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Weiss view after came back from work.
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when will my RWBY return from war
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Ruby tries to warm Weiss
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Jaune Shows Pyrrha His Bumbleby Fanfiction He Made.
Pyrrha, Hesitating: It Great Jaune
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future au wr are losers + i love them very much
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Ruby: Hey, I know your problem! You have a Weiss in your head.
Yang: A Weiss?
Ruby: Yeah. I get one too, sometimes. "Ruby, you can't." "Ruby, you're gonna die." "Ruby, don't put that in your mouth!"
Ruby: Yang, it’s simple. Don’t listen to stupid Weiss.
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*Team RWBY is playing a board game together* Ruby: I will put 'A' down to make 'A'. Yang: I will add onto your 'A' to make 'AT'. Blake: I will add onto your 'AT' to make 'RAT'. Weiss: I will add onto your 'RAT' to make 'BIOSTRATAGRAPHIC'. Ruby: *flips the board*
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Ying: *Seeing Jaune talking to Ruby with displeasure on her face*.
Ruby: *Chuckling at Jaune cheesy joke, touching Jaune arm*
Ying: *Growing increasingly wrathful at the scene between the little brat and the weak doofus*
Jaune: *Touch her shoulder, causing Ruby to blush*
Ying: THAT IS IT! *Stood up and stomped toward them with an fiery aura of rage*
Jaune: *Sensing imminent danger fast approaching in his vicinity* Huh? *Looking to see the furious face of the hot-headed, aggressive twin sister of Yang* Y-Ying! Please! Calm do—!
Ying to Jaune:
Tumblr media
Ruby: 😧
Weiss/Blake/Yang: 🤯 🫢 😆
Jaune: 😳
Ying: *Realized what she did* 😳
Inspired by DM with @dragonotaku-justineverything
Sequel to this Post
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Jaune: Hello Ruby.
Ruby: Hey Jaune!
Nora: Oh they Fuckin'
Weiss: What? They're just saying Hi to each other?
Jaune: How's your morning been?
Ruby: It's been going well, how about yours?
Nora: Oh they Fuckin'! Look at them Sparks!
Weiss: They're just - They're just talking to each other.
Jaune: Ruby, there are few People I trust as much as you.
Ruby: I love to hear that Jaune. Your a very important person to me as well.
Weiss: Oh they're Fuckin'!
Jaune: We can hear you you know!
Ruby: Yeah! and we don't "Eff", we, Make Love~
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Possible part 2 (???) to this doodle from last year
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Jaune:Hey Weiss, have a rough day?
Weiss:What gives you that idea?
Jaune:You’re under the weighted blanket.
Weiss:Only because you weren’t around to hug me.
Jaune:You need a hug?
Weiss:Yeah I’ve had a rough day.
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Yang: Sock, sock, shoe, shoe, tie, tie.
Weiss: No. It's sock, sock, shoe, tie, shoe tie.
Blake: You're both wrong. It's sock, shoe, tie, sock, shoe, tie.
Ruby: Absolutely not! As your team leader, the answer is obviously sock, sock, crock, crock! No tie! Fuck your ties!
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Mommy Weiss and mom Ruby
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Weiss: Why do you get high all the time?
Jaune: Same reason I jerk off. It's fucking fun. Same reason you masterbate.
Weiss: I'm not talking about that with you.
Jaune: Why not? Literally everyone masterbates. Even asexuals masterbate. It's healthy. It releases stress and guys need to orgasm like 28 times a month for proper prostate health. It's healthy.
Weiss: Do you jerk off that much? Every day almost?
Jaune: I probably could do it more.
Weiss: Gross.
Jaune: You asked!
Weiss: Still.
Jaune: How about you? How often do you flick your flaps?
Weiss: I'm not getting into that with you.
Jaune: Oh come on. It's not a big deal.
Weiss: It's very personal.
Jaune: So are the reasons I get high. But you don't see me thumbing my nose at you when you ask.
Weiss: My getting off doesn't affect other people. You getting high does.
Jaune: Stay in your lane.
Weiss: No actually. You risk yourself and expect everyone to be okay with that. Is it worth it?
Jaune: I'll tell you if you tell me what gets you off.
Weiss: No deal.
Jaune: What? Come on. Do you watch porn? Use your imagination? What?
Weiss: None of your business.
Jaune: Same back to you. Now if you'll excuse me I have an appointment with a bowl of greens. And then who knows? I might jerk off. Maybe I'll even jerk off while thinking about you.
Weiss: You wouldn't dare.
Jaune: Try me bitch.
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“The Chosen”
collab w/ @xx-whiterose yet again. :>
really had fun coloring this. :3 (now time to kill @wolfcreations23 )
design’s from Face My Fears.
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