taking constructive criticism.
lana: habitual stifler to varying degrees of success. also she sneezes into the scarf like she'll just pull it up over her face and maybe i'm projecting but thats fine. it's fine. we're fine.
gant: what you said is funnier than anything i can come up with so i am choosing to accept it as fact.
everyone the fuck else:
larry - kitten bitch. constantly going back and forth on if he's a scream sneezer or a kitten. i think kitten is funnier. same general deal as franziska but WAY cutesier.
ema - not particularly loud but they like send her stumbling backwards a little on her feet. more than once her glasses have fallen onto her eyes and she just kinda blinks like o.o ??
i dont have enough thoughts/feelings about any other characters this is all u get gfhfdhj
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musashi · 5 months ago
I can’t help but think how hilarious it would’ve been if Mia (alive) and Franziska faced off in court. Mia “beats up her own boss” Fey would absolutely snap and say something along the lines of “Your Honor, if the prosecution whips me again and isn’t held in contempt of court, that I should be allowed to punch her back and not be held in contempt of court.” Their trials would be batshit and amazing.
my mia kin friend and i literally have this dynamic. it is nonstop fucking chaos every time we get into it, just a constant exchange of going for the fucking throat. and every single time it happens i am having this exact fucking thought: god i wish they had interacted more gfhfdhg. we at least got some shit talking in the anime:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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musashi · 29 days ago
hey! could you explain the "mikey fuckin way" shirts to me? are they like a reference to something one of the band members said?
genuinely in my 10+ years of being a my chem diehard i still do not fucking know where the phrase originated if anywhere. the first time i ever saw it was actually post return, at the cali show mikey came out wearing a tanktop that said that
i've literally been a mikey girl since 2006 and i have no fucking clue sfjhfdghfg but it's merch now and the whole band are fucking wearing them. mikey fuckin way i guess what more is there to say!
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musashi · a month ago
you’re an anti (i know there are good antis but most of them have hounded me & other survivors for our opinions and i mean to the point of literally comparing us to our abusers. it is horrifically taxing on my mental health to be told i am a pedophile day and night. if you’re an anti who genuinely cares about csa victims, i will absolutely talk to you. if you’re just here to hound me about why i ship something with a 2 year age difference, please leave me alone.)
I'm like really dumb. What do you mean by anti?
if you dont know what it means, then it definitely doesn't apply to you, you're good to follow
here's a really good video on antis & proshippers if you want to read up tho!
tl;dr it is a very nuanced discussion that severely online weirdos go nuclear over because they do not understand said nuance. i exist outside any of these weird labels but i specifically don't want antis following me because they have harassed me in incredibly violent and vitriolic ways. proshippers. have not done that afdgsdffd
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