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"You and I are made of fire. We were always meant to burn together." 
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House of the Dragon 1x07: We have always been meant to burn together.
Fire and Blood.
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Their babies 🥰
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Father - Daughter wedding dance..
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I see no gifs of him in this scene so I made them
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May 6th, 1984. Photographed by Ron Galella.
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Georges Hobeika | Bridal Spring 2022
Collection: The Color of Time
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Wedding Plans | L. Ackerman ~ your fiancé has been dismissing you and your wedding plans when he comes home from work
➤ ft: levi ackerman x f!reader
➤ content warning: hurt/comfort, levi says mean words out of anger - the man is just tired, a bit suggestive towards the end but like (??), also this isn’t completely proofread because I did this in one sitting
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●∘◦❀◦∘● ●∘◦❀◦∘● ●∘◦❀◦∘● ●∘◦❀◦∘●
You needed to go over a few things with Levi about your up-coming wedding. It was only a few months away and the stress was finally catching up to you.
Your chosen venue was currently on hold for your wedding but other couples are just trying to buy their way with higher offers to claim your spot. Your florist also said that she miscalculated the dates and ended up having to attend a different event the same day as the wedding. So now you’re dressed about flowers… Freaking flowers but it was you second favorite thing to pick out other than the flavor and design of your wedding cake so you didn’t let it get to you.
The one thing that got to you was your soon-to-be-husband not being there beside you during your wedding planning. The past two months he’s been getting his ass beat - mentally - at his job.
Being the best lawyer in Paradise Island had its pros and cons. Con being that he was busy. Busy with cases. Busy with helping the new interns with their cases. Having to be present in nearly every meeting because he’s on top was getting to him.
So he’s been coming home rather annoyed - well more than usual. You usually just give him a kiss with a ‘welcome home’ then give him his space. After showering and settling in, he’d start calming down and talking to you but today was not that.
He lost a case he new that was doomed but he still bothered to take the chance which was on him. Then his pack of problem children that are called interns were causing loud and petty arguments 24/7 that just had to be his problem for some reason so he was scolding them all day. Then the cherry on top, the opposing law firm - Marley Law Firm - had been trying lure one of the interns to their team as a permanent position so he’s trying to keep one of his strongest - one that he wouldn’t admit - interns on his team. He could practically feel the wrinkles forming between his eyebrows having to carry such a disdainful look all day. He couldn’t wait to get home and relax.
But you needed his opinion.
You had asked him to join you in the kitchen to look over wedding details and vented to him about your dress not going the way you wanted but it didn’t feel like he was paying attention considering the fact that he kept sighing rather loudly.
“Babe? Are you listening?” you asked with a soft smile.
“I am but listen darling, I’m tired and I just need a shower,” he sighed as he rubbed his temples.
“I understand but we need to make a real quick decision about the flowers. The florist needs an answer by tomorrow morning if we want to stay on schedule,” you smiled hoping it would coax him into staying a bit longer.
“Darling, please,” he said in a more stern tone, “I’m not in the mood for this.”
You gulped nervously and shifted the papers with pictures of potential flower arrangements. “You just need to pick one that you like-,”
“I don’t fucking feel like it, Y/n!” he raised his voice, “Jesus, you ambush me with this useless shit like it’s gonna make a difference in our marriage. I don’t care about the flowers right now and who cares was your dress is supposed to look like!”
Taken back by his words, you held you breath with a tight lip. He doesn’t care? He doesn’t care about your wedding? He doesn’t care about the dress that your wanting to wear for not only yourself but for him too?
“Levi-,” you began but you were interrupted by his groaning.
“Just leave me alone and deal with it on your own,” he said and walked away from you into your shared bedroom then closed the door after.
You stood in the kitchen with air as thick as the pain in your chest is. ‘Deal with it on your own’ he said but now? Now you don’t want to deal with it all. Not with your fiancé showing no emotion or devotion in making this wedding happen.
Was it because of you? It had to be, right? He’s been coming home to you rather annoyed at everything and everyone lately. He hasn’t shown any interest in your wedding or you at all the last couple of months.
He didn’t care what your dress looked like either. That hurt the most. It’s supposed to be the outfit where you look the most beautiful in, in your life. The dress that you’re supposed to feel more beautiful but it’s not fitting you. Maybe that’s what it is?
You’ve gained a small bit of weight but nothing too drastic. You didn’t think your wedding dress would feel tighter than the last time you tried it on so maybe he got tired of you complaining that it’s not fitting. Maybe he didn’t like that you gained weight and having to deal with the repercussions of it.
Yeah…that’s what is was…
You sniffled and wiped away your tears before collecting the near mountains of paper from the island table and putting it away in the wedding binder. Your tears still wouldn’t stop though. You silently sobbed as you put everything that you’ve been working on today into a drawer dedicated for your wedding plans.
While you were putting everything away, Levi was unbothered by what happened when it actually didn’t settle in his tired mind what he said to you. He continued his usual routine like nothing happened. After showering and getting dressed in his white t-shirt and black sweatpants, he left the room finally getting rid of the weight on his shoulders and couldn’t wait to wrap his arms around you that was until he didn’t find you in the living room or kitchen.
“Y/n?” he called you but no answer.
He was about to call you again till he heard your soft voice coming from one of the spare bathrooms in the house. He walked towards the closed door and was about to knock till he heard your sniffling. He froze immediately hearing your muffled sobs.
“He said he didn’t care, mom,” you whispered to her as you tried to hold in your hiccups. You were close to hyperventilating because you were crying so hard. “He told me to deal with it on my own but I have… He hasn’t been with me for months,” you continued to cry.
Boy, did it hit him like a fucking truck. His words from earlier finally came back to him as he internally kicks himself in the face for taking his anger out on you. Of course he cares about the wedding. He gets even more excited about it when you both would over over the details before he completely disregarded you. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to see you in your chosen dress because he knew he’d cry like a fucking baby once you walk down the aisle.
He’s always cared but work as gotten to his head. Casting a shadow over you, his fiancé, and the wedding he plans on having once and with only you. You’re it for him and have always been the second you passed him his coffee five years ago. He was going to make amends with you and by doing that he was going to take time off of work.
He quickly left the hallway where the bathroom that you hid in resided to go into his office to call him Erwin his boss to let him know. He had sick and vacation days stacked on top of each other so he was gonna take a couple weeks off.
“What do I do, mom?” you asked her as you wiped away your tears for the millionth time.
“Talk to him, lovebug,” you mom comforted you, “You guys have been together for so long-,”
“But he wants nothing to do with the wedding,” you interrupted her, “What…what if he doesn’t want to get married anymore?” your lip quivered at the thought as you tried to catch your breath.
“Y/n, if you think he feels that way then talk to him,” she repeated, “If he’s not ready to talk then maybe you both need space. Come home for a bit if things lead up to that, okay?”
“Okay,” you whispered and nodded, “I’ll text you later. Bye.”
“Bye, sweetheart,” she said before hanging up. You took a deep breathe before rolling up an excessive amount of toilet paper to dry away your tears that simply wouldn’t go the fuck away.
After gathering yourself together the best you could you quietly opened the bathroom door to head to the kitchen to make some tea. Hopefully that could calm you down a bit so you could talk to Levi with no problem. But you weren’t ready to see him in the kitchen already making tea for both of you.
You froze and swallowed you nerves as you and him locked eyes with one another. Again, Levi internally kicks himself in the face and now his stomach seeing how swollen your eyes have gotten.
“Darling,” he said softly and that broke the dam of tears again. He didn’t hesitate to wraps his arms around you with guilt forming in his chest. “Fuck, I’m so sorry, my love,” he said whispered to you before kissing your forehead.
“Do you really not care?” you cried into his chest.
“I care,” he was quick to say as he tightened his hold on you, “I care so much, my darling. Work has been hard on me and I never should’ve taken out my frustrations on you or our wedding.”
You sniffled as you buried your cheek further into his chest. “Do you still want to marry me?” you whispered to him.
He sighed in regret with how much he’s beating himself up for saying those things to you. He cupped your face that was wet with tears and smiled softly. “Tch,” he playfully scoffed with a smirk, “I knew I wanted to marry you the second you poured hot coffee all over my suit.”
You gasped and playfully hit his chest. “I didn’t pour coffee on you! I tripped and it happened to spill on you,” you giggled with a couple of tears still leaving your eyes.
Levi smiled softly as he wiped away your tears with his thumb. “Same thing,” he hums in amusement as he rests his forehead against yours, “My darling, I love you with all I got. You mean everything to me and I would never intentionally hurt you. I sincerely apologize for my words towards you…”
You sniffled and nodded as a silent way of telling him that you forgive him. “Do you also not care about my dress?” you whispered against his lips with uncertainty in your soft tone.
“When I say I don’t care, I don’t because it’s your dress. You’ll look beautiful in whatever style or way it fits you,” he says before placing a kiss on your lips.
You smile into the kiss and pull away with a giggle as you wrap your arms around his waist as he still gently holds your face in his warm hands. “You’re only saying that,” you laugh.
“Tch, you can pull off anything my sweet girl,” he gently praises you, “But I’ll be pulling off that dress no matter what, Mrs. Ackerman,” he smirks before kissing you again muffling your giggles.
You pulled away with the smile that he adores so much and kissed your forehead. “I took a couple weeks off of work to spend more time with you and to be part of the wedding plans so I’m all yours…,” he smiled softly.
Your eyebrows furrowed slightly as you looked up at him. “Honey… You didn’t have to do that. What about your cases?” you asked worriedly.
“Erwin is taking over for the time being. I’ve neglected you for too long, Y/n. Besides, those damn interns are giving me grey hairs,” he groans making you giggle.
“Thank you, my love,” you kiss him.
“Thank you for dealing with me,” he smirked as he drowned your face in kisses.
Three years later, you’re both happily married with a baby boy just two months away from his due date…
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HOTD 1x07: Older Rhaenyra x Daemon - full analyse
The more I think about it, the more I am disappointed about the Daemyra’s scenes we had, even if I’m glad we have some.
 So missed opportunities with the beach, the dagger scene, the marriage proposal, the wedding, it’s quite painful actually.
 In addition, can someone explain to me why Daemon didn’t speak once to Rhaenyra in high valyrian during the entire episode?!
 - At the beach, the chemistry between Emma and Matt wasn’t there, it was so anti climatic. There wasn’t any passion, lust after all this year? Come one. It’s even worst when we compare it to the scene in the brothel. Also, book Daemon wouldn’t have care that Rhaenyra was a “child” (she wasn’t btw, she is older in the show, more like 17/18 when it happened), what a pity excuse. During the say sex scene, there weren’t any moans, any heavily breaths, lust expression, no camera close-up, no orgasm, just Emma’s dead eyes (sorry, but that’s not the eyes of someone who has reached climax ; Remember Dany and Jon scene in the boat).
- During the dagger scene, Daemon was utterly passive, distant like a vegetable even when Rhaenyra was being attacked by Alicent with his daughters bleedings behind Rhaenyra. He just hold Ser Crispin at one point and that it.
- During the marriage proposal, I have never witness a such cold proposal. Daemon wasn’t even watching Rhaenyra when she proposed to him, no deepest feeling, he was looking up, somewhere else, and at point, he even sit down.
- At the weeding, no words was exchange, no explication were given on this valyrian custom (what did they drink, why did they bleed those parts, ….)
In short, it seems that now that Rhaenyra is older and not so beautiful and innocent, Daemon doesn’t desire her as much as before.
Or am I wrong? I’m loosing my mind?
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I’m on the photographer’s side here.
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Retro 90's style wedding dress. Credit to Chụp hình, ăn kem.
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The Ring Bearer understood his mission 
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Animal Crossing marriage proposal 15 years later
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not a dream
Did anyone hear about the Reddit post from a pair of puppeteers who are getting married and want all of their guests to buy expensive puppets and keep them on during their whole wedding sans for bathroom breaks so the pair can have the puppet wedding they've always dreamt of?
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Five: Whatever’s on your bucket list, I suggest you do it now.
Luther and Sloane: Oh, ok
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