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illyrian-gods · 4 months ago
Illyrian gods
↳ Illyrians never functioned as a unique ethnic entity. Rather, each tribe had their own set of gods which explains a lack of a clearly set pantheon. Some gods were more widely spread - like Medaurus, Bindus, Vidasus and were worshipped by more than one tribe.
Tumblr media
↪Liburnians believed in gods that weren’t mentioned elsewhere in the Illyrian region:
Ika (goddess of water and olives)
Sentona (goddess of fertility, agriculture and health)
Latra (also known as Great Mother, goddess of love and fertility)
Anzotika (goddess of love, motherhood, fertility, guides souls to underworld)
Aitika (goddess of agriculture, plants)
Heija (goddess of lands, justice, animals and female sexuality)
Irija (Creator Mother)
Jutosika (unknown)
↪Colapiani mainly worshipped Vidasus and Tana (protectors of forests, grasslands, wild animals and water springs) (Vidasus is the god of forests, Tana is the goddess of hunt)
↪Iapodes mainly whorshipped Bindus (god of water)
↪Histri worshipped:
Eja (goddess of fertility and love)
Trita (goddess of health)
Nebrama (goddess of darkness, fog, spells, storms)
Boria (goddess of wind)
Histrija (goddess of peace, protector of Histria)
↪Dardani worshipped:
Andin (god of family and home's fireplace)
Dardanija (personification of Dardan land)
Zbeltiurdus (supreme god)
Divine Couple Dracco and Draccena (snake gods)
Ata (personification of a house spirit which protects the home, often a fallen warrior)
Mundrit (unknown)
Taton (unknown, possibly protector of warriors and god of water)
↪Paenians worshipped Dualos, god of wine.
↪Almost all Illyrians worshipped Medaur (god of war, medicine and health), Sedat (god of mining, protector of craftsmen) was worshipped by most tribes as well.
Since Illyrians didn’t leave traces of literacy, most information about their religion was written by Romans. Romans saw characteristics of their own gods in the Illyrian ones and therefore gave them romanized names. Such examples are Silvan and Diana. Some Illyrians also started calling their gods with a Roman name so Bindus was called Neptune and Anzotika was called Venus.
Other gods which aren't tribe specific or gods with little to no information: En (fire), Perendi (thunder), Prende (love), Liber (wine), Nautrika (children), Armatus (war), Aecorna (lakes), Laburus (sailing), Redon (travel).
**I will update this list regularly, there is a lot of information that is still to be uncovered.
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tales-of-asteria · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Awakening Festival Gacha Duration: 7/22 (Thu) 16:00 ~ 7/30 (Fri) 15:59
This gacha will feature some of the previously released 6☆ enabled characters, as well as a new exclusive 5☆ Oscar, which can be awakened with the 5☆ Teresa Awakening Partner.
For this gacha is available the “Step Up Summon”:
With the first third step you will be able to choose a Bond Awakening character among Pascal, Luke, Yuri [Fedrock Corps], Flynn [Fedrock Corps], Rose (wind), Estelle [Fedrock Corps], Rose (earth), Kratos, Anise, Judas;
With the fifth step, a Bond Awakening enabled 5☆ character is guaranteed.
Here’s the list of the previous 6☆ enabled charcters that will re-appear:
Fire: Dhaos, Lailah
Water: Shirley, Rutee
Wind: Sheena, Sync
Earth: Leon
Light: Mithos
Dark: Jude, Raven
Oscar’s rates will be higher than other 5☆.
There’s also the paid option to get a guaranteed 5☆ character with a multi gacha.
Oscar’s artes and skills details under the cut.
Wind 5☆ Oscar
Stats at LV80 HP: 21,300 | Power: 2,170 | Defense: 2,140
Mystic Arte: ディヴァインファング Divine Fang Power: 780% (target: Single) | Hits: 15 | OL: 45 (finish type)
Arte1 - アサルトファング Striking Fang Power: 200% (target: Single) | Hits: 5 | Activation: 45% Bond Awakening Bonus: Hit count +5
Arte2 - ライジングブラスト Heavenly Torrent Power: 250% (target: All) | Hits: 4 | Activation: 35% Bond Awakening Bonus: Own power +30% (1 turn)
Arte3 - ファントムブリッツ Shadow Shock Power: 330% (target: Single) | Hits: 9 | Activation: 20% Bond Awakening Bonus: Heals (Self) by 40%
Co-op skill: High Wind Shot 7 (magic type) Performs a wind magic attack with 460% of power. (wait time 05:00)
Wind 6☆ Oscar [Incomplete Armatus]
Stats at LV80 HP: 25,500 | Power: 2,450 (+1100 in Incomplete Armatus) | Defense: 2,440
EX Skill: The wind members'  attack will be increased by 65% in the wind frames
Ex Skill (Awakened Mode): “Incomplete Armatus” When the first bar of the OverLimit gauge is full, the Incomplete Armatus will be activated automatically. When the OverLimit gauge is empty, the Incomplete Armatus will end. The Incomplete Armatus will boost the attack by 1100, and the artes will change.
Mystic Arte: シルフィードブレイズ Sylphid Blaze Power: 780% (target: Single) | Hits: 15 | OL: 45 (finish type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Own power +100% (1 turn)
Mystic Arte (Awakened Mode OverLimit): シルフィードブレイズ Sylphid Blaze Power: 1450% (target: Single) | Hits: 20 | OL: 100 (45+55) (finish type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Arte power +100%
Arte1 -  爆ぜぬ矛槍 Torrent Spear Power: 250% (target: All) | Hits: 6 | Activation: 55% Bond Awakening Bonus: Own power + 15% (5 turns)
Arte2 -  衝きて刹陣 Razor Vortex Power: 300% (target: Single) | Hits: 10 | Activation: 40% Bond Awakening Bonus: Critical rate +50%
Arte3 - ラストフレンジー Cloudburst Power: 600% (target: All) | Hits: 30 | Activation: 5% Bond Awakening Bonus: Own power + 50% (1 turn)
(Co-op skill is the same as the 5☆)
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spectrum-sanctuary · a year ago
Tales of Zestiria 6th Anniversary 12 Day Challenge
Day 2: Money Finding
Shamelessly promote yourself
Hello, I write Tales of Zestiria Sorey x Mikleo (Sormik) fics. I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve got finished works for your reading pleasure. You can find them in my Ao3 at: spectrum_sanctuary I also play Tales of Zestiria on PC with ridiculous costumes and currently setting up for NG+ Chaos Run slamming bosses with the power of Sormik Water Armatus by getting as high Grade as possible (NO Double Grade option, so it’s as raw score as it gets). This is still only the prep NG+ run however, the true fun will come on the next NG+ playthrough~ If you ever have difficulty playing the game or just want tips, feel free to chat with me. With 900+ hours of playtime put into this game and counting, I’d say there’s few stuff left about this game that I don’t know lol My top Grade highlights so far:
vs Symmone 2nd Illusion (my current highest Grade record as of 11/Jan/2021)
Tumblr media
Want to see more screenshots? Check under the cut!
Come celebrate @tozanniversary​ with the challenge list.
vs Orc Kong
Tumblr media
vs Dragon Warlock
Tumblr media
And yes, you too can achieve the same thing if you want! All it takes is familiarity with the game control and mechanics and knowing how to gear up! It might take a little practice with playing but if you love Sormik the series and game like I do, you’ll never run out of motivation to play it! <3
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sylphistiasymptom · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
This is the Holy Bow, Mikleo, the Armatus Relic for Water Malakhime. The symbol is the elemental symbol of the Water Empyrean, Luzlov.
In terms of combat, water Malakhime are usually best suit as healers, using the purest of spring water to heal fatal injuries. They have the strongest resonance among Malakhime, which lets them sense danger nearby, before it strikes out. They lack physical attacks, but that is not to say they lack elemental attack. If you are to cross a Water Malak the wrong way, that puddle beside you just might turn into a hurricane.
In terms of personality, they are the kindest, most understanding bunch you will come across. They often have a natural knack for anything involving healing. (Such as cooking, tending to flesh wounds, and being emotionally understanding.) but because of this they are often victim to abuse, gaslighting, and general drama.
I’ve noticed a close sibling of mine, despite being human, I know that @heavenly-fairy has a special resonance with Water as an element, even if they don’t realize it. (Had you been born as a Malak, you would be the finest Water Malak known, and I have no doubts you were at some point in life, blessed by the Empyrean Luzlov yourself.)
Treat these beings with respect. Do not underestimate their strength and power.
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steeltypeloverbecca · 8 months ago
Tales of Cybertronia Weapon Changes
Yeah since the Tales series is a fantasy JRPG series and this AU is combining that with the Transformers ... a Science fantasy franchise that involves giant robots beating the shit out of each other and with the planet Axiom being rather rich in energon there’s gonna be some changes to the Tales series character’s equipment/power sets to keep up with/defend themselves from the giant transforming robots.
Velvet Crowe- Still has her wrist blade but instead of the demon claw she has a prosthetic arm that can double as a grappling gook. Will eventually wind up as a power master to keep Joyride from being a driving menace.
Ludger Will Kresnik- Miniblasters, small cybertronian energy guns that are small enough for a human to use they’re roughly rifle sized. Will eventually become a target master, likely becoming a gun due to them being a very common weapon for Cybertronians.
Luke fon Fabre- Taser, a taser with “stun giant robots” and “kill” setting but still a taser. Later will change to energy swords, and eventually become a headmaster because “Chromedome you are effectively my dad, stop making step dad (Rewind) worry and get your fingers out of people’s heads!”
Cress Albane- Energy sword with a side pistol that admittingly he doesn’t use often, if at all. It looks like it could’ve left the wound that Velvet’s brother died from ... hm...
Sorey- Ceremonial sword like in canon, but unfortunately that got eaten by scraplets so it gets replaced with an energy bow due to some experience with archery ... and as a reference to the water armatus that’s not in this continuity. Eventually becomes a headmaster by accident with Nautica.
Yuri Lowell- Still uses swords and still punches things, but he’s basically punching people with a nintendo power glove that can shock robots. And thanks to Heatwave he knows how to kill people with a fire hose, not that it’ll be used outside of a one off gag.
Kyle Dunamis- Energy sword.
Jade Curtiss- Still uses magic but he has an energy spear that does work similarly to his spear in canon, it’s just that he presses a button to make it appear instead of magicing it out because there’s spear fragments in his arm.
Mikleo- Still a spell caster, still uses staves.
Flynn Scifo- Still uses swords, very durable and can hurt robots swords but still swords. Much to his chagrin also knows how to kill people with a fire hose thanks to Heatwave.
Estelle(ise) Sidos Heurassein- Mostly a spell caster and mainly uses staves or the occasional durable short sword.
Shirley Fennes- Very much a spell caster that casts with a quill, but she does keep a taser on her because daddy Starsaber wants to make sure his little princess doesn’t get stepped on by a giant robot. Also apparently very effective against Quintessons.
Senel Coolidge: Nintendo power stun gloves.
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mbimphblog · a year ago
The present study deals with the observation of Ichthyofauna diversity of the different order hillstream from Mal Gad near Purola town, Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand. Total of four species viz. Noemacheilus montanus, Noemacheilus rupicula, Tor chelynoides, Mastacembelus armatus were present in the 1st order stream. Ten fish species were noticed in the 2nd order Mal Gad stream (Barilius bendelisis, Noemacheilus montanus, Noemacheilus rupicula, Noemacheilus denisonii, Schizothorax richardsonii, Schizothorax plagiostomus, Barilius vagra, Barilius barna, Tor chelynoides, and Mastacembelus armatus). The presence of fish diversity was directly related to the profile of stream pattern and physicochemical parameters, temperature, and discharge of water.
Please see the link :- http://mbimph.com/index.php/UPJOZ/article/view/2260
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blinkingline · a year ago
Tumblr media
Acanthonus Armatus: One of the most highly sought-after blackwater subjects off the coast of Florida is the incredibly beautiful larvae of Acanthonus armatus. This fish is a bathypelagic species of cusk-eel found in tropical and subtropical waters. Even though the rather dull-looking adults live very deep, the younger fish can occasionally be found in shallower waters and are much more exotic in their appearance, with stunning filaments extending from their bodies. (© Copyright Steven Kovacs / Ocean Art)
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zeifellt · a year ago
i need to restart the game again (i got to the water armatus) bc i missed so many skits and i want to try recording stuff for giffing
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sylphistiasymptom · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This is my origin. This is my legacy. This crest is the elemental symbol of Wind, granted to us by the Empyrean.
While Malakhime can be considered as either lesser, or greater Malakhime, there is the highest of the scale, who are known to all as Empyreans. There, as of now, is one Empyrean assigned to each element, as well as an extra. The Empyrean of Earth, Wuexub. The Empyrean of Water, Luzlov. The Empyrean of Fire, Fethmus. And the Empyrean of Wind, Fylk, or more commonly known as, Sylphistia.
This symbol represents the freedom that the Wind Malakhime have. While we may not physically have wings, we soar through the open skies with ease. Ever changing, just like the wind we live in. When a Malak performs a successful Armatization, they will fuse themselves with the desired target. Wind Malakhime Armatus’s usually have some form of wings. The commonly known is Sylphid Wings, which are a pair of wings made of solidified wind energy.
Be great full to the ones you worship. They may just grant you the power you need in return to continue on your harsh battles in everyday life. After all, if it wasn’t fate that brought me to this pure vessel, what else could it be?
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kaidawong · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I may never get over these two...
(Based on something i did for Inktober last year-ish!)
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starlit--gaze · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Inktober day 14!
I’ve never drawn Armatus fan art and in fact I haven’t done a lot of Tales of Zestiria fan art either. That being said I could barely find any reference to what the armatus looks like from the back and holy heck I both love and hate how many details Zesty character designs have...
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mikleohno · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
❁ Sormik Week Day 1, August 5th: Blue Tulip {Tranquility ; Trust} Pink Tulip {Caring ; Joyful Occasions} @sormikweek
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