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Early pregnancy scans are done to confirm a pregnancy, to know when you conceived, to check if the baby is growing healthily and more.
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Eight Days a Week, Eight Seconds a Kiss (Part 5)  (Colt x MC)
A/N: Still don’t know what I am doing but as long as we’re having fun. Or, as long as Mona is having fun, I guess. That’s all that matters. (Ellie, girl, you’re so close here! So close!)
Pairing: Colt x MC, ROD
Length: ~2K words
Rating: PG-13 (Swearing, probably, because I swear a lot.)
Summary: Ellie wants to live her life to the fullest, starting with her first kiss. She just needs a little encouragement.
Wednesday: Somewhere Between I Want it and I Got it
“Have you ever tried eyeliner?” Mona studied her, circling in silent evaluation.
“At sleepovers?” Ellie felt shy, melting under Mona’s piercing gaze; no one had ever looked at her with such an calculating stare. She was pretty sure that she was coming up short.
“Hmm….” Mona pursed her lips. “Might be a little too aggressive then. Some shadow?”
“Why are we doing this again?”
“Why did you borrow my clothes the other day?” Mona turned to her closet, flinging clothes through the air, digging for something underneath the leather.
Ellie froze, not knowing how to answer without spilling the embarrassing truth.
Thankfully, Mona breezed by her silence. “Just letting you know, I can suit you up a little better than Junior can.” She held up two dresses, a strapless grey and a black number with a plunging neckline.
“Sleeves. Dear God, please, sleeves.”
Mona laughed and threw it at her. “Change.”
Ellie looked at the dress. She may have miscalculated; it looked like a lot less fabric when it was in her hands. “Wait, here?”
“I promise you, you have nothing I haven’t seen before. Many times. Many, many earth-shattering times.” Mona leered. “But you can use the bathroom if you want.”
She ducked through the door, leaning against it with a deep breath, staring at the fabric in her hands. There were sleeves at least, but what was this strap? And if these were the sleeves, then was there nothing to go in front of her boobs? Were those shorts? What was this monstrosity?
It took five minute, three tries, and one tuck of a strap just away, hidden in her bra, but she thought she got it. It was a dress, low cut, straps crisscrossing her back in what she hoped was the right way, and slit that slid so high she could almost see the tiny freckle, near her hip, that had only seen daylight at the beach. She was unsure until she looked up, peering in the mirror for the first time, and damn. Ellie was used to wearing her sweatshirt everywhere but in this, she actually looked hot! She peered closer. Was that her? Damn.
She sauntered out. When she emerged, Mona’s eyes widened and Ellie smirked, self-satisfied, striking a pose. It looked like she put the dress on correctly.
“Verrry nice,” Mona purred and leered while Ellie flushed, shooting her a shy smile. “You ready to go?”
“Wait now?”
Mona turned on her heel, shooting her a wink over her shoulder. “No time like the present.”
She followed Mona out, scanning the floor. Toby and Ximena were in the back of Kaneko’s Aylesbury and it sounded like they were arguing about a carburetor. She couldn’t see Logan but she knew he was around somewhere.
As she looked around, Colt stood up from behind his bike. “Mona, where are my-” He froze as he took her in and she felt the blush forming as his eyes swept down her. “God damn.” It was a whisper and, judging from the look on his face, he definitely didn’t mean to say it out loud, following it up with an awkward cough. “Uhh…I mean…well done, Mona.” He rubbed the back of his head.
Mona smirked. “I do know what I’m doing. And your wrenches are by the Maranello.”
“Thanks.” He nodded and turned away, tips of his ears red.
Mona laughed, deep and loud, pulling her through the shop, passing the cars, the tools, the dented toolbox. “Come on, Ellie! You’re driving!”
“Wait, what?” Ellie had to stop every few seconds to pull the dress down so she was struggling to keep up.
Colt also stopped. “What? Where are you going?”
“Why do you care?” Mona was grasping the top of the open door, grinning wolfishly at Colt. 
“But where are we going?”
“We want to see and be seen.” Mona was still staring at Colt as she spoke to Ellie, eyebrows raised. “You coming, Junior?”
Ellie looked between the two, at whatever nonverbal communication that was happening right in front of her, but just over her head.
Colt narrowed his eyes, striding towards them, never dropping his gaze from Mona. “Let’s go.”
Ellie settled up on the sea wall, looking out at the volleyball game happening in front of her and the sunlight glinting off the ocean beyond that. Mona was right; apparently, the boardwalk was the place to see and be seen. Even better, with the crowds and the outfits and the bikinis, she wasn’t so out of place as it was in a garage in Gramercy Park, her dress barely catching a wandering eye.
Mona’s hair blew lightly in the sea breeze, dark strands flitting in the wind and catching Ellie’s shoulder as she leaned close. Colt had wandered off to find fries, at Mona’s orders; directives from Mona were never to be taken lightly and apparently even Colt agreed, acquiescing without a fight. Ellie was in awe of her powers, would have asked for pointers, before Mona interrupted her thoughts.
“You gonna tell me what’s really going on?” Mona’s eyes were assessing, so sharp that Ellie had to duck her head.
“What do you mean?”
Mona rolled her eyes. “You making moon eyes at Logan. You and Kid Kaneko borrowing my clothes for your driving test. You getting so distracted you crashed your car in the shop?” She shook her head. “I’m not an idiot, Ellie.”
“It’s stupid.” Ellie sighed to herself.
“Try me.”
“We’ve been trying to…you see…” Ellie sighed, watching the surfers glide across the horizon. “I’ve….I’ve never been kissed.”
Mona laughed. And laughed some more, until Ellie pushed her. “Mona, shut up.”
“Are you kidding me? All this work for a tiny little kiss?”
Ellie flushed, cheeks red. “I’m 18 years old. Is this like a bad Drew Barrymore movie?”
“Excuse you. A good Drew Barrymore movie.” Mona bit her lip, considering. “I guess I thought a girl like you would want your first kiss to mean something, to be with someone who likes you, like really likes you, like a kiss in one of those movies.”
“I dunno, I guess that would be nice but…” Ellie shrugged, looking at her hands; apparently, she had given up on that. “But what if that never happens?”
Mona rolled her eyes. “Jesus, why don’t I kiss you right now?”
Mona glanced around, surveying the crowd behind them, and leaned closer with a devilish smirk. “I can take care of that problem for you.”
“Wait.” Ellie was caught in her stare. She felt like she was drowning; Mona had to be one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen in real life and she was being pulled in. “There were some caveats to this thing.” For this life of her, she couldn’t remember what those caveats were.
“Really….” Mona leaned even closer and Ellie couldn’t help but look down, at her lips, inches from hers. “Why don’t you let me show you how to kiss and you can tell me all about those caveats later?” She tilted her head, eyes dark.
Ellie followed, tilting her head just so, and shut her eyes.
Ellie pulled back with a gasp, blinking, She and Mona almost…she couldn’t move for a second, willing the breath back into her lungs, watching the giant smile split Mona’s face in two as she looked behind them.
“Hello, Junior. Don’t you have perfect timing.”
“Your fries, Mona.” Colt was gritting his teeth; Ellie could hear his molars grinding above the crash of the surf.
If anything, Mona grinned wider, taking the fries with a wicked gleam in her eye. “Why thank you, Colt. This is exactly what I wanted. But I’m gonna go grab a milkshake too.” She shook her hair out as she stood, radiant in the sun, catching Ellie’s eye. “Who knows? You might get your movie moment after all.” With a wink, she sauntered off, Ellie’s eyes on her back the entire way.
“What was that about?”
Did Mona think she would have her first kiss with someone who liked her? Did Mona have more faith in her than she herself did?
Ellie blinked at Colt, standing with his hands in his pockets. “I’m….” She swallowed. “I’m…not sure.”
He looked like he wanted to say something, rocking back on his heels as she watched, trying to process what just happened.
“Damn. Maybe Logan isn’t who I should have been focused on.” She wrinkled her nose, thinking out loud. She was in her own head, but not enough that she didn’t notice his face fall and jaw clench as he looked out at the waves. “Colt?”
He turned away, shoulders raised. “Let’s go.”
The ride back was quiet. Mona wouldn’t stop smiling, humming the verse of every single song on the radio, while Colt just glowered in the back. Ellie sighed. She thought they were over the whole death glare situation, especially after the last few days. Apparently, she was wrong.
She put the car in park, checking the e-brake once, twice, three times just to be sure, as Mona headed to the break room and Colt peeled off towards his bike. She sighed, still thinking. Mona wasn’t wrong. She had always imagined her first kiss being somewhat special, though it seemed like that would never happen for her. But, if she was doing all this work and putting herself out there, she might as well shoot for the moon.
She sighed again, leaning her head against the steering wheel before she climbed out of the car. That grumpy jerk was not going to like this.
She gingerly headed over to him, leaning against a toolbox. “Hi.”
“Sorry about the lack of making out.” He barely looked up at her, hands rifling through the metal.
She couldn’t stop her eyes from rolling. “Eloquent as ever.”
“Hey, I’m trying here.” He shrugged, turning over a screwdriver in his hands before dropping it with a dull thud.
“Yeah, right. Sure. You know, I was thinking something.”
“You didn’t even listen to what it was!”
“Didn’t have to, answer is still no.” He turned back to the toolbox in front of him, opening another drawer.
She sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. “Well, I am going to tell you anyway. Mona and I were talking-” The sound from Colt’s throat was between a guffaw and a choke but she ignored it. “Ahem. Mona and I were talking and she thinks I should hold out for someone who like me. Not just someone who thinks I’m cute.”
“Jesus Christ.” He froze, the only movement the blinking of his eyes, looking down at her. “You’re not doing what I think you’re doing-”
“One more, Colt. One more request.”
“What the fuck.” He slammed the drawer shut. “Are you just making this harder on purpose?”
“Well, it’s not like I’ve had any luck with you helping me! And Mona-”
“I didn’t want to help to begin with, ok? This is fucking stupid.” He leaned closer, eyes blazing.
She met his glare head on and leaned closer herself, ignoring his sharp inhale as she scowled at him. He was so close she could see the shades of brown swirling in his eyes, could see every individual strand of his eyebrows, all furrowed into an angry line.  “You agreed to help me so let’s just do this and get it over with.” She wasn’t going to back down, no way. 
He crossed his arms over his chest, eyes hard, staring right back at her. She had to will herself not to look away. “This was before all your stupid rules-
“They’re not stupid-” She had to stop herself from reaching out and shaking him.
“They are stupid! I agreed before all these stupid additional rules and before-” He swallowed, still staring at her, eyes inches from hers, cutting himself off. She watched his tongue trace over his lower lip.
“You agreed to help me so let’s just do this and get it over with.” 
They stared at each other; Ellie felt goosebumps start to sprout on her arms, the cool air in the shop sliding over Mona’s flimsy dress. Still, she didn’t move, didn’t look away, and the charged moment held where all they did was wait for the other to fold.
She waited, watching his eyes trace over her face, settling on her lips, shoulders dropping. He ducked his head to look at the ground, look behind her, look anywhere but her. She grinned; he was starting to cave.
And now that she was no longer the singular object of his glare, Ellie finally felt like she could breathe again.
She took a deep breath. “Fine. So my addition…” He scoffed but she continued right over him. “So my addition is that I want them to actually like me. Like, romantically.”
“You sound like a 13 year old.” He hadn’t moved away, was still inches from her. She hadn’t moved away either.
“Says the person who has no functional human relationships with anyone.”
“Actually, says the person who’s kissed someone.”
“Shut up.” She couldn’t help but wonder who Colt had been kissing. Did he have someone he could kiss now? “So that’s my addition. I want them to like me.”
“And tolerate you.”
“And think I’m cute!”
“Christ.” He rolled his eyes. “We have like three days. You think you can find someone else to fall for you in three days?”
The insinuation stung, badly, and she tried to fight back the flash of hurt. “You know, half the shit you say is actually really insulting.” She locked eyes with him.
He only looked away, taking a step back. “Force of habit.” Now that there was some space between them, Ellie could feel her heart evening out, the uncomfortable racing slowing to a more manageable beat.
“Well, if you were half as clever as you thought you were, I might actually get my kiss.”
He turned to her, peering at her for so long that Ellie coughed, awkward. He only shook his head. “Tomorrow. We’ll all go out.”
“That’s all we’ve been-”
“Everyone. Logan. Mona.” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “The entire crew. You can have your pick of anybody.”
She rolled her eyes. “I don’t think anybody…”
“Well, if you were half as clever as you thought you were…”
“What’s that supposed to-” She had to stop herself from stomping her foot. He was so goddamn frustrating. “You know what, whatever, tomorrow. We’ll all go out tomorrow.”
He nodded, looking like he was about to reply before thinking better of it. With one last raise of his eyebrows, he turned and walked away, hurrying through the shop floor.
Ellie watched the set of his shoulders as he cut down a dark hallway before disappearing. She had an eerie sense that, while she won this battle, maybe she lost the war.
She fought back a pang of guilt as she left the shop, driving the familiar route home. Yes, she pressured him to help her and he was trying, in his completely frustrating Colt way. Regardless, after today, she was sure that she could get Mona to kiss her before the week was out; she wouldn’t need Colt’s pity kiss at all.
The thought wasn’t as much of a comfort as it should have been.
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Avail of Aylesbury Baby Scan Packages and get the maximum benefits of different types of scans throughout your pregnancy.
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Mood swings are a completely normal part of pregnancy, which means you're normal to be experiencing them.
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After about seven months growing in the womb, a human fetus spends most of its time asleep.
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There can be a number of reasons for miscarriage but exercising is definitely not one of them. You can also get a live status of the baby through a 4D well-being scan in Aylesbury.
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Though many pregnant women neglect its importance, exercises during pregnancy are mandatory, and you can conduct a fetal health scan in Aylesbury to keep a check if it is having any effect on your baby.
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Window to the Womb Aylesbury are a friendly and well-being scan clinic with fantastic facilities.
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You should decide how far you are willing to travel for your scans and then search online for private ultrasound scan clinics in the right part of Aylesbury.
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Pregnant? Get to Know More About Baby Scan Offers Aylesbury
Tumblr media
Pregnancy is a journey that takes up to about 40 weeks. As a pregnant mom, there are a lot that you need to do throughout this journey to ensure that you are having a healthy pregnancy. After all, a healthy pregnancy means a healthy baby.
Besides maintaining a healthy body, doing regular exercises, eating right, taking plenty of water, and avoiding street drugs and smoking, you should also take the necessary pregnancy scans to learn more about your baby and to be sure that there are no any abnormalities. So, it is good to know more about the types of pregnancy scans that are offered at the NHS and at the private clinics.
If you are residing in Aylesbury, and you are pregnant, you should learn more about the pregnancy scans that you should get. There is a wide range of Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury and you should be able to find one that suits you depending on how long you have been pregnant and your reason for seeking to have the scan. The most popular baby scans have been discussed below:
a)      Growth Scans
If you want to know the weight of your baby and the measurements of his organs, then this is the baby scan offer to get. Good thing is, there are many private clinics like Window to the Womb that offers these scans in Aylesbury as from 26 weeks. This scan also checks the well-being of your baby and helps you know whether he is growing and developing normally.
b)     Well-being Scan
You definitely want to know how your baby is doing and whether everything is going well. In that case, all you need to do is get a well-being scan. This scan helps detext most fetal abnormalities. It also checks heartbeat of the baby and whether he is lying in the right position. This scan will be offered to you from 16 weeks when the heartbeat and fetal abnormalities can be detected.
c)      Dating Scan
This is one of the Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury that are included in the early pregnancy scans. Through this scan, you can get the earliest possible confirmation of dates as from week 8 of pregnancy using measurements of your unborn baby.
d)     Reassurance Scan
Reassurance scan is also an early pregnancy scan performed to ensure that there are no fetal abnormalities, and that your baby is developing as it should be.
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There are multiple reasons why you should choose to have a private ultrasound scan instead of waiting for your well-being scan appointment.
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To obtain a 3D/4D ultrasound, our waves need to travel through fluid. More fluid in front of baby's face, means better quality od pictures.
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windowtothewombaylesbury · 5 days ago
Baby scanning is a critical part of the pregnancy journey and almost all pregnant mothers opt for ultrasound scanning or baby scans. We at Window To The Womb Aylesbury Clinic provide various types of baby scanning services.
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When done reliably over a drawn-out timeframe, contemplation can have a large group of positive advantages for hopeful mothers. This article will tell you how.
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A morning ailment is sickness and regurgitation that happens during pregnancy. Furthermore, regardless of its name, morning affliction can strike whenever of the day or night. Specialists from the Baby Gender Scan Clinic of Aylesbury express About Morning Disorder during pregnancy. Peruse the blog to be aware exhaustively.
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