colddayin-cathell · a year ago
So if there’s like a wcow or just a cat that’s been popular on my dash, I immediately like them and idk why
This ALSO goes for bad cats like ashfur and breezepelt
Sure there’s people that like them and people that hate them but I used to HATE ashfur and HATE breezepelt but now here I am loving them like a blanket on a cold snowy ass day
I fucking LOVE ashfur now and idfk whyyyyy
And to top it all off, I hate dovewing now and I’m not a huge fan of bristlefrost either, which is weird because I know they’re two big faves nowadays
I think my brain is broken
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beholdingmybeloved · a year ago
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- 🧿 Ihoneq.
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wildbeautifuldamned · a year ago
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turtleytrotter · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Darkforest Gal, and Warrior of the Week, Sunstrike! Also, obligatory big WindClan ears. 
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vincepass · 5 years ago
Jay “IcePick” Jackson....The Passing of “THE FINEST MOMENT”
Good Morning
Today, I finally woke up to a moment that I had with my brother “Jay Long“ from our days in college. Yes, for all of you that do not know that Jay “Long” Jackson is what we the SUNY/College at Old Westbury family know him by; he has many nicknames but SMOOVE is what he has always been.  I was looking at the ceiling in my bedroom when I was thinking about the Christmas parties that we had hosted, the radio shows and some of the interviews we had. I remember when we had received a Numark duel CD player. This way before all of you cats that were doing your DJ thing with the CD mixing programs I was up in the radio station test driving this cd player Jay walks in and he was like “What’s this?” I said to him “It’s a duel CD Player”.  He was looking at all the features on it Jay said “You already started playing with it” smiling and laughing as he was saying it. I said “Hell Yeah”...Then we got to work on figuring out how to use the pitch control to blend CD’s. We stayed in the station for about 2 hours just talking, laughing about things going on at school. Jay and I shared many of radio station stories and laughs especially with the JOE interview.
Dear World as I write this with a heavy heart today I want to tell you that the Jay Jackson that you have come to know and love we had already known. Coming from SUNY/ Old Westbury we seen Jay Jackson at his raw form in his transformation like many of us from boys to men. For us it was the Cooly High Experience this connection that we all share, Jay Jackson was every bit apart of that fiber that intertwines with many of our lives. He touched us in many ways; with his humor, his big smile that lights up a room, always knowing when to say things, he commanded respect in all that he did never wavering from truth and loyalty and Personified friendship. Thank you for sharing your love, your talents and your gifts with the world. You gave the world something that we know we need, the moments that were shared with you by so many people will never go unforgotten. Remember the Man, Warrior, Visionary, Realist, loyalist, Brother, Father, Comedian more importantly he was what God intended....Himself.  Every moment from past to present with Jay Jackson was “THE FINEST MOMENT”
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